<html><head><title>Life Of An Indian Wife</title><style type="text/css">ol{margin:0;padding:0}p{margin:0}.c1{line-height:1.15;text-indent:0pt;direction:ltr}.c0{color:#000000;font-size:11pt;font-family:Arial}.c2{font-style:italic}.c5{text-align:center}.c4{font-weight:bold}.c3{background-color:#ffffff}</style></head><body class="c3"><p class="c1 c5"><span class="c0 c4">Life Of An Indian Wife Part 1</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0 c2">Disclaimer:All characters are real and no names have been changed even though I am not directly involved in this story but this account was given to me by the women concerned. This story is still going on at the time of writing. </span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">Hello my name is Asha and I am from India.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">It was always different, I always knew somehow that my life was different from rest of the kids that I went to school with. Firstly I had an extremely strict father who wanted me to go to school and come back every day without having any conversation with any other kid in the school and I was totally banned from going to their house or inviting my friends ever.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">Secondly it was customary from a very early age that I had to work with my mother and help her in all her housework irrespective of my home-work or studies. My father believed I must learn all the real skill s from my mother rather than learning all the fake one’s they teach in school.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">Finally my appearance, my mother is quite a dusky beauty with long thick black hair and eyes that were like a painting kind and deep , very sharp features with a beautiful body to match. To me she was epitome of women-hood. Even though she wore normal saree and worked all day around the house yet looked like an angel every time I looked at her.My father was just the opposite he was a short much shorter than my mother , quit bald and with a pot belly. His features and face were quite ordinary and cruel with a perpetual scowl painted on his face,his skin was darker than my mothers. He was 18 year senior to my mom. While I was fairer more like a white girl with black hair and green eyes. My mother said because I was angel that is why I am so beautiful and my father just asked me to get lost each time I asked him the same thing. It did not bother me one bit that I was white skinned while both my parents were darker skinned.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">As I had said in my opening line that my father was extremely strict, who did not shy away from using physical violence to prove his point. He abused my mother verbally and physically frequently. I often saw mother sobbing and whenever I asked what happened she would just say that something in her eyes. First time I saw it with my own eyes it was terrifying to say the least, at that time I was eight years old child who did not speak until spoken to and never looked up at anybody in fear of offending him. My father called me and my cousin brother who was 14 years old and lived with us to the drawing room as he sat in his chair my mother was standing in a corner sobbing and pleading with him not to do it but he was adamant saying that today he will teach her a lesson in humility.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">Once we were seated opposite to him on the sofa he went ahead and said “ Your lazy bitch of a mother did not cook anything that I like and she has done it many times in the past and today added to that she was late in coming home from the market. I will demonstrate how a loose women is kept in line and punished for being dis-obedient. Okay Sarla come over here and kneel”. My mother reluctantly walked over in between the sofa and his chair facing him.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">Now lift your saree and petticoat over your waist”. My mother pleaded “Please don’t do this in front of the kids”. To which my father got up and gave her a tight slap across her face which nearly sent her to the ground and I got  such a shock. Kids never see this I had never seen an adult being slapped.Before he could take another swing my mother started gathering her saree and petticoat in both her hands and pulling them upwards within few moments she had her panty clad buttocks exposed to us. She was nearly howling and pleading with my father to have mercy but at the same time she did not stop until her saree and petticoat were in a bunch on her wast..</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">To my horror the next command was fro my cousin Ashutosh(Ashu) my father said “Boy it is time you learnt that women are no different from cattle you have in your village. My elder brother your father sent you here to study and I will train you to be a proper man rather than a new age mouse. This aunt of yours is nothing more than a cow you will purchase from the village fair.”</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">“Tell me what will you do if a cow is obstinate and refuses to follow your order”.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">My cousin replied “I shall use force, and then give it a few swats with a stick”. “Exactly this is how you deal with a stupid cow. Now Sarla tell me how old are you?” “25” mother replied.”And why did we marry ?” my father asked. “Because our parents arranged it” replied a sobbing humiliated women still holding her saree and petticoat bunched up on her waist.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">My father started laughing ”You are a dumb animal Sarla, you father owed a lot of money to my family thus you were sold as a bride to me.For the past 10 years I have fed you kept you safe and still you cannot do simple tasks according to my requirements. Now tell me what are you?”</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">Mother was confused she looked at my father and said”Your wife”. Before the sentence was over wham another slap on her face sent her to the floor. “You stupid bitch you are a cow an animal nothing else now answer me again what are you?” . Mother was still on the floor and crying but manged a reply “I am a cow, i am a worthless animal” “Good now get up and kneel like an animal on the floor”. My mother slowly got in the position on all four with her cloths still bunched around her waist. “Come here Ashu and pull down this animals panty and show us her ugly ass” commanded my father. My cousin after a little hesitation went and pulled mother panties down to her thighs for the first time I saw my mothers round ass and it was not ugly in-fact I was jealous it was smooth without a blemish ,round and quite firm, unlike mine which was small and bony. </span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">While mother quitely sobbed Ashu kept staring at her bottom as if transfixed. Because we had gone to bed my cousin and me both were in our night wear, he was only wearing a loose cotton pyajamas and for the first time in my life I could see a protrusion around his groin. At that time it looked funny but he had a boner looking at my poor mother. My father noticed it too and laughed “Look Sarla your nephew is excited at seeing you like this. Ashu it is good you are a young healthy boy and this animal has no better use than to be used as a bitch. Now if you prove to me you are man then I might let you use her properly”</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">I could see Ashu was quite excited and happy but a bit afraid and confused.”Dont worry son nothing too difficult, you are going to spank he and if you can make your aunt beg for mercy then you may have her.Because it is your first time I will make it easier, you can use anything you like bare hand, curtain cords, cane or a wooden paddle. Personally I  prefer a doubled up chord as you can swing it more easily.”. Ashu looked at his uncle and then to her aunts rear a few inches away he was now smiling. My father gave him a chord which was basically the one used to hang curtains(it has a mettalic spring like coil inside which is covered with a shielding similar to that of electricity wires). Ashu took the wire doubled it up then without warning swung it and hit my mom’s rear, I still cannot forget that shriek she tried to move away but my father held her in place, after that it was a bit of a blur, Ashu was swinging like a maniac with a permanent grin on his face and may mothers rear was changing color slowly there were marks and then blood from where the skin got torn. During that time I could only hear my moms shouting and crying could not make much sense to what she was saying. </span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">Suddenly everything stopped, Ashu stopped hitting mom and father stopped laughing, there were no hysterical shouting everything went quite except the sound of my heart and Ashu’s perspiring and heavy breathing. In that silence I could hear my mother beg “Please Ashu stop I cant take anymore I am hurt please have mercy”.Father said “Well done Ashu you have done great, I hope you know this is how you treat a randi (hindi for slut/whore). Okay now for you reward. tell me have you used a women before. </span><span class="c0 c2">Kabhi kisi randi ko choda hai</span><span class="c0"> (have you ever fucked a slut).” To my surprise Ashu replied “ yes uncle my father let me fuck one of the village women before coming here, but she was not as pretty as aunt”.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">“Good then you know the basics, now Sarla remember tonight you must satisfy this young man completely if you fail then tomorrow morning we will repeat this again” said my father. My mother who had collapsed on the floor got to her knees and begged father not to do this Ashu was like a son to her and it a sin to have sex with your own son. but my father was adamant and warned her that if he hears one more complaint from her maybe he will give me to Ashu to play with. That stopped mothers plea and she started crying resigned to the fact that she will be used by Ashu. Father turned toward ashu as he went to his bedroom and said “tonight she is not your aunt , she is a common randi, I will be disappointed if you treat her like a wife or mother. If your treatment is not like that of man then tomorrow morning I will treat you like a sissy. goodnight”</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">After father was gone Ashu turned toward my mother and said “Chal sali rand aaj teri bur ko phad dunga(Come on you slut today I will tear up you vagina)” with that he got hold of my mothers hair and dragged her to his room which was nothing more than a part of a bigger room it had wooden screen in between and on the other side it was my room.</span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0"> </span></p><p class="c1"><span class="c0">to be continued............... </span></p></body></html>