Title: Penelope & Her Black Bull Breeding
Summary: Penelope has chosen a black bull for her breeding, and he is more than capable of the job. Then, as her belly swells, he returns
with some friends to take care of her horny needs.
Keywords: F/M, F/MMM, IR, Impreg, GB

I walked into the room, my video camera running as I approached her. She was sitting on the couch, wearing a slinky red nightie, her small, delicate nipples sticking out hard against the fabric. I got close enough so just her body was in the picture, as I said ""Good evening."

She giggled, replying "Good evening."

"Well, you want to introduce yourself?" I asked.

She played along, saying "My name is Penelope."

"Hello Penelope." I said. She giggled at that, as she picked up her glass of wine, with me saying "You feeling comfortable?"

"A little warm, perhaps." She said, adding "But I think it's the wine."

As she drank, I said "well, you could get comfortable."

She looked into the lens of the camera, asking "How so?"

"Try taking your nightie off." I suggested.

She shook her head no, saying "No, not yet."

"Maybe later?" I asked.

"Probably later." she replied.

"Your blonde hair looks good in curls, Penelope."

"Thank you, I want to look good for the occasion."

"And what's the occasion."

"To pick out a bull."

"A bull?"

She laughed, taking another sip of her wine, and said "Yes, I want to be bred."

I chuckled, "I see." She placed her glass down, and I asked "And where does one go to pick out a bull?"

She said in a calm voice, "On the internet. In a chat room just for something I'm hunting for." She then asked with a devilish smile, "You want to help?" I nodded the camera, and she rose to her feet, saying "Then come on. My computer is this way." I filmed her as she stood and walked out of the room, down the hall, and to a room, getting a good shot of her swaying hips and fine, round ass. Entering, she took a seat in front of a computer, and clicked on an icon. Soon she was in a chat room, and she giggled, saying "Here we are."

"I see." I said, asking "Anything in particular?"

She sighed, "Yes, three choices, and they're all online now." She gasped, then giggled, as she announced, "And they want to know if I've decided yet."

I said "Oh, they want you to turn on your webcam."

She did just that, and she giggled, as the three men all commented how beautiful she looked. She grinned, saying "They want me to take my negligee off."

I laughed, "Of course they do. What man wouldn't want you to do that?"

"Should I?" she asked.

"You haven't shown them yet?"

She shook her head no, saying "No, I was wanting to wait until I decided which one."

I asked "Have you decided?"

A bright smile came to her face, as she said "Yes, I think I have."

"Well, tell him, and politely inform the other two of your choice. but tell them if it doesn’t work out, they’re on the short list."

She giggled, as she typed away, saying "Okay, I told the two of them no, but that I may call on them later for servicing my needs."

I chuckled, saying "Good. Now, why don't you set up a time with the lucky bull."

It's a week later. My camera zooms in on her face, as she is sitting on the couch. She is smiling, but it's a nervous smile, as I ask, "You nervous?"

She nodded her head slightly, saying "Yeah, a little."

"What you nervous about?" I asked.

She laughed softly, "Well, about whether or not he'll want to breed me."

"Shouldn't be a problem." I stated with an amused chuckle. The door bell rang, and I asked "That's him, you want to go fetch him?"

She didn't say a word, as she stood and I stepped back, staying in place as I filmed her as she walk to the front door. She opened it, and the big, black bull blocked the door frame with his size, as he said "Hello, Penelope."

He reached out with both hands, and she used both of hers to grab them and eagerly pull him inside the house. They embraced, letting go of each others hands to wrap their arms around the other. He dwarfed her small, white frame, standing a good fifteen inches taller than her, probably more, and probably two and a half times heavier than her thin one-hundred ten pound frame. He reached back and closed the door, and she said "Glad you could make it."

She stepped back, grabbed his right hand and they walked to the couch. She said "Have a seat." He did, and she dropped to her knees between his outstretched legs, and she put her hands on the top of his sweat pants, and pulled them down just far enough for the top of his meat to pop out from underneath his clothes.

He chuckled, "Guess we're going to get started, huh?"

She looked up at him, smiled, and said "Guess so." as she stuck her tongue out and flicked it across the massive head of his black cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and down along the sides of his shaft, as I stepped closer to give the video camera a better view. He brushed her hair away with his far hand, so her long curls didn't block the scene from the camera. I watched, amazed, as his dong got even bigger, before she put her mouth over the top of it and swallowed maybe four inches into her mouth.

He groaned out, "Damn! She's a good little cock sucker." I got even closer, as Penelope worked feverishly on sucking his meat, and I would take quick shots of his face, a big smile on it, enjoying her oral talents. He asked as he stroked her hair, "You want to put it where it's needed?"

She slowed down her sucking, until she finally lifted her head up and let go of his cock as she stood up. He stood as well, and he reached down and pulled up the hem of her dress. She raised her arms up and he lifted it off her body, revealing her in all her glory. She smiled as they gave each other a tight hug, before she stepped back, taking his hand in hers and leading him towards the bedroom. I followed behind them as they entered the first bedroom, where she turned around and sat down on the edge of the bed. She leaned back, with her long, thin legs hanging off the edge, as he took a step and dropped to his knees on the floor by the bed. I went to the side of them, and zoomed in as his big black hands grabbed the back of her legs and pushed up and out on them, showing her pink gash. He brought his face to her sex, and I filmed as he took a deep breath, a smile coming to his face, as he announced softly, "Smell's good."

She grinned as she laid her head back onto the mattress, her chest rising and falling softly as he started to lick her slit. She sighed, showing she was enjoying how he was beginning to get her ready for his cock, as he lapped at her sweet twat. Her hands were on her belly when he started, but eventually she moved them off to her sides, and I watched as she used her hands to clench onto the sheets underneath. Her nipples had grown substantially, and then her back arched, as did her neck, as she moaned out loudly, her body being torn up by her hard orgasm.

He didn't wait for her body to calm down, as he moved quickly over her, and with his hand he guided his thick rope to her gash. He rubbed the head up along her slit a few times, making her moan whenever it rubbed her clit. Then he slid into her hot, ripe body, with her croaking out a hoarse "Oh goawd!", then a soft grunt from her lips, and she put her hands on his shoulders, saying "Come on, fuck me!"

He lowered his body down on top of hers, and I moved quickly around behind them, and zoomed in to film the action of his black dick pumping in and out of her pink gash. She was moaning and grunting from the start, as his large cock banged her for a good thirty minutes, before he finally went stiff as he emptied his balls for the first time into her womb.

I was filming from behind them, in close to where they were joined, before he raised his body up, his black shank pulling out of her cunt. A good portion of his load came out, dribbling down her slit to her puckered little asshole. I sat off to the side, and he reached down with his hands to pull her cunt lips apart, exclaiming, "Well, there's the first load." Penelope giggled, her muscles contracting and forcing some more out. The bull used his fingers to scoop some up and jammed it back inside, saying "Let's not waste any."

I said "No, let's not."

"How long before I have to wait for you to do me again?" asked Penelope.

"I'll be good shortly.", commented her bull, as he swung around and lowered his face to her gash, saying "A taste of your sex, and that should do it."

Her giggle was sensual, as she grabbed his hanging heavy meat and inhaled the head, moaning as she tasted her cum on it while he began to lick her cunt.

Just as he had done before, he licked her to a good hard cum, making her body arch, crushing her cunt up into his black face as she cried out softly when her cum hit. Her body relaxed, and he rolled onto his butt to her right side, turning around and lowering his face to hers, giving her lips a long kiss as his fingers probed her sex. He moved his lips to her cheek, giving her sensual, pale skin soft kisses, before nibbling on her earlobe. She moaned softly, her chest rising up fast, then flattening out. A few more deep breaths, and she rolled away from him, put her forearms out in front of her and raised her ass up showing she was ready for his taking one more.

He moved up behind her, placing his right hand on his long, thick cock and his left moved up between her legs. I moved around behind and down, to watch as he shoved a pair of fingers into her hole, twisting them and sliding them in and out of her tight cunt. Globs of sperm from his earlier load were dripping out as he worked her snatch, slowly hanging down from her cunt lips by thin strands of slime. He pulled his fingers from inside her cunt and then guided his cock into her waiting fuck hole. She moaned as her pinkish pussy lips swallowed his long ebony shaft, until he was buried to the hilt, his large sack of cum filled nuts nudged up against her exposed clit.

I kept the camera at this angle as he started pumping her body, with those strands of cum falling away onto the mattress below her, her titties swaying and jiggling as her body was being bounced on his dick. He rode her for thirty minutes, as his cock got her off three times while he nailed her white ass. Then, with one final lunge, he slammed hard into her, washing her womb with a fresh coat of black baby making batter.

He pulled out and was soon on his back next to her, as I moved in close, saying "Nice shot, guys."

Penelope asked "Am I leaking?"

I chuckled, "Some what, yes.", for there was a huge glob of cum oozing out of her hole, sliding down slowly down across her clit. She reached for her crotch with her fingers, and I filmed as she pushed that glob of cum back up inside her hole, saying "Yeah, that's it, push it back inside of that fertile cunt of yours, Penelope."

She giggled, as I turned the camera off for some rest.

I've the camera on once again, as I walked into the bedroom, capturing both Penelope and her bull laying there on the large bed. Both were naked, covered with a thin film of sweat, as Penelope has her bull's cock in her hand, stroking it gently, with her small fingers not even coming close to encircling his massive shaft.

She sighed, lifting her upper body up and rolling partially on top of him, as I asked "Well, how's it going?"

She giggled, looked back at the camera, and said "It was going good." She sighed, then announced with a heavy sigh, "But I think my bull is now well spent."

He chuckled, as his large right hand covered her left tit and pawed at it, saying "Shit woman, I've dumped sixteen loads inside that fertile cunt of yours in the past forty-eight hours!"

I declared a shocked "Really!" as I moved the camera in close, towards the junction of Penelope's legs, asking "Sixteen loads up inside of you, huh?"

She laughed, as she lifted her left leg up and then out away from him, saying "Yep! He's surely coated my egg with plenty of sperm to do the job.!"

I moved in close, as she moved onto her back, bringing her legs out wide as the bull sat up, and used his hands to spread her worn pussy lips apart, as I asked "Your cunt looks like it's been rode hard, Penelope."

She groaned out "Oh god, it has."

I could see through the view finder plenty of her black man's sperm bubbling up from the depths of her womb, as her bull instructed her "Push, babe. Show the camera what I put inside of you."

She giggled, and the camera captured the scene of her stomach flexing as she tried to push some of his seed out. Some did, a trickle of it, dribbling down her slit and onto her little brown anus, which winked at the camera.

"Very nice, Penelope. Nice job. And you too, sir."

He laughed, saying "I'm sure the pleasure was mutually shared!", causing Penelope to blush brightly.

She's sitting at the kitchen table, as I come into the room, filming her as I come closer, saying "You look radiant, Penelope."

She smiled, her face tinged pink as she blushed at my words, saying "Thank you."

"So, you're pregnant?" I asked.

She laughed, replying "Oh yes, very much so."

I then asked, "You mind showing your body to the camera?"

She didn't say a word, as she put her hands on top of the table and stood up. She then used her hands to untie the sash of her robe, and then opened it up, revealing her full, front, naked to the camera's lens.

"Your breasts have grown nicely." I stated.

Her smile got even bigger, as she cupped her swollen tits, a pale pink, with her much darker areola’s being almost three times as wide as before her breeding. And those nipples! Probably each a full inch long, and almost half that it diameter!

"My breasts are two cups bigger, now!" she announced proudly.

Then there was her belly, as she ran her hands over it, as I commented "Looks like you've a beach ball inside there."

She laughed, "A BIG beach ball. And it feels like it too." Her belly stuck out a ways, but it wasn't as wide as her frame, giving her a nice, petite pregnant look. I lowered the view to her shaved cunt, saying "Looks like these pussy lips are ready for birthing."

She moaned, "My pussy lips are ready for fucking!"

I asked in a surprised voice, "You think you can?"

She shot back, "I know I can!"

With a chuckle, I said "So, a little horny, huh?"

"A lot horny, actually." was her sad reply.

"How many more months?" I asked her.

"I'm in my sixth month, so less than three to go." was her answer.

"You need your bull to return? To satisfy your needs?"

She sighed saying "I could use about a dozen bulls to satisfy my needs at the moment."

"Howa bout three? Will that do?"

Her face brightened up, "Three would work. Maybe put a quick fix to my needs."

I laughed, "A quick fix, huh?"

She groaned out "God, you don't know how horny I've become since I've gotten knocked up!" She then gave me a serious look, asking "What do you mean by three, anyway?"

Just then, right on cue, the doorbell rings, and I chuckled, saying "Go answer the door, and find out."

She started to close her robe, protesting with "But I'm not dressed!"

"Will it matter?" I asked. She stopped, and looked at me, then grinned, as I then said "Go on, get to the door and let them in."

She dropped her hands to her side, and with an open robe, she turned and walked out of the kitchen, towards the front door. I followed her, the camera catching her long blond hair flying in the air behind her, recording the excitement in her steps as she made it to the door. She opened it wide, and stepped back, as I moved off to the side, catching the big, very happy smile on her face as she took in the sight in front of her.

A voice out of view said "Hi there."

She demurely replied "Hi.", then looked past him, saying "You brought some friends?"

He stepped inside, saying "Uh-huh. Thought I'd come and see how your body's adjusting." He cupped her breasts, and said "And to show you off to some of the brotha's." He looked over his shoulder, saying "Come on in guys, get a look of Penelope."

Two men entered, and one closed the door behind him, as the other said "Man, she's a hot looking bitch!"

Penelope protested with "But I'm pregnant!"

He was at her side, now caressing her pale skin with his massive black hands, saying "Yes, with a brotha's baby. You look fuckin hot, honey."

Penelope looked at the third guy, and asked "You sir, you think I look hot?" He smirked, unfastened his pants quickly and dropped his trousers, His long, thick hard meat flopped pout, the head hanging down almost to his knees it seems, and she giggled, saying "Yeah, guess you do at that!" She turned her head to her bull, and offered her lips to him.

Lowering his face to hers, his hands pulled the robe of her shoulders, and the second guy exhaled, saying "Damn! She's sure got a hot looking body."

She broke from her bulls mouth, and said "You know, I was just commenting how I really could stand to get my cunt filled by some bulls.", as she reached out with her hand, her small fingers wrapping around the rapidly expanding cocks of the large black male. No more talking, as the guys closed in on her, their dark, black hands roaming her pale white pregnant body. One was rubbing a milk filled tit as he was locked in a tight lip block with Penelope, while another had his dark lips lathed onto her other teat, getting a taste of her sweet mothers milk, while the third guy was down on her knees, the top of his head bouncing on the underside of her bloated tummy, as he had lifted her right leg up and was exploring her sex with his mouth. Getting her good and wet didn’t take long, for soon she was whimpering as a small orgasm quaked through her body.

They briefly broke apart and guided her to the couch, having her lay on her right side/ Her right leg was hanging off the edge of the couch, and her left was up against he back of the couch, her foot resting on top of it, while her main bull guided his meat into her shaved, wet cunt. She moaned, a smile on her face, while pulling another bull's cock to her lips, where upon she greedily took it into her mouth, letting him slide it in and out as she sucked. The third guy grabbed her hand and guided it to his shank, as he stood between the two other black men, her tiny, delicate fingers shafting his member as he reached down and rubbed her titties.

Her bull in her preggy cunt didn't last long this go around, as he tossed his head back and grunted, his ass cheeks flexing as he sent a load of cream into her already occupied womb. He quickly pulled out, and the stud in her mouth came around and sank in to his nuts, a smile on his face as he slowly fucked Penelope’s snatch. That's when her next orgasm hit, as she was swallowing another black cock, while jerking on the one that was just in her tight box.

The skin of her upper body had turn to a bright crimson, as she writhed there on her side, as the second bull hollered out "Gawd DAMN!!!" as his body jerked while his nuts emptied into her occupied womb. The third bull eagerly and quickly sat down and guided her to stand and turn around, facing away from him as he allowed her to slide her silky cunt down his fat fuck stick. With his hands on her waist, he guided her as she rose and fell on his cock, which was coated with the loads of the two previous bulls. You could tell she was working her cunt, a happy and determined smile on her slim, pretty white face, trying and quickly succeeding in milking the third bulls spunk from his shaft. She suddenly tilted her head back, and let out a long wail as her body trembled with a hard orgasm, her chest rapidly rising and falling as she tried to get more air into her lungs. She then leaned forward, dropping her chin as her long blonde locks fell across her swollen breasts.

The primary bull stepped forward, and took her hands in his and helped her up onto her shaky legs. He scooped her up into his arms, saying "Probably best place for this to continue is your bed, Penelope."

In an exhausted voice, she giggled as she said "Yes, that will do much better!"

I followed as he carried her down the hall and into her bedroom where he gingerly laid her pale white frame down upon the soft mattress, with the other two bulls quickly joining him on the bed with her. Soon they were exploring her flesh with hands, fingers, lips and tongues, as she kept her eyes closed, but with a big smile upon her face, as they devoured her pregnant sensuality. They kept her near or into an orgasmic bliss for a good solid hour, before they started to take turns driving their hard dicks into her pregnant pussy. The sounds as they pumped into her were obscenely erotic, what with the loads of cum being squished out of her jism packed birth canal.

Four hours later, and the bulls had each pounded three loads into her body, a body that was by then in almost a state of total exhaustion, barely reacting to what they were doing to her, save for her soft grunts, and that adorable sweets mile on her face. Once they were finished, they bathed her in the large, walk in shower, holding her up as they gently and lovingly cleansed her tired, over sexed body. Then ,as they tucked her into bed for some much deserved sleep, she smiled, as each one gave her a parting kiss, as she announced, "Come back in a years time, all three of you. And may the best sperm win!"

I was sure that all party's involved were looking forward to it.

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