Spirit Renewed  Part 2


I was still confused and even angry, but I couldn’t stand for her to be in tears.  I rose up enough to wrap my arms around her and held her to me while she calmed down.  The girls came in after a few minutes and Kelly wondered why her mother was upset.  Donna told her not to worry about it now and we all would sit down and talk later.  We had a nice, if subdued dinner and the women headed toward home with the promise that I would visit there tomorrow.


I tried to sleep that night, but the events of the day were running through my head.  I rejoiced in the idea that Donna seemed to still care for me.  Having a daughter was another thing all together.  MY daughter.  I could get used to that.  At the same, I deeply regretted all the years that I had missed watching her grow up.  It would have made my life complete to have had someone to come home to.  Maybe I wouldn’t have been as successful, but it would have made it worth it.  I drifted off in the early hours of the morning still trying to decide how this would turn out.


After waking shortly after dawn, I grabbed some coffee and called down to have a car waiting in an hour or so.  By the time I was ready, the desk called telling me that everything was taken care of.  I left a message for my secretary and my manager telling them where I would be and that I was not sure when I would be coming back into the city. 


The long drive gave me more time to think and I finally decided just to see how things would go from here.  The local radio stations were talking about the concert and the surprise guest from my first band.  There was talk of it being a staged event, since I had been born around here.  I used my cell to call the station and once they believed me that I was really Jason Daniels, I explained that I had indeed invited the woman and her daughter to the concert, but that her coming on stage had not been planned.  In order to prove it, I promised to come to the station in person to verify all this.


This distracted me long enough to make it to the small town where we had grown up.  I called Donna to make sure they were up before I got there.  She was, but the girls were still in bed. I stopped and picked up some Danish for breakfast then pulled up to her house.


Donna opened the door dressed in a robe.  She had apparently taken a shower since her hair was wet, but I could tell from her face that she had not slept much either.  We went to the dining room, sitting in the same spot that I had been in just a couple days before.


As soon as we had settled in, I reached over and took Donna’s hand.  “I figure that we both have been tossing this around all night.  Just let me say what I need to and then we can go from there.”


She agreed so I began.  “Last night I was still in a state of shock about finding out that I had a child.  I was also really pissed that I have missed so much as she grew up.  But I also know that it was not your doing, but that of your parents.  I am not sure why you didn’t contact me earlier though.  Anyway, there is nothing we can do about that now.  I know that I want to have a part in Kelly’s life if she wants me to.  And if you want it, I want to be back into your life as well.  The thing is Donna, I don’t think I ever stopped loving you.  I put it in the back of my mind when I didn’t hear from you, but it has always been there.”


Donna was almost in tears when I said I still loved her.  She pulled herself together though and answered me.  “I never fell out of love with you.  Even when I was married to Arthur, it was you I was dreaming about.  When we had sex, it was you that I would think of.  That may have been part of the reason for the divorce.  As far as you taking a part in Kelly’s life, I would love to have you do that.  She will have to make up her own mind.  But knowing how she idolizes you, I can’t see why she wouldn’t want to hang out with her father.”


We heard a sleepy voice behind us. “Jason, what are you doing here so early?  I must look like a mess!  And do you know something about my dad?  Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t let me find out who he was.  Can I meet him soon?  That would be almost as good as meeting you!”  She was going a mile a minute.  It was really cute to see her with her hair all messed up, her eyes still showing signs of sleep, but the words were just pouring out.  I wondered if she was always like that and I wanted to find out soon.


“Calm down a bit, Kel,” her mother told her.  “You sit down and I’ll get you a glass of juice.”  Then to me she said.  “Kelly hates coffee, always has.”


“Mom, why would he care about something like that?”  I could see her face getting red.  Donna just chuckled.


“As soon as you are awake, Jason and I want to talk to you.”


“I am awake enough now, especially since it has something to do with my dad.”


Donna took over then.  “You know that your father was my high school sweetheart.  You also know that he left before you were born.  What you don’t know is that he never knew I was pregnant.  Your grandparents wouldn’t let me tell him, and after a couple of years his career took off, making him very successful.  That was about the time I married Arthur.  After that we were doing fine and I decided it was easier to let the matter lay rather than rehashing the entire thing with your grandparents.  Then you wrote to Jase and the whole thing came to the surface.”


Kelly turned to me.  I came around the table and knelt down beside her.  “Kelly, there is no easy to say this, but last night your mother told me that I am your father.”  Her eyes got huge and she started to tremble.  “You have to believe me -- if I had known, I would have been here with you.  The big question is; do you want me in your life?”


She finally found her voice, at least in part.  “You’re… I mean… Jason Daniels is my dad?”  With each word her voice rose in pitch.  Suddenly she bolted from the chair and ran into her room.  I was shocked, and Donna looked concerned as well.


Donna decided to go up and talk to her.  I went into the kitchen and poured myself another cup of coffee.  I tried reading a magazine that was lying on the counter, but it was one of Kelly’s and I was in no mood to read about myself paired with whatever blonde bombshell was popular this week.  At 34, the girls and women that were interested in the intimate details of my life still amazed me.  This would be something that I would have to bring up to Donna and Kelly as well.  Just another complication in an already complicated situation.


After what seemed like hours, Donna came back down.  She had talked to Kelly in the master bedroom since Chrissie was still asleep in Kelly’s room.  Donna got her over the shock and assured Kelly that it wasn’t lack of interest that I had never contacted either one of them.  She was feeling better when Donna left and she would be down as soon as she cleaned up a bit.


Donna then grinned.  “You know what her biggest problem was at the end?  She told me that she felt weird that she had been getting herself off to images of you for a couple of years.  Now she finds out that she has been masturbating to thoughts of her father.”


That kind of shocked me, but I could also see the humor of it all.  We were still chuckling when Kelly came down.  She had washed her face and her hair was all brushed back.  She came over and stood beside me.  “I am sorry that I ran out.  I was shocked and confused.  Mom told me all about how you two were in love in high school and how everything happened.”  She took a deep breath.  “Would it be alright if I called you Daddy?”


With tears in my own eyes I told her, “I would love that.  I am very proud to be ‘Daddy’ to such a wonderful girl as you.”


She then did something that completely melted my heart.  She bent down and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  I returned her hug and then squeezed her even tighter when she whispered in my ear, “I’m so glad you came back.”


Our embrace ended with noises coming from upstairs that signaled that Chrissie was up and moving around.  Kelly turned to look up the stairs.  “I can’t wait to tell Chrissie who you really are.  She is just going to die!”  Then she got serious.  “Is it alright to tell her?  Do you want to keep this a secret?”


This girl was surprising in how quick she was.  “I don’t care who knows it.  I will have to handle my manager, but as far as I am concerned, I don’t care.  I do want to talk to you both on how much you want to be in the spotlight, but that can wait for a day or so.”


“Great!”  Then she turned toward the stairs.  I could see a twinkle in her eyes as she shouted out, “Chrissie!  Get your butt down here and meet my dad!”


We heard her bare feet on the steps and Chrissie’s voice before she made it around the corner.  “You mean your dad’s here?  When did he tell … ” Chrissie stopped in mid-sentence as she rounded the corner.


“Chrissie, meet my dad, Jason Daniels.  Dad, this is Chrissie, but you knew that.”


Chrissie, for her part, was doing a wonderful imitation of a fish.  Her mouth was moving but no sound was coming out.  She also looked like she couldn’t move, so Kelly went over and helped her into a chair.


As Donna fixed some brunch, Kelly explained how this had all come about.  By the time that Chrissie’s parents arrived to pick her up, she had agreed to not spread the news. She went home still giddy though.


I called my manager and said that we had some things that had to be discussed immediately.  Each of the women packed an overnight case and we were soon headed back to the city. We checked into my favorite hotel and I got my usual room.  The suite contained a bedroom on each side and a sitting room separating them, three rooms total.  Donna and Kelly took the room opposite of mine.  Edgar, my manager, showed up as they were settling in. The girls joined us and I started the conversation.


“Edgar, this is Donna, who is now known as a member of my first band.  And this is Kelly, her daughter.  What you don’t know and neither does the public, is that Kelly is my daughter as well.”  It was to his credit that he handled the shock well.  He stood and shook hands with both women.  Edgar thought for a few minutes and said, “I can see some problems with the tabloids, but even fewer from your fans.”  He looked over at Kelly.  “The worst will be for you.  They will try and dig into your past for anything that could cause embarrassment to either Jason or you and your mom.  Can you think of anything that could cause problems?”


Donna started to get angry.  “Kelly has never been in any trouble, not even in school.  She gets all A’s and B’s and is in band and the school paper.  She isn’t the most popular girl in school, but she has guys ask her out.”


Before she could get going again, I put my hand on her arm.  “Donna, Edgar is asking for a good reason.  Those bastards are ruthless.  If Kelly had ever been caught smoking, they would try and make it out that she is a drug addict and it is my fault for  ‘abandoning’ you both to pursue my career.  They will try and dig out anything they can.  He can help smooth it out for both of you.”


“Alright, I understand.  We're just not used to this kind of attention.”


Edgar smiled at them both.  “Let me see what I can do to take the pressure off you both for as long as I can.  Since nobody else knows yet, it will give you all a chance to get to know each other better.  Good thing you are finished with the tour.”


We took some time to figure out some future dates to promote the upcoming album, but the names and dates were left open until closer to the album’s release date.  After we finished making some decisions, Edgar left to give us some time alone.  Kelly was interested in the pre-edit footage of the concert that had been delivered earlier, so she stayed in the common room to use the equipment.  Donna and I moved to my bedroom to talk.


I closed the door and turned to see Donna lean back on the side of the bed.   I rubbed the back of my neck and finally spoke.  “Kelly seems to be doing well with the news, but what about you?”  She looked questioningly at me.  “You have done a wonderful job of raising Kelly, and I don’t want to interfere with that.  But I thought about it all night and I want to be part of her life.  Of course that means I will be part of your life as well.”


“Jase, I would love to have you be part of Kelly’s life.  For years on end I know that she has dreamed of having a father. I don’t want you to feel financially obligated; I never wanted that.  But if you could just love her as your daughter, I am sure that would be more than enough.”


“But what about me being around more now?  Will that put a cramp in your social life?”


She started chuckling.  “Social life?  I haven’t been on more than a couple of dates since the divorce.  I could never find anyone that interested me that would accept the burden of a young child.  You can’t put a cramp in something that doesn’t exist.”


“Do you think you would want the social life of a rock star?”


“Jase, are you asking me to work with you again?”


“Actually Donna, I am thinking of a more permanent arrangement.  But if you want, we can start over and see if we still fit together.  I don’t want to lose you again.”


By this time I had moved next to her on the bed.  She sat back up and hugged me fiercely around the neck.  “Jason Murphy Daniels, are you asking me to marry you?”


“It wasn’t exactly the best way to put it, but yeah, I am.”


“I will probably say yes, but how about if we just start from here and see how it develops between us?  We are both different than we were back then.  Maybe we should see if we are still meant to be together.”


It wasn’t all that I had hoped for, but it would be more than enough for now.  I lifted her chin with my fingertips and gently kissed her.  She returned the kiss with passion and we were soon making out like we had done in high school.


Before we started losing clothing though, Donna pulled back.  “I really don’t think we have time right now to do this properly, especially since our daughter is probably about finished watching the tapes.  But later tonight I would like to finish what we started.”


I reluctantly released my grip on her waist.  “You're probably right, but it's hard to stop.”


She looked down at the crotch of my jeans.  “Yeah, you’re right.  It looks hard, that’s for sure.”


I laughed with her and then whispered in her ear, “You’ll find out later just how hard it is, you little tease.”


“I'm looking forward to that.”  She giggled as she got her clothing straightened out.  As soon as the bulge in my pants softened a bit, we went back out to see about Kelly.


We walked out to see Kelly still sitting in front of the monitor.  She was rewinding the tape and watching the part where her mother and I were singing together.  Donna cleared her throat to get her attention.  “Mom!  I never knew you could sing that well.  You're great!”


“Kelly, your mother is one of the finest vocalists and keyboardists I have ever worked with.  She could bring out emotion in a song that would make the crowds stand in awe.  And didn’t I hear earlier that you are in band?”


“Yeah, but I'm not as good as Mom is.  She taught me the organ and piano and I play the flute in the marching band.  I'm what you would call a ‘band geek’ in school.”


Donna then spoke up, “Don’t sell yourself short, honey.  Who was it that has won the school’s talent show three years running?  And who was asked to be soloist in the All-State student orchestra?”


Kelly’s face was red from embarrassment and she was doing an intense study of the tops of her shoes.  “Okay.  I do pretty well against the student body, but I am not up to the caliber that Jas… err, that Daddy is used to.”


It was really nice to hear Kelly use that word in reference to me, but I also knew it would take a bit for her to get used to having a father. I was determined to make her as comfortable with me as soon as I could.


“I am willing to bet that you are every bit as good as many of the musicians that are out there.  I would love to have you play with me sometime.  If you are half a good as your mother, you would be able to fit in with ease.  Now, I need to know if anyone is hungry.”


Kelly’s answer of, “Yes, I’m starving,” brought a chuckle from her mother.  She tried to glare at her, but she broke into a smile anyway.  “What can I say, I’m a growing kid.”


Dinner was room service, and the evening's entertainment was watching some movie that Kelly was dying to see, interrupted frequently with questions from her on whom I had met and what this person or that person was like.  Around midnight, Kelly stood and announced that she was heading for bed.  She came around to where her mother and I were sitting.  She bent over and gave her mom a kiss and then surprised me by kissing me on the cheek and hugging my neck before she headed toward the bedroom.


Donna and I sat for a while longer, talking about our lives and stopping frequently for kisses and touches.  She finally gave me one last kiss and stood, telling me that I should go and start a shower and she would join me as soon as she checked on Kelly.


I went in and started the water, making sure I had plenty of towels handy.  I was already under the spray when I heard the door open and close, then the shower door slid back.  She was still as sexy as I remembered her.  Her breasts were fuller but were still firm.  Her still narrow waist blended into the firm, twin globes of her ass.  All in all, she would put many of the younger music crowd to shame.


We embraced and started kissing, our hands exploring each other’s wet skin.  We finally moved back and I picked up the shampoo and motioned for her to turn around.  I lathered up her shoulder length brown hair taking the time to massage her scalp.  This brought a relaxed moan from her as she immersed herself in the sensual pleasure of this small, but very intimate act.  I moved her back into the spray of the showerhead to rinse her hair.  As the suds made their way down her back, I picked up the soap that the hotel provided and moved forward.  I pulled her up against me and started to use the soap on her back, the lather making her skin slick and sensual.


 I made my way down her body, soaping the backside while I was planting kisses along the front.  Then I knelt down and started to soap up her feet and legs, ending with my hands caressing her ass and my face buried in her well-trimmed pubic hair.  I extended my tongue tasting her essence for the first time in almost two decades.  The taste was just as wonderful as I remembered it, and the reactions that Donna was displaying proved that she was close to orgasm.  She put her hands on the back of my head and thrust her pussy into my face.  My tongue and lips found her clit and I sucked it into my mouth.  Within seconds her legs started to tremble as she gave herself over to the climax that came crashing over her.  Her legs started to buckle and I followed her down until she was lying on the floor of the shower trying to regain her senses.


When she finally opened her eyes, I could see a look that haunted my dreams and thoughts ever since I had left.  It was a look that showed a mixture of love and lust.  She pushed me upright and the only two words she said were “Your turn.”  She started rubbing her soapy hands along my back and chest and I closed my eyes to the sensations.  I couldn’t believe the effect her soft hands were having on me just by touching my skin.  She slowly worked her way down until she was staring at my hard cock.  She leaned away so that the water rinsed the soap from my crotch, then I felt the wet heat from her mouth as it enveloped almost half my cock.  The foreplay had me at a fever pitch and it took no more than the feel of the head of my cock as it started down her throat, before I felt my orgasm start deep in my crotch.  I groaned a warning and Donna backed off until just the head was between her lips.  Her tongue wrapped around the head as I shot again and again into her mouth.


She pulled back and let my shrinking member fall from her lips.  She smiled, her lips glistening with the remains of my cum.  She turned her head and took a mouth full of water, then stood and kissed me.  We hurried up and finished rinsing then stepped out to dry each other.


Soon, we were in bed snuggling together.  She felt my cock stirring, so she rolled me onto my back and took it again in her mouth until it was as hard as before.  Once she was satisfied I could get no harder, she moved until she was straddling my waist.  She moved up and positioned my cock at her entrance, then she slid down slowly until our pubic bones touched.  She leaned back and I covered her breasts with my hands as she started to move up and down, groaning with each downward thrust.


Her movements started to get more erratic as she approached her climax.  I moved my hands to hold her hips and help her keep her rhythm.  It didn’t take long until we both were crying out as our mutual orgasms overtook us.  Donna slid off my cock and curled up next to me with her head on my chest.  We both drifted off into a blissful sleep.


I awoke the next morning to feel a soft, warm body draped half on me.  I opened my eyes to find Donna staring at my face.  “How long have you been awake?”  I mumbled.


“Just a few minutes,” she whispered.  “I was just too comfortable to move.” We rested there for a few minutes before she did have to move.  The call of nature had become too uncomfortable to ignore and she got up to go to the bathroom.  Her naked body moving across the room reminded me of what we had shared last night and my cock reacted.  By the time she came out, I had willed the erection down and started to get myself ready for the day.


Donna had gone back to the other bedroom wrapped in a towel.  I had ordered coffee and juice from room service and it arrived as she came out dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans.  She gratefully took a cup and sat down rather slowly.  When I questioned her, she replied that she had used muscles last night that she hadn’t used in a long time.


We were chuckling about it when Kelly came out of the bedroom in a long tee-shirt and panties.  She poured herself a glass of juice and sat down looking at us with half-lidded eyes.  “I know Mom didn’t use the bed in there last night.  Were you two, you know… ahh…”


“Yes Kelly, we were most definitely together last night and the ‘you know’ was fantastic.”


Kelly almost choked on her juice[GF1]  and then looked at her mom with her mouth open.  “I really didn’t need to know that.  I mean, I think it's great you guys are together now, but spare me the details please.”


Donna continued to tease her.  “I remember you mooning over what the heart throb Jason Daniels would be like in bed.”


“MOM!!!  That’s not fair.  And besides, that was before I found out he was my dad.”


I must admit it did embarrass me a bit.  I knew from some of the letters that came in that my female fans were attracted to me, but I didn’t really ever think about it.  This brought it closer to home, so to speak.


Donna just chuckled at our discomfort.  “I’m sorry Kel.  I didn’t mean to embarrass you.  But if you ever want details…” She smiled mischievously.  Kelly just rolled her eyes and I looked over and grinned.  This caused her to blush even deeper than before.


Donna left to get her makeup on and finish getting ready.  Kelly and I had another awkward moment being alone with what her mother had hinted at.  I broke the ice by asking her what she wanted to do today.


“Can I hang around with you?  I would like to know just what you do.”


“If your mom don’t care, that's fine with me.  I have a free day today for the most part.  A couple of meetings and some phone interviews.  Then we can do whatever you and your mom want to do.”


The phone in the room started to ring, signaling the start of the conference that I had told Kelly about.  She was fascinated with the conversation as we talked of starting the new tour in mid-July that would last for five months and involve stops in three countries.  The amounts of money that were discussed simply floored her.  After the conference was over, she looked at me in awe.


“You didn’t really mean that you are going to make forty MILLION dollars on this tour, did you?”


“Yes Kelly, that is what is projected, but out of that I will only get a couple of million.  The rest will go for sets, labor, promotion, and the record company gets their cut.”


“But still, that is enough to live on for the rest of my life!”


I grinned at her.  “Not quite, but it is a sizeable chunk.  It might keep you fed for a few months, though.”


She turned and stuck her tongue out at me in reply, but she was grinning, so I knew it wasn’t too bad.  Donna walked back in just in time to see Kelly’s response to my remark and started to say something.  I quickly explained that it was my fault because I had been teasing her.  After the conversation was explained, her only remark was that it would probably last for six months rather than three.  Of course this earned her the raspberry as well.


The rest of the day was spent relaxing.  Around mid-afternoon Donna and Kelly left for home.  Kelly had school the next day and I needed to head to the west coast on Tuesday.  With promises that I would be back late Thursday and the exchange of cell phone numbers, we parted company.


It was later that night that I found out that sleeping alone was something I was not looking forward to.  I was wandering around the suite when my cell phone went off.  Donna was on the other end telling me that she was feeling the same.  We talked for a few moments when I thought of the cabana I had reserved in Tahiti.  Since Kelly had told me that she had the next week off, I asked if the two of them would like to go with me.  She agreed, and we set up a surprise for Kelly.  Donna would have to make some arrangements for me, but it looked like it would work out.


Then our conversation moved into phone sex when I started to tell her what I would like to be doing to her.  By the time I finished, I could tell by the panting and moans that she was about to cum.  I had pulled my hard cock out of my pants and when she went over the edge into orgasm, I followed.  We said our goodbyes, and I got up to find a clean shirt to replace the one that now was covered in my semen.


The next day, I made good on my promise to the radio station by showing up during their morning “Drive by” show.  It went well and I played Donna off as just a member of my original band.  Afterwards, I packed up and left for my house in California.


The next few days were busy, but the nights were long and lonely.  I missed Donna a lot but I also found that I was missing Kelly.  For not having known her before now, I was finding her smile and her wit something I wanted around.


The frequent phone calls made it more bearable.  I talked to both of them every night, finding that I was actually becoming interested in Kelly’s everyday life and her very typical teenage problems.  School, boys, being on the outside of the “in” crowd -- all the things that make up a 17 year-old’s entire being.  Not ever having been a father before, I could only tell her my own experiences, but I was worthless on fatherly advice.


Though we didn’t repeat the phone sex again, Donna and I did have long discussions on what would be in our future.  She admitted that she was worried about what having a girlfriend and a child would do to my career.  I was more concerned about what it would do to their lives.  Every conversation ended with “I love you” and “I miss you” which would have to hold us until the next day.


Thursday finally arrived and I was on a plane back to Kansas City International.  I made it through the gate and to the car rental counter.  I said a silent “thank you” to Kathy since there was a car waiting for me.  I was trying desperately to pass through unnoticed in the crowd.  I needed to get away from the mobs and didn’t want them to intrude on the two women I was going to meet.  My luck held as I left the airport without being recognized and headed north.


The welcome I received from Donna was worth the wait.  She must have heard the door of the car shut because as soon as I made it to the porch, I was pulled through the open door and soundly kissed.  When we broke apart to catch our breath, she led me into the living room and set me down on the couch.  Positioning herself on my lap, she snuggled down for some prolonged making out.  I snaked my hand up under the tee-shirt she wore and stroked her braless breast, causing her to moan into my mouth.  We spent the better part of an hour enjoying the caresses of the other until Donna reluctantly pulled away.


“Kelly will be home in a few minutes and Chrissie will be with her.  It probably would not be the best thing if she caught us like this.”  I reluctantly agreed and Donna untangled herself from my lap, letting my hard cock move from the confined position it had been in.


I had gotten soft enough to avoid embarrassment when Kelly came bounding in the door followed by Chrissie.  It sounded like something had caused some tension as they were talking rapidly as they came through the door. Kelly’s voice was raised as the closed the door.


“I just can’t believe that bitch.  I swear I want to punch her out.”


“That was about the lowest thing I have ever seen,” was Chrissie’s reply.


“What nerve!  Telling ME that there was no reason for me to even show up for the prom committee -- since I didn’t have a date, I wouldn’t be going anyway!”


“Well everybody knows she's the school slut.  When she got caught blowing the basketball team at that party, it just proved it.”


Donna stood up and the girls saw her.  “Is something wrong, Kel?”


“Nothing major. Meredith Wilson was just being her usual stuck-up self.  You know how she acts -- everyone else is beneath her since she is so popular.”  It was then that I stood up.  Kelly spotted me and came over to give me a hug.  Chrissie just stood there looking shocked.


“I’m glad you made it back.  I’ve missed you while you were gone.”


“I’ve missed you too, but I am going to be around this weekend.”


I released Kelly from the hug and turned to Chrissie.  “How are you doing, Chrissie?”


“Jus… Just fine, thank you.” I could see she was uncomfortable. 


“Chrissie, you will have to get used to me being here.  Just think of it as being around any of your other friend’s parents.”


“But none of the other parents are major hunks and famous! Oops ... ” She turned beet red with that.


I chuckled, “Well, would you be too adverse to giving the “famous hunk” a handshake at least?”


“Oh hell Chrissie, he doesn’t mind a hug you know!”  This was from Kelly, who was smiling at her friend.


Chrissie did come over and get a quick hug.  It was probably more than what the other fathers got, but the feel of her petite body made me not care a bit.  When she finally moved back, she was flushed and breathing rapidly.  Kelly looked almost jealous.


Donna and I sat back down and the girls went up to change clothes, then reappeared so we could decide on something for dinner.  Pizza was the unanimous choice and the girls set to discussing the toppings and to call in the order.  Donna decided that some beer would taste good with the pizza and left to go and pick some up.  As soon as she was out the door, a silence fell on the room.  The girls seemed to be afraid to say anything.


I finally tried to break the ice.  “So ladies, what was the problem you were talking about when you came in?  Anything I can help you with?”


Kelly spoke first.  “Not unless you know how to get back at a person who is the most popular girl in school and flaunts it.”


“Yeah. Meredith likes to flaunt how important she is and how she knows all these important people.  She heard us talking about the concert in the hall and all but called us liars.  She said she knew we couldn’t have gone because it was sold out.”


“I wanted to tell her off so bad, but you had said to keep it quiet so I did.  But it was a close thing.”


“Okay ladies.  I can see the problem here and maybe we can do something about it.  Let me talk to Donna.  You know the reason I wanted you to keep quiet was because of Kelly’s privacy.  Reporters and photographers from the national rags will be mobbing you once it gets out.  That is why I want to talk to Donna first.”


That seemed to open up the floodgates as the girls started telling me about how school drove them crazy and what the boys at school were like.  This was peppered with questions about what they had read about me in the teen magazines.  I hated to burst their bubble, but I had to set them straight on about 90 percent of what they had read.   By the time Donna showed up and the pizza was delivered, both girls were chatting away like normal teens.


The pizza boxes were soon emptied and we sat back watching some inane sitcom on the TV.  The girls decided to do their homework and get ready for bed so they both said their good nights and headed up the stairs.  Donna snuggled closer to me on the couch and took a sip of her beer.  I put my arm around her and pulled her in for a kiss.  As we sat there, I asked her how she wanted to handle the exposure that was sure to be coming.


“I’m not sure that there isn’t anything we could do about it.  I guess I will take it as it comes along.  Kelly is mature enough to handle it.  If they bug her too much she just won’t talk to them.  Chrissie is so madly in love with you that she would never say anything that would hurt you.  But I think that both girls would love the attention – at least for a while.”


“It will be coming out and soon.  Maybe we should talk to them both and make sure they are alright with it.”


Donna went up to the door of Kelly’s room.  She put her hand up to knock, but instead stood listening then signaled me to come up.  As I got close to the door, I could hear Kelly’s voice.


“…It is just strange for me right now.  I mean to go from lusting after someone to finding out he is your dad.  What really bothers me is that any time I hug him; I almost have to change my panties.  Do you think I will ever get used to it?”


“I’m sure you will.  But I don’t know if I ever will.  When I hugged him this afternoon I started cumming.  I just hope he didn’t notice!  I would just die right here and now.”


“How do you think I feel?  And I know I can’t have him.”  She paused for a moment.  “Chrissie?  You think it would be really awful of me if I still thought about it when… well, you know?”


“I don’t see why not.”  Then Chrissie sighed, “I know I will!”


They both fell into a fit of giggles.  Donna and I moved silently down the stairs and back to the couch.  Then Donna called out loudly enough that they both heard her and came down the stairs.  In answer to their questioning faces, Donna told them that we both wanted to talk to them.


I patted the couch beside me and they sat on each side of me.  “I just want you both to realize that you don’t have to worry about causing any problems for me if you happen to slip and say something about my relationship with Donna or Kelly.  The reporters will swarm for a bit, and then move off when the next big celebrity story breaks.  That is just the way things happen in this business.  In order to minimize the brunt of it, I have a proposal for you.  For your spring break next week, I would like to take you all to Tahiti with me.  I will set a press conference for tomorrow afternoon in Kansas City and explain it all.  I would like Donna to be there and if you are willing, Kelly, you as well.  Rather than hiding, we will introduce the world to my daughter.”


Donna insisted that she wanted to be there, and Kelly was willing, if just a bit scared.  Chrissie got permission to go along for moral support for Kelly.  It was then that Kelly asked if the invitation to Tahiti included Chrissie.  I told her of course, since they couldn’t be separated anyway.  Just as long as her parents gave permission, it would be no problem.


“Don’t worry about that, Mr. Daniels.  My parents are so busy with their own problems that they are happy to have me out of the way.  I mean, they love me and all, but they are so worried about maintaining their image, that they just don’t really have time for me.  Donna sees more of me than they do.”


That settled, they once again headed for Kelly’s room.  I doubted if they would sleep much tonight.  Donna got permission from Chrissie’s parents and we made plans for the next couple of days.  I called Edgar and told him what we wanted to do.  He said he thought it was the best way and he would have everything ready for us tomorrow.  We then checked the house and headed up to bed.


As we settled into bed, Donna propped herself up on her side and stroked my chest.  “I have a confession to make.  I’m just like my daughter.  Every time I hug you I need to change panties too.”


We both chuckled quietly, and then I reached up and pulled her head down for a kiss.  We didn’t get much sleep that night either.


The next morning I awoke with an urgent need to empty my bladder.  I slipped on some jogging shorts and headed to the bathroom.  I was still concentrating on doing my business when Chrissie came barging in.  I was just finishing up, my cock still exposed.  She stopped and stared, and I admit that I did the same.  She was a well-formed teen, her figure was revealed in the almost transparent top and panties that she was wearing.  She mumbled a quick apology and ran back out of the room.  I washed up and started to knock on the door to let her know that I was done.  As I reached up to knock I heard the unmistakable sounds of her getting herself off.  Embarrassed, I hurried back to the bedroom.


I went back in and snuggled against Donna, my now hard cock resting between the cheeks of her ass.  I dozed a bit, but was awake as soon as the alarm went off.  Donna reached over and turned the alarm off then rolled over to give me a kiss.  We cuddled for a few minutes then got up to start what would be an eventful day.


With Kelly and Chrissie on their way to school, Donna called the principal’s office.  After explaining the circumstances to Principal Davies, he arranged to let me pick up the girls at lunch, and to notify the teachers that they both would be gone from classes an extra week.  I was going to cut my vacation by a week and theirs was going to be extended by a week, so it was a good compromise.  The other reason would be to allow the furor that today’s announcement would cause to die down while we were out of the country.


Donna and I made some plans and she started getting things packed.  We knew the girls would want new bikinis for the trip, but that could wait until we arrived there.  My bags were already waiting and Donna took enough to cover any occasion.  Kelly and Chrissie would have enough time to pack between when I picked them up and when we would have to leave for the news conference.


It was soon time for me to pick up my daughter (I was really beginning to like the sound of that) and her friend.  I drove to the school and went into the office.  I met the principal and after proving who I was, we spoke for a few minutes on the potential problem of reporters.  He assured me that they would be escorted off the premises, and that Kelly would be quite safe from interference.  He was a gentle man, for all of his linebacker build, and I believed he would do as he said.  He loved all his students and wanted what was best for them all.


The bell rang as I came out of the office, so I stood just out of sight to allow the mass exodus of students to pass by.  I saw Kelly and Chrissie come down the hall.  They both walked up to the edge of a crowd.  I could see in the middle of that crowd was a tall, leggy blonde.  This had to be the infamous Meredith.  I slipped out and got closer, curious as to what Kelly was up to.  I got close enough to hear Meredith talking.


“… and we still don’t know who we are going to get for a band.  Prom is a couple months away, and I haven’t liked anyone we have heard.  When my daddy has a party he always gets the best.”


It was then that Kelly spoke up.  “Well Meredith, I could have asked my dad to perform if he had the time.  But since you said that there was no reason for a band geek like me to even show up, why bother?”


“And how would your father know anyone who would be good enough for our prom?  I suppose you are going to tell us he knows Jason Daniels and that is how you supposedly got into that concert.”  Meredith’s voice was full of sarcasm.


“As a matter of fact, he knows Jason Daniels VERY well.”  Kelly spotted me leaning against the wall several feet away.  “Daddy, could you come and tell this little fool that you are very close to Jason Daniels?”


As I walked over to Kelly, I lifted the brim of the hat I was wearing so they could see my face.  There was complete silence as I walked up and put my arm around Kelly and gave her a kiss on the cheek.


Meredith seemed to start to recover from the shock of the situation, though a young brunette to the side collapsed against her friend.  “You?  You’re Kelly’s FATHER??  This can’t be happening.  But you can’t be.  This just can’t be happening to me.”


“Oh, you can believe it Meredith.  Just watch “Entertainment Tonight” and you will see that I really am Kelly's father.”  I could tell that Kelly just loved it.


As Meredith and her clique continued to sputter, I snaked my other arm around Chrissie’s waist and we left the school.  We made it just in time before I was recognized.  The girls both collapsed in laughter once we were away from the parking lot.  They calmed down enough to give Donna the details, but would still crack up laughing anytime either one thought about it.


We arrived at the conference early enough to prepare back stage.  By then Kelly was looking pale.  The reality of being exposed to all those reporters was starting to weigh on her.  I put my hands on her shoulders.  “Kelly?  Are you alright?”


“Yeah Daddy.  I am just a little scared seeing all those people out there.”


“You don’t have to face them sweetheart.  I can do all the talking.”


“No, it’s alright.  I can do it.  Just make it soon before I chicken out.”


“We'll be going out in just a few minutes.  I will go out first, and then you will come out.  Don’t worry, they can’t do anything to you.”


“I love you, Daddy.”


“I love you too, Kel.”


I went out with Donna who was in a little better shape than Kelly was.  We sat down at a long table and the crowd hushed.  “Ladies and gentleman, I called this press conference today in the hopes of dispelling any rumors that are bound to be come up.  When I was in high school, I had a girl that I was totally in love with.  We dated until I left to go to California.  What I didn’t know when I left was that she was pregnant.  Once her parents found out, they forbade her from contacting me, and even intercepted my letters.  I thought I had lost her forever, but didn’t know why.  I continued on in my career and she raised the child on her own.


“A month ago I received a strange email that a young lady wrote to me, asking if I knew a woman that had been in my first band.  We corresponded and I came to learn that it was my old sweetheart.  We got together after all those years and that was when I found out that I have a beautiful daughter.  Donna and I are rediscovering each other now and I am getting acquainted with our daughter as well.  Now we will answer any questions we can, but please be kind, since neither of the ladies is used to the public eye.”


There was a general commotion then a reporter from the National Enquirer spoke up.  “Donna?  Can you tell us all why you didn’t tell Mr. Daniels about your child together?  You could have gotten child support a long time ago.”


“Well, at first I was still under my parents control and I married shortly after that.  By the time I had divorced, Jason was on his way up and I didn’t want to take the chance that one of the tabloids wouldn’t try and use us to derail his career.”


The next question was directed at me.  “Why didn’t you come looking for her until now?”


“That is a hard one.  I know I thought of Donna often.  The biggest reason was that I loved her enough even then to want her to be happy.  And when I hadn’t heard from her for a few years, I figured she had moved on.”


“Talk about miscommunication.  I thought you had forgotten all about me!”  Donna's comment, accompanied by her wry grin, brought a chuckle from the group.


Someone I didn’t recognize from the back shouted, “When do we get to meet this mystery girl?”


I held up my hand to quiet the murmurs of agreement.  “Look folks, I have always been straight with you.  I answer all requests for interviews if I can fit them into my schedule at all.  Now this girl is not used to crowds like this, so can you take it easy on her?  She will answer questions, but don’t be too rough on her.”


Martin Williams from the Sun called out, “Oh, we have us a virgin.”


I laughed, “With interviews yes.  Any other way, I haven’t asked.  And if you do, she probably won’t tell you.”


I waved at Kelly and she came out.  She almost ran to me and gave me a quick hug before sitting down on the opposite side of me from Donna.  The flash units were blinding as they all tried to get their first shots of her.  Things settled down a bit and the questions started.  Kelly was a real pro, answering every one without hesitation.  If they tried to twist anything, she would set them straight.  After 15 minutes, I called for one last question.


“Is there a marriage in the works to make Kelly really your daughter?”


“First of all, Kelly is already “really” my daughter.  I am listed as the father on her birth certificate.  As far as marriage, we are just getting reacquainted, so that is still a ways off.”


We stood, and thanked them for their time.  A couple of the photographers asked us to pose for some shots, and then we hurried out the side door.  A limo was waiting to take us to the airport where the company jet was standing by.  On the way, Kelly pulled me down so she could whisper in my ear, “Just so you know, I am.”


“You are what, Sweetheart?”


“The comment about being a virgin?  I just wanted you to know I am.”


“I really didn’t need to know, but I appreciate you trusting me enough to tell me.”


This was a flight where I was normally bored.  However, watching Donna and the girls on their first flight made it exciting.  Donna was quiet, but you could see the excitement and maybe just a hint of fear in her eyes.  The girls were another story.  As the plane taxied to the runway, they were holding each other for dear life.  Once we were in the air, they relaxed and started asking questions about everything that was on the plane, about where we were staying, and most importantly -- if there would be any boys.


Finally they dozed off, waking up as we started on the final approach.  We were met by a limo and taken to our cabana, which was almost directly on the beach.  Since it was late evening, we explored the facilities briefly and then headed for bed.


The next morning started a two-week adventure for the girls, and a time of rediscovery for Donna and me.  Most of the time, we would find Kelly and Chrissie on the beach, showing off their figures in the smallest bikinis they could find.  They had their pick of boys flocking around and had a pretty active nightlife as well.


Donna and I fell back in love. Though maybe it was just that we had to realize that the love had always been there, we just needed to be reminded of it.  By the time we headed back, Donna had agreed to move to California after Kelly graduated in June.  Kelly didn’t want to move and leave Chrissie, until we pointed out that she could visit anytime she wanted and stay as long as she felt like.  This arrangement was good enough that Kelly was ready to move whenever Donna was.


For me -- I had finally found what I had needed.  The flight back was more relaxing than I could imagine.  Because now I had what I needed and longed for -- I had a family.





Kelly and Chrissie graduated in the top 5 percent of their class.  They were suddenly popular, and the girls just took it all in stride.  Kelly didn’t go to the prom, deciding to be with me in London for a benefit with Elton John.


Donna sold her parents house and moved out just days after graduation with Kelly.  Chrissie’s frequent visits stretched out until she just moved in.  She eventually got her degree in computer sciences and runs the family’s websites as a sideline. She is good company for Kelly since Donna and I both are on tour.


Kelly followed us into show business, at least in a way.  She modeled for a few years then started her own agency.  Many of her clients have appeared in top shows and even a few playmates have joined up.


Married?  It took Donna a year or two, but we finally had a private ceremony and honeymooned at the same cabana where we first vacationed as a family.  We are talking about retirement in a few more years, doing only charity shows and an occasional album.  We are all still close.  I regret that I missed so much time with Donna and Kelly, but I am keeping my vow to never again miss another minute.  My spirit was renewed by the love of my wife and my daughter, and continues to be to this day.



~~~~~ FINIS ~~~~~


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