(So Adios to Amarillo,)

Hello New Orleans



The author wishes to thank my friend Stephanie/Harvestmoon for  her help in the research of the location of this story.  Without her, the city of New Orleans would not come alive here.


Authors Note: This is the sixth story in a series using the same main characters. The others in order are: Wolf Creek Pass, Silverton, Canyon Trilogy, Las Vegas Nights and Amarillo by Morning. I suggest you read the previous stories for background of these characters.



What a long day. From utter despair of having to go back to my parents to relief when my sister and her boyfriend ‘rescued’ me and even found me a new place to live.

Michelle -- No, she asked me to call her Mickey now -- and I had always been close. We would comfort each other when our father would discipline one of us, if you can call a whipping until your butt was covered in bleeding welts discipline. She was also the one who explained what was really happening when I had my first period. All my mother would say was that I was going to have "the curse" every month and I had to stay away from boys or they would kiss me and I would become pregnant. Then she told my father who declared me a slut like my sister and forbade me from ever even talking to a boy.

Mickey took me aside and after drying my tears, told me what the real deal was. She also told me about using some of my allowance for tampons and how to take the big pads that mother would buy and dispose of them.

It became my turn to comfort her when Father caught her with a boy. After she had passed out from the beating, I didn’t dare go to her since I would have the same done to me. But as soon as she got to her door, I helped her in and comforted her. Then I cleaned her cuts and doctored them as best I could. I also brought her food since Father demanded that she could come down to eat when she got hungry.

I was so scared when she left home. She and Father had a terrible argument, and he slapped her. She went upstairs and grabbed her personal stuff and after hugging me, walked out the door. I wanted to go with her, but I was too young. I felt so alone and scared. After she left, Father refused to even allow us to speak her name. He said she had shamed the entire family and was a harlot.

I endured life as best I could. I had to go to public school since the town had no Christian school and Mother said I was too headstrong to teach at home. Father would spy on me to make sure I didn’t talk to any of the other people, especially boys. I had to wear those awful dresses and the other girls made fun of me.

The only thing that kept me sane was that Mickey would call late on Saturday night. I would turn the ringer on the phone down and cover it with a pillow after everybody else would be in bed. We would talk sometimes for an hour. I know it cost her more than what she had, but she told me it was worth it to make sure I was all right.

Father caught us talking one night and he yelled at her, and then beat me for disobedience. She then took to sending letters to a friend of hers who would pass them to me at church. I missed her voice, but it was better than nothing.

Then came the night of my first date. Father was against it but finally agreed to let me go since there were others that would be there. Mother again cautioned me that boys were evil and that if I kissed one it would lead to me getting pregnant.

She was right in a way. I did end up pregnant, but not in the way she said. My date raped me and took my virginity. A few weeks later I had missed my period. I talked to the boy who had raped me and he told me to get lost. I couldn’t get in touch with Mickey, and I was at my wit’s end. I couldn’t take another beating and then ridicule from my parents so I tried to take the easy way out. Mother found me in the bathtub with deep cuts on both of my wrists and called 911. I spent a week in the hospital. Of course my parents found out about the baby, so I knew I was in for another beating at the very least.

Then Mickey shows up here with this absolutely gorgeous hunk of a man. She had met him when he rescued her from a blizzard. He is handsome, sweet, and he treats her like a queen. Too bad he is my sister’s. I want one like him.

As Dave moved the bus (Mickey called it a coach) away from my parents house and out onto the highway, I sat next to my sister on the sofa and cried in relief and probably a little fear. As bad as my home life had been, I had never been out “on my own”. It was really scary. The world is a big place and I had no idea what was out there.

Since I had left with nothing but the clothes on my back and they were Mickey’s, Dave decided that we needed to stop at a mall. I didn’t have any money, but Mickey said not to worry about it.

I had never been to a mall before. Father had deemed them “Dens of Sin” and anything that Mother could not make was purchased at the local Wal-Mart. I was excited but a little nervous at the same time. This place was huge! We parked out at the far end of the lot. Dave was going to relax while we shopped, but Mickey talked him into coming along. He grumbled a bit about becoming the community pack mule, but he was smiling so I guess he really didn’t mind.

As we stepped out of the bus Dave got between us, and held his arm out from his body so we could each grab an arm. I linked my arm through his and we strode across the lot and into the double glass doors. The smells of all kinds of food hit my senses like a wall. I had not been eating much and it smelled so good.

Mickey giggled at my reaction. I was sniffing the air and smiling. She touched Dave’s arm and said, “I think we could all use something to eat.” Since I had never tasted ‘heathen food’ as my father called it, Dave suggested that we start with pizza. “The main food group of teens and college kids” he called it, and after the first mouthful I could see why. This was definitely going on my must have list. The crust was thick and chewy and the combination of all the toppings was delicious. I ended up eating three slices before I was stuffed.


While we were eating, I looked around at all the people moving around. The girls were dressed in low-cut jeans and crop tops. The boys had baggy jeans and big shirts. Couples were walking around holding hands, or had their arms around each other’s waists. There were even couples standing in more out of the way places kissing and running their hands all over each other.

As I watched them I could feel heaviness in my chest because I had never had the chance to enjoy the love of a boy. Further down, I could feel a tingle in my pussy as I fantasized about being with a boy who loved me.

Dave must have seen me watching the couples because when Mickey left to dump the trash, he leaned over and put his hand on my forearm. He whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “Don’t worry, that will be you soon enough.” I blushed, but I was also very grateful for his touch as well as his words.

We started out hitting places that specialized in teen clothing. The jeans I had on were just a little baggy on me but the first ones Mickey picked out were so tight that you could see every curve of my legs and butt, and they rode very low on my hips. I came out of the dressing room, and Dave whistled at me. I blushed again, but decided that I had to have these pants.

Mickey asked me to pull up my shirt a bit to see how they looked. When I did Mickey looked with a critical eye. I looked down and with horror realized that the ‘Granny panties’ that Mother insisted that I wear were showing far above the top of the jeans. I shoved the hem of the shirt back down as far as I could with tears of embarrassment forming in my eyes.

Mickey quickly gave me a hug and told me to hurry and change back into my other jeans. I brought them out to the counter where Mickey had 3 other pairs and shirts to match! Dave gave them his credit card (platinum!) and we were out the door.

Mickey walked up to a shop that had the most revealing underwear I had ever seen displayed in their front windows. Dave followed us in and found a chair near the dressing rooms. Mickey took me around showing me all kinds of different panties, some of which seemed to be nothing but strings and a bit of lace. She grabbed several different styles that she thought would fit and to my surprise, she picked up a few for herself.

We shared a dressing room and Mickey immediately popped her top off to try on the bra that she had picked out. Her breasts were firm and bounced just a little as she pulled the bra she was wearing off. I was embarrassed to see her topless, but it was as if she didn’t even think about it.

I slowly pulled my own top off revealing the bra I had borrowed from her. My own breasts were starting to swell from the pregnancy so her bra had been almost a perfect fit. When I let the cups drop, I felt my nipples crinkle in the cool air.

“Being pregnant does have some advantages,” Mickey commented with a giggle.

I blushed, but grinned back at her. She had me slip on a low cut bra made from a soft lacy material. It matched the panties that she had talked me into earlier. It fit just right, and the padded underwire gave me even more of a lift. I had never felt so sexy before. I could feel my nipples stand out more and there was a definite wetness in the panties that I had on.

We made our selections and headed out to find Dave. He teased a bit by asking Mickey since he was paying for this stuff, he should at least get a show of what she had bought for herself. She gave him a quick but passionate kiss, and promised she would show him later.

The rest of the time in the mall was a whirlwind. We must have stopped in almost every shop in the place. I even got my ears pierced since that was something else that my parents had forbidden. Dave left us for a bit to pick up a couple of things, and we finally met back at the food court loaded with bags filled with the day’s bounty. The last thing we bought were some of those giant cinnamon rolls that I had been drooling over.

We piled back in the bus and headed out. Dave drove for a while longer, pulling into a campground about sundown. Since we had all eaten at the mall, we just had sandwiches for dinner. After we cleaned up, Mickey decided that I should show off the outfits we had bought today. Dave and Mickey leaned back on the couch while I headed back to try on the clothes.

The first outfit was the jeans and a crop top that showed my belly. I also put on the thong and bra set that Mickey had talked me into. I felt the soft satin of the thong, as it pressed tight against my moist pussy lips. I felt the tingle again, but much stronger than before. The tight jeans stimulated my clit with every move I made, making me even more aroused. I checked the mirror one more time and noticed that my nipples were showing against the shirt’s material.

I walked out to smiles of approval from Mickey and whistles and claps from Dave. It made me feel so sexy to see him notice me. I had let my long hair down from its usual bun and I had to admit it made me look different.

The next outfit was a dark blue mini and a low cut blouse. I received the same reaction. Feeling just a bit naughty, I bent over to adjust the strap on one of my shoes letting the skirt slip up. I knew they could just see the bottom of my butt cheeks. It turned me on so much that I almost exploded right there.

The final outfit was not really an outfit at all, but a short sleep shirt that Mickey decided I needed. It came down to not quite mid thigh but was made of very soft cotton and would feel great to sleep in. It felt so much more comfortable than the ankle length flannel gowns that Mother insisted I wear.

With the show over, Dave and Mickey retired to the bedroom in the back of the bus. I stretched out on the couch that had been folded out to make a comfortable bed. I rolled over to try and get to sleep. As I moved my head, I caught the scent of Dave’s aftershave. This triggered memories of how sexy I felt when he would look at me, and how good his warm touch had felt on my arm.

Without thinking about it, my left hand came up to touch my right breast. The nipple hardened under my fingers and I started to rub and pinch it lightly. My other hand moved lower, caressing the skin on my tummy and then lower to find my pussy outside the satin panties I had on. My imagination was bringing up images of Dave’s hands where mine were, caressing my breasts and sliding under the satin to press his fingers into the wet folds.

I gasped as my fingers moved around my clit, the tingles getting more intense. I heard myself moan a bit and then froze as I realized they might be able to hear me. I listened intently, and heard a moan coming from the door to their room.

I looked up and saw that there was light coming from the hall where the door to their room had not closed completely. I knew I shouldn’t but I got up and crept down the hallway.

I could hear their voices whispering and sighing as I got closer. Peering in, I could see them both naked on the bed. They were kissing and holding each other. His hands were wandering down the side of her torso moving from her ribs and down around her butt. She was stroking his cock slowly up and down. It was hard and huge! When Gary had raped me, I hadn’t seen what his looked like, but it could not have been anywhere near the size of Dave’s. I tried to imagine something that big inside of me, opening me up. Just the thought made me wetter than I had ever been.


I started touching myself everywhere Dave’s hands were moving on Mickey. I felt as if I was on fire. Imagining that it was me that he was touching, I could feel myself coming closer to an orgasm. My nipples were so hard that they were beginning to hurt. My fingers were moving the lips of my pussy, spreading my juices.

As Mickey crawled over on top of Dave I slid my panties off. I pushed two fingers inside my pussy as Mickey slid down and impaled herself on his cock. The rhythm of my fingers matched hers as she rode up and down on his shaft. His hands were rubbing and tugging on her erect nipples so without thinking my other hand was under my nightshirt and I was doing the same to mine.

I felt myself going over the edge, and when Mickey moaned and bucked her pelvis against Dave, I lost it. I bit my lip to keep from getting too loud as my body started to shake. My pelvis was thrusting against my hand forcing my fingers deeper into my pussy. My juices were coating my hand and spreading across my thighs.

My legs were trembling so bad that I had to kneel down and lean against the wall. Gasping for breath, and fearful of getting caught, I crawled back to the couch. My mind kept replaying the scene I had just witnessed over and over and I ended up giving myself a couple more small orgasms before I could get to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee brewing. I opened my eyes to see Mickey sitting at the table looking over at me. I rolled over to sit up and noticed that my thighs were sticky with my juices. This brought the whole scene from last night to the forefront of my thoughts.

I slid out from under the covers, and felt the cool air touch my bare pussy. As I was trying to figure this new feeling out, Mickey held up the red satin panties that I had been wearing when I went to bed.

I tried to mumble out an apology, but Mickey just smiled. “If you really want to watch, just knock next time. I’m sure Dave wouldn’t mind.”

I felt my face turn an even deeper shade of red. I explained that I had been touching myself and stopped because I was afraid I would be heard when I had instead had heard them. I apologized to Mickey again for watching but explained that I couldn’t seem to help myself.

Instead of berating me, she shocked me even more with her next question. She just smiled again and said, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh God, Mickey. I had never been so turned on in my life. You looked so beautiful and sexy. I couldn’t believe that he was so gentle caressing you. And when you lowered yourself down on him I almost came right then.”

“Yeah, that was pretty intense for me too. I imagine your first time was not very romantic.”

“Not a bit. It hurt like hell, and he just stuck it in and pumped about five times and came in me. I didn’t feel a thing other than the pain. Then he climbed off and told me I was a rotten lay.”

Mickey then came over and sat by me. “Kait, believe me, you will find someone who will treat you right. Someone who will make you feel like I did last night.”

Then she reached around and drew me into a hug. I needed that more than I realized. I suddenly started sobbing with relief. For as long as I can remember, I had never received a hug from either of my parents. That simple act caused me to feel more loved, more wanted, than I had ever felt in my life. I knew that I would be all right with whatever I had to face in the future, because my sister would always be there for me.

I finally pulled myself together as Dave came out of the bathroom in a robe drying his hair with a towel. He smiled at me and wished me a good morning. Mickey then patted my leg and said that if I wanted a quick shower, she would show me how to work the controls.

I hurried through a quick shower, making sure I scrubbed the evidence of my night’s activities from between my legs. I was drying off when there was a knock on the door. Mickey handed me a short light pink silk robe, I ran a comb through my damp hair and stepped out.

The cooler air whipped up under the robe reminding me of my nudity. I looked down and noticed that my nipples were showing through the material. Dave looked up from his laptop as I walked by and carefully sat down opposite him.

We made small talk over coffee and the cinnamon rolls we had bought yesterday. I saw Dave’s eyes flick down more than once and when I glanced down I saw that my robe had come open just enough to show most of my breasts. I started to cover up, but decided that I kinda liked the idea that he was looking. It made me feel all warm inside that he would find me desirable.

As we finished up, Dave turned to me. “I know that we haven’t had a chance to really discuss what is happening. I know that we pulled you out from your home pretty fast yesterday, so I want to lay out what I have planned. If there is something that you don’t like, just say so.”

I nodded my head and he started to speak again. “My sister lives in New Orleans with her husband. They have a big house in one of the better districts of the city. Their kids are already gone and when I talked to her she was thrilled to have you come to live there. You see, she, too, got pregnant when she was 16, so she already has a special place in her heart for you. You won’t have to worry about having a place to stay and you can decide what you wish to do after the baby is born.

If you want to go to college, they will help you. It is a chance to be whatever you want to be. If you don’t feel comfortable with them, you can get a place on your own and they will help you until you find a job or whatever.”

I could not have been more overjoyed. I asked him if it would be alright if I hugged him. He surprised me when he hesitated. I looked at Mickey who seemed to understand why.

“Kait, the way you are dressed, I think Dave is afraid that he will have a normal reaction and scare you off.”

I looked back to Dave, and he admitted that it was true. Well I didn’t care at that moment. I knew he wouldn’t try and take advantage of me, so I went over and sat on his lap and gave him a tight hug. He returned the hug, and true to Mickey’s prediction, I felt his cock stirring to life under my bare bottom. I stayed there for just a minute more, enjoying the feeling of his hardness against my butt before I stood up. I noticed that I was breathing a little quicker than normal.

Mickey ignored it and started toward the bedroom to get dressed. I sat back down and tried to collect my thoughts. We sat there, each in our own thoughts, until Mickey came back out and I took her place to put on one of my new outfits.

We hit the road soon after that, Mickey and I sitting and talking on the couch with Dave driving. Every once in a while one of us would take him a drink and in the early afternoon I made him a sandwich. We traveled most of the day, stopping only for fuel.

It was just after dark when we pulled into a small town just inside the Louisiana border. We went into a restaurant and had a good home cooked meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy and fried okra. That was something I had never tried and I was surprised that I really liked it.


The woman that ran the place was happy to hear this and in just a moment I had a large bowl of it on the table. When I thanked her she told me that any one who enjoyed her cooking deserved all she wanted. This, I thought, is what a real mother should be like and I made a vow to myself that I would be just like that with the child I was carrying.

It was late afternoon when we pulled into the Garden District of New Orleans. The houses, actually the mansions, were beautiful. As ancient as the huge trees that surrounded them, standing stately as reminders of how old the city was. Many were decorated with beautiful swags and garlands of real greenery. As we passed one huge place, Dave told me that it belonged to Bob Dylan. I had heard his music and was really impressed.

Dave pulled the bus into a driveway just off St. Charles Avenue. I looked out at the house in wonder. Built of brick it was three stories tall and probably four times the size of the house I grew up in. The entry was guarded by huge white pillars that matched the grand scale of the rest of the house.

Out of the front door walked a lady that looked to be in her mid-thirties. She was tall with dark brown hair. Dave opened the door and stepped out as she came quickly into his waiting arms. Mickey and I stepped out and Dave introduced us to his sister, Mrs. Caroline Washburn.

She greeted Mickey warmly; telling her that she thought Mickey was the best thing that had happened to Dave in a long while.

When she turned to me I was treated to the same kindness and welcome.

She grasped my hand in both of hers saying, “You must be the little lady Dave told me about. He didn’t say however that you were so pretty and shy. Well, we will work on the shyness. I do so hope you will want to stay here with us. I do get lonely wandering around in this big old place. It would be so nice to have some company.”

All of this seemed to come out of her in one long sentence, the words tumbling almost over each other. Her welcome surprised me, and I barely managed to get out “Thank you, Mrs. Washburn,” before I started to stumble over my words.

She smiled even more at my words. “And so polite as well. You will fit in just fine around here. But you are to call me Carol. All my friends do. Davie has always enjoyed introducing me like that. He says it rolls off the tongue so well.” Then she gestured for us to follow her into the house.

Inside we were greeted by an entrance hall with a huge staircase that could have been in the movie Gone With the Wind. The entrance to the left led to a formal dining room. The long table was set with china and crystal that would be fit for a state dinner.

On our right was a pair of sliding doors that led into a large room that looked like a sitting room. Peeking inside I saw a large Christmas tree decorated with Victorian ornaments and lights that were made to look like candles. There were several boxes below, wrapped in beautiful paper and topped with ribbons and bows in all the Christmas colors.

I felt a pang of sadness. With all that had happened I had not even thought of Christmas. Mother and Father did not hold with all the things that most people associate with the holiday. This would be a far cry from what I was used to. I wondered if my parents would miss me this Christmas. Even after the way they had treated me, they were my parents.

I shook off such thoughts as Carol led us up the stairs and to our rooms. Since I would be staying on, she gave me the room at the front of the house on the left side. Dave and Mickey would be in the room next door.

My room was everything I could have wished for. There was a large bed with a canopy, a dressing table, a large closet and the biggest chest of drawers I had ever seen. What little clothes I had would get lost in there.

After Carol had left us to get settled, I knocked on the door between my room and Dave and Mickey’s. I went in and sat on the bed. Dave looked over at me and started chuckling at the confusion that must have shown on my face.

“She is a whirlwind, that sister of mine.”

“I don’t know if I will ever get used to all of this... grandeur. Do they really use that dining room I saw? I feel like a country bumpkin. I don’t know anything about fancy dining, about being dressed for dinner every night, things like that.”

Dave came to my rescue. “Don’t worry Kait. Carol and Henry keep the front of the house done up for tours and special occasions. Most meals are eaten in the kitchen and evenings are spent in the rooms up here on the second floor. Most of the time they are just regular people.”

When Carol’s husband came home from the courthouse there was another round of introductions. He did not seem to be my idea of a judge though. He was shorter than Dave, and rather portly with a round face that seemed to have a permanent smile and thinning salt and peppered hair. Carol told him to hurry and change since she had already made reservations for us all at Antoine’s, one of the finest restaurants in the city.


We were soon in the French Quarter on Rue Saint Louis Street in front of a large, very old building. Carol told me that the same family has run the restaurant since 1857. We were escorted to one of the 17 different dining rooms and seated. I looked at the menu and couldn’t believe my eyes. It all sounded so delicious.

Mickey suggested that chicken might be a good choice for me. I finally settled on the “Poulet a la Creole” which was a half chicken covered in a tomato sauce of some kind. But it was perfectly cooked and seasoned. I have never tasted anything like it before.

The conversation during dinner was lively. Judge Washburn, “You’re family, call me Henry” was speaking, I tried to imagine him in the black robe, sitting high above the rest of the courtroom. But here he was friendly and caring, interested in all the happenings of his wife’s brother and, of course, me.

When I felt I could not eat another mouthful, Henry insisted that the meal would not be complete without dessert. He ordered Crepes Suzette, something that I had only heard of, but had never seen. When they lit the brandy and served it flaming, I thought I was in a fantasy-land.

Over coffee, Henry asked what I wanted to do with my life after the baby came. I thought for a moment then said, “I’m not sure. I have tasted just a bit of the freedom that is forbidden by people like my father. Now that I know there is another side to life, I would like to find a way to help the people that are still under that kind of thinking.”

Henry suggested becoming a lawyer, while Dave said to think about becoming a journalist. Both were excellent ideas, and I thought that either one or the other would be a great career. It was Mickey who suggested that perhaps I could combine the two. Get my degree in law and pass the bar, then take up cases that would allow me to publicize the cause.

That definitely gave me something to think about, and I was doing just that as I lay in the bed. At least, I was until I could hear moaning from the next room. Those two were at it again. I tried ignoring the noise, but eventually the sounds combined with the images I could still see dancing in my mind, caused too much excitement for me to ignore. My hands went to breasts and pussy, and I started to rub myself in rhythm to the imagined action just beyond the door.

As Mickey’s muffled moans got more intense, I abandoned my nipples for the moment and slid my other hand down my tummy to join its mate. I imagined Dave’s hard cock pushing into my wet tunnel as I pushed two, then three fingers inside myself. I could feel the soft walls inside my vagina contract against my fingers. I loved the full feeling as I pushed harder against my fingers. I circled my clit with two fingers of my other hand, trapping it between them. I was trying to keep myself on the edge of orgasm, listening for the sounds that would signal the climaxes in the next room.

They were getting closer and so was I. I was thrusting my hand against the wet folds of my pussy, as I thrust against the image of Dave’s hard cock slamming into me again and again. I was getting very close now.

I twisted my wrist a bit and suddenly felt my little finger touch my anus. It shocked me then really excited me. As I pushed into my pussy I also penetrated my back passage just a bit. Just as my finger penetrated to the first knuckle, I felt my orgasm hit. I strummed my clit and felt the explosion start from deep within my pussy and spread throughout my body. It was so intense that I couldn’t breathe in, letting out a loud moan as the tremors shook my body again and again.

As the tension released from my body and my mind came back down to earth, I realized that my crotch was soaked. My pubic hair was glistening from my juices and my hands were covered. But I was too exhausted to clean up. I used some tissues from the nightstand to wipe some of my juices, but then just rolled over into a contented sleep.

The next morning I woke up feeling my nightshirt sticking to me. I jumped up and headed for the bathroom that was across the hall from my room. I stripped down and jumped into the shower. I soaped my body, making sure that I got my mat of pubic hair cleaned. I was curious about the way that Mickey’s hair “down there” was nice and neat, so I thought I would try to do the same. I grabbed some scissors that were on the sink and slipped back into the shower. I trimmed back most of the length, and cut short where I wanted it gone. Then putting a new blade into the razor I used for my legs, I lathered and very carefully shaved off the offending hair.

After I rinsed the soap off, I felt around admiring my handiwork. I could not believe the how smooth my outer lips felt. They were much more sensitive and I could feel myself getting wet from the stimulation. I had left just a small patch directly above my clit, which was starting to push its way out, peeking from between the folds of my pussy. It took just a few rubs for me to give myself a small but satisfying orgasm.

During breakfast, Dave and Mickey kept glancing at me then grinning at each other. Mickey said we were going to relax for the rest of the morning. Then hit the mall in the afternoon. Henry had something special planned for the evening.

Dave was in the bus doing some work and Mickey and I were relaxing in the garden when Mickey looked over at me and grinned.

“Sounded like you slept well last night.”

Oh God! You mean you heard me? I am so embarrassed. It’s just that I heard you guys, and I just got so worked up, I couldn’t help it.”

Mickey laid her hand on my arm. “Don’t worry about it Kait. Tell you the truth, I think hearing you turned Dave on. He really started working on me after he heard you groaning. He thinks you are very sexy.”

I looked at her in disbelief. “Are you serious?”

“Most definitely. I saw how he watches you when you aren’t looking. I asked him last night and he admitted that if he didn’t love me so much, he wouldn't mind being with you.”

“I can’t believe he said that. To tell you the truth Mickey, I get wet every time I think about what I saw in the bus. I wouldn’t try it, but just the thought of something that big moving inside me almost makes me cum without touching myself.”

We were giggling like we used to when Dave found us.

“What’s so funny?” he asked after giving Mickey a kiss.

“Just girl talk, honey,” was Mickey’s reply. She looked over at me and just smiled.

We left soon after. However instead of the mall like I had thought, we ended up in the French Quarter. Dave went his own way while Mickey and I wandered around looking at all the shops. I had saved some money and used it to buy some small presents for everyone for Christmas. The folks in the shops were very friendly, and the accent was fascinating.

Dave caught up to us, carrying a few bags of his own. We had coffee in a little cafe, and then headed back home. Even though I had only been here a few days, this felt more like home than where I had grown up. Here I could actually feel the love and affection that I had been craving for all these years.

After a quiet dinner, Henry gathered us in his Suburban and drove out of town to a place a fellow judge had invited us to. Henry explained that this was a tradition in the area for the holidays, that they were welcoming Papa Noel.

There was a huge bonfire, with everyone dancing and having a great time. I had never been allowed to dance before, and stayed on the outside, standing with Dave and Mickey. I was watching the people when a nicely dressed young man came up and asked if I would care to dance with him.

He was just a little taller than me, with black hair that was collar length, and eyes that were so dark that they almost matched. I stammered a bit, trying to explain that I had no idea how to dance. He just laughed and said he would be happy to teach me. I looked to Mickey for support, but she urged me to go. Out of excuses, I accepted his offer and off we went.

Louis showed me how to dance and I caught on fairly quick. Soon I was having a great time. The fiddlers were playing traditional fast tunes, and we were sweating in the cool night air. During a break Louis and I talked, telling each other about ourselves. Then it was back to dancing.

The evening was starting to wind down when Louis surprised me by asking if he could kiss me. The moment our lips touched, I felt a bolt of electricity rush through my body. It did not last very long, but left me breathless. Then he asked if he could call on me. Shocked, I nodded smiling. This hunk was actually interested in me! I spent the ride home in a daze.

The next day was Christmas Eve. I helped Carol get things ready for the party that night. It was to be an open house for all of the judge’s friends and coworkers. We spent all day decorating and making sure the caterers had everything they needed. The elegance of the house was in full view that evening.

Carol had surprised me with a period dress for the evening. The hoop skirt was of dark red velvet and the white blouse was low cut showing off cleavage that I didn’t realize that I had. I spent the night being introduced to all the important people in New Orleans’s society. The highlight of the evening was when Louis appeared with his parents. His father was a judge like Henry and they were very good friends. He looked so handsome in his suit and tie. I wanted to eat him up!

We finally moved into the library where we could talk a bit in peace. We stood there holding hands continuing the talk we had started last night. I finally told him about the rape and my pregnancy. He was very angry that someone could do that, but admitted that it did not change his desire to date me. I was on cloud nine for the rest of the evening. Our kiss that night was a little more heartfelt and much more heated. I dreamed of Louis that night and woke up with my hands in my panties, rubbing my clit.

Christmas day was quiet compared to the previous night’s whirlwind. We met in the library where we had chicory coffee and rolls that Carol had baked. The presents were distributed to all and we began to open them.

I hoped that what I had bought would be alright. Mickey had helped me with the choices, and when my money ran out, with the purchases. For Carol, I had found a very nice blouse whose color complimented her eyes. I had found a nice tie clasp with the scales of justice on it for Henry. For Dave a couple of shirts that would show off his build. And for Mickey a locket that said “Sisters and Friends Forever”. She had tears in her eyes when she saw it.

My pile of presents was huge. There were lots of maternity clothes, books that I had never been allowed to read, and much more. There are two things that stood out. One was a laptop from Mickey and Dave. She said that it was set up to work on the wireless network that was in the house. I would be able to set up my own email and other accounts so we could talk to each other.

The second was from Dave. There was a card and inside he had written:



Even though I haven’t known you very long, I feel that our lives will be forever intertwined. You are a very special young woman and not because you are Mickey’s sister. You are smart, pretty, and have a spirit that I have not seen in a long while. The present that comes with this card is an expression of my faith in you as well as my love and friendship.




Under the wrapping was a black velvet box. I opened the lid to find a pair of real diamond earrings. He must have noticed that I had my ears pierced. I looked at them with tears in my eyes. Nobody had ever given me anything so nice. I noticed in the lid of the box was a neatly folded piece of paper. Opening it up I saw a note that said. “Every woman should have diamonds. Wear these until you find the man lucky enough to put one on your finger." Then I did start to cry. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought to be among such warm, honest and loving people.

We had a nice dinner and afterwards sat back to just enjoy each other’s company. Looking around the room, I knew then that I had finally was a part of something I had always wished for during the times of physical abuse and isolation. I had a family that really loved me. I was finally home.


===== FINIS =====


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