The Short Ones

(Short Stories)

These are the stories that are not serialized in chapters.  They are posted in their entirety.  Enjoy and watch for new additions.

The Rescue:  Tim Rivers is a volunteer for a Search and Rescue group in the Rocky Mountains.  But can he be rescued from the pain that has colored his life up until now?  (MF, Rom.  6,941 words)


Second time Around:  A short story about a man who leaves his cheating wife and falls for someone he doesn't expect to.  Written for a FKWLounge story fest that has the theme of "fresh starts".  (MF, MMMF, rom.  4210 words)


Spirit Renewed:  A teen idol is feeling like he is losing his life, he thinks back on when he started.  Then events conspire to bring him lost loves and new surprises.  (mf, MF Rom.  Part TWO  is now ready.

What a Christmas Eve:  When alone on Christmas Eve, a guy makes a wish.  Sometimes wishes come true in way not expected.  Part of Frank Downey's story fest.  (Mf, teen, humor, Fant.  1987 words.)

Lady Down on Love:   Old friends meet after several years on the eve of a date that holds bittersweet memories.  Written for the FKWLounge story fest.   (MF, Bittersweet Romance, no sex   1522 words)

One More Chance:  Karen had broken Bill's heart in High School.  He thought he was over her, but then she contacts him.  Is Bill ready to take one more chance with her?  Based on true events.  (MF, rom  2851 words)

The AirportI woke up from a dream with this in my head and hurried to get it down before it was lost.  No sex but emotional content.  (Flash, no sex, Caution  595 words)

The Bikini:  A shopping trip becomes more than Lee had bargained (or even could hope) for.  (M/F Rom  5,896 words)

Gone Awry:  Jason was checking the "fresh meat" that wondered into Harry's bar.  He hooks up with Kimberly and things are going great until... (MF/FF 1191 words)

Cheryl:  Written for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October).  Cheryl could hear the fighting going on outside her bedroom.  This was the worst one yet.  (no sex, violence  825 words)

Love not denied:  First posted on Frank Downey's group as part of a Halloween festival, it is a short tale of love that transcends even death.  (MF, supernatural  1433 words)

Peeping:  This one was an experiment.  The entire thing is dialogue only.  Think of it as listening through a wall or door.  You can hear what is said, but it is up to your imagination to "see" the action.  (M/F  621 words)