I pulled out of the station as Michelle took her bags to the bedroom in the back.  I could hear her humming some tune I didn’t recognize.  It was nice to have another presence in the coach.  Since the death of my wife, I had been alone traveling the country.  Now I had a passenger, but Michelle was more than just a passenger. She was my companion and my lover. The night before we had been lying together after a long bout of lovemaking and Michelle had told me a little about her life.


Her parents had been really strict.  She hadn’t been allowed to date until she was 17.  After graduating, she went to the local community college.  She had moved into Pagosa Springs a year before with her boyfriend and had taken a job at the café.  A few months later she had come home and found the place empty.  Her boyfriend had taken all they had.  With no money and not wanting to give her parents the satisfaction of having to bail her out, she stayed and tried to save up enough to be able to leave.


She had met Nigel. They dated quite often for a few months.  He seemed arrogant, but was nice enough to her.  She finally trusted him enough to go skiing with him, and he left her up on the mountain on her own. She had her fill of the young guys around the area.  At first she wasn’t sure of me, but decided that I wasn’t like any other man she had known.  I gave her hope that she could catch her dreams.  That is why she asked to come along with me.


At the junction of the highway it was time for a decision.  Going left would take us into New Mexico where Michelle could probably stay and continue her life- find a job, a place to live, and perhaps even a person who would love and commit to her.  To the right would be the unknown; many questions and problems would come up.  My previously ordered – if lonely - life would be disrupted.  True, Michelle could find a job and life anywhere along the way and I would be back to where I was except I would miss her more than I wanted to admit.  I was starting to realize this more and more.  If I could have been honest with myself, I would confirm in my head what my heart was already telling me.  I was falling for this young woman.


I made a right onto highway 160 and headed northwest.  There was an old town called Durango that I wanted to see and I thought Michelle would find interesting.  I was hoping that the biggest attraction in town was not shut down for the season.


The supercharged diesel labored as we moved along the winding road.  The scenery was magnificent.  The newly fallen snow tipped the firs and pines giving them a surreal appearance. The road was dry and we tooled along with no worries.  For the first time in quite a while, I was enjoying myself.


Michelle came back up front and sat on the step that led to the living area.  She was looking at the scenery, and I was stealing glances at her.  She was a beautiful woman; about five and a half feet tall, but with a petite build; more athletic than curvy.  The sun shining in from the windshield showed on her wavy brown hair like a halo bringing the auburn that was there in highlight.


She looked at her watch and saw that it was mid afternoon.  With the sun blazing in upon us, she realized that we were heading west, not in the direction she expected.  She cast a questioning glance at me.


“We’re taking a detour.  You didn’t seem to care where we headed out to, so I thought we would see what Durango was like.”


I could see her eyes light up.  “Durango?  I wonder if the train is still running.  I would love to see it.”


“Well it is kind of late in the season, but we’ll see when we get there.  In the meantime, would you get a Pepsi for this poor dehydrated old man?”


She playfully slapped me on the shoulder.  “You are not an old man.  You proved that to me before.”  As she stood up and turned, I was treated to a view of the most perfect butt ever to be encased in a pair of skintight jeans.  Between that and the memories of our previous time together, it caused a stirring in my jeans.  Cursing about my inability to take advantage of it right now, I concentrated on my driving instead.


It was just before 4:00 when we pulled into the town.  The sun had slid behind the surrounding mountains, casting a premature darkness and highlighting the streetlights that could be seen from the edge of town.  I stopped at the depot first and found out that the normal trains were still running.  Michelle told me she wanted to watch as they pulled the engine in for the night.  As she closed the door, I talked to the woman behind the counter and made some arrangements.  I thanked her and went out to Michelle.  We talked to the engineer and fireman for a few minutes then headed out.


On the way back to the coach, Michelle asked if we could go on the train tomorrow.  I just smiled and said “Maybe.”  She gave me a playful punch on the arm then slid up under my shoulder, wrapping her arm around me.


I got back aboard the bus and backed it into their empty parking lot.  We had permission to park there overnight.  I got the generator fired up and leveled the coach for the night.  Coming back in I dropped onto the sofa that was opposite the galley.  Michelle was busy looking through the cupboards.  “Do you have any rosemary in here?” she asked.  “I need it for the chicken.”


“Probably not.  My cooking tends to be simple.  How about we try the café up the street tonight and you can make a list of what we need later.”


“But I was going to start doing my part around here.  I’m a good cook and I wanted to repay you for bringing me along.”


I pulled her over onto my lap.  Taking her hands in mine I gave her a quick kiss.  “Michelle, you are paying your way just by being here. And I don’t mean by giving me the greatest sex I have ever had.  Before you showed up knocking on the door of the bus, I was just moving from one point to another.  I wasn’t really enjoying things around me.  I guess I was just surviving.  Now I feel like I am alive again, and that is your doing.”


She gave me a kiss.  “Dave, I still want to pull my weight.  I don’t think I could ever drive this monster, but I can make sure you eat well.  I saw all the ready to heat dinners in there.”


I laughed and helped her up.  Once she was standing, I gave her a swat on the butt.  “You can play kitchen wench tomorrow, but for tonight you have a reprieve.  Grab a coat and we’ll go and eat.”


“Kitchen wench huh?” she tried to sound insulted, but the sparkle of her eyes gave her away.  Grabbing her coat, we secured the bus and headed up the street.


Dinner was excellent.  It was a Mom and Pop operation and the food was all you could want.  They seemed in no hurry to close up and came over to sit with us while we had coffee.  They told us all about the gossip around the town.  Despite the tourism that drove the economy, the town still had the feel of a typical small community with everyone knowing each other.  We stayed just awhile longer, then bade them a good night, promising to come back tomorrow.


As we walked back to the coach hand in hand.  Michelle looked up at me.  “The lady in the café stopped me on the way out of the bathroom and asked me if I enjoyed traveling with my father.”


I chuckled a bit.  “Sweetie, if you stay with me you may get that more and more.”  Then I got serious.  “Does it bother you, the difference in our ages I mean?”


She shrugged.  “I hadn’t noticed until she mentioned it.  All I see is a very caring, smart and sexy man.  Years don’t make that much difference.”  We started moving again.  “I don’t care what other’s think, as long as we are happy.”


I put my arm around her waist and we walked back to the bus in a friendly silence.  We piled in and I pressed the lock on the door.  As I made my way to the back I checked that the heater was set for the night and opened the door to the bedroom.  Michelle was bent over slightly removing her panties.  Her rounded breasts pointed down but were not so large that they had more than a little sway.  Her nipples were distended probably from the sudden exposure to the cool air.  Her beautiful full cheeks were on display as well the soft appearance hiding the strong muscles within.  My cock immediately started to fill and expand.


I stepped up and caressed those cheeks with the flat of my hand.  She let her panties fall to the floor as she turned and embraced me, her mouth finding mine and giving me a passionate kiss.  With her lips locked on mine, she ran her hands up under my shirt touching my back.  Breaking the kiss she started to rapidly remove my clothing, kissing the exposed flesh.  She sucked on both of my nipples sending shock waves throughout my chest and down to my cock, which was now fully hard.  She ran a trail with her tongue down my body until she encountered my belt.  She used the time while unbuckling my pants by running her tongue from one side to the other causing contractions in my stomach muscles and a low moan to escape my lips.


As my pants and boxers dropped to the floor, she inhaled my cock.  Before she took her time, now she seemed to be in a hurry.  After feeling her head bob a few times down the length of my shaft, I helped her up to where I could give her a kiss.  She moaned into my mouth as my hands worked their way down her back and cupped her ass.


I moved her to the edge of the bed and put her down on it.  I started to give some attention to her breasts, but she was too worked up for any type of foreplay.  “I’ve spent most of the day thinking about how we made love for the first time, and the times after.  I have had all the foreplay I could stand.  Please just move up and fuck me.”


Not one to refuse a lady, I moved between her legs.  I could feel the tension quivering in her thighs as I brushed past them.  I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit, separating the inner lips and spreading her nectar.  I moved back down until I got to her opening and pushed.  The head of my cock slid in, and I marveled at the feeling of being engulfed within her velvety walls.  She groaned as I slid in until our pubic bones met.  I could feel her moistness leak on my balls.  I slid almost all the way out then back in with more force.  At her urging, each stroke came quicker and harder.  She pulled her legs out and back toward her chest making her pussy even tighter.  I could see the muscles in her tummy start to flutter as she started to orgasm.  Her body tightened and I felt the contractions as she rode the crest.


This was the most passionate woman I had ever been with.  My wife had been just a little more than indifferent to sex throughout our marriage.  I continued to be fascinated by Michelle’s reactions.  As she came, her face would contort into an almost pained expression, her nipples were hard and her entire chest was flushed.  She would hold this poseas she hovered on the edge.  Then her pussy would contract first, rapidly followed by spasms throughout her body.  She did not scream, but her moans and guttural sounds that came out in her throaty voice were extremely arousing.


I had slowed as I watched her in the throes of passion and as she started coming down, I started pumping in again at a little slower pace.  This brought her back up toward the top of the wave again.  Just as she started her second orgasm, I went with her.  I felt the semen rushing through my cock to fill her up.  We pushed hard against each other trying to fill her with everything I had.


As I collapsed onto my elbows, she stretched her shaky legs out beside mine.  “Mickey that was fantastic.  I have never seen anyone have an orgasm like that.”


“I don’t think I’ve had one like that either.  Mickey huh?  I like that.”


I kissed her on the nose.  “It fits you.”  I moved over her to where her nipples were rubbing on my chest.  “I am so glad that you are here.  You have made my life mean so much more.”


I could see her brown eyes brimming with tears.  “You really mean that?”  She was biting her lower lip, a little bit uncertain.


I caressed her cheek with my fingertips.  “Yes my Mickey, I am very glad.  We may have been together a week, but you have become very important to me.”


She reached up and hugged me hard.  I could feel the wetness on my cheek.  “Thank you Dave.  You can’t imagine how much that means to me.”


I held her for a while longer, then gently pried her arms loose.  She looked at me.  “We should get under the covers to continue this.”


She giggled a little and then stood and pulled the covers back.  She slid in first with me following so we were lying face to face.  We whispered to each other until we both felt sleepy.  I reached up and set the alarm clock then turned off the lights.  We were both asleep within moments.


I awoke up to the buzz of the alarm getting louder.  I reached over and shut the irritating sound off.  I was snuggled up to Mickey spoon fashion; my hand around her waist and my cock nestled between the globes of her firm ass.  I tried to move slowly trying not to wake her, but she stirred and turned to look at me.


“Morning babe.  Time to get up.”


She smiled, but I could tell she was not fully functional.  I went to the lavatory and performed my morning ritual.  The water heater was working fine, and I got a quick shower.  By the time I got out, Mickey had made it to the edge of the bed.  “Your turn, I’ll get the coffee started.”


“Dave, why are we up so early?”


“The train leaves at 8:00 and we don’t want to be late.  So move those cute little buns”


She groaned but got up and moved into the lavatory.  The coffee was done when she came out wearing just a robe and a smile.  We had a quick cup of coffee and then I went back to dress while Mickey cleaned up.  It was just after 7:30 when I heard the first fiery breaths of Locomotive 482 as she came to life.  The steam was just starting to get enough pressure for the grand old lady to start singing.  Mickey quickly dressed and we walked across the lot to the roundhouse.


We arrived just in time to see the engineer, Mac, start to step up into the cab.  He waved us both over and he helped Mickey into the cab. She had worn a black mid-thigh skirt and a sweater, and I enjoyed the view of her light blue bikini panties as she climbed up the ladder. I hung on the outside as Mac blew the whistle, and then eased the throttle forward.  We could feel a shudder as the 143 tons of fully loaded locomotive started to move.  The pistons slowly transferring power to the drive wheels as she moved out into the yard.  He pulled up past the switch then backed onto a siding where the cars for the trip were.  As they were coupling the cars, we moved back into the first car.  Since there were no other passengers on the way up, we had the car to ourselves.


I stepped back out and talked to the conductor.   I told him of the arrangements I had made last night and he told me it had been taken care of.  I thanked him and climbed back in to find Michelle.


She had taken a seat near the center of the car by a window.  Her eyes were shinning as she took in all the restoration work that had been done.  Her smile told me just how happy and excited she was.  I reached down and she took my hand as she looked at me with a question on her eyes.


“Come on, we still have to check in you know.  Then you get your surprise.”  We climbed down the ladder and went to the depot office.  The lady behind the counter recognized me immediately.


“Mr. Robbins, the arrangements are ready.  Your car is the last on the train.  You may wait on the dock.”  She pointed to the direction we were to go.  We stood there watching the other passengers moving around.  The train looked to be almost full.  We heard a whistle blow then we saw the grand lady in her full glory moving stately out of the yard and up to the platform.


People were lining up according to the car they were assigned to.  Michelle noticed that we were the only 2 for the last car.  She was about to ask me about it when a porter came out of the car and introduced himself as Alan.  He took Michelle’s hand and led her to the door of the railcar.  She gasped as she looked in.


Furnished in the Victorian style, the seats were padded velvet, done in the reds, greens, and blues of the period. The elegance was something that you do not see in modern day furnishings.  A man in a white coat ,who said his name was Charles, was standing at the rear of the car.  Michelle was visibly shaking as she stepped in.  She looked at me, her eyes wide.


“When I checked last night they were not sure if they would be able to get us on the regular train.  I found out that they have cars for hire, so I rented it.  This is the Cinco Animas and it was built in 1883.  Normally it is used for parties of 25 but I convinced them that we could have it for ourselves.”


She grabbed me into a big hug and started kissing me passionately.  Realizing that both Alan and Charles were trying not to look, she stepped back blushing.  She sat on one of the couches, straightening her dress.


We heard the whistle then the car gave a small lurch.  We were sitting together waving at the people alongside that were there to see the train off.  Soon after pulling out, Charles served us a light breakfast of Mimosa and pastries.  He was very attentive -- keeping the glasses filled and getting anything we wanted.  We held hands as we watched the scenery go floating by.  We marveled at the panorama of the high line, and the sheer walls of the canyons. At times it seemed that the tracks were hanging on the sides of the cliff.  When the train slowed to a halt at the Needleton tank for water, Michelle darted for the bathroom.  I asked why she waited that long and she said she didn’t want to miss anything. 


Three and half hours later the 45-mile trip ended in Silverton, a small mining town from the 1870’s that had been rebuilt for the tourists.  As Alan helped her off the platform of the car, I saw a wicked sparkle in her eyes.  That was the same sparkle that meant she was very aroused.  Walking up Main Street, she whispered, “I can’t believe how the vibrations of the train affected me.  I’m so damned horny, I can’t believe it.”  I just grinned and pulled her a little tighter to me.


 Michelle looked through the little shops, but refused to buy anything.  When I asked, she said she was saving her money.  I assured her that I did not mind buying anything she wanted, but the only thing that caught her eye was a cast pewter thimble with a picture of the train on it and I bought it for her.  She also had used my digital camera, filling up all of the memory cards for it, so I bought a couple more.


It was time to head back to the station, and we boarded the train.  I told Charles for the return trip that we would want some privacy.  He just smiled and assured me that he would stay in the back of the coach until called for.  Michelle was sitting on the couch looking out and waving at people as they passed the car.  Feeling frisky, I gave her a kiss and slid down to the carpeted floor.


Michelle stared as I slid my hands up along the outside of her thighs.  “Dave?  You can’t do that here.”


“You just watch out the window Mickey.  Nobody will know the difference.”  I slid my hands up they were caressing her hips.  She moaned, but was trying to keep a straight face looking out and smiling.  Moving her skirt up to her hips, I started running my hands on her thighs, up the outside then back down the inside.  I started running my tongue back and forth leaving a trail across both thighs as I moved closer to her panties.  I could smell her arousal as I made my way up.  I slid the crotch to the side exposing one of her outer lips.  I sucked on it as her moans became deeper and more intense. 


No longer able to hold her concentration, she turned her face from the window, moving so that her body was easier to access with my tongue.  Mickey unzipped her skirt and raised her hips so I could drop it and her panties on the floor.  Then I got down to some serious pussy eating.  I moved my tongue along the line where her legs met her body, giving her little shocks.  Then I started running my tongue alone each outer lip, down to her opening then up between until I touched her clit.  Then I would repeat the same pattern on the other side.  Her juices were flowing freely now so I started licking it from its source.  I could feel her legs tense and her moans were becoming more frequent. As the train shuddered when it pulled out, I pushed two fingers into her opening and bent them, searching for her g-spot.  I could tell when I found it by the change in Michelle’s voice.  By this time I knew she was almost over the edge, so I sucked her clit between my lips and ran my tongue rapidly over and around it.


Her orgasm was fantastic, especially since she was trying to be quiet.  Her body was trembling and shaking.  I tried to prolong her orgasm as long as I could and when she finally came down, she was panting and still moving from the aftershocks.


She finally came back to Earth her feeble movements motioning me to come closer.  I leaned towards her and she brought her arms around my neck.  “Thank you.” 


I kissed her and said, “You’re welcome.”


“But I am too worn out to do anything for you.”


“Mickey, this is not a contest.  We’re not keeping score.  I love to watch you cum.”  I kissed her again.  “Besides you’ll have a chance to do the same for me someday.”


I did get her to rise up enough to slip her skirt on.  Her panties I slipped in my pocket.  I did get her up on the couch in a more respectable position.  At my call, Charles immediately appeared with some champagne.  “I thought Madame could use something to drink.” I said as I took the flute from his tray and handed it to her.  She could see Charles discreetly sniff the air and she turned a lovely shade of red.  He gave a small smile and went back to the rear of the car.


Michelle was very tired from the day’s activities.  She leaned against me and snoozed for the remainder of the trip, while I looked at the scenery and thought about the sexy bundle of joy that was snoring softly against my side.


I roused her as we passed the town of Hermosa, giving her time to get herself together.  By the time we pulled in, she had her clothes straightened and her hair back in place.  As we were getting off, Michelle turned to Charles.  “Umm.  I apologize about…  If we… I mean…”


“Think nothing of it ma’am.  It has happened before.  I am just glad you enjoyed your journey.”


Still red, she just nodded and then stepped down beside me.  We walked hand-in-hand to the same diner from the night before.  We ate a quick meal still holding hands.  The owner’s wife was looking at us strangely, so Michelle decided to set her straight when she came over to the table. 


Still holding my hand, Michelle told her, “You asked me yesterday about traveling with my father.  Dave here isn’t my father.  He is my friend and lover.  Our ages don’t make any difference because when I look at him I don’t see his age, but what a wonderful person he is.”


The poor woman apologized.  “-I didn’t mean anything.  Honest.”


Michelle smiled at her.  “I know you didn’t, and I didn’t answer since I had never thought about it.  I never saw the difference.  But you were so nice I wanted to tell you the truth.”


“It wasn’t necessary, but thank you.”


We paid our bill and went back to the bus.  We were both tired so we just stripped and crawled into bed.  I was on my back with Mickey curled up against my side.  She gave me a kiss and with a sleepy “g’nite” she settled down on my chest.  We were both out within a few minutes.


The next morning I woke up to the sound of a train whistle.  I was underneath 5’-6” of very sexy, but also very asleep woman.  I got myself out from under her and made my way to the bathroom.  The smell of coffee roused my bedmate and she stumbled to the front of the coach naked.  She sat down and I handed her a cup of coffee.  As she woke up, I sipped my second cup, looking at a roadmap.


“What you looking at, babe?” She looked over at the atlas.


“Just figuring where to go to next.  Any preferences?  I was thinking of Las Vegas.”


“Mmmmm.  That sounds good. Could we stop and see the Grand Canyon on the way?”


“Sure.  Anything you want to see just say so.  Being with you as you discover something new makes me see it in a new light too.”


She gave me a light kiss.  She headed back to get cleaned up and dressed.  I finished my coffee and as soon as she came out, I got the coach ready to move.  Michelle stowed everything away and I warmed up the diesel.  We pulled out of Durango heading towards the Grand Canyon.


With me in the driver’s seat, my companion and lover on the seat behind me on the sofa, we settled in for the first leg of the trip.  We had made some memories during our train trip, but I was looking forward to the next adventure.  With someone like Michelle, I knew it would be interesting. 


~~~<<< FINIS >>>~~~


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