(Take Me Home) Country Roads



Authors Note: This is the seventh story in a series using the same main characters. The others in order are: Wolf Creek Pass, Silverton, Canyon Trilogy, Las Vegas Nights, Amarillo by Morning and Hello New Orleans. I suggest you read the previous stories for background of these characters.



“Mickey! We got another email from Kait.” I looked up to see this vision coming out of the shower. She was gloriously naked with beads of water reflecting the interior lights off her skin. I thought once again that I was so lucky to have the love of this woman.

She brought me out of my revelry by sitting down next to me and turning the screen toward her. “What does she say?”

“You can read it all later, but the basics are that she passed her finals scoring a 3.8 overall.”

In the months since we had rescued Kait from the abusive relationship with her parents, she had blossomed into a very bright and outgoing young woman. She was also blossoming physically since she was now approaching the third trimester in her pregnancy. The baby was growing and now making her presence known to Kait, often in the middle of the night. She had already picked out a name: Ashley Ann.

“She also sent some details about her latest date with Louis.” I told her casually as I got up to take my shower. “I figured you would want to read about it. I think she took your advice.”

Mickey threw her damp towel at me, and then turned the screen to where she could read it. The young man that Kait had met at the Papa Noel celebration had turned out to be very good for her. He knew of her upbringing and of her pregnancy. To his credit, he took it in stride and treated her with respect. Their relationship was heating up and this email told, in graphic detail, of their first explorations into oral sex.

As I came back out of the shower, I saw Mickey still sitting there reading the screen. Her hand had strayed down to her pussy which she was absently stroking as she read. I watched, as her finger would trace the surface of her outer lips making a circuit down one side and back up the other. She would stop on the down stroke and collect some of the moisture that was pooling at her opening. At the apex of her pattern she would circle her erect clit. I was finding the unconscious display very erotic.

Mickey finally closed her eyes and rolled her head back as her other hand joined the first in her masturbation, reaching under her thigh she pushed two then three fingers deep into her pussy while concentrating the movements of her other hand around her clit. I reached down and took my cock into my hand slowly stroking it in response to my lover’s display of passion.

She was fast approaching her orgasm when she opened her eyes just enough to focus on my cock. She licked her lips and increased the speed of her manipulations. Suddenly she arched her back and shoved her fingers into her pussy as far as she could. Her climax was a beautiful sight. Her breasts shook as her body vibrated in the waves of pleasure. It was then that my own climax erupted with me shooting my semen across the hallway and onto the wall.

I leaned against the wall as my body recovered. I opened my eyes to see Mickey staring at me with lust in her eyes. “That was such a turn-on to see you react to me. It just pushed me to even greater heights.”

“I could not believe how sexy it was to watch you do yourself.” I told her. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Well, since we both have done ourselves, how about we go back to the bed and do each other?” Her voice was still husky from lust, giving it an even sexier quality. I let her pass me and followed her into our bedroom. I had not even made it to the bed before Mickey grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around. She dropped to her knees and sucked my reviving cock into her mouth, putting into practice what she had taught to Kaitlyn.

Since I had cum a short time before, she had to work a bit but soon had me to full hardness. She then stood and turned toward the wall. She bent at her waist and thrust her ass at me. “Fuck me just like this Dave. I need it hard and fast.” She moaned as I entered her still soaked pussy. She placed her hands against the wall of the coach for support as I started pounding into her. Our lovemaking was usually tender and slow, but once in a while Mickey wanted to be taken, her body dominated. I always went along with her wishes since it produced some of the most mind-blowing orgasms either one of us had ever experienced.

Mickey was approaching her fourth orgasm as I felt my own climax starting to rise. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her tight against me as I felt myself going over the edge. I pounded into her with short strokes, which triggered her own orgasm. As the spasms of my cock slowed, I pulled out of her and sat on the floor, pulling her onto my lap.

“Mmmmm. I think I have just enough energy to crawl up on the bed and collapse.” She whispered as she gave me a soft kiss. I followed her and soon we were both sound asleep.

We both slept in later than normal the next morning. When I finally crawled out of bed, Mickey was barely shifted from her position in the middle of the bed. I once again looked down at this very sexy woman and thought of how lucky I was to have her with me.

I started the coffee pot then headed into the lavatory to wash the sleep from my face. I emerged feeling a little closer to once again human. The cups of the coffee I smelled would complete my climb back up the evolutionary scale.

I was about to go out and unhook the coach from the facilities where we were parked when Mickey came stumbling out of the bedroom. Her hair was askew and her eyes were still half closed in sleep. Without saying a word, I poured her a cup of coffee and added the cream and sugar that she liked. She lowered herself into the seat at the table and mumbled her thanks as she wrapped her hands around the cup.

By the time I came back in from getting the coach ready to move, she had gotten dressed and was on her second cup. I suggested that we pull in at the truckstop for breakfast and after she quickly agreed, I warmed the diesel up and pulled out of the RV Park.

We found a booth at the truckstop and moved toward it as truckers watched Mickey’s jeans clad ass passed by them. We sat down and ordered. The waitress brought over a pot and two cups for us while we waited for our food. Our plates soon arrived and the food was excellent and the portions large. Mickey had become a big fan of truckstop diners in our time together, actually preferring them to the fancy establishments that we would sometimes go to. When I asked her about it she said that she just guessed that her tastes leaned toward the simple things. Yet she could be the most sophisticated woman that any man could wish for. I guess that is just one more reason that I was in love with her.

While Mickey paid the bill, I pulled over and fueled up. As she came across the lot, a guy in a straight-nosed Kenworth leaned out his window and let out a long whistle. Mickey glanced over her shoulder, grinned and continued on her way, her ass taking on a more pronounced sway. I paid for the fuel and then headed out onto the interstate heading for West Virginia.

Since we had been at my sister’s house we had traveled through the Midwest and up through the Dakota’s. Anywhere we wanted to see, that was where we went. Sometimes, my consulting would take us to a specific town, but Mickey would always find something new and exciting to see or do. She had grown from the young, naive girl who I had rescued from a blizzard to a very bright, well-rounded woman.

The ultimate goal for this trip was New York. I had to be in Washington, D.C. for a meeting with some military officials and I was figuring on getting in the area a week early so I could show her the Nation’s Capital.

West Virginia was a round about way to get to the East Coast, but I wanted to stop and visit my late wife’s sister and brother. They had both been a big help when she was killed and we still communicated via phone and email. I always promised to stop in and this seemed to be a perfect time. Kyle worked from home telecommuting as well as working on his farm. Lisa was content to be on the farm and sold their extra produce in the farmer’s market.

Mickey was enjoying the scenery as the miles passed under the wheels of the coach. The lush green of the hills were so different to the crags and snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains and almost another country from where she had grown up in Amarillo.

When we were about an hour away from the farm, she came up and took her place on the steps. “I’m a little nervous about meeting Kyle and Lisa. They won’t think I am trying to replace Kris will they? They won’t have a problem with me being with you?”

“Don’t worry sweetheart. They know all about you and us being together. Before we met, they had been trying to get me to move on with my life. They knew that I was wandering around just existing before I met you. Afterwards, they could hear the change in me and were glad for it. Actually, they are worried about how you are going to handle their relationship.”

“What do you mean? They are brother and sister and they share a house. Nothing wrong with that.”

“Actually, they share more than just a house. They share the same bed.”

Mickey stared at me for a moment. “You mean they... uh... they’re lovers??”

“Yes, I mean they are lovers and have been for many years. They live as husband and wife and no one knows that they are brother and sister.”

“Wow. I had heard of incest, but I thought it was just something made up. I really didn’t think people did it.”

“Does it bother you?”

“I’m not sure. I mean I never really thought about it before. I remember Father took us on a vacation to visit his brother one time when I was about 14. Their son, Stanley, was 15 and kept trying to get looks at me when I would change clothes or would get out of the shower the whole time. Both families went on a picnic after church in this big park and Stanley asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. Mother gave me permission and we wondered along a path until we were well away from the rest of the family.

I had learned to kiss with my friend Gloria, and I was curious if kissing a boy was like kissing Gloria, so when we stopped for a rest, I asked if I could kiss him. He eagerly agreed. I felt myself getting excited as he kissed me. I opened my lips a little and he slid his tongue into my mouth. Then, he started feeling me up, rubbing my little titties through my shirt. It felt really good and was even better when he put his hand under my shirt and played with my nipples.

About then, we heard the car horn signaling us to return to the picnic site. We broke off and I tucked my shirt back into my skirt. Just before we got back into sight of our parents, I flipped my skirt up at him showing my panty-covered butt. But that is as close as I had come to anything like incest.”

I grinned at her. “It is probably a good thing your father never found out.”

“You’re right about that. He would have beaten me to death. First for kissing a boy, and worse for it being my cousin.”

Since we were getting closer, Mickey decided to change clothes and put on a little makeup. For reasons I did not comprehend, she felt that she had to make a good impression on these people. She came back out in a pair of tight jeans and a light blue blouse. I thought she was beautiful.

We were coming up on the west side of Clarksburg when Mickey asked if she could turn on the stereo. I knew she listened to a personal player most of the time. One of the presents I had given her for Christmas in New Orleans had been an MP3 player. Honestly, I had not paid much attention to what she had downloaded to it. Now the batteries were down on it so she wanted to use the stereo in the coach.

As I drove, I explained how to work the system. It was tucked away in the bedroom and was connected to state of the art speakers throughout the coach. When I was traveling alone, I had it running all the time for company. I heard the sounds of country music coming through the system so I knew she had turned on the satellite radio. I could see her in the mirror coming up the hall bouncing to the music and smiling.

As she set down on the steps, I asked if she thought I wanted to listen to country and not something she would prefer.

“Not really. I like most all music but my first love is country.”

“Well, coming from Amarillo, that would make sense.” Her reply startled me.

“It wasn’t just that. It was the first kind of music that I ever heard after getting away from Father. He didn’t allow any music in the house other than hymns. He called all other kinds ‘devil’s invitation to debauchery’. The first song I ever heard was ‘The chair’ by George Strait. I loved his voice and the song talked about things that I had never experienced. I’ve been hooked ever since”

Once again I felt bad that her childhood had been void of all the things that normal children took for granted. She never had the posters on the walls of the latest heartthrob, never got to squeal when she saw her latest crush in a video. Sad that someone would be so fearful of outside influence messing with their religious ideals that they would rob their children of their childhood. The rest of the drive was spent with the speakers turned up and Mickey moving to the music and grinning. I had rarely seen her so happy.

Kyle and Lisa lived on the west side of Clarksburg on a 30-acre farm. I turned the coach into a long drive with white three rail fences on both sides. The two story white house was well kept with a large manicured lawn to the front. The gravel crunched under the weight of our rolling home as I maneuvered past the horse barn and the garage.


I parked the coach to the side of the house. Lisa had seen us pulling in and was waiting by the back door, wiping her hands on a white kitchen towel. I set the brakes and let the big diesel rumble into silence, then opened the door and stepped out. Lisa grabbed me into a huge hug.

“Kyle and I both have been wishing y’all would come by. You haven’t been here in ages. Oh it’s so good to see you!”

I returned the hug with gusto. Lisa had always been one of my favorite people, and she was right. I had not seen them since the funeral and that was almost 2 years ago. I felt Lisa’s head turn toward the door of the coach. She let go and moved back just a bit. I turned to see Mickey standing on the bottom step looking a little unsure of herself and about meeting Lisa for the first time.

Lisa took care of any awkwardness that could have developed. “Dave, you rat! When you wrote and told us about her you didn’t say how pretty she was.” Lisa then walked over to the door. “You have to be Michelle. I am so glad to meet you. Dave has told us about you, but he left out some things apparently.” She reached out and took Mickey’s hand and clasped it firmly in both of hers.

Turning towards the house, Lisa motioned us to come along. “Well, come on into the house. I am canning tomatoes, and the latest bunch is about ready to come out of the water bath.”

I took Mickey’s hand and we walked into the large, airy kitchen. Done in white and yellow, it gave off a cheery ambience. There were canning jars sitting on all the counters filled with bright red tomatoes, lending their color to the atmosphere. A timer was going off which Lisa turned off before she pulled 7 more quart jars from the huge kettle on the stove, adding them to the ranks already cooling.

Since she and Kyle had moved out of the city, Lisa had taken to the country lifestyle with a vengeance. She had a large garden behind the house where she grew everything she thought they would eat. She kept chickens for eggs and meat. They got their milk from a farmer down the road. She seemed so happy with the lifestyle that I had often thought she would have fit better in an earlier time.


Mickey offered to help to Lisa’s delight. She was soon scalding the tomatoes and then peeling as Lisa chopped. I was pressed into service to carry the cooled jars to her storage room in the half basement. With the help, Lisa finished up what she had, saving out several for the evening meal. They cleaned up and started frying chicken for dinner.

I sat at the table with a cup of coffee reflecting on how easily Mickey had slid into the domestic mode. And how easily the two of them became acquainted. As they worked, they chatted as though they had known each other for years.

Kyle drove in a short time later. He had been in town making a couple of deals on the hay and beans he had growing. While he was there, he picked up the specs on a job that he wanted to bid on. A structural engineer, he took on bridges and buildings in difficult places. His professional insurance was high, but the profits were as well.

The conversation over the evening meal consisted mainly of Lisa and Kyle asking about where Mickey and I had gone and what her impressions were of it all. They were both very adept in drawing her out and making her feel at ease. Then Kyle told her about what he did and she was soon asking all kinds of questions. I was surprised that she had such a mechanical mind. Her thoughts were well organized and what she asked was logical.

When Kyle offered to let her see just what he was working on, she was ecstatic. “I always loved anything mechanical or drafting. Father would not allow me to pursue it though. A woman working was not even on his radar. He would have approved of keeping me out of school completely if the state would have let him.”

Kyle looked thoughtful for a minute. “You know you can take courses online from most of the major universities. If your grades were good enough and you would be interested…....”

Mickey looked at me. “If you would want to, I sure wouldn’t mind. It would be your call.”

“Well, I guess I could be with you and do that too. I always dreamed of going to college.”

Kyle promised to help her figure out just what she would need in the morning. The recommended classes she would need and what to focus on. We finished up dinner and Kyle and I went into the living room to relax a bit while the women finished in the kitchen.

When they came in to join us, Mickey snuggled up with me on the sofa. We finally got caught up on each other’s lives and talk turned to more general subjects. When Mickey yawned for the third time, it was decided that bedtime had arrived. We retired to the guest room while Kyle and Lisa headed to theirs. On the way up, Lisa pulled me aside and asked if Mickey knew of their sleeping arrangement. I told her that I had explained as much as I could, but that she might be asking some questions. Lisa assured me that she would be happy to explain to her. She squeezed my hand and left me at the door to our room while she headed to her own.

Mickey was very excited about working with Kyle for the day. She was tossing and turning so much that I finally crawled between her legs and ate her to an orgasm to relax her enough to drift off. I went to sleep with her scent to keep me company.

I heard Kyle call to Mickey a little after sunrise telling her that she had time for a shower before they had breakfast. The smell of bacon frying roused me and I hurried through a shower to get down to the kitchen.

I found Lisa dishing up a huge breakfast. Mickey and Kyle had already eaten and were busy in his office. I dug in and only pushed the plate away when I couldn’t handle another bite. Over coffee, we talked in detail about Mickey- her life and how we got along. She was surprised that she was as friendly as she was after the way her parents had treated her.


She then told me that she and Mickey had a good talk while they were cleaning up last night. “She admitted to me that she was worried that Kyle and I would think she was somehow trying to take over Kris’s place. She is still insecure about herself even though she hides it well.”

I took a sip of my coffee. “I was afraid of that. She has come a long way from when I first met her. I have tried to help her as much as I can. I just hope she doesn’t want to leave when she does come into her own.”

“I can set you straight on that account, Dave. Every time she mentions your name, which is often, her whole face lights up. There will never be another Kris, but this woman couldn’t love you any more than she does. You are her whole world. You have given her something that she had longed for longer than she can remember. You love and respect her for the person she is.”

“You’re right. After we buried Kris, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on. We had something so special. With Mickey there is a subtle difference, but I do love her so much it hurts.”

“Kyle and I talked a bit last night. He thinks she is good for you. You seem so full of life with her. We both love you like a brother and want you to be happy.” I gave her a leer and a grin. “Not quite like THAT!” she said, slapping me on the shoulder. With that, she rose from her chair and came around to plant a kiss on my cheek.

She started to clean up from breakfast. I volunteered to go out and feed the livestock. I went into the barn and cleaned the stalls for the two horses they had. After mucking the stalls, I replaced the hay, checked the water troughs, and then it was out to feed the chickens and gather the eggs. On the way back to the house, I stopped by the corral fence and watched the horses move through the pasture. It felt good to do chores that I had done as a child. Then, I would grumble about having to do such mundane labor, but now it gave me a feeling of peace. I had spent a good part of my adult life in pursuit of the fast-paced world of business. Just when I had made it to the top, my reason for it all had been taken away from me. Now I was being given another chance with Mickey. I decided right then that I was not going to waste it.

I gave the eggs to Lisa and then went out to the coach to take care of some business matters. I answered some email and checked on some investments that I had going. The trip into New York was a couple weeks away so we had at least a week before we had to leave. I was going to absorb as much of the peace and quiet as I could in that time.

The time flew by as it does when you are relaxed. I heard the door of the coach open Mickey came out looking for me. I was still seated at the table. She came in and gave me a big hug. She was bubbling with excitement and reminded me of a little girl at Christmas.

“I couldn’t believe it! I was looking at some of Kyle’s drawings and asking questions. And all the equipment he was using. That CAD program can do just about anything. He showed me how to do some basic things with it. Then he told me how much it costs. Did you know he has over Fifty Thousand in that room? He said he needs a new plotter but the one he wants is almost ten grand.

Then he showed me the classes that I would need. There is so much that I would have to learn. Would you care if I at least tried? You wouldn’t be mad at me would you??

I had to chuckle at her enthusiasm as I hugged her. Treated as she had been as a child, she never realized that there was a chance to do better for her self. Things that we all take for granted are wondrous to her. I assured her that if she wanted to try it I had no objections.

She snuggled closer and I thought about how she made things look so new and wondrous. It was something that I hoped she would never lose.

She then looked up into my eyes. She laid her hand against my cheek as she asked, “What are you thinking?”

How could I tell her the wonder, the absolute love that I felt whenever I was near her with just words. It went far beyond what you can express with just words. Instead, I just smiled. “Just how much I love you.”

She snuggled in closer to me. “I like those kinds of thoughts.”

After dinner we watched some TV and then headed for bed. I was almost asleep when Mickey rolled over next to me. “Listen. You can hear Lisa. Sounds like she is having a good time.” Then she chuckled quietly. We didn’t follow in their footsteps, but just settled for intimate caresses and words of love.

The next morning, I woke up and Mickey was nowhere in sight. This was unusual since I was the early riser. I could count on one hand the times she had been up before me. Most of those times, I would float out of slumber with the sensation of a pair of soft, warm lips wrapped around my cock. Today however, that was not the case. Down the stairs, I could hear voices, as the women were busy doing something in the kitchen. Pretty soon I could detect the odors of coffee. I jumped in the shower and dressed quickly, heading down to find the source.

Lisa was at the stove and Mickey was sitting at the table.. She spotted me and went over to get a cup of that wonderful life-giving brew for me. All conversation had stopped when I came in, so I took the cup and went out to the back porch. From there I could hear them as I petted Kyle’s black lab that had the run of the place.

“Lisa, do you mind if I ask how you and Kyle... well, how you first got together?”

“Sure. You said it doesn’t bother you but you were curious about it. Tell you the truth, it just kinda happened. We both had plenty of dates in school but never seemed to make a real connection. Since Kris was 4 years older, she and Dave were already involved, so while we got along fine, Kyle and I were closer. It started with just sitting together watching movies, my going with Kyle to watch his band playing, etc. We spent a lot of time together.

What triggered our first time was a girlfriend of mine that had the hots for Kyle. She spent the night one time and decided to seduce him. She went into his room and I could hear her and him petting. Curiosity overcame caution and I snuck in to watch. Kyle spotted me and he thought he was in trouble until I assured him. I had never seen a cock before, and ended up exploring with Brenda. We all got worked up and let’s just say we went further than we had expected to. After the first time, we both just figured we preferred each other more than anyone else.”

“Sounds interesting. Maybe not something for me, but I don’t have a brother. You guys are a great couple and that is what counts.” I walked back into the kitchen for a refill and saw them in the middle of a hug.

“You two keep that up and you are going to leave me in agony for the rest of the day.” I grinned to take the embarrassment out of the comment.

Lisa broke the embrace with Mickey and swatted my arm. “You just wish don’t you mister!”

Breakfast was ready so I sat back at the table. When we finally finished, I pushed the plate away. “Lisa, you keep feeding me like this and I will have to get some new clothes. I don’t know how you and Kyle stay so slim. Must be in your genes.”

Lisa answered with a smirk. “No, it’s Kyle trying to get into my jeans that keeps him so slim.”

We spent the rest of the time at Kyle and Lisa’s relaxed. Mickey was comfortable with their relationship and they took Mickey into their hearts. One night, she told me that they were not upset at all that she was with me. She had been more worried than she had let on about that. The women went everywhere together. They shared recipes and cooking tips.

Mickey found she loved the livestock. She laughed at the way the rooster would chase the hens. “Horny bastard” was her comment to that. She also learned to ride, but was not too happy with the goat. He caught her bent over petting one of the dogs and had butted her. She found herself on the ground much to her embarrassment and my mirth.

She gave me an evil look, but I couldn’t keep from laughing. She finally saw the humor of it and joined in, but she never trusted that goat around her again.


We left Kyle and Lisa’s farm with one extra passenger, and it certainly was not the goat. One of the cats had given birth to a litter of kittens several weeks before. Mickey fell in love with one of them, a gray tiger female. When we left, there was a litter box in the back of the coach and as we pulled out, the kitten was curled up in Mickey’s lap.

The kitten, who Mickey named Trouble, wandered around the interior inspecting every corner and nook. When she decided the accommodations were up to her standards, she jumped up on Mickey’s lap and curled up to have a bit of a nap. Trouble adapted to life on the road very well. She thought that everything within the steel shell of the coach was her domain. Her days were spent laying on our bed, playing with a toy mouse that Mickey had bought for her, and generally being a nuisance. She found the shelf by the windshield a nice place to sun herself. She did spend a large amount of time sleeping on Mickey’s lap as Mickey checked the computer or read. I really didn’t mind the addition and Mickey had never been allowed a pet so it made me happy to see her enjoy Trouble so much.

The trip into the Nation’s Capital was uneventful. We took in Washington, looking at all the monuments. My business there took only a couple of days, and then we were free. Seeing all the famous buildings that she had only read about fascinated Mickey. We went to the top of the Washington monument, and took the tours. We also stopped at Arlington cemetery, and she found the name of a friend’s uncle on the Vietnam wall.

It was late in the evening after a day of sightseeing. We were parked in an RV park in Virginia and were relaxing on the bed when my cell phone rang. My sister, Carol was on the other end.

“Davie? I wanted to call and tell you that Kait is going into labor.”

That, of course, made me sit up and gained Mickey’s attention. “How close are they?”

“About ten minutes apart for now, but they are steady. Henry is calling the doctor and then we will be heading to the hospital.”

“Alright. We will be on our way as soon as we can. Thanks Carol.”

I ended the call and turned to Mickey. She looked frightened. “Did anything happen to Kait? Is the baby alright?”

“Relax sweetie. They are both fine except that Kait has started her labor. It is a couple of weeks early, but that shouldn’t be a problem.” I got out of bed and pulled out the laptop.

“What are you doing, now?”

“I am going to find you a plane ticket. You need to be there for your sister’s first baby. There should be a flight out of here tonight. I will drive down and meet you there as soon as I can.”

I found myself trying to type while being hugged. There was indeed a flight on United that left Dulles International at 1:50 AM and would arrive at Louis Armstrong International about an hour and a quarter later. I told her to book a ticket while I went up front and started the diesel.

We arrived at the terminal with plenty of time. We picked up her ticket and then grabbed a bite to eat. Security being what it is, we parted at the checkpoint, her small bag with one change of clothes with her. This was her first plane trip and it was apparent that she was very nervous but determined to get to her sister as soon as she could.

I got back to the coach and found Trouble waiting for me. I picked her up and scratched behind her ears. “Well fur ball, it looks like it is just you and me for a few days.” She didn’t answer back other than to purr. I moved to the back and crawled into bed. I had paid for overnight parking and figured to use it. I would pull out in the morning and be in New Orleans in a few days. As I drifted off, I felt something warm and furry against my shoulder. It was a nice gesture, but I still missed Mickey.


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