Canyon Trilogy



We were heading west again along highway 160.  The air was getting warmer since we were going down in altitude as well as having a warm air front come through.  I was just enjoying the feeling of freedom that you can only get by moving along on the open road.


Michelle was sitting behind and a bit above me on the couch.  Although I couldn’t see her, I could feel her presence there.  I was still trying to figure out what I had done in my life to deserve to have this vibrant, sexy woman want to travel with me.  Along the same lines, I was trying to sort out my feelings for her.  My rational mind was telling me that it was just her youthful excitement that I was picking up on -- that we were too far apart in age to have anything really come of it.  That she could, and possibly would, go her own way soon.


My heart was telling me that I was falling in love with this woman.  I was finding myself wanting her to stay around.  It was more than just the sex, though that was fantastic.  Rather, I felt a thrill at hearing her voice, the touch of her hand, even the radiant smile that she often flashed me.  My mind kept throwing up roadblocks in this relationship; those arguments were fading fast.  In the end, my heart was going to win.


Still lost in these thoughts, I heard Mickey call my name.  “I’m sorry Mickey.  I was kind of lost in thought.”


She poked my shoulder lightly.  “Silly.  I was just asking if we could stop at the next town and buy some food.  I still want to fix you a dinner.”


“Sure.  Cortez is a good-sized town.  I can pull in and we could pick up what you think we need, and we could even camp around there if you want.”


It wasn’t long until we found a grocery store not too far from the edge of town.  I parked the bus at the edge of their lot and we went in.  The store was clean and bright but had the feel of a Mom & Pop operation.  I followed Michelle through the aisles as she found what she considered the essential supplies for any meal.  When she went to the meat counter, I had to remind her that the refrigerator was not too big and we could stop almost anywhere to pick up whatever she wanted. 


When we got back inside, Michelle put the sacks under the table and we headed toward the south end of town.  I had asked about a campground and this one came highly recommended, having the facilities I was looking for.  We pulled in and I went in to pay the fee.  I even booked some time for the hot tub that was next to their pool.


This was the first night since Michelle and I had been together that we had been where she could enjoy the full luxury of our coach.  (“Our” coach?  Where did that thought come from?).   I hooked up the electric, water, and waste connections, and leveled the rig.  Coming in, I told Michelle I was headed to the shower.  I had been traveling long enough to use the campground facilities whenever possible.  Grabbing clean clothes and towels, I jogged over to the shower rooms.


The public showers were deserted when I went in.  I stripped down and stepped under the head, letting the water rinse the day’s grime away.  With an almost unlimited amount of hot water, I took my time.  After I was completely clean, I stood and let the water cascade over my body.  The heat helped to relax muscles that were stiff from the unusual amount of activity I had been participating in.  Thinking of those activities was causing a certain part of my body to become stiff, not relaxed.  My hand stroked my rising cock as I relived the feel of Michelle’s flesh, her scent, and most importantly -- her cries of joy.  I finally broke out of my revelry to remember I was in a public shower and that the object of my revelations was waiting for me.  I stepped out and started to dry off, trying to will my cock to go down.


As I entered the bus, I was hit with the scents of a wonderful meal in the making.  I had not smelled such aromas since before I had been married.  Michelle was standing in front of the oven, sliding a pan in.  Dressed as she was in tight jeans and a t-shirt, my cock was trying to resurrect itself.  I was imagining her smooth skin under that cloth and remembering how the muscles flex as she comes closer to orgasm was having its natural effect on me.


Raising my eyes I found Michelle staring back, questioning the smile on my face.


“I was just thinking how beautiful you are.”


She blushed a bit, but her smile grew at the comment.  “Keep an eye on the chicken.  It has to cook another half an hour.  I am going to get a shower myself.”  She grabbed her towels and headed over to the showers.


I sat back and took it easy, taking a bottle of white wine out of the storage, and then sat back with a book.  As the timer went off, Michelle came back in the door.  Grinning at her I said, “You sure timed that just right.  Didn’t even give me a chance to mess it up.”


Her hair was still damp, hanging down her back.  I could see her nipples poking against the thin fabric of her t-shirt, stimulated no doubt from the cool air.  With a giggle, she breezed past me on her way to rescue her culinary creation.


Dinner was even better than she had promised.  Michelle glowed in the compliments I gave her as I finished off my second helping.  Afterwards, we sat back and relaxed with the remainder of the wine.


We were talking about the trip and the campground.  Michelle was grinning and turning a little pink.  I asked her what was wrong.


“I promise I wasn’t snooping, but when I pulled out the towels from in the bedroom, a bunch of DVDs fell out of the shelf.  The titles looked interesting.  Are those really movies of people having sex?”


I had forgotten about my movie collection.  Now it was my turn to be a little embarrassed.  “Yes Mickey, those are erotic movies.  I had forgotten all about them.”


I could see a twinkle in her eyes now.  “Do you think we could watch one of them?  I never had a chance to see anything like that before.”


The thought of watching an erotic movie with Mickey was definitely causing me to have a reaction.  “If you want to we will.  I will find one of the better ones and get it ready while you finish up the dishes.”


Michelle jumped up and hurried to finish off the last of the dishes.  I headed back to the bedroom and turned on the Plasma Screen and the DVD player.  I selected one that had a plot to it and slipped it in.  I slipped into a pair of boxers and lay back on the bed.


Michelle came in and saw how I was dressed.  She smiled and stripped down to her bikini panties.  She crawled up on the bed and stretched out beside me.  A touch of the remote and the movie started.


As the action on the screen heated up, so did Mickey.  The first scene featured a large busted woman playing with herself in the shower.  As the woman started rubbing her hands around and over her labia, Michelle started moving her thighs together.  The next scene that aroused her interest was the same woman swallowing a cock that must have been 11” long.  You could see her throat expand as his cock started down.  I pushed Mickey’s hand away from her pussy, replacing it with my own.  I worked on her labia, just occasionally dipping deep into her hole to spread more of her flowing juices around.  I wasn’t trying to bring her off, but just keep her excited.  I maneuvered her panties off of her and she was lying there gloriously naked.


When a scene between the blonde and an equally busty redhead came on, I felt the tension in Michelle increase.  I looked at her face and she was watching in rapt attention.  As the two girls fondled each other’s breasts, Michelle’s hand moved unconsciously to her own.  Her hands were following the movements on the screen on her own body.  As the women on the screen went into a 69, Michelle suddenly went into a massive orgasm.  Her body shuddered and twitched and she groaned as the waves washed over her.


I held her until she relaxed a bit and opened her eyes.  She looked a bit embarrassed, but insisted that we finish the movie.  I got the idea to mimic the movements on the screen, just touching her tummy or thigh when the action was calm, then moving to her sensitive areas as it heated up.


The final scene was a threesome between the blonde, the redhead, and the redhead’s boyfriend.  I felt Mickey’s soft hand reach into my boxers and grasp my hard cock, squeezing and moving in short strokes.  I was enjoying the sensations she was causing, when she took a sharp intake of breath.  The man on the screen was teasing the blonde’s ass with his tongue then started to lube her up.  Mickey was enraptured with the action.  I quietly reached over and picked up a bottle of lotion that she had left on the bedside stand.  I put a generous amount on my fingers and moved between her butt cheeks.  My fingers roamed all around her nether hole, causing her to twitch every time I brushed against it.


By now, the blonde was on her hands and knees, her face buried in the other girl’s shaven pussy, her butt in the air.  Mickey was teasing her clit and rocking her pelvis.  I moved my thumb into her soaked pussy, and then touched her backdoor with my finger.  She muttered “Oh God!” and tried to push against my finger.  In time with the actor’s motions, I pushed my slickened finger into her ass.  I felt her tense just a bit, and then relax as my finger pressed in to the second knuckle.


As the actor started pushing in and out of the blonde’s ass, I copied the movement with my finger and thumb.  Within just a minute I felt Mickey start to tense up in anticipation of another massive orgasm.  As she went over the edge, her real moans and shouts drowned out the canned noises from the movie.  Her hand was gripping my cock so hard that it was almost painful.  I had never seen her cum as hard and for as long before.  Her entire body was stiff and vibrating as the feeling of her orgasm washed over her.


As she started coming down, I gently removed my finger and thumb from her passages.  There were tears leaking from her closed eyelids as she tried to get her breathing under control.  I stroked her tummy and side, talking softly.


It was some time before she had the strength to move.  She opened her eyes and smiled at me.  She looked a little embarrassed.  “I never had anyone ever touch me there before.  It was a strange feeling, kinda nasty in a good sort of way.  God, I feel like you fucked me for a week straight.”  Then she realized she still had her hand on my erect cock.  “I'm not sure what I can do to get you off.  I’m sorry, I was so into my own orgasm that I completely forgot about you.”


I told her to roll onto her side.  Between her own juices and the lotion, the whole area between her legs was slippery.  I snuggled up behind her, sliding my aching cock between her legs.  Her lips spread allowing my shaft between them.  I could feel her hot juices coat me as I moved back and forth.  Mickey reached down pushing my cock harder against her pussy.  I increased the speed and firmness of my strokes until her butt cheeks were vibrating each time I slammed into her.  I stiffened as the cum began moving up my shaft, then started thrusting furiously against her as I shot again and again.  My semen shot out, some of it drowning her pubic hair.  As I came back to reality, I could feel her fingers touch the head of my cock as she rubbed my cream into her pussy.  We drifted into a sound sleep in that position.


I awoke the next morning on my back with Mickey cuddled up against me.  I was definitely getting used to having this wonderful, sexy, and very naked young woman next to me.  I felt contented as I lay there, letting the warmth of the sun filtering through the shades warm my body.  The call of nature became too great and I carefully got out of bed, being careful not to disturb the sleeping form that was lying there.  I finished up and took a quick shower to wash off the remains of last night's activity.  Somewhat more awake, I stumbled to the galley to make coffee. 


The aroma of the coffee must have drifted back to the bedroom because as I was filling my cup, Mickey came walking out, still naked.  Her hair was in disarray and her eyes still had that look of one not quite awake.  The evidence of last night’s activities showed plainly as my dried cum had plastered her pubic hair to her skin.  She was a beautiful sight to me in all her glory.


She cupped her hands around the mug as she fought the urge to return to bed.  I moved opposite her and sipped my own strong, hot liquid, hoping that it would take effect and force my body to function.


After about half a cup, Mickey sighed and gave me a small grin.  “Dave, I can’t believe how stiff I am this morning.  At the end of the movie, when he was going in her butt and you put your finger in me back there, I thought the top of my head was going to fly off.”


“I saw your response to the action, so I thought I would try and simulate it for you.”


“Well, it sure worked.  I had never seen anything like that before.  You know you are only the second man I have ever been with.  The first was my boyfriend I moved in with, and all he ever wanted to do was stick it in me for a couple of minutes and then cum.  Then he would roll over and go to sleep.  You are the first one ever to lick me.”  She took a sip of her coffee.  “Seeing that movie made me realize that there is a lot I don’t know about.”


I reached across the table and touched her arm.  “Don’t worry.  You've been sheltered most of your life.  Now that you are out in the world, you will be exposed to things you never knew existed.  Any way I can help, just ask.  There is only one rule that I have learned -- do what feels right to you.  Don’t let someone else force you into doing anything you don’t want to.”


I stood to refill our cups.  As I poured hers, she asked, “The two girls eating each other in the movie ... do you think that is dirty or perverted?”


“I don’t think it's dirty or perverted.  That kind of scene is in every erotic movie because it's a fantasy for men and for some women.  In real life, I think that if two people are attracted to each other and both consent, they should be able to pleasure each other.”


She still looked a little troubled.  “Mickey, did that scene bother you?  Or are you concerned that it turned you on?"


She sighed  and looked down at her cup.  “My mom told me that two women or two men that did anything together were perverted and dirty and that they would burn in hell.”


“And you're worried that you are dirty for reacting to it?”


“That is part of it.  I mean, it doesn’t make me a lesbian to wonder what that would feel like, does it?”


“No dear.  That makes you curious.  If you find that you do enjoy it; that means you are bisexual.  You like both sexes.”


 “I think I might be that then.  When I was 12, my best friend Debbie and I were always talking about boys.  You know ... what it would be like to kiss them, how it would feel to have their hands all over us, that kind of thing.  Since neither one of us had ever kissed a boy, we decided that we would practice kissing each other.  You know, just to see how it felt.


"Our first attempts were clumsy.  We were in my room, sitting on the bed.  We both closed our eyes and completely missed the other’s lips. We finally found each other and we pushed our lips together.  It made me tingle all over.  When she opened her lips and touched mine with her tongue it was even better.  It was a good thing that the door was shut and the radio was on, because we were both groaning.  Debbie reached up and cupped my little tittie.  I almost had an orgasm when she did that, it felt so good.  I did the same to her and she shuddered.  Her hand had just made it under my shirt when my mother knocked on the door and wanted to know what we were doing.  It broke the spell and we never did it again.” 


Mickey smiled softly at the remembrance.  I could also see that it was turning her on a bit since her nipples were crinkling and becoming erect.  She came back to the present and a bit of a blush came across her face.  I touched her arm.  “Mickey, as far as I am concerned, you did nothing wrong with your friend.  You were both young and just experimenting with your feelings.  Don’t let it embarrass you.”


She looked back down.  “Anyway, that is why I reacted like I did when I saw those two women.  Shortly after that, my mom gave me the standard lecture about how sex was bad, and that it had to wait for marriage.  But I still wonder what would have happened if we had not been interrupted.”


By now we both were awake enough to be hungry, so Mickey made toast and eggs.  We decided to stay for another day and get things in order.  The rest of the day was spent with Mickey doing laundry and cleaning the coach while I did some maintenance on the outside.  Dinner was some of the frozen dinners that she declared had to be eaten so she could get some real food in the freezer.  Later, we took a walk around the campground and watched the sunset.  We were both still tired from the exertions from the night before, so we crashed on the sofa, her head in my lap as we both read something that interested us.  The last thing I remember as I shut off the light and snuggled against the warm body next to me was how much this girl was affecting me.


I was up early the next morning and had breakfast made for Mickey before she was out of the shower.  As she cleaned up and stowed the dishes, I made sure the water tanks were filled and we were uncoupled from the site.  We pulled out and headed toward the Grand Canyon.


We pulled into the Canyon visitor’s center late in the afternoon.  Mickey had spent the day looking at the sparse scenery.  The high desert has a beauty that is all its own.  This part of the country had a lonely feel; the vastness of the open space was incredible. 


I went in and paid the fee for the campground.  After getting directions to our space, I maneuvered the coach around the winding road and pulled into the campers' village.  We were quickly hooked up and settled in.  Despite the lateness of the year, there were several other campers already there.  A couple with a popup trailer was in the space next door.  They looked to be in their late twenties.  On the other side was an older couple that looked to be retired and enjoying it.


 We spent the evening with the young couple, having them into the coach for a bottle of wine after dinner.  They were celebrating their second anniversary by getting out of town.  They were very much in love and were cute in their devotion with each other.  Throughout the evening, Mickey kept looking at them with a wistful expression.  I'm sure she was thinking about having a relationship, but the question running through my mind was if I was the person she was thinking about. 


There was no longer any doubt in my mind how I felt about her.  I had fallen madly in love with the beautiful, bright, and sweet girl.  I was still reluctant to voice those feelings because it would cause my heart to break if she decided that she didn’t feel the same.


The evening wound down and we bade them goodbye.  Mickey was quiet as we got ready for bed.  I was pretty sure I knew the cause, but when I asked, she didn’t reply with more than a shake of her head.  I got a good night kiss and she laid her body against me, her head on my chest.  She was so quiet that I thought she was asleep.  I was wide-awake however.  I was so deep in my own thoughts that I almost missed her whisper.


“Dave, how do you feel about me?”


I knew that if I was ever going to say what I felt, I had to do it now.  “Mickey, I am falling madly, hopelessly in love with you.”


I could feel the muscles in her face pull into a smile.  “I’m glad cause I love you too.”


She snuggled tighter against my body and breathed a deep sigh.  We fell asleep soon after, locked together.


Mickey was up before I was the next morning.  This was very unusual and I commented as soon as I had a sip of coffee.


“I just woke up early and I felt like moving around.  There will be cinnamon rolls out in a few minutes.  Sorry they are from a can, but I am not going to try and bake from scratch out here.”  She was almost bouncing and her face had a huge smile.


“Not that I mind, but you seem extra chipper today.”


“That’s because the man I am in love with admitted that he loves me back.”  With that she bent over and kissed my cheek.  The timer went off, and she pulled the rolls out of the oven.  The smell of fresh rolls filled the coach.  She sat down next to me as she waited for them to cool enough to ice.


“I am in love with you.”  I said pulling her body close to mine.  “I was just worried that you would be shy of staying with an old man.  I didn’t say anything because of rejection.”


“You didn’t have to worry about that.”  She nuzzled my ear.  “You have been so good to me, so gentle.  That is something I had never had before.  And you treat me like I am a person, not a trophy or some brainless fuck toy.”


We just sat there in a state of bliss.  I knew we faced problems ahead, but for now we were happy just being with each other.  We finally came back to reality and had breakfast. 


The rest of the day was spent sightseeing and doing all the things that tourists do.  It was fantastic to watch Mickey’s excitement at seeing things for the first time.  We got plenty of pictures with either one or both of us in front of the signs and landmarks.


A few of the pictures were not what you would find in a normal family album.  When we were alone in a deserted place, Mickey would suddenly lift her sweater to have me photograph her bare breasts.  Or she would pretend to be looking over the edge down into the canyon and slide her jeans down to reveal her firm ass to the camera.  As soon as I would get the shot, she would giggle and cover up before someone came along.  She was having a great time playing the exhibitionist.  And she also enjoyed the reaction that was evident in my pants.


We pulled back into our spot, tired but still laughing about the sights.  We had stopped at the small store at the campground office and bought the fixings for sandwiches that night.  I pulled into our spot between the newlyweds, Donald and Kathy, and the older couple, then I hooked up the electrical while Mickey went to see how our neighbors enjoyed their day.


I pulled a couple of beers from the fridge and sat down to transfer the pictures to my laptop.  I created a file just for our private pictures and then downloaded them from the memory card.  I was admiring the private shots when Mickey came in with Kathy in tow.


“Dave, Kathy is alone tonight, so I invited her for dinner.  Don was called back to Flagstaff on some kind of emergency.”


I was glad that Mickey was comfortable enough with this being her home now that she would invite someone in without having to ask for permission.  I smiled over at Kathy and motioned them to come on up.  “All we are having is sandwiches and potato salad, but there is plenty.  By the way, do either one of you know what wine goes with chopped ham?”


They both giggled and Kathy answered, “Probably something from Boone’s Farm.”


“I have just the bottle for this occasion.”  I pulled a couple of large jugs of a ‘house’ wine that someone had given me.  Throwing a flowered dishtowel over my arm, I carried it to the table.  With a flourish I ‘presented’ the bottle.  “Ahh.  Just what the Madame ordered.  Our finest … whatever this is.  Bottled at least a week ago, it has the bouquet that is preferred by college students and winos the world over.  Would Madame care to smell the screw cap?”


They were both laughing by now.  Kathy had a beautiful laugh.  I grabbed three water glasses from the cabinet and we sat down to eat.  Kathy’s mood lightened as we ate, the wine contributing to the relaxed atmosphere.  We were laughing at the people that we had seen, and the silly stuff that had happened.


Mickey wanted to show off the pictures we had taken since we had been together so I set the computer up and they were soon on each side of me watching the screen as we went through shots of the mountains and finally the train ride in Durango.  Kathy asked me to stop at one shot of Mickey that was taken just after she had straightened her clothes in the railcar.


She was still sitting against the plush velvet very relaxed, and the look on her face was one of sheer bliss.  Kathy was awed.  “Mickey, you look beautiful here.  I haven’t seen a look like that since…” She broke it off, embarrassed.


Since most of the wine had been consumed we were all feeling very relaxed, but I was mildly surprised when Mickey revealed what had happened.


“I looked that way because Dave had just eaten me to a fantastic orgasm.”  She had a far away look in her eyes as she remembered.


Kathy’s face was showing her shock.  “You mean he licked you while you were on the train, and you came right there?”


“Yeah he did.  It was about the naughtiest thing I have ever done.  I was horny from the motions of the train anyway, and he started rubbing me before we even got out of the station.  He had my legs spread and was eating me as soon as we were underway.  As soon as we were done, the waiter came out with a drink for us.  I know he could smell me, but he just smiled and went back to his compartment.  I was so embarrassed that he knew.”


“Wow, have you done anything else like that?”


“Just today.  I flashed Dave a few times when nobody was around.”


Kathy giggled.  “You’re kidding!  I always wanted to do something like that, but Don is so conservative when it comes to things like that.”


Then Mickey surprised me again.  “You want to see them?  Bring them up Dave.”


I looked at her to make sure she wanted me too.  She was grinning and nodding her head.  Her eyes showed the effects of the wine, but there was something else there too -- a look that I had learned to know and love.  My little sex goddess was getting very horny.  I clicked onto the folder, and the icons appeared.  I started at the first one, Mickey showing her tight little tummy, her shirt pulled up to the bottom of her boobs, and jeans unbuttoned but still zipped, showing the promise of more to come.  From there they became more revealing.  The girls were giggling and laughing as each one came up.  The last one came up showing Mickey bent over, her arms on a railing.  She was looking back over her shoulder with a look of lust.  Her jeans and panties were mid-thigh revealing her round ass and the treasure below.  Kathy looked for a minute then gave a nervous grin.


“You are much braver than I am.  Don would have a fit.  I have to admit that it looks exciting, but I don’t have the body you do.”


I broke in at this point.  “Kathy, you have nothing to be ashamed of.  Any man can see that you are a well proportioned woman.”


She blushed, but smiled at my compliment.  We sat awhile longer with the girls discussing all kinds of things, with me inserting a comment or two.  The wine was gone, so I opened another bottle of some better vintage.  This too was consumed in a short time.  I could tell both of them were very ‘loose’ but not to the point of passing out.  When Kathy got up to use the bathroom she weaved a bit, bumping into the narrow hallway.  Mickey was giggling and in a very silly mood.  Kathy called out from the lavatory for Mickey to help her with finding something.  Mickey started down the hall, bumping into the sides in much the same way Kathy had earlier.


They were back there for several minutes before Mickey came back out.  “Dave, would you care if Kathy stays here tonight?  She is really uncomfortable about being in that camper all alone.”


“I don’t mind at all.  Why don’t you two take the bedroom and I'll pull out the sofa here.” 


Mickey’s eyes sparkled, confirming my suspicions.  Her mother had denied her the chance of experimentation, and the wine must have lowered her inhibitions enough that she was going to satisfy her curiosity.  From the intoxicated conversation earlier, I also knew Kathy was not adverse to something happening either.  Mickey came over to me and gave me a kiss that showed her appreciation, and then headed toward the bedroom.


I felt a bit left out, mostly from the desire to fulfill that age-old male fantasy of watching two beautiful women giving each other pleasure.  Mostly though, I felt good about allowing Mickey the freedom to satisfy her curiosity.  I pulled the bed out, stripped down, and tried to relax. 


The sounds coming from the back of the coach was serving to make sure I was not going to drift off anytime soon.  I could hear voices, then moans and groans as the two women explored each other.  I reached under the blanket and grasped my hard cock, preparing to find relief in my own hand.  I stroked slowly, enjoying the sounds I was hearing.  Grabbing my shirt, I felt my orgasm building as I heard the muffled cries of a climax followed quickly by another.  I followed almost immediately, shooting into my shirt as I heard them both cry out once again.


I was trying to relax after the sounds had calmed down.  I was on my back with my eyes closed when I felt someone sit on the side of the mattress.  I felt that same someone kiss me.  The taste of her lips was subtlety different from what I had tasted before.  As the kiss ended, Mickey placed her head on my chest.  “Thank you.”


“Did you find out what you wanted to know?”


“Mmmm.  Sure did.  She wasn’t any better than you, but it was different.  Feeling her body as she felt mine was different too.  Now I know why you enjoy caressing me so much.”


I could feel Mickey starting to relax.  “Sweetheart, why don’t you go back and keep Kathy company.  You two shared something special, and you should enjoy the feel of each other for the aftermath.”


“You mean you don’t mind?”


“I don’t mind, but maybe a little curious is all.  And that can wait for you to tell me later.  Now go on and enjoy yourself.”


I swatted her bare butt and she giggled, but headed back anyway.  I lay there thinking about those two young bodies lying together until the wine finally took me into a deep slumber.


I awoke the next morning with a good-sized hangover.  I had not drunk that much in a long time.  I grabbed the ibuprofen then started the coffee.  Then it was into the bathroom to de-fur my teeth and tongue.  I knocked at the bedroom door and announced that the coffee was on.  Then I went back to the kitchen for my first cup.


A few minutes later I was treated to the sight of a couple of very hung over women.  Kathy had on one of my robes and it was not closed.  She did not even seem to notice that she was showing everything she had.  They each grabbed the pain reliever and sat down to wait for it to take effect. 


Conversation was limited to short questions and shorter answers until the drugs took the edge off.  I went in for a quick shower, leaving the girls to talk.  When I came out wrapped in a towel Mickey motioned me to the couch.  They were both still not dressed and the sight was causing the natural reaction in my crotch.  I was accustomed to Mickey’s beautiful body, but Kathy was a new element.  Perhaps an inch taller than Mickey, she was also a few pounds heavier.  When her breasts would peek out, I could see the pink nipples touching the fabric, causing them to stay erect.  Her pubic area was shaven clean.  The tan lines from her bikini showed that she loved sun.  All in all, she was a lovely sight.


They became a little more talkative as their headaches started to lessen, and of course the topic was what happened last night.  Both girls thanked me for allowing them the time together, and admitted some concern that I was jealous.


“I wasn’t jealous Mickey.  I felt a little left out, but I knew you needed to do this on your own.  I am just glad you have no regrets.”


Mickey blushed.  “No, no regrets.  I had always wondered and I enjoyed it a lot, but I still prefer sex with you.”


I chuckled at that.  “Believe me, I am very glad to hear that.”


Kathy spoke then.  “Mickey and I got to enjoy each other last night but you were out here by yourself.  I kept expecting you to come in and at least have sex with one of us.”


[BLF1] I wanted to, but I wanted you two to enjoy yourselves even more.”


“Well you deserve something for being so considerate.  Mickey?  Do you mind?”


Mickey giggled and said, “I had you last night.  Now it's Dave’s turn.”


As she said that, she opened the towel I was wearing while Kathy dropped the robe.  Seeing the whole package caused my cock to spring into an immediate hard-on.  There was no foreplay; she just put her legs outside of mine and climbed into my lap.  She shoved a nipple into my mouth as she lined up my cock with her entrance, and slid down. She must have been very aroused because I slid in to the hilt.  Her warm depths were causing their desired effect on me and I started making upward thrusts in time with her downward ones. 


Mickey came close to watch the action and started rubbing Kathy’s boobs.  This succeeded in bringing her to her climax.  With her pussy milking me and the strangeness of the situation, it soon pushed me over the edge.  Just as I started to cum, I pulled Mickey into a hot, passionate kiss.


It was a few minutes before we could collect ourselves. I hugged them both and thanked them.  Kathy was still leaning against my chest with my cock still in her.  Mickey snuggled up against my side.  We finally untangled ourselves and the girls headed to the back to shower and dress.  There must not have been any fooling around because they were out in record time.  We ate a light lunch and then Kathy returned to her trailer.  Mickey went back to take a nap, and I was preparing to follow when I saw Don’s truck return.  Kathy greeted him with a big hug and kiss before they retreated into the trailer hand in hand.  I smiled and went to join the woman I loved.




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