Title: Impregnating My Wife- Natalie's story
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: Natalie's version of her story of being married to Carl, and their
wsining ways. With, some additional story of having a third person joining
their bedroom on a permanent basis.
Keywords: Gangbang, Impreg, Swing, FF, MFM

Hi, I'm Natalie. After reading what my wonderful hubby had to say in his story, Impregnating My Wife, about our experiences, especially the last one, I thought it would be nice to write about my earlier encounters. In particular, the other times that I got knocked up, other than by my husband Carl. As you all know from his story, I'm a healthy red-head. Well, now I am. Of course, seven kids have done that. I'm still five and a half foot tall, but my weight has gone up to one-sixty. Like I said, seven kids, added about five pounds each to my red-haired topped frame.

As for my once firm peach-size breasts, they're now a bit like over-ripe cantaloupes. Not that it matters, as men love to play with them when they're fucking me silly. Of course, that's how I met Carl, back in his college days. It was a frat party that I somehow snuck into. Underage, but not undersexed, I took on all the brothers that night, including Carl, repeatedly. Carl loved watching me fuck then, and still does. We ended up getting together, just the two of us for a long time. Well, for me a long time, I think I was faithful for almost six months.

Well anyway, Carl always did enjoy watching me in action, so it turned out for the best. And, once we found the inner circles of his corporation's swinger exec's, things only got better. Of course, we discovered it by accident. We started by hooking up with one swinging couple, who introduced us to another, and it snowballed on from there. Eventually, we ran into one of Carl's superiors at a houseparty. Yeah, we were both scared at first. But we were welcomed with open arms (And legs) into the fold.

I won't dwell too much on what Cark talked about in his version of our adventures. At least, for the first impregnation party. A wonderful event, which took place in a hotel suite, as I took on five corporate executives, and Carl, during my peek ovulating time. The men's wives loved the video that Carl shot during this event, and I spent more than one evening with a wife as we watched the events. I found the women loved going down on my pregnant cunt, feasting on my juices coming from my impregnated womb. A womb that might be carrying their husbands child.

In March of 1994, we definitely increased our horizons, so to speak. Carl and I wanted a third child, and so we planned a romantic trip to Jamaica. It was suppose to be just Carl and I. Well, it's amazing how plans get changed. We arrived at the resort, called Hedonism II, on a Sunday. We were there for only twenty minutes before Carl and I were naked and laying in the sun by the pool, admiring the view of all the other guests that were there for their own pleasure as well.

Those first two days, Carl rode me twelve times, and I attribute his prowess to all the wonderful eye-candy that we were seeing on the resort grounds. But on the third night, we went to the club disco, and that's where our adventure really took off. Before we even left to go to the disco, Carl had already pumped his copious load into my happy cunt. So, I was walking topless, with just a sarong wrapped about my waist, as we went to enjoy some dancing.

A couple of drinks and four or five songs later, as we sat at our table, a large black man came up to us, and in his thick islander accent, asked "May I dance with the lady?"

I looked at Carl, and he shrugged his okay, as I turned to the man, and smiled, saying "Sure, why not?"

So of to the dance floor I went, as my new partner introduced himself by saying "My name is Robert."

I chuckled, as it was a slow song, and I out my arms up around his neck, saying "Well Robert, my name is Natalie."

He had his hands on my bare waist, and smiled, as he looked down at my face. God, he was huge! And that large bulge pressing into my belly was most impressive as well. "So, is the beautiful lady enjoying what Jamaica has to offer?"

Oh yeah, so full of shit. I just smiled, replying "Well, so far. But then, I'm always wanting more to be offered." Now why the hell did I say that? Oh yeah, because I'm part nympho. My mind was racing. I was wanting to try this black man.

He chuckled, and I was pleasantly surprised when he asked "Is there anything that I can offer?"

Damn, is that my pussy getting wetter? Or just the cum from Carl leaking out of my fuck hole? "And what all can a nice gentleman such as you give me?"

His hands went to my ass, and he pulled me tight against his hard cock. "I can offer a lot, if you are interested."

To this day, I still don't why I said it, as I asked "Are there any others with the same offer? I'm a lady with a lot of needs."

Oh, the grin on his face, as he replied, "Why yes, I do."

I pushed away from him, and said "Very well, let me go discuss it with my husband."

"He won't mind?" he asked.

I laughed, responding with "Only if you don't allow him to join in."

We were soon at my table, and Carl had a grin on his face. My husband, my darling husband, he already had figured it out. Hell, he probably knew as soon as I stepped out onto the dance floor that I was going to be black bred this evening. Robert went on to another table, one that had two other men, and after a brief discussion, the three of them came over to us. Robert introduced the men as Andrew and David, and all three men, skin black as night, all about the same height, followed Carl and I out of the disco towards our room.

It was a blur after we got inside, with me finding myself on all fours on the bed, sucking Carl's cock as someone was eagerly sliding their long, thick black cock in and out of my hungry pussy. I was in heaven, as they rotated taking my body for their lustful desires. And my orgasms, plentiful to say the least. I love it when a cock is pumping me full of cum, and these guys were doing an overkill of that. To this day, I have no idea how many times each guy drilled my over-sexed cunt. But by noon the next day, I was a tired and sore messy girl. I had slept very little, while the guys took naps while they waited their turn.

And the guys, when the last one finally grunted and dribbled his load deep into my womb, they helped me to my feet, and then escorted me to the bathroom. The shower was large, and the men all climbed in with me, sandwiching me between the four of them, as they cleaned my body. Once they dried me off, they helped me to the bed, where they fed me, and then I crashed, not waking until the early hours of the next morning. I smiled as I found my Carl, nuzzling his ear, as he slept. And my hot mouth got a response from his tool, as I sucked him to hardness, and mounted him, rising him to a good satisfying orgasm for both of us.

Needless to say, by the time we boarded the plane for the ride home two days later, I was very well pregnant. Heck, I could feel the change starting already in me. And a visit two weeks later to the doctor confirmed it. So, when little Carla was born, it caused a bit of a stir amongst the hospital staff in the delivery room. And my smiling hubby took it all in stride. Of course, we never told those guys in Jamaica that I was in heat, that one of them may end up putting a black baby in thus horny white woman's belly.

Carla was my third child in three years. And although I enjoy motherhood, and most assuredly the beginning of it, I was a bit worn, and needed to mend, so to speak. So, we did our best not to have any more kids for a spell. Our luck ran out after only eighteen months, as Carl and I got sort of 'careless'. It was a romantic week away from the kids, and well, I guess it had to be. My daughter Brittany was born in April of 1998. As I had with all the others, I was nursing and still fucking away. I was a hit at the house parties, as we were the youngest, and I had 'fresh milk' for everybody.

It was at one party that we met him. Luke was his name, a senior executive. He was quite handsome, for his age. Seventy-two, and still rather fit, he had been widowed for a few years, and was in attendance at the request of his colleagues. This old man sure knew how to please a lady, as he took me to the edge and over countless times that night. And all in the space of two hours! What a lover. It was a week alter that Carl came home, a smile on his face. I knew something was up, but not sure what, as he came into the kitchen, and said "Well, I've got some interesting news."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Luke would like for you to accompany him on a vacation, and would like to knock you up." He said.

I dropped into a chair that was nearby, totally shocked, as I replied "You're kidding?" He shook his head no. "Well, what did you tell him?" I asked.

"I said it was up to you." He replied.

I thought about it overnight, and by morning, I decided why not. So, the next morning I told Carl to tell him okay. It was going to be a memorable week. We ended up at a posh hotel on Orient Bay on the island of St Martin in the French West Indies. Our suite overlooked the bay, and when we weren't on the beach laying naked in the sand or in a restaurant eating, I was in bed with this elderly man, enjoying his many talents. His tongue, fingers and prick worked their magic, as he feasted on my horny, fertile body. This old man was the best lover I had ever had, as I enjoyed the week we had together. And, I was ire he was wanting me for a more permanent relationship, something that he hinted to, but which I dismissed rather quickly. Yeah, it might have been nice, but I still love my Carl, not to mention our children. Alas, it was just as well, for as I carried his child, he discovered he was dying from cancer. It was probably amazing that he knocked me up as it was, but he did. We were at his bedside in the hospital when he passed on, Carl and I both. It was rather traumatic for me, and I've treasured his memory ever since in, in the form of his child, a handsome young boy who we named after his biological father.

Of course, two months later, when his will was read, we were shocked when we found that he left the bulk of his estate in a trust for our children, even mentioning that any other children that I would have would be included as well. This amounted to a high six-figure number, something that has helped the operating expenses of our enormous household. A household which only seems to get bigger. And, after Luke was born, it would at that.

For two years, we practiced safe sex as we continued our swinging lifestyle. Our babies were growing well, and we even had hired a full-time nanny. But more on her later. It was in 2002 that we did it again. I'm talking about my little womb getting knocked up once more. We were sitting with friends at a houseparty, and one of the couples mentioned the story about a friend of theirs that knows a group of black men that do gang-bangs to impregnate white women. and, they were hunting for one to participate in a special session involving their sons.

I immediately knew that this was for me, as I had Carl find out more about it. And set things up he did. It was to be the last week in March of 2002, and we were to fly to New Orleans. I had already decided how I was to do this, as I knew that my prime time wouldn't be until Saturday anyway. We arrived on Saturday night, and after meeting the group, I sat down alone with the six fathers and Carl, and we discussed my plan. They all agreed to it, and so, after a good nights sleep, I started a week long adventure of sheer debauchery. Each day, I would be used by one of the father's and his son or sons. All day, in one bedroom. Carl would see to my dietary needs, as well as taking pictures and the video shoot. Yeah, it was fun, as the men gave instructions to their sons on how to properly take care of a woman's needs.

And take care they did. Each day I was thoroughly fucked by as few as two, and as many as four studs. But usually, the men sat back and watched, as they enjoyed seeing their son or sons trying to pound my cunt into oblivion. But Saturday, that was to be the big day. Or should Is ay, the long twenty-four hours. Everyone there had sampled my cunt the whole week, mad those boys learned quickly how to get my body to respond with their touch. And Saturday, my prime fertile day, I just laid there on the bed, as all of them, sons first, then the fathers, took me one right after another. And it was continuous, non-stop save for a quick break here and there to eat and potty, as load after load was pumped into my womb.

All that sperm made me a very pregnant lady. I was grinning from ear to ear two weeks later, when the doctor confirmed my condition. Of course, when I went and visited her, I was still walking a bit funny. My poor pussy was still hurting somewhat from the grand finale, and I think I still had globs of cum up inside of me as I was on my back with my legs up in the stirrups, as she examined my worn twat.

A few months later, with me wearing my maternity clothes, new pregnancy, new set of maternity outfits, we got a call from one of the fathers. He wanted to know if he and a few of the pother fathers and sons could visit with us. I just laughed, as I knew what the visit would be like. The ten black men joined us for a pleasant weekend of fun. It was held in Orlando, at a nice hotel, and my five-month pregnant body was very receptive to their hard black cocks, as they took turns easing them into my cunt and ass, enjoying the feeling of my round belly and sucking my milk from my enlarged breasts. Those guys treated me well that weekend, as my pussy and ass flowed with their spent seed. I would hate to say how many times that they would take turns making me airtight, once I gave them the go ahead to take my ass. I normally don't do anal. Maybe a dozen times in all the years of swinging. But I sure did experience a lot of it that weekend.

With heartfelt joy, I gave birth on New Years Day of 2003 to Jacob. I was a smiling new mommy once again. Our nanny now had another child to help raise. Oh yes, our nanny. Anna Maria Elizabetha Gonzalez de la Martina. Yeah, an illegal immigrant, from Costa Rica to be exact. She was nineteen when we hired her in the summer of 1993. I needed help in caring for my children, and as a birthday present, Carl went out and secretly interviewed for weeks hundreds of women. He made a good choice, as it turns out. My height, my weight, even my figure, she could, and has, easily fit into my clothes. The only difference, is she has a dark brown skin, not black, more reddish brown, and long, flowing black hair with deep dark eyes.

It didn't take her long to figure out our lifestyle. Of course, a year after we hired her, we had Carla, our first of two racially mixed babies. But, she never said anything. She's a good nanny, very protective of my babies, and they all adore her. And, her and I developed a strong bond as well. It wasn't long before I was soon telling her of our adventures, and she would always sit, mesmerized with my accounts of such a lavish sexual lifestyle.

We were back from the housboating trip, and my little sojourn with a few of the boys from that trip in our condo on Marathon Key. It was a very relaxing final week, as the four young men took care of my needs, making sure that I was indeed carrying a child. As usual, I was glowing from my adventure, and in a weeks time, my doctor again tested me positive for carrying my seventh child. I decided this would be my last, and Carl agreed. After all, this would be my seventh child in twelve years.

It was Saturday night, and I was home with the kids. Since we had been gone for a few weeks, I had given Anna Maria the weekend off, as Carl was off on a business trip. She was all smiles when she left Friday afternoon, to spend the weekend with her boyfriend. But, Saturday night, she returned in tears. We went into my bedroom, where she cried her eyes out, telling me that the man in her life was no more. It seems he had taken to smacking her around and all. And, she had told him about our lifestyle, and he was wanting the same. Well, not exactly the same. He wanted her for himself, but he wanted to fuck other women. But that night, she had had enough of his shit, as she ended the relationship.

I'm not sure why I did it. Maybe it was because I had become a surrogate big sister to her. But when she came to me, upset about what had transpired, I comforted her with more than just a hug. In the morning, I woke to find us naked under the covers, holding each other tightly. I wasn't sure how she would react when she woke, but I was pleasantly surprised when she opened her eyes, and gave me a kiss, before climbing out of bed, smiling, as she went to start her normal morning routine of caring for my children. Yes, I was satisfied. And so it seemed, was she. Since Carl was to be gone for a whole week, we slept with each other the whole week, me sharing my bed.

I found her to be delectable in bed, as she did I, our hands and mouths exploring each other a good part of each evening, after we had gotten the children off to bed. But, by the end of the week, as we laid together late at night, our bodies and souls sated by a wonderful lustful romp, she had a sad face, and I asked "What's wrong, Anna?"

She sighed, saying in her poor English "Carl returns this weekend, will this end?"

I put my finger to her soft lips, asking her "Do you want it to end?"

She smiled meekly, saying with a barely audible "No."

"Well then," I replied, "We'll just have to include him with our love making."

She asked naively "Will he mind?"

I had a hard time to keep from laughing "No, he won't mind." She smiled, and we kissed, our bodies responding by starting our love-making once again.

I picked up Carl from the airport Saturday morning from his international flight. We greeted each other with warm hugs and kisses, as he patted my belly, asking how our newest family member was coming along.

His face was one of puzzlement as I responded with "Both are doing well."

He didn't ask what I meant by that statement, as I drove us home. Getting there, he was greeted by the children with shouts of joy, as he hugged them all. I teased him most of the time, with sexual innuendos and seductive touching. He just grinned, looking forward to once the kids are in bed, and we were in our own bed, together once again.

It was almost ten, when I came into our bedroom. Carl was sitting up, reading some reports from work, as he peered over his papers and smiled. He then gave me another quizical look, as I didn't other to close the door. I stripped down naked, and pulled on my robe. He just stared, as I sat in the chair, next to the bed, as he asked "Are the kids in bed?"

I smiled, "Anna is getting the last one in, she'll said she'll let me know when the last one's tucked in."

He resumed his reading, and I could tell he was thinking of this incident. A few minutes went by, and then Anna entered the room, wearing her bathrobe, and looking at me, she said "They're all tucked in, Natalie."

I said "Good. Are you ready?"

As pre-arranged, she turned and closed the bedroom door, and pulled the monitor out of the pocket of her robe, placing it on my bureau. She turned, at the foot of the bed and now facing Carl. She eased her robe off, revealing her nude body to my husband, who looked at me first, then at Anna, and said "Oh my."

I said softly "Anna would like to join our family in a more permanent role, Carl."

Anna moved to Carl's side of the bed, and lifted the covers, a smile on her face, as she saw Carl's hard cock. I'm sure it was hard already, in anticipation of our own love making. She reached own, and took his cock in her hand, and lowered her face to it, by bending at the hips. Carl reached out, grabbing her nearest melon, as she sucked on his shank with a soft bobbing action of her head.

Without saying anything, Carl used his hands to help her onto the bed, and soon she was on top of him in a sixty-nine, as I watched from my seat as they orally pleased each other. I opened my robe and soon I found I was fingering myself, watching them love each other. I croaked out "She's a sweet tasting pussy, doesn't she dear?"

I heard his muffled reply of satisfaction, as he feasted on her sugar. When they came, so did I. A soft, satisfying gasp coming from my mouth, as I heard the moans of my two lovers on the bed, as they also reached their mutual goal. As they nursed on each others flesh, I stood and removed my robe, and joined them on the bed. Anna moved around so she had her body down between Carl's outstretched leg, as I kissed my hubby's cum covered lips, savoring Anna's sweet juice, before moving down and helping her suck his wang.

We worked his cock, until it was firm for what was to happen next. I rolled away onto my back, and she crawled on top of me, burying her face in my snatch. I pulled her ass cheeks apart, and Carl was up quickly behind her, the tip of his cock pressing at her love hole. I smiled up at him, and he down at me, as he slowly sank his haft into her cunt. She groaned as his cock stretched her out, while I flicked her clit with my tongue, making her body jump. Her tongue was working it's magic on my own body, as I was teasing her clit while Carl slowly pumped away. It was a long, drawn out fuck, as Anna and I pushed each other over the edge countless times before Carl grunted and stiffened, emptying his balls contents into her womb.

Anna and I got him up to serviceable condition three more times that night, as he took her two of those three with long bouts of loving. We slept in a pile on our bed, all three of us looking forward to this relationship. We woke in the morning to the sound of the monitor, as some of the kids were waking. Both of us donned our robes, seeing to the children, before we took turns showering, and then getting the morning meal ready. Both of us were smiling broadly, as was Carl, and why shouldn't he? But it was about a month later, a month of Anna spending each night in our arms, that she came to me, a sad look on her face.

A tear was forming, and as I brushed it away, I asked "What's the matter?"

She sniffled, saying "What would you say if I was pregnant?"

I smiled, with one hand patting my own growing tummy, and the other pulling her to me, and we hugged tightly, with me saying "I wouldn't have it any other way."

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