GingerGin's Lesbian Erotic Writings

These stories are hard-core erotic. They are not the normal soft, romantic lesbian love stories. These stories may contain acts of incest, peeing, fisting, group-sex, insertions, food, and other kinky acts of lesbian sex.

This site is for adults only. Thank you.

Please Note I'm just getting start posting stories here.

Ginger and Joanne
The Toy Ginger and Joanne again.
lost at sea Lost at Sea

My other Stories of can be found in the site.

Starting in Sept. 2000 to Nov. 2000, you will find the following stories listed below.

Lesbian Land 2250

Note: Lesbian Land 2250 is a fantasy about a futuristic city inhabited solely by women. Sex here is open and frequent with no barriers, no modesty, no inhibitions. This is an on going sexual adventure. Some chapters feature acts of incest and peeing. Every chapter contains multiple sex acts.

14 Chapters so far....


Other Stories.

The Video
Meela's Game- Lesbian Domination
Meela and Julie's first time
Lesbian domination
The Lesbian Factory.
Interview with a Lesbian Porn Star. (F/F)
Lisa and Raven- The Story Continues (FF+)
Leslie's lesbian affair (F/f incest)
Leslie's lesbian affair - Part Two (FF/f incest)