Diane Makes a Video Valentine
Yet another true chapter in the Diane saga

It wasn't the weirdest thing she'd ever asked me to do -- but it
was close.

But when Diane called me up one day this last January and asked me
if I was free the following weekend, I had visions of the "usual."
We'd been spending quite a lot of time together recently, most of
it naked. I really got off on Diane's ample body -- and her
insatiable sexual appetite. Her request this time, however, was
something new.

What Diane wanted was me, the camcorder and plenty of blank tape.
That wasn't too unusual -- over the last six months or so, we'd
built a pretty substantial library of very private tapes. What she
had in mind this time was a video valentine for Jack and Beth, a
couple who used to live in this area, but who had moved to Texas
the year before.

Diane had filled me in on their relationship long ago -- she often
rounded out (no pun intended) a no-holes-barred threesome with Jack
and Beth. In fact, this had been one of the first of her little
"confessions" to me -- even before our relationship had begun.
Instead of just coming out and telling me she was bi, Diane had
regaled me at lunch time one day with all the nasty things she'd
done with this couple the weekend before.

So much for subtlety, but that was just Diane.

Diane and Beth had been roommates in college, she told me, and
their affairs had begun there. Though she never told me, I always
had the feeling that Diane and Beth often dated the same guys --
and not always at different times. When Beth met Jack, I guess it
wasn't long before he was another corner in their triangle. Like
myself, Jack was fond of heavy women. Beth wasn't nearly as big as
Diane, but from what I'd heard, it must have been some match-up.
Lucky Jack.

So anyway, Diane had this idea for a video valentine. I knew her
well enough to know this would be no ordinary production, but I
didn't know just what she had in mind. I arrived that next Saturday
with everything I would need -- lights, camera, a five-inch
monitor, lots of tape, and a shotgun mic I'd borrowed from a
friend. As I set up in Diane's living room, she bustled around me
in her bathrobe, telling me where she wanted to be taped and from
what angle.

When everything was in place, Diane slipped into the bedroom for a
couple minutes to get dressed. When she emerged, I did a hard
double take. There she was, all six foot one and 375 pounds of her,
packed into a red lace bra, black garter belt and hose, and a pair
of panties that would have been skimpy on a normally proportioned
woman. On Diane, they were absolutely minuscule, the straps
disappearing into the creases of flesh where her belly met her
thighs. Only the small, bright red triangle of material covering
her mons was barely visible beneath the overhang of her gut.

"Happy Valentine's Day indeed," I whistled as she did a 360 to show
off the thong back of the panties, the elastic swallowed up by the
enormous cheeks of her ass. My cock was already hard and drooling
at the sight of my gargantuan playmate all dolled up and ready to
put on an erotic show for her far-away lovers. She sat down on the
couch and pulled a small duffel bag out from under it. I recognized
the bag as her "toy bag" -- containing a world-class collection of
rubber and electric playthings. I knew I was in for a big treat.

She fluffed her hair a little and squared her body to the camera. I
zoomed in to get just her face and shoulders. She looked right into
the lens and asked, "ready?"

Boy, am I, I thought, my cock pounding in my shorts, begging to be
released from its constraint.

"Rolling," I said as I flicked on the camera's trigger. The red
"REC" flashing next to Diane's sultry form in the viewfinder did
little to distract me from the way her lips slipped over her teeth
as she spoke or the way her heavy eyelids fluttered.

"Hi there," she smiled. "Beth, Jack, I wanted to send along
something a little different this year. You know, I have really
missed the two of you since you moved, and I can't way to get down
there for a few days in April.

"Oh sure, I have some friends here who keep me happy," she said,
"like the well-hung guy behind the camera at this very moment. But
it isn't the same. I miss our little weekend getaways. I miss the
way we'd go out dancing and flirt with every guy on the floor. I
miss the way we'd all start groping each other in the elevator on
the way up to your apartment."

I had by this time started watching her in the monitor, since it
would be easier to follow her movements outside the camera's field
of view with one eye while I kept the important action in the shot.

"In fact," she breathed sexily, "I miss the hot, steamy sucking and
fucking we used to do most of all."

Now I don't know about Beth and Jack, but just the way Diane had
said "hot, steamy sucking and fucking" had made me want to rip my
clothes off and jump her. But, being the perfectionist I am, I
would hate to have to run up the number of takes just to appease my
throbbing dick.

I pulled back the shot slightly to show that Diane had popped open
the bra and was kneading both big tits as she talked slowly and
deliberately into the camera.

"Just the thought of your mouths on my big boobs, the way Jack
would take turns sucking my tits and then Beth's as she and I
French kissed, the feeling of your tongues running all over me just
gets me going," she moaned.

"God, by the time we'd get into your apartment, I'd have soaked my
panties. In fact, my panties are soaked now just thinking about
having two hot people tonguing my ears, my neck, and my nipples,"
she continued, pointing out each spot of interest as she spoke.

I panned down her body -- past her flushed, heaving tits, past her
big, bulging belly, to the little patch of red material, which she
had pulled aside with one hand while she diddled the thick little
pink button of her clit with the other. I pulled back to show her
face as it reddened with excitement as she pleasured herself in
this manner, her moans deepening with passion as she began to frig
herself harder and faster.

"I miss the way you'd tease me with your hands and mouths ... the
time you tied me to the bed and wouldn't let me come for hours as
you fucked again and again right next to me. I miss the first time
we got together when we checked into that cheap motel and had the
people on both sides of us banging on the walls for us to be quiet.

"You remember that time, don't you, Jack?" she grinned, reaching
down for her toy bag and coming back with a white, six-inch
vibrator, with which she proceeded to buzz her bush.

"That first time, you got off on Beth and me doing each other,
didn't you, Jack? You sat in the chair jerking that big cock of
yours while we did it to each other. Then, when we were done, you
made us tell you about all the other people we'd been with."

Diane's words were coming in quick bursts now, and I knew that soon
she would be, too. "You just kept stroking that big dick of yours
while we ... t-t-told ... you-u-u...."

And with that, Diane had her first orgasm. Her legs shot out
straight, and she arched back on the couch, bouncing her big butt
in time to the waves of pleasure emanating from her cunt.

I pulled back to get all of her in the shot as she writhed on the
couch. After a minute of unintelligible grunts and moans, Diane sat
up again and looked right into the camera.

"I'll bet you're fucking right now," she said, her eyes burning
into the camera. "I'd bet you money that Beth is bouncing up and
down on your thick dick right now."

With that, Diane turned off the vibrator and reached into her back
of tricks again, this time, producing a two-foot double dildo.

"Hey, you two, remember this?" she asked waving the thick dong in
the air. "I bet Beth does!" she giggled.

"Remember the night that Beth and I introduced you to our
two-headed love stick? Remember how we banged our butts together on
this little number right here?"

Diane was shifting on the couch now, pivoting on her big butt to
face away from the camera, which she continued to address, albeit
upside down, as she laid back. She shimmied out of the obscenely
small panties and flicked them off to the side. Then she reached
down with both hands and spread her cunt wide open and began
snaking one end of the dildo into her cunt slowly, twisting it to
lubricate it she inched it into her tightness. She moaned as inch
after inch snaked its way into her wet hole. I zoomed in tight,
filling the viewfinder with her close-cropped bush and fat cunt
lips, the double dildo moving into the picture from below. Once
nearly half the device was inserted into her quim, she crooked the
dildo into a rounded L shape. It looked like this ample woman had
sprouted a big, erect dick.

She pulled yet another dildo from the bag and began licking and
sucking it as she pumped her cunt with the double-header. I pulled
back to get both Diane's filled holes in the shot, as she continued
to fuck both her cunt and her face with the dongs. Her cunt was
making wet, sloppy noises, and she tried to wiggle her big ass, but
couldn't very much. Her face was getting redder by the minute, and
I knew an orgasm wasn't far off.

"I miss you two so much," she gasped between sucks. "I want to feel
you both driving me to ecstasy!"

And with that, Diane had her second big orgasm. She began whining
louder and louder as she poked the big dildo in and out of her
dripping cunt. As she started to peak, I could see her calves tense
up, and her belly began heaving. Her orgasm made her twist and flip
around on the couch.

She raised her head to face the camera again, and I zoomed in
slowly, taking in her blonde bush, that big, jiggling belly, the
fat, quivering tits that melted down her sides, and her round, red
face. She slowly reached down to grasp the dildo as it protruded
from her cunt. She winced in pain and pleasure by turns as she
inched the rod from her throbbing cunt. It glistened with her
juices as she held it up, running her tongue along its length to
clean it, smiling into the camera all the while.

"It's been a while since I had some cunt," she cooed as she licked
the dong clean of her own lubricant. "I guess I'll have to settle
for my own."

Diane began giving the big two-fer another all-out sloppy blow job
as I filmed away. I can tell you from personal experience that
she's one first-class fellatrix, and she was downing nearly half
the dong as she pumped away at her face. A free hand wandered to
her crotch where she began masturbating once more, her fingers
disappearing into that big snatch that was by now running with her

Diane's moans and scent filled the room. I have to admit, I
couldn't deal with this situation any more. As I watched her
through the viewfinder, I unzipped my pants and took out my dick,
by now throbbing and dripping long threads of pre-cum. Diane
noticed me stroking, and that was about all it took. She had
another nuclear orgasm and flopped back onto the sofa. I tried to
keep her in frame as best I could with one hand, but I don't think
I was doing a very good job. I was too busy jerking my cock to
really care.

"Well, kids," Diane said as she reclined on the couch, "I think
there's something here I need to take care of. You two have a great
Valentine's Day!

"Okay," she said. "You can turn off the camera now."

I hit the button and looked at Diane longingly. I didn't even have
to ask. She just turned around and got on all fours, her broad ass
in my direction. Just the sight of those fat hams, the deep ass
cleavage, and the thick pussy lips poking out between her big
thighs was enough to almost make me come. Her ass is at least three
feet across, and to see it wagging at me as she moaned and enticed
me to her was incredible.

"Come on, Hunt," she moaned. "I really need your dick." Diane's
fingers snaked their way back between her thighs and began to work
at the cunt lips. Her hips moved in time to her diddling, and her
moans grew more urgent.

That, as they say, was all it took, I snapped a blank tape into the
camera, hit REC, and was naked in no time, my face buried between
her big slobbering outer lips, slurping at her sopping cunt. Her
butt was bobbing in the air in time to my licking, and I could hear
her moans resonate down through her frame. I reached up and
inserted three fingers into her snatch and began finger-fucking her
to another orgasm as I watched her big ass ripple with my thrusts.
I could tell she hadn't had enough, and I got up on my knees behind
her, replacing my fingers with my cock. I slid in slowly to give
her the maximum thrill, and slid a finger up her ass as I began
pumping away at that sloppy cunt. One of her hands slithered back
to finger her clit as my dick pistoned away inside her. In just a
few minutes, she passed the point of no return again and was
slamming back hard against me as I thrust my cock deep into her
sloppy cunt.

Watching her little performance had gotten me really hot, and I
didn't last more than 10 minutes or so before I could feel my
orgasm about to break. I kept pounding away at her from behind, my
fingers still tickling her ass from the inside as my cum crept
closer to ejaculation.

She grunted loudly again into the throw pillow as she began coming,
her cunt contracting on my swelling cock. That was about all it
took. My balls emptied deep into her, filling that big pussy and
dribbling down the sides as she continued to hump back onto my
spewing member.

Diane flopped forward onto her belly, leaving my still-hard dick
swaying in the breeze. Her upper back and ass cheeks were flushed
from her excitement, and she was slick with sweat. She slowly
rolled over, swinging a leg over my head so I was positioned
between her big thighs, my dick still hard and ready for more. She
sat up to take my cock into her soft, sucking mouth, her hands
grabbing at my ass, urging my tool into her face.

I wondered how much tape I had brought with me.