Title: Impregnating My Wife
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: A husband keeps his nympho wife happy, and constantly
 pregnant. Although this story isn't the most sexually graphic, 
 it does give lots of food for the imagination.
Keywords: Gangbang, Impreg, Swing

I was going over the notes of the men. It seemed to be all was set for this weekend. Twelve young, college-age boys, and she'll have them all for a weekend on a houseboat on Lake Powell. The concern of Natalie keeping up isn't a problem. What worries me is if these studs don't get her knocked up after forty-eight hours of thirteen cocks (including my own) plugging her cunt. Sure would be a waste of money. I mean, the airfare to Salt Lake City, the rental car to drive to Halls Crossing, and the cost of the houseboat.

Of course, the boys are paying for half of that, and all the food and drink. That's part of the deal. After sending them a picture of Natalie, I think some would have paid for the whole damn trip. She's still a knockout at thirty-one, and even after having six kids already. Yep, six kids. I'm the father of two, the other four were the result of parties we had set up in the past, just like the one coming up this weekend.

Let me explain. I was a senior in college when I first met her. Well, maybe met isn't the proper word. She wasn't a student at the college I was attending, but she was definitely getting a higher education at the moment we first met. She was seventeen, her age unknown to me at the time, nor to the twenty other guys in the frat house I lived in where she was on her back all night long, taking cocks in her cunt, ass and mouth. Yeah, I know, it was a sick version of love at first sight. Well, I started dating her. I found that that was her first sexual experience, and it was a doozy. She stayed faithful to me for one year, and now that I think back about it, I'm amazed she lasted that long.

I graduated in 1989, and she moved with me to southern Florida where I accepted a job for a regional corporation. I was originally from Connecticut, and she from Pennsylvania (Where I went to college), and neither of us had any family. So moving south was no big deal. My new job at first involved lots of travel. So I wasn't surprised when I came home early one time to find another man in our bed. At first I was furious, but I calmed down. And after I calmed down, I found I was rather aroused from knowing my girlfriend was screwing other men. And the idea of watching her getting fucked by other men turned me on even more.

So, we talked. She definitely needed lots of sex, and I definitely enjoyed watching her do it. So, I did some checking around, and soon we became involved with a local swingers group. So now, not only did she get plenty of variety, so did I. But you're probably wondering, what about the kids?

Our wedding was in April of 1991. A small affair. Some new friends we had been swinging with attended, and that was about it. For some reason, we decided to have a family. I had been with my company for almost two years (And I still am, now a vice-president of logistics), had good insurance, and a very nice home. It also helps that through swinging, I quickly found out that there were executives in my own company that were also involved in the lifestyle, so moving up was rather easy.

Oh yeah, the kids. We didn't really stop having sex with others while we tried making babies late in the year of 1991. Any guys having sex with Natalie used a condom. Well, breeding was a success, and in July of 1992, she had Carl, Jr. A healthy, baby boy. This one definitely is mine.

After the birth of our fist born, as well as her other pregnancies, Natalie worked hard to get back down to her pre-pregnancy weight of one-thirty. She did so easily, as she's always been on the thin side. She stands at five-six, with nice peach size tits, and long, curly red hair. Her legs are on the long side, as are her arms. Her belly does has somewhat of a paunch now, (Six kids, remember?) and her hips are now wider and her ass is a bit large, but not too bad.

Well, we started swinging again once Carl, Jr. was about four months old. It was at a new Years Eve party we were attending that the subject of impregnating other women was brought up during a lull in our festivities. A wife of one of my company's executives, said it would be neat to have one woman getting knocked up in a gang bang by the exec's of the company. And my darling Natalie laughed and blurted out "I volunteer." At first, all were joking about it, but eventually we all got serious. They asked me my opinion, and I only answered that I would like to be there and get my load in as well.

The idea went into the planning stages, and within a month arrangements were made. A date was set when she would be most fertile, that being a weeknight in late February, and a place was chosen, a fine hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. Five company executives ranging in age from forty-two on up to sixty-three were to be involved in the event, an event that Natalie was looking forward to with great excitement, and so was I.

Needless to say, it was a great success (We even still have pictures of that one, as well as all the others.), and in early December of 1993, Heather Ann was born. And just like the previous pregnancy, we were still both sexually active with our close circle of friends. The men loved doing Natalie, as her belly grew month by month. And the women liked it as well, getting off watching their husbands do her, or even getting a taste of some prime pregnant pussy. By this time, Natalie had sampled tasting pussy as well, and although she likes it, she still much prefers a nice, hard cock pounding her burning bush.

In early 1994, I received a promotion, and we took a trip to Jamaica in early March to celebrate, just the two of us. Well, it was planned that we would try for number three. Nine months later, she gave birth to Carla, a healthy bouncing black baby girl. Yeah, black as night. We had an encounter with a few Jamaican men one night, a night that was fucking unbelievable. The three men took Natalie repeatedly in our room for a solid twelve hours. And she gave it all back! I even dipped my proud seven inch member in her four times that night, but the odds were against me for knocking her up, hence the first black child.

She didn't try getting pregnant in 1996, not with three babies in three years running about. And the first half of 1997 we didn't as well. Although we were tempting fate, as she never used birth control pills, but we still were swinging on a regular basis, about twice a month. And all men, including me, used condoms faithfuly.

In July of 1997, our luck ran out, but this time it was me. The only reason we know it was, was because we were by ourselves that particular week. So in mid-April of 1998, another girl, and this one we named Brittany. A few months later in June, one of the older executive’s, recently widowed, asked to take Natalie on a trip. I told her it was up to her, and she said "Why not."

Her second boy was born nine months later in March of 1999, and we named him Luke. The executive died a few months afterwards, leaving a good deal of money to Luke and his siblings.

We called it quits for baby-making for two years after that. But not to swinging. Natalie was still looking as hot as ever, as we enjoyed the lifestyle of screwing and getting screwed. Of course, we were always practicing safe sex, so we weren't worried about mistakes.

It was in the year 2002 that we did it again. We were at the club, where we heard about a group of black men that paid to impregnate women. Well, we weren't short of cash, but Natalie had lots of desire, so, we checked into it. It was a group of black men that did gangbangs, and they were hunting for a willing white woman for a special event. They all had sons that they wanted to get involved into organized gangbangs, and thought it would be fun to do it to a fertile white woman. Natalie got a kick out of the idea, saying it sounded like a great father & son bonding time.

After making contact and exchanging information including pictures of Natalie, they loved her red hair and pert little breasts, a meeting was set up. It seems all the men had money, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were rather respectful of my wife and I. They offered us ten-thousand dollars for a week, and all expenses paid by them.

The week involved six men, and their sons, ten teenage boys, so a total of sixteen men, not including myself. The youngest son was sixteen, and the oldest was nineteen, while the six fathers ranged in age from late-thirties to early forties. The event was held the last week of March in 2002, and we were flown to New Orleans. (I later learned the wives of the men, not knowing their husbands did this sort of thing, were told they were going on a religious retreat.) The sixteen males took Natalie so many times in so many ways in that week, that she couldn't walk for two weeks. But she definitely did get pregnant,(And I took hundreds of pics) and on New Years Day, 2003, she gave birth to Jacob, another healthy boy, and very black.

And during this pregnancy, four of the men and six of the teen sons came and visited us when Natalie was five months pregnant. The fathers thought it would be neat for them to have sex with the woman they helped knocked up. The boys got a kick out of fucking her pregnant cunt and asshole, and playing with her enlarged, lactating titties.

So, it's June, 2003. And you're probably wondering, why are we trying for a seventh? Good question, we don't know. I'm serious, it just sort of fell into our laps. We were at the club in March, Natalie was taking on two young studs, encouraging them to pump her hard with their baby-makers. Of course, they were wearing condoms, so no risk of them knocking her up. Well, afterwards, the two young men were talking with us, and they thought it would be neat to have Natalie with them and their friends for a long weekend.

Natalie decided it would be great as well, and the prospect of getting knocked up one more time by a group of horny and healthy young men was very appealing to both of us. So, after thinking about it for a few days, she came to me after dinner and said she wanted to do it. Luckily, one of the guys gave me their phone number, so the next day I called and we talked for an hour. By the weekend, things were shaping up. A weekend was chosen in early August that would be Natalie's scheduled prime fertile time, and just before the guys returned to college.

I required a list of males, and complete physicals. As with the other times, I wanted to make sure all were clean of STD's before we did this. A week later, a place was chosen. One of the boys found a houseboat available for the time we want, but way out on Lake Powell in Utah. I had no problem with it, nor did Natalie.

As with the other planned times, the closer we got to the date, the more excited my wife got. We received a report on each of the twelve guys, all ranging in age from twenty to twenty-two. All white, which was a surprise, but we weren't arguing. Of the twelve, seven were blonde, two redhead like Natalie, two black, and one brown. Heights ranged from five-four on up to six-four. Weights varied from one-fifty on up to two-fifty. And of course, a wide range of size in the manhood department, ranging from five inches on up to a couple of nine-inch tools that Natalie grinned at when she saw the pictures.

We flew out of Miami on Thursday morning, arriving in Salt Lake, renting a car, and driving to Green River where we spent the night. We were to rendezvous with the guys the next morning at Halls Crossing at seven, so we hit the bed early. Woke at three, checked out, had breakfast, and headed south, arriving at the marina at six-thirty. Found the manager, who told us where our boat was, and we soon found it. It was a forty-eight foot thing, four bedrooms, and plenty of room in the living room with four couches. I smiled, the boys did a good job of finding something unique, that's for sure.

The boys arrived soon there after, and the manager had a concerned look on his face. He obviously put two and two together, and he took me aside, informing me of his concern for the safety of his boat. I smiled, I knew just what to do. Natalie was getting ready in one of the bedrooms, so I told him to come with me. Upon reaching the bedroom, I knocked and entered, with the manager right behind me. Natalie was standing there with a pair of white nylons on, along with a garter belt and matching white lacy panties and bra, which pushed her tits up magnificently. I said "Honey, the boat company manager is concerned about the condition the boat may be returned in, would you like to show him that at least the plumbing will be taken care of, as well as the rest of the boat?"

She smiled, came over to the guy, and dropped to her knees in front of him. He muttered "Oh my God!". I heard his fly being unzipped, as I exited the room and closed the door behind me. As I returned to the dock alongside of the boat, the guys were carrying things from three vans down to the boat. One of the two leaders, Jeff, approached, and we shook hands, and went over the final plans. There really wasn't much to plan, really. We were to ride north to the first secluded cove we came across, and anchor the boat to shore. I told him Natalie will introduce herself to all as a group once we clear the marina a ways.

The unloading was complete, and the guys looked like they were a bit tired. Asking, I found out that they had driven straight through from Florida in two days, spending the night sacked out in sleeping bags at the campground. They brought plenty of food, beer, soda (Seems there were a few non-drinkers among them. Yeah, college students that don't drink, what is this world coming too?!), firewood so we can have a fire on the beach and various other personal items. I did make sure that no other cameras or recording devices were brought along, as I was to have the only camera (Our video camera.). As like the others, I didn't want it to get on the internet.

I was then introduced to the twelve college kids. Of course, there was Jeff. He stands at about six-one with blonde hair, rather muscular. Natalie loved his endurance that night at the club. Gary was the other guy we met earlier. He's also blonde, and three inches shorter and lighter framed than Jeff. Then I was introduced to Greg, a redheaded heavy set kid. He was short, about five-five, and was a good thirty pounds heavier than Jeff. A black haired kid was next, and he was tall and thin, probably stood at six-four.

Stu has long, black hair, and was one of the taller ones at six-four and thin like Gary. Dave stood at six-two,, blonde and probably the most muscular of the group. Randy has curly brown hair, short and squat at five-seven, but like Dave, he definitely works out. Zack is another well built male at six foot even, and thick torso topped my closely cut blonde hair. Pete was average size at five-eleven, and medium framed. Barry is another redhead, barely five-eight, and thin. Al is the shortest, only five-four. But he looks like a fireplug, as he has a barrel of a chest, with think thighs and biceps.

Mike's another blonde and the tallest at six-five, and the heaviest as well, but not really fat. He's not muscular, just solid. Russ was the last of the group, a little over six-foot, and has a heavy-set frame. Well, we all were now on the boat, chatting away. I could tell the guys were anticipating my wife's body, as they were all rather jittery. The manager finally came out of the bedroom, with a big smile on his face, and I asked him "How was the plumbing?"

He grinned broadly, as I escorted him off the boat, telling me thanks for letting him inspect the pipes. He also told me how far to go north, and where to turn, to find a secluded spot.

I then had a quick meeting with the boys, telling them there really were no rules. Just telling them that there was to be nothing degrading, in way of actions or comments, and things will go fine. I also asked that I wanted a running count of how many times each guy dumps a load into my wife’s cunt. I pulled out a board I had written down items as a scorecard. I instructed them that each time they came, they were to put a checkmark next to their name. I didn't tell them it was for a special contest that only Natalie and I had planned for this trip.

With that, I had the guys get the boat shoved off. At first, Jeff was going to captain the boat, but after almost nailing two other houseboats while getting away from the dock, I sighed and took over the helm.

Once out of the marina and heading northeast up the lake, I had one of the others take over, and went and checked on Natalie. She was more than ready, and we kissed, with me telling her to have a good time. She said she would, and she hoped that I enjoyed the show as well.

I decided I would let the boys enjoy her own special intro, and I would operate the boat up the lake to our destination. So after telling the others I would sound the horn to signal my wife's intro, I went to the wheelhouse and relieved Gary, sending him down to join the others.

After giving him a minute to get with the other guys, I hit the boat's horn for one, short blast. Because of the roar of the boats engines, I couldn't hear a thing on what was going on. I could see down the stairway to the main level, but not into the living room. After about an hour, Jeff showed up with a smile on his face, and his limp cock dangling between his thighs, with a sheen of wetness on it. My guess was it was from Natalie's hot mouth. I smiled back, asking "Well, I see Natalie started everyone off with some oral greetings."

He laughed, "Yeah, but now we have to sit and wait."

I looked at him strangely, asking "How come?"

He sighed, responding "She found out that Randy and Al are virgins, so she took them into the bedroom for a special one-hour session."

I laughed, telling him she always had a soft spot for male virgins. She thought it was her duty to make them virgins no more. I told him about our last breeding, and the teenage boys that took care of her horny needs. He obviously liked the story, as he had a raging hardon by the time I was done. I stayed on the bridge for three hours, before finally turning into the cove the manager told me about, and entered it. After idling the engines, I went below, and found Natalie on the floor on her back. Her legs were around the waist of Stu as he was stroking his seven-inch meat into her fertile cunt. Over her head was Greg, and I smiled as she was sucking on his eight-inch knob.

Others were laying about, and I said "Okay boys, we're in a cove. I'll need some help anchoring."

Jeff and Gary stood, and Jeff asked "Who's on deck?"

Pete raised his hand, saying "I am."

"Okay," Jeff said, "The rest of us will get things ready." The others stood, and he said "I'm up again after Pete. So Stu, when you get done, come on and get me."

The guys did find the video camera, and Zack was filming it. I took it from him, and took over taping the events. As I filmed, I heard Jeff raise the throttle on the engines, and the boat lurched towards shore for a minute, before he cut them completely. I then heard splashing, as some of the guys jumped into the water, and anchored the boat to shore. The guys started milling about with camping gear. Some would sleep on the shore, as the boat wouldn't sleep all fourteen of us comfortably anyway.

I now had the camera, and was filming away. Stu was thrusting wildly, and from his grunts, I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Natalie was grunting as well, enjoying the feeling of what his seven-inch tube-steak was doing to her nasty cunt as she nursed on Pete's knob, replacing Greg who went and helped with the others. With a couple of hard thrusts and grunts, Stu emptied his cock into my wife, as she continues sucking on Pete. Stu pulled out, and sat back against the couch, as Pete took his turn between her milky white thighs. I stopped him, and aimed the camera at her well fucked cunt. She smiled, and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips back. Her shaved lips were red from the pounding she had taken so far, and her hole was dilated a good half-inch. a rivulet of man juice was oozing out her hole, as she dipped a finger into it, and then licked it clean.

She giggled, as she rolled over and waved her well-rounded butt in the air, giving Pete the go ahead to plow her fertile field. He smiled, grabbed her hips and sank his six-inch tool easily into her worn cunt. Stu got up and had her clean his cock with her mouth, before helping with the others.

Within an hour, the guys had everything done, and Al, Barry and Mike each had their turn between my wife's parted legs. We had a short break for lunch, and Natalie took a nude swim, washing the spunk off that had accumulated on her body so far.

For the afternoon, we had her on top of the boat, bent over a bench, and the guys just took their turns. I filmed most of it, taking breaks once in a while, and even shoving my cock in as well. Her cunt felt full, what with all that cum that had been blasted into her hot box. She was still wearing a smile, as I fucked her for twenty minutes before adding my contribution.

For dinner, the guys grilled hamburgers on the beach, and Natalie swam and cleaned up once more before eating. All of us were naked as the day we were born. And all of us guys were wearing raging hadron’s, waiting for our next chance to stick our tool into her steamy cunt.

The night saw her taking us all on the beach, in front of a roaring fire. It was erotic, watching my wife getting fucked non-stop in front of the fire and in all sorts of positions. Unfortunately, it was too dark to film, as the glow of the fire illuminated her skin, which was glazed with the sweat and the sex of her and her lovers.

The best was when she was astride Mike and his nine-inch baby-maker, her firm tits bouncing as she was riding away, grunting each time her hot cunt slid down his massive pole. And when she came, she wailed loudly. And in the distance, a coyote returned the wail, making it all so surreal.

I'm not sure when I crashed, well into the night is all I know. I woke on the beach, cold and wondering where the fuck I was. Sitting up, I saw Natalie in the water, as she was getting fucked once more. It seemed her grunts of passion was what woke me up. She later told me she had risen to go potty. And upon returning, Dave decided to take her before she reached the shore.

Breakfast was made soon there after, but not before she had already been screwed by Jeff, Stu and Pete. And while she ate her pancakes and sausage, she was riding the thick sausage of Greg. His groans announcing his cum, and he was soon replaced by a willing Russ. The word "Next!" was the most common word of the day. For whenever a guy was about to dump a load, he would yell it out, and someone with a hard cock would take his place. She was averaging five fucks an hour the whole day. She was barely having time to go potty and eat. And a few times, she did one or the other while impaled on a hard cock.

All during the night, she was taken as well. Although not as often. Whenever a guy would wake up, he would hunt her down and do her wherever she laid. Sunday was the last day, and just like the first day, she was being rode hard all the way back to the marina. An hour from the marina, I stopped the engines and went into the living room. The guys looked at me, and Greg asked "Is there something wrong?"

I smiled, as Natalie got up, and came to my side, a bit wobbly legged. I picked up the board with the names of the guys and looked at it, saying "Okay, Natalie, you want to tally the results?"

She smiled, and took the board from me, and went and sat on a couch behind me, as I explained, "Gentlemen, there's a reason you all were to mark the board when you emptied your load into Natalie. But first, let me ask this, do any of you have any place special planned for the upcoming week?" No one raised a hand, "Good. Now, for the tally board. She is going to see which six of you nailed her the most. Then, she'll draw three names. These three will accompany my wife to our condo in the Florida Keys, where you will enjoy her fruits all of next week while I fly away on business. Any questions?"

No one raised a hand, Natalie was now standing at my side, and handed me the board. I looked at it, and then at her, and I about shit. "Well guys," I looked at them, all wearing eager looks on their faces, "Seems you've all been busy. Natalie took one-hundred and sixty-seven loads from you twelve." I snickered, "The problem is, you all were about the same. There's no clear cut top six."

Greg hollered out, "So all twelve of us can go?"

I smiled, as the others laughed "Afraid not, big boy." I turned to Natalie, and asked "Well, we hadn't planned on this."

She cleared her throat, and said wearily, " How about I'll draw four names instad of three, and those four will go with me."

The guys cheered, and I pulled out a small cup, saying "Okay, each of you write down your name on these cards that Natalie is passing out, and she'll draw."

Soon all twelve names were in the cup, and I held it up and reached in and stirred it a bit. She would then stick her hand in the cup, and pull out a card, I would shake it again, and she would pull out another card. We did this until she had the fourth name drawn.

With a smile, she then read the names, one at a time. "Jeff." The guys slapped Jeff on the back, and there was some groans as well form some that were not chosen. "Pete." She said with a smile, and Pete returned the smile as well. She read the third name, "Greg!" He let out a yell of joy as the others laughed at his antics. She smiled, as she looked over the guys, all eager to hear their individual name spoken. She sighed, as she read the last name "Mike." There were moans of sadness, and he stood and came over and kissed my wife in appreciation on picking his name.

I returned to the bridge, as the guys returned to filling my wife's horny cunt with their loads . As I guided the boat on back to the marina I smiled, as I heard her cry out in orgasm, thinking that she was going to be very well fucked during the upcoming week as well.

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