Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. MFF, ROM, FANTASY COME TRUE I don't care what anybody begins at forty. Well, my life actually began when I met my third husband. After two failed marriages to men who were less than imaginative in bed Bob came as a very pleasurable surprise. You see. I am a very horny lady. Very. I have come to believe that I tend to be a bit more hormonal than most women. At least that is what numerous lovers have divulged after a heated session. Even as a young child I remember fantasies and feelings I could not fathom. Looking back I realize now that I was way ahead of my years where sexual feelings are concerned. I was maybe nine years old. Being the curious kind I sort of `found' a very worn looking paperback book hiding way up in my Dad's closet. Needless to say he hid it there for a reason. It told of wondrous things no nine year old child need be aware of. I had a hole `down there'. Men put their `things' down there. Men liked to lick it and play with it. Hmmmmm. This definitely called for further investigation. And investigate I did. I was a regular Sherlock Holmes of sexual sleuthing. I read every dirty book I could lay my hands on. I became very imaginative. Before I even understood the workings of my own body I discovered that I could put my fingers inside me. Then came the....ummm objects. Anything would do. The older I got the more things found their way up my ever hungry pussy. Then one day I found it. My clit. And soon thereafter, my first orgasm. The rest is history. Or so they say. CHAPTER 2 I met Bob a few years after the demise of my second marriage and after months of self inflicted celibacy. I had grown tired of insipid come on lines by men I could truly out think after undergoing a frontal lobotomy. I have found with age that if a man can turn my mind on my body is sure to follow. After all, the brain is suppose to be our most powerful sex organ. And how Bob does loves me for my mind. Going to meet him for the first time I promised myself I would not just fall into bed with him. I was a little worried since simply talking to him on the phone turned me on. With only a few innocuous words Bob had communicated his dominant nature in such a subliminal fashion it was calculatedly blatant. Had I finally found the man who would understand my deepest needs and darkest desires? I was as nervous as a virgin. Within two hours of meeting him I was wearing a leather and chain collar...and nothing else. Years later we continue to be happily in lust. With my very own husband I have experienced bondage and submission and the distorted margins between pain and pleasure. Adult toy stores, porno booths and glory holes. Gentleman's clubs and lap dances. Private sex clubs and group sex. And my own personal favorite experience, the threesomes. I could have a screaming orgasm right now just thinking about how double vaginal penetration feels. On the flip side I love to watch his eyes close in ecstasy as another female sucks him deep into her throat. To hold his dick while he slowly penetrates a wet pussy makes my own cunt spasm with pleasure. And though I do prefer men over women I have thoroughly enjoyed sucking a hard clit with Bob's dick just a breath away sliding in and out of a dripping hole. Often, our own pleasure is found in watching the other in action. We are both ardently voyeuristic. It makes for great eye candy and fuels some stimulating fantasy talk when it is just the two of us. CHAPTER 3 Fantasy...a word by any other name. `Fantasy` (n.) a "Flight of imagination", "Whimsy", "Desire". Desire. Mmmmm. We love to weave our own private fantasies while fucking, sucking and licking our way to mutual satisfaction. Making each others' fantasy come true keeps the home fires burning so hot I swear I've had singed pubic hair after a mind blowing session. Bob has opened my eyes, my mind and my body to such delightful pleasures of the flesh that I find myself searching for the perfect lustful adventure to return the favor. However, the best fantasies come true aren't dreamed up or planned......they just sort of fall in your lap. And there seems to be no better place for the possibility of spontaneous meetings than in our favorite playground... a crowded bar. Bob and I love nothing better than to listen to music, dance, drink beer and play pool. It's a great ice-breaker. Saturday night and we were checked into the Jacuzzi room in a hotel in the middle of town. We love to party but we do believe in being responsible. No drinking and driving. The cost of a room is a lot cheaper than a DUI. Heading out on foot we follow the pulse of the sub base into the closest bar. It's wall to wall, ceiling to floor people all hell bent on having a good time. And when you get that many people laughing, drinking and rubbing together you can feel the pheromones wrap around you like an exotic perfume. Very heady stuff. We were lucky enough to locate a small table and a couple of chairs in the corner by the bandstand. Bob knows me to be a frustrated groupie so he purposefully placed me in the chair facing the stage. From this vantage point I had an unobstructed view of the band and got immediate eye contact with the lead guitar player. The resulting thrill chased down my spine and formed a warm pool deep in my pussy. There's nothing hotter than a rocker with body piercings, tattoos and long hair. I was just leaning towards Bob to tell him I found a possible playmate when the crowd around us heated up to the music and closed in. In the ensuing crush a young girl was pushed and landed right in my lap. Though I was caught completely off guard I'm proud to say I didn't even spill my beer. Nothing worse than alcohol abuse. Laughing and apologizing the little cutie stood up and pulled her very short skirt back down. But not before we both saw that she was not wearing any panties. CHAPTER 4 "Well I guess this calls for an introduction" she said with hand on hip, "My name is Amanda but my friends call me Amanda." I knew immediately that this was definitely Bob's flavor. Young, cute, not too skinny and appeared to have a good sense of humor. "Hello, I'm Bob and this is my wife Cheryl." "Hi", I replied. Motioning towards Bob I said, "Pull up a lap and sit down." Turning around Bob grabbed an empty chair from another table. Amanda sat down with a grin and offered to buy us a round since she sort of, "Crashed our party." In all truth I'm glad she fell into my lap. As I said before I prefer men but I do find myself attracted to a female occasionally. This appeared to be a time. A wonderful smile, short spiky auburn hair and obvious self confidence. I also liked the fact that she was ballsy enough to be going panty less. Bob enjoys selecting my attire when we go out partying and panties are rarely one of his choices. It turns me on knowing Bob can reach under my skirt at anytime to touch my ass or pussy. And then there's the chance that someone else might `accidentally' get a quick glimpse of my trimmed lips or the bottom of my ass cheeks. Over a round of drinks it became clear Amanda did not believe in conversation filled with trite patter. She was intelligent and funnier than hell, two very good reasons why I felt myself attracted to her. It was pretty clear by the gleam in Bob's eyes that he too found her very fuckable. With the music throbbing all around us I felt the mood at the table become more and more intimate. It seemed that Amanda felt the sexual tension as well. Her cheeks had a slight blush and I noticed the distinct outline of her nipples through her clingy top. The talk became very sexual, laced with jokes, innuendo and bold suggestions. Bob and I had already `signaled' to each other that Amanda would be a very welcome addition to our bed when she came right out and said, "God you two are hot!" "Why don't we get out of here and get to know each other a little bit better?" Bob left it to me to gain access to the unbelievably crowded bar to pay our tab. It's much easier for me to slide through a crowd than it is for Bob. Not only am I smaller but it amuses him to no end to watch me 'work' my way through. Rubbing my ass against a crotch or pressing my tits to a back or arm while smiling seductively parts the men like a charm. Not to mention what it does for my libido. Having all those happy strangers `inadvertently' touching me and giving me heated looks made my breath catch and my heart race. The energy was so electric you could feel the sparks. Outside the sidewalks were packed. We made our way through the throng and headed towards our hotel. By some sort of unspoken understanding Amanda and I made sure Bob got lots of stimulation on the way back to the room. Leaning against him she made sure he felt her rigid nipples on his forearm while I made sure to accidentally brush my hand along his dick. Then, too, Bob got a real thrill from all the envious looks he kept getting from other men. The way we were wrapped around him left little doubt as to the way our evening was progressing. CHAPTER 5 Back in our room Amanda and I lit candles and found a music station on T.V. while Bob started filling the Jacuzzi. Then, to my delight, Amanda pulled a fat joint out of her purse and asked me if I smoked. "Only non-tobacco products", I said pulling a joint out of my purse. "Well, I guess we won't have any problems getting high will we?" she laughed. While we shared a joint Bob lit up one of his favorite cigars and watched us as we danced around and undressed each other. Only after we were completely naked did we turn all of our attention to Bob. Since I was already familiar with Bob's.....well, shall I say....wonderful endowments, I gave Amanda the honor of pulling his pants off. Kneeling in front of him Amanda gave a moan of unconcealed lust when his stiffening dick slid into view as she lowered his jeans and underwear. Sitting on the bed still hitting on a joint I watched as Bob gently took Amanda's head between his hands and slowly brought her head towards his rising cock. Joint completely forgotten now, breath coming in ragged gasps I continued to watch as Amanda's mouth closed over the head of my precious husband's erection. "Oh my God!" I heard myself say. Amanda's eyes closed as Bob started to leisurely fuck her mouth. First pulling her head to him then pushing it away. Suddenly her eyes opened in surprise and I had to laugh to myself, knowing quite well what surprised her. Bob is nine and a half inches long and six inches in circumference at the base. I've joked many a time that I have to unhinge my jaw to deep throat him. I knew exactly how she felt right now as she tried to take him completely. Still sucking she looked up at Bob with such a look of desire I almost came. Bob pulled her head away and helped her stand. I couldn't take it any longer. I approached the two and kissed Amanda. My groan filled the air as I tasted him on her lips. Reaching out to take his now rigid dick still glistening with Amanda's saliva I lowered myself to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Bob's moan came from deep in his chest when he felt the head of his dick hit the back of my throat. An answering tremor ran from my nipples to my clit. Casting my gaze upwards I saw Amanda sucking and nipping at Bob's very sensitive nipples while he pinched and twisted her own pale pink nubs. The sounds of heavy breathing and moans filled the room as we basked in the sensual heat of our sex play. Bob was the first one to come back to his senses. Chuckling, he helped me to stand on unsteady legs as he gave Amanda a quick kiss. "Let's continue this in the Jacuzzi." he said taking a rather tattered sounding breath. Bringing a fresh joint, a cigar and some bottled water for the cotton mouth we settled into the tub. "You know what female?" I said "I usually prefer outies to innies but you are driving me crazy tonight". Amanda smiled at that and told us she is totally bi and enjoys men and women equally. "But I have never been with a couple before." she finished with an over exagerated sigh. "This is a new experience to me, I'm sure glad you two are getting my cherry!" That brought laughs all around and I found myself hoping this would not be a `one night stand'. Here was an awesome young woman I knew could become a good friend as well as lover. This evening was turning out better than anything I could have planned. At long last I was sharing the kind of experience I had always envisioned. Bob reached forward and pulled Amanda across the tub and into his lap. Leaning her back across his arm he bent his head to suckle on her nipples. I could tell by the movement of his free arm that he was exploring her beneath the rippling water. Amanda arched her back as his seeking finger came into contact with her clit. "What have we here?" Bob asked, a lecherous grin on his face. Amanda stood up revealing a small gold hoop dangling from her clitoral hood. "I've been wanting one of those", I stated. "I've heard they can be very.... clitillating!" "Believe me!" she agreed. "I love to have a hard tongue flicking it back and forth while I'm getting fingered." Only too happy to oblige Bob buried his face between Amanda's legs. My own hips bucked as though it was my pussy receiving the oral attention. All the visuals were driving me into a frenzy. Don't get me wrong. I did not mind in the least the attention Bob was giving to Amanda. My role as the `peeper' was one of my choosing. At a later time, when it was just the two of us I could pull up these memories and whisper them in Bob's ear. He loved to hear my perspective of an encounter while making love with me. It's a tactic he uses on me too. We often cum together while re-living an inspired session. CHAPTER 6 Coming out of my reverie I moved towards Bob and started rubbing my tits up and down his back. Pulling his long hair out of the way I kissed and nipped on his neck. Reaching around I grabbed his beautiful cock in my hand and started stroking him firmly. Bob pulled away from Amanda's naked pussy and slid his tongue between my lips. Her scent filled my senses as our kiss deepened. Amanda stood above us watching, rubbing her swollen breasts, pulling at her nipples. Turning to her I was eye level with her pussy. A drop of moisture clinging to her clit ring held me spellbound. Inhaling deeply I leaned forward to cover her labia in the warmth of my mouth. I knew the scene being played out was one of Bob's biggest turn-ons. And knowing what this was doing for him increased my own passion. Amanda was whimpering and rocking her hips, riding my tongue faster and faster. Bob positioned himself to my side to enjoy the view. His right hand came around to tease my own aching clit while his left hand sought access to the entrance of my pussy. I felt first one then two fingers probe deeply. He hooked his fingers to stimulate my G-spot. Within minutes I was rocked by an orgasm so intense I would have slid under water if he hadn't been supporting me. Leaving the fingers of his left hand buried in me, pulling more and more aftershocks out of my contracting vagina, Bob used his right hand to play with Amanda. He pulled and flicked at her golden hoop then parted her labia. He began to rub her clit. She gasped at the contact, her knees quivering with unreleased passion. Increasing the tempo Bob focused on giving her a dose of what I was still high on. Hearing her breath catch I knew she was getting close. Reaching past Bob I pushed a finger into her. The added stimulation had an instantaneous effect and she was overcome, screaming out her pleasure. Easing back in the warm churning water Bob looked very pleased with himself. After all...he had just brought two, very horny women to completion. Amanda and I stretched out in the tub to rest for a few minutes. Feeling myself drifting I also realized I was getting hot. "Why don't we go break in that big king size bed?" Rising from the steaming tub we took turns drying each other off paying extra attention to all the 'good parts'. Placing Bob in the middle, Amanda and I each snuggled under a big, protective arm. The room was awash in the glow of a dozen candles and the air was filled with the subtle scent of their mixed aromas. We began a slow sensual exploration of all his glorious nakedness. Easing down I straddled his hips. His cock, already responding to our enticing caresses rose to full attention. Starting with his balls I gently sucked and nipped my way to the head of his dick. A trail of clear, sticky fluid leaked from the small opening in the crown and ran down his shaft. Dragging my tongue from base to tip I gathered the pre-cum in my mouth and leaned forward to deposit it's sweetness on one of his nipples. Amanda brought her head down to accept my offering. The overwhelming sensations made Bob arch his back and hips off the bed. As I returned to the worship of his rigid rod I looked up to see Amanda lower herself over his face. I knew that at this moment the love of my life was in absolute heaven. His big hands came around and began to maul the twin mounds of her bottom. Spreading her ass cheeks Bob pulled her further on to his face. When I heard the familiar `nursing' sounds my pussy contracted in remembered pleasure. As I continued to enjoy my oral ministrations Bob latched hard to her swollen clit and suckled vigorously. Suddenly Amanda threw her head back. Moaning loudly through gritted teeth she came once again, pouring her own sweet nectar over Bob's thrusting tongue. Falling to the side with a self satisfied giggle Amanda lay on her back twitching. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "I have never had two orgasms in one night!" "That was fantastic!" By now my own pussy was so hot and wet I felt the moisture running down my thighs. Easing up the bed I licked the cum off of Bob's lips and sat with my back to the headboard. Amanda took one look at me and gave a throaty chuckle. "And now it's my turn" she said with a leer. "There is something I have always wanted to try". Quirking an eyebrow at her I gave her a "Give it your best shot" look. Grasping my ankles she pulled me down the bed. Bob, lying on his side with head propped on hand was looking very interested. Amanda spread my legs and lowered her head to suck my labia into her mouth. Spreading my lips she delved the depths of my vagina. Raising her head she asked Bob to hand her the purse sitting on the nightstand. Reaching in she came out with a small bottle of Astro-glide. I felt my heart skip a beat as an idea began forming in my fertile mind. Pouring a liberal amount of the slippery liquid over my heated pussy she smiled and spread even more over her right hand. By now I was sure of what it was she had "Always wanted to try". Responding to her questioning look I gave no resistance as I relaxed and spread my legs even wider in acquiescence. Breathing hard Amanda tenderly inserted three fingers then started fucking me with her hand. When she felt the tension ease she pulled out ever so slightly and reentered me with four fingers. During this maddening initiation Bob had positioned himself behind Amanda. Lifting her hips he entered her in one smooth motion. Pausing in her work she rocked back to take him as deeply and possible, her breath leaving her in a long hiss. Settling into a rhythm Bob moved in and out of her liquid heat with a motion as mesmerizing as the ocean waves. Whimpers of pleasure escaped her lips. From my vantage point I was able to watch their faces at the same time. While Amanda's eyes were nearly closed Bob was focused on my face. The love he transmitted with that look brought tears of unbridled joy. Turned on beyond belief I pressed my hips down as if seeking the slick fingers just out of reach. Feeling the movement Amanda smiled serenely. She too was aware of the awesome energy surrounding the three of us. Folding her thumb into her palm she eased her hand forward with maddening slowness. I felt the opening of my pussy stretch as more and more of her hand entered me. When I felt her knuckles I took a breath a relaxed every muscle. With a steady push her fist filled my spasming vagina. I think we all groaned at the same time. I felt so full and the pressure was exquisite. Amanda had a look of wonder on her face while Bob's heated look could have melted pure iron. Increasing his speed Bob grabbed Amanda's hips and began driving into her with force so powerful she had to steady herself with her free hand. Picking up on the urgency of his fucking Amanda pumped her fist inside me. As my hips bucked up she twisted her hand back and forth causing sparks of bliss to fill my writhing body. Our cries of pure delight mingled to the wet sounds of our primal dance. "Oh God I'm cumming!" I screamed. My pussy locked down on her fist as the first contractions hit me. My orgasm lit the very short fuse to Bob and Amanda's own explosions. With her hand still buried to the wrist Amanda pressed her shoulders to the bed between my legs. With a roar of pleasure Bob plunged in and out faster and faster finally erupting deep in her womb. "I can feel the ridge of your head!" Amanda panted. "Oh Fuck!" she cried out. Her back arched up then down as she rode Bob's spurting dick to the end of her own breathtaking orgasm. Bob was still jerking as wave after wave of electricity ran through his body. Carefully pulling her fist out of my pussy Amanda collapsed on top of me with her head on my stomach. Taking a few final strokes Bob eased away and lay down beside me. "Without a doubt that was the best sex I have ever had." Amanda mumbled, her mouth pressed against my tummy. "Oh honey." I replied. "If you only knew what you have given us tonight". "Amanda" Bob interjected. "That was absolutely incredible" "I know I speak for us both when I say that we have never shared anything this awesome with another person." Pulling her up to lie between us Bob and I wrapped her in our embrace. We lie there entwined, glowing in the sweetness of the moment. Our bodies satiated. "Ummm?" came a very small, hesitant voice. "Can we do this again sometime?" "I mean..I don't want to assume anything but I sure do like you two." "Let's put it this way" I said. "We have been looking for someone special for a long time". "We would love to see you again." Kissing her on the tip of her nose Bob added, "It's a real honor that you shared this night with us." "You are young and pretty and could have any lover you wanted." Amanda blushed a little at this last statement. "I've had my share of lovers for sure," she said. "But never like this." "I've had good male and female lovers...but with you two I can get the best of both worlds!" A short time later, as I lie listening to the steady breathing of my lovers I smiled in the dark thinking, "At last!" "A fantasy come true!" CHAPTER 7 Closing the lid to my laptop Bob turned to look at me. "Tell me why you wrote this." "Well." I began. "You've been telling me you want to know what's inside me." "You want to understand me better...what makes me tick." "You also have asked what fantasies I have, what secret thoughts turn me on." "I figured this might give you some insight." Bob sat quietly for a few moments, his blue eyes searching my face for subtle emotions lying just beneath the surface. Moving the computer he indicated the obvious bulge straining for release. My story had the desired results. Pulling me onto his lap he kissed me for a long time. "You are my fantasy come true." "If something even close to this ever happened it would be wonderful." "But, then again, just being able to fuck you anytime I want, knowing you are always horny for me is all I could ever ask for." Melting under his tender touches I pressed my hip to his hard dick. "These jeans need to come off." I stated. Kneeling at his feet I went about the business of making it so. Bob's erection sprang into my waiting hands. "If it pleases you, my husband, I would be honored to suck your dick until you shoot your sweet cum down my throat." "Mmmmm" came his reply. "Now let me tell you my fantasy." I love you husband Knutz