"It Was Almost Like a Song"

The concept here is to take a title of a song of most any style and to write a story using the title as a theme.  The story probably won't follow the song (where would be the fun in that), but the title will have something to do with the story.  Some may not be as obvious as others.

I want to thank Girl Friday for all her help on these stories.  They would be less than they are without her support and skill.  Read her work.  It is outstanding.  


Almost Like a Song is now available as one long file in PDF format.  I will also make it available in .DOC and RTF formats very soon.



Wolf Creek Pass:  The title comes from C.W. Mc Call who also had a hit with "Convoy".  A man traveling alone confronts a blizzard and something he didn't suspect.  

Silverton:  Our couple starts their journey together as they hitch a ride on the Durango to Silverton train.  Another of C.W. McCall's songs.

Canyon Trilogy:  Dave and Mickey visit the Grand canyon and discuss their feelings for each other and encounter someone new.  Named for the  album "Canyon Trilogy" by R. Carlos Nakai

Las Vegas Nights:  The couple vacation in Las Vegas.  Dave sees another side of Mickey when she encounters an old classmate.  A couple of other surprises as well.  The title is a song by Hootie and the Blowfish.

Amarillo by Morning:  A frantic call sends the couple back to Mickey's home where she must confront her past to secure her sister's future.  Title is a song from George Strait.  Thanks to Rod Ramsey for the song suggestion.

(So Adios Amarillo) Hello New Orleans:  Mickey's sister, Kait, relates her ordeal and the start of a new life with the help of Dave and his family.  The title is a song by Robert Earl Keen.  The title fit so perfect that I had to use it.

(Take me Home) Country Roads:  Mickey is worried about meeting the siblings of Dave's late wife.  What she doesn't know is that they have a secret of their own.  The title song is from John Denver.  It fits the location and the ambience.

Annie's Song:  Kait has a new baby, and Dave comes to a realization about Mickey.  Named after another John Denver song.  Kait's daughter is  named Ashley Ann.  The connection is obivious.


Because We are in Love:   The final chapter of the series.  Wedding plans mixed with other problems keep all of the family busy.  The theme song is from the Carpenters.  Richard composed it for his sister's wedding, so it fits.