Brat Pack Ch3

Life returned to normal(if you wanted to call my life normal) in the
following weeks.  I was hyperaware of all of Sam's friends whenever
they would come over the house.  Everyone behaved themselves, but
there was so much chemistry floating between me and Candy and Lake
that you could almost taste it.  All I had to do was close my eyes and
I could relive Candy and Lake bobbing up and down on me, learning(and
teaching) things that they would never have gotten from the guys who
oogled them all the time.  I think they appreciated that I loved them
mentally as well as physically.  Our afterschool coffee sessions were
becoming a regular philosophical jaunt.  Some of their other friends
would come with them, but mostly it was just the seven of us - Me,
Sam, Candy, Lake, Christy, Kitty, and Amanda.

Thoughts of the rest of Sam's friends floated in the back of my mind
as the year turned.  Sam came to me to let me know who was next.  Her
friend Amanda's birthday was in a few weeks, and she wanted to give
her a surprise party at the house.  At first, I thought she would come
on to me slightly as she did when she told me it was Lake's turn, but
there was a hesitancy to her demeanor that put me on guard.

"Sam, what's up?"

"It's Amanda, Dunk.  Her birthday is coming up and she's really
nervous all of a sudden."

"Weren't Candy and Lake when it was there turn?"  I was trying not to
sound pompous or arrogant.  I was genuinely concerned.

"Not like this Dunk, there's something wrong.  She and Bobby just
broke up and she won't tell any of us what happened."  She hesitated,
and I think I read her mind.

"Go easy, Go slow..." I said, smiling slightly.  She beamed at me and
just hugged me.  All lustful thoughts of her and me together flew away
in the closeness I felt in that hug.  It was times like these that
made losing my family a little less painful because there was someone
still here loving me.

"I love you peanut..." I whispered into her hair, kissing the top of
her head.

She just hugged me harder and kissed my cheek.

The night of the party approached, and Lake and Candy came over to
help me set up the place.  Kitty and Sam were at a movie with Amanda,
and Christy was picking up some last minute things at the store.  I
had hoped to catch a quick kiss or fondle here or there, but I wasn't
going to make the first move.  Both of them were undressing me with
their eyes, but their hands stayed off me.  I guess they were serious
about taking turns.  Wouldn't have minded jumping into bed with both
of them at once, but it just wasn't in the cards.

The phone rang once, cutting off midring.  That was Sam's signal that
they were leaving the movie.  We had about 15 minutes until they got
here.  Christy walked in a few seconds after the call.

"I heard the ring, was that Sam?" she inquired.

I just nodded, rushing to put everything out on the table.  Christy
ran into the kitchen and dumped the bags in front of Candy, who pulled
out the steaks and other things I would be cooking for dinner.  I put
the last of the snacks out, hearing giggling in the kitchen.  Before I
could go in and ask what they were doing, Candy bolted from the
kitchen, grinning wickedly at me as she ran up the stairs.  I almost
got a crick in my neck watching her chest heave with each step.  I
closed my eyes and shook my head, turning back to the kitchen.

Lake stood there in the doorway to the kitchen smiling, shaking her
head at me.  Christy came out with a platter of veggies and dip.  As
she bent over at the waist to put them on the table, I drank in her
form.  She was taller than the rest, probably around 5'10" or so.  Her
firey red hair was almost always tied back in a braid behind her head.
 She was the only one of them that was not a cheerleader, built for
volleyball all the way.  She had long shapely legs that went up and
made an amazing ass out of themselves.  Tonight she was in a pair of
skintight jeans and I swear I could see her muscles flex underneath
the fabric as she moved.  When she stood up, her ass rippled and she
tured her baby-blues on me smiling.  Her tee-shirt looked like one I
wore 20 years ago, but the word "Bitch!" ran it's way across her perky
melons.  Her pearly white skin was dusted with freckles, especially
across her nose.  She knew I was checking her out since I was just
standing there like a dope with a hardon and a slack look on my face. 
She grinned and spanked me across my butt as she passed.

"Get back to work, slacker!@" she chuckled as she went back into the

Visions of Christy's long shapely legs wrapping themselves around my
back danced through my head as I went outside to light the bbq.  I lit
it turning the flame low and closed the cover.  I wanted it to char
off anything stuck to the grill.  I'd leave that for the time being
and wait to welcome Amanda.

As I stepped through the door, Christy and Lake flanked Candy who was
holding a black coat.  The three of them were smiling as Lake and
Christy walked around Candy and began pulling off my shirt.  Not one
to ask stupid questions, I just grinned and allowed them to divest me.
 Clad only in a pair of jeans, my mind raced with what was to come. 
Lake folded my shirt over one arm, putting a hand on my chest.  She
gazed up into my eyes as she snaked her free arm around my neck.  My
thoughts were lustfull as she pulled me down to her ear.

"Be careful, she's fragile." she whispered as she lightly kissed my

Christy had an unreadible expression and just nodded.  Candy was
smiling as she held out the coat and I realized it was my old tux coat
that I had worn for the party 5 years ago.  I moved towards her,
taking her face in my hands, I gave her a soft kiss.  She smiled as I
turned around, helping me into my coat.

We heard the car door close in the drive way, we all raced to the
living room.  The lights had been turned down as I waited by the front
door.  Lake, Christy and Candy all waited behind me as we heard keys
hit the path and Sam say, "Shit, I dropped my keys."

I turned the handle and opened the door, standing in the doorway
sketching a cheesy bow.  Amanda was directly in front of me.  Her
mouth was a big O of surprise as I said, "Good Eeeeeeevening
Ladies...." in the cheesy voice I had used at Sam's party.  Candy,
Lake and Christy jumped out from behind me and yelled with Sam and

I stepped out of the way as the five of them mobbed Amanda with hugs
and kisses.  She was laughing and crying all at the same time.  It was
so very sweet to see.  I didn't want them standing outside all night,
so I waited until they stopped giggling and screaming, and bowed
saying "Pleeeeese make yourselves commmforrrrtahbul..."

"Thanks Jeeves!"
"Thanks Jeeves!"
"Yeah!  Thanks Jeevies, great spread." Kitty was always one to outdo

Sam and Lake and Christy all thanked me leaving me at the door with
Amanda.  Her tears were dry, but she positvely glowed.  I reached out
slowly and took her hand, bringing it toward my lips.  I bowed over
her hand as I looked up into her dark brown eyes.  "Happy Birthday
Amanda..." I said softly, brushing her knuckles with my lips.  She
sighed and smiled at me.

"Thanks Dunk, I needed this party more than you know." she smiled, but
it was tinged with a bit of sadness.  I would make it my mission to
find out what that was all about and do my best to fix it.  I could
see what Sam had been referring to in her eyes.  There was some pain
there, but right now she was happy.

I kept her hand in mine as I closed the door.  I pulled her hand over
my arm and stuck my nose in the air.  "This way, if you puhleeze." 
She giggled and allowed me to escort her into the living room.  We
walked in a regal stately march, I hammed it up all the way.  My
favorite chair was a leather overstuffed number with an ottoman.  The
stool was pulled up right in front of the chair as I stopped just to
the left of the chair, announcing in a BAD british accent, "My Lady
Amanda, Countess of Aaaaaaah!".  They all looked at me as I had lost
my mind, Amanda saying "Aaaa?" inquringly.

As soon as she began speaking, I stepped behind her, swept her up into
my arms and launched her through the air into the chair.  She screamed
"AAAaaaaaaaah!!!" as she sailed through the air.  She landed with a
yelp, her ass right in the middle of the chair.  She sat back cackling
as I hooked a thumb at her saying "See?  Aaaaahhhh!"

Kitty fell on the floor snorting as the rest of them erupted in peals
of laughter.  I turned smartly, whipping out the tails behind me,
heading towards the patio.  I closed the screen behind me as I went
outside, and opened the grill.  Smoke billowed up as I took out the
tool to scrape off the excess crud.  I really should start using the
grill more often I thought to myself as I finished and hooked the tool
back in it's place hanging underneath.

One of the girls had put out a big tupperware container with the
marinated steaks in it.  I pulled off the top, picked up the long
fork, and flipped them over a few times in the marinate.  It smelled
pretty good as I turned up the grill and dropped them both onto the
fire.  The flames sizzled for a minute or two, and then died back down
to normal.

The screen opened behind me, and I knew it was Sam before she could
speak.  She came up next to me and handed over another plate, this one
holding foil wrapped baked potatoes.  She leaned up and gave me
another kiss on the cheek, and dropped my iced tea on the table next
to the grill.  As she opened the door to go back inside, I turned
around slightly to catch a glimpse of her fine posterior.  She paused
in the doorway and shook it, grinning at me wickedly.

I sighed, mentally damping the thoughts I had running through my head
and began humming "They say it's your birthday" over and over.  They
all came out a few minutes later and set up the porch table.  The
weather was so nice outside, it seemed a crime to eat inside.  The
view from the porch down the side of the mountain I lived on was
particularly fine tonight.  The sun was setting right behind where the
girls were putting out the plates and salad and drinks.  Kitty and
Lake were sitting down already chatting about something, Christy and
Candy coming to join them.

Once the steaks were done and the potatoes were ready, I pulled one
steak off and cut it up into long strips, putting them on the potato
plate.  I did the same with the other steak and put the potatoes
around the outside.

I put the platter in the middle of the table, and grabbed the drink
that Sam handed me.  I remained standing as I held out my glass to
Amanda, smiling at her.  "To Amanda, our lovely Countess of the
evening.  May this night be always in your memory."  The double
meaning was not lost on the group, as Amanda smiled and the others
cried "Hear Hear!!"

With that we all proceeded to eat and talk and eat and talk and laugh,
and eat....well you get the idea.  I pretended to be interested in
something Sam was talking to Candy about, but I was checking out
Amanda in my peripheral vision.  She wasn't saying much and was
looking at me repeatedly.  Everytime I would look away, she would
stare at me until I looked back.  I could tell she was really nervous
about tonight and I wanted to make her more relaxed.

I was sitting next to Christy, so I leaned over and whispered in her
ear.  "Meet me in the kitchen in a few."

I waited until everyone was done and started clearing the plates.  As
they all started to get up, I said "Ahem!", mock glaring at them.  "Yu
vill NOT du my job of der cleaning, thenk yu!  SIT!!"

They all giggled and I nodded, "Gud!"

I winked at Sam and picked up the platter and most of the plates.  I
opened the door with my toes(yeah, martial arts give you good balance
alright) and brought it all into the kitchen.  I pretended to bang
around for a minute or two, before going back out.  I put a sheepish
expression on as I asked, "Vill you help me Christy vit someding?"

They all rolled their eyes as Christy chuckled, getting up from the
table.  She picked up a few plates and followed me inside.  As soon as
we got past their view, I led her into the kitchen.

"I wanted to make this quick." I began.  She nodded so I went on.

"There is something seriously wrong, and she is agitated as hell

"Yeah, it's worse than before.  She still won't tell us what is going

"What's Bobby like Chris?" I asked, a bad feeling forming in the pit
of my stomach.

"Typical jock, I am so glad she broke up wit.....Wait a minute, you
don't think he..." she gasped.

"Yeah, maybe.  Look here's how I think we should do this." I started,
and told her my plan.  I would wait until everyone was done with
dessert and find some excuse to get out of the house for a while.  I
would give Amanda an 'out' so she wouldn't feel as awkward about
leaving if she didn't feel up to our night together.

Christy said she would update Sam and they'd all talk it out.  I told
her I would have my cell phone and we went back out to the porch. 
Amanda was laughing about something, but it seemed a bit forced.  I
decided that now was as good a time as any.

"Hey guys," I began with a tone of sadness.  "Gotta run out for a few
hours and take care of some stuff for Cendecorp."  They were my main
client and I had been doing consulting for quite a while.

A collective "Awww!", and did I detect a not of disappointment on
Amanda's face?  Hmmm, I wonder if I WAS right.  Needed to see it
through so I just nodded.

"Take a swim, just don't trash the house Sammie" I said as I walked
over to Amanda.  She stood, trembling a little.

I took her hand again and bowed over it once more.  I said "Happy
Birthday Princess" and brushed the back of her hand with another
featherlight kiss.  She was trembling, but she smiled brilliantly at
me.  Her emotions were in an uproar, and it was time to go.

She brought her hand to her mouth as I waved, going through the door. 
I popped upstairs to change my shirt and slip on some shoes, and went
back downstairs.  They were all gathered around her on the porch, but
she was staring at me through the window.  I held up two fingers, and
kissed them, blowing her a kiss.  She smiled again as I turned and
headed out the door.

As I sat in my car, I realized I didn't know where to go.  The night
was so nice, I thought I would take a drive up the coast.  I pulled
the top down on my mustang, backed out of the driveway full of cars
and made my way off into the night.  It was almost fully dark, but the
temperature was pretty high for California in April.  Glancing at the
clock, I saw it was 6:30pm.  I lost myself in the humm of the engine
and the lights along the highway, thinking about how lucky I was with
all that I had, and what I could do to share some of that with Amanda.
 I had a bad feeling that Bobby had forced himself on Amanda when she
wasn't ready, and I did NOT want to make it worse by attempting
something tonight that she was mentally not ready for.

I stopped at a gas station, overlooking the Pacific ocean.  I filled
up the tank and drank in the sea air.  I thought I had been gone long
enough, so I started back home.  The wind had whipped through my hair,
pulling all of the care and stress away with it.  I turned up the
block to my house, and saw when I pulled in the driveway that only
Sam's car was there.  Feeling a bit disappointed that she had left
after all, I pulled the top back up and locked up the car.

I went into the house through the garage, expecting to find Sam
sitting in the kitchen.  I was surprised to see Amanda sitting there
by herself, sipping a drink.  Her lean gymnast body was taut as a
bowstring.  When I walked in, she stood up and walked over towards me.
 Her short china doll haircut framed her pale skin, reddened around
her eyes from crying.  She looked both pitiful and beautiful at that
moment, and I had to stop myself from gathering her up in my arms for
comfort.  I hooked my keys on the ring by the door, sticking my hands
in my pockets and waited for her to speak.  She stopped a few paces
from me and dropped her gaze.  When she spoke, it was just above a

"You were right, he forced me." was all she said.  As she tentatively
looked at me, I could keep the look of pure rage off of my face.  She
gasped in fear saying, "No!  no... Please.  I know what you want to

I doubt she knew the lengths I wanted to go to pounding this piece of
worthless scum into a pulp.  I controlled myself with difficulty as
she went on, "I want to put it behind me, I want to forget about it. 
I want...."

Seeing her on the verge of losing control once more, I let my rage
subside.  I slowly walked up to her, putting my hand out tentatively. 
After a second, she took it and squeezed it hard.  "What do you want
Princess..." I whispered.

"I want...." she began.  I tucked one hand under her chin and raised
her face to look at me.

As I gazed into her eyes, I smiled gently.  "Tell me Amanda, what do
you want.."

It came out in a rush, "I want you show me how a man is supposed to
treat a woman....Not...not a whore!" as she collapsed in my arms
crying.  I gathered her sitting across my lap and sat down cradling
her whispering "It's okay, I'm here." over and over into her ear until
she stopped sobbing.

She turned her face to within inches of mine, her look pleading. 
"Will you Duncan, please?"

I touched her cheek with one hand as I angled slowly in for a kiss. 
She leaned into me, her lips meeting mine.  I could taste the salt
from her tears, and vowed to myself to help her find joy...

I was in no rush to move, I put one hand behind her neck and simply
sat there kissing her, softly and slowly.  Her lips were hard at
first, but as she relaxed more, her lips grew softer and her kisses
grew deeper.  She put her hands on my chest and clutched my shirt to
her as her tongue slowly opened her lips and our kissing got wetter
and longer.

We played with the tips of our tongues for a while until her hands
slid around my back pulling me closer.  Her exploring tongue got more
active, at one point I just sucked on it like a small penis.  She
"Mmmmmmm"ed deep in her throat.  Determined to let her set the pace, I
shifted her slightly off of my growing member.  Picking her up was
fairly easy because she was so small.  Her eyes were closed as I moved
to pull her more onto my thigh and off my penis, but she had other

She shifted her position from across my lap to sitting directly on it.
 As she sat down, she pulled her legs around my back and put her arms
around my neck.  I put my hands on her back, one down lower on her
back, one up just below her neck.  She left some space between our
chests, and continued kissing me deeply.  She began running her hands
through my hair as she slowly but surely pulled in closer.  I felt her
nipples first, and they were rock hard.  What surprised me most was
the width of them.  Amanda has a gymnast's physique.  She is about
5'3", and from the legs that were encircling me, very strong.  Her
boobs were firm and the nickle width nipples were poking me in the
chest like two hard fingers.  She brushed them against my chest back
and forth several times, her breath catching in her throat with each

By now, the steel pipe in my pants was at full attention, but I wasn't
going to rush anything, especially with Amanda.  Candy had been so
active, Lake so aggressive, but Amanda was setting her own pace.  I
didn't move, except to run up and down her back with my hands, just
stimulating the skin, not making any moves whatsoever.

Her hips began to move, tentatively at first, but then with more
energy.  She seemed to be relaxing more and more.  She folded her
knees under her so they to either side of my hips and started rocking
back and forth in earnest.  I just sat there enjoying her kisses and
the pelvic shuffle she was doing all over my groin.  I brushed my hand
over her ass, eliciting a strong moan as her eyes shot open.  When she
didn't pull back, I did it again.  Her eyes half closed, giving her
that sultry lusty look as she smiled around our dancing tongues.

Jamming her tongue in my mouth, she started jerking her hips faster
and faster over my jean clad penis.  I slid both hands down to the
globes of her ass and let her movements direct where I would touch
with my fingertips.  It must have driven her wild because she broke
off the kiss, threw her head back and jammed her pelvis down into my
crotch, humping wildly.

She moaned loud and incoherently, throwing her head from side to side.
 She looked DAMN sexy coming like that.  If this was the reaction I
had from her grinding my panties on my jeans, I couldn't wait to see
her come having my monster sheathed inside her.

She fell against my chest, breathing heavily.  I let her catch her
breath, holding her close.  As her eyes came back into focus she
flashed her pearly whites at me.  "Oh Duncan....WOW!" She began
giggling madly and only stopped to kiss me again.

Again, I let her set the direction and the pace.  She had her hands on
either side of my head, trying to jam as much of her tongue into my
mouth as possible.  She rose off her knees, and pushed me onto my
back.  She sat up and stated undoing the buttons on my shirt, exposing
my chest.  She licked her lips as she undid the last one an slowly
pulled my shirt open.  My hands slid around her ass, caressing her
globes lightly.  The skin on her ass must be really sensitive, because
she closed her eyes and moaned again, her hips beginning to move.

She grimaced opening her eyes.  "Lets get off the floor, my knees are
starting to hurt."  As she began to get up, I hugged her close around
my waist and pushed myself off the floor with my arm that wasn't
holding her to me.  She giggled as I pulled her in close, locking her
legs around my waist.

I stood up and sat her down on the counter, kissing her neck,
eliciting a sexy Mmmmmmmm.  Okay, now I knew I had a tactile woman on
my hands.  There are many types of women, Candy liked depth, Lake
liked it hard and fast.  Amanda was one of those women who touch drove
them nuts.  The sensitivity on the skin could be used to arouse and
delight the person, and I planned on using it tonight.  I kissed my
way down to her collar bone, my hands alternating clutching one ass
cheek and then the other.

"Ohhh Duncan....this feels so oh oh nice...mmmmmmmmm" she whispered.

"You don't have to whisper sweetie," i said into her neck as she
tipped her head back, "it's just you and me tonight."

"Take me upstairs Duncan, please take me..." she said, lust adding
volume to her words.  When I didn't immediately move, she pushed me
back and dropped off the counter.  The skirt that had been riding up
over her hips was slightly off, and the look in her eyes was fairly
wild at this point.  I didn't question her when she grabbed my hand,
pulling me out of the kitchen.

I had thought to direct her into the living room, but she had other
ideas.  She moved to the stairs and I came up behind her holding her
hand.  Seeing her intent was my room, I swept her up in my arms making
her squeal and took the stairs two by two.  I realized this might have
scared her, so when we got to the top, I began to put her down.  She
clung to me, shaking her head.

She whispered, "Don't let go" as she closed her eyes and kissed me. 
Her lips were soft and warm, her desparate need gone with her orgasm,
she gave me the impression that I needed to slow down again.  She kept
her arms around my neck as I opened the door to my room and went

The room had been changed in the two hours since I had left.  My bed
had been moved to the center of the room, and the plain wrought iron
canopy was draped with silk.  Candles were lit all around the room,
giving the whole place a romantic cast.  I knew this was mostly Sam's
work, you could see her signature on everything from the bottle of
champagne set on a low table by the fireplace(yeah, I have one in my
room) with the couch cushions spread around it in a semi-circle to the
placement of the candles and the robes set out on the bed.  I normally
don't enjoy having scripted sex(I dated a woman once who had a pattern
and couldn't come if you broke it - whacko chica!), but I had a
feeling that Amanda would feel more at ease knowing what came when and
all that.

I set her down by the fire and she kneeled down at the low table
picking up the two champagne flutes.  I kneeled down next to her and
picked up the bottle, my eyes never leaving hers.  She was trembling
slightly, but the smile on her face and the lack of sadness in her
eyes told me it was in anticipation, not nerves.  The cork popping out
of the bottle surprised us both, but she managed to catch most of the
initial fizz and I poured out for both of us.

I had thought to say something corny, or heartfelt, but as we knelt
down facing one another, she put a small hand to my lips.  She just
smiled and held out her glass.  I tinked mine to hers and took a long
pull of the champagne.  Doing the same, she put her glass on the
table, reaching out and taking mine as well.  I sat back on my feet
and waited for her to make the next move.

She turned back with a smile and knelt right in front of me once more.
 Her movements were hesitant at first, but she pushed the opened shirt
off my shoulders, exposing my chest and arms.  She drank in the
muscled tan skin, lightly dusted with light brown hair.  Her small
hands moved over my skin, touching very lightly, raising goosebumps as
I became supersensitive.  I had never been with someone so gentle, and
it was getting me aroused.  The arousal was slow to build, like a fire
lit from within, and stoked slowly to burn hotter.  She looked at my
face from time to time, but continued running her hands around my

My dick began to twitch slightly from being ignored, it was almost
painful in it's hardness.  She glanced down and saw the outline of it
through my pants.  Her mouth opened with a slight gasp, and her hands
moved down my chest, past my stomach right onto my member.  Her
feather light touch was maddening, making it harder than I thought
possible.  I shifted slightly, causing tip to poke out of the top of
my pants.

Fingers still brushing back and forth over it's length, she licked her
lips.  Leaning into me, she licked first one nipple, than the other. 
Her warm breath and lazy tongue caused my nipples to stiffen and I
hissed a breath between my teeth.  My body was on fire and I needed
release.  She seemed to think of that for as she took my nipple
between her teeth and softly bit it, she undid the buttons on my
jeans, releasing my throbbing penis.  I looked down past her tongue
dancing on my nipple to see her small hand fish my prick out of my
underwear.  I knew she was small, but seeing her hand making it only
3/4 of the way around the width of my cock made me realize just how
tiny she was.

She jacked it up and down a couple of times, making me moan deeply.  I
knew it wouldn't be long now thanks to the electricity running through
my skin.  The head of my member was a deep purple, and it was bloated
larger than ever before.  I could feel the individual veins as she ran
her hand lightly around the shaft turning her wrist so that she could
encircle it with each pass.

Her other hand reached into my underwear, helping me shift my pants
off my hips.  I reached down with both hands and pulled them all the
way off, her lips never leaving my chest, hand still pumping my rock
hard penis.  She leaned up suddenly, kissed me deeply with her tongue,
and then ran her tongue from my neck down to my crotch.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhh" I cried loudly as a shock hit me right in the base
of my scrotum.  "Ohh aMANda...."

She smiled, coming back up to my neck, doing it again, this time
getting closer to the base of my member.  It was hard, purple and
twitching.  Instead of coming back up for a third pass, she ran her
tongue up the side of my penis, put the head in her mouth for a suck
or two, and ran her tongue down the other side to bathe my balls in
her saliva.  I clutched her shoulders crying, "Com come nnnnnnngggghhhhhh" her head shot up in surprise
as I blasted off.  Long hot ropy strings of come shot out and
splattered me in the chest.  I managed to keep most of it on me and
only hit her with a drop or two.

I fell back in a partial faint.  I had never come so hard in my life
from such tenderness and slow love making.  I blinked my eyes several
times as she smiled at me.  She took a rag from somewhere and mopped
up the mess on my chest.  It seemed like she did have everything in
hand, literally:).

After she finished cleaning me up, not that I could really move
anyway, she stood up in front of the fire.  Taking a quick sip from
her glass, she took a step closer to the fire and reached up and undid
the first three buttons on her white shirt.  She slowly reached down
and undid the buttons at her wrists, and slid the whole thing over her
head, her hair spilling back into place as she let the shirt fall from
her hands next to her.  The black bra was all sexy lace, and it
matched the color of her hair, setting off the mounds of her creamy
white breasts perfectly.  She crinkled her button nose cooing at me. 
I grinned happily, feeling my spent member begin to twitch once more.

She slid her thumbs inside her black skirt and began to push it down
slowly.  I could see the tops of her matching black panties as she
slowly moved the fabric over her hips.  She bent forward, bending down
to push it over the swell of her ass, exposing some excellent
cleavage.  As the skirt finally cleared her ass and fell into a puddle
at her feet, I realized that she wasn't wearing panties at all, it was
a garterbelt and stockings.  Her black bush was exposed, wet and just
waiting for the right man to worship it.  Standing in front of the
fire was Amanda in all of her glory, and I saw the goddess once more. 
All three girls were so different, but so similar.  In ancient
religions, the goddess was worshiped in many forms, and had many

Seeing Amanda clad in black stockings and lace, her skin glowing, her
nipples hard and erect, I knew that I faced the goddess once more.  I
felt like a priest, worshipping her.  As I moved up to kneel in front
of her, she put her hands on my head, running her fingers through my
hair.  The look in her eyes was smouldering lust as she moved my head
slowly towards her dripping sex.  As my head moved in closer, I could
smell her in the air, and it was potent.  Not smelly, or dirty, just
magical.  Her sex oozed a sensuality that I just had to taste.  I
kissed in the bush above the opening, eliciting a strong moan.  The
taste of her skin alone was enough to make my prick swell up fully
with blood and pulse.  I reached my hands around her stocking clad
legs, caressing the skin behind her knees.

Her breathing was getting heavy as her hands pushed my face down
lower.  Rather than tease her, I ran my tongue through her slippery
folds, flicking my tongue at the end where I thought her clit would
be.  I was rewarded with a loud "OOOOOHHHH!"  I ran my hands up the
backs of her legs as my tongue began another pass upward from the base
of her lips to the top of her clit.  I did this a few times until her
moans were constant and my hands were cupping the rounded globes of
her ass.  I slid my hand under the garter and clutched them as I
darted my tongue across her clit.  Her hands pushed my face into her
pussy as she screamed in ecstacy.

She stood there trembling as I ran my tongue lazily up and down the
folds of her silky vagina.  The lips were slightly swollen now and she
was still dripping wet.  I ran my hands up her back, slowly pulling
her down into my lap, kissing her belly button, the swell between her
breasts, her neck, finding her mouth once more.  Her tongue darted
inside my mouth, tasting her nectar on my lips and cheeks.  With my
hands under her ass, I slid the lips of her pussy down along my erect
penis.  Her back arched as she sucked my tongue into her mouth.  I
pulled her up and down along it's hard length, letting her get it all
slicked up and feel the veins in the outside of it.

Her hips bucked forward when I reached the bottom of my cock, sliding
up to the tip, the friction sending sparks through her clit.  When she
reached the head, she shifted her hips forward once more, placing the
purple mushroom cap of my dick at the entrance to her slit.  The
outside of my cock was bathed in her juice as she began to move
painfully slowly down onto my penis.  I could feel the head part her
lips as her mouth opened and she gasped into my open mouth.  I licked
around her lips as she uttered small "oh oh oh oh ohmigod, oh oh oh oh
ohmyGOD" over and over.  At this point the only the head was inside
her and she bobbed up and down, the muscles in her wet pussy
stretching to fit.  Her eyes were screwed shut in concentration as she
bobbed up and down on the head of my 9 inch penis.  I ran my hands
around her ass clutching it gently.

Her muscles twitched inside her, hugging my cock as she took another
inch or two.  I was about a third of the way in and her burning,
rippling pussy was making it hard to hold back from slamming her down
onto me.  As she bobbed up and down on me it occurred to me that part
of it was getting used to the size, and part of it was her pace.  She
liked things slow.  No banging for this girl...woman....goddess.  She
liked it slow and easy.  She opened her eyes and looked at me with
that smouldering lustful look and slowly but surely bobbed the rest of
the way down my throbbing penis.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhhhooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Duncan....."
she purred.  I could feel it in her throat it was so primal.  She
wrapped her legs around my waist, rubbing my hips with the fabric of
her nylons.  It was sexy as hell and made my dick twitch inside her. 
She let go of my neck and reached behind her, undoing the clasp on her
lacy bra.  I shifted my hips a bit and reached around behind her
pulling the straps over her shoulders and down her arms.  She managed
to keep the cups on after taking the straps off, and slowly let it
slide off of her chest, squeezing my dick at the same time with her
well muscled vagina.

Candy's tits were big, and soft.  Lake's were a little smaller, but
firmer and her nipples were pretty sensitive.  Amanda on the other
hand, had firm, high globes topped with those thick nipples I had felt
before.  They were a little more than a handful and the areola covered
a large part around her thick nipples.  I couldn't wait to taste them.

As she began moving her hips, I licked my lips and slid one hand
behind her back to support her.  I leaned her back as I slid my other
hand under her ass, pulling her up  slightly.  As I ran my tongue
around her left nipple, I slid her slowly down onto my cock.  She
moaned loudly, saying "Again...."

Suiting actions to words, I licked her nipple a bit harder, and slid
her down my cock again.  She moaned even louder, "OoooOhhhhh, Again.."

This went on for several minutes, her head thrown back, her mouth
wide.  When I got to the point where I had my penis resting on the
entrance to her slit, and her nipple sucked hard in my mouth, I held
her hips up in place and shot my hips up into her, my dick sheathing
in her velvet again and again.  I could feel the tickle in the base of
my cock as I heard her scream "Don't stop, don't ooohhhhhhh, Duncan,
don't stop......Please!!!!!"  I buried my cock in her slit over and
over as she ground her hips down onto my throbbing cock.  I thrust one
last time as I came inside her, bathing her vaginal walls with my hot

I am not sure what it was, or why it kept happening, but as my
shrinking member slid out of her, I passed out enfolding the goddess
in my embrace.  She had shown me three faces so far, and I was her
willing priest.