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Although during our internet searches we had come across an enormous amount of erotic material and adverts covering black guys fucking white women you were fairly ambivalent about colour and had never hankered to be screwed by some well endowed black stud. I however had to confess that one of my fantasies was to screw a black woman. The thought of my hard white cock easing slowly into a chocolate coloured cunt was one that I had secretly harboured for many years. During the search for our first couple to swing with we had found a number of other couples whom we were interested in meeting and who also had expressed a desire to come and play with us. Given our decision to swing with a black couple we went back and reviewed the contacts we had made; Daisy and Ben were an obvious choice. After a couple of phone calls and an exchange of e-mails we agreed to meet at a local hotel. We had arranged for Ben and Daisy to check in, we then phoned to confirm the room number. We weren't too sure how the hotel would react to two couples trying to check into one room! We got out of the lift on the fifth floor and headed right towards room 512; before I had had chance to even complete the second knock on the door it opened and I came face to face with Daisy for the first time. Wow she was gorgeous, her skin tone was a dark chocolate brown rather than black and she had a stunning figure which was being shown off to great effect by a close fitting top, skin tight jeans and a pair of fuck me heels - the combination was sufficient to stiffen my prick in seconds. Noticing the direction of my gaze - it was hovering at Daisy's crotch where I was trying to determine whether I could see a panty line beneath the jeans or not you whispered in my ear, "Slow down tiger, let's at least get in the room first." This reality check was sufficient to remind me of my manners and the fact that standing in a hotel doorway drooling was not the best introduction, "sorry Daisy, I didn't mean to ogle but you are gorgeous," was the best response I could muster. "Don't worry," she said, "why don't you come in and then we can get comfortable." I needed no more invitation. As we walked into the room Ben came across to introduce himself. In contrast to his wife Ben was very dark skinned, 6' 2'' and muscular with it - sensing your reaction to this vision it was my turn to tease you with a whispered, "and I bet it's in proportion too!" Seeing your reaction, Daisy said to me, "why don't you come over and kiss me whilst these two get to know each other," as she was speaking you and Dan were already moving into each other's arms. At Daisy's, invitation, I moved across the room and took this gorgeous black women in my arms and began to kiss her passionately, initially on her lips and then on the tops of her magnificent breasts that were exposed and straining to escape from the tight top she was wearing. As she raised her arms I removed the clingy garment revealing her large tits breasts, shrouded in a lacy black bra. Reaching behind her back I flicked open the strap and exposed fully her beautiful chocolate coloured tits and her quiveringly erect contrasting darker brown nipples. I, promptly, took the left one into my mouth and began to lick and tongue at it. As I felt Daisy's nipple harden even further she whispered in my ear, "I can't wait please fuck me now." Never one to refuse a lady we sank down together onto the bed. Lying back, Daisy sat astride me and removed my clothing and the remainder of her own. As she removed her thong, she exposed her gorgeous, neatly trimmed pussy to my gaze. She then took the tip of my now throbbing cock in her hand and crouching down eased it into her warm wet cunt. As she raised and lowered herself my cock head eased in and out of her pussy; unable to control myself I thrust upwards on her next downward stroke and buried my cock balls deep in her pussy. After a brief pause as I bottomed out in her warm wet cunt, Daisy raised her hips and started to ride up and down on my achingly hard cock. The sensations were amazing and the stimulation was increased as I lifted my head and saw the contrasting sight of my hard pale white cock driving in and out of her brown cunt. As she continued to ride my cock I began to move my own hips up and down in time with Daisy's motions, this pounding into her cunt began to cause her to pant and groan - it's fair to say it was having a similar effect on me as well. With an enormous groan she hammered her body down hard on my cock and thighs and I felt the shuddering of her first orgasm run through Daisy's delectably gorgeous body. As her quivering subsided I rolled her over onto her back and began to fuck in and out of her in a basic missionary position. Although my own orgasm was approaching I wanted to prolong things so began a very slow fucking in and out of her juicy wet cunt, teasing her clit with the head of my dick before gently easing back inside her. "Don't tease me anymore she whispered to me I want to feel you hard, fast and coming inside me," at these words I could not hold back and after a couple of fast strokes I could feel my come swelling up from my balls and towards the tip of my cock. With a last inward stroke I felt simultaneously my balls smacking into Daisy's by now dripping wet cunt and at the same time my come spurting out and bathing her inner walls with my jism. As Daisy felt this she tipped over the edge and screamed through her second orgasm in quick succession. You and Ben had not wasted time whilst Daisy and I had been fucking, you were by now both naked and you had his big black dick in your mouth. The sight of his black shaft contrasted beautifully with your scarlet lipgloss and white face as he eased in and out of your willing mouth. Although you were more than capable of deep throating my cock to the hilt, you were struggling to swallow more than three quarters of Ben's large black cock. Whilst you continued to suck and tongue on Ben's cock I could see his hand move down and cup the pouting lips of your shaven pussy. As his fingers touched your cunt I could see the glisten of your juicy arousal. As Ben massaged your outer lips this flow visibly increased in line with his stimulation. Ben could obviously feel your juices flowing and moved from rubbing your cunt to inserting one, then two fingers and proceeded to fuck them in and out of your, by now dripping wet cunt. Within seconds I could see the flush that precedes orgasm rising up your body and with a ladylike scream you abandoned yourself to your first orgasm of the day. As you came I could see you bearing down on Ben's fingers to increase the stimulation of your cunt and clit. As your quivering subsided you moved across and knelt invitingly on the end of the bed. This positioned your cunt precisely on a level with Dan's rampant cock and as he moved up behind you I could see his dick twitching in anticipation of entering your warm wet pussy. Despite Dan's obvious desire he maintained his self control and just nudged the tip of his cock into your dripping wet pussy. I have to say that the contrast of his large dark black cock against your pale white body was a turn on in itself. Seeing how widely Dan's big cock was spreading your cunt lips even with this limited penetration I was concerned as to whether you would be able to take his whole length. You soon gave lie to these concerns by backing slowly onto his dick until you had his full length inside you. As he bottomed out in your cunt another orgasm crashed through you as you screamed out, "god, I can't believe how full I feel." Dan, acting the gentleman, allowed you several moments to recover and become used to the feel of his big rod deep inside you before starting to gently fuck his cock in and out. As he moved out, and despite the floods of lubrication that you were producing, the size of his cock was such that the friction it produced was sufficient to pull your cunt lips outwards and they formed an O around his withdrawing dick. The sight was incredibly arousing, we had started swinging to spice up our sex life, this was one hell of a spice! As Dan slowly increased the speed of his thrusts his balls began to slam into your clit increasing your stimulation and driving you quickly towards a second orgasm; judging by Dan's own groaning he was not very far behind you. With a final roar and a shudder it was quite clear that he had cum, spraying the insides of your cunt with his sperm. As you felt his outpouring you too tipped over into another crashing orgasm. The spasms of your body were sufficient to expel copious quantities of Dan's cum and I could see his white jism oozing from your cunt and dripping down and around his black rod. As this cum continued to seep from your body you eased yourself off his dick and turning round started to lick and suck him clean. Was this another cum slut moment? This gorgeous sight was too much for me, and I think Daisy too, we had both been watching your performance whilst she played with my cock and I gently fingered her cunt and kissed her beautiful brown nipples. I could hold back no longer and as Daisy lay back on the bed and opened her legs wide I plunged into her dripping wet cunt for the second time this evening. As I humped in and out Daisy reached up and said quietly, "I want you to fuck my ass, I've always wanted to try but I've never been sure that I could take Dan's big dick." If it was possible, on hearing these words, my cock stiffened further as I withdrew and allowed Daisy to move onto all fours. Given the drippy wet state of her cunt and the amount of time my dick had spent in it, I was confident that lubrication was not an issue, but given the virgin state of Daisy's arse we obviously needed to go slowly. As I nudged my purple cock head against Daisy's puckered brown hole I could feel how tight she was. Inching very slowly I began to ease my tip through the restriction of her sphincter muscle. With a gentle pop my cock head pierced this barrier and began to enter her virgin bowel. As I eased myself up her ass Daisy's groans were a positive indication of the pleasure she was feeling. This stimulation was then increased as you squirmed underneath her heaving body and began to lick her clit and finger fuck her pussy. It was all too much for both Daisy and I and we came together; me flooding her bowels with my cum and she screaming at the combined stimulation of my cock and your mouth. Having popped her ass cherry, Daisy was now keen to see whether she could take her husband's cock up her no longer virgin ass. You and I lay back and fondled each other quietly whilst we watched this tableau unfold. Initially Dan quickly fucked his dick into Daisy's cunt, if anything the contrast of his very black cock against Daisy's chocolate cunt and thighs was even more erotic than when he had fucked your pale whiteness. After a couple of minutes of screwing, Dan's cock was clearly well coated with Daisy's pussy juice and he withdrew and positioned himself at her asshole. Her hole was still partially dilated from my previous fucking but given the size of Dan's cock it was clearly going to have to open up much further. As he eased his tip into her hole I could see the pain of his invasion reflected on Daisy's face, with a grimace though she tensed and then plunged back impaling herself fully on Dan's shaft. I was unsure whether the ensuing cry was one of pain or ecstasy, the, "oh my god that feels unbelievable," tended to suggest the latter. As Dan began to slowly ease himself in and out of Daisy's ass we could see her excitement rising quickly to another orgasm within a very short space of time. This was unbelievable, Daisy had gone from ass virgin, to ass fucked slut within minutes. Well we had started swinging to add spice to our sex life, obviously the same was true of Ben and Daisy. As Dan continued to fuck in and out of Daisy's arse he reached around and used his fingers to diddle at her clit. The increase in stimulation was obviously too much and Daisy had another body shuddering orgasm. This drove Dan over the edge, his body stiffened and we could see his partially withdrawn cock vibrating as he pumped his seed into his wife's ass. As he withdrew with a sucking slurp, strings of his (and I guess my) cum connected his cock to his wife's ass, you surprised me by moving towards Dan and again cleaning his cock with your mouth and tongue, was this yet more evidence of you becoming a cum slut? Watching this stunning spectacle had caused my dick to harden and I was now ready for some more action. On our first swing (see part 1) one of the main things I had enjoyed was the feeling of plunging my dick into your cunt after it had been filled with someone else's cum - sloppy seconds indeed. Seeing my rock hard dick you lay back and opened your thighs. This exposed and opened your gorgeous shaved pussy and I could see Dan's sperm glistening wetly in your fuck tunnel. As I plunged into you, you whispered "I love you so very much darling," which was almost enough to make me come again, but not quite. Although I had come twice already this evening the feel of fucking in and out of your spunk filled cunt was quickly going to push me to a third orgasm. As I thrust in and out of your sloppy wet twat I could fell you grinding the top of your pelvis and your clit onto the top of my cock, your panting and twitching also clearly showing that you too were close to another orgasm. With a last thrust forward I came again and felt my sticky come mixing with the load that Dan had already deposited in your cunt. As you felt me come you reached down between our sweat soaked bodies with your hand and quickly frigged your clit until you too came with probably the loudest scream of the night. As my softening cock plopped out of your cunt I could see the rivulets of come oozing from your red and gaping open hole, my view though was quickly blocked as Daisy stuck her head between your legs and began to lick and suck the mix of her husband's and my jism from your body. The feel of her tongue lashing against your well fucked clit and cunt was too much for you and you whimpered into yet another orgasm and then lay back exhausted. By this time it's fair to say you were not the only one who was "shagged out" and we all dozed off. We awoke several hours later and took it in turns to use the shower and clean up. Kissing Daisy and Dan goodbye we all agreed that the experience had exceeded all our expectations and that we should do it again soon.