False Startes Web Page

Most writers start a lot of stories they never finish.  This site 
gives writers and readers a look inside the creative process:  the 
fragments here are real parts of erotic stories that never got finished.

The writers want you to know that this is absolutely not their best work. 
Nobody has read proof on most of these fragments--they are just the way 
the authors left them when they decided to abandon the stories and go on 
to other things.

The usage may be poor, the grammar bad, the spelling atrocious.  After all, 
these people have to start somewhere, while the finished products you see 
on Usenet or on web sites are the result of a lot of rewriting and polishing.
Here, however, is the unvarnished beginning. 

Please write to the authors and tell them what you think of their efforts. 
Should they finish these stories?  Have you got a way to help them out?  
Did you enjoy getting a peek at works-in-progress?  Would like to make a 
stab at finishing one of these stories?  Who knows--your feedback just 
might jog an author enough to get the story finished! 

Please bear in mind--all these fragments are copyrighted by their authors, 
just as completed stories are.  Nothing on this site may be reproduced in 
any way without permission from the author concerned.