Title: Jenn's Pool Table Gangbang
Summary: Jenn is a divorcee, and is introduced into the world of swinging 
by a friend named Kelly. Kelly arranges a specail event to celebrate the
anniversery of Jenn's divorce.
Keywords:F/F, MMMMMM/F, swing

She looked in the mirror, and saw an attractive woman. She looked twenty-four, but in reality, she was thirty-seven. Turning, she looked at her naked profile, from the top of her shoulder length curly, black hair, to her thin face, broad shoulders, and her ample 38c breasts, which look like flesh made ski slopes, with a bit of a jump at the end where her hard, pink nipples stood out to great the world.

Her hand went over her tummy, yeah, a bit of a belly, but not bad, after all, she did produce three children in her late teens and early twenties. And her waist is thinner than her hips by a good margin. She turned and looked over her shoulder, seeing her soft, peach shaped ass. Her butt has filled out nicely over the years, and just a trace of what could be called mud flaps. Turning, she looked down at her crotch, seeing her well trimmed pubic hair, looking like an exclamation mark, going down her slit. And her thighs, strong from all the exercise she receives, including playing tennis twice a week with her fiend Kelly.

She sighed, all this, and why would that bastard leave her after all these years. She thought she was a good wife, definitely a good mother to his children. Then, a year ago, he comes home, saying he's moving out, he had found another woman. She was devastated, and then to find he had been screwing around for years behind her back. Seemed everyone knew but her.

But what really upset her the most, was the way he treated her over the years. She always tried being the romantic, and he always did the same routine, get his cock sucked on for a bit, before slipping it into her cunt and dumping his load after about ten strokes. Sure, the first few years of marriage was full of great sex, but after the birth of their youngest child, he used her as a cum dump, never ever wanting to satisfy her horny urges. She is still upset that all these years, when she was trying to get him to take care of her sexual needs, that he was out doing some other woman.

Now it's a year later, and she smiled her broad beautiful smile. For she has found that men still find her attractive, young and old alike. And thanks to her dear friend Kelly, who is also a divorcee that was dumped for another woman, she has found that sex is great.

Her hand brushes the lips of her cunt, and she felt some wetness. Not surprising, as this weekend she has been anticipating for weeks. She's been dating for months now. No one in particular, just men that Kelly knows. Oh yes, Kelly. Three years older than herself, blonde and even more beautiful than herself. Kelly had been divorced longer, four years longer. And Jenn has known Kelly for seventeen years, as both have a child the same age, in the same school and the same little league.

Kelly was the one that told Jenn about her ex's other transgressions. It was a night she'll never forget, as they had a mutual cry over the infidelity of men, and the double standards in today's society. Jenn was there for Kelly when she went through her divorce, and Kelly was there for Jenn when it was her turn. A few months after the divorce, they had their cry, so to speak, and a confession by Kelly.

Seems since her divorce, Kelly hasn't been a very lonely divorcee. And what she told Jenn at first shocked her, then she was filled with intrigue, followed by lust. Seems Kelly has fallen into a regional swingers group, attending lots of house parties in the tri-state area. And these house parties usually involve quite a few single men. Kelly was the only single woman, that is until she told Jenn. A week after Kelly's confession, Jenn was on the phone, asking more questions about it.

Like a veteran guiding a rookie, Kelly took her under her wing. She went to a few house parties, and would have a partner or two during the evening. It was great, as she thought about it, still standing in front of the mirror, as she started to get dressed, first slipping on a black bra, with matching panties. She found her desire for sex, and lots of it. And the variety, it was a virtual sex smorgasbord. Not just cocks, but cunts as well. She grinned, remembering the first time that her and Kelly kissed, it was at her first house party, as she was getting her cunt thoroughly plowed by an older man, as her knees were pinned back to her chest, and Kelly getting it doggie style from a big, young black stud.

When both men were spent, they just crawled into a sixty-nine and cleaned each other's sloppy cunt out. She never been with another woman before. Hell, before that night, only one other man ever.

Oh yes, back to the present, as she stepped into the long, dark blue dress, with the slit up the side. She checked herself in the mirror, making sure her nylons looked okay, knowing they’ll probably be ruined by nights end. Kelly has arranged something for her, a gift so to speak, to celebrate one year of freedom of marriage. Yes, this is working out very well. Sure, she still has the kids and house, and plenty of money, thanks to a great lawyer who also happens to be her brother. But now, she has ways to take care of her carnal desires.

After touching up her make-up, she went to the garage, and drove out into the early Friday evening, heading towards the Interstate, following the directions that Kelly had given her. Kelly told her she would meet her there. After thirty miles, she reached the exit as told in the directions, and turned left, following this road until she came into a small city. She found Washing Street, and turned right. Then in less than a mile, the housing addition appeared on the right. The houses were huge, all quarter-millions dollar homes, as she made the correct turns, and pulled up to the address as shown.

She checked her face in the mirror, as the butterflies were fluttering in her belly. She smiled, a bit anxious already, as she got out and went to the front door. She rang the bell, and it wasn't ten seconds when it opened, a tall well built man in his late forties answered it, saying "Good evening Jenn, glad you can make it."

He offered his hand, and she took it, as she recognized him as a man she met at one of the house parties a few moths back. Very nice, and very virile for his age, with a fantastic tongue, and a cock of average length, about six inches. She blushed, thinking it's funny what she remembers. She remembered his name, Jack. "So Jack, this is a nice place, is Louise here too?"

Jack chuckled, happy she remembered his name, as well as his wife's, as they only had a brief encounter. "She is off with a friend." The smiled gave that away, as Jenn knew it meant that she is off with a lover. But she was surprised that Kelly would just have a single married guy planned. Entering a game room, she smiled, finding that was not the case. In the room, were three couches, a big screen television, a pool table, and a bar, which seemed fully stocked, and of course, bar chairs, four to be exact, and each occupied by a man. And on one couch, was another man, and the other couch sat Kelly, smiling a big smile, wearing a shear red, strapless cocktail dress.

Kelly stood and approached her, giving her a light hug and kiss, saying "Well, this is your night, thought you might like something special."

Jenn smiled, "Like maybe a gang bang?" A twinkle was in her eye, and she felt her pussy getting very warm.

"Yes," Kelly replied with a wry smile, "But before we get started, lets mingle for awhile."

Jack came to her side, handing her a drink, "Pina Colada? Kelly says they're your favorite."

She took the glass, saying "Yes, it is, thank you Jack. She turned to the man on the couch, and asked "My name is Jenn, and you are?"

"Doug, please to meet you Jenn. Kelly has told me a lot about you."

She checked the guy out, probably mid-twenties, about six-three with red hair. And the size of the bulge in his slacks looked promising. Smiling, she sat next to him, grabbed the bulge, and said "I'm sure she has." He sighed, as she bent over and kissed his cheek, "Hope I don't wear that out."

He chuckled, as she stood and made her way to the bar. She was amazed at Kelly’s selection. Jack was by far the oldest. The rest were probably in their twenties, except for one that may be early thirties. "So gentleman, what are your names?"

The one on the left, a black kid, said "I'm Lewis, this is Adam, Rod, and Sean." They all stood, and Jenn about lost her breath. Each one was over six foot, and built like the proverbial brick shit house. She about creamed her panties thinking about these guys and what their hard cocks are going to do to her eager body.

All six men were now standing around Jenn and Kelly, talking away, and drinking plenty. The men were telling Jenn more about themselves, as Jenn listened intently, wanting them each as every minute passed.

Finally, after the third round of drinks, the guys were starting to touch her and Kelly, each touch sending a message to her overheating cunt. That was when Kelly said "Okay boys, how about the six of you show us what you have."

The men smiled, put down their drinks, and started stripping off their clothes. Jenn watched intently, unconsciously licking her lips as bare semi-hard cocks came into view. Once the guys were all naked, Kelly told them, "Why don't you all refresh your drinks, and have a seat on the couches."

The couches were positioned in a shape of a 'U', with the pool table across the opening. Kelly positioned Jenn so her back was to the couches, not able to see the men, as the two women kissed deeply, and Kelly working her hands on Jenn's firm breasts. Jenn sighed, and tilted her head back, Kelly nibbling at her neck, as Jenn raised her hands, feeling her best friends boobs through the sheer fabric of her dress. Kelly reached behind Jenn, and pulled the short zipper in the back down, then with a hand at each shoulder, while kissing Jenn squarely on the lips, she pushed the dress of and let it slide down her body to the floor.

Jenn did the same to Kelly, her back still towards the men, as both women unclasped the other's bra, and pulled them off, letting their full breasts hang free. The two lusty women stepped back from each other slightly, as they pulled their panties down and off their strong, sensuous legs.

Kelly turned Jenn around, and each wrapped an arm across the back of the other, as Kelly said "Okay boys, what do you think of her? Does she look like great or what?" The men all said their approval, as Jenn blushed slightly, as Kelly added "Before we enjoy her body, I do believe Jenn here should inspect each and every pecker that will be enjoying her this evening."

Smiling, Jenn went to the couch on the right, and Jack was sitting closest, as she said "Looks like I should take care of our host first, guys." She grinned, as she got on her knees in front of the gray-haired man, and took his meat in her hand and pulled it to her mouth. Not sucking it at first, but instead running her tongue up and down the shaft. Her right hand was at his balls, gently caressing them, as she then pulled his cock head into her mouth, making him sigh with delight. She sucked and swirled her talented tongue around his meat for five minutes, before he blasted his load into the back of her mouth. With her nose nestled in his pubic hair, she held fast, letting the final spurts enter her throat and slide down to her tummy.

As soon as he relaxed, she pulled his schlong out from her mouth, and licked her lips, enjoying the taste of the first load of the evening. She scooted next to the man sitting next to Jack, which was Lewis. She smiled up at him, saying "You know, this is the first black cock I've had."

Lewis chuckled, as she used two hands to guide it into her mouth, saying "I'm sure hoping you enjoy it."

The others laughed, as Kelly added to the laughter, by saying "I'm sure she will."

Jenn had lust in her eyes, as she sucked away, using both hands to squeeze and jerk his eight-inch tool. It didn't take him long to blast his load into her hot mouth, as he caught her by surprise, and a little of his seed escaped from the corner of her mouth, dripping down onto her right breast. Once he was done shooting his load, she took his tool out, and with her finger wiped up the drippings, and licked it clean. She then stood, and gave him a kiss, which he returned.

He asked her "How was it?"

"Nice, very nice." She replied, with a smile of happiness.

Next was Doug, the smallest in weight of the men, but she was surprised to see the length of this redheads meat. It was a good inch bigger than Lewis, and a lot thicker. She had a hell of a time getting just the head into her mouth, but somehow managed to get it and about four inches in.

Doug came quick, and in gallons as well, as she spilled some of his, not because she wasn't ready, but because of the volume he produced. After finishing him off, she giggled and said "Damn boy, you must have been storing it up. Hope you've a lot more in there."

She kissed the head, as the others laughed, and then moved on to Adam. He was just a bit smaller than Doug, and thinner, but his juice still tasted just as sweet, as she sucked him dry in no time at all. At the next couch, she said to Rod and Sean, "Boys, my knees are tired, let me have a seat, and I'll do both at once."

They said "Sure!" in unison, and got up, letting her take a seat, as she then grabbed each man's cock, and alternated sucking away. Rod's meat was just about seven inches, while Sean challenged Doug in length and girth. She was very happy with the selections that Kelly had made. Soon, both men grunted, catching her off guard. She got plastered in the face by both men, before she could get Rod in her mouth, as Sean shot the remaining load onto her chest. Kelly laughed and got in front of her, and licked the fresh cum off of Jenn's tits, as Jenn sucked both men clean.

Kelly stood, and smiled, took Jenn's hands and pulled her to her feet, guiding her to the pool table. She then sat on the edge, and laid back onto her elbows, saying to Jenn, kept standing, spread our legs a bit, and eat my pussy, give the guys a good view of your pussy.

Jenn smiled, and did as she was told, exposing her sex to the men, as she hungrily lapped at her friends shaved snatch. Jack was the first man to get hard again, and he came up from behind and grabbed Jenn's hips, and entered her wonderful tight box.

His powerful thrusts were driving Jenn’s face into Kelly's wet box, driving both women mad with desire. Kelly had fallen completely backwards, her hands on her own breasts, kneading them, as her heels were up on Jenn's back, as Jenn expertly ate her hot cunt, savoring the juice she was producing.

Finally, Jack grunted, filing her tight cunt with his second load of the night. He pulled out, and with her still standing in the same position, Rod took his place, as he slid his seven-inch tool into paradise, and started pounding away. His hand reached down and underneath her, and stared rubbing her sensitive clit. Kelly screamed out, as she went stiff, a intense orgasm rippling through her mature body. Jenn too was very close, and soon she raised her head from Kelly’s snatch, and grunted and moaned, as with the work of Rod's fingers and cock, she had her first cum. Her spasming cunt caused Rod to groan, as he shot and filled her cunt, adding his load to Jack's.

Rod pulled his meat out, causing her to whimper at the sudden loss. Kelly climbed off, a bit wobbly legged from such a good cum, and Jenn crawled onto the table, leaving her legs hanging off the edge, as Adam took his place behind her, grabbed her ass cheeks, and entered her forcefully, causing the previous two loads of cum to squish out, and drip onto the railing of the pool table. Jenn hissed "Oh shit, yeah! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

Adam didn't need any encouragement, as he was like a jack hammer, his hands clenching her ass cheeks, as he fucked her with wild abandon. The other five men were enjoying the show, watching his shaft going in and out her pink cunt. Kelly was on her knees, alternating sucking on Jack and Rod's tools, cleaning them and enjoying the taste of the combined cream of theirs and Jenn's. Adam soon cried out, his cock swelling and spasming deep inside of Jenn, triggering another orgasm for her, as she moaned loudly. Once his meat stopped spurting, he pulled out, and went over to Kelly, she smiled as she went to work cleaning his tool off with her mouth.

Lewis was next, as his ebony shaft penetrated her womanhood, she was triggered into another blissful orgasm. He grabbed her hips, and while still in her, rolled her onto her back. He lifted her legs up, putting her calves on his shoulders, and started drilling away, as her tits bounced around like jello, her eyes closed, enjoying the fourth cock in her cunt in less than thirty minutes.

Lewis's thick cock was knocking on her cervix, and she was feeling euphoric, as soon another hard cum was hitting her body, so intense, she almost passed out from sheer pleasure. Then, Lewis took one final plunge and groaned, over filling her stuffed cunt. As he pulled his meat out, a trail of cum trickled from her gaping pussy.

She moaned, as Doug took his turn with his massive cock. His girth forced gobs of cum out of her whole, coating her pussy lips, and oozing down into a puddle underneath her ass. She wrapped her lags about his torso, as he grabbed her melons and fucked away. His thrusts were hard and fast, causing her to grunt continuously from the pounding her cunt was receiving She could feel his cock, as it entered her twat, rubbing her super sensitive clit, driving her towards another hard and wonderful orgasm.

Finally, he too was overcome with desire, as he flooded her pussy with a copious amount of sperm, the puddle underneath her ass getting a whole lot bigger, as he pulled his meat out, and returned to the couch, sitting as Kelly came over to suck his meat clean.

The last guy was Sean, and he climbed up onto the table with her, laid on his side, and lifted her right leg, and entered her womb with his long pole. He gently nursed on her exposed tit, as he rocked his shaft in and out of her abused cunt. His fingers were on her clit, rubbing at a good rhythm, getting her close once more, before she cried out, and went limp, her orgasm this time was too much, as she passed out from the experience. Sean didn't let up, still drilling her sloppy twat, it making loud, obscene squishy noises, which it has been making since the third load was deposited by Adam.

As she came back to reality, her hips were thrusting with his, and she felt like she never had felt before. Thoroughly fucked, and enjoying it. She milked Sean's cock, finally making him grunt and groan, as he lost his load, as more fluids drained from her well-fucked cunt and onto the soft felt of the pool table.

He pulled out, and rolled off the table, leaving Jenn laying there, her hands roaming over her own body, as she said "Oh god, that was great."

Kelly came over, and climbed up onto the table, and smiled up at her prone body, before she lowered her face in her messy pussy, eating the cum from the men. Jenn just moaned, enjoying the feeling of Kelly's talented tongue, as it worked the folds of her flesh, and probed her vagina, licking up the deposits that were left by the men.

Jenn came hard again in no time, whimpering s she came down from her orgasmic high. She opened her starry eyes, looked at Kelly, and said "I want more cock. I want to be fucked more."

Kelly smiled, crawled off the table, and said "Okay guys, you heard her. In a flash, all six guys were at the table, Adam in her cunt once more, as she was on her back, Rod's prick between her lips, and the cock of Lewis and Sean in each hand, while Doug and Jack waited for their turns, as they kneaded her big breasts, and pulled on her sensitive nipples.

For the next five hours, Jenn was fucked and sucked non-stop. Only taking short breaks to down another drink, or to have Kelly lick her twat clean. And when a guy wasn't getting sucked or fucked by Jenn, Kelly was doing her job of keeping them hard with her talented mouth and hands. The last two fucks were by Sean and Doug, as they had her sitting on the edge of the table, her cunt leaking a river of cum, forming a pool on the floor, as their mighty meats pounded her. Her pussy lips were red from abuse, as were her tits and cheeks of her ass from being grabbed continuously.

Afterwards, they showered her off, and Kelly drove her home, both of them collapsing into Jenn's big bed, tired and sore, but very happy it had all happened.

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