Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. It was spring. The girls were all excited about the Prom coming up and finally graduating. Sam was running around like a maniac preparing things since she was President of the planning committee, and from what the other girls told me, a shoe-in for Prom Queen. I hadn't met her date, in fact I knew very little about Chip except that he was the class President and a goalie for the Lacrosse team. I expected to hear more about him, but Sam was strangely quiet about the whole subject. I had tried to bring it up several times, digging for information, but all I got was "He's a friend and we thought it'd be better to go with friends...". Sam had dated a few guys during her four years in highschool, but nothing serious. I had met a few of them - stereotypical jocks trying to get into her panties. None of them lasted very long. The only one who came close was Martin, until his parents moved out of state. The young woman in question was sitting in a lounge chair in the backyard, working on her tan as I walked onto the back deck. I gazed at her voluptuous tanned body, barely covered by a skimpy white bikini. Her thick blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, a phone plastered to her left ear. She caught sight of me standing on the deck in a pair of workout pants and waved before going back to her conversation. The sun was out and it was a nice day, so I decided to work out. I had gotten quite a bit accomplished during the morning, so I wanted to do something physical. I had been sitting in my office working on a program I was writing for a client and felt the need to sweat. I warmed up for a few minutes stretching out my muscles before going through all of my forms for my next belt in TaeKwon Do. I had gone through them several times, working up a serious sweat when I realized that Sam was watching me. She smiled and motioned for me to continue. Being the object of a seventeen year old blonde goddess was a bit distracting, but since Sam was my ward, I tried not to think about her ample bosom or long sexy legs. Since her parents had died in the car accident with my wife and daughter, she had grown into a stunning, exotic woman. Although every inch of me wanted to be with her, I had managed to keep my hands to myself. Granted, I had jerked off all over her tits while she masturbated not two feet away, but I had kept my hands to myself. I wondered what was going to happen when her birthday came in two weeks, the day after the prom. She had set up all of her friends with me to have their fantasy's fullfilled by a man who would be concerned with their needs and fears, rather than having them waist it on some highschool loser who only wanted to get his rocks off. So I had slept with her friends and enjoyed myself immensly. Now I wondered what Sam had in mind for herself. I couldn't deny that I wanted her in the worst way. From the way she stared at me practicing my forms, I knew that she wanted me too. My big problem was that I didn't just want her once. I had examined my feelings and found that even though I was twice her age at thirty-four, the age difference didn't bother me. I was not going to assume anything though. She had set things up, I would wait and see if she had a plan or no. "Dunk!" she called from across the yard. "Yeah Samson, what's up?" I replied. I picked up the towel I had brought out and used it to dry myself as I walked over to her. Her bronze skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat. "Gots a flavor to axe yew." It was the kind of talk we used when she first came to live with me and I still found it cute as hell. "You know you only have to axe me Sammie. Whuhzzup?" "They need chaperones for the Prom. Would you mind sliding that gorgeous bod into a Tux and making sure that 250 horny teenagers don't do anything they shouldn't??" She sounded so sweet as she said it, the sun flashing off her sparkling white teeth. She knew I would do it before she even asked me. I just smiled and nodded. "Excellent! Now go take a shower ya smelly old man. We need to get you fitted ASAP!" She unfolded her lush young body from the chair, walking over to me and planting a kiss on my cheek. Her hand trailed over my chest and over my stomach. She smiled at me as she walked into the house, her hips swaying to some sexy dance that only she could hear. Her lush ass made promises to my rapidly hardening dick. I went and took a shower, visions of Sam's ass dancing in my head. I left the bathroom door open to see if anything would happen like before. As I rinsed off my body and picked up the shampoo, the glass door to the shower slid open. I was hoping that she might tease me, or maybe have another episode of staring at one another while we jerked off. The look in her eyes told me something different. I put the shampoo back on the shelf and rinsed off my hands. She stood in the open shower door, her hair falling around her face, her cheeks flushed. I realized that my breathing had gotten heavy and quick, matching her own. The look in her eyes was one of pure lust. I stood there staring at this bronzed goddess, my nine inch prick standing at attention and rapidly getting harder than ever before. Her chest rose and fell with her breathing, her tanlined breasts heaving up and down. I looked at her rosy red areola that surrounded her hard thick nipples and licked my lips. They looked good enough to eat. I looked into her eyes as she moved into the shower and closed the door. She moved under the water, her firm breast brushing my right arm. As she stared at me, she ducked her head under the water and let it fall along her lush young body. I could almost taste the sexuality she was exuding, I can only assume she could feel it coming off of me in waves. Her hand came up to my chest as she moved towards me out of the water. Her other hand reached out and wrapped itself around my stiff cock and began jerking up and down ever so slowly. "Do you want me Duncan? Do you want to make love to me Duncan?" Her face was inches from my own, I could taste her breath as I stared into her eyes. I reached out and cupped her ass, pulling her in close. My other hand reached up and fondled her breast as I said, "Yes. I shouldn't, but I do in the biggest way." She smiled slightly as she moved the few inches forward necessary to give me the sweetest, most succulent kiss I had ever known. My lips parted letting her tongue play over them, finally sliding into my mouth. It was THE most amazing kiss I had ever had. I rubbed my thumb back and forth across her nipple as her fingers and hand slid up and down my cock. I could feel the beginnings of a monster come growing in my groin as she began to rub her wet pussy against my leg. I bent my knee slightly to give her more friction on her clit. It seemed to do the trick as she broke off the kiss and began to pant loudly. Her hand was a blur on my fat cock as I lowered my lips down to lick and tease her nipple. She began moaning my name loudly as I slid a finger between her ass cheeks and began groping her breast with my other hand. "oooohhhhhhooooooooo Duncan, come with me baby....Mmmmm right....oh oh OH OH NOW!!!" she screamed as I blew my load against the shower wall. I caught her under the arms as she collapsed slightly, her hips still bucking slightly on my thigh. I was surprised that I didn't take out some of the tiling on the wall I came so hard. I let her breathing return to normal before helping her to stand straight. I manuvered us both under the shower and hugged her close to me. Her arms clasped around my waist pulling me as close as possible. I could feel her shaking, and it seemed it was not from what we had just done. I pulled away slightly and tipped her face to look at me. Her eyes looked everywhere but into mine. "What's wrong Sam? Are you okay? Was that not what you wanted??" She bit her lip and pulled back from me, shaking her head. "No Dunk, it was exactly what I wanted. I want to tell you something, but I don't know how..." The sly sex kitten was gone, a scared teenager standing in her place. I pushed my hormones down and moved into the shower to rinse off. I turned off the shower without saying anything and opened the door. I grabbed her fluffy robe and put her into it, shrugging into my own afterwards. I had a feeling this talk was going to be a whopper. "Come on" I said with a smile, holding my hand out to her. "I'll make some coffee, we can talk." She nodded, taking my hand and stepping out of the shower. When she got out, I held onto it, and led her downstairs. I grabbed a towel on my way down the hall and handed it to her. "For your hair..." I said when she looked at me questioningly. She smiled and took it as we walked down into the living room. I sat her down and kissed the top of her head, walking into the kitchen. A thousand thoughts flew through my mind as I made two cups of coffee. I poured the coffee after it was done and milked and sugared it to our liking. Taking a deep breath, I walked back into the living room. She was sitting in the chair, her hair still damp but mostly dry. She looked scared, confused, and beautiful all at the same time. I handed her the cup and sat down on the ottoman in front of her. She took a sip and smiled, relaxing a little. Where we were sitting was not an accident on my part. Whenever Sam had something on her mind, I would sit her in my chair and sit on the ottoman facing her as I was. I pulled my legs into my lap and put my robe around me, covering me up. I took a few sips and waited for her to start. "Dunk," she began softly. "I want to thank you for everything you did for my friends. You didn't have to, but you did and I know how much they all appreciate it." She muttered, "Can't get them to shut up about it" to herself. I snickered. She looked at me suddenly and smiled, hearing me chuckle. "Here's the problem..." she said as she put down her mug. It seemed she gained more confidence the more she relaxed, I could see the flush partially leave her cheeks. Her voice seemed stronger as she looked me in the eye and said, "I want to be with you. I want to be with you more than any of the others. The reason I set them up with you was to benefit them of course." I nodded smiling. She grinned as she continued, "But it was also for my benefit." She had my attention as she shifted forward in her chair, her robe opening slightly, showing the creamy skin of her beautiful cleavage. I tore my gaze back to her grinning face as she said, "I set you up with them because I didn't think that I could be with you, I didn't think it would be right. As things progressed, I realized it wasn't right or wrong that bothered me, it was that I didn't want to be with you that way." She stood up and took my mug, putting it on the side table. Her whole body radiated sex once more. She reached up and pulled the tie on her robe, letting the two ends fall to her side. She reached her hands up and slowly pulled the robe open, exposing herself to me. Her pussy, for lack of a better term, was perfect. She had a patch of blonde hair above her pouty lips that glistened with moisture. I ran my gaze up over her luscious bosom to her face as she shrugged out of her robe completely. She took my hand and pulled me forward, making me stand up. She untied my robe and pushed if off of my shoulders and onto the floor. She gazed down at my erect penis and smiled. She put her hands on my shoulders and moved me back down to the ottoman. Her hands cupped my face as she bent slowly down, making me lie back on the ottoman. She lay her body against mine and pulled her legs to either side, straddling me. Her wet slippery pussy rode along the length of my cock. Her ripe bosom was staring me in the face as she whispered, "I want you inside me Duncan, but I don't want it just once. I want you all the time. I want to marry you and have you be the father of my children." I thought I would be floored, I thought I would jump up and tell her it was wrong. I should have gotten up right then and there and sat her back down and told her what's what. Instead, I positioned my hips so that the head of my cock was at the entrance of her pussy, and pushed into it. She was so wet, and I was so hard that the spongy head of my cock slipped right into her. Her eyes shut and her mouth warred between a smile and a gasp as I slid slowly into her. I waited for some resistence from her hymen as I pushed my cock into her waiting flower. When I didn't feel it, I realized that this wasn't her first time. I felt the folds of her labia around the base of my cock as the head of it bumped into her cervix. I gave her a minute to adjust to the size of it before moving my hips slowly. She cooed with pleasure as the motion stirred her clit back and forth. She opened her eyes slightly as she moved herself up a little, letting my cock slide back into her. I could feel every vein in my throbbing cock slip and slide along the walls of her tight pussy. She began to take deeper strokes as our breathing got heavier and heavier. I asked softly as she looked into my eyes, "Do you love me?" "Yes" she responded. "Can you spend the rest of your life with me?" "Yes" "You don't want to see what it's like with other guys" "I have...for a long time..." I was surprised by that, but not angry. "Someone else was my first, but I want to spend the rest of my life just being with you" she purred as she picked up the pace. "I knew I wanted you to be my partner, my lover, my friend for the rest of my life. No one can make me feel like you do. I've been with other men because I knew you would ask, and I knew it would always be you." She put her hands on my chest and pushed herself up, her ample bosom squeezing between her arms. I leaned up and began sucking on her nipples, driving her wild. Her hips bucked up and down on my cock, her hips slamming into me with each stroke. "God, I have wanted you to slam that cock into me since I was a little girl. Make me feel it Duncan, make me feel your big fat cock in my pussy. Make me feel like a woman." She threw her head back and licked her lips as I pushed my hips up. The added leverage was enough to send her into her first orgasm. Rather than letting her ride it out, I put my arms around her waist, pushed her all the way down onto my cock and stood up. Her mouth and eyes were wide as she moaned incoherently. I turned around and dropped back onto the ottoman so she was on the bottom. The movement changed her tone, but she was obviously still coming. I pulled all the way out of her, leaving just the tip inside. I rested my knees on the edge of the ottoman as I began with long slow strokes that caused her to writhe with pleasure. Her head whipped back and forth as I shifted my hips to run my groin against her clit. Her legs wrapped around my hips moved up my back to force me deeper within her. Our breathing and moaning became faster and deeper as her eyes shot open. She put her hands on either side of my face and said, "I'm not on the pill!" "Do you love me?" I asked breathing heavily. "Oh Yes, you know I do...God yes!" she moaned as her hips lifted off the couch to slam into my hips. "I love you Sam...Marry me..." I said, abandoning all thought to movement of our two bodies, coupling and fitting perfectly together. I felt my balls begin to boil over as the muscles in her pussy tightened. She screamed, "YYYESSSSSOHYESOHYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH OH GOD YES...." I began screaming incoherently as I slammed my hips into hers, emptying sperm into her waiting vessel. We laid there breathing heavily for a while until my soft cock spilled out of her pussy along with about a gallon of sperm. Epilogue: Well, a college education in another state, a wedding, several flings with her old highschool friends, and 2 kids later....Sam and I are still happily married and no one in our new town has any idea that I partially raised my wife. Candy is the kids favorite, so she's around quite a bit. Sometimes Sam and I get together with Candy, sometimes the two of them, sometimes me and Candy. The rest of the pack has scattered to the winds, but we all still keep in touch. ***************************** Thanks for all of the feedback on this story. I may write the story about Duncan's bday sometime, but I am working on some other stuff. Check out my Change Me series. Later! -G-