Title: Summer At The Lake
Summary: Cathy and her daughter take her newly aquired step-sons and their cousins to a remote
cabin for teh summer for fishing, relaxation, and fun. She had no idea how fun it would become
for all involved...or did she?
Keywords: Ff/mmmmmm virgin impreg

My daughter couldn't believe her ears, as she exclaimed loudly "What do you mean you'll be gone the rest of the summer?"

Jeff cringed, as he said "Look Debbie, Your mother and you knew that my job sometimes involves me having to be away for a few months at a time."

I rolled my eyes, as I said "Yes, but we've only been married a month. And you expect me to take my daughter and your boys, plus your three nephews, to the cabin for the summer? By myself?"

He sighed, "I'll talk to the boys. I'll pound it into their heads that they will behave themselves. Besides, they'll be fishing and hiking and all. You and Debbie probably won't even see them much, except when it's time to eat."

I just shook my head in amazement, as I muttered a few obscenities, and listened to him go on and on. I met Jeff a year ago, at a party for single parents. Him and I hit it off real well. A bit too well, as we ended up in bed in a motel room that very night. He's been enjoying my body ever since, and I his, when he's in town, as he is a man of many sexual talents. There's always something new to be discovered when you get in bed with Jeff.

He proposed to me one night last December, and we married each other just a bit more than four weeks ago. He was suppose to have had the summer off. So, we had planned on a family summer in Ontario, at a secluded cabin on a lake. How secluded? Well, teh cabin can only be reached by boat. I hadn't been there yet, but I was looking forward to it ever since he suggested it. The cabin has been in his family for three generations. But, according to Jeff, the only ones to use it is himself and his three boys and his nephews. Yeah, nephews. Of which, three are going with us.

With deep reservations, I caved in. Like I had a choice, really. I mean, Jeff was summoned to go off for his company to solve a problem overseas, and since he gets a mid-level six-figure salary, he was most definitely going. We had a week before he left for Asia, and I for Canada with the family. We have a large van, which is good, since it will be me and Debbie, along with his three boys, Jack, Jason and Joe, and their cousins Andy, Aaron and Doug. I dropped off Jeff at Buffalo International on Friday afternoon, after a wild forty-eight hours of fantastic sex. We had told the kids to not to bother us, as we stayed in the guest house and fucked like wild bunnies.

Saturday morning, before the sun was even up, I pulled the large twelve-passenger van out of the drive, loaded down with seven kids, and a ton of stuff. Jeff had everything planned, down to what groceries we were to take, and what we would buy before ferrying it by boat to the cabin. Oh, the boat. A twenty-eight foot long pontoon boat, which I was pulling behind the van. Jeff took me out a few times the last week to get me use to pulling it. Of course, his oldest, Jack, could also drive, so if I needed relieved, Jack can get behind the wheel. Seven hours later, we were well north of North Bay, as I drove along, Jack telling me where to go. We came to a small town, where we stopped, and Debbie and I went into a grocery and bought four-hundred dollars worth of groceries. All from a list from my husband. The six boys did a great job of loading the van in the parking lot, and soon we were on our way, for what I assumed would be two months of hell.

Getting to the boat launch, Jack did the maneuvering of getting the pontoon launched. And then, a fifty minute ride to the cabin. It was cool still, this far north into Canada, and it was also overcast and windy. And I was wondering what I was getting myself into. Jack turned the pontoon into a cove, and I about died. The place sat about thirty feet above the water, and was enormous. He guided it close to shore, and Jason and Joe jumped off with the lines. Jack started giving orders to his siblings and cousins, and they responded to his commands. There were large pieces of decking up on shore, with Styrofoam underneath, and soon they had them down and in the water and lashed to shore, making it into a dock. I smiled, as soon the pontoon was tied up to it, and the boys headed up to the cabin, with bags of clothes and supplies in their arms.

Debbie and I walked up slowly, taking in the sight. The whole front of it was windows, as I walked up the steps, which I noticed were hewn into the granite rock that this part of Canada is so well known for. The cabin looked across the cove, which went on another hundred yards or so. And with the twisting of the channel, it was hidden from view from the lake. It looked to the south, and we were soon up on the deck which stretched across the front of it, maybe forty feet or more in length, I was amazed at the immense size of the cottage. We entered the central door, and I was in awe. The front room was the whole length of the structure, with a fireplace at the end to my right. At the left end was a kitchen area with dining table. Along the rear were three doors, two bedroom flanking a bathroom. And there was a balcony above these doors, with stairs at the right end leading up to it. I saw four doors, and I was to find four small bedrooms. I sort of frowned, thinking that there was only one bathroom. But then, at least it did have running water.

I made a face as I went into the kitchen area, seeing how dusty it had become over winter. Without looking at her, I said "Debbie, get Jack to find rags and buckets. We need to clean this kitchen first before we do any cooking."

She mumbled something, not sure what, as she went and cornered Jack with my request. Soon, as the boys unloaded more gear, I had Debbie helping me clean the kitchen area. Then the bathroom. Oh, the bathroom. Quite nice, actually. A large, step-in shower, and a claw-foot bathtub that could fit three people comfortably. No, I am not exaggerating. It sits there along the wall, a good three foot deep, about three feet across, and probably seven feet long. And it seemed like forever to get it scrubbed clean.

As Deb and I cleaned, the boys put things away, made beds, and got the water running. They also swept things up, and I was amazed as Jack had them washing windows. I fixed dinner as everyone finished cleaning. I was happy to get that out of the way, for now we can relax. Or so I thought. It didn't take too long for me to start wondering once more if this was such a good idea. After I was finished eating, I went to a couch and sat down, and started thinking. Debbie was reading a book, and the boys were playing some board game (I think Risk.) And, they were drinking beer. This sort of annoyed me, them drinking. But Jeff sent it along, so he obviously allows them to drink while on vacation.

I had some headphones on from the stereo, listening to some old classical rock, as I checked my surroundings for the summer. Rather, the other companions. My daughter, for starters. A quiet child. She's been rather distant of late. But then, I have just dragged her into a large family. Thin framed, like me, and slow in developing, which probably has a hand in her being so shy. She's right at five-feet at height, and is close to breaking the one-hundred pound mark, but not quite. Her long, curly red hair is just like mine. Of course, then there's the development part. I was a late bloomer as well. Getting knocked up in my mid-twenties helped me to finally get some breasts, as my b-cup boobies shot up to D's, then once I stopped nursing, they went to be a nice pair of C's.

She's fifteen, self-conscious about her looks, like all fifteen year-old girls. And, she has yet to date. One more reason that I'm a bit hesitant about this summer. Six healthy teen males, and one lone teen female. Like wolves in on a kill, if they get a whiff. She is such a sweet child. And she's been taking this all well so far, at least from what I can tell.

As for the boys. Jack is the oldest of the three sons of my new husband. Seventeen, and quite level-headed from what I've seen. Today bore that out, as he knew what was to be done, and told his two younger siblings and three first cousins to get it done. Just a slightly smaller version of his father, right at a foot taller than Debbie, but twice the weight. Weight that he carries quite well. Although he doesn't play football, he is on the wrestling team, and is built solid.

His siblings Jason and Joe are also spitting images of their father as well. And Jason, a year younger than Jack, is only an inch shorter than his brother, but carries the same weight and is just as solid in the body. Joe is the same age as Debbie, and has yet to mature as nicely in the body as his two older brothers. But I've noticed that the way he eats, he should be packing the pounds, and height in the next year and do some catching up.

Their first cousins, Andy and Aaron, are sixteen and fourteen. Andy has matured nicely, and like his cousins, rather sure headed. Aaron is just starting to develop into a young man. Gangly, awkward, not sure if he's going to trip over his own feet and kill himself while doing it. Keep breakables away from Aaron. The last cousin is Doug. A month younger than Jack, he's the tallest of the boys at six-four, but is thin. He's also the jokester of the group, a real smartass, but tolerable....usually. If he gets out of hand, Jack sees to it that he settles down.

Debbie and I were to share the big king-size bed in the master bedroom. She went to bed first, and as I got up, I told Jack to get things shut down before they went off to bed. All six were to sleep upstairs. Jack and Doug had their own rooms, while the brothers slept on separate twin beds in the other two rooms upstairs. It was cool the day we arrived, and it turned out that this would be the warmest day for the first week we were there. Rainy and cold, the whole damn time.

For the most part, Debbie kept reading, I just laid around, enjoying the peacefulness of the place, and the boys, well, they were boys. Everyday, they would have breakfast, then they were off to fish or hike, or play board games if it was too rainy out. And of course, in the evening, more games, cards or whatever, and plenty of beer. End of the first week, and I was actual finding that I was enjoying myself.

Then, the second week. A nasty cold front came through Sunday evening. High winds, rain, lots of rain, mixed with snow at times, I might add, and damn cold. For four days, it poured. Nobody left the cottage. And, I don't care how comfortable you are, people start getting on one anotherís nerves. Of course, Debbie and I both started our periods at the beginning of the week, so we were a bit on edge anyway. Friday morning, the boys were about done finishing cleaning up the kitchen after we all ate the breakfast we had. The rain had stopped, and the wind had died down, but it was still a bit chilly, and very damp, so no one wanted to go out. That's when the boys started fighting. Fisticuffs, right there in front of me. I don't know what started it, as I waded in between Jason and Andy, grabbing an ear of each, and lifting them to their toes.

Both had bloodied lips and noses, as I started screaming at them at the top of my lungs. And I didn't stop at them, as I soon was yelling at all of the boys. They had fright in their eyes when I was done, none daring to move. I finally calmed down, not long after I let go of the boy's ears, and looked around. Yeah, it was nice, but we've been cooped up for the whole damn week. I looked at Jack, and said "Get the boys on the pontoon. We're going to North Bay to the mall."

He smiled, as he started barking at them to get moving. I went into the bedroom along with Debbie, where we got out of our sweatpants and into some jeans. Ninety minutes later, we were at a mall. Not much of a mall, but a mall none the less. I gave each boy thirty dollars, and let them loose. Yeah, a lot of money out of my pocket, but hey, time to cut loose. Deb and I of course were shopping for clothes, and she did buy herself a two-piece swimsuit, which I didn't pay much attention to. And, there was some lingerie she purchased, which I just said "Uh-huh, that's nice dear.", not paying to much attention there as well. I guess I should have.

I bought a few mundane items, a shirt, another pair of sweats (I figured that the way the summer had been going so far, I would need them.) At five, we met the boys at the place I had set with them earlier. Then we had dinner at one of those franchise sit-down restaurants, and then we went on back to the cottage. All were cheerful and happy as we got back to the landing, loaded up the pontoon, and headed to our summer residence. One thing I didn't do, I should have checked what the boys had purchased.

The shopping trip not only made everyone feel better, it also was a sign of better times ahead, at least, weather wise. Saturday morning, the sun was shining, and the temperature actually felt like it was above sixty. It even got above seventy. And we all were out on the deck, enjoying the sunshine. Some of the boys fished, some hiked, some took the canoe out and paddled to their hearts content.

After dinner, they all were at the dock or along the shore, fishing. They did quite well, and about ten they stopped and cleaned their catch, telling me that tomorrow we would be eating them. We've had three fish fry's so far, so I just smiled, and let them go. Now, I only have one child, that being Debbie. So, I really wasn't use to be around teen males. However, I wasn't stupid, or blind. It was getting close to bedtime, when I first noticed it. Whispers, between the boys, and stealing glances my way, as well towards Deb, who was sitting on the couch, reading another book. Then the curious movement of the boys, heading to the bathroom one at a time, with a brown sack that contained something they had bought at the mall.

I smiled inside, now knowing that somehow, someway, those boys had gotten a hold of some porn. Now, each were taking their turn, going into the bathroom and wanking off. Of course, I couldn't be sure one-hundred percent, but when I saw Joe come out of the bathroom, a large bulge in the front of his sweats, and his face looking rather flushed, I was sure of it. After the last boy was done, I said "Well, guess I'll take a shower."

The second interesting thing. I saw the boys smile. All of them. Why? I went and got my nightgown, and then into the bathroom. First thing I noticed as I went from one room to another, was the movement of the boys. Two had gone into the bedroom on the opposite side of the bathroom that Deb and I were in, two were going out the front door, and the other two, Doug and Andy, were wearing grins, as they sat at the table, pretending to read some football magazines. Was I puzzled? Yes. Was I suspicious? Damn right, I was! I looked at my daughter, who hadn't moved, still reading her book. So, I went into the bathroom, and closed the door. And of course, I was thinking. Why would two go outside? It wasn't warm out, and it was dark. You couldn't se anything, unless it was well lit. Like the bathroom. With the window right above the toilet. And behind the window, the hill slopes upward, at about a forty-five degree angle. I smiled, as I went to the toilet, dropped my sweats and sat to go potty. Smiling, I thought of those little devils, two out side trying to get a peek of my body as I bathed.

Yes, there were curtains, but only over the lower half of the window. The top half was bare. Of course, the steam from the hot water would fog the window over, eventually. But not while I was getting undressed. But that covers the two outside. Why did two go into the other bedroom. I mulled that one over, leaning back as I peed, reaching over without even looking to get some toilet tissue, as I looked about the bathroom. The vanity was to my right. The window above on my left. Across from me, the shower stall. It's a walk-in, with a very small curtain. And I smiled, as I realized that one can see into it from the window above me, if they're off to the side of the building. Then, thereís the big bath tub, between the shower and the door. On the other side of the vanity are cabinets, floor to ceiling. And as I looked up, I saw something. The size of this room, it once was a bedroom. Indoor plumbing was obviously put in much later. And, the vanity, it had no doors, just like the cabinets. Underneath, the plumbing was roughly piped in through the walls. On the other side of this wall, was the closet for the bedroom, the same bedroom that two of the boys, Jeff and Jason, went into.

I chuckled to myself, as I wondered how long theses little shits have been spying on my daughter and I. Of course, I was a bit miffed at first, knowing that we were being spied upon. Then, I felt kind of cheery, knowing that they found my nudity was turning them on. Well, I wiped, flushed, and got out of my clothes. And I didn't move too fast while doing so, giving all lookers a good show. I then showered, and dried up and left the bathroom, just in time to see the boys all get to the table, shit eating grins on their faces. I looked at Deb, and she had a puzzled look on her face. As I passed her on my way to our bedroom, I said "When you take your shower, be careful, I think we've some mice in the cottage."

I heard at least one boy snort, as Debbie exclaimed "Ewwww, mice?"

Laughing, I turned, as I was looking at the boys, I said "Oh don't worry, I think they just want to watch."

Six faces, in total shock, priceless! I went into the bedroom, and soon Deb was in with me, a puzzled look on her face. I put my finger to my lips, and then motioned her to close the door. Then, in a low voice, I sad "They're watching us shower. Get in there now, while the window is covered with steam. And rig a towel over the sink so it hangs down so they can't view you from the holes in the walls underneath it."

She grinned, hugged me, and said "Thanks mom." She turned, and grabbed her pajama's and went out the door, on her way to her shower. I went out to the living room, and sat in a chair by the fire, watching the boys. Three went into the bedroom, leaving Jack, Andy and Aaron at the table. A few minutes later, as I heard Deb in the bathroom, Jason, Joe and Doug came back out, and sat at the table, sour looks on their faces. They looked my way, and I just smiled. I could see they were whispering to each other, and I got up and went to the table, and said "You know boys, it's not nice to spy on girls, or grown women for that matter."

Jack piped up, saying "Oh come on, Cathy. We didn't mean no harm."

I smiled, reaching over and running my hand across his head, saying "Yeah, I know. You boys just want to see us naked. It's only natural. And it's better than looking at those magazines that you all bought yesterday." They all got scared looks on their faces, and I just laughed, saying "It's okay, I won't tell your dad's. But be more discreet." I was surprised as they were when I added, "Especially when you spy on us. Hell, I don't care if you do or not." I then turned and went back to the couch and sat down to read again. They just sat there, stunned I think, before they started to drift off to their rooms, mumbling to each other.

I was kind of worried, wondering if I started something that I might not be able to stop. Yeah, knowing that they were watching me kind of thrilled me. But what if they go to far? Could I stop them? Would I want them to stop! For suddenly, I knew I was aroused. That all too familiar longing in my loins, where I had an itch, and was wanting it scratched. Shit, I should have scratched it while I was in the damn shower! I chuckled at that thought, as that really would have given them a show.

Since they all went upstairs, I waited for Deb, and once she was done, we went off to our bedroom. We shared a king size bed, and as I crawled under the covers, she put some things away before climbing in with me. I smiled, saying "Any signs of mice?"

She giggled, "No, you must have scared them." She sighed, asking me "How did you know?"

I laughed, "Powers of observation." She frowned, "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of that, as well as more confidence."


"Yes dear." I said, as I reached over and turned out the light.

"You think they wanted to see me naked?"

I laughed, "You should have seen it dear, three of them went into the other bedroom to spy on you. And when they came out, they all looked rather dejected because you didn't give them a show."

She giggled, saying then "You know, I do think they're kind of cute."

Uh-oh. Warning lights are going off in my head. "Well dear, theyíre your age, and they have been nice to you." I then laughed, "But don't go teasing them all too much. There's six young men there, each one wanting to sample your flesh."

"You think they would be interested in me?"

I snorted out "Honey, they would want to do both of us, if they had the chance." I kissed her forehead, saying "Now go to sleep."

The next day was extremely warm and sunny. I guess the temperature was pushing ninety. The fish weren't biting, according to the boys, and they were complaining about it. I looked at them, and said "Well, go swimming. The lake can't be that cold." They all looked at one another, kind of sheepish looking, and Jack cleared his throat. I asked "What?"

Jack stammered a bit, looking at the others, before he said "Well, you see, us boys, we've never used swimsuits in all the years we've been coming up."

I was shocked, saying "Say again?"

Doug cut in, saying "Well Cathy, it's like this, we've no sisters, and well, our moms are our moms, so well...."

I chuckled, "So you guys always swam naked. And you didn't bring bathing suits."

They looked at each other, kind of all looking rather pathetic, as Jack finally said "Well, yeah, we always have. And well, we just didnít think of packing any."

I sighed, and said "Well then, go ahead and swim naked. Only fair, don't you think? After you boys have spied on us two anyway." Although my daughter had been silent, she was wearing the biggest damn grin that I've ever seen on her face. I raised my arm, and shooing them away with the back of my hand, I said "Go on, get your clothes off and swim. We would rather read anyway." Well, I knew I would, or so I first thought, but I sort of wondered about my Debbie. The boys went on into the house, leaving Deb and I alone on he deck.

Once they were inside, Deb asked softly, "You think they will?"

I shrugged, "Maybe. I think a few might."

With excitement in her voice, she asked "Which ones do you think will?"

I laughed, keeping my eyes on my book, saying "Well, Jack most definitely. As well as Jason. Doug too. Not sure about the other three, as they're a bit still undeveloped." I turned my face, and with a grin, said "Call it penis envy."

Boy, was I wrong. All six boys came out, towels wrapped about their waist, as they came out the front door and walked down the granite steps to the dock. I kept reading, but not my daughter. No, she had other ideas. Of course, as far as I know, she had never seen a penis in the flesh. (Which she told me later she had not, confirming that thought.) I had to chuckled, as I said "Pretend your reading, Deb. You'll have to learn to be more discreet." Shit, didn't I just tell the boys that last night?

She giggled, raising her book up, pretending to read. Which, was the same thing I was doing. Once on the dock, the boys looked our way first, trying to see if we were watching. I'm sure they knew we were, even if we did have the books in front of our faces. Then, Jack was the first one to drop towel. Soon followed by the other five. I heard Deb say something under her breath, and I chuckled.

They all six had some stage of rigidity in their shafts, probably from the excitement of being naked in front of females other than their mommies, I'm sure. And really, just looking at the six of them, I felt that all too familiar feeling of lust in my twat. Damn, six boys with men's cocks. None are hard, and they're all hanging heavy meat. And the two youngest, Joe and Aaron, both looked like they were seven inches and both were far from fully erect.

I said softly, "Get a good look, once they're in that cold water, they'll shrink up big time."

All my daughter could say, was "Huh?"

All the boys jumped into the cold lake water, and upon surfacing, they were shouting at how cold it was. But none got out, as they swam about, playing bare ass naked in the water. After a few moments of lustfully watching the boys, I returned to my book. I could hear the boys though. They would get out and jump back in, horsing around like boys do. Putting on a show for the lone voyeur, my daughter. Finally, what I was expecting happened, as I heard her ask "Momma, can I go swim with them?"

I cracked a faint smile, saying "Go ahead. But be careful."

She stood, saying "Good, I got that new swim suit."

She stood and went into the cottage, and I noticed the guys settled down somewhat, all in the water, watching as she went into the cottage. A few minutes later, out came Deb, and she came over and kissed my cheek, as I said "Don't tease them too bad, dear."

She giggled, and that's when I turned, as she said "Probably too late for that, momma." I about died. There she was, walking away from me, and I finally saw her new suit. Dental floss is a better word. There was barely enough fabric to cover the crack of her shapely ass. And as she went down the steps to the dock, I saw her side profile. Two small triangle pieces of fabric covering her just barely budding breasts. And the one on her beaver was even smaller. I was stunned. And glancing down at the boys, so were they.

As Deb approached the dock, Jack yelled from the water, "Hey Deb, you going to swim with us?"

She was all smiles, as she sat down on the dock, crossing her legs, saying "No, thought I would come down and get some sun here by the water."

None of them climbed out of the water, as she sat there on the dock. She was sitting with her legs stretched out, leaning back on her hands which were placed off to the side of her. Those boys went back to horsing around in the water, nervously stealing glances of my daughter, as she spread her legs a good ways apart. After about ten minutes, Jack said to her "Come on, Deb. Get in the water."

She first said "No, it's probably too cold." One said it was fine, and a couple of others said she would get use to it. Finally, after being coaxed with about ten minutes of words of encouragement, she sighed, and as she stood up seductively, she said "Oh all right."

I watched as she took two steps and dove in head first, right in front of the boys, who were off about ten feet from the dock. She swam underwater for about ten feet beyond them, then surfaced. She yelled out loudly, "It's freezing."

They all laughed, and I chuckled, as Doug said "Well, swim around, you'll get warmed up."

I had put my book down by now, as I watched my daughter swim with six naked boys. I guess you could say that I was a bit nervous, (or was it envy?) as I watched them start a game of tag. Which, I saw soon turn into a game of each guy getting a chance to tag her to be it, then one of them would act like he was trying to get away, allowing her to easily tag them for them to be it. Little studs were toying with her, and she was eating it up.

Thirty minutes later, she climbed out of the water, and my jaw dropped. Yeah, the water was cold, as her nipples were sticking so far out that I could see them from fifty feet away as she laid down on the dock on her back, her wet body glistening in the sun. The boys, they all looked at one another, then at me. Finally, Jack and Doug were the first two to get out of the water, and they laid down one on each side of her. On their backs as well. I just smiled, taking in the sight of their cocks, somewhat shriveled up from the cold water, wondering how long before the idea of laying next to a girl would get them into some state of arousal.

The other four followed suit, and that's when I saw Joe. He laid down on the dock, by the edge on his side, looking straight at my daughters crotch, as her legs were parted somewhat. His cock looked to be almost as big as my forearm, as he first smiled, then rolled onto his back. Damn club almost reached his belly button. And then there was Aaron, almost as huge, as he went over to the pontoon, and sat in one of the chairs on board. I kept glancing from my book to the dock, watching as they really didn't do anything. Just the seven teen's laying in the sun. Then, I put down my book, and said loudly, "Debbie, did you put on any sun block?"

She lifted her upper body up, and looked at me, saying "No mom."

"Well don't you think you had better?" I asked.

She smiled, "Could you get it for me?"

I sighed, "Oh all right.", I said, as I stood and went into the cottage. I went into our bedroom, and grabbed the lotion out of a bag, and returned to the deck. I walked down the stairs, and she had turned over on her belly, her mostly bare backside now open to all to view. I said "Here," to jack, and he grabbed the tube from my hand, as I turned and added, "Get her backside covered.". I went to the pontoon, and sat underneath the boat's awning, out of the sun, as I watched Jack apply the lotion. I did my best not to smile, my eyes shielded by my sunglasses, as I saw his manhood start to twitch.

He was working on her shoulders, and soon Doug grabbed the lotion and started on her back. I swore I heard her moan, and the smiles from the boys signaled that she had indeed. I then heard Joe mutter something, and he rolled off the dock and into the water. I just smirked, knowing that the poor boy was probably suffering greatly from the scene. And soon, his brother Jason and cousin Andy jumped into the cold lake water as well.

Aaron was smart, as he turned so he was facing out over the lake, but his exposed manhood was giving his desire away, as it laid across his thigh, half full and thick, I felt my mouth water as I glanced at it, then his face, as he caught me looking down. I said "Why don't you go in for a swim, Aaron? It might help with your swelling."

He turned red, muttered "Shit." then stood and jumped over the railing into the cold lake. I just grinned, as I watched the oldest two boys finish up Debbie's back. They were rather hard, and once they were done, she rolled over, saying "Okay, do my front."

I shot her down, saying "Do your front yourself, girl."

She sighed, and then frowned, as she sat up and took the lotion, and started applying it to the rest of her lithe body. Doug and Jack rolled onto their belly's, hiding their painful erections. I stayed down on the pontoon the rest of the afternoon, as they all would eventually swim, then do some sunning, then swim once again. About five, I said "Come on, Deb, time to get dinner ready."

She rose to her feet, and I smiled as I saw six pair of eyes follow her tight ass walk off the dock, and I was soon following her. Once inside, she went and changed into her shorts and a shirt, as I began preparations for dinner. When she returned to the kitchen she was all smiles, as she said "Teasing is fun, mom."

I snorted, smiling as big as she, and said "Yes, but you better be careful. You might drive them to forcing their way upon you."

"You think they would?" she replied with a grin. She said it as if she was wanting it.

"Debbie, those six boys would wear that little body of yours out." I told her.

She then said "Well, you could always handle some of them." I glared at her, and she giggled, saying "Come on mom, I saw you. You were looking at them with lust in your eyes. A lot like how they were staring at my body. And yours too, I might add."

I suddenly became aware that some of the boys were walking up the stairs to the deck, as I said "Well, we'll see. Let's just take things slowly." God, I couldn't believe I just said that. I just more or less gave my daughter the green light to be taken by one of the boys, if not all of them.

She giggled, as first Doug, then Aaron and Jason walked into the cottage, wearing nothing but smiles. And, they didn't seem in too much of a hurry to get their clothes on. I said in a low voice to Deb, "Ignore them."

She giggled, replying softly, "It won't be easy."

The other three soon were inside, just as naked as the first group. I didn't say a word, as Debbie and I got to cooking dinner. We didn't pay any attention to them, and some looked rather discouraged over the fact that we weren't paying any attention to them. I do have to say though, that none had raging hardons, so their testosterone levels must have fallen a bit. Of course, Deb is now dressed, and I was wearing a baggy shirt, so neither of us were giving the boys anything to lust over.

Jason was the first one to get dressed, after a shower. And that seemed to start the others. They would take turns in the shower, then go upstairs bare ass naked, and returned fully clothed. Dinner was pretty much the same as the previous dinners, the boys being boys, chattering away about nothing that Deb and I were interested in. And after dinner, the six of them did their usual routine of cleaning up the evening meal.

The evening was the usual as well. Debbie and I in our usual spots by the fireplace, reading our books. And the boys were playing cards, before turning to a board game. About ten, Deb went into the bathroom to shower, and I looked up at the boys, all looking at me, as if they needed permission. I just sighed, and said "Oh go on."

They all were smiling, as Jason, Doug and Aaron went out the door to go around back. And Jack, Joe and Andy went into the spare bedroom. Well, Debbie must not have blocked the viewing access, as none returned. I heard the water running, and quickly figured that she was filling the tub. I just grinned, wondering what kind of show those boys were being treated to.

Twenty minutes later, all the boys came back to the table, stunned looks on their young faces. And, very large bulges in their jeans. I was a bit puzzled, as I was wondering just what type of show did my daughter provide. The six guys kept whispering to each other, and stealing glances my way, as well as towards the bathroom door. About ten minutes later, Debbie came out, dressed in her pajama's, light on her feet and looking rather joyful, as she came over to me, gave me a quick kiss, and said "Good night, mom." She then went towards our bedroom, and as she did, she looked over to the boys, and said "G'nite fella's."

Oh shit. I think I know what kind of show she put on. I rose to my feet, saying "It's getting late, boys. Get to bed."

They mumbled some words, and went on upstairs, as I went into the bedroom, closed the door, and said "You didn't?"

She giggled, looking up at me from under the covers, saying "Yeah, I did."

I rolled my eyes, as I stripped down and pulled on my robe, and said "They seemed a bit stunned."

"Well, they've probably never seen a bottle of shampoo shoved up a girls pussy before." She replied, trying not to laugh.

I shot her a look, as I went towards the door, "It had better have been your bottle."

She was still laughing as I left the bedroom and went to the bathroom, closed the door, and got ready to take my shower. I heard movement from above, and I smiled, as I draped the towel over the front of the sink. I didn't want prying eyes this evening, as I then put a towel over the window as well. Then, I took my shower. A long, hot shower, where I used my own fingers to get myself off. It was a good cum, the orgasm reverberated through me for a good minute or more, as I thought lustfully back to the afternoon, the sight of thus six, big cocks, wanting to get into my daughter, and probably me as well.

I then went to bed, smiling and just as happy as Debbie, who was sound asleep when I crawled under the covers. And when morning came, I smelled breakfast cooking, as the boys were getting it ready. I got up first, as Debbie grumbled some words that weren't too pleasant. Exiting the bedroom, there were the boys, all six getting breakfast ready, and none wearing a stitch of clothing. I frowned, and said "Okay boys, I don't mind you six swimming nude, but cooking nude isn't going to work."

As they protested, I heard my horny daughter fly out of bed and join me at my side. Jack pleaded with "Oh come on, Cathy. Why not?"

"Yeah, you two already have seen us naked most of yesterday." added Doug.

I sighed, not really wanting them to get dressed, but not wanting to walk around with hanging meat all damn day, either. I then suggested "Tell you what, you boys can let it all hang out so to speak from after breakfast, until time for dinner."

They looked at one another, and then Doug said "You guys can take your clothes off, too?"

I snorted, and Debbie chuckled, as I replied, "Keep dreaming. Now go get clothes on." I walked toward the stove, as I added, "I'll watch the sausage while you get dressed." Poor choice of words. The older two boys snickered, as they walked by me towards the stairs. The others had confused looks on their young faces. I went to the stove, and watched over the cooking meat. Damn, my pussy felt awful warm. I'm sure it was from watching six naked young men heading to the stairs. And Debbie joined me at the stove, saying "You could have let them stay naked."

I playfully swatted her butt, saying "And you probably wanted to join them as naked as they, huh?"

"Maybe, but not yet." she replied with a broad grin.

I just shook my head, smiling. Yeah, it's nice to be young. The boys returned, and resumed getting breakfast ready. We ate, and after they cleaned up, they all stood and looked at me, where I was sitting on the couch. Debbie nudged me, and I looked up. I just sighed, saying "Oh go on. Get comfortable." They ran up the stairs to their rooms, and soon Deb and I were treated to six young, studs strutting around the cottage in the buff. They were trying their hardest to get our attention, but Deb and I feigned interest.

They finally went outside, and Deb exclaimed, "Whew, those boys don't know when to quit."

I chuckled, saying "Yeah, they do seem to have a lot of energy."

"Okay if I get my swimsuit on?" she asked.

"Sure, but be careful." I said, patting her leg.

"Can I go topless?"

"Don't push it."

"Meanie." she said, as he disappeared into our bedroom.

I thought for a second or two, then I got up, going into the bedroom as well. She saw me start to take my clothes off, and she said "You going to swim?"

I opened a drawer to my dresser, and as I pulled out my swimsuit, I said "Yeah, why should you have all the fun?"

She snickered, and soon we were heading out the door, and down to the dock. Jason and Andy were out in the canoe, doing some bare-butt paddling. Doug, Aaron and Joe were in the water, swimming, and Jack was sitting on the edge of the dock, his feet in the water. We said hello, and then sat on the dock, and began to rub lotion onto our selves. I must say, the boys were intent on watching us put on the sun block. Jason and Andy even paddled over to the swimming area to get a better view. We then laid down on our backs, and they resumed their aquatic activities.

Eventually, the sun got me hot, not to mention the thoughts of the boys. Or the view of them as they would get out on occasion, walking by our heads, their hanging meat dangling down, just begging to be grabbed. I dove in first, followed by Debbie. We swam together at first, ignoring the boys. Then the six of them got close, with them wondering if we wanted to play tag. I told them no, and they started talking to us as we treaded water. I got a kick at how they watched my chest, hoping that my buoyant boobies would come out of the top of my one-piece suit. After about twenty minutes of this, I climbed out. The water was a bit cold for my taste, and as I looked down at my chest, I could see my hardened nipples pressing out against the fabric of the cloth. I did my best not to smile, as I looked up to see Andy staring at the sight, as he was still swimming.

I picked up a towel, and said "I'm going to get lunch ready, who's turn to help?"

Doug groaned, saying "Mine."

"Well come on, get your butt out of the water then." I said, as I walked towards the stairs. I heard him get out, and soon he was right behind me. I'm sure he was enjoying the view of my ass, as we walked up the steps. And when we went inside, I knew he was, seeing his cock sticking straight out, a full eight inches of thick man meat. I felt my mouth watering, as I said "Get the bread out, we'll just get things ready for we can eat sandwiches. I'll get the chips down and the meat out."

He laughed, saying "It already is."

I don't know what came over me. Maybe the smartass comment, I don't know. For I dropped to my knees, and grab a hold of his pecker and pulled him to me, and I soon was sucking his tool. I knew it wouldn't take long, not more than a minute, as he groaned, his body stiffening up, as I felt his scalding payload hit the back of my throat. Iíve had lots of practice over the years giving head, so swallowing and not spilling a drop was no problem. Even if he did let loose with the most cum that I've ever thought a male could produce. I rose to me feet, and smiled as I swallowed the last bit, saying "There, that should get the swelling down. Now get the bread out."

He cheerfully said "Sure." as he went to the cupboard.

I then sternly said "And one mention of this, and I'll cut your nuts off while you sleep."

His look at me showed that he knew I would, as he meekly said "Okay."

Of course, now my mind was racing. I mean, I just sucked off my new husbands nephew! How lower can I go! I was a mess emotionally, thinking about the possible repercussions if word gets out. We soon had the meal ready, and we took it all down to the dock. Doug was his normal smartass self, but thankfully, he didn't say a word about getting a blowjob from his uncle's bride. And, I still felt the flames of passion inside, as I sat and ate. All of us were on the pontoon, and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes from looking and comparing each boy's crotch. And Debbie was doing the same. The boys somehow must have sensed this, as they all made sure that us two had good views of their sex organs. Damn, and what fine organs they were.

None were in a full, aroused state. Yet, they all looked like they could carry good size wood. I knew Aaron had a piece that looked to be close to a full foot in length, from what I saw yesterday. And Jason as well. Joe and Andy both had peckers that looked to be about Doug's size, while Jack was sporting one that just seemed to be a bit smaller than his youngest sibling. And all this comparing was making me even more horny. Yeah, I sort of broke the barrier, by giving head to Doug. But the taste of his seed was still in my mouth, and I was now wanting some in the other end.

Well, it looked like Debbie was doing a good job of handling the boys, as I said "I'm going up to soak in the tub. The water there's a bit warmer than the lake." I stood up and walked off the boat deck and onto the dock, adding "Debbie, come get me when you want to start dinner."

She was grinning, and I was wondering if it was wise to let her remain alone with these guys. But, I needed some time alone. In the worse way, I might add. I was in the bathroom in a short while, and soon I had the water running in the tub, adding some nice bubble bath in as well. As the tub filled, I went and fetched my robe, and came back into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I thought about putting the towel over the front of the sink, but decided not to. Hell, they're all busy ogling Deb and what wasn't being hid by her bikini, which wasn't much.

And as I eased my mature body into the hot water, I moaned, a smile coming to my lips, enjoying the warmth as it enveloped me. I was stretched out in the tub, the bubbles flowing across the surface, as both my hands went to work on my snatch. Yeah, this was why I wanted a private moment. One to work my horny snatch. Only my face and front part pf my head was out of water, as my breathing became labored, a finger in my box, and another strumming my clit, as I tried not to move too much, not wanting to cause the water to splash out onto the floor.

When it hit, it felt wonderful, as my mouth opened wider, and a soft groan escaped from deep within. I felt euphoric, as my body went limp, a smile on my face as I relaxed in that hot water. I sort of drifted off to a short nap, feeling very much refreshed. So I was somewhat startled when I heard the knock on the door, and Aaron's voice loudly say "Aunt Cathy? I need to go pee."

I sighed, and looked about. The bubbles still were covering me somewhat, so I said "Come on in, Aaron."

The door opened, and he slipped on inside, and closed it, as he first took a quick glance down at me in the tub. He then walked over to the toilet, and lifted the seat up, nervously looking over his shoulder, as he was trying to go pee.

I chuckled, asking him "Nervous?" He nodded his head yes, and I said "Well, I'll roll over, so I won't be looking at you, okay?" I did, and in a few seconds, I heard him going. I turned my head, and looked over my shoulder, watching him using both hands to handle his large cock as he did his call of nature. Damn, what I would do to get my hands on that cock. He turned his head, and I looked away, hearing no more of his piss hitting the water in the bowl, as I asked "All done?"

I heard him say "Uh-huh."

I rolled over, and this caused the bubbles to spread out, causing my naked body to be seen by him as he walked to the door. His mouth was hanging open, as he stared down at me. But I got his head to jerk back, as I said "Close the door when you leave, Aaron."

"Yes ma'am." was his reply, as he stumbled out the door. I just smiled, as I decided I had better get out, before others decided they needed to go potty as well. I wasn't surprised as I was about done drying when there was another knock on the door.

With a grin, I wrapped my body in the towel, and opened it, to find Jason standing there, still naked as the others, looking at me a bit nervously. "Need to use the bathroom?" He nodded his head yes, and I said "All yours." as I walked out and went into my bedroom, where I got into some clothes.

It was almost four-thirty, so after walking out onto the deck to check on Debbie, she was still sitting on the pontoon, with the five guys still hovering about her, wondering who should do what, I suppose, I went back in and got started on making dinner. Jason came out, and I said to him, "Tell Deb to come on up and help me with dinner, Jason."

He said he would, and a few moments later, in walked my daughter. We smiled at each other, and I asked "Did they behave themselves?"

She giggled, "Yeah, for the most part. Except they kept trying to get me to take my top off."

I gruffly asked "Did you?"

"No." She said, followed with a giggle and "At least, not yet."

I laughed with her, as I told her "Go get dressed. You can peel some potato's."

It wasn't long before the boys were in the cottage, lounging around still without a stitch on, as Debbie and I got the meal cooked. They were good about getting dressed for dinner, each taking a shower before hand, of course. And after dinner, they cleaned up. It was about seven when they got the monopoly game out. I went to my usual spot by the fireplace, as the boys first started to sit at the table. I was somewhat surprised, not to mention shocked, when Debbie asked them, "Hey guys, can I play?"

Jack sort of looked at the others, before saying "Sure."

She then said "Well, let's play on the floor in front of the fireplace, it would be more comfortable, anyway."

They shrugged, and soon they had the game set up mere feet from where I sat. And of course, I was wondering what my daughter was up to. She was wearing her usual after dinner attire, sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt. I could tell she was wearing underpants and underwear, so I knew she wasn't going to put on a show. Or so I thought. As for the boys, they were wearing shorts or sweats, with t-shirts, and all had a beer in their hand, as they sat on the floor. The game started, and they played pretty much quietly. I wasn't paying any attention to them, just happy that they were getting along.

It was an hour into the game, that I heard a bit of disappointment in Debbie's voice, as she said "Shoot, I don't have enough money for the rent."

jack said "I'll tell you what, take off your sweatshirt, and I'll give you two-hundred dollars."

That caused my book to drop to my lap, and she turned to look at me. I leaned forward, looked at what she had so far, and what the others had. She had landed on Jack's property of Shortline Railroad, and he owned three railroads already. I had no idea what she had rolled, but looking at her money, she only had fifty dollars left. I said as I looked at Jack's properties, "Give her Tennessee along with it."

"What?" he exclaimed, "She already has the other two!"

Debbie grinned, saying "Tennessee and two-hundred."

Jason and Andy egged him on, saying "Go ahead, give it to her."

He made a face, not sure of himself, as he handed her the two-hundred dollars, and the deed card. She smiled, and put her new found gains down in front of her, then reaching down, she pulled the bottom of her sweatshirt up and over her head.

All six boys looked at her, seeing her lacy white bra. Jason shouted out "Hey, you're wearing a bra!"

Debbie laughed, "No shit, Sherlock. If I wasn't, the price would have been higher." I grinned back at my smiling daughter, who paid the rent and said "Your turn, Andy." as she then handed him the dice. I started to pay more attention to the game for a while. She started doing better. Soon she had houses on her three properties, and the guys were getting a bit upset. And of course, she still had her bra on. Of course, her bra was a bit bigger than her bikini top, but it was lacy, and the guys could see her brown areola's, and maybe a glimpse of a nipple, if they looked hard enough. Which, they were doing every chance they had. And she was doing a lot of teasing, turning her lithe, young body to allow each boy to get a good view.

This went on for another two hours, during which some of the boys went bankrupt. Aaron first, then Joe. Soon after him, Andy was finished. Debbie had acquired all the yellow properties, and had just put houses on them, when Doug went bust. She was up against Jack and Jason now, and they were pretty much set. The others, save for Doug, went on to bed, as the three remaining players duked it out on the board. Jack was obviously going to win, as Deb landed on Park Place for the second time going around. Jack had hotels on it and Boardwalk, and Deb moaned when she landed on it. Jack chuckled, saying "I'll let you go, if you take off your bra."

She countered "And a thousand dollars, plus two of your railroads."

He mulled it over, before replying "One railroad."

She looked at me, and I shrugged my shoulders. She then looked at Jack, and nodded her head yes. She reached behind her back with her right hand, as he handed her the money and Short Line Railroad, and unclasped her bra. All three boys sighed as she took it off, her naked little titties in full view for their scenic pleasure. Well, she played the rest of the game topless, which was another hour, before Jason went bust, then her. Jack offered her the choice of getting rid of her bottoms or not, but I do think she was tired, as she opted out, saying "Maybe another time, Jack." as she pulled her sweatshirt back on, not bothering with the bra. I followed her into the bedroom, as the boys put things away.

As we crawled into bed, I said "I can't believe you did that."

She giggled, saying something that surprised me, "And what did you and Doug do while making lunch?"

My eyes flew open, and I hissed out "Nothing." She looked at me, a bit of a smug expression on her face, as I asked calmly, "Why?"

"Oh nothing." She said, rolling over away from me.

I turned out the light, wondering what that was about. It was obvious that Doug didn't say anything, wasn't it? I mean, she suspected something, but why? I had a hell of a time getting to sleep. Wondering why she suspected something happened. And of course, I was mad at myself, as my reaction to her question was rather self-incriminating.

Morning came, and Debbie was still rather smug, as she got up and went into the bathroom. I went out to the kitchen, and the guys had already finished breakfast, saying that they were going fishing. I grabbed some cereal, and ate that, as they went off on their own. I sort of wished that Debbie had gone with them. And I smiled, wishing that maybe one of them was left behind. Yeah, every passing day, I was getting even more horny to be fucked. My pussy was longing for a good, hard cock to plow it's way into it. And I didn't care anymore that I was married to the father of three of the boys. Nor was I caring which one to do it. The memory of the taste of cum still fresh in my mind, I was wanting it, wanting it real fucking bad. And the idea of taking all six of them, that was running through my head as well.

But what about my Debbie? Hell, what about my husband Jeff? I spent an agonizing day lounging around the cottage. And Debbie, she had a pouting face, and I suspected she was longing for some action as well, but she just wasn't realizing she was. It was late in the afternoon, her and I were sitting on the deck, enjoying the sun, when she finally asked the same question that she asked last night, "So, what did you do to Doug while making lunch?"

I smiled, not even turning my head, "What makes you think anything happened?"

She rolled onto her side, facing me, and said "You know how you said for me to be more observant?" I nodded yes. She said "Well, he acted rather strange like when you two returned to the dock with the food. The other guys didn't notice, but I did. And the way he kept looking at you the whole time after that, he stopped paying any attention to me." I frowned, not sure what to say, as she then said "And Aaron, when he came down and said you allowed him to enter the bathroom while in the tub, all but Doug wanted to go up and take a turn."

I giggled, "Yeah, I figured that he told the others, once Jason was at the door rather quickly."

"So, did you flash Doug?" I laughed, and she then asked "Did he fuck you, mom?"

I shot back with a loud "No!" I sighed, "Okay, I'll tell you. I sucked him off." I snorted, adding "It didn't take long."

She was giggling, saying "I knew it. I just knew you did something to him."

"So, he didn't say anything to the others?" I asked.

She shook her head no, saying "If they had, they all would be back, wanting to help you make lunch." We both laughed, then she asked "Momma? You want to get fucked, don't you?"

I smiled, and that sudden warm feeling was running through my loins, as I said "Yeah, I sure would."

She sighed, and after a long silence, she said "So would I, mom. And with Jeff leaving us with these six horny studs, I think we should get fucked by all six."

Oh my, the words my daughter just said. I was shocked, and excited. My butt was squirming, as I said "Nice thought, dear." Then I said "Have you noticed the size of their cocks? Especially Aaron and Joe? Shit Debbie, they would take some getting use too!"

"I'm sure we would get mighty use to it, mom." she replied. I couldn't believe my daughter, trying to talk me into getting fucked by these boys. And it wasn't taking much to convince me. We still had seven weeks alone with these boys. Shit, there was no way that I could last that long without sex, not now after I had already gotten a taste. As I laid there, thinking about it, she asked "So, what we going to do, mom?"

I mulled that question over, as I heard the engine of the pontoon. I looked at the inlet into the cove, and saw it round the bend. All six boys were on board, and they waved when they saw us. I watched in amusement as they undressed as they approached, quickly shedding their clothes. Once docked, they came up to the deck carrying the days catch. Quite an impressive catch at that. The boys cleaned the fish out back, and soon they were inside preparing for a fish fry. Deb and I entered the cottage, and took a seat at the table, admiring the boys young bodies as they moved about the cottage.

We still hadn't come up with a plan, as both of us were not sure how to do this. Thoughts were running through my mind, such as do we just get naked and start a fuck fest? Or take it slowly. How slowly? Do we seduce one at a time,? Or all as a group. A group would make more sense, after all, it would be hard to hide it from the ones we didn't fuck. And to be fair, we would have to do them all. Yeah, we definitely have to be fair.

Dinner went quickly, and I didn't say a word as the boys stayed naked. They sensed something. I was sure of that. But they hadn't a clue what. I did notice Doug's nervous gaze my way, but I pretended to ignore him. It didn't seem that any of the other boys suspected anything, so that was good. The evening involved the guys playing Risk once again, so Debbie opted out, even though the guys kept asking her to join in.

We eventfully took turns using the shower, and going to bed. The boys behaved themselves, playing their game and not spying on us this evening. That was different, and I wondered why, but I surely wasn't going to encourage it. At least, not yet. With a desire that had yet to be fulfilled, both of us turned in for the night, not even bothering to wait for the boys to go to bed.

In the morning, I looked about the place, as the boys made breakfast. We needed laundry done, and since it was raining, I told them that we would be going to town to do laundry. So, off we went. It was a good day, as we got back to civilization. I even bought a newspaper to get caught up on the news of the world. The cottage doesn't have television, and we hardly turned on the radio, so I did some reading of the Toronto Globe, as well as the Star, as I waited in the Laundromat with Debbie. The boys went to the mall, and to who knows where. When we were done, they showed up right on time, and we left to return to the cottage, stopping on the way to pick up a few items at the grocery.

Then, the ride to the landing and the boat ride to the cottage. Spent mostly in silence, as Deb and I sat together, smiles on our face, both of us still wondering how we were to get the boys to fuck us silly. We entered the cove, and the boys started stripping down while still on the boat. The weather was a lot cooler than the previous few days, and the chilly air temperature had it's effect on their rods, as I saw all of them shrivel up rather badly, I smirked, and said "A bit cool guys. You might all want to get dressed."

Well, none did, probably out of defience of what I had said, and soon we were docked, carrying the clean laundry and groceries up the steps. Once inside, Jack went to the fireplace, and started a nice fire to heat up the cabin. Doug did the same with the wood burning stove, which sat by the door going into the bathroom. So, as they did that, and Deb had the boys go through the clean laundry and put things away, as well as the groceries, I started dinner. The boys eventually got dressed, as it still was not too warm inside the cabin, and by dinner time, we were all hungry.

Afterwards, they did their usual fine clean-up, and were soon trying to decide what to do to amuse themselves for the evening. Finally, Jack looked over at Debbie, and asked "You want to play monopoly again?"

She smirked, turned and gave me a smile, saying "Okay, on the floor again?" They moved towards the front of the fireplace, game, and beer, in hand, and as they sat down, my daughter asked "You want to play too, mom?"

I started to say no, but Doug said "Come on Aunt Cathy, play with us?" Boy, would I like to! And the others were talking, begging me to play as well.

I looked up to the ceiling, and said "Oh, all right. But let me get a beer to drink." This would be my first beer of the trip, and as I went to the fridge, I asked "Deb, you want one as well?"

There was surprise in her voice, as she replied "Sure mom. I'll have one."

I grabbed two, and soon I was back to their little group on the floor. Deb and I sat across from each other. On my right, we had Jason, Andy and Doug. On my left, was Jack, Aaron and Joe. So after picking pieces, we began to play. We played fine for over ninety minutes. No one had a complete set of properties, so we were just paying rent as we went. Heck, no one was even losing money, so it was rather boring. Which, caused Debbie to exclaim the same thing rather loudly, "This is getting boring. I don't see how anyone will win this game."

Now we all had finished our second beer, so we were rather happy. Not drunk, just feeling fine. Of course, I had noticed that the boys were good drinkers for their age, not downing them quickly, taking them rather slowly. But like I said, we were all rather happy. And all were laughing when Jack made a suggestion, saying "Well, instead of paying rent with cash, let's use clothing."

I protested, at first. But my libido was having other ideas, as eventually, I consented to it. So, we resumed the game. No one went around the board without taking off at least one item of clothing. And after four rounds, Deb and I were sitting in just panties and bra, and all six guys were naked, sporting very hard cocks. Then, Debbie asked "What happens once we're naked?" She looked around, all were rather puzzled about her question, including me, as she then said "I mean, we'll have no more clothes on. What do we do next?"

No one said a word for a few seconds, when Doug finally said "Well, we can play for favors or money."

I was smiling, as I asked "What do you mean favors or money?" Yeah, I had an idea.

So I wasn't surprised when he said "If you land on someone elseís property, you either pay with cash, or you do them a favor."

Debbie, so sweet, acted innocently, "What kind of favor?"

I giggled, saying "Favors of the flesh, Deborah."

The other boys sat there, their cocks straining skyward, as Debbie goes "Oh." She smiled, saying "Okay. let's do it."

All looked at me, and I said "Sure, why not." I then added, "Of course, we have to loose our bra and panties first." Jack picked up the dice, as in the back of my mind, words were screaming out, 'Are you crazy?!' My answer, was no, just super horny.

Jack rolled a nine, and he landed on 'Chance'. He had to pay the bank $20. Aaron's turn, and he rolled a two. He landed on Reading Railroad, and had to pay him rent. Joe's roll was a seven, and he landed on his own property, Atlantic. Deb's turn, and all six boys watched in anticipation, as she rolled a five, making them groan as she landed on Community Chest. She ended up paying $30. Doug's turn, he rolled an eleven, moving him to Illinois, where Jack demanded his payment in cash.

With that, Debbie asked "Who gets to decide whether it's cash or favors?"

They looked at me, and I shrugged, saying "The property owner, of course."

Andy's turn, an eight came up, and he found himself on Jack's Electric Company. Of course, Jack demanded cash. I was pretty sure that the boys would only want cash from the other guys. I had a hunch what they might demand from us two lone females. Jason's nine landed him on Atlantic, and he paid Joe the rent. My turn, and I sighed, and I rolled the pair of dice. It showed a ten, so I marched my piece along to Income Tax, making the boys all groan with despair. I smiled as I paid the bank the two-hundred that I would have gotten for passing go.

Jack's turn again, and he rolled a two, and he had to pay the luxury tax. I was enjoying this, as I sensed it was building the tension level, as the boys were anticipating our total nudity, as well as paying out of favors. Hell, so was I, and as I sat cross-legged on the carpet, I looked down to see a small wet spot on the front of my panties. Damn, I guess I was getting a bit aroused, as Aaron rolled for his turn. He landed on States, and paid Joe rent. Joe got a six, and found he had landed on Deb's North Carolina. We all looked at her, wondering what she would demand. I was sort of disappointed when she said "Cash, please."

It was now her turn, and she rolled a five. I'll be damned if she didn't land on Chance. And her card said for her to go to 'Go'. She was all smiles, and the boys were all wearing frowns. Doug's turn. A eleven put him on my 'Short Line' railroad. I said the same as Deb, "Cash.", which he shelled out. Andy got snake eyes, and landed on another one of my other properties, Virginia Avenue. Same thing as with Doug, I said "Cash." and he paid up. Jason's roll was a three, where he had to pay Doug for landing on Marvinís Gardens.

My turn, and I held my breath, as I rolled. A nine. And I gritted my teeth, as I landed on Jason's States avenue. With a frown, and six pair of teen male eyes watching me, I reached behind my back with both hands and undid the clasp of my bra. Taking it off and flinging it off to the side, I saw all six with mouths wide open, staring at my bare breasts. I cleared my throat, saying "Next." rather loudly, getting them to stop looking directly at me. Glances were another story, however.

Jack picked the dice up, and rolled, a six and he was paying the income tax. Aaron got a nine, and he had moved to chance. The card said 'Take a ride on the Reading', where he collected his money for passing go, and paid rent to Joe. Joe took his turn, and got a seven, and landed on my Boardwalk. Naturally, I wanted cash. Although some other ideas ran through my mind in way of favors he could have provided. But, I was still in my panties. Deb got a three, landed on Baltic, and muttered out "Shit" as she took her bra off. Now it was her turn to be ogled at. I smiled, admiring her form. Her little breasts stuck out away from her chest, her dark brown nipples were hard and erect, just begging for these studs to suck on them. Looking down at my own boobs, mine were rather pronounced themselves. Damn, how could I get any hornier?

Doug got a three, and had to pay the luxury Tax. Andy's four put him on Aaron's Tennessee. After he paid Aaron, Jason rolled a nine, joining Doug in paying the Luxury Tax also. My turn. I rolled a ten, landing on Jack's Kentucky. I cussed a bit, as the boys watched with delight. I leaned back, hooking my panties with my thumbs, and wiggled them off my ass and down my legs. Once off my feet, I tossed them to Jack, who was grinning broadly. I stretched my legs out, and crossed them, keeping my cunt from being viewed too closely, as Jack took his turn. He had a seven, and landed on Deb's Charles Place. We were all shocked, as she demanded "Suck momma's left tit. For thirty seconds."

I glared at her at first, and noticed all were waiting for my reaction. I turned to Jack, and said "Well, what are you waiting for?"

He scooted his bare ass a bit closer to me, and leaned his face down to my breast. Taking my nipple between his lips, I had a hard time keeping from moaning. But he put his fingers on my crotch, I grabbed his hand, saying "Suck, no fingering."

The others broke out laughing, and soon his time was up, as Deb announced "Okay, that's enough."

I was smiling. Yeah, that did feel good, feeling his tongue running around my nipple as he sucked gently away. And the fire in my cunt was getting hotter. Aaron's turn. And his big fuck stick was swaying as he rolled a ten. He landed on Jasonís Pennsylvania Railroad. Jason looked at me, and I said "Don't even think about it."

He blushed, and demanded cash, as the others roared with laughter. Joe's turn, and he ended up on Vermont, where he paid Jason. Deb's turn, and she got a four, landing her on Chance, and causing all of us to groan. She also got paid ten dollars from the bank. Doug rolled, and he moved to Income Tax, where he lost his money for passing Go. Andy's five put him on Indiana, where upon he paid Joe. Jason's turn put him on the same spot as Doug, where he also lost his $200.

My turn once again, and I rolled a twelve. I smiled, as the boys groaned once more, with me landing on Community Chest. I received money from the bank, and I was elated. Jack rolled for his turn, landing on Tennessee, where he paid Jason. Aaron landed on Community Sheet, where he had to shell out fifty dollars. Joe landed on my Virginia, and I collected rent.

I then held my breath, as did the others, as Debbie rolled the dice, getting a four, and landed on her own St Charles Place. I snorted with amusement, as the boys all muttered an obscenity or two. I said "Be nice.", which quieted them, as Doug then took his turn. He slid onto the Go To Jail spot. Jason moved three spaces to Chance, where he ended up receiving ten dollars.

My turn. I took a deep breath as I rolled. A nine. I was all smiles, as I landed on Community Chest. The boys were going nuts by now. Deb with her panties still on, and I totally nude, but not landing on any boys property. I rolled a seven, a soft "Damn!" I muttered, as I landed on Connecticut.

A happy Aaron shouted out "Hey, I own that." The other guys chuckled, and I saw Debbie smirk, the little bitch. He looked at me, and said "Can I feel your tits."

I frowned, saying "They're called breasts, Aaron. And yes, you've thirty seconds."

In a flash, he was kneeling at my side, both hands cupping my tits, as I sort of smiled. Yeah, he's rather awkward. But he is only fourteen. And I eyed his large cock, a little bit of pre-cum oozing out his pee hole. I was sort of afraid he would loose his load, but happily his time ran out, as I said "Time's up, big guy."

He looked dejected, as he let go of my boobs. I stopped him with my hands, as I grabbed his wrists. Pulling him down, I kissed him on the lips, and said "That felt good, you didn't squeeze them too hard."

He smiled brightly, as he crawled over to his spot, with me admiring the view. Damn, his balls were as big as apples. My mind was wondering how much cum they would produce. Jack's turn. And he landed on Chance. His card told him to go to Boardwalk. Hey, that's mine.

I decided it was my turn to have some fun, saying "Go have Debbie play with your cock."

There were snickers, and my daughter glared at me. I stuck my tongue out at her, causing her to say, "You'll be having it out for a longer time if I have my way."

Jack was standing in front of her, as her right hand cupped his balls, while she ran her fingers of her left along his shaft. I saw his ass cheeks twitch, and I shouted out "Look out!", but it was too late, as a thick rope of cum came blasting out of his cock, nailing my daughter on her nose and lips.

The second one landed on her neck, as she made a face of disgust. The boys were howling with laughter, as a few more shots came out, covering her little breasts. She then giggled, as she scooped some up with her fingers, and licked it. Jack came back to his seat next to me, as he said to me, "Thank you Cathy."

I snickered, saying "No problem." Then I asked my daughter, "How's it taste, dear?"

She was wiping his load off her face and tits, and then licking her fingers clean, saying "Not bad. Guess I can get use to it." I had a feeling that she had better.

Aaron's turn, and I'm sure he was looking forward to landing on one of my properties. But he was rather discouraged as he landed on the Jail spot. Joe was up next, and his piece moved nine, ending up on his own Indiana. Deb's turn. She rolled a four, ending up on Pennsylvania Railroad, owned by Jason. She smiled, as she stood up, and turned around to take her panties off. The view she gave the boys as she bent over at the waist to step out of them, as her sex was clearly visible. Turning, she sat back down, cross-legged, allowing the boys to see the small patch of thin pubic curls along the lips of her pussy. She tossed her panties to Jason, saying "Well now, I guess the real fun begins now, doesn't it?"

We all laughed, as Doug took his turn, and he joined Jack on my Boardwalk. I grinned, saying to him as I looked at my daughter, "Now that her panties are gone, spend a minute licking Deb's pussy."

As she turned her body towards him, she said "Darn you mother." Although her mouth was protesting, her body sure didn't. And Doug, he dove face first into her snatch, and she moaned when his tongue found her slit. Her hands went to the back of his head, and she pulled his face upwards somewhat, showing him where to lick. All were watching intently, and it seemed to be the longest minute that I could ever remember.

But when I shouted out "Time!" She moaned loudly. Doug tried to pull away, but she had a firm grip on the back of his head, as I said to Andy "Pull that boy out of there, before she suffocates his sorry ass."

The others laughed, as Andy grabbed Doug by his ankles and pulled him away from Debbie's wet bush. She whimpered out a pleading "No." as she lost her grip on his head.

She looked up at me, lust written all over her face, as I said "Plenty of time, dear." Then I said to Andy, "Your turn." He smiled as he rolled, while Doug wiped the wetness off his face. I grinned when he landed on my Short Line Railroad. He didn't need to be told what to do, as I opened my legs apart, and leaned back on my elbows. He came over, and lowered his face to my snatch. I just smiled, and placed my right hand on the top of his head, and guided his mouth to my hole. I sighed, as I felt his tongue explore my sex. I first let him get a good taste of my hole, his tongue reaching up into it, wiggling about. Then I pulled him up a bit, and when his soft tongue hit my clit, I groaned. He's a good learner, as he stayed there, running his tongue back and forth across my sensitive little nub.

And it all ended too soon, as Deb yelled out "Time."

I cussed, saying "Shit!" rather loudly, as I pulled his head up, and I kissed his lips. Then I pushed him back to his spot in the circle. Jason's turn, and he counted out the seven spaces, and I was all smiles when he landed on my Virginia. I just grinned, saying "Next."

He smiled, as he put his hands on my thighs, and pushed my legs up and out. I sighed, as I felt his tongue run the length of my slit, swirling around my clit, plunging into my hole, then swirl about once again. Oh yeah, this boy has done this before. Being his step-mom, I probably should have asked with who, but it really didn't concern me at the moment. Hell, I was mighty appreciative of his experience. And, I was a lot closer to my peak when Debbie said his time was up.

I sat back up, not even bothering anymore to keep my cunt from being seen by the boys. And nor was Deb, as she had her legs parted, her beaver plainly in sight. My turn, and I smiled as I rolled a nine. I landed on Aaron's Tennessee. He smiled, and asked me "What can I do?"

I grinned, "Well, let's see. Anything but intercourse."

He looked puzzled, as he said "Huh?"

Jack snorted, saying to him "You can't fuck her, but anything else is okay."

The others laughed at his innocence, as I crawled over, my breasts hanging down and swaying as I went, and I said "How about I just suck you off."

It wasn't a question. He moaned out "Oh god." as my lips covered the head of his massive dong. Damn, I really had to stretch my lips wide to get it in. And I used one hand to grip the shaft and started jacking his meat into my mouth. I wasn't surprised when he groaned, only after a few seconds, as I felt his cock throb, and the first very healthy blast hit the back of my throat. God, it felt like a fire hose, as it kept squirting and squirting. If I hadn't have known what cum tastes like, I would have thought he was pissing into my mouth. Luckily, I expertly swallowed it all as he kept filling my mouth. Once I was satisfied that there was no more, I released his meat from my mouth and hand, and went back to my spot.

I looked about, smiling, seeing all were a bit shocked at seeing the first blowjob of the evening. I picked up the dice, and handed them to Jack, saying "Your turn." He grinned, and I giggled, "To roll, silly."

He frowned, as he rolled the dice, getting a three. He landed on Community Chest, and had to pay twenty dollars. I'm sure he was hoping to land on one of mine or Deb's properties. As were the others, I'm sure. Aaron, still breathing hard from his first ever blow job, rolled for his turn, and ended up on Deb's St James Place. She grinned, as she turned her body towards him, and spread her legs apart. He had a grin on his face, as he went to work on her snatch. His inexperience showed, as she was soon holding his head in her hands, guiding him along.

When I called time, she pulled his head up, and gave him a kiss, then even lowered her face to his cock, which was still somewhat hard, and swirled her tongue around the head. Joe then took his turn, landing on Doug's Marvin Gardens. He was a bit disappointed in that, as he paid Doug the rent. Then it was Deb's turn, and she then sat up, all smiles, as she took her turn. An eight showed, and she moved her game piece to Indiana. She looked up at Joe, and asked "What you want?"

He smiled, saying "A blowjob." She moved to him, and started sucking his meat. He reached underneath, grabbing her right tit, and pawed it as she jerked and sucked. It didn't take long for him to explode in her mouth, and she did a decent job of keeping most of it from dripping from her lips. But some did escape, as it landed on Joe's belly. She released his meat, and lowered her face, licking up what had escaped. I smiled, as I heard a few of the guys mutter some words, turned on no doubt by her slutty performance.

So far, two blow jobs accomplished. In my mind, I was figuring that we would end it once the last boy was sucked dry once each. Then, I would end the game for the evening. Doug moved for his turn, landing on his own Oriental. Andy's turn, and he landed on Income Tax. A bit of a disappointment for him. Hell, I was wanting them each to land on either one of my spaces or Deb's! My pussy was soaking wet, and it needed a tongue. And looking across at my daughter, her slit was glistening from the wetness. Jason took his turn, and I held my breath. I muttered out "Damn!" as I saw him land on Community Chest.

He picked up the card, and said "Go to St James Place."

Deb shouted out "All right." as she stood up and walked over to Jason. She spread her legs apart while standing over him. He tilted his head, and she lowered her cunt to his lips. He moved his hands to the cheeks of her ass, as he started eating her cunt out. She moaned loudly, as he went to work. I really didn't want to make her stop, so I gave her an extra thirty seconds, before I said "Times up, Babe."

I saw her body shudder, her fingertips digging into his scalp, but soon she relaxed, and moved away, not willingly, as she was wanting more. My turn once again. I was bummed, as I rolled a twelve, and I ended up on 'Go to Jail', so I moved to the jail, and asked "Okay, who do I suck to get out?"

Six hands shot into the air, and I laughed. Deb said "There's six of them, roll a die and count around from your right."

I did, got a three. Doug. He was all smiles as he stood and came over, standing over my head. I just grabbed his cock, and went to work, sucking away. He was longer lasting that the other day, as it took close to five minutes before he grunted, and bathed my mouth with his seed. He went back to his seat, and Jack took his turn, landing on Aaron's Connecticut. Aaron then landed on Jack's Kentucky. And Joe rolled and landed on Community chest. Then Deb rolled, and she ended in Jail with me. She just smiled, as she picked up a die, and rolled, getting a three. Jack was over at her head in a flash, offering her his healthy meat. She licked her lips, then began sucking his cock. Well, it wasn't long before it was more like Jack was fucking her face, as he had hold of her head, his hips moving back and forth, shoving his prick in and out of her ht mouth. And when he erupted, she gagged as he probably shot the first load down her throat. As his body relaxed, she went to work, sucking the last drop out, before releasing his shaft, and he returned to his spot.

I was wanting to end the game, so I asked "Let's see, who hasn't gotten a blow job yet?"

Joe and Andy both said "Me!" at the same time.

I smiled, and said "Well, it's getting late. How about I suck Joe, and Deb you get Andy off. Then off to bed." They protested, and I raised my hands, saying "As we suck, you guys can use your hands and mouths on our bodies. And do I have to remind you boys that we have all summer?"

They cheered as I moved over to Joe, as Deb moved to Andy. I rolled onto my back, my head between his knees. I reached up as he raised his body, and took his cock into my hands and pulled it into my hot, wet mouth. I wanted this to last, as I wanted to see what all the others would do to my body. As I slowly and gently sucked away, I felt four hands and two mouths work my flesh. Oh yeah, nice, very fucking nice. I sure was hoping my daughter was getting the same sort of attention. I chuckled as I heard a soft, muffled feminine moan. Yep, she was. A pair of fingers probed my hole, as others kneaded my breasts. A tongue swirled around my left nipple, while I tugged gently on the cock in my mouth. He was slowly thrusting his meat into my throat, and I relaxed, letting the head of his eight-inch prick make it's way down. I soon felt his balls slapping up against the tip of my nose. his pubes tickling my nostrils somewhat. then, a tongue found my clit, and I moaned. That felt fine. Real fine.

The pressure was building rapidly. I could feel my hips thrusting into the face of whoever was doing a fine job licking my cunt. And the one suckling at my breast felt great as well. I could feel Joe's sausage start to throb in my mouth, signaling the end was near for him, but I knew I had a long way to go. A finger went into my anus, causing me to groan. Yeah, that's good. He's learning well, or he's done this before. Hell, I didn't care. I just wanted to cum. Joe grunted, and I felt his load shoot down my throat, his pulsing cock felt wonderful on my lips and tongue as I sucked hard. Just then, I felt it. It started at my cunt, and spread rapidly throughout my body. I wasn't expecting it just yet, as it took me by complete surprise.

I could hear my muffled scream, as his cock spurted what felt like forever, now pulled out of my throat, the head resting against my tongue and the top of my mouth, as I sucked on it as waves of euphoric joy raced through my overcharged body. Joe slipped out of my mouth, and whoever was eating me, moved quickly up to a vacant breast. I lifted my head, seeing it was Jack. I put my hands on the back of both boys, the other being Aaron, and patted them softly. I could feel their hard cocks pressing against my thighs, wanting to know me a bit more, I'm sure. But I sighed, knowing that this was enough for tonight. We have to let these boys known that who is in charge. Although, if I was really in charge, would I have let this go this far?

I smiled, sitting up, and pushing them both away. I looked over at Debbie. She was laying flat on her back, a smile on her face, her flat chest heaving, trying to catch up on some much needed oxygen. Andy was sitting by her head, a smile on his face. Doug seemed to have a very wet face, showing that he was the one that did some carpet munching. And Jason was sitting there, looking at her naked body, as he slowly shafted his cock with his fist. His fingers were in her twat, rubbing her mound, and she sighed, enjoying his touch.

Well, all good things must end. For the moment anyway. I said softly, "Okay boys, get to bed." They protested, but I raised my hand, stopping them from continuing to whine abut it, as I said "Like I said, we've the rest of the summer. In the morning, we'll move on to more fun." They smiled, somewhat sheepishly, as I added, "We'll start by having all six of you learn how to eat pussy." They chuckled, as did Debbie, as she was coming back to her senses. I stood on wobbly legs, and went to her, reaching down with my hand, she took it, and as I pulled her to her feet, I said "Go on, get to bed."

They made individual trips to the bathroom, before going to bed. But not before each came up to both of us, giving us each a hug and kiss good night. When the last one was on his way up to bed, Deb and I crawled under the blankets, with her saying "God mom. That was great."

I snickered, "You liked that, huh?"

She rolled over and facing me, she said "Yeah." with a girlish giggle. "Mom? How we going to control them?"

Laughing, I said "We got the pussy, baby. If they want it, they'll do as we say." She laughed, and rolled over, and soon sleep came to both of us.

Morning came, and I was up first. Time to take control. I leaned over, and kissed my daughters forehead. She sighed, a smile coming to her face. I said softly, "Wake up, time to watch your mother in action."

She had a puzzled look on her face, as she sat up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Like me, she was still nude, as I said "It'll be a warm day. I can feel it. No sense in getting our clothes dirty, huh?"

She grinned from ear to ear, asking me "What you have in mind, Mom?"

"I'm going to show these boys who's in charge." I walked over to the door, and said jokingly, "You might want to take notes."

I walked out into the living room, and looked around. Not a sign of them. Too much beer, and too much excitement. Poor babies, probably dead to the world. But, not for long. Debbie watched from the doorway of our bedroom, as I went to the kitchen, and grabbed a big, deep metal pot and a long metal spoon. I went up the stairs, and at the first door, I started pounding the pot with the spoon, yelling "Come on boys, get up!" The looks on their faces in the first room. Andy and Aaron were on twin beds. They about jumped out of their skin, as I yelled once more, "Move it. There's things to get done."

They jumped out of bed, as I moved on to the next room. There was Jason, reaching for his pants, but I yelled, "No time to get dressed, Jason. Get downstairs and get the vacuum running!" I went on, screaming loudly "I want this place spotless. You boys hear me?" Jack came running out of the next room, and Doug from the last one, both with fright in their eyes. Too bad about those hard cocks, they'll have to wait. "Come on Jack, where's breakfast?" He started to speak, but I said "Get moving, son."

He raced past me, as did Doug, as I yelled out "I want the windows washed, then everything is to be dusted." I moved down the stairs. Jason was hauling out the vacuum, Andy and Aaron were picking up the game from last night, and Joe was straightening things up. Doug and Jack were flying around the kitchen, getting ready to cook the morning meal. "And let's not forget about the bathroom. It's filthy! I want the tub, shower stall and toilet sparkling clean."

I would have yelled more, but Jason turned the vacuum on. I didnít crack a smile, as I went into the bathroom. Debbie joined me, and as I peed, she started her shower. Then I joined her. Thank god it's such a big shower. We dried off afterwards, and went into the living room, still naked as they. Breakfast was ready, and we sat down to eat. None even dared to look at us. Afraid to, I suspect. Yeah, this is working well. Doug and Jack cleaned up after breakfast, while the others were soon cleaning the cottage.

As I watched, my hands on my naked hips, I would shout out for something that needed to be done. after the vacuuming was done downstairs, I had them do the upstairs. When Aaron and Andy were done with the bathroom, their next assignment was the upstairs, stripping the beds, and putting down fresh linens. Doug and Jack were busy washing windows, and after they were done with that, I had the boys bring more firewood inside. No telling if the weather might get chilly once again.

They were about done with that, as I stood and went to my bedroom door. Deb was sitting on the couch, a smile on her face, wondering what I was up to. Of course, both of us were still in the raw, but the boys by then had stopped paying any attention to us. That was about to change. I looked at them, and said "Okay, line up here in front of me." They did, Andy, Jason, Joe, Doug, Aaron, and Jack, from left to right. I smiled, and said "You boys are filthy. Deb and I are going to start our bath water, once we're in the tub, we want you boys to take turns in the shower. Understand?"

They all nodded their heads, and Deb stood and walked past them, between them and I. Oh yeah. That got their attention. All six sets of eyes watched as she turned into the bathroom, and I heard the water get turned on in the tub. I smiled, clearing my throat to get their attention. They looked at me, and I said "I'll call to say when we're ready." I started walking to the bathroom, and added "You boys can decide who gets cleaned up first."

I stepped into the bathroom, and Debbie was going potty, a sly smile on her face. After wiping, she stood and flushed, as I checked the water in the tub. She came over to me, asking "So, what we doing next?"

"Taking a bath, and making sure those boys get clean." I said with a grin. The spigot for the tub sits in the middle, and Deb got in at the end by the door, while I sat in opposite her. When the water was up to our shoulders, which was very hot, I hollered out, "Okay fella's, who's first?"

A few seconds passed, and Aaron made his appearance. He sort of stumbled along towards the shower stall, his thick cock hanging down, leading the way as it swayed. His shower took all of five minutes, and as he got out, I turned to see. His cock had grown somewhat, probably from seeing our naked wet titties. I asked "Are you clean?" He nodded his head yes, and I said "Come here, let me see."

He came over to me, and I reached out, grabbing his cock, and pulling it to my face. He groaned as I started jerking his meat, as I wrapped my lips about the head of his monster meat, and started giving him a blowjob. I cupped his big balls in my hand, feeling them tightening up. Damn boy was primed already, only needing a few more jerks. And with a loud grunt emitting from his mouth, he filled my mouth with his hot load.

Of course, the others knew what we were doing, as all five were crammed into the doorframe, watching the action. I just grinned, as I wiped my lips, and said "Okay, who's next?" And so it began for the day. Jack was next, and after his shower, Debbie sucked him dry. She patted him on his ass as he left, and Doug took his turn in the shower, and then dumped his load into my hot mouth. As you can tell, we alternated. It was Andy, Joe and Jason then in that order. With Deb sucking off Andy and Jason, and I Joe. It was nice, not only to have a cock in my mouth, waiting for it to explode as I jerked and sucked, but also to watch my daughter, especially when they came, watching her cheeks bulge out, then her throat as she swallowed their cream.

Once the last drop was swallowed, I said "Okay boys, get lunch ready." They hurried off to the kitchen, as Debbie and I climbed out of the tub.

She asked "What's next?"

I giggled, "Time for them to learn how to eat pussy." She grinned, as I added "This afternoon they're going to eat us until all six of them get it right."

She laughed, as we left the bathroom, with only towels wrapped about our waists. Lunch was simple fair, lunchmeat, cheese, some fruit that we had picked up the other day, and bread. We ate in pretty much silence, the boys all with heavy cocks, waiting to see what was in store for them next. As they cleaned up the noon meal, Debbie and I went to the fireplace, and we sat on separate couch's. Soon, the boys came our way, smiles on their cute, young faces.

Deb and I returned the smiles, and I said "Okay, let's divide the group up here, shall we? I want Jack, Jason and Aaron with me, you other three with Debbie." My three came to where I was sitting, and the other three went to Debbie. I smiled, stood and unwrapped the towel from my waist, and turned and laid it on the couch. I sat my butt on it, and leaned back, with both feet on the floor, legs stretched out wide. Debbie had copied my moves, and we smiled at each other. I then said "Okay Jack, show Jason and Aaron how to eat pussy."

Debbie giggled, saying "Doug, you can show Joe and Andy."

Jack dove quickly between my legs to his knees, and I moaned softly, as I felt his mouth go to work. I motioned Jason and Andy to sit next to me, and soon I had hands on my breasts, as I alternated kissing them both. Oh yeah, it felt good. Kissing them, getting my nipples sucked on, and my pussy reamed real damn good. Jack had obviously done this before, and he didn't need me to hold onto his ears, as he worked my twat with practiced precision. He soon had me screaming loudly, as I squeezed his head with my thighs. Oh god was it good, as I shoved my tongue into Aaron's willing mouth.

Jack stopped tonguing my cunt, and stood. I said "Aaron honey, why don't you try? Jack, come here, I want to suck you off." I was panting, as the two changed places, and soon Jack was fucking my throat with his cock, as Aaron tried his hand at eating my twat. Jason resumed suckling at my breast, as his other hand rubbed the other breast. Aaron just quite wasn't there, as I reached down, put my hand at the back of his head, and pulled him up a bit. He had the tongue swirling part down good, but not in the right spot. Oh, there you go. Right on target, and I felt him insert a pair of fingers into my hot, slippery cunt.

Jack didn't last long in my mouth, as he groaned out "Oh fuck!", his thick cock spraying my tonsils with his salty spunk. I sucked him dry, as I felt that wonderful feeling of a good, hard orgasm starting to rush through my sensitive body. I felt my body relax, as Aaron stopped sucking my cunt. I grabbed his head, and pulled him up to me, where we kissed, as Jason went down to take his turn. Aaron stood up on the couch, and offered his hard, throbbing cock to my lips. I just smiled, and started sucking his massive dong, while Jack feasted on my breasts, and Jason ate my pussy in earnest. This time took longer. Well, not Aaron, as he was soon grunting, sending ropes of his tasty cum into my mouth, which I quickly sent on it's way down my throat. But Jason, oh that boy. He's a fast learner and beame a very accomplished pussy eater in such a short amount of time, driving me to the brink, and then holding me there, not letting me go.

And when I came, it felt like my whole body exploded, my animalistic scream was deafening to all in the room, and as I came down, a slow descent, I heard my daughter cry out as well. Through glazed eyes, I peered her way. Doug was between her white thighs, lapping at her sex. Both Joe and Andy were sitting next to her, one on each side, as she stroked their peckers while they played with her little breasts. Then, her body went stiff, and she wailed again, as another orgasm ripped through her body.

I was smiling, watching my child as she came down from her high, as Jason moved his mouth up my body, settling at my breasts, where he suckled like a hungry babe. I laid down on the couch, and he stood, offering his cock to my lips. Yeah, another healthy cock to suck, I was sure I was going to get another shot of protein in seconds. And I did, as it blasted off in my mouth just seconds after I felt the head of his cock glide over my tongue. Jack had his face back between my thighs, dancing his tongue through my slit, making me hot once again. Hell, I've never cooled down! The idea of constantly being eaten was nice, but, well, I was yearning for a hard cock to be stuffed inside of me. I fought the urge, as I came again, a smile on my face, as I glazed Jack's face again.

Debbie and I stayed that way, sitting on the couch, as we let them take turns sucking on our cunts and tits. And I have no idea how many times the boys dumped their loads down our throats. By dinner time, both of us were exhausted, totally spent from so much oral stimulation. I smiled when Jack said that he and the boys would get dinner ready. Smart boy. Deb and I helped each other to the bathroom, where we bathed once again, this time with the door closed. We were soaking in the tub, waiting for the boys to get the meal coked, as she asked "So, now what, mom?"

I chuckled, "Well, I figured maybe we would dance with them tonight, suck them off whenever they get hard, then send them off to bed."

She smiled, "God mom, will they still be able to get it up?"

I shrugged, "We'll see, babe." then a thought occurred to me, and I asked "Which one do you want to pop your cherry?"

Her eyes bugged out, and she exclaimed "Well, I don't know. I mean, how can I decide one from another?"

Hmmm, good point. I smiled, "We need a contest."

"A contest?" She said with a laugh, as she asked "Like what?"

I shrugged, "Don't know, a game of some sort." I giggled, "Instead of playing for a trophy, they'll be playing for a cunt."

"Mother!" She said with a bit of disgust, before grinning and giggling with me. She leaned her head back, and closing her eyes, she said "A contest. And my cherry is the prize."

I smiled, I do think she likes that idea. We were silent for a spell, each of us running it over in our minds. Of course, athletics would be out, as the younger boys would be at a disadvantage. Board games? Again, the same thing, as Doug and Jack are pretty good at those, and the same with cards. Something academic? I don't think so, since I've nothing to go on, plus there's still the advance learning of the older boys. My pussy was throbbing again. Wanting a hard cock to fuck it good. A knock on the door, with the voice of Jason from the other side of it, saying "Dinner's ready."

Dinner was good, the boys did a great job. I do believe that they will be more than happy to keep doing all the chores, as long as Debbie and I are at least sucking cock. After dinner, Deb and I went to the couches and took a seat across from each other, waiting for the boys to clean up. Once done, they came over to us, with grins on their faces. Jack spoke, saying "So, was our pussy eating good enough for us to move on?"

I smiled, patting the seat of the couch on either side of me. Jack and Aaron sat one on each side of me, and Andy sat on the floor between my legs, a big, happy smile on his face as he stared at my bare beaver. Doug was sitting on the floor between Deb's legs, admiring the view, as Jason and Joe sat on each side of her. I smiled, as I said "Well boys, you six did a great job and learned your lessons well. So, I do believe we should move onto the next round." they started to move on us, but I stopped them as I said loudly "However.!" That stopped them in their tracks, as they all looked at me, wondering what the catch was going to be. An idea had come into my head. It started in the tub, just before I got out to dry off and eat. "Now boys, I'm an experienced woman, but Debbie, she is not."

Doug blurted out "We're going to take her virginity, all right!"

I was amazed at how he put it, not as vulgar as I suspected any one of them to exclaim. "Well," I said, "That will not be in the plural. Only one of you can take her virginity. But the question is, which one?"

Jack looked at me, as his hand was on my breast, kneading it gently, as he asked "So how do we decide. I mean, I'm sure I'm speaking for all six of us guys, we all want to do it."

I smiled, "Yes, I'm sure you all do." I paused, "A contest is in order, I suppose."

Andy lifted his face up, asking "A contest, what type of contest?"

"Yeah," added Joe, "I mean, what would be fair?"

The show of concern on his face was cute, as was the smugness on the oldest two, Jack and Doug. Andy had his hands on my knees, and I smiled, as I took hold of his hands in mine, and pulled him up to me. As I pulled my legs up and out, I placed his hands on my breasts. While arching for his dripping hard cock, I smiled, saying "Well, guess we'll have to have a fucking contest."

He groaned as I rubbed the head of his cock along my slit, my lips parting in anticipation of getting his cherry. Hmmm, I didn't think about this. Oh well, too damn late now, as he pressed forward, the head of his cock slipping into my hot cunt, as Jack said "A fucking contest?"

I smiled, as I felt his eight inch shaft sink farther into my hot cunt, feeling the wild throbbing of the teenage cock inside of me. Andy had a worried look on his face, as I choked out "Yes, a fucking contest." Andy gasped, and I felt his cock emptying deep inside of me. He looked upset, as he was only in for seconds, and he already had cum. I pulled his face to mine, and we kissed, before I pushed him out of me, my hand pulling on Aaron's arm to take his place. Damn, a much bigger cock, and I groaned as it parted my lips, sinking in half way into my recently lubed hole.

I stopped him from moving, so to allow my cunt to get use to his girth. Hell, I knew he wouldn't last the full stroke, so I kept him there, as I felt his body shake. I said "Don't worry, you'll be getting lots of practice on fucking my old hole." I turned my head to Jack, and said "Yes, you boys will all be practicing on me this evening."

Debbie didn't sound too pleased, as she asked "Then what?"

I giggled, "Then, each one of you will get a chance to see how long you last before cumming as you fuck me. The one that last the longest," Aaron just groaned, adding his seed to Andy's mix, as I smiled, patted his shoulders and finished speaking with "The one that lasts the longest will get to take Deb's virginity."

Jack smirked, and as I pushed Aaron away, his log falling from my cunt, he said "No problem."

I pulled him to me, giving him a kiss, and then said as he mounted me, "Think so?"

His smirk turned to a look of despair, as soon as he entered me, I clamped my cunt down on his shaft, and squeezed hard, bucked my hips once, and he was through. I enjoyed that, as I felt his cock erupt, spraying my cunt with his payload. I said "Don't be so sure of yourself, boy. Remember, I'm not one of those inexperienced teen girls you've banged."

I pushed him out of me, and looked at Jason, and said "Next." As Jason crawled over and got up to his feet, ready to shove his ten-inch prick into my gooey fuck hole, I looked over at my daughter, and said "Well girl, you've three spent cocks to get working on."

Jack laughed, as he went over to her, and I saw enough to see her take him in her little mouth. She was slurping away, and so was my pussy, as it made squish sounds as Jason took about six strokes, and grunted, adding his load to the mix. He pulled out, and Joe took his place, but not before I rolled over, and got my knees on the edge of the couch, my ass wiggling in the air, as he came up from behind, his prick sinking into my body. I smiled, as he went at it, lasting as long as the other four. And then there was Doug. I sighed as I felt his cock enter me, and his hands grabbed my hips. I didn't do to him what I had done to Jack. Doug knew better, and I wanted to feel a good fuck. And boy did that kid provide it. Oh my! I dug my fingernails into the cushions on the back of the couch, feeling the buildup inside, as he fucked me good, the bottom of his cock sliding against my clit, sending me closer and closer to what I wanted, a good, hard prick induced orgasm. And oh my god! It hit me like a freight train. My loud announcement of my body hitting the peak of the pleasure zone did Doug in, as his cock sprayed my womb, making me feel even more euphoric.

I collapsed forward against the back of the couch, my eyes partially closed as I let out a whimper when I felt the sudden emptiness in my cunt. Doug had pulled out, and all he could say was "Wow."

I chuckled, as I heard Jason say "Damn Doug, you got her off big time."

I groaned out "Who's turn is it?"

I heard Andy shout out "Mine." and soon I sighed, as I felt his prick sink into my box. Oh yes, this is good. His shaft pumping me at a nice pace. Not too fast, but not excessive. Enough to get the fire burning inside. I closed my eyes, as I felt hands on my body, pawing my breasts, the cheeks of my ass, and some smart young man had found my clit with a finger. Yes, they are learning quickly. I've no idea how long Andy lasted, nor the other five boys on their second time in my cunt. My body had slid down, my knees on the floor, my chest on the couch with my ass up in the air, letting these studs fuck me one after another. And all during this, I just enjoyed the feeling of their hard, teen cocks as they pumped me, for what seemed like non-stop. I had four more orgasms, one so hard that I think I passed out. That was when Aaron's big ass horse cock was sliding into me. I was in heaven.

Somewhere along the way, Deb took command. After the third go around, she had Jack and Doug lift me up and carry me into the bathroom. There they washed me up in the shower, and I remembered groaning when they used a washcloth on my pussy. I just grinned, knowing that I was going to be sore in the morning. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow, over fucked and very happy.

In the morning, I woke to an empty bed. Getting up, I left the bedroom and found the cabin empty, save for Debbie. She smiled, saying "Good morning, momma." She then said "The boys are out fishing. I told them you would want to rest."

I smiled, as I went to the kitchen, "Yes, rest is good."

She giggled, and remarked "You're walking funny."

I grabbed a box of cereal, and as I went to the fridge to get some milk, I repined with "Fuck yeah, I'm walking funny. And you will too when all six pump you three times each."

I saw her grin, as she responded with "I can hardly wait."

I laughed, as I started to eat. She came to the table, and sat down, looking at me with her sweet, young face. And not a stitch on. "So, the boys like the idea of a contest?"

She laughed "Oh yeah, and they're wondering how you're going to do it."

I quickly stated "Well, not all right after one another, that's for sure." As she laughed, I moved my butt around, trying to get comfortable, "Damn, my cunt is so sore."

"Yeah mom, but you seemed to be enjoying it last night."

I smiled, "Yeah I did." As I finished my breakfast, I said "I've an idea." She was all ears, as I explained to her what I had in mind. The boys didn't return until late in the afternoon, giving my tired cunt a rest. Not that it was going to get used tonight. Damn, I'm way too sore. I've already decided there was going to be a limit to all this fun. They were a bit disappointed when I told them that my playground was closed for the evening, but they were happy when I said that Deb and I would give them some oral help. Of course, this was as long as they returned the favor. My mature pussy may have been tired and sore, but there's nothing like a half-dozen young, teen tongues taking turns to soothe the sting. But before all that started, I laid out my plans for the contest. For the next two nights, my body was available for their enjoyment, but only for three guys each evening, and then only twice each. I didn't want a repeat of getting fucked continuously, and getting sore. I was hoping that toning it down just a bit might toughen up my little pussy.

I then explained that after a day of rest, each evening I would take one boy into my bedroom, and he would take me three times. The total time from entering my cunt and depositing his load would be his score. And after each boy has his chance, the one with the longest accumulated time would be the winner. The boys were very agreeable with this. And well they all should be. Each one was getting a chance to fuck me for the night, in competition with each other to pop my daughters cherry. I told them all that they had better rest up, for there would be no sex save for their individual night with me. To determine the order of which boy would get a turn, I told them to draw six cards. They did that right after our talk, and I was informed that the order would be Andy, Jack, Joe, Doug, Aaron and Jason. I smiled, as by the luck of the draw, I was getting the two monster cocks at the end.

So I had forty-eight hour of enjopying the boys 'practice' on my cunt. Debbie on the other hand, gave out blowjobs freely, as the boys took turns eating her little twat. No wonder she didn't eat much at dinner! And then, the fun began! Each night was the same, as I wanted to make it fair for all six boys. First, they were to eat me, then they were to take me missionary, then they were to eat me to another orgasm, then doggie style, then eat me again, then their choice, on top or from behind. I really didn't want to be on top, as I wanted them to work. And did I make them work. Oh, and the orgasm were mighty fine, and often, for me as well. I also enjoyed the fucking, as I came with them inside of me countless times.

But, the object of this game was for endurance. And, it was amazing how close each boy was to the other in each round. For each boy the first time was short, as the times ranged from forty-five seconds for Aaron, up to a minute-thirty-seven for Andy. Second time, they were all around the thirteen minute mark, and each evening the last time about wore my poor pussy out, as they all were around twenty-two minutes pounding my snatch with their healthy young cocks.

Final results. We all got up the morning after the last round, and I told them after breakfast, I would give the times. All six boys were wearing big smiles, each wondering if he was the lucky stud that was going to get to nail Debbie's prime pussy first. After they cleaned up the breakfast meal, we gathered in the living room, and I had them sit on the couch. I began with "First, I would like to say all six of you did your best, and, all the times were within a ninety-second time span. Okay, I'll read the shortest to the lowest." A few snickered, and I tersely added "And any teasing will cause not only immediate disqualification, but you'll be cut off for the rest of the summer. Understand!"

They all frowned, and Debbie giggled, saying "Gee mom, you sure do know how to control 'em."

I quipped "Pussy holds the power, dear. Don't let them forget it." I picked up the tally sheet, and without looking at the individual boys, I started reading "With a time of thirty-five minutes and forty-one seconds, Joseph." A few snickers, and I glared over the top of my paper, causing all to quiet down. "Thirty-six minutes and eleven seconds, Andy." I smiled, not a peep out of them. "Five seconds longer was Aaron."

He groaned, saying "Aw shit."

A few chuckles from the others, as I raised my hand to quiet them down. "At thirty-six minutes and thirty-eight seconds was Doug." He said something under his breath, but I couldn't hear it clearly, as I went on, "That leaves Jason and Jack. One of them was only four seconds longer than Doug. The other had an accumulative time of thirty-seven minutes and thirty-seven seconds." I lowered my sheet, and turned to Debbie, saying "Go on, show the winner what he gets."

She stood, and walked over to the boys, and stopped in front of Jack. She reached out with both hands, and he said "All right!" as he took her hands in his. She squatted down, and without even touching his prick, she swallowed it, burying her nose into his pubes. After bobbing her mouth up and down on his shaft, she stood, and crawled up onto the couch, getting her cunt into his face. I went over and started sucking his shaft, as he licked her clit while fingering her hole, making her moan out with joy. My hand jerked his shaft as I swirled and sucked his cock, getting him closer and closer to the edge. I wanted him to blow his load into my mouth first, so he will last longer as he takes my daughter for her first time.

He groaned into her snatch, as I felt his tool pulse, the first shot flooding my mouth as I swallowed fast, taking it all down my throat. I sat up, and returned to the other couch, as Debbie cried out, as Jack had gotten her off. He had his hands on her waist, and his cock was still hard, showing no signs that he just received a very nice blowjob. He brought her down to his lap, and they kissed, with his pecker sliding up into the crack of her ass. I went back to them, grabbed his shaft with one hand, and with my other on her ass, I pushed her hips up. I nestled the head of his cock at her opening, and she slid down, taking it all as a sharp groan came from her mouth. They kissed, while he massaged her young breasts, as she started rocking her body. I just looked around, seeing the other five boys sitting about, stroking their hard cocks, watching the deflowering of Debbie with mouths wide open.

Smiling, I said "Okay, you boys will all get your chance with her today, I suppose at least twice each at least, if not more. But, I really need a cock in me at the moment."

Laughing, Doug got up and came over in front of me, saying as he grabbed my ankles, "Gladly, Aunt Cathy.".

I just giggled, as I grabbed his shaft and guided it into my hot hole. That was the beginning of what became darn near non-stop sex for the next week. After the initial week, it calmed down somewhat, as we were use to being made available for sex darn near twenty-four hours a day. The boys would fuck us whenever they had wood, and that was often. And everywhere, too. In the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the whole cottage, plus on the dock and the pontoon. And the couple of times we went into town, Debbie was in the back as I drove, getting thoroughly fucked. Our cunts seems to be packed full of cock, and we were always dripping cum from our oversexed holes.

It's now late December. I am on my right side, as Jack is to my front, sucking on my milk filled left breast, driblets of my mothers milk rolling down across my breast, as his father Jeff is straddling my right leg, holding my other leg high up in the air, as he drills my pregnant cunt. On the chair is Debbie, her belly just as big and round as mine, carrying her child as well, as she rises and falls on Jason's big ten inch cunt buster, while she sucks on Joe's cum covered cock, which he had just recently pulled from my cunt before his father stuffed inside of me. I looked up at my husband, and said "Well, this is working out well."

He chuckled, saying as he stroked his cock in and out of me with long strokes at a leisurely pace, "Yes, you wanted a baby with my genes, and since I had a vasectomy ten years ago, it seems my boys and my nephews did the job."

As the guys laughed, Debbie stopped sucking, and she pulled her lips off of Joe's cock to say "Well, you're getting two. Wish I knew what all you had planned before we went off to Canada."

The others laughed at her, and she giggled as well, before starting to suck on Joe's shaft once more, with Jack saying "Heck, us guys didn't know either. Our parents had set this all up."

I smiled, as I pulled his lips back to my swollen teat, saying "You complaining?"

As he resumed suckling on my mothers milk, he vigorously shook his head no, causing his father and I to chuckle. "But why did you include Debbie?" asked Jason, just before he pulled Debbie's hips down hard onto his lap, and spraying her baby-filled womb with his seed.

"Well, the trip was the only way we could think of to get you all to fuck me. And since there was no way to hide it from Debbie, I decided she might as well be involved as well." Jeff grunted, adding his load deep inside of me along with his offspring. He got off, and Jack rolled me over onto my back, and sank his tool into my wide open cunt.

Him and I kissed, as Jeff said "We told your uncles of course, and we even asked your aunts, they seemed to enjoy the idea, which was a surprise."

I laughed, "Yeah, and now they're looking forward to tomorrow."

"What's happening tomorrow?" asked Jason.

Jeff grinned, as he slid his cock between my lips, and said "You boys and your cousins will be helping them both to have a baby."

We looked at each other, and smiled, as the boys all shouted with delight, and looking forward as I, to another breeding.

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