Title: Knocking Up A Mother And Daughter
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: Bethany comes home early and finds herself spying on her
mother and her mother's new lover, a well-hung black man. He moves 
in, and Bethany and mom decide to both become mommies.
Keywords:MF, voy, mast, MFF, MMFF, inter

(Eskimo: Some would probably consider this to be a 'fuck story', and in a way, you're probably right. Just a fantasy, so to speak, of a chance to get a mother and daughter knocked up. Enjoy it anyway, just for the perverseness of it. And of course, others will not enjoy the idea of interracial sex, nor the idea of breeding for the fun of it, in which case, if this bothers you, please stop reading and go find another story.)

It all started on a Thursday, late in April. I had a softball game scheduled that evening, and our bus was to leave for the thirty minute ride at five that afternoon to the other side of Indy. But when we were all gathered and ready to go, we were informed that the game was called, as somehow that schools sprinkler system had come on the night before, flooding the field, and making it unplayable.

So, my best friend Heather drove me home and dropped me off. Our house sits off the road a bit, and we live actually in one of the few rural areas of Marion County south of downtown. Our nearest neighbor's are a good two hundred yards in each direction, as I walked up the drive, checking out the strange car parked in front. I knew mom was dating someone new. But that's not a revelation. Mom was thirty-six at the time, and she's been dating someone new about every time I turned around for as long as I could remember.

I unlocked the front door of our old ranch-style home. As soon as I opened the door, I heard the moan. A smile came to my face, I'm sure, as I knew it wasn't a moan from pain. It was obvious that mom was having fun with her new boyfriend. This wasn't the first time that I've come home to find mom in the sack with a man, as I quietly closed the door, and went to the hall leading to the bedrooms. Mom's room was the first one on the right, across the hall from mine. I could hear the bedspring's bouncing, a male grunting, and mom saying "Oh yeah, baby, you're fucking me just right, now."

As I got to mom's door, I saw it was open about an inch, just enough for me to peek around the corner and look in. And there she was, on her knees, her forearms and her chest pushed down on the mattress, and one of the biggest damn black guys that I've ever seen, easing his cock in and out of mom's cunt. My jaw dropped, as I watched his log, as big around as my wrist, and about ten inches long. A lot longer than any boy that I've ever been with. Suddenly, he groaned, and as he tilted his bald head so he was looking at the ceiling, he grunted loudly, as his cock was flooding mom's cunt with his load.

Mom shouted out "Oh god, yeah!", and I saw her body quiver, as I felt my pussy wetting up from the action in front of me. He pulled out, and laid down next to mom, on my side of her, and rested his left hand onto her still upturned ass. Mom giggled, and rolled onto her side, her back up against his massive chest. There was silence, as I moved away from the door, and eased my body down, so that I was sitting on the floor, my back up against the wall across from mom's bedroom door, as I listened. No need to watch, as they were temporarily sated with each others lust. I heard mom giggle some, then she said "Damn Troy, you're a talented lad."

"Am I now?" he asked. "

I heard one or both moving on the sheets, as then mom said "You, by far, are the best fuck that I've had in years."

"Why thank you, Mary." I heard her laugh, and then his voice, as he said "And you've the tastiest tits that I've had the pleasure to suck on."

Mom sighed, then said "I could get use to you." A moan escaped her lips, as she then said "Damn, your tongue feels so good down there."

Shit, I scrambled over on my hands and knees, and peered around the corner. Troy had his head between mom's white thighs, his bald, black head bouncing around, as he was going down on mom. Her right hand was kneading her left breast, as her left was down on top of Troy's bald head, resting on it. "Oh god, a man that doesn't need directions."

I watched them intently. Not the first time that I've spied on mom with one of her many lovers, but this one was different. I wasn't sure why this was different. Just something in the air maybe? And then mom's sudden cry, the quickest orgasm that I can ever remember from her. Yeah, I've watched and heard her in action, plenty of times. This guy must really be turning mom on.

She pulled his head to her face, and I watched as they exchanged tongues, before she rolled him onto his back, and in quick motion, she was impaled on his monster cock. I was amazed that my mom, all five-foot two inch and one-hundred and forty pounds could take such a large cock all the way up her cunt, but she did. Her boobies, a bit bigger than my own 36c's, were sagging somewhat, as Troy's black hands gripped them, as she hissed out while she gyrated her hips on his pole.

She groaned, then said "Damn Troy, I've had cocks bigger than you, and cocks half the size of yours, but you by far are the best that I've had since my baby's father died sixteen years ago."

His pearly white teeth glistened from between his black lips, as he responded "Thank you, Mary. I've never been with a woman so appreciative before."

Mom went on, by saying "You know how to make a woman feel good, you're not out for just you're own self pleasure. Not like some of Bethany's boyfriends?"

Say what! Troy chuckled, "She's told you about them?" Not hardly! I've never really talked to mom about my dates.

Mom laughed, and my jaw dropped, as she loudly exclaimed "Hell, I've fucked a few of them! None of them were any good, so I told them not to bother seeing her anymore!"

Now I was a bit pissed! I wondered why the last five boyfriends that I had just suddenly quit seeing me.

Mom cooed, and then said softly, "Why can't all you men be as gentle and considerate like you in the sack. Yeah, sometimes we want a good, hard fuck, but a nice, comfortable session of love making is usually what we want."

He chuckled, saying "I haven't a clue, Mary. Just glad I've been able to please you." There was a pause, before he asked "You've had men bigger than me?"

Mom looked down at him, a frown on her face at first. But then she smiled, saying "Yeah, a few. And how many women have you had that were as enjoyable as me?"

He grinned, saying "A few."

"You've been seeing me for a week now, mind if I ask if you've any other women in your life at this time?" Mom asked.

He had a straight face, and I'm sure he wasn't lying when he said "None at this time."

"You've any children, Troy?" mom asked, as she rocked her hips gently.

"No Mary, believe it or not, I have yet to knock anyone up yet." he said, as I watched his coal black, muscular hips start to thrust up into mom's burning cunt.

"Well, how about you move in with me?" Mom asked a matter of factly, as she placed the palms of her hands on his broad chest. Her tits were being handled gently by Troy, as he blew mom a kiss. Wow! Mom's invited a man to live with us! I couldn't believe it! Most men she never lasted more than a week with, usually she gets tired of them. I chuckled inside, thinking maybe mom found one that fits. I went on watching, as the conversation ended, while mom worked herself up to a loud and satisfying cum, as Troy's cock filled her cunt with his spunk.

They didn't stop there, as Troy rolled mom over, pinning her ankles to her ears, as she said in an authoritative voice, "Now fuck me hard, damn it!" I was in awe, as he started drilling mom's cunt. My view was from the side, so I couldn't see where they were joined, but from the sound of her squishy cunt, it was probably a hell of a sight. His big, black cock was shiny from their juices, as mom kept moaning and grunting, as orgasms would come and go for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, Troy emptied his last load of the afternoon into mom's well fucked cunt, as he collapsed on top of her, both covered with a sheen of sweat. It was a very erotic sight, his hard, black body on top of mom's soft, white flesh. I was horny as hell, as I moved to my bedroom, closing the door behind me. I laid down on my bed, reaching my hands down the front of my softball uniform pants, and I started frigging my clit. I was careful not to make a sound, as I exhaled hard when the wonderful feeling of the self-induced orgasm swept through my body. As I laid there, my chest heaving as I tried to regain my breath, I heard the shower in mom's bathroom running.

I laid there, listening. After ten minutes, the shower was off and I heard them talking, something about Troy moving in Saturday morning. Then, the sound of footsteps, as mom walked him to the front door. Giggles and laughter from both, then the sound of the front door opening and then closing. I sighed, as I stood up, and went to my bedroom door. I stepped out into the hallway, just as mom turned into it from the living room, still very naked. When she saw me, her smile turned to a face of shock, as she said "Oh." She put her hand to her bare chest, as she said "You scared me, how long have you been home, dear?"

I had a bit of sarcasm in my voice, as I angrily stated "Long enough to know that you've fucked my boyfriends."

She had a look of pain on her face, as she muttered out "Oh god." Then she got a serious look on her face, and said "Yes. Yes I have fucked your boyfriends. I wanted to see if they knew how to please a woman. And none did."

I was fuming, with my hands on my hips, I shouted out, "And why couldnít you let me find out for myself? I'm far from being a virgin, you know."

Dryly, she said, "Yes, I do know. But you don't have the experience that I do."

I responded tersely, "Most nymphomaniacs don't have the experience that you do, mom."

She looked at me, and I knew she was hurt, as she said "That wasn't nice."

"Mom, you've had how many boyfriends the last year, ten? Twelve? And you've slept with them all. Hell, I've watched on a good many of them " I paused, before asking "And what makes you think that this Troy would be any better than the rest?"

She smiled, "Troy is better than the rest. Have I ever said anything positive about the others?"

I sighed, rolling my eyes to the ceiling, and said "No, you haven't. But, you've only been with him a week, from what you said. And now you want him to move in with us?" And being a bit smart, I said "What would you think if I decided to have sex with him?"

Mom grinned, "I would think that you've good taste." I shook my head and turned and went into my bedroom, as mom added "I'll share him, if it will make you feel better."

I flopped down on the bed on my back, and saw her standing in the door. She was smiling, as I asked "You serious?"

She grinned, "It might help to keep him." She then asked "You're not upset about him being black, are you?"

I smirked, "I've had a black guy before, thought he was rather obnoxious."

She laughed, "Most of your boyfriends were, weren't they?"

She had a point there. I looked at her, "Let me think about it. If I do, I want to go very slowly."

She was all smiles, as she came to my bed, leaned down and gave me an affectionate kiss on the cheek, turned and walked out the door, saying "Go at your own pace, dear. I'm sure you'll love it. Oh by the way, we're going out to dinner with him tomorrow night."

I sighed, as I laid there, thinking about Troy and my mom. And of course, getting that big black cock of his inside of me. Needless to say, that night and all the next day at school I had the image of Troy's monster meat in my mind. And after school, I talked with my best fiend Heather about it, and she just sat there, a shocked look on her face, as she kept saying "Ohmygosh! You're kidding?!", over and over.

So after softball practice, Heather dropped me off at home, and I went on inside. Mom wasn't home yet, as I went on in and showered. When I came out from the shower, mom was there, and she was all smiles, as she said "He'll be here to pick us up in twenty minutes."

I smirked, noticing her nervousness, as I went on to my room, asking "What should I wear?"

I giggled, when she said "Something provocative."

I hollered as I stood naked in front of my opened closet, "Mother! I want to go slowly."

I heard her in her bedroom, changing her clothes, "Well, wear a turtleneck then."

I could tell she was nervous, as I just shook my head and pulled on a bra and a long skirt with a matching sweater. I quickly did my hair, piling it on top of my head and applied some lipstick and some blush. I had just finished putting on some eyeliner, when I heard the door ring. Mom bellowed out, "Get that, dear."

I sighed, and went out of my room, passing mom's and glanced in, seeing she was pulling on a pair of pantyhose. I smiled, as I noticed no panties. Opening the door, there he stood. Actually, you couldnít miss him. I didn't realize how fucking big he was (other than his cock!), as he filled the entire door frame as he stepped inside. I smiled, saying "You must be Troy."

He handed me some flowers, and said "Yes, and you must be Bethany. You're every bit as good looking as your mother."

I blushed. Yeah, he's full of shit, but I wasn't going to stop him, as I took the flowers, and as I walked to mom's room, I said "Have a seat, Troy. I'll check on mom."

I went down the hall, and entered mom's room. I giggled, as I watched her pulling on a blouse, which was hiding a bra, which was pushing her well-endowed tits up and out. She looked up, and saw my smirk, as she said "Go get him something to drink, I'll be out shortly."

I handed her the flowers, and she just grinned. Coming out to the living room, I smiled at the man, and said "She'll be out shortly. You want a cola?"

He smiled, "Uh, yeah, sure."

I went on to the kitchen, and opened a can of coke, and poured it into a glass, and brought it out to him. He took it and had a sip, as I sat down on the chair opposite him and asked "So, what do you do for a living?"

Damn, what muscles. He's wearing a suit, and the fabric is having a tougher time holding his chiseled body in than mom's brassiere' was holding back her boobs. He replied, "Construction. I'm a crane operator." He then said "I hear you're graduating this year."

Smiling, I said "Yes, June twentieth." I went to the point, "So, you think you'll like living with two women?"

He had a startled look on his face, and then a grin. Damn, I do like his grin. A bit innocent looking, like he's had his first taste of candy. "Yes, I am. I do hope you won't mind."

"No, not at all. I'm sure we'll all get a long just fine." More than he thinks, even. God, I'm starting to think I do know why mom's attracted to him. He doesn't seem arrogant, very polite, and of course, he drives mom crazy in the sack. I do wish he hadn't shaved his head, but hey, can't have everything. We chatted for about ten minutes, before mom came strolling out. Troy stood when she made her appearance, and as they hugged and kissed, I saw his face go into shock as she slipped him some tongue.

I just giggled, as I opened the door and asked "You guys ready?"

Well, dinner was great. We went to St. Elmo's in downtown Indy. Mom and Troy had a lively conversation, and Troy and I kept asking each other questions. I found that he was from St. Louis originally, and that he's only lived here for three years. And of course, I told him of my plans of wanting to attend nursing school next year, and eventually become an RN just like mom.

Well, we eventually came home, and I went on to my bedroom, as I had to get up early for a softball game. I was just crawling into bed after undressing when I heard them going at it. I just smiled, and turned on the radio by my bed to drown out their grunts, moans, and the soft squeaking of mom's bedspring's.

I actually slept well that night. So well, I forgot about Troy even being in the house. I pulled on a pair of shorts, and went out of my room topless, heading for my bathroom. After going potty, I opened the bathroom door and headed for the kitchen. I glanced into mom's room, and saw they were awake. Troy was sitting up against the headboard, and mom was on her side to his right, leaning over and giving his meat a good suck. He saw me as I walked past, and his jaw dropped as he saw my bare young breasts. I just giggled and waved, before I went on to the kitchen and grabbed a danish and some milk, and had a quick breakfast.

After cleaning up, I returned to my room, saying good morning as I passed mom's room, as now mom was astride Troy, riding his big black cock. I felt my pussy getting wet as I went into my room and started getting into my uniform. Heather was picking me up at any time, so I hurriedly dressed. I was just picking up my ball mitt when I heard the sound of her car horn. I rushed out of the room, and as I passed mom's door, I said "Bye mom, Troy."

I laughed as I heard mom say "Ugh, bye, ugh, baby. Good, oh god...."

As I closed the front door behind me, Heather had a funny look on her face, as she saw that I was laughing while I walked to the passenger door of her car. And she was laughing with me as I explained what I had seen and heard this morning. The game went into extra innings, and we eventually won. Heather dropped me off at my place at about one in the afternoon. No cars were in the driveway, as I went on inside and stripped down and went into the bathroom at the end of the hall to take my shower.

As I was washing my hair, I heard mom's voice, saying to me as she came into the bathroom, "Bethany honey, we're home. Did you girls win?"

I replied "Yeah mom, we did."

"Oh good, we brought you something to eat, some pizza." she said. "Great, I'll be out in a minute." I rinsed my hair, put on some conditioner and then shaved my legs. I did a trim job of my pubes as well, before finally rinsing my hair out again, and shutting off the water before stepping out from behind the shower curtain to dry. And the first thing I noticed? Mom left the bathroom door wide open. I could see, as well as be seen, clear down the hallway. And of course, I just smiled as I saw Troy carrying a box of his things into the hall, he having a shocked look on his face at first, then a smile, as he went on into mom's bedroom. Yeah, this could be fun. I finished drying off, and wrapped the towel about me, from my armpits on down, and went off to the kitchen to eat the pizza mom and Troy had brought home.

I ate as they went in and out of the house, moving Troy's belongings in. They informed me that they've more stuff to get, as they left me at the house. And I did notice just before they left the bulge in Troy's slacks, as he took in the sight of my body, clad in just a towel. I'm sure he was thinking about the earlier sightings of today of me walking about the house topless, and then totally nude as I dried my body after my shower.

Once they were gone, I went out back to the patio. It was a warm day, for late April in central Indiana. Our patio is screened from our distant neighbors by a row of cedars along our property lines, which extend to the recently plowed fields about two-hundred feet away. So with a smile, I pulled out a lounge chair, and dropped my towel on it and laid down in the warm spring sun.

I was all smiles, enjoying the sun on my nude body, as the cool breeze made my nipples stick out from the end of my well rounded breasts. About an hour later, I heard car doors, signaling their return. But I didn't even bother getting up, as I just laid there, enjoying nature. About twenty minutes went by, before mom opened the patio doors, saying "Bethany honey, we've one more trip to make, then we're thinking of going out to a movie, do you want to go?"

I sat up and turned to look at mom. Troy was standing behind her, as I said "No, you two go on. Think I'll just lay about the house the rest of the day."

She replied "Okay, there's stuff in the fridge, so when you get hungry, you can eat something." She smiled, as we waved bye to each other. And the whole time, Troy had his eyes glued to my hard teen body. Mom had to push him back in order to get him moving. I giggled, looking forward to when I get to use his body for my own pleasure.

For the next two weeks, I would walk around the house in various stages of undress, no matter if he was around or not. And each evening, it sounded like he was going to fuck momma dry, so I'm sure my partially nude, or completely nude body was making him super horny. I then moved to the next step. It was a Saturday night, and I had just gotten home from having a double-header, plus dinner with Heather. So it was almost seven-thirty in the evening. Entering, I could hear mom and Troy testing their bed out for sturdiness, as mom's wails of passion were resounding off the walls.

Smiling, I went on down the hall, and walking by their open door, I saw mom on top, which lately seemed to be her position of choice. They didn't see me as I walked on down and on into the bathroom, where I stripped down and climbed into the shower. I washed my body thoroughly, before rinsing and shutting off the water. Got out and dried, and noticed no sound from the two love birds. I got a dry towel, and wrapped it about me, and headed down the hall, and stuck my head around the corner. They were on their sides, facing each other, arms about the other, with mom on the right. I said "Hi guys."

They both turned their heads and smiled at me, with mom saying "Hello baby. How'd you do today?"

I entered the room, and sat down on Troy's side of the bed, saying "We had a split. Won the first game 10-4, lost the second 5-7." Troy rolled onto his back, as mom sat up, grabbing his thick cock with her white hand. I watched her tugging his meat, still somewhat rigid at the moment, as I continued talking "Overall, I went six for twelve, with five RBI's."

Troy grinned, saying "Well that's pretty good, you batted five-hundred." This wasn't the first time in the last two weeks that I entered their bedroom while they were naked and having sex, or just finished having sex. And I noticed he was rather at ease with me sitting there. But not for long!

I grinned, as I placed my hand on his abdomen, saying "I also didn't have any errors today." I swore his cock just grew three inches, as I moved my hand to his groin, letting it rest just at the base of his large shaft, as momma started running her fingers up and down his cock.

Momma said "Well, you going out tonight on a date?"

I reached down and cupped his big, massive balls, making him sigh, while I was saying with a frown, "No, think I'll just stay around the house tonight. I'll try to keep out of you guys way."

Momma chuckled, as she replied, "Massaging his balls isn't a way to stay out of our way, dear."

I smiled, saying "I don't think it'll do any harm." As I leaned my face down to Troy's, I added "Huh Troy?", just before I softly kissed his lips. I felt his nut sack shudder, as I sat back up, and looked at his throbbing member.

Momma smiled, winking at me, as Troy leaned his head back, his eyes closed. She said "Well, it sure is helping his turn around time."

"Just helping my mother by lending a hand, so to speak." I shot back, as my hand moved up to his shaft, encircling it just under my mothers. We smiled at each other, as we worked our hands in unison up and down his shaft. She leaned forward flicking her tongue across the hard helmet of his massive dong, and a groan escaped from his lips. I felt the veins in his meat throb, as I moved my mouth to his shaft, joining mom in licking his tasty meat. I guess the stimulation of two hot mouths was way too much for Troy, as ropes of cum came shooting out of his cock, spraying mom and I on our faces, as we giggled like schoolgirls.

With our fingers, we wiped the cum off of each others faces and necks, before licking them clean. I looked down at Troy's manhood, still somewhat hard, as mom asked "Do you want to ride it?"

I chuckled, as it seemed to grow once Troy realized what she had asked me. I looked at mom, saying "No, not tonight." I laid down next to Troy, on my side, adding, "But I'll gladly watch you ride that prick." Mom smiled, as she swung her right leg over Troy's hips, and I reached down and took his cock, pointing it up to her wet cunt.

Mom said "Thank you dear.", as she smiled, closed her eyes and slid down the broad post of Troy's pecker.

Troy chuckled, and turned his face to me, saying "Yeah, thank you dear."

I giggled, leaned over and we kissed, our tongues exploring each others mouths. Breaking the kiss, I said "No problem." As Troy's large, black hands gripped mom's waist, she rode his cock. It was a sight, as I reached down to my crotch, discovering my towel was long gone, and started playing with myself. The sight of momma's pale white body rising and falling on Troy's black fuck stick was so damn erotic, that I quickly fingered myself to orgasm. As I laid there panting, momma looked down at me an smiled, asking "Was that good?"

I nodded my head yes, as I rolled towards Troy, and laid an arm across his broad muscular chest. My sensitive boobies were pressed into his side, and I'm sure he was enjoying the feeling of them against his skin. I kissed his shoulder, as I felt the vibrations of mom's slow fucking action on his tool. Then, mom came. I heard it first, her sudden intake of air, followed by a sharp cry of passion, causing me to look up at her, her face, throat and tits a reddish tinge, while her whole body convulsed. Troy grunted, as he pulled her tightly down on his cock, while he pumped his seed into momma's cunt. She fell forward, before stopping herself with her hands on Troy's chest. She was grinning as she kissed his lips, their mouths opening wide as they searched for each others tongues. My eyes were still glued to where they were joined. Mom's pussylips were stretched wide around his shank, and a slow stream of their cum was leaking down onto his balls.

Mom rolled off of him, away from me, and onto her back. Her breasts were rising and falling at a fast clip, trying desperately to regain her breath. I sat up, leaned over his body and picked up his cum soaked cock, and inhaled it into my mouth. It tasted of both mom and his cum, a taste that made me all the hornier.

My left hand I had wrapped about his shaft, squeezing and jerking his thick cock, as my right hand gently rubbed his large, hairy black balls. I was having a heck of a time keeping my self from climbing on top and fucking myself with this prize cock, but I really wanted to save him for a rainy day. So, with determination, I worked on sucking him dry. As I worked, I felt his large hand go to my ass, his fingers probing my sex. I moaned on his sweet meat as a pair of fingers went gliding into my wet hole. He started fucking me with them, making me hotter with desire. And, after ten minutes, we rewarded each other. Troy by unloading a healthy deposit into my mouth, and me by clamping my hot, wet cunt down on his probing fingers, as I was sent into one hell of an orgasm.

My own cum was so intense that I didn't even realize that I had rolled back onto my side, facing the two of them. Troy came onto his side, facing me, and planted his lips onto mine. Our hands instinctively went to each others bodies, as he pawed my boobs. As we kissed, I could feel his cock poking me in the belly, before I felt mom's hand reaching between us and grasping his tool, tugging on it as she said "Wow, you two enjoyed that, huh?"

I sighed, as he went to using his black lips to nibble the hot skin of my neck, saying "God yeah, mom. I can see why you're so much in love with him." I kissed his forehead, asking him, "So, you think you can handle two women and their needs, Troy?"

He chuckled, as he slipped a pair of fingers back into my snug cunt, responding with the words, "I'll die trying."

His fingers felt great, but I really didn't want him to take my hot cunt. Although my hot cunt was most definitely wanting his tool to stretch it out good. I rolled away, and stood, saying, "Go for it mom, I do think he's ready." She giggled, taking her favorite position on top of her stud buck, as I went to her dresser, and opened the top drawer and rummaged through it.

I smiled, as I found what I was hunting for, and pulled it out, then turned and held up a large dildo, one of mom's toys. She looked at me, a stunned look on her face, asking me in a raspy voice as she rose and fell on Troyís cock, "How'd you know?"

I grinned, as I climbed back onto bed, my body sitting up against the headboard, legs spread, ready to impale myself on mom's nine-inch love toy, saying "Your moans when no one was with you gave it away long ago, mom. I've been using your toys for years." Then with a sly grin, I added, "That's how I busted my cherry when I was twelve."

Momma smiled, then she closed her eyes and moaned, as a good cum swept through her body. I started slowly pumping her toy in and out of my tight, teen cunt, as I watched Troy's black hands knead momma's hanging breasts. It didnít take long for my next orgasm, as I heard my cry echoing off the bedroom walls. I ended up getting myself off four times that evening, with my fingers and mom's toy, as I watched Troy take mom again and again.

So, that's the way it went for the next ten weeks, and on into the summer. I graduated, and got a summer job before nursing school started up in late-August. And all during that time, I would take every chance I could get in sucking on Troy's cock. But not once did I allow him to enter me. I saved his meat for momma. She was more than appreciative, but in wonderment on why I hadn't taken the big, black man to bed, even thought I was enraptured with his black staff just as much as she.

It was a Tuesday in late July when she asked. Troy was at work, both of us having the same day off together, as we went shopping. It was over lunch that she just came out and asked "So, are you going to try it?"

I knew what she meant, but I asked anyway, "Try what?"

She grinned, saying "No games, dear. You know what I mean."

I've been thinking of this the whole past three months that Troy has been living under our roof. His muscled, dark body, and me, walking around naked pretty much all the time, getting him aroused and sucking him dry. Yet, he hasn't pressed me into fucking him, and I was admiring him for it, as was momma. But, I had a desire, as I said "Momma, I want him as much as you do."

She smiled, "Yes, I know. And I think we got him."

I floored her, with "What would you think if he got me knocked up?"

She froze, a blank look on her face, as she took in what I had just said. She put down her fork, and took a sip of her diet cola. and just looked at me for a second or two. Then she said "You know, I had never thought about that." She leaned back in her chair, and a slight smile came to her face, as she said "What would you think if he put a baby in both of us."

I grinned, asking "You think he can?"

She snorted, as she covered her mouth with her hand, "Yes, I do believe he can." Then, she said "Come, let's finish this meal, and talk about this someplace a bit more private." So, with that we did. I eagerly finished my meal, and soon we were in the car, heading home. The first thing I asked, was "Okay, what do we do first?"

"Plan when the time is right. We're both on the same schedule, period wise. But we need to get off the pill first."

"How long after wards until we can try getting pregnant?" I asked.

"A month would be good." She smiled, "That will work out well, as nine months after that, you should be done with the school year."

I grinned, as I asked "When you going to tell him?"

She laughed "Let's wait until the time we're doing it."

"You going to tell him you're off the pill? And are you sure about this? After all mom, you're pushing forty."

"I'll be fine. It's you I'm worried about. What with first pregnancy and all. And you leave the explaining to me. I do have a diaphragm that I can use for the time being." She responded with a sly grin.

So, home we went, and hammering out the details we discovered that we were actually a day apart. And that next month, our peak time would fall on a Tuesday, while the following month, in September, it would be a weekend, Saturday and Sunday. So, the weekend after Labor Day, we circled in red on the calendar, in anticipation on a fruitful weekend. Did she tell Troy? No, not until the day of the event. Did we stop having sex with him? Heck no! Mom fucked him ragged for the most part, and I did my job by sucking him dry when I could. Did we tell anyone? Yes, I told Heather. And she was so envious of me. I think she would have joined us that weekend, if she could, but she had to be somewhere else. No, I hadn't included her in playing with Troy. Not yet, anyhow.

As planned, mom cut Troy off the Wednesday before the weekend we had planned for the breeding. She used some excuse, such as she wasn't feeling well. And as for my very appreciative oral talents, I spent the nights from Wednesday through Friday over at Heathers new apartment. We stopped taking the pill the day we decided to go through with this back in July, so our bodies were fertile and primed for Troy's big, virile black cock and balls to do their magic.

Saturday morning, I came home just as mom was getting home herself. Mom even went and pulled a night shift at the hospital Friday evening, something she rarely does. We smiled at each other, as we entered the home, finding Troy sitting in front of the television, watching the beginning of a football game. We all said our hello's, as I went on to my room, and mom hers. We already had this planned, as we quickly stripped down and we each took showers, wanting to be fresh for his taking.

Even after drying off, I could feel moisture in my slit, my pussy was dripping wet, in anticipation of Troy's cock barging it's way inside of me. We both planned on not wearing a thing, as we exited our bathrooms, meeting each other in the hall, where we hugged. Momma whispered into my ear, "You ready?"

I smiled brightly, saying "Yeah, I sure am."

Holding each others hands, mom on my left, we walked out of the hallway, and into the living room, where Troy looked up, a smile on his face, as the only word to escape his lips was a softly spoken "Shit!"

My face was soon in his, as momma tugged his cock out of his fly. Our tongues were searching for each others tonsils, as I felt his hands work on the flesh of my boobs. I stopped kissing his lips, but his didn't, as they worked my skin over, my hot skin, which felt like it was going to explode. Mom was nursing on his shaft, carefully, I might add, not wanting him to let loose of his potent cream. I moved up, forcing him onto his back, and I straddled his face. He grabbed my hips, pulling my damp pussy to his nimble lips and tongue, and my first orgasm of the day hit, as I let out a wail, while his tongue did a number on my clit.

As I came down from my sexual high, trying to regain my breath, Mom had already had Troy's pants and underwear pulled off his body. She was sitting on the floor, and she winked at me, signaling it's time. I climbed off of Troy's face, and went to the floor onto my back, put my hands on the back of my knees and pulled my legs apart and up, letting my freshly licked slit be shown to our stud on the couch. He just grinned, those pearly white teeth framed by his black lips, as he moved off the couch and between my spread legs. He rubbed the head up and down my slit, getting it coated with my cum, before entering me.

I groaned out "Oh god!", as his shaft sank deep into my hot, tight box. And I raised my head, as he pulled it out, his cock showing the slickness that my juices had given to it. He eased his weight behind it, bottoming out once more, causing me to moan loudly, as I watched mom get onto her knees, behind him, and wrapped her arms about his large torso.

He slowly started pumping his large cock in and out of me, my hips meeting his thrusts, as mom started talking, just loud enough for me, as she said "Come on Troy. Is that teen pussy tight, or what?"

He grinned, saying "Yeah, it sure is."

The look on his face, when she said "It's a fertile cunt, just like mine, do you know what that means, stud?"

He turned his face, and she kissed his cheek, as he asked "You mean?"

"Uh-huh. Last chance to pull out big boy, or you start making babies." Momma's hand went down behind him, and I could tell she was massaging his big, sperm filled balls, as she said "So, you want to knock my baby up? And you can fuck her as her belly grows, her white titties getting filled with milk, big enough so even your big black hands are over filled." His pace quickened, and I could feel my clit sliding along his shaft, getting me closer to our goal. Then mom added, "And by evenings end, maybe you'll have knocked me up as well. Would you like that, two pregnant white chicks to fuck all the time?"

His answer was to stiffen up, as his pulsating cock filled my fertile womb, sending me into one hell of an orgasm. As I laid there, with Troy collapsed on top of me, momma was still behind him, and I could tell that she was now licking his balls, causing his black log to twitch inside of me. Soon he was pumping me once more, as he gripped my waist and went at it, as I wrapped my legs about his hips, meeting his thrusts with those of my own. I was cumming one right after another, my whole body in a daze, until he lurched forward one last time, emptying another load deep inside of me.

He pulled out and rolled onto his back, and mom went for his spent rod, licking it clean and trying her hardest to keep him hard. My fingers found my slit, and I could feel our black man's cum leaking from me. I shoved a pair of fingers inside of me, and started frigging myself, trying to get my rocks off on my own. When I did, it was so damn enjoyable that I blacked out, waking up after a short spell to see mom on top of Troy, riding his javelin, coaxing a baby making load into her waiting womb. When she finally succeded in getting Troy to pump a load to coat her womb, Mom collapsed forward onto the large, muscular chest of the black man.

I crawled over and we kissed his face, he putting one arm around mom, and putting his other arm around me, pulling me closer to his body. Mom and I were kissing his face, neck, and shoulders, as he just kept his eyes closed, with a big smile on his face. And he had every reason to smile, as it felt like I could feel his two healthy loads sloshing around in my womb, those wiggly sperm cells of his bathing my fertile egg. And, he's got a load in mom as well. I sure hope it's a fertile load, as well as the ones he's pumped into me. Mom pushed herself up with her hands on his broad black chest, and said "Well Troy, let's give you a rest, some food, and then you can pick up where we've left off."

He opened his eyes, and I kissed his lips, as mom climbed off his cock. His hefty meat fell from her cunt, and I was happy to see that it was still somewhat hard, as I asked "Think we're pregnant yet, mom?"

She chuckled as she walked into the kitchen, saying "Well, if not now, maybe by the end of the weekend." I reached down and gripped his wet staff, as she added "And let him rest. We need a good fresh load to build up."

I frowned, and he laughed as he sat up, and pushed me onto my back, diving face first into my fucked cunt. I groaned loudly, "Oh god!", as his tongue slid about my super charged clit. My hands went to my own breasts, as I squeezed them, while feeling the great cum quickly approaching. My lungs suddenly sucked in air, then expelled it in a long wail, as my skin trembled while my cunt spasmed out of control.

I laid there, as Troy got up and went on into the kitchen, his hard, long thick cock leading the way. While my heavy breathing was trying to recoup the oxygen that I had lost from such a great orgasm, I heard mom giggle, then moan, followed by her saying "Oh shit, fuck me!"

With a smile, I rolled onto my side, pulling my knees to my chest, and thought about it all. One big, horny stud, and two horny women. Two horny and hopefully knocked up women. Well, the rest of the day was spent getting Troy's cock hard, and alternating dumping his hopefully potent seed in mom and I. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday. Poor Troy was all whipped out by early Sunday evening. And by all right he should be, as he shot his payload into me five more times, and mom six that day. That was at a rate of once per hour. And, by weeks end, mom went to the drug store and purchased two Early Pregnancy Tests, and we had tears of joy when the results showed that we were both with child.

Our pregnancy's didn't slow down our sex drive, though. As our belly's got bigger, and as our titties expanded with our mothers milk, our desire for Troy's cock never diminished. We loved it when he would sit on the couch, and we would sit on his lap, his cock up our preggie cunts, giving them a good stretch. And Troy enjoyed squeezing and sucking on our milk-filled boobies. And, as it turned out, he wasn't the only one. It was late February, mom and I were in our sixth month. My boobies had expanded to a healthy set of double-d's, my belly swollen to the size of a basketball. And momma was just as big, if not bigger.

It was a Wednesday night when Troy answered the phone, and he was all smiles. It was his brother Nate. I've seen pictures of him standing next to Troy, just as big, and just as black. Well, I wasn't paying any attention to him while he was on the phone, and nor was Mom. And I didn't pay no mind when he asked mom to accompany him to the bedroom. Shoot, I just thought he wanted to give mom a good fuck. But they returned a few minutes later, and mom cleared her throat, and asked me "Bethany dear, Troy's brother is coming to Indy, his company just transferred him here."

Not thinking still, I said "Yeah, so?"

She grinned, "Now we'll have two cocks to play with."

I grinned, for soon the three of us sat together to think out how to get Nate in bed with one of us women. Of course, Troy said that shouldn't be too darn hard, since he was pretty sure his brother likes to fuck just as much as he. Nate was to visit this weekend, and mom and I were very much looking forward to his visit. This was to be his first visit here, since Troy moved in with us almost ten months ago. He arrived Friday afternoon, just as I got home from my college classes. I smiled as he got out of the car, saying to him "You must be Nate."

He approached, saying "Yes, I am.", as he offered his hand, saying "You're Bethany?" I nodded, my pregnant body feeling weak, as I took in his hulking body. Damn, he must be a good two inches taller and fifty pounds heavier than his brother, as he added, "Troy's told me a lot about you and your momma."

I turned on weak legs, as I went to the front door, Nate right behind me. "Iím hoping it was all good."

He said "Oh yeah! It was all good."

The way he said it, so innocent like. I wonder if he knows that his brother got me and my momma pregnant. I unlocked the front door, and stepped on inside, saying "Make yourself at home. Your bedroom will be down the hall, the second room on the right."

I turned, and he looked the living room over, saying "Yeah, right. I'll go get my bags and things."

I smiled, saying "Okay, I need a shower, so feel free to do whatever you enjoy."

The look on his face, as I took my heavy winter jacket off, my swollen breasts and belly bulging against my clothes. I giggled, causing his face to lift up, and I saw he was a bit embarrassed for getting caught checking out my body. I turned and walked on back to my bedroom, hearing him going out the front door to get his belongings. I only partly closed my door, and as he walked by the door with the first load of his baggage, I was just in my bra and panties. I peeled them off quickly, and wrapped my nude body in a towel, and stepped out into the hall, and walked down it towards the bathroom. I stopped at his bedroom door, and said "Looks like you and I will be sharing this bathroom, I'll clear some space in the medicine cabinet for your things." His face was in shock, as I added, "Oh, by the way, momma and I aren't too modest, we hope it doesn't bother you too much."

He stammered out "Uh, no, not at all."

I grinned, and said "Oh good.", as I turned and went on into the bathroom, not even bothering to close the door much more than half-way. I was soon taking my shower, thinking of what to do next. I was wondering if I should just come out and make an advance on him, or should I just sit and wait until mom and Troy arrive. I don't need to say what my pussy was thinking, and, it won out. I took my time, enjoying the hot water as it cleaned my very pregnant body. My nipples were sticking out, and I smiled. They've become a dark brown since I've gotten pregnant, as have my areolaís, which had expanded in coverage around my nipples.

After about fifteen minutes, I finally turned off the shower, and reached out from behind the curtain to grab a towel. I could hear Nate moving about in the hall, as I dried off. Then, I heard him call out, "Hey, um, is there another bathroom in the house?"

Grinning, I responded with "Come on in and use this one."

Although the shower curtain is not see-through, I could see his silhouette as he entered, and went to my right towards the toilet. Once I heard him starting to pee, I wrapped my body with the towel, and pulled the curtain back. He jerked his head around, and sort of missed the toilet, causing me to giggle, and say "Careful there, we don't want an accident."

Oh my, what a specimen! He nervously kept on peeing, as I took my towel off, and started to dry my legs, my body completely exposed to his sight. I lifted my head, and smiled, as he stood there, his hand on his long thick flaccid cock, as it dripped some remaining urine. I asked "You through?" He nodded his head yes. I just grinned, took a step towards him, and put down the toilet seat, and sat on it. He had that stunned look on his face, as I grabbed his meat, and wrapped my fingers about it, pulling him to my mouth. He muttered out something, not sure what, as I started jerking and sucking on his rapidly expanding cunt buster.

My right hand kept jerking, as my left hand reached into his fly, and started stroking his balls. I was in heaven, getting the whiff of his heavenly male scent, as I sucked away. My tongue was swirling about the head of his cock, tasting his rather sweet pre-cum. He groaned, and his cock was throbbing hard between my lips. He put my head in his hands, and his hips were starting a thrusting motion, almost pushing his cock down my throat. Then, he grunted, and the first spurt of his thick load hit the back of my mouth. I expertly started swallowing his seed, my hand and mouth milking his rich cream from his fuck tube.

His body fell back against the wall, as I looked up, seeing his face smiling back at me, as I nursed on his tool. It was every inch as big as his brother's, and now I wanted it inside of me. I was sure he could use his tool just as good as Troy does. I released his cock from my mouth, turned around and with my feet on the floor and legs spread wide, holding myself up with my hands on the back of the toilet, I just looked over my shoulder, and smiled. He just grinned, as he took his cock and slipped it on into paradise. I moaned, enjoying the feeling as my cunt stretched out to accommodate his girth. He started to slowly stroke his cock in and out of my preggie cunt, and I could feel a good, hard cum approaching quickly, as I reached down, and placed my forefinger over my exposed, engorged clit.

When it hit, I couldn't even scream, as his cock was starting to pick up the pace, pistoning in and out of my well-oiled snatch. Soon, minor tremblers were quaking through my body, as I was having little, but very fine feeling orgasms sweeping through my horny body. Yeah, he's good. Just like his brother. As my body shuddered from another soft cum, I looked down between my legs, and saw our fluids dripping onto the floor between my legs. I raised my head, and turned, saying "Hey, how about a bedroom?"

He smiled, and said "Sure.", as he pulled away, his cock falling from my hot cunt. I walked on past him, and soon I found myself face down on my bed, a pillow under my chest, and him behind me, now completely naked and starting to plow away. God, is this the life or what?

As I was enjoying the good fuck by my new found stud, I heard Troy's voice, as he said "Hey bro, looks like you met Bethany."

Nate chuckled, and I felt his right hand move from my hip, as he shook his brother's hand, saying "Yeah, you've got one hot girl here."

Troy laughed, saying "Wait until you meet her mother."

Nate replied, "Just like her daughter, I hope."

"And just as pregnant." stated Troy.

"Shit!" Nate exclaimed, "You went and put a baby in both of them?"

I laughed, saying "Both of us on the same damn night."

Then, I heard momma's voice, saying a bit dejectedly, "Well, you all started without me."

I turned, and saw her smiling face, she was still in her nurse scrubs, as Troy said "Actually, it looks like Bethany couldn't wait for a taste of what Nate has. Come hear, babe. Let's show Nate what you have to offer." I watched as mom went and stood in front of Troy. Once there, he reached around and started to unbutton her blouse. He pulled it off her back, revealing her bulging, milk-filled fun-bags, held up by her white maternity bra. Troy quickly removed her bra, and reached back around and put his hands under her heavy tits, lifting them up, asking Nate, "What ya think, bro? Good enough to suck on?"

I felt Nate's weight shift, as his mouth latched onto her right breast, and a small river of her mothers milk dribbled from between his lips. I felt his cock throb inside of me, and I swore it felt like it grew another three inches. I just smiled, knowing that he's going to work out just fine. He returned to porking my hole, and he said "Damn, fine tasting stuff, there. Thanks for the drink, um,"

Troy laughed, "Her name is Mary. Mary, this is my brother Nate."

Mom laughed, saying "I see the resemblance. You've a nice big cock, as well."

I interjected, "And it feels so fucking good, mom."

Troy grabbed the top of her slacks, and pulled them down to her ankles, along with her panties. He helped her step out of them, and then she said "Well, how about my cunt get a taste of some of that."

I laughed, as Nate pulled his schlong out of me, and I rolled over, and sat on the edge of the bed, as mom took the same position that I had been in. Soon, she let out a long, joyful groan, as Nate sank his post into her cunt, "Oh god, Bethany, he is like his brother." Troy was now naked, stroking his tool, and I just smiled and leaned back on the bed onto my elbows, lifting up my legs and parting them wide, giving his hard, black pole easy access to my horny cunt. Those two fucked us for hours that first night. Hell, we even forgot to have dinner. I ended up having Nate in my bed with me, and Troy had mom. All day Saturday, mom and I would work at getting the boys hard, and ride them to no end. And Saturday night, we switched bed partners, with me getting serviced by Troy, and mom getting Nate.

Needless to say, we are now a couple of well fucked pussies, what with two hard cocks to keep up with our demands. And a few months later, we both popped out our babies, mine being a girl, and mom giving me a half-brother. Motherhood didn't slow us down, as the boys were pounding our pussies within a week after the babies delivery. Heck, it was more than once that mom and I were nursing away, and one guy or another was drilling our lubed cunts. And, it didn't take long for Nate's turn to plant his seed inside our fertile and willing wombs. But, that's another story.

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