Life Of An Indian Wife Part 2

Disclaimer:All characters are real and no names have been changed even though I am not directly involved in this story but this account was given to me by the women concerned. This story is still going on at the time of writing.

For few minutes I was in shock as if it was a nightmare and it will be over soon. But it did not. I was awakened from my trance when I heard loud slapping noise and a women’s pitiful cries begging a much younger boy to stop. This continued for another five minutes as the women’s crying got louder so did the slapping. Finally like a whisper I could hear a women’s voice saying “Please Ashu if you stop I will do anything, I will be your slave, slut anything you want but please don't hit me anymore”. Ashu replied “From now on I will refer to you by your first name or simply randi(hindi for whore/slut). Now Sarla my dear I will put on some music and you will dance for me, If I dont enjoy it then your gand(hindi for arse) will feel my belt.” Saying that he put on some music typical bollywood dance music and I heard my mom dance. In between Ashu would shout some directions like shake your arse or show me your choochi(hindi for breast), this continued for next 15 minutes and then he stopped the music and said “Sarla now come here and take my pyjama off”. At this moment I peeked through the crack in the wooden panel dividing my room from his. My mother by that time was topless just wearing a petticoat kneeling at his feet helping to pull his pyjama off. Then he gave my mom a bottle of oil to and asked her to rub it on his cock. His cock was shining due to the oil and stood straight out like a pole, at 14 his cock was way bigger than most men(as i realised later). My guess is it was at least 7 to 8 inches long and thick like my wrist. After my mother had coated his cock with the oil he kicked her and asked her to kneel like a dog in the corner of the room and then play with herself while coating her ass with the same oil. My mother crawled to the opposite end of the room and lifted her petticoat, in order to play with herself as well as lubricate her ass she needed to use both of her hand, thus she was on the floor with her face touching the ground and supporting er upper body as she used both her arms.  

Ashu asked my mom “What are you thinking?” To my surprise she replied “About your lauda(cock) son, it is so big and hard you will tear me up, please be gentle with me". Ashu laughed "so randi wants my cock, good if you want it then beg for my lund(cock/penis)". Without a moments delay my mom started begging "Please Ashu fuck me with your lauda, from now on I will do as you say, you can fuck me any time, if you want you can take me to your friends place and I will entertain you guys , please ashu I want your lauda". Ashu said "Fine randi but I want to fuck your ass then you will clean my dick with your mouth. In the morning or anytime I feel like I will take a piss in your mouth, you are a urinal for me. and yes I will do all this infront of your darling daughter ". Saying that Ashu got up and I could hear footsteps, suddenly my door burst open and Ashu was standing inside my room completely naked with his cock standing out. I must admit till this I cannot forget his cock. It is burnt in my mind. It was thicker than my arm, black in color with a big head which looked more like a doorknob. It stood out straight with no drooping. "Stand up and come with me" Ashu commanded, I was too petrified to say anything thus followed my cousin to his room, where I saw my mom completely naked lying on the floor with tears streaming down her face. When she saw me and Ashu enter the room she crawled to Ashu and kissed his feet "Please son fuck me with your cock I  cannot wait any longer".

Ashu quitely walked upto his bed and asked my mom "Sarla meri rand(Sarla my whore) I am going to fuck your ass, and as promised your daughter will get a front row ticket. So darling get on the bed and present your ass. My mother hurriedly got on the bed on all four and ass raised up as Ashu poured more oil on her ass hole and penetrated it with his finger, mom moaned at the penetration and after few seconds started humping back at his finger. even though I had no experience of sex and at the present moment I was in shock still I knew what these two were doing was wrong and dirty. They did not look like humans instead like dogs. Ashu inserted one more finger in her ass and started to fuck her with them now my moms hand was in between her legs and she was not only humping his fingers but she had her own fingers inside her vagina and was humping them too. Ashu leaned over my mother and whispered something in her ear, my mom turned around to face me and said "darling why don’t you sit down and see how a dirty women is fucked by a superior man. I belong to your cousin now , I am nothing more than his slave, he may allow you to call me mother or he may not I have no say in anything any more so you better do as told". Then my cousin took his fingers out and wiped them in my mom’s hair. I could see the dark hole behind my mom which was now opening and closing like when you take a dump. Ashu was more than ready and he started slowly inserting the cock in her ass as she started squealing and holding on to the sheets. After good 5 minutes and my mother's painful cries he had inserted his whole cock in her rectum and was just leaning over her, at that time they looked like a bitch in heat being bred by a dog. Then Ashu started moving and fucking her like a machine each of his hard thrust brought a moan from my mother who started fucking back and they went into a rhythm. My mother kept on encouraging him "Fuck me beta(son), do you like fucking your aunt, do I satisfy you, please don’t stop just give it to me hard your randi sarla aunty wants more of your lund"

I could not believe what I was hearing , it was as if my sweet mom had been replaced by this dirty slutty street whore, this wild debauched scene continued with my mom’s active participation she was no longer the victim of vicious abuse instead she was a willing participant. He made my mom clean his shit stained cock and then unloaded his cum in her mouth which she gulped down like a seasoned slut.

It was like a night of revelations as my om turned around and started kissing Ashu just like I had seen in some English movies but it was when man and woman loved each other or got married. It was all wrong my mother was sucking Ashu’s tongue, he just kept it sticking outside his mouth and mu\y mom sucked it like a candy bar, then he forced mom on her back and got on top of her he asked mom to open her mouth wide, which she did, next instant ashu spat inside her mouth and mom gulped it down. She thanked Ashu and begged him to do it again, this time it was more slowly done it was disgusting as Ashu let a thin stream of saliva hang outside his mouth and let mom suck on it. After that they resumed kissing like lovers and these kisses were like open mouthed sucking as if they were eating each other or something , my mind was numb I was hot and cold at the same moment, I was sweating yet cold not take my eyes away from the deliciously disgusting scene on the bed.

Ashu commanded me to get out and leave his room, I left but from my adjacent room I could hear the activities going on, my mom was giggling and laughing like a school girl. Sometime in the night I dozed off. In my dreams I saw ashu naked and fucking my mother’s ass and my mother laughing but when she turned around it was not my mother it was me smiling, I got up with a start, it was morning and I was in my bed, then it hit me I was dreaming about getting raped just like my mother, was it possible that I was turned on......., if I had any doubts they were cleared when I touched my knickers and they were wet.........