Whoring For My Husbands Gambling Debt

Title: Whoring For My Husbands Gambling Debt- M/F M+/F, voyeur, gangbang, Interracial
Summary: A married white women, tired of ehr husbands gambling, pays off his bookie with her body. An arrangement that she found she actually enjoyed.
Keywords:  M/F M+/F, voyeur, gangbang, Interracial

I saw him approach me, a smile on his wide black face, as I continued to sip on my beer. He chuckled as he took a seat across from me, saying "Well, nice to see you here."

I had trouble talking at first, as I replied "I'm sure you are."

"So what did you bring me?" he asked.

I replied "A grand."

His eyes bugged out, and he straightened up, as he started to say something. I could tell he was angry, before he quickly collected himself and looked around, checking to see if anyone else was listening in. He then leaned forward, placing his large, muscular black forearms, crossed in front of him, on top of the table. He asked softly, "A grand?" I nodded my head yes, and he sighed, closed his eyes and shook his head, repeating his words, but not as a question, more in a statement, and I sensed the anger in his voice, "A grand!" He snorted, looked me in the eye, and said "That's only five percent of what your worthless husband owes me, sweetie."

I cleared my throat, responding with "I know. That's why I stopped letting him bet when he hit twenty."

He looked surprised at my statement, as he asked "You knew?"

I shrugged, "Not at first. But, well, I caught on to John rather quickly."

"I was wanting a quarter of it back today!" was his gruff reply.

I smiled, and asked in the best sexy voice I could muster, "Is there any way I can make a deal?"

He snorted, "What kind of deal?"

"One made behind closed doors." I replied. I quickly added, "I've a room at the Hyatt." as I pushed a napkin across the table.

He picked it up, reading the room number. He then looked over the napkin and towards me, asking "How I know this ain't a trap?"

I laughed, "You don't!" I then said "I'll be there in an hour, if you're interested in hearing my proposal. If you could, could you arrive about three so I have time to get ready?"

He sat there frozen, and I could see his brain working over time on this situation. He then cracked a slight smile, showing that he knows I wasn't joking, as he said "No problem."

The waiter shows up, and asks "Would you need anything, sir?"

He laughed, as he pulled out his wallet, and handed the guy a twenty, saying "No, this will cover the lady's drink, though." The waiter smiled, took it and walked away. Then with no emotion, he said "I'll be there promptly at three."

I rose to my feet, saying "See you then, Ronald." I then turned and walked away, not even bothering to look behind me. Yes, I was nervous as hell. But I was still quite pissed off at John for getting us into this mess in the first place. I sighed as I walked the six blocks to the hotel, wishing that this wasn't about to happen. Poor John, has a weakness for gambling. This wasn't the first time, however. And, I've gotten quite tired of it all.

If you want to know the truth, I can pay off Ronald rather quickly. But, I'm tired of paying off John's debts. At least, with my hard earned cash. I might as well enjoy myself now, shouldn't I? No, John hasn't a clue as to my plans. But I will let him know once I get this ball rolling.

Once in my hotel room, I striped down and went into the bathroom and enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub for an hour. Then, I got out, and as I dried myself off, I looked at my body in the mirror. I stand in at five-ten, weigh in at about one-forty, and I believe I carry it well. My breasts are more than a handful, each about the size of the end of a football, and rather pointy. Thin, long arms, a bit of a tummy, what with having had a child years ago. My hips are not that wide, and I've a nice, round ass.

And by this point, I was sure hoping that Ronald enjoys what I have to offer. I knew I shouldn’t worry about it, as I brushed my long, curly red hair. Actually, I was now smiling, and my normally pale white skin seemed to have a reddish hue to it. I was sitting there naked in front of the mirror, still, seeing my pointy breasts were sporting stiff, long nipples. Yes, they always did tend to give me away.

I pulled on a pair of black, thigh-high nylons, then a matching pair of black panties and a half-bra. The latter pushed my tits up and out, and my sweet nips stuck out of the top of the cups, begging to be tasted. I then pulled on my robe, tied it shut and went to the bed. I pulled back the covers to the foot of the bed, thinking no use getting them soiled. I'll let my body take most of that. If, he's willing to my proposal, that is.

By the time I heard the knock at my room door, I was laying contentedly on my back on the bed, by now looking forward to this. I moved slowly to the door, letting him wait just a second or two longer. Opening the door, there he stood, and I about laughed out loud as I saw him checking things out behind me, making sure things were safe. I reached out with my hand and grabbed his arm and pulled him in, saying "Come on, Ronald, I'm alone."

He walked on past me, glancing into the bathroom as he walked past it, then around the rest of the room as I closed the door. "Expecting something else, Ronald?"

He snorted, turned and looked at my face, before looking down my body, with my bathrobe still hiding what I have to offer. He tried to sound like he was in charge, as he asked "So, what's your offer?"

I crossed my arms, stating the obvious in a mocking voice. "What do you think? Me, of course!"

He snorted, shaking his head, "For twenty grand? Not for one time, honey!"

"No shit, Ronald. I know that." I walked to him, stopping about two feet away and as I undid the sash of my robe, I said "With some stipulations involved, I am to be yours for five months. You can use me and work me as you seem fit."

He was thinking, as he reached out with both hands, and pulled the rob off of my shoulders. I had dropped my arms, allowing it to fall freely to the floor, as he said "Five months? I'm not sure that's enough time, Beth."

Both of his big, black hands gently ran down off my bare shoulders and to my breast's, where he gently squeezed my nipples between his fingers, as I asked "And how much longer would you want me for? Six? Nine?"

He jerked his head up, asking "You're open for a longer amount?" He then smirked, "Those are some damn nice titties you got there, Beth!"

I smiled, he was making them feel good, not pulling too damn hard on them at the moment, something I was extremely glad for, as I said "Thank you, glad you like them. And yes, if it would mean I can pay off John's debt without paying in cash, I would stay in your, um, employment for up to a year." I moaned, catching me by surprise, as I added "That should probably cover any interest accumulated on the debt."

"So, you don't want to charge for each time?" he asked, as he pulled the bra cups down, letting my tits pop out to freedom.

I raised my hands to his belt, and as he massaged my globes, I began to undo his belt, saying "No, you can keep track if you like. I decided that it would be too much bother for me to do it. Best if we just use a time limit and not a usage fee."

He sounded happy as he said "So all the sex I want, no questions asked?" I nodded my head yes. "And I can use your body to repay John's bill?" I nodded again. "So I can put you on the street?"

"Sort of, yes." I replied.

"What you mean, sort of?" he asked.

I chuckled, as I pushed his slacks down below his hips, and reached down the front of his boxers and found his tool. "I have really only one stipulation, that being that for the most part, I want to be used in my own bed." I had my fingers wrapped around his large staff, and I giggled, adding "Oh, and no pain."

He moved his hands down across my belly, and moved to my side, while dipping his right hand down the front of my panties, saying "No problem! If you're working for me, I don't need you all bruised up." He then asked "What you mean your own bed? What about John?"

I was pulling on his thick shaft, starting to admire it, as I said "John's not getting any from me for a spell. As a matter of fact, he'll be sleeping in the spare bedroom. So I'll be available for you twenty-four, seven." I then sighed, adding "Although he's a great lover, he's a lousy husband and he needs to be taught a lesson."

The tips of his fingers found my slit, as he laughed out, declaring "Hell of a lesson."

I gave his dick a hard jerk, saying "You going to keep talking? Or would you like a taste?"

A soft chuckle, and he let go of my body and stepped away, quickly pulling his shirt off up and over his head as I unclasped my bra and got rid of it before pushing my panties down and sitting on the edge of the bed to take them off my long, thin legs. He was now sitting next to me, kicking off his shoes and then his pants and boxers.

Using both my hands, I pushed him on the chest to get him to lay down, and I soon was inhaling his wide, long shaft. He chuckled, as he ran his fingers through my red curls, taking the barrette out and letting my locks fall down.

"Damn girl, you got a good, hot mouth!" He stated, as I slurped away, trying to suck the life out of his meat. I took his nut sack into the palm of my right hand, massaging them, getting a good feel of them. This boy was hung like the proverbial black man, as I allowed his thick cock enter my throat. His dick was a good eleven inches long, by far the biggest that I've ever had, and those balls of his felt to be as big as tangerines!

I felt him slide his hand down my side to my hips, and he pulled on them, making me know he wanted to take a close inspection of my cunt. I just raised my hips up and swung my body around so I had my twat over his head. He now had both hands on my waist as he lifted his head and I felt his breath on my loins. Yes, it did feel good, as he explored my sex with his tongue. And his cock was throbbing between my lips, signaling that he was primed to go, while my taste buds were getting a good taste of his pre-cum, making me a bit desirous of what lay in store for my white flesh.

He came first, his cock erupting, while I had it lodged down my throat. I gagged, lifting my head so just the end of his dick pulsed against my tongue, with long, thick strands of his seed erupting against the back of my throat. His tongue was attacking my hard clitoris, driving me closer to my own sweet orgasm, as my mouth nursed on his ebony shaft.

A few minutes later, and I was screaming like here was no tomorrow as I came hard. Damn hard! God was it incredible. No, it wasn't the best cum of my life, but it was darn near close. And as I came down, about two minutes later, I was on my back next to him, my head hanging off the edge of the bed, while I still had the fingers of my right hand gliding up and down his cock, with me gasping out "God Ronald, I'm...I'm happy to see you know how to lick a girls cunt."

He laughed, as he raised up and leaned onto his right elbow, looking at my panting body, as he said "And I can't wait to get my dick in ya, girl."

I smiled at him, then looked at his prick, still in my white fingers, as I happily observed, "You're still hard." I then looked back at him, asking him, "How do you want me?"

He laid back down, saying "On top.". I moved slowly, straddling his hips eventually, as he went onto say "I'll be hard for a while, I want to see your white cunt cum as you ride my black dick."

I grunted as I felt that bulbous head of his shank enter my cunt, with me stating "I'll do as you say, Ronald."

He snickered, as his hands went to my tits, which he grabbed roughly, saying "Yeah girl. You sure will." I had closed my eyes, smiling as I sank down onto his cock, with him balling my tits, and he said "And I'll be nailing your white ass myself as often as I can. You going to be my personal slut!"

The way he said it was quite amusing, for he seemed to be thrilled at the prospect of having me for his desires. And able to use my flesh to make a buck as well. Plus, I get to still have sex, for I was planning on cutting John off anyway.

I was happily rising and falling on his tool, enjoying the feeling of his cock repeatedly filling my hungry fuck hole, getting me closer and closer to another fine orgasm. He kept quiet, allowing me the opportunity to enjoy my first extra-marital fuck.

I smiled happily, for this was going to be first of many. I was almost there...almost...christ, Ronald's thrusting hard up into me now! Shit...oh shit...I screamed...LOUDLY! Loud and LONG!

I was gasping for air, my body collapsing forward on top of him, and I was muttering nonsense, as he laughed, grabbing my ass with both hands and giving it a good squeeze, saying "Damn, you a hot bitch."

I sighed, "Yeah, I am at that."

He then said "So, how's it feel to become a slut for black cock?"

I snorted at his comment, and I pushed myself up with both my hands on his shoulders, his dick still hard, up inside of me, as I said "Listen, I still much prefer my husbands dick over yours. Yours is just going to be one of many I'll use to pay off my husband's debt, understand?" He got a pouty look on his face, and I rolled my eyes, as I clenched my cunt and pulled on his cock with it, adding after a deep sigh, "But if makes you feel more, um, dominant? So be it."

He grabbed my waist, and said "Yeah, I'd like that."

I decided to play along, as I mockingly said "Oh please, mistah, fuck me with you big, black cock!"

He started to laugh, saying "Now stop that, you get me laughing and I won't be able to keep it up."

I was moving my hips back and forth, "I don't think you'll have a problem, Ronald."

He started working his hips with mine, "So, I can come over any time, huh?" I nodded my head yes, "And I can send men over, to earn me some money?"

"That's the idea, isn't it?" I replied. I then stopped fucking for a second, saying "Oh, this is Friday, don't make your first visit until Monday. I need to break the news to John, first."

"It's going to take you three days to tell him?" was his shrill response.

I laughed, lowered my face and kissed his lips, saying "No silly, only one day. But you see, this room is paid for through Sunday."

"Oh." was his meek reply, followed by a more enthusiastic "Oh, yeah!"

My ride was shortened then, as he rolled me over and fucked me hard for five minutes, dumping me with his second load. And by very early Sunday morning, he added a good dozen more, with god only knows how many cums for me. Actually, I was surprised, quite happily, that he knew how to please a woman with more than his fat, long cock. Yes, it was good, having him take me whenever he was hard, for almost thirty-six hours.

And the last time was early Sunday morning, before I got out of bed and dressed while Ronald laid there, out like a light, not even bothering with a shower with me slipping quietly out of the room and heading on home beyond the suburbs. My home is nice, a split level, three bedroom, three full bath home with a finished half-basement and four car attached garage. We live in the country, along a hillside, with a marvelous view of the rolling terrain. And out back is the in-ground pool, all on five very private acres.

I parked in the garage, and got out and headed inside. The morning sun was just cresting over the hills, shining into the kitchen window, as I crept on upstairs to the master bedroom. entering it, I herd John ask "Beth? Is that you?"

I chuckled, as I pulled my blouse off as well as my jeans, seeing "Yes dear, it is I."

It was still dark in the room, what with the curtains closed, as I saw his shadowy figure sit up, as he asked "Well, how'd it go?" I snorted, and he quickly said "I mean, um..."

I came to the side of the bed, and lifted the covers and slipped in been the cool sheets. Reaching down, I found his cock, hard and waiting, as I giggled, saying "It went well."

"Did you pay him?" he asked.

I was pulling on his dick, and saying "Eat me, and we'll discuss it." I sighed, as he moved down to my messy snatch, smiling inside as I thought of him eating some of Ronald's many loads of fertile cream. He pushed a pair of fingers into my gash, as his tongue flicked over my clit, and I groaned, "Oh yes, John, that's good."

He stopped licking long enough to say "You're pussy's so wet."

I chuckled, "Yes, it is.", as I felt a good tongue induced cum approaching. I don't know, I do cum when I get my cunt ate, but the thought of him licking me and cleaning me up after Ronald's had his way for two nights, it's gotten me hot!

Soon, I was clenching the top of his head with my fingers as I came. How many times had I came this weekend? NO fucking idea, and I didn't care, as he quickly moved on top of me and shoved his throbbing dick inside of my hot, sloppy cunt. I was all smiles, as he licked my hard nipples while thrusting his cock in and out of me, making a loud squishy sound as he went at it.

It didn't take him long, maybe three minutes, before he grunted and stiffened, as he added his seed to my womb. As he laid on top of me, with shortness of breath, he said "Damn, your pussy, it felt so, well.."

"Used?" I blurted out. It was now light enough in the room for me to see his surprised and confused face. "Ronald's spunk is still inside of me. And god did he put plenty there."

His voice quivered, "You...you...had sex with him? A nigger?"

I lashed out "Yes, a nigger. A nigger that you owe twenty grand to. Ronald has gladly exchanged your debt for my sexual favors for one year."

I saw the color drain from his face, as he meekly said "You're kidding? Right?"

I shook my head, "No dear, I am not. And as for you and I, o sex between us. For I'll be working for Ronald."

His voice raised somewhat, as he asked "What you mean by that?"

I laughed, and with a cheerful voice, declared, "I've become his slut whore for a year. I'm to work off your debt with my mouth and cunt, and probably my ass as well." I then pushed him off of me, adding as I stood up, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a shower and some much needed rest."

He followed me into the bathroom, and stood there, staring at me, before stating "I can't believe you did this."

I didn't raise my voice, as I said "And how many times have I bailed you out of debt, John?" I stepped into the shower, bowed my legs, and squeezed, watching as cum dripped from my cunt, with me saying "Damn! Did he ever put a lot of jizz up into me!" I lifted my face up, saying to him, "I warned you after the last time that I had had enough. And then it was ten grand you lost on a sure bet you had." I then turned on the water, and adjusted it, saying "He'll be over tomorrow night. We'll be using this bed, so I'll get the bed in the spare bedroom ready for you after I get some sleep."

He asked "He's coming here? What about Kate?"

I closed the curtain, saying as I ducked under the water to wash the grime of two nights of sex off, "I'll be talking to Kate later today. I suggest you go somewhere in the mean time."

I didn't pay any attention to his muttering after that. Once showered, I dried off and went to bed, quickly falling to sleep.

I woke about two in the afternoon. Got up, pulled on a nightgown and went down the hall to the spare bedroom. No sign of John, but I did hear someone downstairs. A few minutes went by, and I was making his new bed, when I heard Kate’s voice from the doorway, saying "Mom?"

I turned, smiled, saying "Hello dear."

She stepped inside the room, asking "You okay, mom?"

With a laugh, I said "oh yes, mommy’s just fine." I then asked "Where's your father?"

She stuttered, "He, um, left a few hours ago. Saying something about you being a whore."

I froze, "A whore!" I then giggled, "Well, guess it's true." I looked and saw the shocked look on her face, and I laughed, shaking my head, and saying as I sat on the edge of the bed, "Come here, Kate." She did so slowly, before turning her body around and taking a seat next to me there on the bed. I sighed, trying to think of the best way to explain this, before quickly deciding that blunt and to the point was probably best, as I said "Now honey, I don't want you taking sides here. For both your daddy and I are at fault."

She stuttered out with a whimperish "You, you and daddy going to get a divorce?"

I first was stunned, before I put my arm around her and laughed, saying "No, not at all. For I love your father." I then quickly settled down, and took a deep breath, before saying "You know daddy has a problem, with gambling."

She sniffled, "Uh-huh. As long as I can remember, daddy was always gambling on something."

"Well, this time, daddy lost big time. Twenty thousand dollars."

"All at once?" she asked, with surprise in her voice.

I giggled, "No, a few hundred dollars here, a grand there. But it quickly built up. And, his bookie was wanting to be paid."

She swallowed hard, "Do we have the money?"

I laughed, "Oh yes, we've more than enough money. What with what your father earns, and I inherited from my family, more than enough. But!" I sighed, "When will your daddy learn to stop?"

She shrugged her shoulders, saying "Don't know?" She then asked "So did you pay it off."

"Not in one night, no." She looked at me puzzled, and I then said "Honey, you're sixteen, you know what a woman's body can be used for."

Her eyes flew open, and she exclaimed "Oh my god, mom! You mean, you are?"

I laughed, "Well, guess so."

"But why, mom? I mean, that's, well..."

"Disgusting? Used? Degrading? There are lots of words to describe it. However, your father has been throwing away my trust in him for years. So now I'm using my body to pay off his debt and maybe he can think about this for a while as he sleeps in this room, or tries to sleep, as I get my body used in our marriage bed to cover his debt."

Her jaw was slack, and the only word she could saw, after about thirty seconds of silence, was "Wow."

I smiled, leaned over and kissed her forehead, saying "Yes, my thoughts exactly." So, you're going to do it here?" she asked. "In you and dad's bed?"

"Uh-huh, starting tomorrow night. I told Ronald to visit then. he's your dad's bookie." I responded, as I then stood up, saying "Now, let's get your dad's bed finished." I then said "Oh, when he, or other men are here, just act like nothings wrong, okay?"

She said "Yeah, sure mom." she swallowed hard, asking "Like, how often?"

"I'll be Ronald's 'ho for a year, as of this past Friday night." I stated. I paused, "I guess really we could be doing it in any room, so you and your father are going to have to get use to it."

"You've already started?" she asked.

I laughed, "Yes, Ronald fucked me ragged for two nights already. I'm sure he's some debts of his own that he wants to get paid off, and he'll probably use my flesh for to do it."

She stuttered, "And...and you, um, are okay with this?"

I scowled, "Hell no I'm not! However, your father blowing twenty grand calls for a wake up call. And let's not forget the other times. That's money we could use for other things!"

"How much has daddy lost before?" she asked.

I looked her straight in the eye, and replied "I've kept track for the last ten years. He's thrown away over two hundred thousand dollars." I sighed, lowered my chin and shook my head, "If he wasn't such a good father to you, and a good lover to me, I'd have kicked him out years ago." I felt a ear in my eye, as I added "I do love him, but this gambling fever has to stop, understand?"

She sniffled some, and nodded her head yes, before wrapping her arms around me and softly saying "I love you mommy, and I'll back you on hits, okay?"

That cheered me up, as I giggled some, and said "Thank you, baby." I broke away from her, and then said "Now, I've lots of work to do yet."

"Like what? Can I help?" She asked.

I stood, pulling her hand tog et her to her feet, and said "Yes, we need to move your fathers clothes into this room. It will be where he'll be sleeping for the next three-hundred and sixty-two days."

"Good thing for him it's not a leap year." she said with a girlish giggle, causing me to laugh with her. With the two of us working together, we had John's things moved into the spare bedroom, then she helped me clean the house. At about six, I made dinner, and John came home just in time to eat. He didn't look happy, but then, who could blame him. Not only had he lost twenty grand, but he's lost the sexual services of his wife to other men for a year.

The conversation during the meal was brief...very brief...as he asked Kate "What did you do today, honey?"

And Kate, with a smile, I don't know how she could keep it on her face, announced cheerfully, "I helped mom move all of your things into the spare bedroom." She then added "I'm happy that she didn't kick you out onto the street, daddy."

John looked at me, and he asked loudly, "You told her?"

I nodded my head yes, and replied "Yes, everything. Oh, and Ronald will be coming over some time tomorrow."

"Hey mom!" Kate interjected, "Maybe we should go shopping ad get you some new clothes to act the part!"

I giggled, "Well, it's late on a Sunday dear, only thing open would be Wal-Mart."

"Can we go in the morning?" she pleaded.

I rolled my eyes, saying "Oh Kate, we'll see." I paused, then said "You know, I’ll probably need to go buy some more sheet sets for my bed."

Kate asked "Why? How often would you need to change them?"

I shrugged, "Probably after each encounter, dear. And I've no idea how often yet Ronald will be using me."

"Oh, well, this should be interesting." she said, ending the dinner conversation with that. And thinking about it, she's right. I probably could use some new clothes. Something on the line of the sluttier nature. And I'm sure Ronald will have his taste of fashion that he'll want me to dress as.

I slept well that night, and woke up and made my husband breakfast before he left for work. It was the usual routine, with me giving him a kiss good-bye before he left. And once Kate got up, since it was summer break, we hit the mall. Oh yes, Victoria Secret, here we come. I dropped five hundred dollars there, buying all sort of lingerie. Then off to Wal-Mart, where I bought tank tops, tube tops, and short blouses, with a bunch of short skirts. And, no underwear. I also bought a dozen sheet sets for my bed, plus a few more blankets and comforters to go along with it. And we were home by two in the afternoon, with a message on the answering machine from Ronald, asking me to call him.

I did, and once he said hello on the other end, I said "It's Beth, Ronald."

He sounded exuberant, as he said Hey babe, okay if I come on over?"

I laughed, saying "You don't have to ask, Ronald. You've the address, right?"

He replied "I'll be there in thirty minutes."

I laughed as I heard the phone click, as Kate asked "When's he coming?"

I smiled, thinking 'often' was probably the correct answer, but I said "He's on his way, dear." I then turned and went towards the bathroom, saying "Best if I get some make-up on.", causing her to giggle.

I was now feeling nervous as all hell. My 'pimp' was on his way, and I was going to be taken in my own bed. Yet, my pussy seemed hotter than it'd been in years. I think that's when it hit me, that I was looking forward to this.

After make-up, I pulled on one of the outfits I had bought today. A white teddy with matching white stockings. I let my red curls hang down, as I took a seat on the couch, with Kate stating "You look hot, mom."

I giggled "In more ways than one, dear."

She laughed, as we heard Ronald's car pull up in the derive, and I jumped to my feet, as did Kate. Then it hit me, my daughter's going to be here as Ronald has his way with me. I decided so what? I went to the door and opened it before he was even half-way up the walk. His wide black face broke out into a big grin as he walked up to me, saying "Damn girl, you're ready for me." before we put our arms around each other, giving a big mutual hug. I pulled him inside, and closed the door, saying "Yes, I'm ready to begin my servitude to you."

He saw Kate standing there, and he asked "Who's this little angel?"

I giggled, saying "Ronald, this is our daughter Kate. Kate, this is my pimp, Ronald."

Kate sort of bowed, as she giggled, and said "Mom didn't say much about you, but I am pleased that you've agreed to her arrangement."

Ronald broke out in a hearty laugh, saying "And how's John accepting your plan?"

I laughed, hooking my arm into his, and leading him to the stairs, saying "He's not as receptive to the idea as our daughter."

"That's too bad." he quipped.

I laughed as we walked up the short flight of stairs, saying "My thoughts exactly!" We turned into my bedroom, and I closed the door behind us, with him letting out a low whistle, saying "Damn! Your bed looks nice."

I smile, going to the edge and sitting on it, as my fingers worked his trousers off his hips, saying "I always thought it got worked over pretty well the last nineteen years. But I believe it ain't seen nothing yet."

I soon was sucking on his long wide shaft, as he ran his hands through my red curls, saying "Jesus girl, you hungry for my black cock!" I was slurping away, twisting my hands on his black shaft, running my tongue all around it as I moaned. "You going to be a fine slut for me, Beth. I've already put the word out that I've a fine married white slut that is going to need a lot of dicking for the next year." He chuckled, with his right hand reaching down and popping my left breast out. He pulled on it's hardening nipple. "Yeah, I already got the first ones lined up for tomorrow."

I stopped sucking long enough to say "Tomorrow? Good!", before resuming slobbering over his black meat.

He was breathing heavily, his cock throbbing while jammed in between my lips, and I thought he might want to face fuck me, but he suddenly pushed me away, saying "My dick wants a taste of your cunt, slut."

I laid back onto my back, saying "Yes sir!" as I pulled my legs apart. He reached down and unsnapped trey crotch of the teddy. And soon he was inside of me, the first thrust knocking the air of out of lungs, as I grunted, saying "Yeah, Ronald, that's it big boy, fuck your white married slut."

He was grunting each time his heavy nut sack slapped my bare white ass, as he exclaimed "Your cunt is mine for the next year, bitch! You hear me?"

"Fuck...fuck yeah, I...oh god..." I clenched my teeth and screamed as my body erupted into one hell of a mind blowing orgasm, my cunt clamping down on his prize wining pecker, making him suddenly go stiff as he cussed while pumping me full of his seed. Ands he wasn't done there. Not hardly! For he grabbed my right leg and turned me over while still stuck on his fuck stick, with me now on my belly, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back to him. I had my hips hanging off the side of the bed, and Ronald went to town pummeling my cunt hard and fast as he moved his hands up underneath and grabbed my tits, squeezing my melons hard.

He rode me for forty minutes like that, getting me off twice during that stretch, before finally pumping his second batch of baby batter deep inside of me. He fell forward onto the bed to my right, and I rolled onto my side, with my back up against him. It took a spell for either of us to catch our breath, as I felt his spunk drain from my cunt, down the front of my left thigh. I finally said "Well, we're off to a good start, don't you think?"

He chuckled, reaching over and grabbing my right tit, stating "Yeah, and good thing you enjoy sex."

I giggled, wiggling my ass against his pecker, saying "That's always been something I've enjoyed through out my life, Ronald. And just as well, for I'm sure you're going to make sure I get plenty of it for the remainder of my year under your control."

"Hell Beth, you're a great piece of ass!" He stated. His thick dark fingers were now pulling on my bright pink nipple, and it was sending waves of pleasure through my over sexed body. "So, we can only do it in this room, huh?"

I mulled it over, then said "Well, not necessarily, I guess. I mean, I'm open to be taken anywhere in my house, whether John or Kate is around or not."

I turned my face, and added with a big grin, "Kate even went with me to get some new outfits today for this arrangement."

He had surprise in his voice, asking "No fucking shit?" I nodded, kissed his chin, and he declared a soft "Wow!" He then asked "Hey, you are on the pill or something?"

I giggled, "Better yet, my tubes are tied." I then said "Oh yeah, that reminds me, I'll let you know when my monthly visitor is due."

He laughed, "Yeah, your pussy will be out of commission, but not your mouth and ass."

I was shocked, and it showed as my head jerked up, with me saying "My ass!"

He chuckled, and I felt his fingers from his other hand move quickly to my butt, as he declared, "Damn straight, girl! Your whole body is mine now."

He was rubbing the tip of his finger at my little brown hole, as I squirmed a bit, stating "Shit! I've never done that before."

"Really!" he declared, before giving an evil chuckle, and commenting "I'm going to take your little anal cherry."

I frowned at that, saying "I suppose so. But you're going to have to use a lot of lube!"

"You got any?" he asked.

I rolled onto my back, asking "Now?" My hand fell onto his hard shaft, and I snorted, "Well, guess so, huh?"

He was grinning from ear to ear, saying "Might as well get it over with. Shoot, I'll make a lot more money more quickly if your fine white ass is available for a good banging."

I was tugging on his hard cock, thinking this aspect of it over in my mind. I finally took a deep breath, sat up, and said "Let me go get something to grease myself up."

With that I went to the door and opened it and walked out into the hall. At first, I thought of what Kate would think as she would see me, but I just laughed, not caring for she knew what was happening anyway. And there she was, in the kitchen, getting ready to make dinner. She turned and looked at me my teddy undone in the crotch and pushed down below my tits, as she chuckled and said "Shoot mom, you look like you enjoyed all that noise you two were making in there."

I was blushing, from slight embarrassment, as I said "Well, I've always enjoyed a good fuck, dear." I went to the cabinet above the counter, to the left of where she was standing, and opened it up and looked inside. "I'm sure you'll learn to enjoy it as well. Beats playing with yourself, that's for sure." I then smiled, reached into the cabinet and said "Ah, here we go!" as I pulled out a bottle of olive oil.

Kate asked as I turned and headed back for some more action "What do you need that for?"

"Because we don't have any K-Y jelly. Can you put that on the grocery list please?"

She laughed, asking "Do you want it in a tube or by the gallon?"

I responded with "Don't be smart, dear." as I was soon inside my bedroom, and I closed the door behind me.

As I stood there, lubing myself up with a pair of fingers up my bum, I told him what Kate had said, and he just laughed, saying "She could be just like you, you know."

I smiled, "Probably so, but not like you're tapping it, buster."

He was snickering as he coated his fat shaft with the oil, as I grabbed a pillow and laid on tip of it, with my body resting on it just at the hips. My ass was stuck up in the air, and I had my arms out in front of me, as I felt him move up behind me. He pushed the cheeks of my ass apart, and I felt the tip of his dong press against my anus, making me say "Careful now, honey. It's going to be a bit tight for both of us." He grunted, and so did I as he sank in about an inch, as a wave of pain reached my brain, making me hiss out "Oh fuckin shit!"

He was grunting, sliding in more of his cock, and I was seeing stars, as it felt like my ass was being ripped open. I put my face into the mattress and bit into the sheets, crying out in pain as he pushed even more of his long, fat cock into me. My head was a jumbled mess as he worked more and more of his meat into me, before he leaned forward on top of me, and stayed still, allowing my ass to get use to it's first penetration.

I had tears in my eyes by this point, but the pain, although it was a sharp pain at first, it was know rather dull. And I felt him work a hand underneath me, and son he was fingering my clit. I croaked out "OH yeah, rub my clitty!"

"That make your first ass fuck feel better, slut?" he asked.

I nodded, replying "Some, ugh, yes...oh shit..."

He pulled out and eased back in again, and I was surprised that it didn't feel any worse. Not great, but not worse. Of course, he was diddling my clit rather nicely, as he raised his body up, still working my button, as he said "Yeah, you going to find you love taking two brothers at once. One in your sweet cunt and another in your tight ass!"

I snorted, "My ass ain’t going to be so damn tight if you keep fucking it, though."

"I don't know!" he stated "Your cunt does a great job of staying tight. feels just as tight as the first time I nailed it the other night."

I pulled my forearms to in front of my face, and I pushed myself up, and he started pumping my round ass with his meat. I was feeling pretty fine by now, as he kept rubbing my mound, his finger now dipped inside my gooey cunt. God it felt incredible, the feeling of his finger inside my cunt and his cock in my ass. Maybe he's right? Maybe I will love two dicks inside of me. I grunted out "So, you going a have me used by more than one man at once, then?"

He laughed, "Oh yeah, I've already thought of a gang bang. You goanna make me some good money wit your tight white cunt, slut."

I replied "Looking forward to it, Ronald. Now fuck my ass hard, break it in, damn you!"

The pain was no lone there, but the exoticness of it was driving me mad, as now I was thinking of having both holes filled with dick. I would never have thought that I'd ever allow to have my ass fucked, and not only was it being banged right this moment, but I was darn near to having an orgasm while it was being done. Yeah, I came....HARD! Hell, I at first wondered what Kate was thinking as she listened to her mother surrendering her ass up and enjoying it to boot. But then, I didn't care!

Ronald drilled my ass for thirty minutes, before finally filling my bowels with his spunk. He rested on top of my collapsed body for a few moments, before pulling out and sitting on the edge of the bed. He then pushed my as cheeks apart, taking a look of my butt hole, and said "Whew girl, you did nicely."

I groaned, a happy smile on my face, as I asked "You did as well, Ronald. Thanks for busting my ass for me."

He chuckled, "Yeah, now you want to clean my dick off for me?"

I exclaimed "HELL NO!" I rolled onto my side away from him, and added "You go get in the shower and wash that thing before you go sticking it in my mouth."

He laughed, stood and walked towards the bathroom, saying "Well come along, I want you to clean it yourself in the shower."

Well, he is my 'owner' for the next year, and I guess he could have made me clean my slimy bowel juices off his dick, but he didn't, so I eased off my over fucked body off the bed and followed him into my bathroom. Soon we were under the shower and I did a good job of cleaning him up, as well as myself too. I was surprised that my ass didn't hurt all that bad, as we finished getting cleaned up and went into the bedroom, where upon he started getting dressed.

I watched as he pulled on his underwear, as I laid down on the bed, totally naked. I asked "So, what are the plans for tonight and tomorrow?"

HE chuckled, "Unfortunately, I got to go, I've business to tend too."

I purred "Mmmmmmm, that's to bad."

He laughed, shaking his head, "Honey, I'd love to stay and bang your hot white cunt constantly from now until your year is up, but you ain't making me money that way."

"Oh all right, but I'm sure you'll do well in keeping me busy."

"I'm sure most weekends you won't be seeing the floor much, cunt!" he said rather rudely, which I didn't mind at all. "Best if you go get a shot load of condoms. I don't need you getting anything dumped into your bloodstream that I don't want to catch."

Oh, I never thought of that, as I exclaimed "Yeah, okay." in a rather sad voice.

He heard my voice, and as he pulled his shirt on over his head, he said "Damn! You like it bareback, don't you?" I smiled and nodded my head yes, and he just chuckled, saying "Well, maybe I'll arrange something with some of the bro's that I trust the most."

I enthusiastically said "Get 'em tested first, will you?"

He laughed, saying "No problem, Beth." He was putting on his socks in the lone chair in the room, and he said "I've a guy coming over tomorrow morning. He's paid me to use you for an hour. Another guy will arrive at about four for two hours. They'll probably want to be sucked off as well as dipping their sticks in you as much as they can."

I smiled, "No problem. They pay ahead of time?"

"Yeah, that they did." he said, while pulling on his shoes.

Standing, he went to the door, and opened it, as I bounced off the bed and followed him out, with little old me not wearing a stitch on. Entering the living room, there sat my husband, and he looked rather remorseful, as I walked Ronald to the door. He opened it, and turned around, embracing my body and we kissed as his right hand clutched my left tit, making me moan loudly into his mouth.

Breaking apart, he said "Be ready in the morning, slut."

I responded with a demure "Yes sir!" as he walked out the door, leaving me standing there naked, and wanting more. Shit, I was almost ready to allow John the privilege of banging my filthy black-cum filled cunt, but decided not too. No use letting him get his hopes up, as I waved to my black master as he drove away. I closed the door, and headed to the kitchen, asking loudly, "You got dinner about ready, Kate? I'm starved!"

Entering the kitchen, she looked over her shoulder, saying "Just about mom. Daddy’s home." She looked at my bare pussy, giggled, and said "Shit mom, your snatch is all red!"

I moaned happily, "And darn well it should be, as well as my once tight asshole." I took a seat at the table, and John came into the room, as Kate asked "How'd it go?"

"Great! He did a good job of banging my white ass!" I replied.

John meekly replied "You allowed him to fuck your ass?"

Before I could answer, Kate interjected as she opened the oven door, with "Oh daddy, he's her owner for the time being, so she doesn't have much choice." She then pulled out a casserole dish, and as she carried it quickly to the table, she asked "So when's your first trick?"

"Tomorrow morning." I stated, adding "Oh, and after diner, I need to go get condoms."

"Good idea mom, we don't need you catching anything going around." she said.

John just sat there, totally stunned, barely eating as Kate and I chatted, with me telling her all the gory details of my first ass fucking. After dinner, I did get dressed, as I decided to accompany Kate to go get condoms. And to get some more slutty outfits. Once back home, I changed the sheets of my bed, smiling as I saw the brownish stain where the juices from my ass dripped down onto the sheets.

Then off to bed, with visions of dicks dancing in my head. I woke, made breakfast for my husband and daughter, then after John left for work, I went to my room and put on a see-through negligee and no underwear, and waited in the living room. Kate went off to see a friend, and I sipped a diet cola and waited to see what Ronald was sending my way.

My first 'john' arrived at a quarter to nine, and he enjoyed my white flesh for two hours before leaving at just before eleven, well fucked and happy. And, so was I. The second one arrived shortly there after, while I was eating, and he took me in the living room, banging fucking my cunt for the first hour, then switching to my ass for the second.

As I laid there on the carpet in the middle of the living room, a towel underneath my bare ass, I watched as he dressed to leave. Neither men had talked the whole time they fucked me, but I did say as he was dressing "I hope you enjoyed me, sir."

He smiled, "You were great, Beth. Ron was right, you're a great white slut!"

I smiled, "Thank you, sir. Please let Mister Ron know when you are in need of my body."

"I’ll be sure to do that Beth." he replied, before going to the door and allowing himself out.

Well, the next three weeks went well, I thought. I was tricking an average of four times a day, usually short jobs not lasting more than thirty minutes. And Ronald would come over and take care of his needs on an almost nightly basis. Sometimes he'd just do me for an hour at most, then there were the times he rides me all night long. And during the five days I was flowing, I did bj's and anal.

Then, on a Saturday, he called me right after I was finished with one of his clients, and he told me that he'd be over at nine that night, and I should probably rest up, for he wasn't going to be alone. I told my husband that I'd be having a group event tonight, and he just shook his head in disgust and went to his room. Kate, on the other hand, was enthusiastic. She was wanting to know if it'd be okay to watch. Well, since I had no idea where in the house that Ronald would be wanting the action to take place, I told her she'd probably be able to watch, but o keep out of sight.

Yes, she’s watched me in action enough already. I've done a few tricks on the couch already when she's walked ion on me. And after the first few days of getting used, I never bothered shutting my bedroom door. More than once I would look up and see her standing there in the doorway, watching me get my cunt or ass nailed, and her with e big smile on her face. I suspected that she'd love to join in, but I really wasn't ready for that.

John too has walked in on me satisfying a customer, and all the men would do would tell him that he's got a hell of a hot wife. Of course, I always introduced them to him once John made his appearance, and I always made a point to mention that he's my first love, even though he wasn't getting any from me.

I rested unto eight, ate, showered and dressed in a mid-riff t-shirt and a skirt that didn't even cover my ass and pussy. And when I came down the stairs, Kate just snorted and said "Shit mom, you look like you're ready."

I smiled, saying "I sure am. I've already shoved enough lube up my pussy and asshole to slide a tank across sand."

She laughed loudly, as Is aw a car pull into my drive. She looked and said "well, I'm off to bed. I'll take a look on you from time to time."

I went tot eh door, saying "Yes, you do that, dear." I heard her giggle, and her footsteps as she bounded up the stairs to her own bedroom. I opened the door, and crossed my arms and leaned against the door frame, as I watched Ronald get out of his car, as well as four other men. Damn! Talk about big! I guessed each one to be as big, if not bigger than Ronald. Looks like the starting offensive line of the Rams!

With them coming up the steps, none saying a word and Ronald in the lead, I said "Hello Ronald, are these your friends?"

He chuckled, put his hands on my upped arms and planted a kiss on my lips, then said "Yeah, they’re here for some of your sweetness."

I purred out "I've plenty of that for you all, come on in.", as I turned and he out his arm around my waist, guiding me to the middle of the room.

He asked "Where's your old man?"

I giggled, as he stopped me, replying "He's in his room."

"Well you stay here, I'll be right back.", he replied, leaving me a bit surprised as he went up the stairs towards John's room.

I turned to the other four, saying "Hi guys, you all got names?"

They all were smiling, and all chuckled, as the one on the left end said "Yeah, I'm George, this is Adam, then Mick, and Sampson."

I saw George was carrying a case of some sort, and I asked "What's in that?"

He grinned, as he lifted it about waist high, saying "A video camera!"

I heard Ronald walking back down the stairs, as I spun around fast, eyes wide open, saying "Oh no! No filming!"

He laughed as he said "Fuck yeah, there will be filming, bitch." I saw John coming down the stairs behind him, as Ronnie declared "And John here's going to be filming you in action."

I shouted out "What the hell, you fucking crazy?"

"Nope!" he said calmly, as he reached out and grabbed my wrists, pulling them down to my side, saying "And if the video does well, you'll get a cut."

I froze, "A cut? how much?"

He laughed, turning to my hubby, who was standing nearby, looking a bit nervous, and saying "See, your slut loves the sound of money." He then turned to me, and with a smug look on his face, he said "I'm hoping to get ten grand for it, if I do, you'll get two."

I snorted, "Two grand? That's all?"

He then blurted out "And twenty percent of anything above that!"

I curled my lip, pulled my hands away from his and put them on my hips, gave it a thought for a seconds, and then declared "Thirty percent."

I heard two of the gentlemen behind me snort in amusement, as Ron rolled his eyes in his head, before saying a firm "Twenty-five."

I cracked a smile, "Will be there be other filming?"

He shrugged, saying "If this does good, maybe."

"Twenty-seven." I shot back.

"Jesus Christ, bitch!" He declared loudly, before shaking his head no, and said a quick "Twenty-six percent.", and before I could snap back, he exclaimed "And that's final or you do it for free." I scowled, and he said "Remember, you never said anything about not getting filmed."

I fidgeted, and disgustingly agreed with a cold "Fine!"

He chuckled, and stated "It sure will be, cunt." He then said to George, "Get the camera out, dude. And show John here how to use it!"

Well, I was soon standing by myself as the four men began to talk about how to operate the camera and how to do the scene. Rather comical, actually, as they tried to come up with a story line on the fly. Shit, these fucking bastards couldn't act their way out of a fucking parking ticket!

I finally had enough, as John was getting the hang of using the camera as he was filming the couch and other inanimate object sitting about, as I said "Look guys, you want to shoot a porno or are you four fucks just going to talk about it all damn night!" They stopped their bickering, which is what it had become by this point, and I just sighed, looked at the ceiling, and said "Okay, all four of you, come here!" They did, and I turned and faced John, asking "Your ready to begin, dear?"

He stuttered out "Uh, yeah, sure."

I looked over at the television, for the camera was wired to it, and said "Very well, aim it at us, and I'll begin."

I was surprised as John interrupted with "Um, you think it might be easier if you all were naked first?"

Yes, I was stunned, but I said "The men, yes, it would be." I turned to them, saying "You boys heard my hubby, get naked!"

Well, in no time, the studs were naked, and as John filmed, I was soon as well. Hard to describe what happened next, for soon I was having hands move all over me, as well as mouths, as they began to have their way with me. Ronald ate me first, as I sucked on the other three, with two of them spraying their spunk onto my face. Then I was getting fucked, one right after another, with all dropping their loads into my cunt. And John, he'd get a great shot of my cunt leaking seed after each load. They then worked on my ass, then both cunt and ass at once, but by then I was gone mentally. Yeah, it was rough, me taking on four big black men at once. And when I watched the video a week later, it sure did look I was enjoying myself. And I was!! Hell, I was having orgasms left and right the whole time they fucked the holy shit out of me.

As a matter of fact, I was watching it with Ronald that night, his long, fat cock embedded in my well used cunt, both of us enjoying the edited version of the previous weekends festivities. I was all smiles, as I had just cum once again, his cock shuddering inside of me, dribbling out his spunk, as he nuzzled his lips at the base if my throat. I was sitting on his lap, as we relaxed, still with our eyes glued on the screen. I chuckled as Kate, who was sitting on the couch exclaimed, "Wow mom! This is one hell of a show!"

I giggled, turning my head and saying "Thanks dear, the pleasure was remarkable."

"And well earned, I might add." stated Ron, as he reached over to his jeans and picked them up. With me leaning forward, causing my tit’s to swing about, he pulled his wallet out and said "Before I forger, this is your first check."

He handed it over my bare shoulder and I took it, looked and smiled, with Kate asking "How much?"

"Two grand, just like he promised." I stated.

"With hopefully more to come." added Ron. He then asked "Do you want whatever comes in way of check, or credited to your husbands debt?"

I snorted, "You serious? Check, of course."

A month shy of the full year contract, and I was still going strong as Ronald's whore. I've no idea how much I've made for him, nor did I care. After the first gangbang movie, we made seven more. God was it wonderful! I guess you could say that I found the exhibitionist slut inside of me. And Ron, he made sure he was over at least three nights per week to fuck my married white cunt. A lot of times he even brought a friend or two...or more.

John, he'd gotten use to it. He'd watch a lot of my action, and he was behind the camera for all the movies. He also beat his meat a lot, but couldn't blame him there, and nor did I stop him.

Kate enjoyed the constant scene of her mommy taking cocks, taking a seat and watching with great contentment when my trick was comfortable with it. And of course watching me whenever I entertained Ron as well. And just like her daddy, she masturbated as she watched, that soon became expected. And Ron enjoyed watching her do this. But, not once did he try to bring her into the game.

Of course, I learned more about Ron. Not only a bookie, but he also had a good job in management at the local auto plant. I learned his life story during the many breaks in our fucking, and really, he is a nice guy.

I only had one month left on our agreement, as I laid there in my marriage bed, my chest rising and falling as I laid there with my legs spread wide. I had my hand down at my pussy, feeling the slickness of our combined fuck cream as it was now smeared all over my bare cunt lips. Ron was laying to my left, on his side, his black left arm across my upper torso as his hand pawed my right breast. I could feel the cum slowly bubbling out of my asshole, a slight smile on my face as I recalled how him and two others had used me for the past five hours. His friends are long gone now, just me and him, basking in the afterglow of a long, hard fuck. Damn this boy is good, but, I was looking forward to this ending anyway, and why is he so darn quiet this evening anyway?

Heck, he's usually trash talking and all, not that I believe any of the shit he's spouting off. I turned my head and looked at him, seeing the blank stare on his face as he looked on past me towards the chair in the corner, where not long ago it was occupied by my child. I was sort of puzzled, as I softly asked "You okay, Ron?"

He suddenly got a shocked look on his face, saying "Huh?", then he chuckled, as he said "Oh, well, I've some things going on, that's all."

I smiled, as I rolled onto my side facing him and gave his lips a kiss, as my hand went down to his spent tool, feeling the stickiness of the nights activities on it, as I asked "Well, don't let things bother you."

He rolled his eyes in his face, kissed my forehead, and pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, with his limp shank resting between my slick cunt lips. "Actually," he said, as he moved his hips, rubbing my clit with his slack tool, "There are things I need to discuss with you."

I chuckled, "My services end in a month, and I am not extending them, Ron."

He snorted, shaking his head no, as I felt his cock beginning to become engorged with blood, as he said "No, It will be best if this all ends then."

I was a bit confused, as I stated, "Then what is there to discuss?"

He closed his eyes, his cock was almost there, god did it feel good. I will miss it, that's for sure. "I stopped doing bookie work a few weeks back."

I snorted, "Too bad for John, he won’t be able to sell me if he gets in over his head again." I then asked "Why did you do that?"

He sighed, stopped moving, then moved down a bit, allowing his cock to enter my very willing cunt. "I have a confession to make, I've never had sex with your daughter."

I blurted out, "Well I hope not! Even if she did just turn eighteen last month."

His words shocked the hell out of me, as he stated "Yes, but I have taken her out on dates since then." I froze, and I guess there was anger in my face, as he defended himself with the words, "But, I haven't so much as kissed her!"

I gruffly asked "So why you telling me this now, as you're banging my cunt with that cock of yours."

He had actually stopped pumping my cunt by this time, as he said "Kate and I discussed it, she didn't want me to stop using you until I talked to you about it."

"Why?" I asked.

He laughed, "She's the reason I stopped running my bookie operation, so she said it'd be only fair that I could still enjoy your body, and not hers."

"What are your intentions, Ronald?" I asked.

"Marriage, of course. That's why I bought the house next door." he said, shocking me even further. "You, um, okay with me? Having a nigger as a son-in-law?"

I looked into his eyes, as my cunt was tightening up on his meat, then, deciding that maybe it was all part of a destiny, I shrugged, "Yes." I pulled his face to mine, kissed his lips, and said "Now fuck me hard until I can’t see straight."

He grinned, and soon was hammering away, as I thought about my lover taking my girl as his wife. She'll be one lucky lady, and he had better never forget it. I'm sure my Kate will have eventually have her own story to tell.

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