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Had anybody told me six months ago that I would be spending a Friday evening discussing with you my darling wife how much pleasure I had obtained from seeing you suck and fuck other men I would have thought them crazy. Life is sometimes like that though and after a couple of glasses of wine we were having that very discussion. ¡§When we started down this path it was to spice up our own sex life,¡" I said to you quietly, ¡§although we¡-ve shared ourselves with others I do not want to lose either you, or us as a couple.¡" ¡§Me neither darling,¡" you replied, ¡§the whole point of this was to explore new areas of both our sexualities so as to strengthen our togetherness. I think we have succeeded so far and although I have enjoyed fucking other men and seeing you with other women I still want to go to sleep in your arms not anybody elses.¡" ¡§So do we want to carry on, and if so what other areas would you like to explore?¡" I asked in response. ¡§Well I don¡-t know if you have noticed my dear but I do some to have been something of a cum slut during our adventures. The sight of jism dripping from wet cunts, cocks and bodies just makes me want to lick and suck it off. It¡-s not something that I had expected to enjoy or be turned on by but I can¡-t help myself.¡" ¡§I didn¡-t like to comment on it darling but yes I had noticed and been somewhat surprised, not because I have any problems with what you were doing, just that it was not really something that we had talked and fantasised about before we started swinging.¡" ¡§Well if you are OK with it, it¡-s something I would like to explore further, but I guess that would mean involving more than one additional guy,¡" as you say this you reach across and take my hand gently in yours and continue, ¡§this doesn¡-t mean I love you any less though and if you have a problem we can stop now.¡" How could I resist; and so began the search for our third swing. After much discussion we decided that we would look for two other men to enjoy your gorgeous body along with myself. Again it was back to the trusty old internet to find the men we were looking for. Whilst we had found it relatively easy looking for couples to share with finding two men was much more difficult. This had nothing to do with supply ¡V there seemed to be literally hundreds (if not thousands) of ready and willing candidates, it was more about the fact that many of them seemed to describe themselves as god¡-s gift to all women (a definite put off) or seemed to be generally weird. Given the potentially dangerous situation that we were putting ourselves into we wanted to be sure that our selected candidates were not fully paid up members of the internet¡-s psycho section. After a couple of false starts and several meetings in pubs we finally agreed that Bill and Ben were the two guys that we were comfortable to progress with. Bill was six foot three and muscular with it, Ben was five ten carrying a bit of extra weight but with a great sense of humour. Again we booked a hotel room and counted down the days until our rendezvous. Having met the guys for a drink (and assessment) already we did not bother with the get to know you meal this time but arrived at the hotel separately. We didn¡-t want the receptionist to take the view that you were a hooker about to turn a threesome trick and be refused the room ƒº. We arrived first, checked in and texted the room number to Bill and Ben who were due to arrive an hour after us, giving you time to prepare yourself and relax. You started this process with a warm bath followed by a gentle massage (non sexual I might add) from myself. Then it was time to dress for your guests. We had spent some time discussing and shopping for sexy underwear for you to wear when greeting the men. This comprised of stockings fixed to a fine black garter belt, a black lace thong that split the cheeks of your arse beautifully and a black push up bra that made your tits stand up gorgeously. To complete the outfit you slipped your feet into a pair of black leather shoes with 5 inch fuck me heels. As you dressed and pirouetted for my approval you could see from the growing bulge in my trousers that you looked good. As you started to say ¡§so you like what you see then honey¡K¡" a knock at the door announced the arrival of Bill and Ben. As I ushered them into the room they had their first sight of the gorgeous women whom it would be their privilege to suck and fuck to satiation this evening. Bill moved to the centre of the room, took you in his arms and began to kiss you passionately on your scarlet painted lips, at the same time he reached down unhooked your bra and began to tease your nipples with his large manicured fingers. Ben and I could only stand and watch as his ministrations began to create the first flush of arousal on your face. Looking across at us watching you, you broke off from Bill¡-s kissing long enough to breathily sigh, ¡§you guys are way overdressed for this party!¡" Recognising an invitation when we heard one Ben and I lost no time in removing our clothing, and although I hung back, Ben moved in on you and quickly took Bill¡-s place kissing and caressing your body. Bill took his displacement with good grace and used the opportunity to get naked as well. Although we had exchanged photographs prior to our meeting (clothed and otherwise) the sight of Bill¡-s erect cock was enough to stop me in my tracks and I could see from the look on your face that it was way bigger than you had realised either. By this time Ben had removed your thong and was busy finger fucking your cunt and clit which was visibly glistening with juices from your arousal. At this point you sank to your knees and took Ben¡-s cock in your mouth gently licking the throbbing blue vein on its underside and then wanking him with your hand in synch with the lascivious bobbing motion of your mouth. As you felt his shaft starting to swell and expand you stop and squeeze his shaft saying, ¡§don¡-t come yet I want you both to come together all over me.¡" At these words Bill lay down on the bed with his massive cock pointing up towards the ceiling of the room. As you knelt astride him you began to take just the head of his prick into your pussy, I could see your cunt lips being stretched and pulled as his purple head eased in and out of your dripping hole. With a cry that could have been lust, pain or both you plunged down and took the whole of his length inside your quivering body, after a momentary pause you then began to ease back up and started to fuck yourself on his rock hard dick. The deepening red flush visible across your breasts was a very visible indicator that your first orgasm of the evening was imminent. With a scream that must have been audible several rooms away you plunged your cunt down and ground your clit against Bill¡-s pubic bone as you came in waves. I¡-d known you to be multi orgasmic on occasions but obviously this cock was reaching parts that others had not previously! As your shuddering subsided and you rolled off Bill, Ben and I got an amazing view of your stretched hole. Moving into a missionary position Bill easily slid his cock back inside you and started to glide in and out at a rate that I knew would have you screaming in ecstasy again very quickly. I could also see by the look on his face that he too was close to an orgasm, despite the sexual waves coursing through your body you too were obviously aware of this as you said to him, ¡§pull out and come over me, I want to see your cream on my body.¡" After a couple more strokes Bill withdrew from your now dripping wet cunt and with a shuddering roar of his own he ejaculated across your belly and tits, leaving white streamers of jism criss crossing your body. Extending a perfectly manicured finger down your own body, you used just your finger to scoop up a load of this creamy offering and lasciviously lick it off at the same time looking at me and mouthing a silent ¡§thank you darling.¡" Whilst Bill and his mighty cock took a well earned rest Ben wasted no time in positioning himself at the entrance to your pussy and easing his own, by no means small, cock into your cunt. At the same time I moved towards the head of the bed so that you could take my dick into your mouth. Although you had only come once from Bill¡-s fucking you were obviously close to the edge as the insertion of Ben¡-s dick was sufficient to send a shivering orgasm through your gorgeous body. As the spasms subsided you began to work your warm mouth up and down the length of my cock giving me a wondrous blow job whilst Ben continued to fuck your cunt. As you continued to suck and gently tease my shaft with your teeth you could see, and feel, that I too was close to coming. As you released me from the grip of your mouth you reached up with your hand and wanked me hard as I came all over your beautiful face. As you had been taking care of me, Ben had continued to pound in and out of your cunt to the point of his own orgasm, as he pulled out and moved up the bed he used his right hand to finish himself off and mingle his come with what I had just deposited on your face. As you lay there with your golden blonde hair framing your face I have to say that the sight of mine and Ben¡-s come bathed across it was one of the most erotic I had ever seen. You could obviously read my expression as you jumped off the bed and moved across to the mirror to check out the sight yourself. As the come oozed down your face your tongue lapped out and with the assistance of your fingers your again licked yourself clean (well ish anyway!). This was your fantasy after all and it was now quite clear that you were indeed a cum slut. The night was however still young and each of us guys had only come once so hopefully there was a lot more jism for you to revel in yet to come. As this thought crossed my mind Bill turned you round and eased you onto your knees on the bed; with his height advantage this perfectly positioned your cunt for him to fuck you doggy style whilst he stood at the end of the bed. I couldn¡-t resist easing under your body and I began to lick at your clit and pussy and his cock as it slid in and out of your cunt. The close up sight of his massive rod cleaving in and out of your cunt is one that will remain with me always. All this attention was too much for you though and your third orgasm of the night overtook you, I was fascinated to see the trembling vibrations move out from your pelvis and vibrate up across your breasts as your whole body spasmed with pleasure. As you came I continued to lick at your clit and along the length of Bill¡-s cock as he moved in and out of your cunt, as I did so I felt his shaft trembling and realised that he too was ready to come. As his body stiffened and jerked he continued to thrust in and out of you with his now come coated prick. As he finally withdrew he was immediately replaced by Ben who attempted to guide his once again stiff cock into your hole, unfortunately without Bill¡-s height advantage this was proving impossible. Moving out from underneath you I allowed you to lower your arse so that Ben too could gain access to your by now well fucked pussy. He lost no time in sliding into your cum dripping cunt and as his dick slid inside you it squeezed out some of the load that Bill had just deposited and the thick wet come began to run down you legs. As Bill began to pound in and out of you the flow increased ¡V I couldn¡-t believe how much cum was being squeezed out of your cunt ¡V I guess you could at least feel it as you asked me, ¡§is there as much as I feel and think there is?? Use the camera I want a photograph of this.¡" This picture now has pride of place in our very personal family album!! As Ben stiffened and came with a groan you ground your cunt down on his hard cock and came with a scream that you buried in the pillow (we don¡-t want to get thrown out of the hotel ¡V we haven¡-t finished yet!). As Ben withdrew you turned over onto your back and looked at all the came oozing out of your cunt and said to me, ¡§how about sloppy thirds then darling?¡" Well how could I refuse? As I eased my dick into your sopping wet cunt I finally understood what I had read/heard from other swinging couples where the guys had said the best bit bar none was easing into your wife¡-s cunt after she has been fucked by others and sliding through the warm mix of cum and cunt juice (NB in real life safe sex should always prevail ¡V this is only a fantasy). The feeling was exquisite and I knew that despite coming once already that I would not be able to hold back for very long, I didn¡-t and as my cock exploded I added my cum to the loads that had already been deposited by Bill and Ben. As my dick contracted and withdrew from your hole you reached down and holding open the lips of your cunt proudly displayed to the three of us your hole full of cum. Easing two fingers inside your self you then began to scoop it out and lick it off your fingers, I have to say that the sight of you lying there having been well and truly fucked and covered in cum is one that remains with me to this day. As you continue to eat the cum from your cunt you look up at Bill and ask him whether he thinks he can get his big dick up your ass. Although I know you like anal the size of his knob was sufficient to make me ask, ¡§are you sure?¡" In response you looked at me and said, ¡§no but I sure want to fucking try though!¡" Far be it from me to argue with a lady. Turning back onto your belly and moving your arse back to the end of the bed you looked back over your shoulder and said to Bill, ¡§just make sure you use plenty of lube, go slowly and stop will mean fucking stop ¡V understand?¡" ¡§No problems replied Bill, this isn¡-t the first time that I¡-ve tried to shove my cock up an ass, but I¡-ve yet to find any women that can take it all.¡" ¡§There¡-s that famous first time for everything then isn¡-t there,¡" you reply with a grin. True to his word Bill grabbed a tube of KY jelly and lubricated his monster cock with it, taking a squirt onto his fingers he began slowly to ease one then two inside your ass and lube you up too. ¡§OK let¡-s do this you say with some steely determination,¡" Bill moved his cock up to your puckered brown arsehole and began to nudge the head of his prick against your anal opening. After about five or six nudges your hole began to open and take the head of his prick in, ¡§fuck me that feels big,¡" you breathlessly sigh, ¡§don¡-t you dare stop though, this is going all the way!¡" As Bill began to ease further in his cockhead was now buried in your arse but there was still an awful lot of cock left to go. At this point you raised up on to your knees and gasped, ¡§I¡-ll take it from here.¡" As you began to slide your arse ever so slowly backwards, Bill remained fixed in position allowing you total control of the rate you were being penetrated. You stopped for a moment and moved your hand round behind your body and onto Bill¡-s cock, ¡§Christ is there still that much more to go, it already feels like I¡-ve got about a foot of cock in me already.¡" As you continued to ease back onto the monster prick I could see by the look on your face that you were determined to take the whole length inside you. After a couple more agonisingly slow minutes you felt Bill¡-s balls nudging against your ass cheeks and I heard you breath a sigh of relief as you realised that the whole length was now buried deep inside your ass. ¡§Easy huh ¡V I told you there would be a first time, you wisecracked at Bill, but don¡-t you dare start to move until I do.¡" ¡§OK you¡-re in charge,¡" was his laconic response. You then began to very slowly ease forward off his prick and I could only imagine how it felt as I could see how widely spread your arsehole was as it puckered around Bill¡-s prick. You spent some time, not unreasonably, just easing backwards and forwards a couple of inches as you got used to the size of the cock in your ass, as you became more confident (and comfortable??) you began to ease further forward and back until you were taking more than half Bill¡-s length in and out at each stroke. I could tell from the way your breathing had changed from short pants more towards long sighs that you had moved from the painful to the pleasurable phase. However I was completely unprepared for you saying, ¡§now I want Ben¡-s cock in my cunt, this is going to be the ultimate DP.¡" Not wanting to contradict or overrule you ¡V it¡-s your body and your fantasy I was genuinely concerned how you were going to take another reasonably large cock alongside the monster that was already well and truly up your ass. Ben though was obviously not constrained by such concerns as he had wasted no time in sliding onto the bed on his back and wriggling down until his cock was directly below your cunt. ¡§Now then guys we¡-re going to do this real slow, remember there¡-s two of you and it¡-s my cunt and ass you¡-re fucking into.¡" You were obviously well in charge so I kept silent as you eased Bill dick about halfway out of your ass, and then started to lower your cunt down onto Ben¡-s cock. ¡§Slowly and together guys ¡V and I do mean slowly,¡" was your next imprecation. As I stood and watched I could not believe the spectacle in front of me, my darling wife was slowly but surely taking a monster dick back up her arse whilst simultaneously absorbing a cock into her dripping wet cunt. In what seemed like only seconds both guys were buried balls deep inside you. As the realisation that both were now fully accommodated within your gorgeous body I could see the red flush presaging orgasm start to flush across your chest. With a massive shudder it ripped through your body and you screamed loud enough to get us thrown out of the hotel next door, never mind the one that we were in. As the tremors subsided you smiled at me and then said to Bill and Ben, ¡§that¡-s the best orgasm I¡-ve ever had, but I suspect the next one, when you both come inside me will be even better, let¡-s go guys.¡" Neither of them needed any further invitation and began to ease their respective dicks in and out of your cunt and arse, the looks on both their faces tended to suggest that the experience was fairly mind blowing for them too. After what seemed like an age but was probably only a few minutes both guys had built up their pace and were pounding in and out of you, as I stood watching and wanking my again rock hard dick. Seconds later it was quite clear from the groans that both were emitting that the guys too were about to come, within seconds of each other I could see their bodies shaking as they pumped even more come into both your holes almost simultaneously. I can only imagine how this outpouring must have felt too you, judging by the orgasm that crashed through you I¡-d have to guess that it was pretty good though! As you started to come round from the mind blowing orgasm that had just racked you, you looked up at me and said, ¡§sorry darling you seem to have been a bit left out, please fuck me too.¡" This was now probably the ultimate sloppy seconds both your holes had been well and truly reamed by Bill¡-s enormous cock (as well as Ben¡-s not inconsequential dick) and were both gushing streams of come. I hesitated for a moment undecided as to which of your two gaping orifices I was going to start with ¡V although both looked delectable I couldn¡-t resist trying your arse first. You know I love anal sex but normally it takes plenty of time to open you up to accommodate my cock; given the reaming that Bill had just given you, it obviously wasn¡-t going to be an issue this time. As I slid my cock into your arsehole I could fell Bill¡-s come oozing around my shaft. You reached down to fondle my dick as it eased into you, but also to scoop up some of the come oozing from your arse and cunt. With the most lascivious grin I have ever seen adorn your gorgeous face you then proceeded to lick your fingers clean ¡V a definite cum slut moment! As I fucked in and out of your arse I could feel how much Bill¡-s prick had opened you up, as I continued to move in and out of you, you reached out to me and whispered, ¡§please come in my cunt ¡V I want to feel you come in me whilst I look in your eyes, you do know how much I love you don¡-t you?¡" Not one to refuse such a wonderful loving offer I eased out of your arse and gently placed my cock at your cunt entrance, as I eased myself into you again you followed through your whispered offer and reached out to hold me as I fucked in and out of you. The look in your eyes spoke volumes and I knew that although you might get fucked by others you would always be mine. Despite the fact that I had come several times already I knew that I would not be able to hold back for very long you could obviously see the onset of my orgasm too and you said, ¡§come for me my darling.¡" As I heard the words I felt my cock stiffen and I poured another flood of come into your sopping wet cunt. As we both came down from this last orgasmic high you whispered in my ear, ¡§how do I look now my darling I feel like a cum slut but do I really look the part too?¡" With a smug grin I invited you to take a look in the full length mirror at the far side of the room. As you stood and looked at your reflection I could see a river of come oozing out of your well fucked pussy and although Bill had only jetted once in your arse it was obviously a full load as there was a second trail oozing out of your still gaping arsehole. As you turned from side to side to observe yourself in the mirror a sexy smile flashed across your face as you reached down and ran your fingers through these torrents and transferred the sticky outpouring to your mouth and tits. The ensuing photograph has now immortalised my darling the cum slut in digital perpetuity. To be continued¡K..?