Wolf Creek Pass




Usually I love driving.  You see so much from the cockpit of a motor coach.  I have traveled to 49 of the states and Canada, saw some beautiful scenery and even witnessed the sight of bare female flesh from passing cars.  My wife and I had bought this converted tour bus used and had just finished rebuilding the inside, preparing to pull up stakes and travel. It had always been a dream to see the country, and after we had sold the business, we had the funds to make that dream possible.


But I was traveling alone.  My wife had passed away a year ago.  We had pulled into a campground outside of Orlando.  Kris decided that we needed some supplies so she and I walked to a local store.  Making our selections, we headed to the checkout, chatting happily about going to Universal Studios the next day.


That is when all hell broke loose.  Two men walked in waving guns in the air, demanding all the money in the registers.  An off duty policeman confronted them and one of the robbers fired.  The cop returned fire striking the robber in the left side.  As the robber fell his gun discharged, hitting Kris in the chest.  She collapsed into me.  It seemed that time slowed to a crawl as Kris fell back against me, a red spot spreading across the center of her Light yellow blouse.  Sinking to the floor beside her, I held her head in my lap as the rest of the scene played out.  The second robber decided that surrender would be the best idea, and put himself on the floor spread eagle.


By then the place was swarming with police and ambulance personnel.  My darling wife was taken to a trauma center 15 miles away.  The doctors worked on her but the bullet had struck a rib and tumbled, causing extensive damage.  She died during surgery. 


The funeral was held in our hometown.  I am not sure how I made it back there.  I vaguely remember when the lid of her casket was lowered.  I knew then that my soul mate was gone from me forever.  I stayed with friends for a while, but decided that I would rather be on the road.  



Which is how I found myself climbing up Wolf Creek Pass.  I had fueled up in South Fork on Highway 160 headed south.  I had just started up the pass when it started to snow.  I had driven this route before many times, but this was the first time when it was snowing this hard this late in the year.  Tricky even in the best of conditions, snow and ice could make it almost impassible.


Before long, there was snow collecting on the side of the road.  There was some slush on the roadbed itself, but it wasn’t causing any problems.  But the snowfall was getting heavier and I was beginning to get concerned.  Still there was nothing to do but push on. 


It was getting toward evening but you could only tell by the chronograph that was in the dash.  Looking out the windshield you could see little except the large snowflakes. They were reflecting the brightness of the headlights, making a curtain of brilliance in front of the coach. There was no opposing traffic, which could only mean that the state patrol had closed the pass.  I remembered that there was a pull-off midway to the summit.  If I could make it there, I could pull in and wait the storm out.  Propane tanks were full, the generator was working fine, and I had plenty of food and water aboard.


I could feel the drive wheels starting to lose traction just before the sign announcing the pull off appeared.  I gingerly maneuvered into the area parking against the wind.  This would keep the exhaust pretty well cleared.  I slumped down in the drivers seat exhausted.  After resting a bit, I moved to the back and started up the heaters and the generator.  It would soon be toasty inside the coach.  I tried to get something on the CB and the radio, but it was a lost cause.  At least I wouldn’t freeze and they would have the pass open in a day or two.  I settled in for the duration.


I had just set my book down with thoughts of cooking a bite to eat.  The wind was picking up and I could feel the bus rock back and forth a bit.  The wind was also driving the ice crystals into the metal sides making a sound that reminded you of sand being dropped onto a drum.  But there is a different sound.  A tapping sound that was not in the rhythm of the storm’s song.


Moving to the front of the bus, I heard it more distinctly, someone or something was rapping on the door.  I couldn’t see anything in the sea of swirling white.  Friend or foe I was not sure, but I could not in good conscience leave whomever it was to the certainty of freezing to death.


I opened the door to find a huddled figure leaning against the side.  It was bent nearly double in it’s attempt to keep the snow from buffeting it even more than it already was.  I reached out and touched the shoulder and then grabbed the jacket to bring it inside, along with whoever was inside of it.


Once inside and out of the wind the figure stood upright.  At full height she (for now I could see her face) was not much over five feet tall.  Her age I would guess to be about half of my own 45 years.  Her face was red from the cold.  Her blonde hair, stiff from being frozen, started to thaw and drip the moisture onto her jacket.  All in all she looked very cold and a little scared.


“Why don’t you shed your coat and sit by this heater, I will make you some tea and see if we can’t get you warmed up.”  I was talking as much to let her know I meant no harm as to reassure myself that this was happening.


It took a few minutes to pull enough energy reserves to shed the coat she was wearing.  As if took what she had left, she slid down until she was sitting on the step.  I heated some water and did make her a cup of tea.  She stayed where she was, just holding the cup in both shaking hands.


It took several minutes until she would even raise her head. Though still chilled to the bone, she at least smiled and thanked me.  I wasn’t sure if her voice was affected by the weather, or if it was normal but the tones that issued were deeper than I expect from a body so petite.  She continued to tell of her reason for being out in the snow as she slipped off the ski pants she had on, along with the bulky sweater.  She was now sitting on the couch in a pair of spandex pants and a smooth silver top.


She said that her boyfriend had convinced her to go to the Wolf Creek ski area for the Thanksgiving weekend.  They had made it over the pass after noon yesterday.  The car started to cough and die out and they nursed it to this pull off.  Her boyfriend Nigel had hitched a ride back over the pass to Pagosa Springs and was supposed to come back with help.  Spending a long cold night in the car, she had waited patiently until the snow started falling.  She had seen my headlights in the rear window of her car, but had resigned to staying where she was.  The cold finally forced her to seek the vehicle that had pulled in.


By now I had some soup warmed up and handed her a bowl.  She drank that plus a sandwich that was offered.  Finally, with her hunger sated, we started talking about why I happened to be here.


It must have been an hour or more and we were chatting like old friends.  She was beginning to yawn and I was feeling the weariness of the day as well.  I pulled a comforter out of the closet and pulled the couch out into a bed.  I could not take chance of the exhaust being covered during the night, so I left the one heater that was vented through the roof running.  I shut down everything else and set the alarm for 2 hours so I could start and warm the diesel to make sure the fuel didn’t gel and the oil would flow.  I snuggled down in my own covers and was asleep within minutes.


When I got up to start the bus up, I stumbled through in the darkness slipping on my jeans and boots.  I grabbed my coat and stepped out to check the back of the bus.  The wind had lessened but the snow was now getting deeper.  I cleared the snow from around the generator exhaust but I knew it would not remain clear, so the generator was out of the question. Since the diesel exhaust was run through the back corner, unless it drifted 12 feet high we could run the engine.


I was shivering by the time I got back inside.  The wind chill would probably be near 80 below.  The moisture from my breath was causing frost to form around the scarf I had around my face.  The diesel complained but turned over and fired.  As I watched the gauges, I heard that voice again.


“Dave?  Is there something wrong?”  Michelle’s soft voice startled me from my thoughts.


“Nothing wrong.  I just need to keep the motor from freezing up.  I am going to leave it running the rest of the night, but we won’t have much light.  The generator can’t run, so we are on the engine lights.”


I turned to get out of the seat and was struck with the sight of Michelle’s long perfect legs.  She had shed her leggings and stood there in her blouse and panties.  Even in the dim light, I could see how the muscles almost shimmered as she moved toward me.


I was enjoying the sight.  After all I was still male and had not seen a woman in this state of undress in over a year.  I could feel my cock harden in my jeans.  Before I did something stupid, I moved back toward my bed.  I had to pass her in the narrow aisle of the bus.  I could feel her nipples moving against my chest, leaving a hot trail as I passed.


I’m sure she felt my hard-on rub against her tummy even though I tried to avoid it.  I glanced back and saw her look down and smile.  To hide my embarrassment, I said, “It is going to get colder in here.  If you need another blanket, come back and get one.”  I hurried back to my bed and quickly stripped and crawled in, trying to get the thoughts I was having out of my mind and my cock to go down.


I was about to drop off again when I heard Michelle call my name.  “Anything wrong?”


“Dave it is getting colder in here.  Do you think I could get in with you?”


I thought about it.  “I suppose we could.  It would be warmer.  Let me grab my sweats.”


“Skin to skin would be better wouldn’t it?”


“Yeah it would, but…”


She just smiled and crawled under the covers.  “This is a lot better.  We both will be more comfortable this way.”  She moved around under the covers a bit and then her blouse, bra and panties appeared.  She tossed them on the floor then moved up against me.  I could feel the hardness of her nipples as she pushed in tighter, rubbing her crotch against my erection.


“We could generate a little heat of our own if you want.”


I simply said, “I want” and started kissing her hard.  Her mouth opened willingly taking in my tongue as her hands slid around my back.


As we kissed, I explored her body with my free hand.  Her boobs were not too big, but very firm, the nipples as hard as my cock.  She started moaning when I moved my mouth from her neck to latch on to one of those pink tips.


My hand moved down across her side and down her hip feeling the muscles of her ass clench as I switched to the other breast.  Moving down her thigh as far as I could reach I reversed direction and brought it up to her pussy.  I marveled at the wetness and heat that was radiating from the smooth outer lips.  She had a tuft of trimmed hair at the top of her slit and I knew that I wanted to see what I had explored with my fingers.


However she was not in the mood for prolonged foreplay.  Michelle was much too excited to wait.  She was trying to maneuver me into position between her spread thighs.  Not one to deny a lady what she desires so strongly, I moved up until my cock was just touching her swollen lips. She reached down and moved my cock around gathering her wetness, moaning when it brushed her clit.  She pushed down as I drew back a bit and the head of my cock settled just spreading her lips at her entrance.  She bucked up and I slid in an inch or so.


I started backing out a bit to spread her juices then back in a little further at a time.  In just a few strokes I could feel the base of my cock push against her clit and I was fully embedded in her. 


She was too anxious to go slow, bucking up at me and groaning.  I knew I wouldn’t last long so as I started pumping in and out, I directed one of her delicate hands to her clit.  She started a frantic rhythm strumming her pleasure button and breathing harder.   I was pounding harder now lost in the passion and reaching for my own release.  When I knew I was going over the edge, Michelle stiffened and let out a loud groan.  She lost her rhythm as her pussy contracted around my cock.  I pushed in as far as I could and saw lights in my head as I shot off deep into her.


When I came back down, I saw that she still had her eyes closed breathing deeply.  Resting my weight on my elbows, I leaned down and kissed her on her nose.  She giggled then sighed.


“Oh God Dave, I really needed that.  I kept lying in there thinking how wild it is that we are stuck together.  Then I started getting horny.  I hope you don’t mind.”


“I definitely don’t mind.  You are beautiful and very sexy.  I wanted you but didn’t want you to feel pressured.”


She chuckled.  “What I would really like it is to be pressured by you shoving that cock in me again.”  She started fondling me and to my surprise I was getting hard again.  As soon as she felt I was stiff enough, she rolled me to my back and climbed on.  This time I could reach her myself, so I caressed her boobs and ass while she rode me to 2 more orgasms before I emptied myself into her again.  She collapsed onto me and we both fell asleep hearing the gentle vibrations and rumbling of the diesel below us.


I awoke a few hours later with the desperate need to relieve myself.  I had softened and slipped out of her and we were lying on our sides facing each other.  I gently untangled myself and moved to the tiny bathroom. 


It was chilly in the coach and I could see the beginnings of daylight coming in around the edges of the curtains.  Making sure Michelle was snuggled deep into the blankets, I dressed and made some coffee.  I checked the gages and switched over to another fuel tank.  Looking out I could see that the snow was about 4 feet deep but the wind had died.  The storm seemed to have passed.  Fortified with a cup of coffee, I finished dressing preparing to go out and see what the situation was.  As I was putting on my boots, Michelle came out from the back wearing just the blanket from the bed.  Her hair was messed up and she had that sleepy “I just got my socks fucked off” look.  She smiled and sat down while I got another cup from the cupboard.


“What are doing?”  She asked while sipping her coffee.


“I am going to take a look and see if I can clear enough snow to get the generator up and the heaters going.  Be back in a few minutes.”  Kissing her I stood and went out.


It was still bitter but the storm had indeed passed.  I warmed up quickly shoveling the snow from around the back and sides until I was certain that it was safe.  There was a blanket of white covering everything and I was certain that we would not see any rescue for a day or two.


With the generator up and running and the heaters working, I knew we could just wait it out.  Deep down I was happy that no one would be able to find us for a while.  I was enjoying the company too much.  I trudged back around and went inside.


As I took off my coat and boots, I realized that there was the unmistakable odor of bacon frying.  Michelle was standing at the stove wearing one of my t-shirts that didn’t quite cover her luscious little bottom.  Her cheeks were twitching as she swayed back and forth to a rhythm that was only in her head.


“I will have breakfast ready in just a minute.  How do you like your eggs?”


“Scrambled is fine,” I replied as I shut down the diesel.  I then moved past her to start up the water heater.  On my way by I gave her a hug savoring the feel of her butt against my crotch and the weight of her boobs as they rested on my arms.  She turned her head back and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  “In a little while, we should have enough hot water to at least wash up.” 


“Good.  I can still feel you coming out of me every now and then.  Not that I mind all that much.”  She replied with a big smile on her face.


I got a serious for a minute.  “Michelle, I enjoyed what we did last night tremendously.  But I don’t want you to think that you had to do that in payment for staying.”


“Dave, Last night happened because I wanted it to.  I didn’t do it for payment, I came to your bed because you are a sweet person and sexy to boot.  If you are interested, I would gladly do it again.”


As she set the plate in front of me, I grabbed her waist and set her in my lap.  “I am more than interested.  And I figure we are going to be stuck her for a couple of days at least.”


“Good.  Now eat up. You are going to need your strength.  I guarantee it”


Actually we were there for 3 days before the plows came through.  During that time we thoroughly explored each other.  Not only our bodies but also our hearts and minds.  We made love countless times, trying every position and piece of furnishing we could think of.  When I was totally drained for the moment, I feasted on her glorious pussy.  When we both exhausted, we talked about our lives.  She was out of college, but was working as a waitress in a small diner in Pagosa Springs.  Her boyfriend was from one of the rich families there and they had been going together for months.  I told her that I was retired and just traveled around the country, writing articles and even a couple of novels that were well received.


I heard the snow blowers go through midday.  We got up and dressed completely for the first time in 3 days.  Within an hour a state patrol car pulled up and the officer came to check on us.  We told him we were fine, but were running low on supplies.  With the plow breaking a path for us, we managed to pull out.  Michelle went to the car she had been in and got her belongings and we got out on the road. 


Michelle sat behind me as we drove down the pass and into the town.  She didn’t say much during the trip.  I too was starting to feel the impending loss of her company.  I might say I was a little in love with her.


She directed me to stop at the diner so she could let them know she was okay, and then she was going to see what happened to Nigel.  I let her out with a heavy heart, but I knew she had her own life.  Sighing, I went down the road to a station to fill all the tanks and dump the wastewater.  That done, I walked across the street to a little Mom and Pop grocery and picked up the supplies to replace those we used up.  Everything I picked up reminded me of her fixing dinner, brewing coffee, and especially the bottle of Chocolate syrup.  She had found it on a shelf and brought it to bed using it to cover my cock, licking it up and my cum shortly after.  I, of course returned the favor, savoring the taste of her essence mixed with the sweetness of the syrup. 


I was standing there lost in thought with a stupid grin on my face, when I heard a voice behind me.  “You should get an extra one in case you find another damsel in distress”


I gave Michelle a hug and a kiss.  “I didn’t figure on seeing you again, but I am sure glad I did.”


She smiled and then looked down at the floor.  “You said that you wished for a companion for your travels.  I am not a puppy, but would I do?”


I picked her up and twirled her around.  “Nothing could make me happier.”  Then I set her down.  “But I thought you had Nigel here.”


A dark look crossed her face.  “I found Nigel at the bar.  He had gotten drunk and forgot to send anyone up.  He was sitting with some young bitch on his lap when I saw him.”


She had her clothes packed in two suitcases sitting by the door of the coach.  I teasingly said,  “Confident I would say yes?”


She blushed.  “Well I was hoping, but I thought at least you would take me out of here.”


“Your hope was right.  Come on, let’s see what New Mexico offers.”  I opened the door and set her bags in.  We pulled out on the highway heading south.  I wasn’t sure what was in the future for us, but for now I was more at ease than I had been for a long time.




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