Title: Island Banging
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: A mother gets involved in her daughters hedonistic ways, and then decides to
become a new mother once again, after she finds her husband has knocked up one of his 
Keywords: MF, Gangbang, MMF, Preg, matureF

I was still all smiles as I parked my Caddy between the pilings which supported the rental home above. Typical Gulf coastal property, built up on top of stilts to prevent major damage during hurricanes. Hopefully, no such storms this week, although they're relatively rare during April.

I popped open the trunk, bending over and reaching in and pulling out a bag of groceries. I've a whole trunk load, but I also have a house full of people that can fetch the rest. Walking up the stairs to the deck and the front door, I could hear laughter and talking inside. And from the moans, I knew what else was going on. I opened the door silently and crept in. No one in the kitchen or dining room, which wasn't shocking, as we all just arrived yesterday evening. It's Sunday, the first full day of our spring break vacation. Our's as in my twenty-year old daughter Pamela and I.

The sounds were coming from the main bedroom, and after placing the sacks down, I went over and peered in. There all nine boys were, on the bed, by the bed, on the floor, sitting, standing and kneeling. And of my daughter, I just saw a bit of naked flesh of her bare legs, underneath four of the guys. One of them standing by the bed saw me and smiled, and said "Hey Mrs. D, you're back!"

I smiled back, "Yes I am, and I need a few volunteers to get the rest of the groceries up so we can make lunch. So, a few of you better get some clothes on and get going."

I was happy to see three of them start moving past me, trying to pull their shorts up and all, as I turned and walked back to the kitchen. I started putting groceries away, and soon my three 'helpers' were up with the rest for me to store away. As I was reaching up above the counter to put away some pasta, I felt arms wrap around my middle, and I giggled with delight as the hands roamed my body. I turned my head to find it was John, and we kissed, before I said "Come on, we got to get lunch ready, then you boys can have me however you would like."

He let go, and started walking away, but I stopped him, saying as I opened the fridge, "John, take Pamela a soda. She's probably thirsty from swallowing all you guys cum."

As he took the can of soda from my hand, he grinned, saying "We've been trying to put most of it inside her cunt."

I just smiled, and returned to getting sandwiches ready for them all. After ten minutes, I had everything ready, as I said "Okay, come and get it."

Two of them came up, and grabbed my body, and I squealed with laughter, saying to them, "I meant the food, but this will work."

Before I knew it, my skirt and blouse was off my body, and I was laying across the kitchen table on my back, as a thick six inch cock was sliding in and out of my mouth, and a nice, thin eight incher ramming my pussy. I felt the cock in my cunt throb, and it's hot jizz hosing down the walls of my horny pussy. The cock pulled out, and another took it's place, just as the guy in my mouth groaned and stiffened, blasting my tonsils with his load.

My body was supercharged, and the guy in my cunt was rubbing my clit, making me feel like I was going to explode real damn soon. And when a fresh cock parted my lips, the taste of my daughters pussy on it pushed me over the edge, as my cunt clamped down on the cock that was in it, with me riding a wonderful sexual high.

The rest of the day was a blur. I was taking cocks left and right, in my cunt, my ass and my mouth, sometimes three at once. And my daughter, although I didn't see her, Pamela was keeping up with it as well. The guys were young, virile and had great turnaround times. I think each of them were getting good, serviceable wood about every twenty minutes.

It went on into the night, with me taking four of the boys into one room, and Pamela taking the remaining five. I didn't get much sleep, and I'm sure Pam didn't either, as I would wake up to find one boy or another working their steel hard cock into my cunt.

The week wasn't to be just for sex. Well, actually it was. But Pamela and I had it all planned out. Saturday and Sunday night were to be non-stop fucking. The boys knew this. Hell, that's why they came! But like I said, we had plans. Monday morning came, and all sex stopped. It wasn't because our pussies, jaws and assholes were sore, nor that because the guys cocks wouldn't get hard anymore. Far from it for the latter, as the boys were carrying some serious wood most of the day.

But, the boys knew our plans. They would need two days rest, to store up their potent sperm for the task that was needed for Wednesday. We had figured this all out, Wednesday was to be the peak fertile time for both of us. And we both wanted to get knocked up. So, with nine healthy studs at hand, we knew we had a good chance of it.

This meant that Monday and Tuesday, our hot bodies were off limits. And so was most of the day for Wednesday. Of course, during this free time, I thought back to how this all had started. The above mentioned John is Pamela's boyfriend. They've been dating for a few years now. But it was at the beginning of last summer when this all started.

A Saturday night, Pamela came home late from a date with John. I was asleep in my bed, but I awoke as I heard her move quickly by my bedroom door to her own room. Looking at the clock, it read a bit past two in the morning. I smiled, my hand in my crotch, thinking of what that boy may have been doing to my daughter.

I liked John. A good looking young man, and he was rather pleasant to be around. And my daughter adores him. Pamela stands a good four inches above me, at five-ten, and she weighs about twenty pounds lighter at one-eighteen. Her long, black hair frames her firm, ripe breasts, almost a full c-cup. I was jealous in a way, as I was a bit smaller than her in the boobs department. And here she was only twenty at the time. She has always told me about her dates, including the sex. This from the first time she lost her cherry back when she was fifteen, on to now.

Her father, my husband, is a businessman. Always on the road, I missed him deeply. But I knew he was never alone. It took me a few years, but eventually I caught on. Seems he has a girl in every town he does work in. At first, I was a bit miffed. But eventually, I accepted it. I was his at home, and what he did on the road didn't concern me.

Greg, my husband, is a marvelous lover. And even to this day, he has the stamina like most males our daughters age. So, he would come home once or twice a month, fuck me silly, and then go back on the road. Oh yeah, he knows I now know about his many mistresses. As a matter of fact, while we make love, he talks about them. It really turns me on listening to him tell me about his exploits.

Back to Pamela and John. Something was different that night. I wasn't sure what, but I sensed something was amiss. Call it a mothers intuition, I guess. I stepped out of bed, and put on my housecoat, and stepped out into the dark hall. There was a light on in her room, with the door almost completely closed. I went to it, and saw her laying on her bed, her hands behind her head, deep in thought.

I pushed the door opened, and she jumped, scared at he sudden intrusion. "Oh momma, you scared me."

She had her hands on her chest, as I asked "I heard you come in. Are you okay?"

She sighed, "Yeah, sure mom."

I knew better, as I came on into the room, and sat on the edge of the bed. I asked "So, how did your date with John go?"

She frowned, "It was okay, I guess."

"Did you have a good time?"

She smirked, "Oh yeah, it was good all right." I was a bit puzzled, then she asked "Momma? have you ever had two men at once?"

A bit shocked at the question, I replied, "No, I haven't."

She then shocked me more, by saying "Well, I never had either, before tonight."

I was stunned, "Oh!", was all I could say at first. Then I asked "Was John one of the men?"

She rolled her eyes, "Oh god, yeah." She then sighed, a sad look on her face, as she asked "What I did, was it wrong?"

I brushed her bangs aside with my hand, and said "Some would think it would be out of the normal social mores, but, did you enjoy it?"

She turned her face towards mine, and she had a great big smile. That smile answered my question, but she answered with her voice as well, saying a gleeful "Yeah, I did." For the next hour, she gave me a complete account at what had happened. John and her went to a bar, and they ran into a bunch of his friends. One was John's best friend Adam. (Who by the way, is also on the island for this affair.) As the night wore on, she ended up sitting between Adam and John. And John kept telling Adam how such a great woman she was. Pamela was taking all the attention in, as John eventually got to describing her love making abilities.

By then, all were feeling pretty good, what from the alcohol that had been consumed. Most of John's friends had left by ten, leaving just John, Pamela and Adam in the bar. John then announced it was time to go, and invited Adam to come along. As they rode back, all three in the front seat of John's truck, Pamela started playing with both guys cocks through the fabric of their pants. She didn't know why she started doing it, but she did. And soon she found her head tilted back, and Adam and her were swapping spit, as John's best friend had his hand up her shirt, squeezing her breast good.

Once at John's apartment, clothes were quickly shed, and she was sitting on the edge of the couch, alternating sucking each of their cocks, as their hands roamed her body. She amazed herself, and them too, as she was so excited she came while sucking their pricks. It got hotter, as the boys took turns with her cunt and mouth, both boys dumping two loads apiece in each end, before they couldn't get it up anymore, the alcohol and the normal exhaustion of a long work day finally taking it's toll. Her orgasms were many, she lost track of the number, but they were all intense and long lasting.

She was done telling her story, and I was horny as can be, as I was imagining my daughter, savoring two hard cocks, taking care of her needs, and as well as theirs. My pussy felt like it was going to explode, as I assured her it was okay. Hell, I wish it had been me! It had been three weeks since Greg's been home, and I really need a good, hard fucking. And Greg is in Asia for another month yet.

I hugged Pamela, and kissed her good-night, and returned to my bed, where I worked my fingers into my honey pot, and came quickly. Almost totally satisfied, I drifted off to sleep. I had breakfast made for both of us, when I called her down early the next morning. She ate like she hadn't eaten in a month, and I commented "All that sex must have made you hungry."

She grinned broadly, as she went on eating. I was done, and I went onto the living room, taking a seat, and reading a magazine. I sort of lost track of time, before I looked up, and saw it was two hours later, and my daughter was walking into the room, smiling as she took a seat on the couch next to me. I returned the smile, and went back to reading. But, she spoke, asking me "Momma, do you get lonely? When daddy is away?"

I smirked 'saying "Yes, I do." I put the magazine down, looking at her I went on to say "I sure do miss his talents in bed."

She replied with "Yeah, I heard you when you went off to your room. You sounded like you missed him there." She pointed at her own crotch, making me blush.

I giggled, "Yeah, he tends to make me happy." I looked at her face, one of not sure what to say next. I hadn't a clue what was going on in her mind, but I decided to talk about her father, saying "You know, he get's plenty on the road."

Her eyes got big, and she exclaimed "Daddy cheats?"

I laughed, explaining that although at first I didn't know, that him and I talk about it, and I even encourage his affairs. It was then her turn to listen, as I repeated the stories of some of his many adventures while on the road. She just sat there, in open mouthed shock, taking it all in. Eventually, she had to go to work, leaving me to my own desires. Desires which included a long time in the shower, rubbing my clit to orgasm after orgasm, thinking about Greg at first. But then, about having another man, and maybe men, taking care of my hot fantasies.

That evening, with Pamela still at work, Greg called. It was an interesting conversation, as I told him about our daughter's recent discovery of group sex, and how she enjoyed it. I also told him that I told our daughter about how he screws around on the road. I was surprised, and very pleased, when he said I should enjoy myself with some companionship while he's gone. I didn't believe he was serious at first, but he didn't have to take long to convince me he was. Nor to convince me to go ahead and try another man.

I was a woman in heat that night, as I used my fingers to get myself off countless times. The same fantasies, consisting of Pamela's boyfriend, and his friends, taking me over and over again. I slept in late the next day, not rising until late morning. I found Pamela sitting in her room, smiling, as I entered, and told her what her father had said. And, when I told her of my fantasy, she grinned, saying she was looking forward to get started on it. She just hugged me and gave me a tender kiss, saying "Leave it all to me, mom."

It started the next night, a Monday evening. Pamela came home after dinner, with both John and Adam in tow. She had told both young men about what I wanted, and I wasn't surprised when she smiled, taking John upstairs to her room with her, and leaving Adam in the living room with me. I was nervous, as this much younger man came up to me, wrapping his strong, muscular arms around my waist, and kissed my lips. I melted. Right there, as I felt his tongue come into my mouth, running against my teeth. Oh god, did I need it, as I felt his cock, already hard in anticipation of taking my body, pressing firmly against my belly.

He had me out of my clothes and my body bending over the end of the couch, his long, thick cock working my hole with precise, long fast strokes, making me whimper, as I felt a gigantic cum boiling from within. I wailed when it hit, long and loud, as I shook out of control, his cock pounding me hard now, busting into my womb as I shrieked even more, enjoying the feeling of a hard cock inside of me. A hard, unfamiliar cock. And when his cock erupted deep within me, I could feel the long ropes of cum splattering in my womb, sending me into another long hard cum.

I woke the next morning, my fingers probing my sex, feeling all that dried man cream at the entrance to my hole. That boy took me five times that night, fucking me long and hard. And when he wasn't fucking me, he was sucking my cunt with wild abandon. It was the most erotic night of my life, and I was looking forward to giving Greg a stroke by stroke account of it. Obviously, it never ended there. My loving daughter and I explored our sexuality with John and Adam repeatedly, savoring one-on ones, as well as a mother-daughter fuck fest with one or the other. And, finally, the big night where both Adam and John had their loving way with me for a whole night.

It was intense, both getting turned on while watching the other fuck my brains out. They said they each filled me six times that night, but I would have to take their word, as I was pretty much out of it, as I came so much, that I was pretty much in a haze all night long. And of course, by the time Greg got home, I had a ton of stories to tell him. As I would tell him of my adventures, he would fuck me ragged, thrilled to death to hear of my debauchery. Well, Adam and John were too good, as after John left on another trip, I soon realized that I was with child. Fate being what it is, I miscarried, which upset me deeply. Greg, my wonderful hubby, was very supportive, and said if I did get pregnant again, he would be very supportive. I, on the other hand, went straight to the doctor and got on the pill.

So, for the next six months, Pamela and I had cut a wide path through John, Adam and their friends. We quickly decided who we liked to fuck, and who we told not to bother coming back. And Greg, he was having a blast, fuckin his way across the USA and around the world. And when we were together, our telling each other of our exploits always resulted in some great sex. But it was in late January when he came to me, giving me the news. One of his regular girlfriends is with child. He didn't want to leave me (and he didn't), so we talked and decided to make arrangements to adopt the child. We flew out to Phoenix to meet with her. A stunning brunette, named Jenny Adams, I found why Greg was attracted to her, and so was I. To make a long story short, we convinced her to move in with us, and make it a rather unique household.

But, I got to thinking (Which is dangerous, I know.) I always wanted a sibling for Pamela, and she always had wished she had one as well. With that, I told Greg of my desire of having another child. He just grinned, and when I told Pam, she wanted to have one as well. Which brings me to this week of sex.

Like I said, mine and Pamela's bodies were off limits Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday. We had done some figuring, and we were both sure our peak fertile time would be late Wednesday evening. So, after the boys made a terrific dinner for us, we had planned on taking them constantly for forty-eight hours. They had been great so far. The last two days they waited on us hand and foot. Of course, they knew why they were here. To put babies in our belly's.

To make it interesting, both Pamela and I were to be blindfolded for the first two rounds of the guys taking turns pumping our cunts full of their cum. We also would be in separate bedrooms in the beginning. I had no idea how they would decided what order they were to go in, as John said he would take care of things. I was told later that they drew numbers out of a hat.

So, with much excitement, after dinner Pamela and I went to separate bedrooms. I got on all fours on my bed, pulling a bunch of pillows up underneath me, leaving my fuckable ass sticking up in the air. Then I donned my blindfold. A few minutes later, I heard some of the guys coming into the room, and then they moved onto the bed. Hands were caressing my skin, rubbing me gently all over, making me moan. Someone's fingers were at my anus, and another set were in my pussy, before I felt a wonderful tongue sliding along my slit, causing my hips to buck. I felt something weird, as it felt like someone wrapped something about my waist, then circled my legs where they were joined at my body. A small object was at my clit, and I soon realized what it was. My guys had thought of everything, as they had put a wearable vibrator on me. And when it was turned on, my whole body shook, as I muttered out "Oh god.", as a nice, warm orgasm swept through me. Then, something was gently pushed into my butt, and I soon felt it vibrating. I was all smiles, these guys knew what I like. A toy stimulating my clit, and another stretching every nerve in my ass, what more could a girl ask for, besides maybe a bunch of males fuckin my pussy one after another.

And I didn't have to wait long for that to happen, as I felt the first prick slide into my vagina. His hands gripped the round cheeks of my butt, as he started pumping away. I was grunting with each thrust, as I felt a big, kick ass orgasm build within me. And a few strokes later, as he groaned and emptied the first load into my cunt, I exploded, as I heard my own shriek reverberate off the walls.

It was like that for I don't know how long, as one stud after the other fucked me and deposited their life starting sperm. I had no idea what time they had completed two rounds. I had eighteen loads of sperm in me, fighting to bust into my waiting egg, and I was wanting more. They fucked me into unconsciousness a few times, the orgasms so intense that I passed out, but I didn't want to stop.

I'm not sure how many more times which boy fucked me that night, after the second round was completed. I do know that we had all moved on into the living room, where Pam and I sucked the boys while getting fucked. I didn't get much sleep for the remainder of the forty-eight hours, as each guy would take turns fucking us two sluts.

By Friday evenig, the guys were fucked out, and Pamela and I were dead to the world. I had crashed on the sofa, she in a bedroom, where we didn't stir for fourteen hours. Waking up Saturday afternoon, we showered, as the boys packed things up for the long, ride home. Pamela and I were so sore, that we didn't even drive, having John drive the car all the way home.

Two weeks later, our periods never made an appearance. And so, after we visited our doctor, we were overjoyed to find we were both very knocked up. Pam married John a month later, as Greg, Jenny (Who moved in while Pam and I were getting kncoked up down south,) and I looked forward to two new additions that we will be brining into this world. The three of us sleep in the same big bed, and Greg loves making love to us as our belly's grow. And of course, Jenny and I have found things that we like to do together in bed. Maybe someday I'll write a story about that.

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