Annie’s Song



The big diesel was humming its song as I headed down I85 southwest of Montgomery, Alabama.  It had taken 3 days to get this far from Dulles airport outside of Washington.  Most times, I enjoyed the scenery as I drove through the states. I had no desire to do so now.   All that mattered now was getting to New Orleans.


Mickey had called saying she had arrived safely after a bit of a scare on the plane.  Some guy had drunk too much and was making passes at every woman on the plane.  The hostess kept trying to get him calmed down, but it took an air marshal that happened to be on the flight to calm him down enough to get the flight to continue. 


When the plane landed at Louis Armstrong Airport, she was detained by security long enough to give a statement.  Seems she was the youngest (and probably the sexiest) woman on board.  In addition, she was traveling alone.  This added up to an object for the drunk’s advances.  After getting most of the facts, the security team asked if she wanted to press charges.  She declined to do so since the man was already charged with several other crimes.  I told her to give me another call when Kait had given birth.


She called again while I was on the road to let me know that Ashley Ann had arrived ahead of schedule but was healthy and just the greatest thing that ever was.  Kaitlyn had a rough labor, but was now resting and very proud.  Louis had shown up at the hospital and convinced the staff that he should be allowed in and when Kait gave her grateful consent, stayed right with her through the whole thing.  My estimation of that young man, high as it was already, went up a few more notches.  Any man, who cares enough to stay for the birth of a child that isn’t even his, is worth a lot.


She had also called her parents.  The reaction was indifference from her mother and hostility from her father.  They did want to talk to Kait but when she got on the phone, her mother started to berate her to give the child up for adoption and come back.  Being exhausted, Kait was in no mood for any of their games.  She told her parents in terms even they could comprehend.  “Ashley and I will get along fine.  And there ain’t no fuckin’ way I would come back to that hellhole.  I have people who love me here and that’s something you could never give.”


Mickey was very proud of her for standing up for herself and her baby and I was in complete agreement.  Once she received her degree and passed the bar, she would be a formidable opponent in the courtroom.


Trouble was restless.  She was normally content to lie in the sun on the far side of the dash or on our bed while the coach was moving.  Ever since we had left D.C. though, she would lay for a bit then get up and wander around, settle for just a bit and start all over again.  I glanced down and to my right to see her sitting on the same step where Mickey had spent so many hours, talking and watching the road with me.


I put my right hand down and she hopped down the last step to rub her head against my knuckles.  I scooped her up and brought her up to eye level.  “I know, Furball. I miss her too.”  I sat her on my lap where she curled up into a ball of gray and black.  “Now, don’t get used to that spot.  This is only temporary.”  The only answer from the kitten was her purring that gave a counterpoint to the diesel’s rumble.


And I did miss Mickey.  Her smile, the silly jokes that she would find on the net and tell me.  The way she insisted on taking care of me while I drove, bring me a snack or a drink and trying to help me navigate using the GPS system.


The nights were when I noticed it the most.  I would roll over to take her in my arms only to wake up and find empty space.  Lisa had been right.  She had brought meaning to my life again.  I had felt more alive in the past months than I had for a very long time.  Yeah, I missed her.  More than I could imagine or even admit to myself.


Just outside of New Orleans, I called Carol’s cell phone.  I asked where Mickey was and she said that she was at their house.  Kait was home now and they were up in Kait’s room.  I told her that I was about 15 minutes out and to put the coffee on.


Mickey must have heard the engine’s sound as I downshifted to pull into the drive because the front light came on and she came running out.  I barely got the lock off the door before she was pulling the handle.  As the engine died out to bring silence to the neighborhood again, she pulled me out of the captain’s chair and into her arms.  “Oh God, Dave.  I can’t believe how much I missed you.”  She said between kisses and a few tears.  “If I hadn’t of had Kait and Ashley to distract me, I would have went crazy.”


I told her that I felt the same way, returning the kisses with abandon.  As Mickey was starting to collect herself, Trouble let her presence be known by meowing rather loudly for such a little furball.  Mickey picked her up and cuddled her.  Trouble then gave her a look that seemed to say,  “About time you showed up again.”  Then jumping down, she went to her food dish demanding a snack.  Laughing at her attitude, Mickey opened her a can of food and then took me in to meet her niece.


I walked into Kait’s room to find her feeding her daughter.  She saw me and got a huge smile on her face.  Then she turned red when she realized she was naked from the waist up.  She asked if she should cover up, but I assured her that there was no need on my part. 


I moved to the bedside and got my first look at Ashley Ann.  A tiny babe (at least to me), all pink and with a full head of dark hair.  Her tiny mouth was locked around Kait’s nipple and her little cheeks were working slowly as she finished off her meal.  She pulled away a little bit as a trickle of milk escaped from the corner of her mouth.  Kait then picked her up and patted her on the back a few times and a very dainty burp erupted.  Then she gave a contented sigh and fell into a deep slumber.  Mickey came over and gently carried her to her bassinette.  Kait fixed her nightgown then held out her arms to me.


I went over and gave her a hug.  “Congratulations, Kait.  She is as beautiful as her mother.”


“Thanks Dave.  She is the prettiest baby that there ever was”


“I’m sure she is.  And how is her mother doing?”


“Still pretty tired.  This is the first day we have been home.  Since she was early, they kept her a couple of days just to be sure nothing was wrong.  They said she is very healthy and there seems to be no problems.”


“Since I just got in and am in need of a shower, I am going to go and say hi to the rest of the family.  You get some sleep and we’ll see you in the morning.”


“M’Kay.”  As I turned to leave, she called out quietly, “Dave?  Thanks for letting Mickey come as fast as you did.  It meant a lot to have my sister with me.”


“You’re welcome sweety.  She needed to be here too.”  With that, Mickey and I slipped out the door and down to the kitchen.


Henry and Carol were sitting at the small table that was in the kitchen.  Carol got up and poured me a cup of coffee.  I took a seat at the bench.


“What do you think of your ‘niece’?”  This was Carol, putting the ‘niece’ in quotes with her fingers.  She knew that Kris and I always wanted children and I had a weak spot for babies and young children.


“I think she is beautiful and Kait is a very lucky girl.  The question is what do you think of having an infant in the house now that yours are out on their own?”


Henry answered for her.  “You know Carol, Dave.  She is as proud of this one as if it was one of her own.  She can’t wait to parade her up and down the street in the stroller while Kait is in her classes.  Since Kami came out as a lesbian, and Joe may never settle down enough to have any children, Carol was afraid that she would never have grandchildren.  Kait has been calling her Grandma Carol.”


We all chuckled at that remark, but Carol was smiling.  She had come to love the girl upstairs as if she was her own daughter.  Henry felt the same way but he just didn’t let on.  Carol had told us that he was as protective of her as he had been of their natural daughter, Kami.  On her time off, Kait would often go to the courthouse with ‘Yer honor” as she called him and listen in to the cases being tried in his courtroom.  Then, they would go and have lunch talking the various aspects of legal procedure.


We talked a bit of how things had been going in our lives since we had seen them a little over seven months ago.   It was getting late and Henry had to be in the courthouse at nine in the morning, so Mickey and I headed out to the coach.


I plugged into the outlet on the side of the house for lights and went inside for a quick shower.  Mickey was waiting for me on the bed when I came out.  She reached over and pulled the towel loose and let it drop to the carpet.  She ran her fingers over my abdomen as she picked up the head of my cock between her lips.  She ran her tongue over the head, causing a groan to escape my lips.  As I got hard, she started to get more into a serious blowjob, bobbing her head in slow rhythm taking me further into her mouth with each stroke.  I reached down and stroked her silky hair as she put both hands on my ass and started to take me in as far as she could.


I was really getting into the sensations when she pulled free.  Flipping back the covers she hopped in and turned her back to me.  Giving me a smoldering look over her shoulder she said, “I want you to fuck me from behind hard.  And after you cum, I want you to stay inside.  I want to fall asleep with your cock filling me up.”


I moved onto the bed behind her as she pulled her legs up and open exposing her very wet pussy.  I slid into her with one stroke savoring the liquid velvet of her tunnel along the length of my cock.  I adjusted my angle of penetration until the head of my cock was rubbing across her G-spot with every thrust.  This sensation caused Mickey to come even closer to her release and she started moaning.  I reached over her body and circled her clit with two fingers.  That was all it took and she went off like a rocket, her body vibrating with spasms of pleasure.


Between the blowjob and the feel of her tight pussy milking me, I lost it.  As she was starting to come down, I started thrusting into her with short fast strokes shooting my seed with each inward thrust.  This caused her to have another orgasm, less intense, but still very satisfying.


I remained plugged into her as she asked, and just moved my hand from her tummy to lovingly caress her breasts while I nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear.  She was starting to drift off so I reached down and pulled the sheet over us.  I squeezed her in one last hug and drifted off into the first restful sleep that I had managed since she had stepped onto the plane.


I awoke the next morning to a knocking on the door of the coach.  My cock had slid out of her pussy during the night and had found a resting place in the juncture of her thighs.  I disengaged slowly and grabbed my robe and opened the door to find Henry standing there in his suit and tie.  He said that Carol was fixing breakfast and we had about 20 minutes before it was ready.  I thanked him and returned to the bedroom to find Mickey still sound asleep.  I studied her naked form for a few minutes before I woke her up.  She sat up and smiled a good morning to me.  I gave her a quick kiss and told her that Carol would have breakfast ready soon.  She got up and walked quickly to the bathroom to let the remainder of our combined juices from last night come out.  She then washed up and slipped on a sundress.  We gave Trouble some attention and fresh food and water, and then headed into the house.


We found Kait and Henry already seated as we came in.  We took a couple of the remaining chairs, and started in on the waffles that Carol was cooking.  Kait looked tired, and responded that after Annie’s 2AM feeding she couldn’t go right back to sleep, so she had been up until almost 5.  Mickey volunteered to keep an eye on her this morning while Kait went back to bed for a couple hours.  As soon as breakfast was done, the two sisters went upstairs, Mickey cradling Annie in her arms.  Henry finished his coffee and headed out to the courthouse.  He was awaiting the jury’s decision on a drug related murder case and hoped that they would return with a verdict today.


It was just Carol and I in the kitchen when I asked if she would have time to take me downtown to do a little shopping.  I wanted to get something for Annie, and Mickey’s birthday was coming up in little over a week.  I wanted her opinion on something to get that Mickey would like.  She agreed and we were soon on our way.


It had been years since Carol and I had done something together, just the two of us.  As teens, we got along better than many of our peers.  We had spats every now and then, but I always stood up for her, and she did the same for me..  And we always seemed to enjoy each other’s company compared to just hanging out at the local hot spots - at least when we were not dating someone.  I had actually been the one that took her to the shops and bought her the ‘perfect’ dress for her prom.  It had been my present to her.


This time I was buying some dresses, and other things, for another princess.  She was still about 17 years away from prom, but she still needed some nice things to wear in the meantime.  With Carol as a guide and consultant, we soon had the back of her minivan filled.  We stopped at one of the small outdoor Bistros to have some lunch before I got what I wanted for Mickey.


During lunch, Carol brought up the same thing that I had been thinking.  “You and I haven’t done something like this since before you and Kris got married.  I really missed not having you around to talk to my last year in high school.”


“Well I was around, but by then you had so many boyfriends, you had forgot about your brother.”


“I didn’t forget.  Some of those guys were a little bolder after you moved out though.  If they tried to push me too hard, all I had to do was remind them how you beat Joey Cummings after he tore my clothes.  That made them think about what they were doing.”


I joined her in a good laugh about that incident.  Joe Cummings was a weasel of a boy that Carol had gone out with more as trying to be friendly than having any real interest.  However, he took it as a sign that she wanted more, much more.  He tried to kiss her when he brought her home and she refused.  He tried to force the issue, and they started to struggle.  I was walking home from Kris’ house and came upon them just as he ripped her shirt and bra.  I normally was not a violent person, but I ended up beating him pretty good.  I pretty well knocked him out with the first blow, which happened to coincide with Carol giving him a well-placed kick.  When he returned to school that Monday, he had two black eyes and a broken wrist.  He swore up and down that Carol had beaten him up.  After that, his reputation was shot, and Carol’s went up a lot.  Common knowledge was that if a guy messed with Carol, he took his chances.


“I wonder if he ever knew the truth?” I asked her.


“I don’t think so.  But the lesson worked.  The next girl that went out with him was treated with kid gloves.”


We had a last cup of chicory coffee just basking in the afternoon sun.  As we left, Carol headed to a shop for some things she wanted and I finished up what I needed to get.  We met back at her vehicle after about an hour.  She took one look at my purchases and broke down in laughter.


“You didn’t really buy that thing, did you?” She asked through her giggles.


“Every little girl needs a teddy bear.”


“But Dave, that thing is huge.  She will be able to use it for a bed after she gets out of the crib.”


“I know, but I couldn’t resist.  Besides I got her a soft little rabbit that she can snuggle with too.”  So what if this pink and white bear was big enough to be buckled into a car seat.  I thought it was cute.


Still giggling we left with our bounty and headed home.  We went in carrying all the smaller purchases and stopped to put the majority in Kait and Annie’s room.  We pushed the door open quietly to see Kait sitting up on the bed holding a book on her lap.  Her head was bent forward showing she had dozed back off.  Mickey was walking back and forth across the room cradling Annie in her arms.  The child was asleep but Mickey continued to walk looking down into the infant’s face and singing softly to her.  She looked up and saw us at the door and motioned us to be quiet.  I set the first load down softly and then returned to the van to retrieve the rest of it.


When I brought the bear in, I could see Mickey’s eyes dancing with laughter.  I set it over by the window, set the rabbit down in Annie’s crib, and turned to leave.  I was almost to the door when Kait stirred.  She saw the bags sitting by the bed and me sneaking out.


“Dave, just where do you think you are going?” she said in a low voice.


“Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you.”


“You didn’t.  What is all of this?” She pointed to all the bags.


“Well, I guess I did go a bit overboard.  But Carol would say ‘this is cute’ and somehow it ended up in the pile.”


“I really appreciate it, I don’t think we will run out of clothes.”  Mickey walked over and handed me little Annie so she and Kait could look at all the stuff I had brought in.


I took the little bundle in my arms.  It had been a very long time since I had held a baby.  Probably, it had been Kami when she was about a year old.  Annie seemed so tiny snuggled down in my arms breathing gently.  I sat gently down in the rocking chair that was across from the bed.


“Hi there, little one.  You are sure lucky to have a mommy who loves you and an aunt that feels the same way.  When you grow up, we can go and see all the things you will like.  Tell you what, when you get big enough, I’ll teach you to drive that big ol’ bus outside and we will take you on all kinds of trips.” 


About then, Annie opened her eyes.  They were the deepest blue I had ever seen.  I continued to talk to her and she would coo back to me.  She must have heard and felt the rumble in my chest as I talked and was reacting to it.  But part of me wanted to think that she just enjoyed my company.  I was touching her hand and she suddenly gripped my finger in her tiny grasp.  Such a perfect little girl.  I could imagine that Mickey and Kait must have looked like this when they were born.  If it was true, she was going to be a heartbreaker when she grew up.  Hell, she could melt my heart now.


The flash of a camera suddenly blinded me.  I looked up and through the spots I saw Mickey holding a camera.  “Got to have a picture of the first time Uncle Dave held her.”


I tried to act mad, but I guess my smile gave me away.  Annie started to fuss a bit, so I gave her back to Mickey.  Before I could head out the door, Kait came over and gave me a hug.  “Thanks for all the stuff, Dave. You have done more for me than I can ever thank you for.”


“Hey, I just wanted to give her something from Aunt Mickey and Uncle Dave.”


“It just isn’t the stuff today.  It’s bringing me here.  Helping me pay for college, for being there when I needed someone so desperately.  You’ll always be my knight in shining armor.”  By now she was sniffling.  I looked down and saw the tears in her eyes.  I just held her tighter swaying back and forth.  I had heard that a woman would be emotional after giving birth, but this kind of took me by surprise.


She moved back wiping the tears from her cheeks.  I bowed at the waist and in a very bad English accent said, “You are welcome, M’Lady.  Rescue of damsels, a specialty.”


I got a chuckle as she went over to retrieve Annie.  Mickey had changed her and now it was feeding time again.  “Tell Carol I will be down for dinner tonight.” Kait called as Mickey and I went down to see if Carol needed some help.


Dinner was delicious as usual.  Annie joined us riding in one of those carrier things you see women carrying around all the time.  The phone rang as we were finishing our coffee.


“Kait, it’s for you.  Sounds like long distance.”  Henry said as he held the receiver out for her.


“Hello?  Oh, hello Mother.  I have Annie in my arms right now so I am going to put you on the speaker phone.”  She pushed the button and then replaced the handset.  We could now hear both sides of the conversation.


“Kaitlyn, I called one last time to try and convince you to return to where you belong.  We could give the baby to a good Christian family.  That is as long as it isn’t half black or Mexican.”


“No mother, the guy that raped me was white, as if that would make any difference.”


“Thank the Lord.  At least you didn’t tempt one of ‘them’.”


“I didn’t tempt anyone.  Why can’t you get it through your head that it wasn’t my fault?”


“Well, no matter.  You must return here.  You can’t stay there and be around all those heathens in that Godless place.”


Now Kait was getting upset.  “Why should I come back there?  I barely escaped with my life and my sanity.  I sure won’t come back and let Father beat on me some more.”


“Now dear, your father loves you.  If you would just follow God’s will, you wouldn’t have any problems.  Now when are you coming back?”


“I will say this only once more.  Annie and I are staying right where we are.  And there isn’t a thing you or that monster you are married to can do about it.”


“Kaitlyn, you take that back.  Your father is a very important...”


Kait broke the connection and then sat there shaking and crying quietly.  Mickey went over to comfort her.  I moved over to where Henry is standing.


“Henry, there isn’t anything they could do to force her to give up Annie or go back is there?”


Henry had an answer immediately.  “I can’t think of anything that we couldn’t counter immediately.  The only one who would have any legal claim at all is the natural father, and I don’t see him doing anything.”


Kait had calmed down by the time the doorbell rang.  Louis, the boy Kait had met at the bonfire at Christmas, had come to see Kait and Annie.  Kait stood and gave him a kiss that he returned until he remembered we were all still in the room.  Henry suggested that we adjourn to the second floor and allow the lovebirds some privacy.


Upstairs, Mickey was furious.  She was ready to call her parents and really give them a piece of her mind.  I told her that I thought she should let Kait handle it.  We argued for a bit until Henry suggested she should talk to Kait first.


Carol wanted us to use the same bedroom we had before, but we declined.  Trouble had been by herself most of the day and we should stay there.  So after we drank the last of our glasses of wine, Mickey and I headed out to the coach.


As we passed the den we heard Kait moan.  Looking over, we saw that the lovers had left the door open and were making out on the couch.  At the same time, Louis looked up and saw us.  He jerked back and his movement startled Kait who turn her head.  Grinning I spoke in a stage whisper,  “Try nibbling her earlobes.  Works for me with her sister.”  Then giving a thumbs up to the thoroughly embarrassed couple, we walked out the door.


As soon as we were out of range, Mickey cracked up.  “That was really mean!”


“Yeah, but it is true.”


“Okay you’re right.”  She snaked her arm around my waist and we walked to the coach together.  Trouble was waiting for us, sitting on the counter and looking very perturbed.  Mickey picked her up and was giving her many hugs and pats.  Then a couple of quick showers and then we were snuggled up and sleeping quietly.


The next few days were quiet.  Annie was growing and with all the constant attention, was a happy little girl.  She was starting to keep her eyes open more and was alert to sounds now.  Since Mickey had never celebrated her birthday with a party, Carol was busy planning one for her.  And Mickey when she wasn’t holding her niece, she was trying to teach the furball to walk on a leash.


Actually, this was an interesting battle of wills.  Mickey was determined, and Trouble was resisting with all the will in her tiny body.  Mickey was making progress though.  She could now get the harness on the four-legged tornado.  The thin leash was another story.  As soon as Trouble saw the leash, she would disappear into the bedroom and Mickey would have to spend half an hour or so coaxing her out.


I was watching this drama unfold and trying not to laugh when I saw a car pull up in the driveway.  I called to Mickey to follow me and I headed toward the door to intercept him.  The well-dressed gentleman stated that he was looking for a Ms. Kaitlyn Kirk.  When he refused to say what his business was, I thought I knew what he was doing but the reason for it was vague.  I turned to Carol.


“What would Henry be doing right now?”


“He should be in his office right now.  He just finished a trial and is researching his decision on it.  Why?”


“We may need his expertise.  Could you get him on the phone?  Mickey, please go up and see if Kait can come down.  This gentleman has some papers that he can only give to her.”


They both left to do what I asked.  The lawyer (or server) stood waiting and giving me looks like I might have him for a snack.  He was very nervous.  Finally, Carol came out and handed me the cordless.


“Henry, we may need your advice soon.  There is a document server here to serve some kind of papers on Kait.  I would guess it is some kind of ruse by her parents.  Okay, will do.  Thanks.”


I handed the phone to Carol.  “He said that we should go ahead and let this man do his job, and we will make a response.”


Kait came out of the front door carrying Annie with her.  She identified herself and took the papers that he offered her.  As he left, Kait glanced over the papers.  “That no-good, cock sucking, pile of shit!!!”  She was so angry that she was almost shaking.  “Jerry Mannis is trying to sue for custody of Annie.  I’m sure Father put him up to this.  They are never going to get away with this!”  Then she suddenly broke down in tears.


I gently pulled the documents from her hand as Mickey helped her back into the house.  Henry had said that he was going to be home within the hour.  While we waited, I scanned the papers.  Sure enough, Jerry Mannis was trying to get custody of Annie, claiming Kait to be an unfit mother.  I made note of the petitioning attorney’s name and number.  I also started to think of how to handle this.


Henry came home with a woman following close behind.  He introduced the woman as Brenda Taylor.  She was an attorney, and from Henry’s perspective, one of the best.



She was going over the complaint when Kait came down, followed closely by Mickey who was carrying Annie.  Henry did the introductions and we all sat down at the dining room table.  Ms. Taylor finished reading the complaint then sat back.  “Now Kaitlyn, tell me your side of this.”


“Well Jerry was my first date and a double date at that.  We had necked a little, and then he wanted to go farther.  I tried to push him off, but he ended up raping me.  When I found out I was pregnant, I called and told him and he told me to get lost.  My parents were of no help, and I ended up trying to commit suicide.  Dave and Mickey rescued me from there and brought me here to live with Henry and Carol.  After I had Annie, my mother tried to convince me to give the child up for adoption and to come home.  I would bet that my parents had something to do with this.  They want me there to be able to control me.”


Brenda was scribbling notes on a pad.  Mickey told her what their home life had been like.  She made some more notes and then we started to discuss possible strategies.  Carol called for some take out and we ate as we brainstormed.  About ten that night, Brenda left with all the ideas and a promise to set up the meeting for the day after tomorrow.


We all met in Brenda’s office for a conference call with the opposing attorney, his client, and Kait’s parents.


The meeting started with the opposing attorney stating that Jerry had already taken a DNA test and was suing for the custody of the infant. The basis of his claim was that Kaitlyn was an unfit mother without a source of income and she has a history of disappearing since she had run away without letting Mr. Mannis any chance to have a say in how the child was going to be raised.  That Kaitlyn had left a loving and stable environment to hide from his client.


Brenda cut him off.  “Here is how this is going to work.  Mr. Mannis is going to withdraw any and all claims to parentage of the child.  There will be no harassment of my client from this day forward.”


“And why would he do that?  It isn’t in the best interest of the child.”


“Because if he doesn’t, I will be contacting the District Attorney there to have charges of forcible rape brought against your client. I have already contacted the parties that were present the night the child was conceived, and they have already faxed their sworn statements to my office.  Furthermore, there will also be warrants sworn out for the Reverend and Mrs. Kirk for child abuse and neglect.  The ‘loving and stable environment’ you spoke so highly of in your complaint was not such at all.”


Henry spoke up then.  “My name is the Honorable Henry J. Washburn of the superior court of the state of Louisiana.  The papers are already in the works for the subpoena to get a DNA sample from your client.  But since you already saved us the trouble, the report will do.  Once the paternity of your client is established, you will be receiving a judgment for child support, which will be in effect until the child reaches the age of eighteen or twenty-two if she wishes to attend college.  The only way this order can be rescinded is if your client relinquishes his claim of parental rights.”


From the other end of the line we heard a young male voice.  “Man, I didn’t want to do this anyway.  You and your wife put me up to it.  Now, I am going to end up in prison for the rest of my life.”  The lawyer told him to shut up and then requested that we hold the line while he conferred with his client.


The line became live again and the lawyer agreed to the demands.  The suit would be immediately withdrawn.  In addition, the documents terminating Mr. Mannis’ parental rights would be filed and copies sent.  Brenda stated that there would be a restraining order filed on the Reverend and his wife keeping them from contacting Kaitlyn or her child.  The conference ended and we all shook hands.  I told Brenda to send the bill to me and we would take care of it.  She shook her head and said this was pro-bono.  Her parents had been abusive to her as a child and she had made it out.  She knew that Kait was in pre-law and doing well.  If she made it past the bar someday, she would be welcomed into her firm.


The troop left in a much happier mood than when they had arrived.  We stopped in the French Quarter for an early meal and then headed back to Henry and Carol’s house.


When we arrived, Louis was waiting for us.  He and Kait went inside first, in deep conversation before they even started up the stairs.  The rest of us went up to relax and watch TV.  Louis left early that night since he was due to be at work early the next day.  Kait came wandering into the room shortly after the front door had closed.


She was unusually quiet and thoughtful.  Mickey went over to her and they were soon engaged in a quiet but earnest conversation. Watching Mickey’s expressions I could tell that it couldn’t have been too bad.  By the time we went out to the coach, she seemed back to her bubbly self.


Mickey fed and petted the furball while I answered some email and checked a couple things.  I then checked the door and we headed to bed.  Mickey was in the mood for slow sensual lovemaking and I was more than willing to comply.  After bringing her to a drawn out orgasm orally, I moved up and slid into her pussy in one stroke.  She was whimpering from the first thrust and she continued as I would pull almost all the way out and slowly pushing back in until the base of my cock was rubbing against her clit.  She locked her ankles around my hips and started thrusting her pelvis against me trying to increase the pace. 


I did start moving faster.  In addition I reached up and pulled and tweaked her distended nipples.  I knew her nipples were sensitive and judging by her reaction, it must have the right thing to do.  Her back arched and her thighs locked around my waist.  I could feel her pussy pulsate down the length of my cock.  Her entire body was shaking as her orgasm washed over her.  I started moving again once she relaxed a bit, wanting to reach my own climax.  Several hard thrusts and I could feel my climax starting to build.  I shoved into her until I was buried as deep as I could get. I felt the release all through my pelvis as I shot into her again and again.


We were lying together, cuddling in the afterglow when she told me about what Kait had been thinking about.


“She said that they were sitting together talking about how things had gone today.  When he found out that Jerry agreed to sign over his rights, he asked if I would let him adopt Annie.  She was confused until he told her that he meant if they got married.  She was hesitant about marriage until she has her diploma in hand.  He agreed to that since he wants to finish college as well, but wanted her to think about it.  Seems he is worried that she might find someone else.  She assured him that she was very happy and if they were still together she would be happy to marry him.


What she was worried about when she came in was that maybe she was wrong to try and finish school.  Would he want a wife that was a lawyer?  I asked her how he reacted when she was studying or talking about classes.  He was very interested, and even offered to help her out when he could.  I told her he seemed fine with it, and she should continue with her plan.  Her biggest concern was that he would want to wait for making love until they were married.  I laughed and told her I was sure if she hinted at it he would be more than willing.  Now she is fretting the 5 weeks the doctor said she had to wait.”


I whispered into Mickey’s ear as I nibbled on it.  “So little sis is horny.”


“Mmmm.  Too bad, because big sis just had her brains fucked out and I will have to brag tomorrow.”


The next day was Mickey’s birthday.  She would be 25 and this would be the first time she had celebrated with people that really cared for her.  Carol had planned a small dinner party with some of Henry’s friends from work, and Kait’s friends from school.  A small gathering of 20 people for dinner.


I kissed her awake that morning.  “Good morning sweetheart.  Happy Birthday.”


She smiled up at me through sleepy eyelids.  I played with the furball until we were ready to start the day.  Mickey showered and dressed, and then we went in for breakfast.


We were greeted with “Happy Birthday!” from the three that were already seated at the table. Mickey was a little embarrassed from the attention, but thanked them all.  Carol had a few things that she had to finish for the party tonight then they were going to pick up a new dress.  I followed Henry’s lead and found something else to do until late afternoon.


I spent the remainder of the morning alternating between playing with the kitten and getting some work done.  By late afternoon, I pulled my dark suit out of the closet.  Thinking about it, I placed it back in and dug into the very back of the closet.  Hidden away was my tuxedo.  Classic in every style and for any formal occasion.  And Mickey deserved the best.  I found Henry and we took the tux to a cleaners that was close by.  They said they would have it ready in an hour, and we adjourned to a pub nearby for a game of darts until it was time to go back.


I used the room that we had been in previously to lay out my clothes, and then went in to shower and shave.  The ladies had come back and set themselves in Kait’s room to prepare.  I was relaxing before I got dressed and Kait came in and asked if I could watch Annie so they could get ready.  Of course I agreed and we had a good time until it was time to get dressed.  Annie had fallen asleep so I put her on the bed and surrounded her with pillows.


I was adjusting my bowtie when Kait knocked.  She came to retrieve Annie.  I turned to look at her and gasped.  She was dressed in a soft gray dress that came down to mid-calf.  Her breasts, swollen with milk, pushed the fabric to its limits and accentuated the rest of her figure well.  Her hair was made up and she was a vision.


“Miss Kaitlyn Kirk, you are a vision of loveliness.  Louis will need a bib to keep from drooling on himself every time he looks at you.”


She blushed but had a big grin.  “Coming from my biggest crush ever, that means a lot.”


Now it was my turn to feel the heat creep up my face.  I smiled, and she left to change Annie.


As was the plan, I went down to join the people that were arriving.  I was introduced to some very powerful movers and shakers in the political world of New Orleans.  It was just a few minutes when everyone quieted down and looked toward the staircase.  I turned and what I saw took my breath away.


Mickey was standing there, wearing the most beautiful gown I had ever seen.  It was a calf length gown of light lavender with a wrap of the same shade across her shoulders.  It was low cut and showed off the tops of her rounded breasts well.  Her hair was done up instead of hanging loose and the make up was perfect.  She stopped at the landing looking uncertain.  Somebody to my left started to clap.  I joined in and soon everyone was giving her an ovation.  She descended the staircase with grace, smiling the entire time. 


Before she reached the bottom, I stepped forward and took her hand.  Turning to the others in the room, I introduced her.  “Ladies and Gentlemen.  May I present the guest of honor.  Miss Michelle Kirk, late of Texas, Washington, and now of New Orleans.”


Mickey curtsied, and the guests moved into a reception line.  Since I did not know these people well yet, Henry came to my rescue and escorted Mickey along the line introducing her to each of the guests.  I could tell she was nervous, but she handled herself well.


We were called to dinner.  The formal dining room looked its best.  The Victorian paneling showed a soft glow from the double crystal chandeliers.  The catering staff was perfect as usual as well as the service people.  As dinner was winding down, Henry stood and tapped his wine glass for attention.  “Our guest, Miss Kirk, having been to this city on other occasions, had yet to be properly welcomed to our fair city.  This gathering is to rectify this grievous error.”  He lifted his glass.  “May you enjoy the finest our city has to offer and return often to increase the beauty and grace with your presence.”


As the well wishes died down, I leaned over and whispered that she should say a few words.  She turned a little pale but nodded her head.  I squeezed her hand as she rose from her chair.  “My friends, I want to express my appreciation for the warm welcome.  Our travels have seen us all over this country, but I must say that New Orleans has always been among my favorites.  It has beauty, history and warmth.  All of that is due to you, the folks that make up its population.  I am proud to be accepted into your city.”  She raised her glass to general agreement.


“Ladies and gentlemen, after dinner drinks are being served in the library” Carol announced.  I moved over to help Mickey from her chair.  “That was a good speech.”  I whispered to her.


“Nothing like Henry’s though.”


“Henry can be long winded.  You did just fine.”  I held her back while the others moved to the library.  “Wait a minute before you go in, I want to talk to you before we join them.”


“Something wrong Dave?”


“No Mickey, nothing’s wrong.  I just wanted to tell you that when you got on that plane, I felt more alone than I had since Kris was killed.  I couldn’t rest, or hardly think of anything other than getting back to you.  It was something that made me realize that I don’t want to be without you.”  I bent down on one knee.  “What I’m saying Sweetheart is this, if you want this old man, I would very much want you to be my wife.”  I opened the black velvet box to reveal the present that I had bought for her.  A one-carat diamond set on a band of gold.


Mickey stared down at the box, and then into my face, her eyes filling with tears.  “Oh, Dave!  You’re serious!  Oh God YES!!”  She was sniffling and dabbing her eyes with her right hand as I slipped the ring onto her finger.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the door creep open, and Carol’s head peek around the corner.  As soon as she saw what was happening, quietly closed the door.


I got up and Mickey hugged me tightly.  She dabbed her eyes and gave out a big sigh.  “We better join the rest of the party.  But before we do, I want you to know I always dreamed of being married to a gentle, loving man.  And now I get to.  She gave me a kiss and took my hand to cross the hall and rejoin the party.


When we came into the room, I could see that Carol was beaming.  “Ladies and gentlemen!  I have an announcement.  This is indeed a special day.   I asked her for her hand in marriage and she accepted.  So not only are we celebrating the birthday of this young woman, we are now celebrating our engagement!”


Kait ran forward and hugged both of us in turn.  The rest of the guests gave their congratulations and the ladies surrounded Mickey wanting to see her ring.  After asking Henry to be my best man, I stood by a bookcase and watched the proceedings.  I was thinking that now I would not have to worry about being lonely ever again.  Most men are lucky to have one woman who loves him in his life.  I had been blessed with two.  You couldn’t ask for anything more in life. 


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