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 This story is complete as far as it goes. It's the
 first collaboration between my boyfriend and myself.
 Maybe that's why it hasn't been completed, two minds
 two directions. If you read this please feel free to
 offer ideas for the second half, who knows if someone
 helps me past the dilemma, I just might finish it.
 (Forgive the many error that must plague this little
 story, I haven't had my faithful proofreader clean it
 up for me.


 (SWF) 'Single White Female' (mf, cheat)
 by Kristen & Jeff
 May 6th 1999

 A really strange thing happened to us recently, I'm
 still not clear in my own mind how it all came about.
 I guess that's why I'm writing it down now, maybe it
 will help me to understand what we did and why.

 My boyfriend and I had just moved back to the Seattle
 area after two years away, and I was happy to be back.
 Jeff and I stayed with friends for the first two weeks,
 then found a nice place a little north of the city --
 kind of tucked away from the crowds in a wooded com-

 The house that we rented was a 3 bedroom with a full
 attic, and one of those old turn-of-the-century wrap-
 around porches at the front. It wasn't that big of a
 place, but that porch sold me -- and we took it almost
 immediately. The rent was pretty high, but we figured
 that we could get a boarder to take the spare bedroom
 at the back of the house and charge them a third, which
 would bring the monthly payment back into our range.

 The only problem with our plan was that Dottie; our
 landlady had had some problems in the past with renters
 and didn't allow subletting. I don't usually cut
 corners in the honesty department, but I really wanted
 that house, so I told her that my sister Amy would be
 staying with us, and asked if that would be alright.

 I could feel Jeff's eyes boring holes in the back of
 my head as I stood there looking innocently back at
 this elderly woman as she told me that "family" was
 just fine, but that she didn't want a bunch of stran-
 gers staying there because it never worked out.

 After we signed the papers and had moved our stuff into
 the nice old place, I had to figure out how to adver-
 tise for a roommate without Dot finding out. I finally
 hit on the solution by putting Jeff's cell phone number
 in the ad, and when an interview was required I could
 meet them at Denny's at the turn off about a mile down
 the road from our place.

 The ad read: SWF to share Lg. House with couple -
 must be open-minded but sane, share rent and utilities.
 $600/mo. 209-XXX-XXXX.

 Short and sweet I thought. I put in the open mindedness
 part because I didn't want some born-again telling us
 how we should be living. But looking back, maybe I
 shouldn't have put those two words in there. Oh well,
 what's done is done.

 I had planned on doing the interviewing, so I kept
 Jeff's phone with me so I could set up appointments.
 But as things sometimes turn out, due to stupidity on
 my part I forgot to take his phone with me when I went
 to the gym to workout that Wednesday. Jeff was working
 in our new home office, (The second bedroom, beside
 ours.) and he heard the phone ringing.

 To make a long story short, when I got home we had a
 new roommate. Jeff was pretty enthusiastic about his
 choice, I on the other hand was furious. I said in no
 uncertain terms, "Dammit Jeff, you know that this is
 a decision that we were both supposed to make. What
 has gotten in to you to make you do something like
 that with talking to me first?"

 Jeff gave me his most innocent look and said, "Krissy,
 I didn't have a choice! When you left the phone behind
 I just answered. I only planned to show the girl the
 house, but when she got here, Dot showed up with those
 spare keys she made for us. And well this girl is sharp
 as a tack, she figured out right away what was going on
 and well... now as far as our landlady in concerned,
 Amy's your sister.

 And that's another strange thing, she really could be
 your sister, she looks a lot like you, and guess what?
 Her first name really is Amy, go figure!"

 Amy moved in two days later. I made sure that I met
 with her too, I was still a little put out about the
 why things had happened, but in fairness I really
 couldn't hold it against this girl.

 It was strange that someone so young was living over a
 thousand miles away from her family though. She had
 grown up in Ohio, and had moved out to Washington the
 year before.

 I couldn't get much more out of her, and when she said,
 "The ad said that you wanted someone that was open
 minded, I hope that goes both ways. I know that I seem
 a little mysterious, but I don't really want to talk
 about my past; that okay with you?"

 What could I say, at that moment, even though I was
 only two years older than her, I felt like my mother --
 giving the third degree interrogation. So I shut up
 and helped her finish moving her boxes in.

 Two days later I came home late from my waitress job
 down by the Sea-Tac airport to find Amy in Jeff's bed.


 Being the main breadwinner was a new experience for me.
 Although I turned twenty-nine in January, I've never
 been tied to just one woman before. But I knew I had
 no choice the first time I laid eyes on Kristen.

 She was nineteen going on thrifty, and I was just a
 simple guy getting along in life at the ripe old age
 of twenty-seven. A couple of friends of mine talked me
 into going to a figure skating exhibition in Portland,
 where I was living then.

 That was when figure skating was a big hit all over
 the US, and I figured what the hell, why not. I never
 expected to meet any of the skaters, but after the
 show was over, my two buddies and I were just about
 to exit the lobby area when this little girl comes up
 to me and plucks at my sleeve.

 I still remember those eyes, so full of fire and spice.
 She had this quirky smile lighting up her face, giving
 her that innocent little girl look that I've since come
 to know like the back of my hand.

 She came straight out with what she wanted to say. "Hi,
 my name's Kristen Becker and I saw you rooting for me
 up in the stands. Would you like to buy me dinner to-
 morrow night? I'm free if you are."

 I was dumbstruck, it was one of those pretty skaters,
 and she was seeking me out. I assured her that I'd be
 delighted to, we exchanged phone numbers and the rest
 is history.

 We've been friends and lovers for the past two years,
 and our relationship has moved through all the stages
 from animalistic sexual need, to passionate gentle
 lovers, to comfortable play sex.

 This move to Seattle is what finally got Kristen to
 actually move in with me, she's always been so inde-
 pendent that it was impossible to get her to commit,
 but now that we were living together it required lots
 of changes for both of us.

 I was working harder than ever by the time we finally
 found our new home and took in a boarder. It had been
 a week and a half since Amy had moved in and every-
 thing seemed to be working out well...

 I was on my way home, tired after a rather stressful
 day at work; things hadn't gone all that well for me
 that day. The company's latest project was behind
 schedule, and was being fined each day that we ran

 Not having eaten all day, I picked up a Big Mac and
 fries knowing that Kristen wouldn't be home until
 late -- also that she wouldn't approve of my choice
 of food if she had been.

 Pulling into the drive at the side of our house, I
 could see Amy's silhouette at the kitchen window. 'She
 was quite a fox that Amy,' I thought. 'She really did
 look like she could be Kristen's little sister, same
 general features, nice body and blonde hair.' I
 realized with a little pang of guilt that I was
 wondering what the new girl looked like without her
 clothes on.

 Shaking my head at my stupidity I walked into the house
 and went into the kitchen to get a beer to go with my 
 fast food.

 I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to
 find Amy had gone back to her room. Even though I love
 Kristen, and we have a great sex life, a man tends to
 fantasize about other women; it's harmless in my case.

 I realized that when I'd seen Amy at the window I was
 looking forward to being around her. It is the sexual
 tension that a man has when he's around an available
 woman, I knew that nothing would happen, but was still
 disappointed that she'd gone to bed.

 It was a little past 10 o'clock by the time I went to
 bed. A quick shower and as I hit the sack, the last
 conscious thought that drifted lazily through my mind
 was, Amy -- with her legs spread wide and my hard
 sweaty body snuggly on top of her -- thrusting...
 slowly... firmly... freely... sweetness... Mmmm...


 I was having the hottest dream... it was about the time
 Kristen and I had made love on a rooftop in San Fran-
 cisco. It had been one of the most intense sexual
 encounters of my life. We'd fucked each other on top of
 a building that I had been surveying for a demolition

 We were the only people left in the building and Kris-
 ten had the urge to strip and fuck me in full view of
 the buildings that surrounded ours.

 That's another reason why I love Kristen; there aren't
 a lot of women who would do something like that in real
 life. I think my little Kristen is a bit of an exhibi-
 tionist, which suits me just fine.

 There had to have been 1000 windows looking down on
 that rooftop from the surrounding buildings. I was so
 aroused I felt like I was going to explode, my dream
 was so real that I felt like I was there again...

 I felt a warm moist sensation engulfing my raging
 hardon, and opened my eye's to see a golden head bob-
 bing over me. I moaned and reached down to hold her
 head and shoved myself playfully into her mouth.

 Kristen had learned how to deep throat me some time
 ago, and liked doing it because she knew how much I
 liked it. So I was a little surprised that she gagged
 and pulled off of me for a moment, but I didn't mind,
 she had accomplished what she'd set out to do -- making
 me a her horny slave!
 I lay back contentedly as she started bobbing her head
 over my lap again. I could feel her lips sucking at
 me, and her tongue swirling around my shaft, god she
 felt good.

 'Man,' I thought, 'Krissy is really goin' to town to
 night.' We'd been so busy lately that sex had taken a
 back seat somewhat. In the past couple of weeks we'd
 only had sex a couple of times. I felt a tiny pang of
 guilt, I knew that I should pay a little more attention
 to Kristen, and that she needed regular sex, but my
 stressful project had worn me out lately.

 As I felt my body respond to Kristen's hot moist mouth,
 my mind went back to that rooftop again. I envisioned
 Kristen's golden body laying under me, knees raised
 slightly, open to me as I thrust into her.

 The last rays of the sun poking through the clouds made
 it seem like we were under a spotlight. It was so in-
 credible, the sex, and the thought that hundreds of
 people could be watching us fucking. 

 The combination of that vision and Kristen's grasping
 lips brought me too close, I just couldn't take it any
 more so I grabbed Kristen's hair and pulled her to the
 mattress beside me, burring my face in her neck,
 breathing her scent in. 

 Aha... her perfume was so sexy, I love it. She strug-
 gled against me a little as I sucked on her neck --
 for some reason I wanted to mark her as mine, and a
 little hickey wouldn't hurt her.

 I was a little surprised that she let me do it, be-
 cause usually she wouldn't let me do that to her --
 but tonight it seemed that she was enjoying the marks
 of my love that I was placing on her soft neck.

 After doing my damage to her beautiful neck, I raised
 myself up onto my arms and gave her a deep passionate
 kiss. She pulled me violently against her body wrap-
 ping her legs around me, thrusting her naked body
 against mine. I slithered down a bit, taking a nipple
 in my mouth and began to suck on it. 'Wow, she was hot 
 tonight, her nipples where bigger than normal,

 My thoughts were interrupted when I felt small hands
 between my legs pulling my very hard cock to her open-

 I murmured in her ear, "Baby, you are horny aren't you!
 God I love it when you're this way."

 She just moaned softly, fumbling, trying to push me
 into her almost desperately.

 "Hang on, hang on, there's plenty of time," I laughed
 as I positioned myself. I was looking forward to this,
 the last time Kristen and I had had really great sex
 must have been at least a month ago -- she was so hot
 tonight it was incredible.

 Ahh... yes... The feeling as I sank into my sweet lit-
 tle woman made me groan in pleasure, "Ahh, god woman
 you feel sooo good." I said with feeling.

 Kristen whispered through dry lips, "Fuck me Jeff,
 fuck me hard... make me come, please!!"

 "You want to be my little fuck-doll baby?" I asked as
 I thrust hard into her to the hilt. 'Yes this was going
 to be one of "those" nights -- when Kristen played the
 little whore, when she made it all so good for me, it
 was almost magical, these special nights.

 "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me till I scream for mercy."
 She whispered in my ear, her voice cracking.

 I couldn't hold back any longer, and I didn't want too
 anyway. Wrapping my arms around my lover's firm young
 body, I started to thrust deeply into her. The sensa-
 tions were delicious, I could hear her breath escaping
 in a rush each time I pushed himself fully into her,
 straining to make my cock expand and contract as I held
 myself deeply embedded in her perfect body.

 Over and over again, thrust... hold... expand... yank
 out, thrust back into her to the hilt... strain to
 expand my cock to let her feel me.

 God! She reacted like a squealing little child in a
 candy store, holding me tightly -- rubbing her body
 against mine wildly --  gasping -- her breath coming
 raggedly now.

 I could feel her body shiver under my pounding -- then
 she raised her knees, feet flat on the sheets, to let
 him in deeper, and I went deeper pressing harder.

 Yes! She was coming -- her whole body was shaking with
 passion under my powerful thrusts -- and I knew that I
 wouldn't last much longer -- not with this hot firm
 little body taking all of my love.

 Then my essence rushed to the surface, her sweet grasp-
 ing pussy seemed to pull my seed out of me in huge
 gushes, filling her with my violent moist heat... I was
 spurting hard... then a little less hard... then there
 was just throbbing wetness... then nothing but hard
 breathing as we lay in each others arms sobbing with
 lovers perspiration cooling from breeze blowing in
 through the open bedroom door.

 A harsh light broke the mood, and there stood Kristen
 in the doorway with fire in her eyes!


 Okay that's where our story stops. I for one am not a
 sadist so don't want to take this in a violent direc-
 tion, which Jeff does. He thinks that I should "punish"

 I on the other hand would like to have an affair with
 her but how do you go from finding her in your man's
 bed to screwing each other. <smile>

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