Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. It was coffee klatch time once again; the girls were sprawled out on the leather furniture with coffee, soda, junk food and other assorted things all over the place. In other words, it was a mess. I had just come in from a day full of meetings, but I was pretty satisfied because my newest client, a company called PharoCorp was looking to pick me up to do some architectural work for their IT systems. The guy I talked to even hinted softly at a permanent position with them as a lead arch, but that'd come later. I was worn out, and all I wanted to do was soak out the stress in the hot tub and crash. How can you be pissed at such a lovely bunch though? I walked through the front door and put my bag on the floor just inside it. I was wearing a suit and tie, and cut a dashing figure if I do say so myself, and of course I do say so! I got a collective "Hi Dunk!" from the girls as they sat around gabbing, listening to music. I could hear Brittney Spears cooing about being a "Slave for you...I can't deny it". Hmmm, now THAT would be something I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of. Up until this point, I was being caring and kind and aware of each of the young girls feelings. Wouldn't mind spiking one of them on my johnson and banging away until I was good and finished... I blinked out of my daydreams and went upstairs to change my clothes. Hoping one of them would join me; I stripped down to my underwear and was pulling on a pair of jeans when there was a knock on the door. I buttoned up my pants slowly and walked to the door in bare feet without a shirt. Opening the door, I saw Sam. I was kind of hoping for Amanda, Lake or Candy, but I wasn't going to complain. Sam was still my favorite girlie, and not just because she lived with me. (If you haven't been following the story, Sam's parents were killed in a car accident with my wife and kids. We take care of one another, but we aren't related.) Sam is about 5'7", has thick wavy blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a body that made impure thoughts run dancing through my mind whenever she walked by. I know I was supposed to restrain myself, and by some unspoken agreement, we teased and taunted, but never really went anywhere. She stepped through the door, shutting it with her foot. She looked deep into my eyes as her hands ran up my chest, and up into my hair. She pulled her hands out of my hair and grabbed my ass, grinding her crotch into mine as she pulled me in closer. Her mouth was so close I could feel her sweet breath on my lips. She pulled back suddenly, letting me go and breathing heavy. My hands itched to rip off her clothes and ravage her right there and then. Again, something unspoken passed between us, not letting us take it any further. By the lustful look in her eyes, I could see she had the same thoughts. Her voice literally dripped with sexuality. I could swear she had been reading my mind, as she uttered, "No more Mister nice guy, Duncan. You are the Master, she is the Slave." A wicked grin matched the one slowly spreading its way across my face. I started to walk towards her but she stopped me with a look. "No Duncan, I burn for you, but we can't. Let this tide you over until then." She reached her right hand into her pants and slid her fingers into her panties. Her eyes burned with potent sex as she stirred what I assumed to be the hottest pussy on the west coast. Her eyes closed and she moaned softly as she pulled out her hand, the first two fingers dripping from her sex. She took a step, grabbed my steel hard cock through my jeans with her free hand and put her wet fingers in my mouth. As you may have read in other stories, I am a tit man in a big way. She was the ultimate with huge knockers, blonde hair, and an ass made for grabbing. I also love licking pussy. Not your floral, or your this or your that. Nor do I like fishy. I like a woman to be natural and musky, and the two fingers I was sucking on were dripping with the most intoxicating musk I had ever tasted. She slid her fingers in and out of my mouth while she jacked my dick through my jeans. In the next moment, she flew out the door and down the hallway leaving me there with my mouth tasting like pussy, and a steel hard dick. Normally I would have beat off right then and there, but I decided to follow her. Normally I would have heard the door close to the bathroom, this time I didn't. I buttoned up the top button on my jeans with some difficulty and looked down the hallway. I could hear the other girls downstairs talking, and see the bathroom door open. I moved down the hallway silently, making my way to the bathroom. There through the open door, I could see Sam with her pants around her ankles sitting against the sink, her right hand buried in her crotch, her left groping at her tits. She saw me at the door and instead of stopping, just looked at me and spread her legs a little more. I stepped into the room and closed the door. I whipped down my pants letting my purple-headed cock spring free. I spit into my hand and started pumping, matching her strokes. Her eyes grew wider as she whispered "Yes!" With both of our gazes centered on our pumping hands, it didn't take long for us to get close to orgasm. Her right hand still pumping in and out of her pussy, she pulled off her shirt with her left hand so I could get a really good look at her boobs. They were huge, capped with quarter sized areola and rock hard nipples. She pinched her nipple pulling it out, her breath causing both of them to heave back and forth. "Uuunnnn Duncan...I am ooooohhhh gonna come...Want oooooooo want you to sshh sshhhoot on my tits baby, shoot your come all...OOooooooOOOOOOOver my my TitTTTSSSssssssssssssssssM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Hearing someone this sexy talking like that, I came a split second after her. I turned and stepped up close to her, coming all over her heaving chest. The smell of sex was heavy in the air as we calmed down and slowly got our breath back. She spent several minutes smoothing the creamy jism into her skin, pausing to lick a big glob off her nipple. She kissed me long and deep and pulled her shirt over her head. She whispered still breathing heavily, "Thanks, I needed that... Christy is next. She always gets what she wants, so this one will be a little different. I want you to make her your slave. Don't be nice, just fuck the shit out of her. Tie her up and spank her little bitching hiney" she grinned wickedly. Before I could protest she reached down and squeezed my swelling dick. She grinned wickedly as she said, "She won't admit it, but I read it in her diary. Dominate her and make her do what you want. Oooooh and enjoy yourself, I know she will." she cooed as I regained the hardness in my crotch. Then she opened the door and went downstairs. So there I stood, my jeans around my ankles, my dick hard as a rock, the breeze blowing in the window on my naked ass. I had just blown my wad all over my ward, a girl of 17 who looked better than most movie stars. What's next?? I went downstairs to fix myself something to eat, and settled on a sandwich. As I headed into the den, I smelled my favorite perfume. I didn't realize that Sam meant my interlude with Christy would be right then. I put the sandwich on the table by the door and went into the den. The den is down a few steps with a plush carpet cover all of the room except for a brick skirt around the fireplace. A bar sits off in one corner and a sectional black leather sofa forms an L shape around the wide screen TV. On the coffee table were a bottle of champagne two glasses and a note. I could see the back of Christy's head and her bare shoulders over the back of the couch. I walked around the couch to the uncorked bottle of champagne and poured a glass for myself. I turned to look at Christy and saw that they had done part of my work for me. Her hands and feet were tied together with thin rope so that her hands rested in her lap, her feet on the floor. A handkerchief had been run around her head so that it pulled her mouth open and gagged her from speaking, but allowed enough slack only be semi-uncomfortable. Her eyes blazed with a mix of anger, excitement, embarrassment, and lust. They had stripped her naked and then tied her up. I wonder how much of it all had been her idea. I took a sip of my glass and studied her. While Candy was soft and supple, Lake compact but lush, Christy was the ultimate athlete. She was tall, thin, and really long legs. The only exception to this was a nice sized chest. The girls on the volleyball team when I was in high school were all flat chested, no assed, amazons. Christy's flaming red hair matched the flush on her cheeks and the tint in the nickel sized areola on her firm high breasts. If I didn't know any better, I'd think they were fake since they stood up so well on their own, her nipples erect and sticking straight at me. Gazing down into her lap, I noticed with some satisfaction that she was a natural redhead. The dusting of freckles finished off the whole Irish package across her nose and breasts. She gazed at me, blinking very little. The girl who always has something to say was prevented from talking by the bandana across her mouth. I raised my glass to her saying, "So...Not much to say?" Her gaze never left mine. I decided to take control, and enjoy myself. I put down the glass and shot my hand out really quickly, grabbing her jaw tightly. Her eyes grew wide with surprise. "Listen up, because I am only going to say this once, slave..." I let the word hang in the air, watching with satisfaction as she squirmed in her seat closing her eyes for a moment. "I am in charge. I am the Master. You are the slave. You will do nothing unless I ask it, you will do whatever I tell you, and you will end everything with a 'Yes Master' or a 'No Master'. Nod your head if you understand." I waited for her to respond. When she didn't, I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and lowered my face to hers. I repeated, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND???" in a much louder tone. It got her attention because she nodded. I let go of her hair and untied the knot on the bandana, pulling it out of her mouth. She licked her lips and turned her gaze on me once more. "DON'T LOOK AT ME!" I yelled. Her head shot down, her shoulders quivering slightly. Whether it was in excitement or fear, I didn't know. I thought I should give her an 'out' just in case. I let her sit there for a minute or two, and then I put down the empty champagne glass. I moved to stand in front of her and whispered, "The word is 'Paper'. I am in total control, but if things go to far, or you want to stop, all you have to do is say the word 'Paper' and I will stop. If you don't say it, I will do whatever I want, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.... Do you understand?" She took a moment to clear her throat before she whispered, "Yes Master, I understand the word and what it means. I have wanted this for so long...Master" I could hear the yearning in her voice, and it made me hard as hell. I now understood why Sam got me off in the bathroom. If I had heard Christy's response before, I would have come in my pants. "Good slave. Now that we understand one another, it's time I used you for what you are good for. Get my jeans and underwear off and start sucking my dick..." My heart leaped in my throat as her hands shot out to my pants and practically ripped them open, a strained whispered, "Yessss Master" was all I heard. Before I knew it, my underwear was around my ankles and the head of my cock was buried in her mouth. She had a much smaller mouth than Lake or Candy, but the things she did to the tip of my dick with her tongue put them both to shame. Her tied hands massaged my balls as she ran her tongue up and down the underside of my cock. I was in heaven with a goddess once more. A man could get used to this in a very short time. I let her worship my turgid member for a few minutes until I started feeling a twinge beginning at the base of my dick. I didn't want to come in her least not yet. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back again, her mouth was still open. "That's enough slave. Get on your hands and knees on the couch, grab the back and stick your ass in the air." She responded by swinging to her side and pulling her knees to the back of the couch. I knew she had a great body, but I hadn't realized her ass was so perfect until now. I could smell her sex and I hadn't even touched her yet. I thought a quick bang would be in order. "Should I take it easy on her, or just give it to her?" I thought to myself. I slid my hand between her legs and was surprised to find her thighs covered with her juice. I slid my hand between the lips of her cunt and found them soaked and swollen. "Plenty of lube here." I thought to myself. I stepped up, positioned the head of my cock at the opening of her lips and planned on taking it slowly to allow her time to get used to the size. This was a master slave relationship, not a pain thing. I began to lightly prod her lips with my cock. With all the juice on her lips, the head slid right in with a nice plop. As I grabbed her two perfect globes and made ready to begin, she shot her hips back and screamed, "OHHHHHHH MASSSSTERRRRR" The walls of her cunt were tight and clutching. I could tell that she was in pain, but quickly getting used to it. My nine-inch member was buried in her pussy, my black pubes mingling with hers. When her hips began to rock on my penis, I began bucking my hips slowly adding movement to her rocking. I waited for her to relax around my cock before moving. As she began to loosen up and breathe a bit more evenly, I brought my hand down on her ass, spanking it hard. "Did I ASK you to do that SLAVE??" I yelled. "No Master, I am sorry Master. I am ready to be punished." She said this in a subservient tone, but I think we both knew that she did the best thing. I wasn't about to let her get away with it, which may have been what she had in mind all along. *SMACK* I spanked her other cheek hard, putting a matching red handprint on her other ass cheek. A lusty "Thank you Master" was all I heard. I couldn't ignore the lust conveyed in her tone, nor the effect it was having on me. I had never been into bondage, but I was finding that it was turning me on based on its effect on Christy. I slid my dick out until only the head was inside her pussy, and slid quickly back in as I brought my hand down on her ass hard. The slap hit at the same moment as my cock bumped her cervix. She screamed, "UUUnnnnnGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! OH THANK YOU MASTER!!!" as the walls of her cunt spasmed. "Wow" I thought as I realized she was having an orgasm already. Maybe she was into pain after all. I pulled out of her again, and spanked her as I slammed into her cunt. I did it again, and again until I was spanking her repeatedly with my hand and slamming my cock into her pussy. Her ass was cherry red and her voice was incoherent as she babbled "YES MASTER" and "Oh Master" and "Spank me Master" over and over. As I picked up the pace of my cock sliding in and out of her, and my hand slapping her perfect ass, I used my free hand to grab her hair and pull her head back. I could see her eyes were closed and she was having the time of her life. I pulled her upright until I could whisper in her ear. "WHO...IS...THE...MASTER..." I timed each word with a deep stroke of my cock. She licked her lips as she whispered, "You! Oh You, OhhhhhYou are master! You ARE THE MASTER...OHMIGODOHMYGODOhMY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Her whole body shuddered as it was wracked with orgasm after orgasm. I kept pumping in and out of her hole, determined to come inside her. I let go of her hair, letting her arms fall back onto the back of the couch. I licked my finger and put it on the entrance of her ass. Rather than waiting to see what she thought of the idea, I shoved it in, making her buck back against my finger and cock. My thighs were soaked from the juice flowing from her steaming cunt. The only thing hotter and tighter than her pussy was her pulsing asshole. When she didn't protest, I slid my dick out of her cunt, pushed her hips down slightly and put the head at the opening to her asshole. I waited a second and heard her whisper, "Be gentle master...please..." I rubbed her tush to let her know I had heard. "I am going to fuck you in the ass slave, and you are going to like it. Put your chest on the back of the couch, reach between your legs and play with your clit Slave..." As she shifted, I used her distraction to pop into her anus. The tight ring gave a little resistance, but with all the lube that coated my shlong, it didn't take much. She grunted and the ring tightened up, but as I began to move slowly, she relaxed. Having her play with her clit relaxed her even more until I was moving the first two inches freely in and out of her ass. I had never been into anal sex before Lake asked me to buttfuck her, but I realized that a lot of people miss out. Her tight warm asshole wrapped around my rod like a glove, the tight ring contracting slightly as I pulled the head almost all the way out. I began to make my strokes deeper when I heard her say "It makes me so full, I am full of my Master...My Master...Ohhhh Master you cock is in my ass...Please, more Master, More Please...." "Ohhhh, yes Master...I am your Slave...Fuck your Slave in the ass...Oh MASTER, Mmmmmmmm" "You like my cock in your ass, don't you slave?" I repeated as I spanked her, making her cry out in ecstasy and pain. "Oh YES MASTER...Oh YES! I LOVE YOU BUTTFUCKING ME..." I began to slam in and out until my member was buried in her ass time after time. I could tell she was getting close by the whimpering and pleading I was hearing. "MMMMMM, MASTER!!! I'M COMING AGAIN!!! MASTER MASTER...OOHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Hearing this put me over the edge, I thrust several more times as I dumped the largest load of cum into her asshole. I stayed in her ass until I got soft and pulled out and stood up. Christy was sprawled out on the couch, her ass still high in the air. Before she could protest, I reached under her, gathered her into my arms, and picked her up. She was still breathing hard, and her muscles were spasming. I carried her out of the den, up the stairs and into the bathroom. I sat her down on the toilet and untied her hands and feet and closed the door as I left. I opened the closet door and pulled out two towels and waited. When I heard the toilet flush, I opened the door and went inside. I put the towels on the sink, reached into the shower, and turned it on. Christy was standing shakily, leaning against the sink. Her eyes were still on the ground, she held her hands out to be tied once more. I put my hand under her chin, and asked her to look at me. When her blue eyes met mine, I whispered, "Paper". She looked confused for a moment until I kissed her gently. The kiss was slow, warm, and passionate. I broke it saying, "Lets take a shower Christy." I wanted to show her the other side of the experience could be just as satisfying. We slid under the warm water and just held each other as the water soaked our hair and bodies. She hugged me and clutched my ass as she initiated another deep long passionate kiss. It was a while before she said, "Duncan, that was amazing." I answered her with a smile and another kiss. My hands roamed over her body, caressing her skin, squeezing her breast, and cupping the cheeks of her ass. My touch was as light and loving as it had been hard and punishing before. Her eyes were slightly closed in that lusty sort of way. I could tell that her juices were probably flowing fairly well by now, so I turned off the water and stepped out. I held out a towel for her and wrapped her up in it, kissing her. We broke the kiss long enough to dry each other off and went out the door down the hall and into my room. I kissed her as I lifted her up onto the bed, joining her in the middle. No words were necessary as she rolled onto her back, I slid between her legs, and she guided my hard penis into the folds of her wet velvety pussy. Her long legs came over my hips and guided me down into her depths. Where our first session had been hard and frenzied, this one was slow, languid and patient. We were experiencing our passion building slowly and steadily. I kissed her lips, her neck, and her ears as I pushed and pulled my cock in and out of her steamy hole. We kept this up for several minutes, our eyes mostly closed, satisfied smiles on our faces as we danced the dance of love. I pushed back onto my knees, bringing her legs off my hips and pulled her feet up to my shoulders. I pressed her thighs into my stomach and chest and sped up a little. She began to utter soft Oooo's each time I hit bottom. As our passion mounted, I wanted to let her be on top for the finale. I pulled her legs back down onto my hips, put my arms underneath her, and rolled onto my back. My cock pushed deep in her pussy the whole time. She smiled wickedly as she got the idea and arranged her legs to either side of me and tipped her hips forward. She put her hands on my chest, pushing her boobs together and began to ride back and forth on my prick. We groaned and moaned as she sped up the pace. I leaned up slightly so I could suck on her nipples as the muscles in her pussy began to grip harder and harder. We both came in a flurry of strokes, moans, and grunts. As I came inside of her again, she jammed her tongue in my mouth and kissed me hard. We kissed until our breathing slowed and my cock got limp and fell out of her. She put her head down on my chest and we both fell asleep.