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MM 1st Whilst it's true to say that the whole of my sexual experience, which to be fair was not massively extensive - think Hugh Grant rather than Andie MacDowell, had been heterosexual and monogamous in nature it didn't mean that I hadn't been at least curious to indulge in other experiences. From an early age I had enjoyed anal penetration and found that masturbating whilst fucking my own arse was, somewhat surprisingly, an intensely pleasurable experience. After many years of missionary position and not much more with a now ex wife I had finally overcome my inbuilt reticence and persuaded (not that it took very much) my next girlfriend to finger my arse whilst sucking me off - the experience was mind blowing. If you've never tried it believe me you are missing something good. Whilst this and most other elements of the sex were fantastic, alas this relationship was also doomed to failure; and thereby hangs this tale. As a single fortysomething I was becoming more convinced that I wanted to explore my sexuality further but how?? As I guess should be clear by now I obviously liked and enjoyed anal penetration but to take it further either required a girlfriend with a strap on or (gulp) another bloke? Whilst the idea of girlfriend with dildo etc was enticing how the hell does one go about finding such an individual. The old 1 in 10 are gay statistic however at least suggested that finding a guy to fuck my arse may be somewhat easier, but was I really bisexual and was this a journey that I wanted to start upon?? I have to say this was not an easy question to answer or to act upon, the thought of kissing a man whilst not completely repulsive was no great turn on, the thought of sucking a cock though well that was something else (confused huh??). After several sexless (masturbation really doesnˇ-t count - does it?) months of should I or shouldn't I indecision I was now confused and frustrated; what the hell did I have to lose by trying? At the time I was working and living part time in Barcelona where there was a plethora of gay clubs, bars events etc etc. Having made the decision this was going to make things easy, wasn't it?? How wrong could I be, what I hadnˇ-t realized was the extent of male prostitution in the city. Having plucked up courage one Saturday night to visit a prominent gay club I left within an hour having been accosted, groped and solicited by more professionals than I could count. At this point it was back to the trusty old internet and some gay dating sites. After much trial and error and the aggravation of registering and paying for a number of crappy web sites I found (name changed to protect the innocent :-)). After some more trial and error I made contact with Dave, another fortysomething who was also looking to explore his sexuality further, he had a wicked sense of humour (a must to me) and almost as importantly a cock that had me squirming in my chair the first time I saw a picture of it. After chatting via email and then phone we arranged to meet the following Saturday night. Having bitten the bullet and made the decision that this was definitely something that I wanted to try I found myself in a state of anticipation and excitement that surprised me far more than I expected. Although I've never been a virginal schoolgirl I believe that the thought of having my cherry popped was engendering similar feelings albeit without the pigtails and short skirts etc etc. Finally Saturday dawned and it was time to prepare for my meeting with Dave. Now there's one significant issue with playing with arses that seems to get overlooked in most erotic writing, not to beat about the bush it's shit. Not only is it messy and gets everywhere it's seriously unhygienic especially when it's not yours. So there's nothing for it other than the Princess Diana special - colonic irrigation, aka an enema. Not particularly pleasant (in my opinion although I know others would beg to differ) but it sure as hell helps. Having completed ablutions and dressed it was off to the hotel to meet Dave - gulp!! On arrival I found him in the bar a long way into a first drink, maybe I wasn't the only nervous one here? Ordering one for myself and drinking to play catch up we both finished and headed off to the room. During our pre meet discussions we had talked in detail about how things should start off and had agreed that we would both get naked as quickly as possible and jump in the shower; we had checked in advance that the room had a large cubicle. Our thinking had been that this would be a good way to get acquainted without just going for it. By the time Dave had finished disrobing I was stood there with a raging boner, I wasn't sure what had triggered this quick reaction, either the sight of Dave's hard lithe body or the anticipation of what was to come. Either way we swiftly moved into the shower and began to soap each others bodies under the hot water jets. Dave quickly honed in on my cock and began to gently wank my foreskin back and forward, at this first touch of a male hand (other than my own) I began to twitch and jerk uncontrollably. I knew from our conversations that one of Dave's fantasies was to suck a guy off and he wasted no time in dropping to his knees and started to fellate me like an expert rather than novice cocksucker. Now I said earlier that my heterosexual experience was limited to a small number of partners so maybe the sample size had an impact but I have to say that Dave was making a much better job of sucking my dick than any girlfriend I had previously known. The sensation of his tongue gently swirling around the head of my cock whilst he used his hand to slowly wank my shaft in synchronisation was incredible. The sensations flowing through my body were indescribable and I knew that I would come very quickly. Taking Dave's face gently in my hands and not wanting to stop his ministrations I looked into his eyes and told him that I was going to come, he just nodded and curled his lips in a smile around my twitching cock. At that I let go and flooded his mouth with my come as an orgasm washed over me. Despite the outpouring in his mouth Dave managed to maintain control and continue to very lightly suck and lick my cock and prolong the orgasm for what seemed like forever ˇV boy was he good at this. As my orgasm subsided Dave stood up hugged me tightly and gently kissed me on the lips and I could taste my own come on his mouth. So far the action in the shower had been very one sided and I was keen to redress the balance and repay the pleasure that I had already experienced. Although I was eager to try anal sex (both ways) I wasn't totally convinced about taking a cock in my mouth so reaching for the soap I lubricated my hands and began to slowly wank Dave's shaft using a motion that worked wonders for me and hoping that it would have the same effect on another. Judging by the twitching of his dick and the groans he was emitting the answer was probably yes. At this point Dave took my hand in his to stop my movements and said, "let's go to the bed I want to feel your cock inside me when I come." I knew that this was the second part of Dave's fantasy; not only to suck cock but to experience being fucked up the ass. As we dried each other off we continued to touch and feel each others bodies, not just cocks which was obviously erotic but the rest as well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how pleasurable being fondled and stroked by this man was. Once dry we moved into the bedroom and onto the bed, Dave moved quickly into a doggy position whilst I reached for the KY. Plenty of self penetration experience had taught me that you can never have too much lube. Once my fingers were suitably coated I began to ease a single digit into Dave's puckered brown hole, boy was he tight. After a minute or so of easing in and out I could tell by the grunting and groaning that Dave was enjoying the finger fucking. As his hole relaxed I inserted two then three fingers to continue the initial stretching and prepare the way for my again rock hard cock. Removing my fingers I lubed my cock and moved up the bed to position the head of my cock against Dave's by now opened hole, as I nudged against the entrance I could see Dave's own dick flexing and twitching as well. As my knob eased through Dave's ring he began to, very slowly, move back and impale himself on my cock. As he did so I took his dick in my hand and began to wank his shaft in time to his own rhythmic motions on my own prick. Both of us knew that we were going to come quickly, the sensations and newness were too much for both of us. With a roaring shudder I began to spray Dave's bowels with my cum (in real life remember safe sex always!) and at the same time his own cock pulsed and twitched as his jism spewed forth over my hand. As we both relaxed into a post orgasmic warmth my cock relaxed and I withdrew from Dave's arse and we cuddled up to each other both wanting to spend a few moments relaxing and enjoying the closeness. As we held and stroked each other the reaction of our cocks made it clear that we were both still up for some more action and this time I wanted to be fucked - hey this is my fantasy too don't forget. As I moved onto all fours Dave began the ritual of lubricating his fingers and inserting them into my arse. Moving quickly first one, then two and then three of his digits began to ease in and out of my body. Whilst the feelings were more than pleasurable I really wanted to feel his cock and turning round I told him so. At this he began to coat his dick in KY and then as I felt the head of his prick pierce my ring I realized I was being fucked up the arse for the first time and it felt wonderful. As Dave eased in and out I reached down and took my own cock in my hand and wanked myself. As I felt Dave increase the pace of his motions in and out of my body the sensations were unbelievable, this was the best sex I had ever experienced, why had I waited forty plus years to try this? With a shudder I felt Dave come in my arse and his cock twitching against my prostate pushed me completely over the edge and I orgasmed and sprayed come all over my hand and the bed. I have now lost my ass cherry and despite some initial misgivings it's definitely an experience to be repeated - I have to say that I do still love women too! To be continued????