The Brat Pack - part 1

"Oh come on, you're not an old fart, it's just exercise!!!"

That was the common response to my groaning and rolling over in bed to
escape the darkness outside waiting to be run in, as well as the young
challenging girl at the foot of my bed.  As I peeked my head out from
under the covers, Samantha stood there at the end of the bed with a
wicked grin on her face, challenging me to go back to sleep.

Sighing loudly and throwing off the covers I was rewarded with a
girlish squeal as she had won this battle...again.  I should probably
tell you what is going on and why this 13 yr old girl was in my
bedroom at 6am on a Saturday.

My name is Duncan Campbell, and I am a computer programmer.  Before
you go off thinking that I am some snot-nosed geek, think again.  I am
33 years old, about 6'3" tall and getting back into shape thank you
very much.  The reason I am getting back into shape is because of that
little pain in the ass at the end of the bed has discovered that
running can induced euphoria in the way of endorphins and has
convinced my sorry ass to join her every damn morning.  Take a bow
Sam.  She bows, smiling her dazzling pearly whites.

Anyway, Sam is not my daughter.  She's 13, going on 35, and is the
reason I am still around really.  It started back about 4 years ago
when my wife and daughter were up at Samantha's parents house for the
weekend up in the hills.  Sam's mom and dad and her little brother
were driving along sightseeing with my wife and daughter (I had to
work and Sam was at a smart-kids conference) when the car lost control
and went over a cliff.  Devastated over losing my entire family in one
fell swoop, I realized that Sam was just as alone as I was.  After all
the funerals and settling up of all the wills and everything, it
turned out that I was Sam's legal guardian, so she moved in with me. 
My wife and I had been friends with her parents, but the subject of
guardianship had never come up.  It just seemed natural to stay

At first it was awkward because we both reminded each other of how
much we had lost, but soon it got better and while it's never been
perfect, we have formed a pretty strong bond between us.  She is a
lovely girl who sometimes needs to be taken care of, and I have
someone to take care of, so it's pretty equal.  My daughter was Sam's
best friend, so I even have a surrogate daughter to take care of and
watch grow up, so it's not as bad as it cold be I guess.

Samantha is the spitting image of her mom.  Long sleek legs, blonde
hair and a stunning smile remind me of her mother, and the grin she
pulls out when she's being silly is her father to a tee.  Over the
last four years I have watched her grow from a distraught little girl
into a teenager - albeit a really good one.  The only thing I hate is
when she wakes me up for these stupid runs!!!  (I should be used to
it, we have been doing it for about 2 months now.)

So I rolled out of bed and pulled on my shirt - I have gotten used to
her coming in, so I sleep in my shorts to avoid any embarrassing
moments between us.  Pulling on my socks and grabbing my sneakers, she
bolts down the stairs ahead of me.  "Damn Sam," I think to myself.  "I
wish I had 1/4 of your energy." Plodding down the stairs, I can hear
her slam the back door and go down the wood steps at the back of the
house.  We have gradually worked up to a 6-mile run in the mornings
during the week, and 10 miles on the weekend morning runs.  I went to
sleep a bit early last night so I could get up for this because the 10
milers really kick my shit.

Opening up the back door, I saw her starting to stretch, her little
butt covered in tight red shorts.  She is still pretty young, but I
noticed for the first time as I was tying my shoes, that she is
starting to grow breasts.  I guess being more awake today let me
notice this for the first time.  Finishing up with the shoes, I
started to stretch out as well.  She walked over and slapped my
reduced paunch, "Not bad Dunk, Not bad at all." she chuckled as she
used the steps to stretch out her thighs.  (Dunk is her name for me -
Uncle Duncan was too hard to say I guess as a 3 yr old, so Dunk it was
and Dunk it shall ever be.  )I noticed that my stomach had gone down,
more from eating right than exercise, but she was right.  I was
feeling pretty good.

I looked over at her again while I stretched and noticed that she was
starting to get curves too.  "Damn, when did this all happen?" I
thought to myself.  She noticed my stare and I turned away quickly as
she giggled.  She ran past me, slapping me playfully on the butt
saying, "Come on old man!"

Not wanting to give her any more ammunition, I took off after her down
the forest path.  She was sprinting ahead, trying to get me to catch
her, but I wasn't falling for it.  Gradually she slowed down and I
caught up with her and we settled into our run.  I have to admit,
there is nothing like running through the forest with someone to talk
to on a beautiful spring day.  It was slightly chilly, but our bodies
warmed up after the first mile.  I noticed that her little nipples
were pretty hard and sticking through her shirt.  My gaze strayed back
to her chest every once in a while, and I had the feeling that she
knew I was looking.

I admonished myself and kept running and talking every once in a
while, trying to keep my mind off of her body.  Before I knew it, we
were running up the path to the back of the house, the 10 miles done. 
I was surprised as hell when we took the last curve and I realized
where we were.

"Wow, that didn't hurt too much," I said as I kept walking around the
backyard, wanting to cool off.  She smirked at what she thought was no
big deal, but there was a strange gleam in her eye that I had not seen
before.  I wanted to get in and take a shower, as did she.  We both
went into the house and to our respective bathrooms, and as soon as
the bathroom door was shut, I whipped down my shorts and beat myself
into a frenzy.  Seconds after starting, I was cumming all over the

It was so dirty, so nasty thinking about Sam that way, I couldn't help
myself.  There was one line I would not cross though.  As much as I
liked thinking about it, I would never touch her, she was too young.

We both came down to the kitchen at the same time and I made us both
breakfast, mostly just fruit and toast.  I longed for my greasy bacon
and eggs and sausage, but healthnut girl would allow it.  I had to
admit it was nice eating right, but every once in a while when she was
at a friends for dinner, I would go out and get something really bad
for me!

Things were pretty normal around the house, she had friends over for
slumber parties, talked a lot on the phone, and slowly but surely grew
up.  On her 14th birthday, she was having a gaggle of girls over for a
party, and I let them stay up pretty late watching movies.  I got
everything set up for the party, then kissed Sam on the top of the
head and told her I was going to make myself scarce.  She smiled and
squealed as the front doorbell rang.  I decided to act as the butler
and held her back so I could open the door.

"Good eeeeevening mi' lady.  Might you be here for the birthday party
for the lady of the house?"  Okay, the accent was cheesy, but the Sam
and her friend thought it was really cool.  Well, maybe I am a geek,
but it was fun.  I decided that I would answer the door for her and
let her hang out in the livingroom with her friends.  I even dashed in
at one point and got the black tuxedo tails to wear with my white
teeshirt and shorts.  I looked pretty silly, but I wanted to make the
party fun.  Getting a mouthed 'thank you' from Sam told me that my
role was appreciated and even wanted so I finished answering the door
and put the presents into a pile in the living room.

I served drinks to all the young ladies, and made sure there was
enough snack food out on the tables.  Sam came in at one point and
just gave me one of those hugs that made me glad that I could still
act like a goofy dad for someone.  I served up the dinner, and checked
with Sam to make sure she was okay, and headed upstairs.  I was
followed by a chorus of young girls yelling "Bye Jeeves!!!"  I turned
on the stairs, sketched a bow, turned and flipped my tails at them. 
This sent them into peals of laughter, and I chuckled to myself as I
went into my office.

I was sitting at my computer, writing up some notes for a program I
was working on when there was a knock on the door.  I stood up and
went to answer it, it was Candy, one of Sam's best friends.  She and
Sam were like two peas in a pod, the only difference was their hair
color and skin tone.  She had brown hair, dark olive skin and that
awkward body of a girl who was going to be a stunner, but hadn't grown
into it.  Metal on her teeth, thick glasses, and frumpy clothes
dispelled the image of what I imagined she would grow into.

"Hi Dunk" she said.  I didn't mind her calling me that since she was
around quite a lot.

"Hey Candy, why aren't you down at the party?" I asked standing with
her near the door.

"Ummm, can I ask you something?" she asked.  I could tell it was
taking a lot for her to say what was on her mind, so I sat down on the
couch and nodded saying, "Sure Candy, you know you can ask me

"Do you like me?" she said in a slight whisper.  I had a feeling she
meant more than just as the surrogate father, but I wasn't sure where
this was going.

"Aww Candy," I said, putting my arm around her shoulder, "You know I
do.  You're my sweetling" using the goofy nickname I had for her.  Her
head was bowed as I caught a slight smile.  She was trembling slightly
as she gathered what I figured was courage and asked me flat out,
"Will you kiss me then?"  She ducked her head quickly as my mind spun.

"Oh man," I thought to myself.  "This is exactly what I need.  A
teenage girl getting screwed up by an answer from an older man."  I
didn't know what to say, so I decided to be honest.

"Candy, I think you are smart, funny and really cool," I started
slowly.  Her sholders slumping told me she knew where I was going.

"But you won't kiss me because I am ugly." She said, her voice
beginning to tremble with tears.

"No, no!" I said taking her hand.  I waited until she looked at me,
which she wouldn't, so I dropped to the floor and looked up at her. 
"I think you are beautiful Candy, I really do."  I thought I could get
out of this without hurting her feelings too much.  "Candy, it
wouldn't be right to kiss you because you aren't 18 yet.  I could get
arrested, even if we both promised to keep it a secret.  I would love
to kiss you, I just can't.  Besides, why would you want to kiss an old
fart like me?"  I finished the last part with a sheepish smile, hoping
she would buy it.  I thought that I could spare her feelings and
sidestep the possible lawsuits I could be slapped with if it went any
farther than a kiss.  Knowing me, it would go farther than a kiss.

She looked at me sweetly and smiled.  "Wow, really??  Okay, I guess
that makes sense."  She sighed semi-disappointed.  "Can I have a hug
then?"  I didn't answer as I swept up from the floor and gave her a
long tight hug.  I felt her small but developing breasts against my
chest and I realized I needed to break it off.

"Hey, they are probably waiting down there for you.  Here, take this
hanky and go have some fun." I said suiting actions to words and gave
her mine.  She smiled at me and pecked me on the cheek running out of
the room.  I stood at the door, flattered and looked down into the
living room.  Candy was whispering to everyone, and Sam looked up and
smiled at me and mouthed, "Thanks".  Giving her a thumbs up, I winked
and mouthed, "Love you".  She smiled and nodded.

As the years past, the subject of sex came up once or twice, and I
answered all of the anatomy and physiology questions about the
different body parts and things like that, told her if she was going
to do anything to please use a condom and hopefully prepared her for
everything.  What I didn't prepare, was me.

The coltish speedy tomboy grew into her body, and boy what a body. 
She was 17 at the beginning of her senior year, and man did she grow. 
Sam finally topped off at 5'8" and had the curves of an hourglass. 
Firm jutting breasts that gave me plenty to think about in the shower
stacked her magnificent upper body.  She had long shapely legs that
went up and made such an ass out of themselves, I quivered whenever I
saw her in shorts or sometimes in panties.  Rich full lips held the
smile that could melt any man, or woman's, heart and her blue eyes
were even more brilliant on her heartshaped face.  Topped by thick
waves of blond hair, I figured that some lucky football brute had
plucked this cheerleaders cherry long ago.

Oh how wrong I was....

During her senior year, I got a lot of the "Do you think I am pretty?"
questions along with the "Does this look good one me" ones too. 
Needless to say, I tried hard not to drool over some of the skimpy
outfits she had.  I used to like taking her shopping, simply to see
her in different clothes.  As the year progressed, she seemed to be
looking at me a bit differently.  I admit, I had been working out a
lot more over the years, but I had started taking martial arts classes
the year before and it turned some of the bulk into tensile strength. 
Not huge, just hard as hell, and very little body fat.

I had taken to wearing only shorts, or the loose karate pants around,
and with her ripening body and those of her friends, I realized that
the biggest muscle of all was probably in plain view.  At first, I
thought I should hide it, but when she began glancing down when I
would walk by and give me a look, I decided to leave it and continue
on as I was.  One thing I should mention.  I have a pretty impressive
penis.  It's about 9 inches long and almost as thick as my wrist.  I
had dated some women in the last several years, but none of them
compared to my wife.  Lately, I had been comparing them to Sam and all
of them fell short, even in the personality department.

Sam is one of those beautiful girls who is not full of themselves. 
She still hangs around with mostly the same people she did when she
first moved in and occasionally brings home a cheerleader friend or
two, but not often.  One one occasion, I was out sunbathing and had
fallen partially asleep.  I usually wear longer trunks to swim, but
since it was a school day and I was at home alone, I had broken out
the speedo's.  These hardly cover my schlong at all, but I was along,
so I didn't care.

Problem is, I must have fallen asleep.  The next thing I knew, I felt
a finger poke my chest and it hurt like hell.  Opening my eyes, I
registered several things.  One, I had a wicked sunburn.  Two, I was
being watched by two gorgeous women, whose big breasts were right near
my face.  Three, one of them was Sam and she was looking at me with a
look of pity for the lobster skin, and she was in a skimpy bathing
suit.  Candy was on my other side, looking just as delicious.  Gone
were the thick glasses and braces.  This goddess was barely held in by
a skimpy bathing suit and a white cotton wrap that encased beautifully
formed thighs.

"Gawd Dunk, you're burnt!"  she said as she reached behind her and
grabbed a tube of solarcaine off the table near my head.  "Ouch!" I
said as I tried to sit up, and my burned skin bunched up.  Candy told
me to lie back down and she sat up a little straighter, causing her
breasts to jut out beautifully.  Not only were her breasts pretty big,
but her nipples were harder than hell.  I stared at them until I
realized she was watching me and I closed my eyes and moaned
pitifully.  Unfortunately, I am a big boob man, and my dick started to
twitch.  I didn't want to bring any attention to my rising pecker so I
sat up and pulled my towel into my lap.

Candy smiled at me, but otherwise said nothing.  I sat pretty still as
Sam rubbed the solarcaine into my skin.  Starting with my chest, and
working down to my waist, she and Candy covered me pretty well.  When
they tried to do my thighs, (Was Sam smiling wickedly?), I grabbed the
tube and thanked them, saying I would do it myself.  I went up to my
bathroom and whacked off slowly since moving my arms fast really hurt
my sunburn.  Visions of my dick shoved between Candy's melons danced
in my head.

By the time I recovered, put the lotion on my legs, put on light
clothes and went downstairs, the house was empty.  I sighed thankfully
since I didn't think I would be able to keep myself from getting hard
in their company.  I ate dinner, watched some TV and went to sleep. 
Somewhere in the midst of sleep, I heard the front door lock and Sam
come up the stairs.

I fell into a deep dream.  In the dream I was lying in my bed and the
door to my bedroom opened.  I looked up to see Candy framed in the
doorway, the faint light shining through the black silk teddy she was
wearing.  "Oh yeah," I thought to myself, "now this is a dream!"  She
stood there all made up, her hair teased, and a look of pure lust in
her eyes.  She smiled slowly as she closed the door behind her and
made her way to the bed.  I sat up in the bed to look at her and it
was amazing.  The moonlight shining in the windows lit her up and
showed all of the luscious curves from her ample chest holding the
teddy out from her body, to the sexy curve of her pouting lips, down
to the shapely legs encased in sheer stockings.

As she reached out to touch my face, I realized something.  The touch
was real.  I wasn't dreaming anymore.  The thought hit me just before
her lips gave me the warmest, wettest kiss I have ever imagined.  I
reveled in it for a few minutes while her hand stroked my cheek and
her tongue thrust itself into my mouth.

Reluctantly, I broke off the kiss.  She put a finger on my lips
stopping me from protesting.  Her voice came out really huskily saying
" Don't say anything at all.  I saw how excited you got outside today,
I knew I had to have that monster.  Sam is staying at my house, I am
18 now and on the pill and if you try to tell me you don't want me as
badly as I want you, you are a fuckin liar" her last statement came
out as a challenge with a sly grin.

In response, I didn't bother saying a thing.  I reached out and cupped
her full right breast and ran my finger across the nipple on the
outside of the negligee.  She moaned pushing more of her firm tit into
my hand and her body further onto the bed.  I pulled away and sat up
on my knees.  She moved to meet me in the middle of the bed, melting
into my embrace.  We both moaned as our hands played across each
others backs, our pelvis's meeting and rubbing together sensuously. 
"Mmmm, god Duncan.  It's so big" she moaned as she locked lips with
me, her hand straying around the front of me to squeeze my dick.  She
ran her hand up and down, stroking it until it was rock hard.

I had had enough.  "Fuck this" I said a bit savagely.  I whipped off
my shorts and pulled off her shift in about 2 seconds flat.  I laid
her down on the bed and turned so my head was at her feet and my feet
at her head.  I put my hands on the back of her stocking clad legs and
rolled her over on top of me.  I dove into what can only be described
as syrupy velvet.  I lashed my tongue across the lips to get her
warmed up, but didn't need to.  She was soaked.

I felt a warm mouth envelop me and take down half of my length. 
"Jesus," I thought to myself, "not bad for an 18 yr old."  We
continued to thrash, suck, lick and moan on the bed for several
minutes.  I started to feel an explosion building down in my balls
from her slow deep throat.  As she succeeded in hitting the base of my
cock with her lips, I felt the explosion start.  Her body started to
tense, I licked her clit really hard and fast causing her to scream. 
I shot my load as she thrashed above me, her legs almost crushing my
face.  She went limp for a moment, so I let her breathe moved her off
of me to lie on her side.

She was breathing pretty heavily and her eyes were rolled back in her
head.  I just lay there for a minute and gazed at this lusty young
beauty that had dropped my dick down her throat.  Her ample chest was
beginning to heave a little slower as she got her breath back and came
down from what I assumed was a monstrous orgasm.  She licked her lips
a few times and exhaled deeply, a smile crossing her face.

She slowly opened her eyes in that lusty sort of way, half open half
closed as she ran her tongue around her lips again and smiled at me.

"Ooooh Duncan, that was fantastic.  I have been waiting for that since
Sam's birthday party."  Her voice was that mixture of husky and
purring that always sets me off when I see it on porno movies.  This
sex goddess may have only been 18, but she was setting me off like
nobody's business.

"Wow Can, you can say that again.  I didn't think you would remember
that conversation.  Boy am I glad that you took me literally!" I said
relaxing and reaching out for one rockhard nipple.  She pursed her
lips and cooed as I stroked it back and forth.

"Yeah Duncan, I have wanted you for the longest time.  First it may
have been just for a kiss, but all of us want you ya know...." She let
the statement hang there for a minute.

Distracted by her statement, I stopped stroking her nipple.  "What do
you mean all of us?" I inquired, intrigued at this point.

She took my hand and moved it across her nipple again.  I took up
where I left off, adding my lips to her left nipple as my hand moved
to the right.  She continued after cooing in that seductive way.  "You
are in for a treat Duncan.  The Brat Pack are all waiting for their
birthday presents.  I was just lucky to be the first to hit 18."  She
chuckled as my head shot up and I looked at her astonished.  The Brat
Pack is the nickname I gave to Sam and all of her friends one night
when they were all outside practicing their cheering one night.  There
are 6 of them, and they are all damn fine specimens of lush young
woman flesh.

"Don't be so surprised Duncan.  We have all been in love with you
since we were little.  It's not our fault that as we started getting
older, you got hotter and hotter.  I mean look at you!  You are in
amazing shape, you have those great eyes, and we all know how big your
dick is."  She finished with a gleam in her eyes.  I didn't know what
to say as she pushed me over on my back and straddled my hips. 
Placing her hands on either side of my head and grinding her hips into
mine, she put her warm left boob into my mouth.  I couldn't do
anything but play with the nipple with my tongue.  I reached around
with my hands and grabbed her luscious ass and grind my hips up into

A long slow moan escaped her lips as she contined saying, "We all
decided the night of Sam's party that we all had to have you.  Sam is
so great, she wants you to be happy and she knew you weren't dating
much.  She also knew that you would be safe to experiment with instead
of fumbling around with some horneyboy from school whose only concern
was in getting their rocks off and not in our pleasure."  She began to
ride her wet lips on the outside of my throbbing prick.  Saying it
felt amazing would not be doing it justice, let me tell you.  The
stockings on her legs were sending electric sparks of desire right
through me, I knew that we wouldn't be talking much longer.

I smiled at her saying, "So the Brat Pack all wants to screw the old
man eh?  Hmm, I don't think I have much to complain about with that
now do I?"  I pushed my hips off the bed so that most of her weight
was supported by my hips.  This caused her clit to rub harder on my
dick and she almost gushed with lubrication.

"Enough talk" she mumbled opening her mouth and lying flat on my
chest, her tits pressed between us.  She jammed her tongue in my mouth
and started pumping her hips faster and faster on my upraised hips. 
Having come once already, I had a lot of staying power, so I just let
her ride there as her breathing and moans came faster and faster.  She
finally pulled up from our kiss and sat up, riding my cock faster and
faster.  She started pulling on her nipples, her eyes closed looking
hot as hell.  I put my hands on her hips to steady her and began
kneading the flesh on her ass as her moans turned a bit more savage
and she began to grunt in a sexy way.

"Unh, unh oh mmmmmm, mmmmmm Dun Duncan, oh god, yeah...."  This
contined for several minutes as she sped up even faster and faster,
thrashing back and forth on my pecker.  Her eyes shot open suddenly as
she froze with her mouth opened in an O and didn't breath for a few
seconds.  I moved my hands up from her butt and supported her  under
the arms.  Good thing I did too because she fell off of me onto the
bed she came so hard.

Again, I laid on my side and waited for her to get her breath back.  I
decided it was time to take control of the situation once and for all.
 I was going to fuck this teenage sex goddess until she passed out
once and for all.  Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard.  I
rolled up off my back and moved between her opened legs.  As I moved
into position and grabbed the piece of steel between my legs to line
it up, her legs came up and settled on my back.

Her eyes never opened but her feet moved me in closer as I eased the
head of my prick into her sopping pussy.  The end of my cock was an
angry purple color and the veins were all standing out on all 9
inches.  She let out a soft coo and opened her eyes slightly, licking
her lips.  I had thought to go slowly but she whispered fiercely,
"Fuck me Duncan, fuck me with that huge cock."  As she said this I
started pushing in slowly, finding that while it was tight, she
accepted me readily.

I continued pushing in slowly, matching her moans with my own, "Oh
Candy, it's so sweet."  It sounded corny, but I think it turned her
on.  As I felt my pubes begin to mingle with hers, I realized I had
buried the whole thing in her luscious snatch.  Mmmm, I was in heaven.
 Most women are not deep enough, but I had found a young nymph who
could handle it.

I settled there for a minute, rocking back and forth letting her get
used to it.  She rocked her hips up and down rubbing her clit against
my pelvis.  "Mmmm Duncan, I should have fucked you a long time
ago....Do me hard baby, fuck me with that big juicy cock.."

Needing no further invitation, I pulled almost all the way back and
slid back in slowly, feeding her an inch at a time.  "Oooooh Duncan,
it's too slow.  Cut the shit and ram that cock in my pussy.  Oh baby
please fuck me hard!"

Pulling out I decided it would be nicer to give her a hard fucking
from behind.  I reached down and rolled her over, pulling her hips up
from the bed.  "Grab the sheets baby and hold on." I warned as I slid
my cock in.  Moaning deeply, she pulled her knees in tight and pushed
up on her hands, grabbing the sheets.  I was about to slam the shit
out of Venus herself.

She looked back at me with that lusty look saying "What are you
waiting for lover...Give it to me hard baby"  And with that I started
literally fucking her like crazy.  I grabbed the perfect globes of her
ass and started cramming my cock in and out of her and lighting speed.
 I saw her heavy titties swinging back and forth as she moaned and
shook with me.  We were in orgasmic bliss for the next few moments as
I penetrated that beautiful pussy.

I reached under her and grabbed her swinging tits and pulled her semi
upright.  She looked back at me and licked her lips as I started
groping her tits and pinching her nipples hard.  The continuous
penetration and the added stimulation of grabbing her tits was
beginning to take it's toll on this young brunette.  She reached back
with both hands and grabbed my hips, trying to get me to fuck her
faster and deeper.  She was moaning continuously and her eyes were
rolling back in her head with each thrust.  I had to admit that I was
getting close.

I never relented on the pounding as I moaned in her ear, "I am going
to come in buckets inside you Candy.  I am going to shoot all over the
inside of your pussy really soon.  I want you to come with me baby, I
want you to let go and come come come...."  Nodding since speech was
impossible for her at this point, I felt the walls of her cunt beging
to grip me like a vice grip.  Her face screwed up as she bit her lip
her scream like that I grunted savagely and lunged one final time,
lifting her up off of the bed.  We fell over sideways and she arched
her back and I dumped the contents of my balls into her waiting pussy.

We both continued to twitch for several minutes until my spent dick
fell out of her pussy with a wet slop.  I threw my arm over her and
pulled her into a spoon position and knew no more.

We must have both passed out because when I opened my eyes it was
morning and I was lying in the same position, my dick still sticky
from the night before.  I sat up on the bed I realized that Candy was
gone.  I looked around and her clothes were gone too.  A note sat on
the pillow.

I picked it up and read it.  It was from Candy,

"Dear Duncan,

Thank you so much for my present, I will never forget it.  I know your
birthday isn't until August, so you will have to wait until then for
me to give you yours.  My turn is up, and I have to give everyone else
a shot at you first before my turn comes up again.  Doesn't mean I
can't tease you, and August isn't all that far away.

Do me a favor, please don't tell the other girls you know they are
coming.  I don't want to ruin their wonderful experience one whit.

I will never forget last night, you were amazing.


C Xoxoxoxoxoxo

I fell back on the bed with a satisfied smile on my face.  I was
getting up to grab a shower when I heard Sam come in the front door
and yell "Dunk...I'm home!"