Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The bartender peered out the darkened window next to him, reacting to the headlights coming down the long path to the compound. He smiled when he saw the small Acura pull into it's assigned slot. Only members of the club had assigned parking spaces, and Andrew Miller was more than a regular customer, he was a part of the place. Reggie remembered the first time the young man had come into the club with his father and grandfather. It wasn't uncommon for regular customers to introduce their sons to the girls in the club in order to make them into men. Most regulars would become members after a while, gaining access to a separate part of the house, and a slightly more 'select' menu to choose from. The burly man wiped out a pint glass, pulling fresh beer from the tap and set it in front of the corner stool to his right. Five seconds later he saw the door swing open and a young gentleman walk through the door. Drew Miller was an enigma in his time, always dressed impeccibly, cordial, nice, honorable, and above all, good to everyone who worked at the Ranch. After Drew's first time, Reggie had expected he'd seen the last of the young man. Four years later, on his eighteenth birthday, he'd come through the door and re-introduced himself to Alanah, the manager. Since that day, every friday and sometimes saturday would find him either in the members area, or relaxing with a drink in at the bar with Reggie. "Evening Reginald, how are you tonight?" "Excellent young sir. May I inquire after your own family?" Drew smiled and sat down and looked around. "Don't drink alone Reg, care to join me?" Reggie smiled, "Not tonight young sir, but thanks. I believe you have something scheduled for tonight that will allow you some company though..." He let the sentence trail off for effect. Alanah had informed him that Mr. Miller would be involved tonight with something special. Drew raised his eyebrows and drawled in his native Texan twang, "Whaddya mean Reg? I just came in for a few beers.." A hand rested lightly on his right shoulder, causing him to turn to face Alanah. "If you'll come with me sir?" Drew shrugged, winked at Reggie, and took his beer. He and Alanah walked past the end of the bar and up the stairs to the right. The carpets were thick, and the furnishings done well, without being tacky. Along the long hallway were many sitting areas for clients and girls to get comfortable before adjourning to rooms spaced evenly along the way. Drew admired the gentle sway to Alanah's stride, purposeful and seductive at the same time. Her long blonde hair fell in cascading sheets of gold behind her, moving in counterpoint to the rhythm of her swaying hips. She stopped in front of the member's area, punched in a keycode and opened the door for him. "Your room has been prepared and your companion will be joining you shortly, Mr. Miller. We hope that you will be pleased at our presumption, but we always try to keep the clients happy" she finished with a devilish smile, mostly succeeding at sounding businesslike. Alanah had been one of the girls until the former manager found out she had a masters in business and put her in charge. He leaned forward and kissed her cheek, smiling at her. "You'll always be my first Alanah..." he said as he stroked a strand of her hair. He walked through the door, hearing it shut behind him. The area was mostly quiet with the doors open except for the last one on the right, his own. He wanted to get away for the long fourth of july weekend, so he decided to stay the whole time at the Ranch. He drank down most of the beer before opening the door, his prior experiences lately had prepared him for anything. Opening the door, he saw that his bed was in it's place in the middle of the room and candles had been placed in open spaces around the room, on shelves, bookcases, and tables. The effect was soothing and beautiful. There were no windows in the room, but several small pictures and drawings complemented the color and decor of the room. He put the glass down on the bedside table and turned to look at the cd collection on the desk next to the bed. Being a member of the club had it's perks - good music, good liquor, and great women. He didn't have long to wait as he heard footsteps coming down the hallway, stopping in front of his door, accompanied by a soft knock. He went to the door, and opened it saying, "Come on in..." His smile widened as he beheld a beautiful dark-haired asian woman staring back at him. She was dressed in an emerald green teddy, her long straight black hair framing her face. She had straight cut bangs, gold earrings, and wore high heels, making her taller than the average asian woman. "Must be new" he thought to himself as he smiled at the dark beauty smiling back at him. "May I come in?" she asked in a sultry husky voice, her hand moved up to her shapely hip. "Please" he said as he stood aside, allowing her room. She crossed into the room, leaving him to close the door. "What's your name darlin?" he said as he shut the door, locking it. "My name is Kiko, and to answer your next question, yes, I am new. I have heard quite a bit about you Mr. Andrew Miller, and wanted to meet you very badly." Her smile turned devilish as she inhaled deeply, causing her already large chest to become even more pronounced. "Is that right" he said charmingly. "Mmmmm yes, that is right" she purred as she lay down on the bed, patting the spot next to her. Drew kicked off his boots and lay down next to her, observing the fact that she was very curvy for an asian woman. She had large creamy breasts, wide hips and a small waist, "And it's all for me...." he thought as she moved closer, putting her free hand on his chest. They lay facing one another, each with a hand propping their head up from the bed, the other hand beginning to explore. She reached around his neck and pulled him in for a deep wet kiss. He drowned in the sweet taste of her soft supple red lips as she rolled him over onto his back, sliding on top of him. Her breasts mashed together as he brought his hands up to her lower back, her legs straddling to either side of his hips. She drew his lips apart with her tongue, darting and playing with his tongue and lips as her hands undid the buttons on his shirt, pulling it off him slowly. His bare chest was lightly hairy, his pectoral muscles flexing as he moved his arms out of the sleeves. She sat up and undid the back of the teddy, revealing a dark green bra and panties barely encasing her luscious flesh. The bra was lacy, her wide nipples already erect poking out of the material. A satisfied grin crossed his face as he watched her breasts sway from side to side. Putting her hands down on his chest, she pushed her breasts together, eyeing him. "You like my big tits baby?" she asked in an innocent school girl voice that he found decidely erotic. He licked his lips in anticipation and she moved her arms back and forth, mashing her boobs together. The motion of her arms had inched both breasts slightly upwards until her nipples began to poke over the top of the low cups. Her smile was dazzling as she reached behind her to unhook the bra. Before she could unhook the clasp, the fabric stretched enough to allow one creamy breast and then the other pop out of the fabric. She pulled the bra off and tossed it on the floor, cupping her fleshy globes with her hands, her nipples stiffening even more. He ran a hand from her soft hip up her side, causing her to shudder. Her hand moved over his, pushing it up into her firm, warm breast. He ran his finger around her dark areola, coming close to, but not touching her nipple. Her breath hitched each time he came close to it, sighing in a mixture of disappointment and anticipation. As his one hand massaged the warm flesh contained within it, Drew reached up with his other hand to compliment her other perfect breast. Teasing her for a minute or two, he ran his thumbs finally across her nipples, eliciting a loud gasp from her. She reacted by pushing his hands across her nipples again, grinding her now moist crotch into his jeans. "Oh god baby, you are getting me so hot! Are you always this much of a tease??" He chuckled, grasping her nipples and pulling on them saying, "Always at first, always at first..." Her hips continued to buck, a look of frustration crossing her aroused face. "Too many clothes in the way" she muttered moving off his legs and to his side. She pulled the buckle open and opened his pants, reaching in for his thick penis. As she moved his boxers down, it sprang out on it's own, slapping down onto his stomach. She grinned wickedly, her eyes riveted to the fleshy monster as she grabbed jeans and underwear, pulling them over his hips. He rose his hips off the bed while flexing the muscles in his groin, sending blood into his cock causing it to swell and expand. "Mmmmm, so it IS true!" she gasped as his long penis filled with blood and began to harden. Already stretching to his belly button, it began to widen as it filled with blood. Drew smiled as his rapidly hardening cock was surrounded by her hands and groaned deeply as his member rubbed against the soft flesh of her breasts. They were large, round, soft, and as she stuck his cock between them, warm. "No implants here!" he thought to himself as she pushed her warm flesh all around his hard cock. The head stuck out of the top as she began to move up and down on it. She sucked the head into her mouth and rubbed her chest up and down the length as sweat began to collect around his cock. Her tits got slippery with sweat and saliva, increasing the friction and pushing him closer to the edge. She bobbed her head down each time his tool slid between her tits, catching the end with her tongue, licking it like a lollipop. A boiling began in his nuts as he realized that this incredible woman was about to give him the fastest orgasm of his life. His stuttered warning was met by her releasing her tits and cramming most of his whole 10 inch cock down her throat. As her full lips passed over the head and began their decent to his balls, he blew his load. Arching his back shoved his meat down her throat to the hilt, her lips resting in his pubic hair. He felt the sperm boiling out of his cock and down her throat, the muscles in her throat pulsing as she simulated swallowing. Her head continued to bob up and down on his deflating cock, sucking every last drop of semen from his body. She made sounds of delight as her mouth milked him dry. At last she raised her head, and licked her smiling lips, a devilish glint lighting her eyes. "It IS you then..." she whispered. "Huh?" he grunted. He was having trouble focusing on Kiko and what she was saying. He had been with most of the women in the club, but this woman had made him come in record time and harder than he had ever remembered. His whole body felt weak as she sat up on her knees, her firm breasts standing out before her. "How the fuck did you drop me down your throat like that? Why am I so fuzzy? Jesus, I feel like I am going to pass out." He weakly tried to reach a hand up to stroke her breast, but she caught his hand and pushed it behind him. He felt something cold and metallic wrap around his wrist, right before he heard the click of the handcuff securing his right arm to the headboard. Before he could move, she reached over for his other limp arm and shackled the other to the other corner of the bed. As he struggled lamely with his hands, she pinned his legs down and tied them to the end of the bed, leaving him spread eagle. "What's your ultimate fantasy?" she whispered as she straddled his hips, the silk of her panties sliding against his limp cock. "Being tied up!" he answered a little too quickly in a thick slur. She leaned down and planted a deep wet kiss on his lips, sending an erotic electric shock rushing through his body as her lips left his. His eyes opened wide as she leaned back, cupping her full breasts and playing with them. He began to get nervous as she said, "No...that's not it..." He was feeling fuzzy, but he was damn sure he was not going to tell her what his ultimate fantasy was. He was distracted from thinking by strange rushes of heat pulsing through his body. Her grin turned wicked as she rubbed her warm, firm breasts on his hairy musclular chest. "Not telling?" She licked her lips, tasting his seed on them. "Well then, we'll just have to figure it out then, eh??" She responded by putting a nipple in his mouth. He began to suck on it and was rewarded as a trickle of sweet warm liquid splashed into his mouth. He pulled back, "Is that breast milk??" He felt weird and aroused at the same time. She smiled sweetly, saying, "It's mother's milk yes, but it's a special kind. I don't have a kid, nor am I pregnant." He thought he heard a whispered, "Yet", but as fuzzy as he was feeling, he wasn't sure. She groped her tit, squeezing it, sending another warm rush of liquid into his mouth. He drank it greedily, feeling it slide down the back of his throat and down into his stomach, setting his body on fire as it passed. She let him fill his mouth twice from each breast before sitting up. His chest grew hot as she squeezed her big tits together, causing fluid to rush from her nipples onto his skin. He could feel the wetness of her moist panties as she carelessly reached down and ripped them from her ass, smearing her hot cunt juice all over his now, throbbing hot cock. There was dark and lusty look in her eyes as she rubbed the warm breast milk into his skin with her strong hands. His nipples began to burn in a kinky erotic way, like someone had poured hot wax on them. She ran her fingers over his nipples, pinching them roughly as they got hard and erect. Drew had never remembered his nipples being quite so long or sensitive, but was even more surprised as Kiko pulled on them, they seemed to rise off his chest. As she pulled more, he felt the muscles in his chest soften and firm in different ways. He closed his eyes focusing on the erotic feelings now burning in his nipples, warm rushes of pleasure crashing along his body in waves. As she stopped pulling, and began to caress his skin, he opened his eyes to see a pair of very large breasts where his chest used to be. He pulled on the handcuffs shackling his hands to the headboard. "What the hell are you doing??" he shouted in a voice that was higher than his own. Kiko ignored him as he tried to thrash back and forth, his hands and feet held fast to the bed. She moved down his body, grasping his now rigid cock. "Where the hell did I get tits?" he thought as Kiko wrapped her hands around his cock, sliding them up and down his slippery shaft. Her stroking his cock caused his thoughts to rush to the center of pleasure, his rockhard penis. It seemed that with each heartbeat, it would swell even further until the skin felt like it was burning. The whole length of his cock was turgid and purple, slick with her juices, the head an angry mushroom cap that swelled angrily as the blood rushed into it. Her left hand continued to stroke his long cock, while her right hand moved his balls on either side of the huge shaft. She began to run one long fingernail up and down along the the base of his shaft, a strange tingling following the path of her finger. The tingling turned to an icy kind of burn as she began sliding her finger up and down from the base, harder with each pass. He felt his balls contract and fire as the skin at the base of his cock between his balls separated and Kiko's finger penetrated the base of his cock, bringing with it the most powerful orgasmic rush he had ever felt. "Oh jesus yes! Oh MY GOD!!!" squealed a high pitched feminine voice. "Who the hell was that" he thought momentarily as Kiko slid her fingers into his body, sperm shooting out of the purple head of his cock all over his tits and chin. It was sticky and sweet and it cooled his burning skin momentarily. As the waves of orgasm began to subside, he opened his eyes. Kiko had slid her fingers out of his body and sat on the bed licking them. She grinned as she reached down with her other hand to her crotch and slowly stroked herself.T Drew laid there amazed as a stubby cock sprang from her bush. He watched in facination as it grew wider and longer. Kiko laid back on the bed and stroked her 9 inch cock as she slid her fingers into an opening in the base of her cock. "JESUS, you got both!!" a voice moaned. "JESUS! What have you done to me?" Drew wailed as he realized the high pitched voice was his own, and that his cock was getting hard just watching this exotic asian hermaphrodite get herself off in front of him. He fought against the handcuffs as she rolled over and licked her lips. She climbed between his legs, putting one hand next him on the bed. The other hand was fumbling around at her crotch when he felt something warm and fleshy bump against the base of his cock. She lowered her body till her breasts mashed against his own. She leaned in and whispered, "Here I come baby..." as the head of her cock slid along the opening of his pussy. His back arched at the pleasure that burst from his crotch. He had a warm, wet pussy, and this big titted woman was slowly sliding her big, fat, juicy, warm, pulsating cock into it. He grew lightheaded from the rush of erotic pleasure emanating from his cunt. He rose higher and higher as she inched it slowly all the way into his pussy. "You like that Annie? You like Kiko's big fat cock in your pussy, don't you baby? Mmmm hmmmm, you sure are tight, but I am going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow." She pulled back until just the head was inside him, and slid right back in to the hilt. Come began leaking from his own huge cock, splashing his belly button. She pulled out and pushed back in a bit faster, picking up the pace. His whole body on fire, every nerve was concentrated on his crotch and the big cock sliding in and out of his soaking wet pussy. "Oh god, fuck me Kiko, slam your big dick in my pussy baby!" he moaned as his own breasts began to rock back and forth in time with Kiko's firm tits. Kiko stopped briefly to untie his legs, pulling them up onto her shoulders. He could feel her rock hard nipples on the backs of his knees as she began slamming into him deeper and deeper. He moaned incessantly as her thrusts became harder and faster, his own cock erupting in huge ropy jets of come all over his tits. Kiko threw his legs open and pounded into his pussy with hard brutal strokes, each one sending a jet of semen shooting from his own dick over his tits and face. She thrust a final time into him, sending molten lava into his body, setting every nerve aflame. His orgasm turned from a rushing jet shooting from his penis, to an internal explosion that started from his groin and radiated outwards. He screamed a high pitched wail of ecstacy as his body arched in response to the orgasm flooding his body. Normally it was a rush from every direction inside his body and out through his cock. "This must be what women feel.." he thought through the orgasmic energy that flooded his body. Kiko's movements became slower and slower as her cock withered and spilled out of Drew's pussy. She collapsed ontop of him, their mingled breasts slick with sweat, milk, and semen. With a last vestige of energy, Kiko leaned up, grabbed the small key from the table drawer, unlocked his hands and collapsed back onto him. He felt the world rush away from him as he passed out. His last thought was how different he felt in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Chapter 2. Reality began to creep its way into his consciousness as he stretched in bed. He vaguely remembered the night before and decided it had to have been a dream until he ran a small hand over his large breasts. Groaning, he heard the shower going, and a female voice humming softly. "Kiko?" he said in a decidedly feminine voice. "Get in the shower babe, and get clean. Then i'll explain..." she called from inside the standup shower. He pushed the last of the fogginess from his brain and pulled the sheet down. Where a fairly muscular legs should have been, there was a shapely hairless pair. The only thing that wasn't womanly about them was the fact that a flacid penis was between the lovely legs. Well manicured hands ran along them, making their way around the bottom of the hardening penis. He felt along the base of his cock and sure enough, he felt the outer labia of a vagina, his scrotum on either side of the opening. Taking a deep breath in caused his large breasts to display prominently in front of him, the pearly white skin capped by thick pink nipples. Drew/Annie inched to the side of the bed, his tits jiggling with every movement. Standing up, they jutted out proudly, standing up on their own with just a hint of sag from the full weight of them. Just looking at them was making his cock stir and his pussy moisten. He shook his head, feeling long hair on his back. "Figures" he thought. He walked into the bathroom, pointedly ignoring the mirror, and stood in front of the toilet. He let loose a torrent of urine, his bladder feeling better by the minute. As he sighed a high pitched sigh, he stole a look in the mirror. A beautiful red-haired woman stared back at him, a look of confusion on her face. He shook his penis and flushed, moving closer to the mirror. Looking into the mirror he saw a woman with long waves of red hair trailing down her back, almost to her shapely round ass. She turned from side to side, displaying creamy white breasts, and a red patch of hair at her crotch, surrounding the only thing that was male, his penis. Long slim legs led down to dainty feet that turned around, displaying a firm full ass. Annie giggled, then chuckled even louder at the high pitch. "Am I Drew? Am I Annie?" Drew/Annie wondered. "Kiko?" "Yeah babe..." "Is this permanent?" "Depends..." "On what?" "On what you want. Do you want to be Drew, or do you want to be Annie? Before you answer, let me offer you this. Be Annie for the weekend, and decide on Sunday night." "Wow...This is so weird." "Heh, yeah. I know what you mean. It makes it easier if you think of yourself as a woman, trust me." Kiko opened the door to the glass shower and beckoned Annie to join her inside. Annie looked at Kiko's lush curves, glistening with the water and suds. Annie opened her mouth to ask a question, but Kiko silenced her with a kiss. Kiko hugged her tightly, their large breasts making it impossible to touch with most of their bodies, but Annie felt her own stiff penis brush against Kiko's hardened cock. The touch sent another erotic shock through her body as her hands played across Kiko's ass, their tongues lazily making circles in their intertwined mouths. As Annie explored Kiko's mouth with her tongue and her ass with her hands, she began to understand why Kiko suggested thinking as a woman. It made more sense, feeling and looking so much like a woman. She made up her mind to be Annie for the next few days. Kiko broke off the kiss and pushed Annie's head under the shower. Kiko put shampoo in her hands and gently worked it into her long red hair. Her fingers massaged the shampoo into Annie's scalp as she worked the shampoo into every inch of her hair. Annie relaxed, letting the warm water rush over her head, taking the shampoo, sweat, come, and milk from her skin. Opening her eyes, she looked at Kiko. She was the most amazingly beautiful woman she had ever seen, and she had done something that could not be possible. Growing up, Drew had always played with himself and as he grew older, realized that his ass was really sensitive. He thought he might have been gay until one day at a comic shop. His ultimate fantasy had caught his attention when he was 15 and had read his first japanese erotic comic. It was a story about an exaggerated hermaphrodite, or the slang term, a DickGirl. It was about a woman with exaggerated features, including a foot long dick the size of a lead pipe. His fantasy was never that extreme, but the thought of being with a woman with a penis had always intrigued him. He had looked at pictures of naked men, but it had never done anything for him. He had even found some transvestites with breasts, but no luck there either. It was the combination of lush womanhood, combined with a thick long cock that got him off everytime in the shower. He was and always would be, a Tit man. Tit fucking and pussy licking were his two favorite past times, but he had always enjoyed playing with the few women in the club who liked to use toys. His ass had always been sensitive to dildo's, but the only time the thought of it turned him on was when a girl was at the end of it, not a guy. He had never considered what it would be like to BE the dickgirl, he simply wanted to be with a woman who had a nice long penis, and have her screw his ass with it. Kiko had obviously taken his fantasy one step further. She pushed her long wavy red hair back and moved from under the water. Kiko took her place and began lathering up her own hair. Annie looked from at her brilliant green eyes, to her long nippled breasts, to the dark hair surrounding her long hard cock. Not only was her ultimate fantasy right in front of her, she WAS Annie's ultimate fantasy. She grabbed the soap and worked up some lather in her hands, applying it to Kiko's large breasts, running her hands around, under and over the darker woman's chest, up around her neck and down her sides. As she pulled her out from under the water, she soaped her hands up and ran them up and down her back and over her ass. She kissed Kiko softly, running her hands around on Kiko's chest, their breasts mingling and getting soapy together. Annie ran her hand down around Kiko's hip, sliding her soapy hand down the length of her cock and bringing it back up again. The deep moan from Kiko told Annie that the slow movements up and down her cock were appreciated. "Oh Annie..." Kiko whispered as Annie moved her back into the water, rinsing the soap from her shoulders, the bubbles washing over her breasts, stomach, and cock. Annie turned around and used the soap on her hands to lather up her ass. Using one hand to hold her cheeks apart, she ran her fingers down over her puckered anus. Shooting a lusty gaze over her shoulder at Kiko, she cooed as she slid a finger slowling into her own asshole. Kiko grabbed her own penis and began to stroke it, the head getting redder by the minute. Slipping a second finger inside herself, she felt the muscles around her asshole loosen slightly. As she worked her fingers in and out of herself, she let go of her cheek, and grabbed her dick. The combination of fingering her ass and jacking off had been one of Drew's favorite shower techniques. As Annie however, the combination took on another level as she felt her pussy begin to leak lubrication as the folds of her labia began to swell. "Oh my god..., stick it in me right now Kik...oh my god Ssssssssssssssssssssss" she hissed through her teeth as she began to feel an itch at the base of her dick. She closed her eyes and began to plunge her fingers deeper in her ass and pick up the pace of her hand over her cock. She felt a tongue on her cunt lips, licking up and down, pausing to push itself inside her as it became too much and she began to spurt semen all over the glass door. Her head spun as her cock began to empty itself, Kiko catching her as she went limp. "Pretty intense, eh babe?" Annie could only nod, the orgasm shooting out of her and spreading throughout her whole body at the same time. "God that was hot..." Kiko growled, her big tits shaking as she pounded her cock for all it was worth. Instantly hot herself, Annie grabbed Kiko's hand to stop her. "Don't waste it..." she murmured as she struggled to stand. She leaned her body against the wall and bent over slightly, offering Kiko a better view of her goodies. "Get it slick in my cunt, and then pound my asshole. I need it Kiko..." Annie reached back and spread her labia apart, Kiko's rock hard cock entering her brutally a moment later. "UNGH!!! Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" Annie growled, goading Kiko on. "Faster babe, light my fire...Mmmmm hot hard cock!" Kiko had grabbed her by the hips and was slamming her cock into Annie's pussy with abandon. Looking back over her shoulder, Annie could see the devilish grin on Kiko's face as she slowed down and pulled her cock out. Annie reached back and held her cheeks apart, affording Kiko with easy access to her ass. Taking a deep breath to relax, Annie expected Kiko to pummel into her. The touch, when it came, was gentle and teasing. She ran her cock over Annie's asshole until it unfolded like a flower. Annie's own cunt juice fairly dripped from Kiko's dick as she rubbed it around on the outside of her ass. Pushing gently, Kiko slowly guided her cock into Annie's asshole, the head popping in suddenly to Annie's delight. "Ooooooooo that feels good. Push it in slowly babe..." Kiko suited actions to words, pushing in an inch, pulling out an inch, pushing in two inches, pulling out an inch, pushing in two more, and so on. The heat that began as an itch in her bowels was fanned to a flame by the time Annie felt Kiko's balls resting next to her own. Incapable of speech from the overpowering erotic rush, she moved her hips back and forth goading Kiko to finally pick up speed and depth. Kiko's hard cock began to plunge in and out of Annie's sensitive asshole, causing the redhead to scream at the top of her lungs. Come began erupting from Annie's cock as Kiko grabbed Annie by the hips and continued barreling in and out of her tender ass. "Gonna fuck your ass good Annie, Kiko's gonna fuck you good" she began chanting. "Fuck me fuck me, ohohOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH BABY....Fuck my ass good, I need it, I want it...Gooooooood....Come in my ass baby, come in my tender ass..." Plunging to the hilt of Annie's ass, Kiko began to match Annie's wailing as she unleased a torrent of come into her ass. Her own pussy was swollen and red, fluid dripping from it as she ravaged Annie's ass through her own orgasm. She continued, slowing in pace until her semi soft penis slipped from Annie's butt. Annie fell to her knees, panting. Every inch of her body was on fire with sensitivity. She could feel the copious amounts of come dripping from her swollen red anus. Tightening suddenly, her asshole closed, and she rolled over to sit down. Standing over her was Kiko in all her glory, a brilliant smile on her face. Hands on hips, wet black hair plastered to her skull and shoulders, her tanned skin glistened with the water from the shower. She winked suddenly, "You need to do that to me sometime, but not right now. Lets get you rinsed off so we can talk." She reached down and easily lifted Annie right off her feet. Pushing the red head under the shower, she soaped her up once more, being careful of her ass, and cleaned her up. She rinsed off herself and turned off the shower. Holding out a robe for Annie, she put one on herself as the younger woman laced hers up. Arms around each other, the pair made there way from the bathroom. Kiko lead her to the bed, pushing her into a lying position with little difficulty. Annie's breathing was still fairly ragged, but she was getting it under control. Strangely enough, her ass was a bit sore, but it wasn't torn up like she had expected. Kiko had been lifting her off her feet for the last several strokes, sending her to an orgasm the likes of which she had never known. She had plastered the walls with her come, but it was the feminine orgasm that had rocked her body. She could feel the juices from her pussy keeping it slick and hot, her cock beginning to stir once more even in her exhausted state. Kiko was using the phone while all these thoughts passed through Annie's addled brain. She turned and smiled at Annie saying, "Be right back. Close your eyes for a few." Not having the strength to resist, Annie closed her eyes and floated for a while. Hearing the door close, she cracked open an eye. Kiko stood there with a tray in one hand, locking the door once more. The smells emanating from the tray pushed Annie into a semi-upright position, her elbows propping her up to see what Kiko had. "Lay down now, I'm going to feed you." Annie pulled a few pillows behind her, smiling at the breafast foods arrayed on the tray. Kiko pulled a few grapes from the sprig, popping one in Annie's mouth before eating one herself. "What happened last night should not be possible, I will start with that. You were born with a gift that is very rare, and very special." Kiko picked up a ripe strawberry and fed it to the reclining redhead. Juice threatened to run down Annie's cheek until Kiko bent and licked it up. As Annie chewed and snuggled further into the bed, Kiko continued. "There have never been very many of us, so to find a new one is pretty rare. We try to keep our ears into off beat places, mostly stuff having to do with transvestites and hermaphrodites. Actually I got lucky with this place. One of the girls is a friend of mine from way back and was letting me stay here. I was going to head back home when I asked her if there were any male patrons who really enjoyed the girls with strapon's more than most. She dropped your name immediately as not only one of the one's who most requested it, but one of the most popular patrons..." She let the last statement hang in the air as she munched on a strawberry herself. Annie looked confused. "Me? I admit I really enjoy being here, I almost feel at home here, but one of the most popular patrons?" Kiko smiled, spearing a piece of melon. She fed it to Annie as she said, "Yeah, Alannah really spoke highly of you, and most of the girls would save themselves from the general floor until you came and chose." "Wait, Alannah is your friend?" Kiko simply smiled. "Wow, what a first she was..." Annie said dreamily. Kiko chuckled. "She was my first too as kids." Annie's jaw dropped. "You're a GUY???" Kiko put down the bowl of fruit, drinking from a glass of orange juice. She smiled and stood up, letting her robe fall till it was exposing her torso, but covering her waist. Her tanned skin shone in the lamplight, her eyes becoming lustful. "Do I look like a man?" she queried, throwing her shoulders back so her large breasts stood out. Annie's crotch was hard instantly. Before she could answer, Kiko dropped her robe completely, revealing her long thick rod, purple veins showing on the sides. She spread her legs and Annie could see her balls move to the side and her labia begin to swell as it filled with blood. She closed her eyes and Annie blinked several times as she sat up. Kiko seemed to be shimmering, standing before her. Before her eyes, Kiko's chest got smaller to the point of flatness, her nipples shrunk, her penis got shorter and the curves that had been so prevalent before were gone. Before her stood a fairly skinny, somewhat graying, smiling japanese man. He bowed formally from the waist and said, "My name is Kaneko Tanaka, it's nice to meet you Drew." Annie's world swam before her eyes as she laid back on the bed and closed her eyes. Everything was spinning too fast for her to realize what was going on. He felt Kiko/Kaneko move the tray of food off the bed and after a few minutes, she opened her eyes. Standing at the end of the bed was the person she had known as Kiko, robed once more. The kindly smile was understanding. "You know what I am feeling right now, don't you?" Annie asked. He smiled, nodding. "Yes, I do. 'Oh my god, I just slept with another guy!!!' or something to that effect, yes?" Annie nodded. "Think about it again for a moment. 10 minutes ago, you were about to jump all over me, yes?" Annie nodded again, somewhat dazed. "You've never been faces with being with a man before because that was something you never wanted to explore, yes?" Annie nodded. "I'm not really gay, am I?" He chuckled, "No, lets just say you have no real sexual preference anymore. Do you want to try an experiment?" Annie paused momentarily, "Will it be any weirder than anything else you have done to me?" She giggled as she finished. He smiled. "No, it's well within your ability. I want you to close your eyes, and take several deep breaths." Annie breathed in and out, loosening her robe as she warmed up. "Now, I want you to concentrate on Annie, but I want you to concentrate on what Annie would be like as a whole woman, not as you are now." She cracked open one eye, he chuckled. "Here, trust me, and hold my hand" She took it and held it, it was warm and reassuring. She breathed in and out and pictured what she had seen in the mirror, except without the penis and scrotum. As she breathed more slowly, she felt a tingling in her groin. He squeezed her hand in reassurance and she continued. She felt several muscles retracting and other things moving around inside her. She waited a few heartbeats longer before opening her eyes. She sat up and pulled open her robe, letting out a squeal. "Holy Shit!" Her vagina was a work of art with a light dusting of red hair in a triangle shape over pouty red lips. She reached her fingers down, brushing along the outside, sending an erotic jolt through her system. "Ooooh that is a LOT more sensitive" she whispered sexily. She looked over at him, and he looked totally different. "What did you change?" she said in confusion, wondering why he looked more handsome. Kaneka smiled, "Nothing, your perspective changed to suit your body type. As you get more experienced with controlling your body, you will be able to change your perspective as well." He sat down on the end of the bed, his gaze lingering on her ripe breasts. "Now that you are thinking from a different perspective, what do think is good in a man, what turns you on? Before it was Kiko. Who is the fully male counterpart to your fully female?" Annie moved up the bed and spread her robe open, licking her finger. "Oooo, this is different alright. Mmmm" she cooed as her fingers found the opening of her labia and she spread them. "I want a big man...a big, broadshouldered, muscled football player type of guy..." she purred as she began to stroke a finger in and out of her sensitive vagina. As she spoke, Kaneka began to blur and change. "Go on..." he urged. Her long tongue flicked out over her nipple as she pushed her left breast toward her mouth. "Nice tight abs, big pecs, arms strong enough to lift me up with no problem. And Black...Oooooh, I want a big strong black man with a nice thick cock. Mmmm Hmmmmm, oooh you are lookin fine now baby..." One hand was now thumbing her clit with abandon as her fingers worked themselves in and out of her cunt. Before her was a bald, muscled, young black stud with a cock the size of a lead pipe. His hands flexed open and closed as he stopped blurring and gazed down on the sexy buxom sexkitten on the bed. He reached for her and picked her up easily. He laid himself down on the bed and turned her around like she weighed nothing, settling her pussy on his outstretched toungue. She gasped, shouting, "Ooooh lick my cunt. Lick my fucking cunt...yessssss...." She grinded her crotch down onto his lips and tongue until she noticed the 10 inch black rod in front of her. She licked her lips as she lowered herself towards it, reaching out and taking hold of it with one hand. Her fingers didn't even wrap themselves all the way around it. "Mmmm big fat beefy cock, and it's alllll ooohhhh, right there baby..." she gasped as he ran his tongue over her clit over and over. "It's all for me...." she wailed as he shoved a thick finger roughly into her cunt. She bathed the head of his cock with her tongue and full lips, running her tongue up and down the shaft for a few minutes. She could feel his fingers and tongue bringing her quickly to climax. As she rose higher and higher, she loosened her throat muscles more and more, somehow taking his massive cock into her mouth and down her throat. Having a throatful of hot black cock in her, as well as his amazingly talented tongue brought her over the edge. She screamed around his dick as her legs clamped around his ears. Momentarily dizzy by the feelings exploding from her crotch, and her need for breath caused her to fall off his cock and onto her side. Her skin tingled and buzzed as she felt herself moved over onto her back. She looked up in a daze to see him moving around and inside her legs. She felt the head of his huge dick at the opening to her pussy, her legs opened further on their own behalf. "Stick it in me baby" she heard herself say. She could not believe how hot she was for this big black cock to be in her, but she began rocking her hips to move his meat inside her. "Give it! Don't be nice, slam that shit into me now!" "OOOHHHHHHH" she screamed as he chuckled, throwing his hips forward. She felt pierced all the way to her throat it was so big. She thought that she might rip something for being so brutal, but her muscles seemed to relax until he was inside her, and then tighten around him to make the fit snug and tight. She felt her own juices flood around his cock and spill out onto his balls as he grabbed an ankle in each hand and speared her cunt rapidly with his throbbing cock. "Oh baby, don't stop!" she screamed as he slammed into her from different angles, the head of his cock pushing her cervix back until it was simply bumping it. "God I love dick...I love your hot black dick fuckin my pussy....OoooOOhhh Yeah! More more mmmmmm" The walls of her cunt were sizzling with the friction of his thick bumpy shaft. He pushed her legs back further and put more of his weight into each stroke, his cock pistoning into her with wild abandon. She moaned loudly, trying to spread her legs more to take more of him inside her. She grabbed her nipples and started tugging on them, sending jolts of erotic tingling through her body. Her clit was being hit less from the position he was in kneeling before her, so she pulled him down by his neck, her tongue finding it's way into his mouth. Thier full lips mashed and sucked together while their tongues danced around one another. His shift in position caused her to gasp, "Oh my god, don't stop..." before she jammed her tongue down her throat. His long cock dragged along her clit, driving her mad. She ground her hips into his generating even more pleasure for her on her cervix and for him in the depth he plunged into her. His thrusts became more urgent as her orgasm began, the peak of their collective orgasm elliciting a primal scream from both of their throats. The slap from their skin connecting continued quickly until their orgasms spent themselves and his soft prick slid out of her, juices spilling out all over the bed. He rolled onto his side, threw an arm around her, and fell asleep 2 seconds after her. Chapter The two of them were having lunch as Kiko and Annie with Alannah, reminiscing about old times growing up as well as the time that Annie had spent as a patron. They had finshed off most of the food and the wine before all of them sat back satisfied. Alannah poured herself another glass and sat in the easy chair, watching the two of them lounge on the bed. Alannah had known Kiko/Kaneka since childhood, but had never believed any of this was possible. Seeing the large black stud turn into Kaneka and then Kiko had convinced her that there was something here that was beyond all comprehension. After Kiko had explained that the two of them were different and that they had a gift for service, Alannah had gotten an idea. "Annie.." she said softly. Annie smiled and said little, her gaze one of contentment, but she looked at Alannah to tell her she had heard her. "Kiko said that you both had gifts to help people with fantasies, and things like that, right?" Annie nodded, not understanding much more than the fact that Kiko said that her body would respond accordingly when the gift was needed. She felt a slight stirring in her groin as Alannah sat up. "Would you help me with a customer? It was a pretty unique request and I hate to disappoint him, and seeing Kaneka when I came in...." Annie's pussy was changing somehow, with her doing anything. "Whoa...Kiko, what's happenening?" Kiko smiled at Alannah. "Well, I think your body is already saying yes" she smiled at Annie, resting her hand on her shoulder. "What does it feel like" she said, motioning to Alannah to be quiet for a moment. Annie closed her eyes, 'feeling' what was changing. Her cervix had moved WAY back and the walls of her pussy had moved quite a bit apart. She began describing the changes in her pussy when she felt her ass widen, and her breasts grow. She looked down over her enlarged chest and watched as her legs got longer. Kiko moved off the bed and walked to the closet. "Alannah, help her up, will you?" She opened the closet as Alannah took Annie's now large hand. Annie stood with some difficulty, noting that she was a LOT taller. She looked into the mirror and saw an absolute amazon. She must have towered over 6.5 feet, her breasts were the size of watermelons and her hips flared out obscenely. She let the small robe fall from her shoulders and turned to the side to admire the changes. Her ass was rounded and flush and giggled when she moved her hips. Her waist was wasp thin, "Good for grabbing" she chuckled to herself. She looked at Alannah, who's jaw had dropped. She opened and closed it like a gaping fish until Kiko came and closed it for her. "Let me guess" she said softly. "You've got a large man who none of the girls can take, and...." she paused as she went behind Annie and spanked her ass, making it jiggle. He looked at the expression on Annie's face, and saw domination. Her grin was one of satisfaction as Annie hefted her enormous tits and let them drop. "Got someone huge who wants a dom, eh Alannah?" Alannah smiled and simply nodded. The new Annie said, "Give me the phone and dial his number..." She could feel herself getting wet at the prospect already, warming quickly to her role. Alannah was astonished to find herself instantly obeying the tone in her voice, dialing the number from memory. Mr. Jenniford was a longtime client who was into watching women together, mostly because he could only masturbate and watch. His cock was just too big for anyone in the club to take and she knew he was always looking for what Annie had just become. The phone rang twice before a woman picked it up. Alannah spoke into the receiver, "Is Richard Jenniford there please? This is Alannah Dikilner" "One moment please" came the reply. A minute later a warm voice came on the line. "Alannah my dear, how are you?" "Dick, call my cell please." was all she said and hung up. She didn't have to wait long until it buzzed on her hip. "Hi Dick, someone wants to speak with you. Are you alone?" She waited for him to reply with a yes before handing it to Annie. Annie took a deep breath and felt herself drop down several more levels into her role. "Do you know who I am?" The voice on the other end of the line stammered a bit before replying, "No, no I don't." "Is that how you address me, worm?" "Oh Mistress! Please forgive this lowly worm, I beg your forgiveness..." "You are not forgiven, and I will see you here very soon, will I not?" she demanded, looking at Alannah. Alannah screwed up her face in thought, finally mouthing, "thirty minutes, tops" "Oh yes mistress, yes you will" "You will be here in twenty minutes, or I will leave. Go, now!" and she hung up. Annie turned to look at Kiko and Alannah. Find me appropriate garb, a dark room, and all of the tools I will need. Go, Now!" she said as she turned and went into the bathroom. "Kiko!" she called before the woman could leave. "Yes mistress?" Kiko responded, her cock sticking out between the opening of her robe. "Thanks Kiko..." Annie said softly, closing the door. She heard Kiko pelt down the hallway after Alannah. A shower and fifteen minutes later found Annie in the bedroom of the dungeon. It was dark, full of nice little torture toys