Las Vegas Nights

By Heathen57


The big diesel was purring as we moved along Highway 93 toward Boulder Dam.  Mickey was sitting in her usual place on the couch looking out the windows and enjoying the desolate beauty of the desert as we ate up mile after mile.


Things had changed between us since our time at the Grand Canyon.  It was there that I had finally admitted to myself, but most importantly to her, that I was in love with her.  To my great relief, she admitted the same.  The extra day we spent there was not for playing tourist, but rather for some serious conversation -- and, of course, some time for love making.


The discussions centered on problems that could arise from our obvious age difference.  It was more of a problem for me as she took it all in stride.  She seemed to think that love would help us over the big problems and the smaller ones were not worth thinking about.


I still had the nagging fear that she might grow tired of me and want someone closer to her own age.  Perhaps she was right.  Why not enjoy the time we had together?  My first wife and I had finally decided to do just that, but then she had been shot down in a store robbery.


I had to pull off for a security inspection before we approached the dam.  The officer was polite enough, but they had to inspect our entire vehicle.  They checked the interior for explosives, looking at every cubby and drawer.  Mickey was a little concerned as they looked through everything.  As the officer checked the interior with Mickey inside, another officer and I opened the luggage compartments so they could see the storage.  All the storage was clear and they could see inside with ease.  They checked the holding tanks making sure that there were no dangerous chemicals around.  Finally the ordeal was over, and they allowed us to button things up and continue.  Mickey settled back on the couch still tense, but she relaxed as we moved closer to the dam.


I slowed down for the parking lot at Hoover Dam.  I needed to stretch my legs, and I was sure that Mickey would like to look around a little.  I pulled in and we shut the coach down.  We made the walk across the parking lot with Mickey stopping along the way to stretch and bend in different ways to get the kinks out.  I marveled once again at the sheer sexiness of her lithe body.  Two men were heading toward their car as she bent at the waist to touch the ground.  One was so intent on observing her tight ass in her jeans that he walked into the bumper of a car, bruising his shin and setting the alarm off at the same time.  He hurriedly limped away to catch up with his buddy.


As I tore my eyes from the same sight that had caused him so much pain, I looked between her legs and saw her beautiful eyes dancing in amusement.  As I approached she straightened upright and was desperately trying to keep from laughing out loud.


“You little tease,”  I said, snaking my arm around her waist.  “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”


“I really started out stretching, but when I saw them staring, I decided to give them something to look at.  The way he walked straight into that car was funny.”


“Yeah, it was pretty funny.”  I pulled her closer so our hips were touching.  She slipped her arm around me in return. 


“I love you, Dave.”


There was no hesitation on my part, for I had by now thrown aside my doubts.  “I love you too, Mickey.  Very much.” This earned me a smile that melted my heart, and a very firm squeeze. 


We made our way to the dam.  There was enough time, so we did the Discovery Tour.  It took us a little over three hours since Mickey was so interested in everything.  We went down the tunnels and saw the generators, watched the movies, did the whole thing.   Mickey's obvious delight in everything made me take notice as well.  I was turning from a cynical old man into someone who was interested, even eager to explore all that life had to offer.


We made it back to the coach around five in the afternoon.  We decided to push onward to Las Vegas, seeing the lights of the city just around dusk  I pulled the coach into a campground just inside the city.  We paid the fee and pulled into our assigned space.


 Mickey was ready to start making dinner when I stopped her and told her to pack a suitcase.  She looked at me strangely, but did as I asked.  I put what I needed into a separate case.  We locked up the coach and went to the office, where I made some phone calls.  Within a half hour, a cab pulled up and we got in.  On the way to the strip, Mickey asked me what we were doing.


“I thought that you deserved to get out of the confines of the bus, and the only way to experience this city is to stay there.  We have a bungalow suite at the MGM Grand waiting for us.”


This information earned me a big hug and a kiss.  As we started down the strip, Mickey’s eyes became huge at all the lights and glitter for which this place is famous.  The cab driver was typical for this town and after a harrowing ride; we were sitting in front of the entrance to the MGM Grand hotel.  The valet opened the door and we stepped out.  Mickey was admiring the décor as I handed the clerk my platinum card and signed us in.  In a short time, we were ensconced in our bungalow.  I tipped the bellman as Mickey marveled at the furnishings.  I closed the door and pulled her into my arms. 


“Do you approve?”


“God, I can’t believe this place Dave.  It is perfect.”


“You deserve to have a nice room to relax after a hard day of gambling and shopping.”


“Thank you, Dave. I love it.”  Then she pulled me down and kissed me.  “And I love you too.”


I answered her with a kiss of my own that lasted until we both needed air.  She leaned back until she could look up into my eyes.  “You want to try out the bed and see if it is as comfortable as it looks?”


I smiled back.  “How about we get something to eat first?  There is a great buffet here and then we can gamble a while.  Have you ever played the slot machines?”  She shook her head.  “You'll like them.  They're a lot of fun.”


“I guess I am hungry.  Why don’t you feed this poor deprived girl and show her a good time before you take advantage of her.”  She flashed me that heart-pounding smile and grabbed my arm.


My guess was close to the mark about Mickey’s love of the slot machines.  The first time she hit, she was practically jumping up and down as the bells went off and the lights flashed.  She had only won $40.00, but from her reaction, it could have been a million.  I pointed to the blackjack tables and told her to find me there when she got tired.


Mickey finally came in a few hours later and stood behind me.  I had a jack of spades showing and waved off another card.  The dealer went to the other three at the table and finally to himself.  He had 12 showing and brought up a nine.  When I turned my hole card revealing an ace of clubs for 21, I could feel Mickey grin behind me.  I took my winnings and relinquished my seat.  I cashed in at a little over $200.00 to the good, and took my tired, but excited, woman to our room.


Our excitement of the day transferred into our lovemaking that night.  Mickey was insatiable, climaxing several times from my fingers and tongue before I ever entered her.  She was so hot that we both climaxed shortly after I slid into her pussy.  By then she was so exhausted that she slipped into a deep slumber as soon as I pulled out.  I pulled the covers over us, and after snuggling up beside her, joined her in a dreamless sleep.


I opened my eyes the next morning to look at the still sleeping form next to me.  The cover had been kicked off, revealing her beautiful body.  I gazed at her soft curves as she lay on her side, her breasts rising and falling with each breath she took.  I still could not comprehend that this lovely woman would want to stay with me, but I thanked my lucky stars that she did.  Looking closer, I noticed several very light, thin lines at the top of her thighs and up along the bottom of her butt.  I vowed to ask about them sometime, but for now I eased out of the bed so as not to wake her.  She moved just a bit but then settled back into slumber.


I called down to room service, and then jumped into the shower.  I finished quickly since I didn’t have another body to work on, and then got out to awaken Mickey.  She gave me a quick kiss and a smile, thanking me for the night before, and then headed for the shower.


There was a knock at the door signaling our breakfast.  As the young man wheeled the cart in, Mickey came out of the bathroom in nothing but a smile.  She stopped mid-stride, so shocked that it took a second for her to react and cover herself.  The bellhop was standing there openmouthed.  Mickey broke the standoff by taking the towel from her hair and covering herself.  The bellhop turned beet red and quickly took his tip and left.  Mickey was giggling when I turned around. 


“Talk about bad timing!  I didn’t know you had ordered breakfast.”


“Yeah, but you can be assured that if we order room service, there will be a fight to see who gets to deliver it, in hopes of a repeat performance.”


“God.  I am so embarrassed!  What if I see him in the hallway or something?”


“Don’t worry Mickey.  They see all kinds of things, but I'm sure you made his day.  I know you make mine.”


“You are so sweet.”  She came over and gave me a kiss.  “Now what’s for breakfast?”


While we ate, we discussed the day’s agenda.  Mickey looked at the guide that was published by the Chamber of Commerce that showed the sights in and around the city.  A trip to the local candy factory was a must, then some shopping at the shops along the strip, and finally dinner at Emeril’s. 


We dressed, taking time to tease, tickle, and fondle each other, then headed out to start the day’s adventure.


The tour at the candy factory had one highlight -- the enrobing machine that had a curtain of chocolate through which the centers passed through.  Mickey commented that she wished we could come back after hours and she could pass under it and then have me eat all the chocolate from her body. 


The walk through the shops turned into an event that took most of the rest of the day.   Mickey went into almost every shop and looked through their entire inventory, commenting on the styles and the prices.  Even though I wasn’t really interested in the merchandise, I enjoyed watching her enthusiasm as she checked everything.  She wasn’t buying anything.  After I reminded her that we were going to dinner and she needed a nice dress, she got down to some serious power shopping. 


She said she wanted to surprise me and asked if she could look for something on her own.  I handed her a credit card that I had already set up for her signature. With a quick kiss she was off.


I wandered back toward the hotel, stopping in at a jewelry store.  Spotting what I wanted, I talked to the gold smith and was assured that what I wanted would be ready in about an hour.  I stopped into a coffee shop to pass the time.  After I picked up my purchase, I headed back to the room to get a little writing done and to get ready.


6:00 P.M. found me in a lounge at the hotel awaiting the grand unveiling.  Mickey had come in carrying her purchases.  She was talking about all the wonderful shops she had seen and what she had found.  One shop had really caught her fancy.  Called Sephora, it was a woman’s dream for make-up and body products.  Being male, the descriptions of bath oils, eye shadows, and foundations were completely foreign to me.  But the enthusiasm that she displayed convinced me that it was very important.  I had already finished my shower and shave, so I dressed and told her where to meet me when she was ready.  


The conversation around me slowed to a few whispers so I looked up.  There was Mickey, standing in the entrance, wearing a deep blue dress that came to mid calf.  The slit on the side revealed her very sexy legs almost to her hip with each step.  The top was cut to show the cleavage of her breasts.  With her hair swept back into an elegant bun, she looked like a model fresh from the runway.


She spotted me at my table and started toward me.  I noticed that every male head turned as she passed.  Then I saw her glance to the side and a small smile formed on her lips.  She was attracting attention and she was basking in it.  I stood when she got closer, and as soon as she got to me, she reached out for my hands.


“Mickey, you are absolutely stunning.”


She blushed a bit.  “Thanks.  I hoped you would like it.”  Then she took a quick glance over her shoulder.  “Seems like the rest of the guys in here do as well.”


“Yeah, they are just wishing they were me.”


Mickey gave a low nervous giggle. I slipped my jacket on and she laid her arm on mine as we headed out the door.


Dinner was all you could expect from a restaurant of that caliber.  As we were finishing our desserts, Mickey looked up from hers to catch me watching her.  “What?” she asked.


“Have I told you how beautiful you are and how much I love you?”


“Yes you have, but I don’t mind hearing it again.” 


I reached into my pocket and felt the small box I had put there earlier.  “Ahhh.  Before I forget it again, I got a little something that will go with your outfit.” 


I placed the small black velvet box on the table between us.  She picked it up gingerly, as if it was going to suddenly collapse and disappear.  She opened the lid and gasped in surprise.  Inside was a gold heart, its edges sparkling with the red fire of small rubies. She turned it over and saw “For Mickey, Love, Dave.” inscribed in the back.  Tears sprang up as her eyes went from the box, to me, and back.


“Dave, nobody has ever given me anything like this before.  It’s so beautiful.”


“Mickey, you have done so much for me.  You have given me a reason for living, not just existing.  You made me want to enjoy life, as long as that life is with you.”


“Thank you Dave.  You know I love you.”


“I love you too, Honey.  Now are you going to put it on?”


She pulled it out of the box and I came around to fasten it behind her neck.  It nestled just at the top of her breasts.  Her hand went over it feeling the weight and the coolness of the metal.  I gave her a kiss and returned to my own seat.


I settled the bill and came around to hold her chair.    We wandered back along the strip, stepping into the various casinos just to look around and possibly even dropping a few bucks into the machines.  We made it back to the hotel and decided to stop in the lounge for one more drink before we went to our room.  We placed our order and Mickey headed for the ladies' lounge to freshen up. 


I took a couple of seats at the end of the bar and sat sipping my scotch when a girl walked up beside me.  She must have thought I was alone since she started to flirt with me immediately.  I was trying to be polite since she was obliviously drunk.  I tried to explain that I was with someone, but she just wouldn’t leave.  I had picked up our drinks and started to move away with her following, when I spotted Mickey walking towards us.  Walking up to me she reached out to my left hand where she retrieved her drink.  I could almost see the fire in her eyes. The other woman got a look at Mickey and blurted out, “Well, if it isn’t little mousy Michelle.  You finally figured out that there is an opposite sex or are you still the perfect little virgin?”


Mickey’s voice was low but the anger was plainly showing.  “And you’re still wearing the sign around your neck that says ‘Hi, I’m Candice.  Come fuck me’ aren’t you?”  Mickey’s face was turning red. “You were nothing but a low class street whore who spread her legs for a dollar and opened her mouth for half that.”


She turned to look at me.  “Dave, I want you to meet the biggest slut who ever came out of Amarillo.”  Mickey turned back to the shocked woman.  “Just how many abortions did your daddy have to pay for?  Was it 3?  Or maybe 4?  Not to mention, they kept an open prescription for antibiotics for your diseases.” 


Mickey got very close to the other woman’s face.  “If you so much as even think about touching my husband, I’ll beat the living shit out of you.   You got that bitch?”


We set our drinks down and walked out, leaving Candice standing in the middle of the floor with her mouth open.   Once in the room, Mickey collapsed on the couch.  I finally got over my shock and started to chuckle.  She looked at me with anger still evident in her eyes.


“Honey, I have never seen that side of you.  I was just hoping you could see I was trying to get away, but I never thought you would tear into someone like that.”


She thought about it for a minute then smiled back.  “I didn’t think I could do that either.  I guess it was because I was so mad.  I saw that girl and I had a flashback to when I was a junior in high school.  A guy I liked finally asked me out to the prom.  I was so excited, but Candice came along and stole him away.  I caught them behind the cafeteria with his dick in her mouth.  She lorded it over me until we graduated.”


“I think you finally got your say, my dear.”  I pulled her to my arms.  “You outshine that bimbo by a mile sweetheart.  You have shown that to me many times over -- even if you did claim me as your husband.”


She pulled her head back from where it had been resting on my chest.  “Oh God!  I didn’t, did I?  I’m sorry.  I mean, I was mad and… it just slipped out… and…”


I gave her a kiss to slow her down.  “I am not upset, and maybe someday soon ...”  She put a finger to my lips.  She just pulled me into the bedroom and pushed me toward the bed while she moved to the bathroom.


When she returned, she stood shyly at the foot of the bed.  The outfit was a definite change from the normal oversized t-shirt that she usually wore.  Made from forest green silk, it consisted of a camisole top and matching tap pants.  The color contrasted wonderfully with her skin, and the cut of the pants made her legs look like they went on forever.  I could see that she was expecting me to say something, but the only word I could think of was, “Beautiful.”


She relaxed a bit and walked to the side of the bed.  “You didn’t mind me buying something like this just to sleep in?”


“Of course not, honey.  Why would you worry about that?”


“I haven't had anything special for sleeping since I was a little girl.  They had some really nice stuff in the shop where I got this.  They had some underwear that I hadn't even heard of -- a lot more daring than what I have.”


I had not thought about it before, but it was true.  All of her bras and panties were pretty conservative, all cotton and modest cut.  “Do you like the way this feels on you?”


“Yeah.  It makes me feel sexier.  More womanly, I guess.”


“Then how about tomorrow you and I make the trip back to this shop and get you some of the things you really like.”


She bent down to give me a hug.  I grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed with me covering her face with kisses.  The silk felt wonderful on my hands and body as I pulled her closer.  The softness seemed to excite her as well as she started moaning and moving around almost as soon as I touched her.  But it had been a long, and for her, emotional day.  I was determined to let her know how much she was loved and appreciated.


We spent a long time just holding and cuddling.  Words of love and affection were given and received.  Eventually, we reached a point where the touching became more sexual.  I started with her face and neck, planting little kisses and nips all around.  Moving lower, I painted her skin with my lips just to where her breasts were covered by the silk.  My hands had not been idle, tracing intricate patterns along her back and sides.


Asking her to remove her new garments, I had her lay on the bed face down.  I grabbed some lotion and started to massage her entire body.  Starting from her neck, I worked down her spine kneading any tension away.  Her arms were next, as I was relished the feel of her skin.  I jumped past her deliciously firm ass and started on her feet.  Taking the time to rub and massage each of her toes.  When I got to her big toes, I discovered something delightful.  As soon as I touched them, Mickey shuddered and groaned in passion.  It was like a direct line to her pussy.  I filed that away for future reference.


I continued, working on her calves and the backs of her knees.  This elicited another moan and sigh.  As I started up her thighs, she spread her legs out to give me access.  Her pussy was damp and the lips were swollen.  Her clit was starting to peek out from her folds.  By the time I reached her delectable ass, her pelvis was rocking with involuntary movements.


She was starting to moan with her pent up need.  Before I could ask her to roll over, she lifted her butt up a bit.  “Just take me like this.  I want to feel you in me now.  I want to feel you against my back as you fill me up.”


I paused long enough to slip a pillow under her, raising her enough that her pussy was accessible.  I found her so wet that I could just slide in.  When I felt my cock finally buried to the hilt, Mickey shuddered. 


“Hold my arms down and fuck me.” 


Thinking she was wanted to be a bit submissive, I grasped her wrists behind her back, holding her just tight enough for her to feel it.  This seemed to bring her to the brink and as I started pushing into her, she started shaking in orgasm.  The muscles in her pussy were pulsing and milking me.  This took me over the edge and I felt my seed rush out of my cock and splash against her womb.


What started out as a slow sensual massage had become so passionate that it left both of us exhausted.  I moved off of her and rolled her to where her back was against me.  I brought my left arm around her, pulling her tight against me.  “I love you, Mickey.” 


“I love you too,” was the mumbled reply as she placed my hand over her breast and snuggled down for a well-deserved sleep.


The previous day had tired us out, so we slept in quite late.  I was lying on my back with Mickey snuggled into my right side.  I was basking in the feel of her body against mine.  This woman was quite a puzzle at times.  She would show flashes of open sexuality, but was unschooled in so many things sexual the next.  I wanted to know more about her past, but was willing to wait to find out.  One thing was for sure, I was madly in love with this woman.   It wasn’t just the sex.  Her whole being drew me to her.  I would almost melt when she gave me that smile that seemed to be reserved just for me.


I was drawn from my thoughts when I felt Mickey move.  I glanced down to see her deep blue eyes looking at me.  “Morning, Honey.  Did you sleep well?”


“Hmmmm.  Like a baby,” she said as she stretched.  “That was so good.  I was so relaxed and then I got so turned on, I couldn’t believe it.  And you make it so special for me.”


“You do the same for me, you know.”  With that I kissed her, and then rolled out of the bed.  “Want to share a shower?”


She immediately agreed and we were soon enjoying the feel of our soapy bodies rubbing against each other.  Neither one of us was horny, but just enjoyed the sensual feel of skin against skin.  I washed her hair for her, massaging her scalp in the process.  She had never experienced that before and demanded to return the favor.  We finally got out and dried each other off.  She then shooed me out to get dressed, saying that she would meet me downstairs.


I went down to the Studio Cafe restaurant and ordered a cup of coffee.  When the waiter brought it over, I ordered breakfast since Mickey had already told me what she wanted.  She appeared a few minutes later.  I asked if she was all right, and she explained that she had started her period.    I asked if she still felt like shopping to which I got a resounding yes.


I signed the tab, and we stepped out into the sunlight.  Mickey led me to the shop where she had been yesterday.  The salesgirl recognized Mickey and warmly greeted her.  “Did you enjoy the cami set?”


Mickey blushed and said she did, very much in fact.  The two then started talking like old friends, pausing only when they realized I was still standing there.  When I told them I was just there to carry the bags and supply the plastic, they started through the racks.  I was asked my opinion on a few things, but other than that it was like watching twin whirlwinds.


When finished, Mickey had a complete wardrobe of undergarments -- everything from the practical to the next-to-nothing.  She had even convinced me to get a few pairs of silk boxers and some lounge pants.


We had lunch at a small deli then headed back to the room.  Mickey was feeling a little tired so we took a nap. 


It was early evening when I awoke.  I roused Mickey and we decided to have room service, and then take in the late night show at Bally’s.  Dinner was delicious and we dressed casually for the show.  Rather than fight the crowd on the strip, we boarded the monorail for the trip to Bally’s.


We got a good location to see the entire show and settled down.  The house lights dimmed and the show began.  This was one of the full-blown Vegas shows with all the costumes, but since it was the late show, it was topless.  I was surprised, but Mickey was fascinated.  The costumes were beautiful, glitzy and full of color.  Their movements were perfect and it made for a fine show.  On the way back, Mickey was bubbling with all the details that she had seen.  It fascinated her that the women in the show could be so casual with being topless.  When I told her that they even made up their breasts to highlight their nipples, she decided that she wanted to try that herself.  We changed for bed, dressed in the finery that Mickey had picked out earlier that day.  We held each other as we fell asleep.


The next morning, we were sitting in the restaurant finishing breakfast, when Mickey got a little quiet.  I asked what was wrong.


“Dave, I have really enjoyed our stay here, but I am starting to miss home.”


The world started closing in on me.  I felt the pit of my stomach open up and attempt to swallow my whole being.  She must have seen my fallen expression for she reached over and grabbed my hand.


“Dave, I don’t mean it like it sounded.  I meant OUR home.  I miss the coach and being together, just the two of us.  I think of that as my home now.”


I went from one extreme to another.  From despair to elation in seconds.  The thought that she considered the coach her home now gave me a feeling that was impossible to describe.  She must truly be happy to think that way.  I gave her a smile in return and squeezed her hand.


“If your are ready to go back to OUR home, let's get packed and then check out.  We will be back there as soon as you get ready.” 


We were soon checked out and in a cab heading back to the bus. The ride out was just as harrowing and in short order we were standing next to our home on wheels.  While the diesel was warming, I did a quick check on all the systems.  I was filled the water tanks and dumped the waste.  While I was doing this, Mickey used the cell phone to contact her parents.  I spent more time at my task than necessary to give her some privacy. 


When I finally came inside, I found Mickey bent over holding the phone in both hands.  When she raised her head, there were tears in her eyes.  “Dave, I need to get back to my parents' house.  It’s my sister.”


~~~~~~~~FINIS ~~~~~~~


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