Title: Introducing My Daughter To Black Breeding
Summary: A mother down on her luck moves to the bad part of town, we pick up her story where she
has her daughter knocked up by her main black lover.
Keywords: M/F, inter, Preg

I watched as he approached her lithe white body. She had her legs crossed, with her small left hand barely covering her cunt, while her right arm was across her budding little breasts. her deep blue eyes were transfixed on his hanging male member, watching all twelve, hard, dark black inches as it swayed with each step he took towards her bed. As he placed a knee on the bed, she turned her head my way, fear in her eyes, as she croaked out "Momma?"

I smiled, nodded my head approvingly, saying "It'll be okay, Danielle. Just put your arms to your side, and he'll make sure you'll enjoy it."

She wasn't convinced with my words, as he moved so he sat along side of her pale white body. He reached down with his large hands, his left one grabbing her left arm, while his right took hold of her right wrist. he gently moved her upper limbs away, a lustful smile coming to his round black face, as he admired my daughter's ripe form. his right hand released her wrist, and fell to her small, delicate left breast, gently squeezing it, while his left hand went to her cunt, forcing it's way between her lily white thighs. She was shaking, her nerves showing, as the black man spoke, saying in a comforting voice, "There, there, Danielle. Soon I'll make you into a woman. And you'll be always wanting to have me making love to you."

I giggled, and she looked my way once more, as I declared, "Jackson's right dear. Once your body gets a good fucking, you'll be wanting it all the time."

Jackson quickly added, "just like your mommy!", before he leaned down and put his lips to hers. He kissed them for a moment, as his hands manipulated her teen body. She was rather rigid at first, not moving a muscle. Jackson pulled his hand from her crotch and sucked on his fingers, getting them good and wet, before putting them down at her cunt once more. She gasped, as he moved his middle finger up into her tight, young box, her eyes flying open as he explored her vagina with a single digit.

She had her head raised, watching his hand as he slowly fucked her with his finger, and I saw the first sign of arousal, as a pinkish tinge developed on the lips of her bare, shaved twat.

I moved to the nightstand, and grabbed a small tube, and sat on the bed next to Jackson. I squeezed some lubricant out onto my right palm, saying "You'll need more than just saliva for her tight cunt, Jackson."

He snickered as I grabbed his meat, and coated the shaft. My black lover now had added another finger to her fuck hole, while bringing his other hand down from her breast to play with her swollen clit. She moaned when he touched her there, obviously an involuntary moan of desire, for the shocked look on her face showed she was a bit surprised. I giggled as I asked her, "Does that feel good, baby?" She nodded her head yes. "You ready to feel something more than just Jackson's fingers inside of you?"

She was trying to be brave now, as she sucked in her lower lip and nodded slightly. Jackson was all smiles, as I moved to allow him to get between her slim, young legs. I then was on my knees at her side, while Jackson's big hand grabbed her by her ankles, and pulled her lags apart wide, her puffy pussy lips opening up, revealing her little virgin pink hole. I grabbed his meat, and pulled it to her slit, rubbing the head of it against her sensitive clit. She let out a moan, and I smiled as I saw her own little hands cover her small boobs, pulling on her stiff nipples, as her hips started to buck.

Placing the head of his wide cock at her opening, I pressed it into her, making her gasp. Jackson smiled broadly, as he said "You ready, Daniele?"

She was biting down on her lower lip, as she nodded her head yes. I smiled, lining that fat black head of his heavy meat at her opening, and with a slight push, the head entered, making her grunt. Jackson muttered out "Damn, she's one tight cunt."

I laughed, slapping him on the back, saying "Well, what the fuck you expect, stud." He grinned, as I ran my hand to his bare black ass, and with a push, I said "Now sink that log!"

Danielle let out a screech as Jackson sank almost his whole cock into her tight, pink hole. And the big man himself grimaced, for it was obvious that her tight little fuck hole was squeezing his shank painfully. He didn't move for a moment, while my little girl was whimpering, her eyes closed tight and a few tears rolling down her cheeks. I looked down at where they were joined, seeing a good four inches of his ebony shaft still visible. "You're not all the way in there, Jackson."

He grunted, responding with "Yeah, I know that. But her cervix isn't giving right now." He turned his face, and smiled a big toothy smile, "But give me time, and the head of my cock will be bouncing off the back wall of her womb."

I chuckled, as I looked at my baby, and asked her, "Is it still hurting?"

She tilted her head up, looking at his cock where it had entered her, and she had an amazed look on her face, while softly shaking her head no. Jackson chuckled, exclaiming "Yeah, she's goina be a natural born slut, hungry for nigger dick, just like momma."

Smirking, I glanced down at my daughters face. She was smiling now, a sweet smile at that. She was rubbing her tender little breasts with her hands, sighing softly. Jackson started moving his dick, in and out of her tight hole. I could see that he still wasn't able to get it all in, but it still was an impressive sight, his thick, black cock had her stretched out wide, her pink pussy walls being pulled out each time he withdrew his meat. And her body was doing a fine job now reacting to the penetration. For her hips were starting to buck, and Jackson's pecker had a fine coating of her natural lubricant.

I reached out and put my forefinger on her clit, and she hissed out "Oh momma!"

Jackson laughed, "That feel good, girl? What your momma do to you?"

She was breathing heavily, damn near panting, and she croaked out "Oh god yeah!"

The big black stud grimaced, saying "Damn! She's almost there already. I can feel her cunt starting to twitch like crazy."

I kept rubbing her little nub, and said softly, "When she gets there, jam it all in. And start nailing her hard and fast."

He protested, "But I won't last that long?"

I laughed, "That's the idea. Fill her womb up with your seed, boy."

It wasn't much longer, until she arched her back, and screamed out "Ohhhh shittttttt, I'mmmm cuminnnnn!" And with that, Jackson slammed his whole log into her, the head of his dong busting through into her womb, making her screech even louder. He started jamming his meat in and out of her body, her cunt cream splattering all over the place with each thrust, as she grunted and moaned each time his dick bottomed out. Then with a roar, he pumped his load deep into my little girls womb, hopefully fertilizing that egg that is waiting within. I smiled, patting the big black man on the shoulder, saying "Good job, Jackson."

He chuckled saying "It's a pleasure, ma'am."

I started to get up, saying "Now, keep that cock in her for a few days. Cum as much as you can. I want that egg to catch a sperm and make me a grandma."

"For a few days?" asked Danielle, in a whiny voice.

I laughed, "Yes, at least a few days. I may even have him stay stuck up inside of you for a week." I said, as I got up and left the room.

And I smiled inside, as I heard Danielle ask excitedly, "Can you fuck me hard again, Jackson?"

An hour later, and I had dinner ready. I walked down the hall, the sound of the bedsprings straining growing louder the closer I go to the bedroom. Looking in, there he was, still on his knees, but with my baby on all fours, as she was shoving her little white ass back against his big black frame. I cleared my throat, and they stopped and turned their heads to look at me. "Dinner's ready, come and eat."

He grinned, saying "Great!" He wrapped his big hands around her waist and lifted her up, making her giggle with delight, as he stepped off the bed, her little cunt still stuck on his fat fuck tool. "I'm starved!", he added, as he walked towards me.

I turned and they followed me down to the kitchen, with him taking a seat at the table, she still wedged tightly on his lap. As I put the food in front of them, she happily announced "Mommy, he's pumped two more loads inside of me."

I beamed proudly, "That's great, dear." I took a seat as they began to eat off of one big plate, as I said "Soon, you'll be eating for two, I'm sure."

Jackson laughed, grabbing her right tit, and pulling on it, and said "It will be great sucking her milk as these pups get bigger."

She stopped chewing, and looked down at her small tits, and asked "Will they get bigger, Momma?"

Chuckling, I said "Oh yeah, much bigger. For you'll be producing a lot of mothers milk."

She was beaming, as she went back to eating. Jackson was done eating, but not ready to stop fucking, as he grabbed her hips and started thrusting his cock in and out of her slick cunt. She was so cute, sitting there stuck on his cock, trying to eat while grunting each time his pecker hit the back of her womb. Her cunt sounded pretty full of his seed already, as his fucking action was making a rather sloppy sound. She finally gave up eating, saying "Come on, ugh, Jackson, ugh, I need to go potty." Suddenly her brow furrowed, and she clutched the edge of the table, crying out as an orgasm kicked in.

Her body went limp, and Jackson bellowed out with laughter, saying as he stood up, "Come on, best if you go potty little one.", while carrying her off like a rag doll. I got up as well, deciding to go along and see how he manages this. Entering the bathroom, with her back still up against his chest and his meat still stuck firmly up inside her young cunt, he ran his hands from the back of her thighs to just above the knees, then he squatted over the toilet, and said "Okay Danielle, let her rip."

"I got to go poopie, too!" she whined.

"Very well." he said. He turned and sat on the toilet, and had her spin her body around on his cock. Then he stood up once again, turned around and got on his knees, her ass over the toilet, saying "Okay, now go."

She grunted, and soon I could hear the sound of her shit hitting the water. She had a look of relief on her face, and I could also hear the sound of her pee dripping off his balls and into the commode as well. He asked "You done?" She nodded her head yes. "Go ahead and wipe. But donít worry about getting all of it, for we'll get into the shower after I take a dump as well."

She giggled, as she reached for the toilet paper, saying "Okay Jackson."

Once she was done wiping, he stood and turned around for his turn. As he was doing his business, she had a startled look on her face, and she exclaimed, "Hey! You're pissing inside of me!"

He laughed, "Yeah well, so what? Doesn't matter."

She turned to look at me, and I shrugged, saying "Well, he's going to have to go eventually, dear."

"Well, I definitely need a shower now." she stated.

Jackson laughed, as he wiped his ass, saying "No problem, little girl." He flushed the toilet and stood and stepped into the walk-in shower. Soon they were helping each other wash up, while still staying attached at the waist. For rest of the week, he kept his rod inside my little girl, dumping load after load of thick baby making batter inside of her. Finally, I went into her bedroom one morning, and as he was relaxing after a nice hard sexing of her, I waved an item in my hand, saying "Okay, time for the test."

He chuckled, pulling his spent tool from her abused snatch, saying "Damn, sure hope she took. Iíd hate to go through this again."

Smirking, as I approached the bed, I replied sarcastically, "Yeah, sure." I reached out for her hand, and she took it, with me pulling her to her wobbly feet, saying "Okay, let's do this in the bathroom."

She had a tired giggle, as she rose up and followed me into the bathroom. Well, within ten minutes, we had the result we were looking for. With smiles on both our faces, we hugged each other, exited the room and each of us having an arm around the other, we went back to the bedroom, seeing a smiling Jackson laying on his back, stroking his magnificent hard, black shaft. He laughed, saying "With those smiles on your faces, I would say this has been a success."

Danielle giggled, as she crawled onto the bed, grabbing his heavy log and said "Oh yeah, most definitely a success!" as she began to mouth the head of his massive tool. I joined her there, us taking turns sucking his big, black shaft, and then taking turns riding it as well, with him sucking on our clits to drive us from one hard cum to another. Yes, it was a very successful breeding. And I was already looking forward to the next time I have a man plant his black seed in my daughter.

This was all working out well, and best I now should explain. Danielle and I moved into the worse part of the city four years ago. I had no choice actually, for I was suddenly a single, widowed mother, and no place to go, thanks to our wonderful family caring government led by the republicans. It wasn't long before my first encounter with a black man, that being Jackson, And with a promise from him that I and Daniele would be protected, in return for sex, I was elated. For I always had enjoyed sex, and with Jackson, it just brought it to a new height. Even higher on those time, which was often, that he shared me with his friends. I'd hate to guess how many black men had the opportunity to pump my white cunt with their cocks, but suffice to say, it was often. And now, now that Danielle has been bred, there were two cunts that were available for the taking.

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