Diane -- Part One
A True Story

I had worked with Diane for about three years in my last job, but
had never really thought of dating her until about a month after I
left for a new job. I was back in the building to pick up some
paperwork when I got on the elevator and there she was.

Diane was a big girl -- about six one and at least 350 pounds -- so
she had about two inches and 180 pounds on me. We'd been friendly,
even worked on some projects together. Her broad hips and massive
tits were what I noticed when she got on at the fifth floor. Funny,
I'd never really thought of her in a sexual way before, but now, in
a dress that clung lightly to her fore and aft, I started to feel
my dick stir and my balls tighten as she smiled broadly when she
saw me.

I said hello and asked how she was doing.

"Fine," she said. "What brings you back here?"

I explained that I had to sign some stuff on my pension plan that
they hadn't had ready on my last day and pick up the unused sick
pay that they were letting me cash out. Besides, I said, my
birthday was that Saturday, and I thought I would buy myself a
little something.

She asked if I had big plans for my birthday, and I replied that I
really didn't. I saved her the sob story about how I'd broken up
with my girlfriend about four months before and really hadn't been
seeing anyone. I told her that best friend was going to be out of
town on business that week, and I really didn't feel much like
celebrating by myself.

"Well, why don't we do something to celebrate?" she asked.

Suddenly, the idea seemed full of possibilities. I have had a thing
for heavy women most of my adult life -- probably stemming from
when a fat little classmate named Barb gave me my first, very
sloppy blow job when I was 16. Since then, I have often found
myself wondering how certain big beautiful women I meet at work or
socially are in bed. Diane had been pretty frank about her sexual
preferences and experiences while we worked together, and now she
had certainly piqued my interest!

We agreed on dinner and a movie, but when I arrived at her
apartment to pick her up, she seemed to have something else in

She answered the door in a lacy, black, baby doll-length wrap over
a black, very pointed brassiere that covered her huge tits
entirely, low-cut black panties that let the sides of her bulging
belly hang down over the sides and front, and black thigh-high
stockings. I had barely removed my coat before we were on the couch
kissing deeply and sucking each other's tongues. I have a long
tongue, and this seemed to excite Diane no end. She would take just
the tip of it into her mouth and then suck hard to draw it as far
out of my mouth into hers as possible, moving up and down on it
like she was giving it a blow job. All the while she was making
little whimpering noises and shifting her hips on the couch -- like
her crotch itched intensely.

I pushed the wrap back onto her shoulders to get a better look at
the rest of the outfit. To tell the truth, I couldn't wait to see
what those tits looked like out of that torpedo bra. I let my hands
explore the folds of her big belly for a few minutes as we smooched
-- partly to let her know I was comfortable with her bulk, and
partly to test her resistance as I got closer to those huge
hooters. Of course, her outfit went a long way toward leading me to
believe that resistance was the last thing on her mind. I found the
clasp for the bra in the front between those magnificent mams and
unhooked it. Though she brought up her hand to try to catch them,
those heavy melons flopped out into my hands. She left the bra just
hanging there on her shoulders, and it was no time before I was
alternately kissing her mouth deeply and sucking on those big ripe

This didn't go on very long at all before she was leading me back
into another part of the apartment.

Once in the bedroom, Diane swung the door shut with her heel and
wasted no time in stripping down to just her black thigh-high hose
and panties. Now I could really see what her body was like. Big
hanging tits -- 46 DD it turned out when I checked the label in
that Werner von Braun bra later -- tipped by aureoles as big as my
hand with nipples that stretched out a good inch and a half. Her
belly was rounded in front, and spread down on either side of her
when she reclined. She had a big round ass that hung down a little
over the tops of her thick, muscular thighs in back and on the
sides. Her stockings pressed tight on her legs, puffing out the
fatty tissue just above the elastic band that held them up.

But what captured my attention was her cunt. As she laid back on
the bed and I slid her black lace panties down over those thunder
thighs, I was greeted by big, puffy pussy lips covered by the
finest blonde pubic hair I'd ever laid eyes or tongue on. Those
large labial folds yielded easily to first my fingers and then my
lips and tongue as I began to explore her nether regions.

"Oh my God," she gasped as my tongue began probing the crevices of
her plump pussy. "Oh my Gooooooooood."

"It's supposed to be YOUR birthday," she whined. Up and down I
licked, gently biting at the fat lips, licking the sweat from the
folds of flesh where her thighs met her crotch, and then back to
her pussy again, careful not to touch her very erect clit yet --
that would come later.

"You'll get your chance," I mumbled as I lapped at the folds of her
inner lips and thrust my tongue into her wet cavern. My right hand
explored her stiff nipples and stroked those gargantuan boobs while
my left probed her slippery snatch with first one, then two, then
three, then four fingers.

"Oh, God," she hissed. "It feels so good!" She was squeezing her
own tits now, really pulling at them. Then I noticed she had three
of her own fingers in her mouth pumping them in and out like she
was sucking on a thick cock, the saliva trailing off of them when
she took them out to lubricate a nipple. At first, she seemed
content just to pull and squeeze her long, pink nipples, but as I
slurped away at her love trough, I noticed that she had cupped her
quivering melons in both hands and was busily sucking her own
nipples, moaning throatily.

I teased her twat for a few more minutes, until her juices were
flowing out of her cunt and down the crack toward her asshole. All
the while she was making little whimpering noises and pulling on
those big nipples, letting her mudpie tits slap back against her
when she let go. I had a plan -- I wanted to see how excited she
would get before she did anything about it. That's when the fun
would really start.

As my tongue and fingers continued to work at her cunt, I began to
sense that she had stopped mouthing her boobs and was inching her
hands closer and closer to where I lapped at her pussy. First, she
would run her fingers around the base of each breast, like she was
outlining them. Then, her hands began exploring the wide expanse of
her belly -- only the top at first, then the sides, then down to
her navel, then to stroke her pubic hair. Finally, she just
couldn't hold out any longer and her fingers sought and found her
straining clit.

She emitted a long hiss of breath as she began to frig herself
frantically, stopping only long enough to bring her fingers up to
her mouth one more time to lubricate them and to taste her pussy

"That's right," I said. "This is the show I came for."

"Ooooohhhhhh," she moaned, as her fingers rubbed faster and faster.
"I've never done this in front of a guy before."

"Well, you're going to do it now, and you're going to make it
good," I replied, and I sat back to take in all the action, licking
her twat tang from my lips and chin.

She was really getting into it as she started fingering herself
with her left hand. First one, then two, then three, then four
fingers disappeared into her sopping vagina only to re-emerge slick
with pussy gunk and plunge in again.

Suddenly, she sat up and hopped off the bed. Going to her dresser,
she opened the top drawer and pulled out a foot-long,
pinkish-colored dildo, shaped like the real thing, with a large
mushroom head at one end, thick crisscrossing veins, and a big pair
of balls on the other end.

"If it's a show you want, it's a show you'll get," she grinned and
winked. She licked the tip of her plastic dick wickedly.

"Oh no, you don't. If anybody's going to use that thing on you,
it'll be me. And when I say," I said, snatching the ersatz dong out
of her hand and slapping her across the buttocks with it.

"Now lay down and get busy."

Dejectedly, she obeyed, starting out slowly again and building her
tempo steadily as her pussy heated up again. Now she was moaning
and muttering things about "her pussy" and "big cocks" and "fuck me
hard," working her fingers in and out of her soggy snatch at one
end and in and out of her greedy little mouth at the other.

She rolled over onto her stomach and brought her knees up to her
belly, giving me a good view of that big butt and both hands
working her woozle.

Her butt moved up and down and side to side as she tried to finish
the job I had started. I moved closer on the bed and urged her on.

"That's right, pump that pussy," I said, slapping one of her big
ass cheeks. "Show me what you do when you're horny and all alone."

Her broad ass bobbed and waggled as she frigged herself faster and
faster. Grunting and moaning came from the pillow where she'd
buried her face. Suddenly, her legs shot out straight and she
landed on her fat belly with a whomp! her hands clutching at her
crotch. With a rush of breath and a low, cat-like growl, she began
to hump the covers and come.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanhhhhhggggg," she screamed. "Oooooooohhh.

With that, she started banging her pelvis up and down on the bed,
like she was desperately trying to fuck it. Her glutes rippled
violently with each of her pumping motions.

As her first orgasm of the evening subsided, Diane rolled over onto
her back. She was drenched in sweat, and her bangs were stuck to
her forehead. Rivulets of sweat ran down from the hot folds under
her tits and in the crooks of her elbows and under her chin. You
could see where she'd been drooling.

Bringing her left hand up to her cleavage and fanning herself
coquettishly with her right, she said, "Wow, one of those sure does
take a lot out of a girl." And she quickly added, "Now I want to
take something out of you."

I stood next to the bed in just my boxers, which she proceeded to
inch down, taking my tumescent tool with it. As the tip cleared the
waist band of the shorts, my nine and a half inches of man meat
catapulted back upright, slapping against my hairy abs and
launching an arc of clear, viscous wiener drool right at her.

"Ooops," she giggled, and without a thought, wiped her eye clear of
my cock snot with the back of her hand and began chowing down on my

As her lips danced lightly over the darkened head of my hose, her
tongue expertly found the most sensitive spot underneath. Wrapping
her right thumb and index finger around the base of my boner, she
squeezed hard, making the veins bulge out and the whole thing get

I interrupted her dick diving long enough to lay down on my back on
the bed. As she knelt between my legs, she ran her tongue lightly
up the underside of my cock, and I felt her heavy, sweat-slicked
mams sliding up my thighs. Up and down she licked, using the
fingers of her free hand to play with the strings of spunk leaking
from the tip. Suddenly, she took the whole length of my love muscle
into her mouth and down her throat, sucking so hard my reflex was
to reach down and take hold of the base of it for fear that she
might suck the damn thing right off. Diane had had her pleasure,
now it was her time to show off. The wicked gleam in her eye showed

"Wouldn't it be easier to swallow that thing if you swung around
this way?" I asked, indicating with my arm that I wanted to
sixty-nine with her.

"Ummggg nggg ngffff," she answered, my prong still down her throat.
I felt a tug, and my slick staff came sliding out of her mouth
trailing saliva.

"I'd really rather concentrate on you," she said, licking at the
ring of cock juice and saliva around her mouth. "I've had an

"Only one," I answered, waiving the quivering fake phallus I had
thus far denied her. "Besides, when was the last time you had two
holes filled at one time?"

She wasted no time in swinging around and straddling my neck with
her knees. I couldn't tell which sensation was more heavenly -- the
scent of that well-soaked slit right at my nose or the feeling of
her mouth and throat as she recommenced her fellatio.

I could now feel Diane's body in contact with mine from my chin
where her downy Venusian mound rested to the base of my balls where
her nose kept up a rhythmic bumping as she slurped at my schlong.
Her big belly and hanging jugs pressed down on me between those two
points, even though she was on her hands and knees.

From the moment I began inching the dildo into her quim, I could
tell that this is what she'd been waiting for. In no time, she had
found her rhythm -- thrusting back onto the dildo and then rocking
forward to swallow my cock. Back and forth she moved. Her pussy was
dripping copious amounts of cooter goo, and I found that I had to
swallow frequently to keep from drowning as I tongued her clit.

Up this close, and from this angle, it looked like you could drive
a truck right into that big hanging snatch. After about 15 minutes
of this sweaty back and forth, I began to feel my balls tighten a
little more -- letting me know that I was going to cum soon. I
thrust up harder into her mouth with each cycle and she responded
by moving faster and harder. I felt the cum welling up at the base
of my dick where her first finger and thumb still clamped off the
flow. She must have felt it as well, because I felt my prong
sliding all the way out of her mouth and her free hand took over
pumping up and down and a furious pace. She waited until my whole
load was ready for launch and let up on her constrictive hold at
the base.

I felt a rush up my dick and into my brain like I had never felt
before. I don't know if she swallowed my cum or if I was painting
the ceiling because the only view I had was that monster snatch
staring back at me as it swallowed the length of her dildo yet
again. As soon as I had stopped cumming, I felt her take my still
erect cock back deep into her mouth and throat, letting it slip out
excruciatingly slowly as it began to soften. All the while, she
kept up her rhythm on the dildo.

Once my deflated dong had plopped from between her lips to lay
across my thigh like a spent salami, Diane slid off of me and lay
on her back with her feet at my head, the dildo still clutched in
her cunt.

Sitting up, I slowly pulled the polyester prong from her pussy. As
the head of it cleared her big labia, a huge pocket of air farted
out of her twat.

"Oh, excuse me," she giggled, reaching down to cover her vulva in
mock embarrassment.

"No problemo, my dear," I replied. I held the dildo up to her
mouth, where she commenced greedily sucking and licking it. She had
obviously not had quite enough. So I got to work.

Her clit was big and straining for attention -- sticking out nearly
an inch from its little hood at the top of her slit -- but I was in
the mood to torture her just a little more before I gave her
exactly what she craved. I concentrated on her slippery opening
with the dildo. I moved that plastic love probe up and down her
crack slowly, teasingly lingering at the opening to her cunt and
coming just short of her pleasure button. Up and down it went, each
time halting just a bit longer at both ends.

"Which will it be, Diane?" I asked bringing the tip of her latex
Lothario almost (but not quite) to her clit, "a soft caress of your
erect little ejector button here -- or a savage fucking at the
hands of the dildo of death?" And I slid the toy tool back down
hard to her inner lips.

"I want you to fuck me," she begged, propping herself up on her
elbows to look at me. "I have condoms. Let me get them."

"That's not one of the options," I hissed, pushing her back down
onto the bed. "Let me repeat myself -- a gentle tongue ... or the
cock of calamity?"

"Can I have both?" she ventured timidly. "I mean, please?"

"I was wondering if you would use the magic word," I replied, and
busily set to her little love nub with my lips and tongue. I moved
the dildo in and out, first slow and shallow, then fast and deep.
Each time the dildo found its mark, a little gasp escaped her lips.
Each time I took her clit between my lips to suck hard while my
tongue danced side to side across it, she moaned and squirmed. She
was getting close ... and that's what I wanted. I wanted to build
her slowly, for this orgasm to surpass the earlier one. I've always
enjoyed making women lose control, and Diane was about to lose it.

As the first waves of come-spasm rippled across her gelatinous
belly, I began to lick faster and shoved her rubber lover all the
way in, ramming her cervix. At the same time, I slid the first two
fingers of my free hand into her tightly puckered, but by now well
lubricated, asshole.

"Uuuuunnnnggg!" she moaned, grabbing the pillow from beside her
head and biting it. "Mmmmmmmmm."

Suddenly, her big hips began to bounce up and down, her floppy tits
slapping against her chest and arms.

"T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t," she stuttered. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!"

With that, I felt her swollen cunt lips squeeze down hard on the
dildo, her asshole grasped at my fingers. Those thighs came
crashing together on my head, and I had to hold on for dear life as
she arched up and down on the bed with each wave of her orgasm.
Gooey cunt syrup flowed down over the vinyl invader and the hand I
was using to pump it into her faster and faster as she screamed
into the pillow.

When she removed the pillow, I could see that she was exhausted.
Her sweaty body went limp as she gave one long exhale and lay there
with a hand over her heart. I could see her quickened pulse in the
arteries in her neck from where I was. Her cunt lips were bright
red from the workout they'd gotten this evening, and with my hand
on the dildo I could feel her vaginal walls begin to tighten and
release in rhythmic spasms. I removed the dildo from her twat and
put it aside. Gently, I moved up beside her and cradled her in my
arms (well, as much of her as I could get into my arms). Her hands
reached weakly for my crotch and eventually fumbled their way to my
cock. But I moved them away. Diane had had enough fun for one day.

I awoke the next morning covered with sweat. Diane was laying with
an arm and a leg across me, her heavy tits spread against my back.
I wiggled out from under her weight and gently rolled her over onto
her back. Parting her thick legs, I gave her snatch a few light,
tentative licks.

"Oooooh," she said, a sleepy hand reaching automatically for one of
her big boobs, "did anyone ever tell you that you eat cooter like a

That gave me an idea.

But THAT is another story.