Title:  Couple Fun
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: George & Nancy take Dave & Crystal on a trip to Gatlinburg,
 as their children stay behind, the daughter of the latter keeping
  an eye on the son of the former. The two couples learn that 
  sharing is fun, and find out about a swing club, where all 
  inhibitions are lost. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the children 
  are having fun of their own. After the trip, more fun is had, as
   the parents discover the childrens fun. 
Keywords: MM/FF, group, M/FF, relunc, anal, swing, FF, oral

George was tying his tie, getting ready for work, when he heard his wife Abbie shout out from their bathroom, "Don't forget, we're leaving tomorrow at noon with Dave and Crystal for the weekend."

He thought to himself, 'Oh shit, I already forgot!' Without missing a beat "No problem, dear, I've got it under control." 'Shit,' he thought, 'will have to tell Nancy my secretary to take care of things.'

She came out and gave him a kiss as she hugged him, looked at his face and said "You forgot, didn't you?" He smiled, after twenty years of being together, she knew him well.

She turned and went on out into the hallway, saying as she put on her earrings, "Don't worry, thatís why I called and talked to Nancy yesterday."

He smiled, thinking she's such a smart ass. He finished dressing and went on downstairs. Their daughter Michelle, age 18, was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. She was built like her mother, vivid red hair, about an inch taller at five-five, and of course lighter, barely ninety pounds. He noticed her breasts were developing nicely, as had all the boys in the area from all the calls she gets. He ended up breaking down and got her own phone line. He kissed her on the top of her head, saying "Have fun at school." She muttered something, as he went on out the door to the garage, patting his wifeís ass on the way. She was leaving in about twenty minutes for her job as well.

Got to work with no problem. Entering his office, Nancy smiled and said "Ready for the weekend, George?"

He smiled, she knew he forgot as well. Damn women, they always know, don't they. "Yeah, it'll be fun. Glad we were invited. We um, won't be coming back until late Monday night, so I won't be in until sometime Tuesday morning." He went on into his office and went to work, or at least tried to. He was ahead of schedule on all his reports, nothing unusual there. Running his own accounting service, he found it paid to get things done ahead of time. He spent time on the phone, took Nancy out to lunch, and did some more work before leaving at four.

Once home, he finally settled down and thought about what was going on this weekend. He remembers now, Dave and Crystal won some sort of contest. The prize was a trip for four to a chalet in Gatlinburg, about five hours away from their home here in Cincinnati. Since they only have one child, a son named Keith thatís Michelle's age, they decided to invite them to go. This wasn't the first time they've gone off together. As a matter of fact, they've been doing a lot of things together the last seven or eight years.

They moved in two doors down from George and Abbie, back when the kids were about three, and since their children were the same age, well, they sort of did things together. Both Abbie and George were forty-four, while Dave and Crystal were six years younger at thirty-eight. All four of them were in relatively good shape, although none were knockouts in the looks department. George was probably about two inches taller than Dave's five-ten frame, and both weighed about the same at one-ninety.

As for the two wives, Crystal had long curly auburn hair, and she definitely wasn't cheated in the breast department. George thought many a time he would like to squeeze those melons, must be about a double-d. There was more than one occasion when Crystal rubbed them up against his body that he didn't want to just start grabbing them. His wife, on the other hand, was only about a small c at best. But he wasn't complaining, since she still was like a wildcat in bed. There's been more than one night recently that she fucked him dry, amazing even after all these years they've been married.

He also knew that Dave and Crystal still went at it hard and strong. When they went camping this summer, they shared a tent-camper for just the four of them. That was the trip that George finally got a good look at Crystal's boobs, quite by accident, he was sure. But on the second night, he was woken up by the rythmatic motion of them screwing on the other side of the camper. Of course, his wife woke as well, and soon they were going at it too. In the morning, the guys sort of kidded each other about it, saying the usual male things, like "Thought it was a ride at Kings Island." He wondered what this weekend was going to be like.

Abbie came home at seven, another late day. He had dinner ready for her, Michelle already ate. Crystal called later that night, making sure everything was still a go. It turns out that Keith has a ballgame Saturday, so he couldn't go anyway. After Abbie hung up, and as George climbed into bed to reads some reports, Abbie said "George?"


"Do you think it's okay if Michelle and Keith spend the weekend together while we're gone?" George looked up from his paperwork, she continued, "Well I mean, they're at that age, you know."

George looked at her and said "They haven't been too close the last year or two, hormonal things, she's grown up faster than he has. And probably still is more mature. I think we can trust them." He went back to his report. She finished packing their bags, and climbed into bed next to him. He put down his papers and turned off the light, thinking, 'And if he knows whatís good for him, he'll be a gentleman' Better he doesn't say that to Abbie, though.

Work flew by the next morning, for the four hours he was there, anyhow. George got home just after eleven. Abbie about ten minutes later. Crystal came down at quarter to noon, saying that they're ready, and that Dave will pull the mini-van down in a few minutes. Soon he was pulling in the drive, and George took out their suitcase and placed it in the back. They climbed in, George in the front, with the wives in back, as they pulled out for their trip.

The conversation was the usual things, work, sports, politics, and so on, for the five hour drive. They ate at Knoxville, before getting to the exit at Sevierville. By seven, they were at the chalet after spending twenty-minutes at the rental office. Seems the office staff "lost" their registration. They ended up getting a smaller chalet, but with nicer facilities. George wondered what they meant by that.

They pulled out of the office, and after about twenty minutes of driving, and following a very bad map, Dave finally pulled up to an a-frame with the correct number on it. The wives went to the front door as George and Dave grabbed their suitcases. Walking towards the door, George noticed that they were rather high up above Gatlinburg. He remarked to Dave, "Nice view." Dave looked out from their advantage point and let out a whistle. Upon entering, George dropped their suitcase and took it all in.

When they pulled up, the drapes were drawn, even though they were off the main drive. The main room was about twenty by twenty, and on the far wall was a nice size fireplace. There were two couches and a TV. There were stairs going up to a loft on the left, and George could see from where he was standing, there was a bathroom up there. To his immediate left, was a kitchen/dining area. He saw the girls enter a doorway on the other side of the stairs, and heard Abbie go "Oh my god." He looked at Dave, and they both walked over towards the doorway the girls had entered.

Turning left and looking, both guys were impressed. The bedroom was to the left, but what the first noticed, was a room off to the right. It had a large spa sunken into the floor, completely filled, and a set of French doors leading out onto a balcony. Crystal was already out those doors, and checking out the sights. Abbie had gone to the left into the bedroom, just past the door leading into the master bath. George followed his wife, but stopped and checked the bath. It was enormous, had a walk-in shower that could hold about six people, he thought. He went on into the bedroom, and saw his wife opening a set of drapes on the right wall, revealing a two set of floor-to-ceiling windows with another set of French doors in between, leading out onto what was the same deck from the spa room, as Crystal appeared on the other side of the doors. Abbie opened them up and let her in, as Crystal said, "This place is beautiful, god, I wonder what the bigger place that we were suppose to get is like? We weren't suppose to get a spa...and look at the size of this bed!" George turned, not really noticing it at first, as Abbie and Crystal both had to use a set of steps provided to climb up onto a bed that must have measured eight feet by eight feet. The height off the floor came up to George's hips.

Damn, he thought, this thing is huge. Dave came in from the deck, his jaw dropped when he seen it, and he said "Man, did you see the view?" George nodded no, and he went out. They must have been about a thousand feet or more above Gatlinburg, and they could see all the way to Pigeon Forge. Since it just turned dark, the lights were on. Abbie and Crystal came up behind their respective husbands and each wrapped their arms around them. George was already wishing that it was just his wife and him here, and that they didn't have to share the chalet. But he resigned himself to having a good time anyway.

They piled back into the chalet, and Crystal said "Well, we might as well use the spa."

Abbie looked at her and said "But we didn't pack any swimsuits?"

"Well Abbie, nor did we. Guess we'll have to use it in the buff." Abbie looked at the husbands, George at Dave, both guys sort of shrugged their shoulders and started to peel off their shirts. Abbie still wasn't too sure of this, but as she watched her friend push her jeans down, she sighed, grabbed her top and pulled it off over her head, revealing her bra covered breasts.

George and Dave didn't wait around, probably because they were afraid that one wife or another would chicken out. They soon were completely nude, while their wives were still in their underwear. Dave and George headed for the spa, but as they passed the doorway into the living room, Dave said "Hold on. I seen something earlier that we all could use." He went off around the corner and on towards the kitchen. George went on into the spa room, and stepped down the stairs into it.

He was settled down, when his wife entered, totally nude, followed by Crystal. He had a hard time not staring at Crystal and her big breasts, as they entered the water. He enjoyed the view as both wives stepped down into the spa, their thighs parted, giving him a good view of their cunts as well. Just then, Dave came into the room ,as Abbie sat down next to her husband, and Crystal opposite her. He was carrying a ice bucket, which had a bottle of wine sticking out of it. He also had four wine glasses.

George said "Careful those don't break..."

Dave stopped him, saying, "They're plastic, seems they probably had that problem before."

He poured the wine into the glasses, as Abbie asked "Where did you get that?"

As Dave entered the spa, his meat hanging down in plain view, handing the girls each a glass, he said "I seen it on the table in the kitchen, the wine was in the fridge, as well as three more bottles."

Crystal took a sip, and proclaimed, ďGood stuff, too."

Abbie took a sip of hers, as Dave handed George a glass, and she responded favorably as well, "Mmmm, this is good, and the spa feels darn good, too.

Soon the four were chattering away, forgetting they were all nude. It didn't take long before their glasses were empty, and another round was poured, as was another about twenty-minutes later. This drained the first bottle, and Dave went off to grab another. As he left, George caught his wife ogling Dave's hanging meat as he exited the spa. George smiled when Abbie realized she was caught, not only by him, but Crystal noticed as well. They all smiled and burst out laughing, the wine taking it's effect. Once Dave was back with the second bottle, another round was poured, and as Abbie sipped her latest glass full. She snuggled up to her husband, her hand roaming his thigh. He wrapped his left arm around her, his hand under the water, and he tweaked her tit. She giggled, and Crystal said with slurred speech "Hey you guys, I don't think thatís allowed."

Dave reached his arm around his wife and grabbed a handful of breast, saying "And why the fuck not?"

She blushed, as she turned and buried her face in his shoulder. Dave said "My wife is shy, she thinks her breasts aren't that good looking, what do you think, George?" George laughed, as Crystal playfully swatted her husbands hands away after he lifted her breast's out of the water.

"Well Dave, and Crystal, they look like a fine pair to me. Of course, I'm a man, I like most all breasts I see." He turned to his wife, who had a smile on her face, and he asked her "What you think, Abbie, does she have nice breasts or not?"

Abbie surprised her husband, by saying "They're big, wish I had some of them, after all," She stood up, holding her small breasts in her hands, "Mine are pretty small."

Crystal laughed, saying "Yeah, but at least you don't have to worry about them sagging to your knees."

"I don't see much sag in those pups yet, Crystal." George said, trying to give a compliment, in a strange way. They all laughed, and their conversation went back to more mundane things, such as work and the kids. By the time the second bottle was empty, both wives were felling no pain, and both were about out of it.

Dave looked at George and asked "So who's getting the loft, and who's getting the back forty-acres in there?"

George was about to say that he and Abbie would take the smaller loft bed, but Crystal opened her eyes and said "Fuck it, that bed is big enough for all of us, and besides, we all know what sounds we make from screwing each other, and now we know what we look like bare-ass naked."

Abbie pried her eyes open, and looked at her friend, she just shrugged her shoulders, and smiled at her husband. As the two men helped their respective wives out of the spa to dry off, Abbie remarked, "Sure hope Michelle and Keith are getting along, and not fighting."

Crystal smiled and said "Yeah, that was a good idea, making them stay at your house, that way neither one can throw a party."

Oh, how they were sort of wrong. Meanwhile, back in Cincinnati, a few hours earlier. Keith came over about six, just as Michelle stepped out of the shower. Hearing the doorbell ring, she thought "Oh shit, he's here already." She had a rotten day, now she has to spend not only tonight, but the rest of the weekend with the guy from two doors down.

She wrapped her towel around her, then put on her robe, as she raced down the stairs. Wish her parents would have let her stay here alone. But they didn't trust her from having a party, nor did parents trust Keith. Although both kids grew up together and went to the same school, they've taken a sort of dislike towards each other. They use to get along fine, but the last two years has been constant bickering. Almost like they're siblings. She figured that their parents must think that since they have not gotten along lately, that maybe they would make sure that neither would get into trouble.

Michelle opened the door, finding Keith on the other side. He didn't have a smile, and he just walked right past her and plopped on the couch. She thought, "Well, hello to you too, asshole." As she walked past him to go back upstairs to change, she said, without looking at him, "Theirs a twenty on the coffee-table, grab the phone and order us a pizza while I get some clothes on, I'll eat anything on mine, but anchovies."

She was up the stairs before he could say anything. He just sighed, thinking that he wished he didn't have to spend the weekend with that bitch. She's gotten so snobby lately. Keith was a good five inches taller than his father already, and about ten pounds heavier. But he is in great shape, thanks to wrestling in the winter, and track in the spring. He has already been on a few dates, and has even gotten as far as sticking his finger up Betty Jennings twat, as she sucked him off.

He dialed the pizza place, and placed an order. By the time Michelle returned downstairs, the delivery guy was there, and Keith was paying for the pizza. He closed the door and looked at Michelle. She was wearing a nightie, her red hair flowing down on her shoulders. Keith's testosterone level shot up, and he could feel his meat swell in his sweatpants. He cleared his throat, and carried the pizza into the dining room, telling Michelle, "Why don't you get us some plates, and I'll have a coke." She grumbled, thinking why didn't he get them while she was dressing, asshole. She also noticed the tent forming in his seats, and a smile came across her face, thinking, this could be fun, making him suffer.

As she went into the kitchen, she thought of her latest boyfriend, Mark Lanier. That guy had a nice schlong, and Michelle had already tasted it a few times. Mark has worked his fingers into her snatch as well, getting her off on the third time he tried that. She sure wished she had a bit bigger breasts, but as her mom told her, she inherited those from her side of the family. She carried the plates and a coke for him and one for her into the dining room. Keith grabbed one of the plates and piled half the pizza on it.

Grabbing his coke, he went off into the living room. He sat down on the couch, grabbed the remote, and flicked it onto a hockey game. Michelle took a few pieces, and sat at the table, drinking her coke and eating her pizza, wondering if dodo head had a real life. She was thinking of something to do, when the idea from earlier hit her again. Once done, she went into the laundry room and peeled off her panties and bra. She then grabbed the duster, and headed off into the dining room. She said to Keith, "Well, I've got to clean the house up, you go ahead and watch the game." He just grunted. She started in the dining room, dusting off the shelves. Keith heard her, and all too well. What she mean, clean the house? He had been over plenty of times before, and never seen it this clean, but he kept a straight face and went on watching the game.

When she entered the living room, he didn't even look at her, at least not directly. She bent over to pick up a magazine off the coffee table, giving him a clear shot down her nightie, letting him know that yes, she was stark naked under that thing. He didn't say a thing, just sort of looked around her at the TV.

She glanced up, and noticed his attention towards the television, and thought, damn, he didn't even fucking notice. What a bozo! She went to the side of the television, and dusted off the bookshelf, reaching high above her head. Although he was looking straight ahead, his eyes wandered to check out her latest pose. His cock was starting to swell again, luckily the sweatpants were loose so it didn't restrict his movement.

She turned and went on to the side of the room, wiping off a stand by the couch. Keith couldn't look that way, it would be too obvious, and he already figured out she was playing a game. From where she was standing, dusting away, she could look at him though. And she could see his hands cover his crotch. But she was surprised when she seen the size of the bulge in his sweats. Shit, she thought, his thingy is huge. Her boyfriendís only about five inches, and he told her he was average. Now she was curious to see it.

In all the girl talk she has had with her friends, she had heard about cock size. Some guys have lot more than others. She also was told that five inches is not that big, but she didn't want to say anything to her current boyfriend, since he was the first to feel her up, and to get her off. As she stood there, she heard the phone ring in her bedroom, breaking her trance. She said, as she rushed for the stairs, "Thatís mine in the bedroom."

Keith said "Okay" as he watched her trot by and up the stairs, causing her nightie to fly up, giving him a good view of her bare ass. He felt his cock throb, damn he would like some of that, too bad she'll never go for it.

Michelle grabbed the phone, and said "Hello?"

"Hi Michelle, it's me, Candy."

"Hi Hon, what you doing?" Michelle went and closed the door, not wanting Keith to hear their conversation.

"Not much, is Keith there still?"

She sighed "Yeah, unfortunately. I hate my parents for this."

"I don't blame you. This would have been a good weekend for a party with your parents gone. Not to mention giving Mark a chance to pop your cherry."

"Candy! Come on, I'm not sure if I want him to do that."

"Why not? He's got the equipment, doesn't he?"

She thought of Keith down on the couch "Well yeah, sort of."

"What you mean girl, sort of?"

She giggled, "He ain't all that big."

"You said you enjoyed the taste though."

"Yeah, and he does have good fingers, they found the right buttons.", she repiled with a girlish giggle.

"Then you gonna let him do it?"

"I...I...I don't know..."

"What's Keith doing?"

"He's down on the couch watching a hockey game, and trying to hide a big hardon."


"You heard me....I've been teasing the shit out of him."

"You better be careful....how big?"

"Well, not sure, I'm guessing about nine inches, is that big?"

There was silence on the other end. Candy asked "Are you sure?"

"Well yeah, his hands are long, and he couldn't cover it, it was sticking down his leg towards his knee."

"Oh my god, Michelle, if it's down the side of his leg, he probably ain't even hard all the way yet."

"Well, he is sort of holding it down."

Candy started laughing, Michelle felt hurt, and asked "Whatís so funny?"

"Nothing dear, but if he has to hold it down, you might want to reconsider your idea about teasing him. I don't think you want him to attack you, that thing would split your twat in two."

"Oh...I didn't know." More giggling, and Michelle started giggling as well. She added "I bet I could get him real flustered."

"Michelle, you be careful, that could be dangerous."

"I'm a big girl, Candy."

"And so is he....maybe I should come over, sort of give you a hand. May prevent him from doing anything rash."

"Yeah right. I know you, Candy. You're such a slut, you would try seeing how big he is."

"Actually, sounds like he may be big enough for both if us."

An idea hit her, two pussies teasing him, not a bad idea. "Okay Candy, come on over."

"What? you serious?"

"Sure, maybe you're right."

"Gee Michelle, I don't know."

"Either put up or shut up."

"Listen, let me call you back in a bit."

The phone went dead. Michelle thought, what a bitch, all talk and no action. She placed the phone in the receiver and opened her door and headed downstairs. Keith was still on the couch, another can of coke in hand, or at least so she thought. She then realized that it was a can of her dads beer.

She went up to him, as he was watching TV, asking "What the fuck you doing, drinking my dads beer?" He looked at the can, then at her.

"Well, I guess I'm drinking it, why don't you go get one yourself." She trudged off towards the kitchen, knowing she had better not try taking it. Keith watched her leave in a huff, smiling. He knew that would get her goat. He went back watching the hockey game, as she went around the room, pretending to straighten things up. His pecker was twitching again, seeing her scantily clad body walking around. He tried hiding his erection, but it was no use.

Michelle went into the kitchen, grabbed a coke and came and sat down on the couch at the other end from him. She sat with her knees pulled up, letting her nightie ride up, just barely covering her bare ass. Keith caught site of it, and had a hell of a time controlling himself from smiling. Michelle asked "Who's winning?"

"The Maple Leafs, 4 to 2."

She decided to be cute "What inning?"

Keith knew better, so he decided to play along, he answered "Second, nobody on, and no outs."

Smart ass, thought Michelle. She noticed his thing was really making a tent now. The phone rang again in her room. She bounced up and went back upstairs.


"Michelle? Candy. Hey, I just talked to Kate Simmons, who is friends with Betty Jennings. She told her that he has one hell of a cock, but is rather inexperienced, and get this, she thinks he's still a virgin."

"So what?"

"Well, you might want to be careful....why don't I come over?"

She sighed, "Okay Candy, come on by, but make it look good."

Michelle went back downstairs. Keith had another beer, still watching the game. Michelle smiled at him, as he looked at her. She went into the kitchen, and found that that is his third. Damn, she may have some fun with him. Coming back into the living room, she sat down on the couch, and as he was watching the screen, she said "A friend of mine, Candy Stoll, is coming over, she's going to spend the night, is that okay?"

Keith kept watching the game, and said "Why should I care."

Keith was thinking, yeah, Candy, I know her, big tits, and a nice ass. On the track team and swimming team. Very nice legs. Damn, wonder if she'll put on a show as well. After about thirty minutes of silence, the doorbell rang, and Michelle flew up and answered it.

"Candy, glad you could make it." they walked past the couch and on towards the stairs. Michelle turned to Keith as they passed and said "Well, you know where everything is, go ahead and help yourself." He nodded okay, thinking there was something he would like to help himself to. Candy was disappointed when she seen his lap, although he did have a nice package, it was limp at the moment. When they got upstairs, they closed the door behind them.

"Shit Michelle, he ain't hard."

She laughed, "Well, I've been good since I talked to you. What did you bring to wear." There was a blank look on Candy's face, "Never mine, you can borrow one of my nightieĎs. I'll get one out while you get those clothes off." She turned as Candy pulled her sweater off and dropped her pants. She found one, but since she is five inches shorter than Candy, she knew it would only came down about six inches below her ass. She turned to Candy, seen she was in her bra and panties, and said "Go ahead and get those off, lets do this good." Candy smiled and reached behind her, unclasping her bra and pulling it off, letting her full 38d breasts fall forward. "Damn Candy, those will get him hard again in no time." Candy smiled and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her panties down, revealing her blonde pussy. She grabbed the nightie from Michelle, and pulled it on, and stood up. She said "Ready for some fun?" Michelle said "Slow down, lets give him some time. Don't want him to become suspicious."

Downstairs, Keith drained the beer. He got up and went into the kitchen and pulled out another. Damn, this is a bummer. Two little bimbos that won't even give him the time of day, and he knows they're going to tease the hell out of him. He returned to the couch, and sat down, flipping through the channels, now that the game was over, he was trying to find something else to watch. When the girls finally came down the stairs, he definitely had something to see.

Back in Gatlinburg, Dave & Crystal, and George and Abbie had crawled into the bed. All were butt naked, and all were feeling no pain. Crystal looked up at the far wall, at what she thought was a big picture frame with the canvas just painted gray. As Dave handed her another glass of wine, she asked "Why would anyone paint a picture with just gray paint, and no features."

George, who was staring at her tits, looked up at what she was looking at, and started to chuckle. Abbie, not knowing what it was, said "What?"

Dave answered her, saying "Thatís a television ladies. It's one of those flat screen jobs. I'm sure there's a remote around somewhere."

George looked to his right at the nightstand, and said "Here you go." He picked up a remote for the TV, pointed it at the TV and clicked the on button. The screen came alive, and he horridly turned down the sound.

Dave asked "See what you can find, George.", as he took a sip from his wine glass.

Abbie said "That may not be a good idea, he'll never stop anywhere long enough to see whatís on."

Crystal giggled, and said "Sounds like my Dave."

George ignored them both, as they continued talking, the two of them next to each other, their husbands at their sides. He found a ball game, and both girls in unison, said "No." He went by about three movies, all blood and guts type, another ball game, some infomercial shows, another gory movie, some network programming not worth watching, another ball game.

Dave said "Why not a ball game?"

Crystal said "Find a movie, something romantic."

Bad thing to say. Unaware to them, they were on a cable system that catered to adult viewing. After two more clicks, they were greeted to a porno. George said "Here you go."

And Dave replied "Yeah, thatís romantic."

As a blonde was getting her cunt frilled by some big black guy. George was expecting to hear his wife order him to change the channels, but instead, she said "Damn, look at the size of that cock. And I thought my George was big."

"It's even bigger than yours, Dave." Crystal added, causing Dave to blush.

The tits on the blonde were shaking wildly from the pounding her snatch was getting, and George said "She's got a healthy pair."

"Oh really." Said Abbie.

Shit, thought George, "But not as good as yours, dear." He lowered his mouth to her right breast and flicked his tongue over the exposed nipple.

"George, we're in bed with Dave and Crystal."

He brought his head up, and looked at the other couple, and then at his wife, "So, they can do what they want."

Dave laughed, and cupped his wife's big left breast, and stared sucking away.

"See, they're doing it too." He added as he parted her thighs and worked a finger in her slit, finding it already wet. Dave must have done the same thing, for Crystal's legs jumped when he placed his hand there.

"Oh shit, George, that feels good." Abbie said, as she watched the blonde now taking one in the ass and one in the cunt. She wondered how that would feel. Damn wine, making her think these naughty things. George moved his body down hers, kissing her tummy before coming to rest at her snatch. He was surprised how wet she was, and even more surprised when she kicked the covers off, revealing his eating habits to the other couple. But they were in a world of their own. Dave was on top of his wife in a sixty-nine already. His long, slim dick going in and out of her mouth.

Abbie pulled her husbands head up and said "Honey, lets do that, too." He smiled, as she crawled over him, taking his meat in her hands and started sucking away as she lowered her snatch to his waiting lips. She glanced over to Dave and Crystal, and noticed that although George was about double in thickness, Dave was a good three inches longer, at about ten inches in length. She was happily sucking away, as he worked her clit.

Crystal also was comparing the packages. She was happy her husband had a long tool, but was excited to see George had a shorter fat one. Both women started moaning at the same time, and it wasn't long before they both orgasmed, their screams muffled by the cocks in their mouths. The guys wanted to dip their wicks. So they got up, and Dave had Crystal on all fours, as George had Abbie on her back, with the girls laying inches from each other, Abbie's head just a few inches beyond Crystals rear, and Crystal the same with Abbie.

The guys were drilling away, and with the mirror above the headboard, they both could watch the porno. After about ten minutes of hard pussy pounding, sending the girls into orgasm as they watched each others cunt get royally fucked, the guys finally let loose with their loads, thrusting deep into their wives. They all collapsed forward into a heap, a tangle of arms and legs. All four, worn out by the activities and the consumption of too much wine, were soon fast asleep. They even pulled the covers over themselves in their sleep once they cooled down.

Back in Cincinnati, the girls came down the stairs, and Keith about died. It took a lot of self-control to keep his jaw from hitting his belly. Candy was now dressed the same as Michelle, and her nightie was even shorter. As they passed between him and the TV, they carried on some sort of conversation that he was totally ignoring. His meat jumped to attention, growing about an inch per second. His hands flew to his pants and covered the forming tent. Once the girls were in the kitchen, they had to stiffle a giggle, as Candy whispered "Wow, did you see his prick grow while we walked by?"

Michelle said "Shhh, he might hear you." She opened up the fridge, and pulled out three beers, handing one to Candy. "Come on, lets offer him one."

"Wait, what are we going to do?"

"Well, I figure we'll tease him until we get him drunk enough to pass out."

A smile came to Candy's face, "Then can we take a peak at it?"

"Candy!" She smiled, and said "Oh all right, god, you're such a slut." Candy followed Michelle out of the kitchen, each taking a swig of the beer. Neither one liked the taste, but both though to themselves that it was a good cover.

Michelle went over to Keith and said "Here, a peace offering," as she handed him a fresh one, "We want to make sure you don't tell on me for having Candy over."

Like he was going to do that. He knew better, but he killed the old one and crushed the can, and took the fresh one. Damn, he was feeling very lightheaded already. And why were they looking at him like that?

The two girls sat on the floor in front of him, not even pretending to show modesty as they did so. He was amazed when he got a glimpse of Candy's massive left tit. And even more so when she sat cross-legged, revealing a partial beaver shot. He pretended to watch TV, as he turned and switched off the lamp next to him, hoping this would enable him to be able to look some more, and also to hide his massive hard organ.

The girls smiled at each other, and Keith seen this. What are these two up to. Every ten minutes or so, one or the other would get up, and they weren't being very lady like either. He got a good view of both their naked genitals whenever they did so. His cock was starting to beg for relief. He also had to piss like a race horse, as the four or five beers he's drank so far were taking their toll.

He stood up and staggered towards the kitchen, and made it to the bathroom. He didn't bother closing the door, just flipped the lid up and waited for some of the swelling to go down so he could pee. As he was about there, he knew he heard someone come into the kitchen, followed by a gasp, but he didn't turn around. The piss started flowing out of his half-erect dick, a cock that was about six inches at this state. He sighed in relief, and once done, he gave it a good shake, as he heard whoever was watching leave the kitchen, after raiding the fridge.

The person in the kitchen was Michelle, she watched him pee, thinking oh my god, what a monster. He's bigger than her boyfriend when he's soft. When he was done, she grabbed some more beer and hurried back into the living room, and whispering to her friend, "You should see it, he was taking a pee with the door open, it hung down this far." She parted her hands to show her.

"Damn," said Candy, "I want to see it, too." Just then, Keith emerged from the dining room, he heard her comment, but feigned ignorance, as the girls playfully swatted each other.

Keith was thinking, so what does she want to see. When he picked up his beer, another fresh one, both girls looked at him and were all smiles. Shit, I wonder what would happen if I acted like I was asleep. He smiled inside, and stretched out on the couch. The girls kept talking, giving him free shots, his pecker growing as he thought about drilling either one of their hot mouths, or better yet, their tight, young cunts.

Eventually, he played it right, closing his eyes, and breathing slowly. He heard Michelle speak, "I think he's out."

"Good, I want to see it."

"Hold on, what if he wakes up?"

"Who cares!" She said, as he heard both crawl over to his prone body on the couch. He felt fingers on his waistband. He grunted, thinking it would make it look like he was asleep. The fingers froze in place. Another hand took his hands and pulled them off his lap. "Oh my god, Michelle, look at it."

"Lets see it when it's uncovered." Michelle said, not believing she said that. She was a bit scared, not sure if she wanted this to go any farther. He felt hands tugging his sweats down, two pair. It took about five minutes for them to slowly get his meat uncovered.

"Wow Candy, will you look at that. Have you ever seen one this big?"

She giggled, "No, at least not in flesh."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I've seen some pornoís, and this is still probably bigger than them. What you think, ten inches? maybe eleven?"

Michelle reached forward with her hand, and gently picked up the head of his sausage. "Definitely over ten, probably closer to eleven. And it feels so heavy."

"I bet that would stretch you out." She looked at her friend, slowly wrapping her small hand around the shaft, and giving a slight jerk, "What you doing, Michelle? He might wake up?"

"Come on Candy, you wanted to see it, I bet you would like to taste it as well."


Keith stirred, the feeling of Michele jerking his meat was a bit much, but he decided to keep his eyes closed, not wanting to stop the game. The girls froze at his movement, but both of them relaxed.

"Come on Candy, bet you can't suck him off. Whatís the matter? Never had a mouthful of prick before?"

"Not that big, and I know I can't get it all in my mouth anyway."

Keith was thinking, so, she's sucked cock, hope to hell she sucks mine. He got his wish, as Candy said "Okay, let me have it." He felt Michelle hand his meat to her friend, and a very warm mouth cover the head of his prick.

"Come on Candy, you can take more of that." Michelle drooped her hand to her crotch, subconsciously, as she rubbed her bare pubic mound. Candy snorted, giving Michelle a glare, as she lowered her mouth even lower. Keith was in heaven. Here some blonde big-titted bimbo was sucking him off. He had a hard time keeping from reaching down and pulling her head onto his prick. Candy was swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, and he was starting to thrust his hips, while still pretending to sleep. Michelle giggled, saying "I bet he's having one hell of a dream, Candy."

Candy placed a hand on his big balls and started massaging them gently. Keith let out a moan, enjoying the feeling of her warm mouth and tongue. She paused, making sure he was still asleep, then continued. Her free hand worked down to her crotch, and she started fingering herself. Michelle seen what she was doing, and suddenly realized she was doing the same thing, without even knowing it. She sat up against the couch, watching her friend blow her neighbor and fingering her quim, as she did the same.

Candy felt his cock starting to throb, and knew he was close. She wasn't sure if she should take it in her mouth or not, but the answer was short coming, as Keith's cock exploded, sending a torrent of come into her mouth. She gagged and brought her hand from her crotch, grabbing his meat with both hands. Michelle noticed her finger was glistening from her wetness, as Candy tried hard to keep up with the flood in her mouth. Keith sent six bursts into her mouth, the last two causing some to leak out. She was thinking that he didn't taste all that bad, compared to other cocks she had had. Michelle forgot about her own clit, and leaned up to wipe the overflow from Candy's lips and chin, and taking her fingers into her mouth and licking them clean.

The two of them giggled as they looked at each other, Candy's mouth still full of his meat. Once she sensed he was done, she took it out of her mouth, causing Keith to moan. Michelle said "I think he liked that."

Candy smiled, and noticed as she was still jerking his meat, she said back "Why don't you try a taste, there still should be some more. Music to Keith's ears.

""Nah, I don't think so."

"Come on Michelle, I did it. Or do you want to bust your cherry on it."

"Candy! He's too big!"

"So what?! The bigger the better for your first time. That way the next one won't hurt so much."

She grabbed his schlong, it jumped to her touch. "Come on Michelle, go for it."

"You've already lost your cherry, havenít you?"

"Yeah, to Bobby Price, the little shit."

"I knew it, no one believed him when he bragged about it."

"It wasn't much, he was in and came in about ten seconds."

Keith wanted to laugh, boy did he want to laugh. Michelle , while still slowly jerking his meat, said "I'll tell you what, you try him first, then if he fits you, I'll try him."

Candy looked at the prick, and at Michelle, "Okay, deal." She then looked around, "But first, lets get him on the floor, it'll be a hell of a lot easier that way."

"How we going to do that without waking him up?"

Candy laughed "Don't be silly, I just gave him one hell of a blowjob, if he ain't waking up from that, he won't wake up from us getting him to the floor." She looked at Keithís face, thinking she saw him smile. She went by his face and said "Keith, come on honey, time for bed." She pulled his arm gently. Keith knew he better do a good job of acting, he mumbled something unintelligible, as she got him to sit up. She turned to Michelle and smiled, saying "I've watched my mom enough when she gets dad moving after he's had too much to drink. All men are alike." Keith started to lean forward, and Michelle was in front of him. He didn't stop, as his momentum carried him into her, with her ending on her back, her nightie pushed up above her waist, and him on top, his sweats down below his crotch, his hard cock pushing against her belly.

She squeaked out to Candy "Help get him off of me." Keith couldn't resist getting a handful of tit, and snuggling his face up to it. Michelle froze, as did Candy.

When he didn't move, Candy said "Okay, be still," She went to his ear and said "Come on Keith, roll over." She pushed on his shoulder, and he drunkenly did as was asked, ending up sprawled on his back, his meat pointing towards his chin. "Are you okay, Michelle?"

She sat up, and exhaled, "Yeah, guess so," she looked at his swollen pecker, "Doesn't look like I hurt him any." Both giggled, and Candy sat on the other side of him, grabbing his manhood.

"It's softened up a bit, why don't you go get some lubricant, while I get him good and hard again. Or do you want to try a taste?"

Michelle looked at her friend, "Lubricant?"

"Yes silly, that thing will need some help getting up either of our cunts."

"Oh, thereís some Vaseline in the upstairs medicine cabinet in the bathroom, you go get it, I want to see how he tastes."

Candy got up, smiling. Happy to see that she is interested in trying. Michelle reached for his pecker as Candy went off, and thought, well, here goes nothing. She had problems getting the head past her lips, his cock was so damn big. Once her jaw adjusted, she started swirling her tongue and bobbing her head. She felt his cock grow, expanding in her sweet, young mouth. After about two minutes, Candy was back down. She sat down next to them and said "Here, you've done a good job, lets put some of this on.

She handed her the jar of Vaseline, after scooping some into her hand. Michelle dipped her fingers into the jar, and applied a liberal amount to the cockhead, as she watched Candy stuff her lubricated fingers up her snatch.

"Will that help?"

"Fucking hope so."

Keith was breathing heavy, in anticipation of his first fuck. God, he couldn't believe this was happening to him. Candy straddled his hips, and raised hers. She said to Michelle, "Grab it while I steady myself, and guide it to my cunt." Michelle grabbed it, as Candy pulled her nightie off, revealing her nude form. She lowered her hips down, feeling the cockhead enter her vagina. A shot of pain went through her, she had only had intercourse three times, and this is by far the biggest cock she has ever had.

Michelle noticed her grimace, "You okay?"

"Yeah," she said, as she settled down another inch, "I'll be fine...um...just ...have to get use to it...oh god..." she felt a wave building inside of her. Shit, she only has three inches in, and already her body wants to orgasm. She arched her neck back, and moaned softly, as she slid her body down his love stick. When she bottomed out, a massive orgasm racked through her body. Michelle was worried she was hurting, but the smile on Candy's face told her otherwise. She realized what happened.

"Damn Candy, it feels that good?"

"Oh god Michelle, it feels wonderful, so fucking filling....oh god..." She started rising and falling slowly, and gyrating her hips. Keith felt like his pecker was in a vise, she was so tight. He was hoping he lasts to try Michelle, he so much wants to bust her cherry. He felt her cunt spasm again, as another orgasm hit, she moaned even louder. Michelle was impressed. Candy sat up, and started balling her own breasts, as she started riding with abandon. Since Keith had already came in her mouth, he wasn't near ready to come again. He did mumble something, but the girls were transfixed, Candy doing her riding, and Michelle watching that big cock disappear and reappear from her friends tight cunt.

Candy screamed out once more, then collapsed forward, panting heavily. Her hips were still involuntarily bucking on Keithís shaft, making him feel rather good. Michelle grabbed her arm, and said "Are you okay, Candy?"

"I think I went to heaven." She pushed her self up with her hands. Keith moved his hands down to her hips and moaned. She had a puzzled look on her face, and then a smile. "Damn, he must be dreaming of doing it."

Michelle giggled, "That, or he's so out of it, he doesn't know it's happening for real."

Keith kept his smile to himself, letting them think he doesn't know whatís going on. "Come on Candy, I think I want to try it."

Candy turned her head, and leaned over and kissed her friend on the forehead. "Candy! What was that for?"

"For letting me come over." She moaned as she raised her hips up, leaving just the head planted firmly in her twat. She moaned even louder when she dropped down, smashing her cunt down onto his thighs. He let out a grunt. The girls froze, but then Michelle said "Come on, I think I can take it."

"Well, I'm not sure, not sure I want to share."

"You bitch, why should you have all the fun?"

"Hey, you didn't want to a little while ago."

"Well, I..." She looked at where Keithís body joined Candy's, " I do now. Now come on, let me try."

She raised her ass up high, let out a sigh, letting his cock fall out of her cunt, making a popping sound when it vacated it's warm cave. "Okay, but you better put on more Vaseline on him, and a shit load in you."

Michelle smiled as she dipped her fingers back into the jar of Vaseline, and stuffed them up her cunt. Candy took some and re-greased his pole. Keith let out another moan. Michelle straddled his hips, and raised her ass. Candy took his meat in her hands and had Michelle lower her cunt until the head was at the door of her womanhood.

"Okay, Michelle, just lower down a bit." She did as she was told, and she felt the head of his dick enter her, sliding in rather easily so far. Her cunt felt like it was already full, and she only had a inch in her. "Here, you balance yourself, I'll make it feel better." With that, Candy took her fingers and started massaging her friends clit. Michelle's eyes flew open, not expecting her friend to do such a thing.

"Candy, what you doing?"

"You'll need some help, this will make it feel better as you go down." She continued her finger work, and Keith was wishing he could open his eyes and watch. "Whenever you're ready, go ahead and take more of it."

Michelle dropped another two inches, causing her to exhale from the stretching of her pussy walls. She felt the tip stop at her hymen, and said "It's stopped."

Candy giggled, "Well, you are a virgin, go ahead and raise up, then drop down and break it." Candy's fingers were making her feel damn good, as she raised her hips and dropped down, sending his prick through her hymen and a sharp pain through her body, causing her to scream out. She felt Candy kissing her on the cheek, and whispered into her ear, "There, the pain will go away in a second. Congratulations, you're no longer a virgin."

She relaxed, her pussy slid down a few more inches, until she was sitting on his lap. She never felt so full, and with her friends fingers, she was almost ready to have an orgasm. She started moving her hips like she seen Candy do it, and soon she was moaning in ecstasy, as she felt her pussy spasm and clamp down on his prick. Keith was beside himself. He had already been given a great blowjob, had one girl ride him to her own pleasure, and now had just taken another girls cherry. He was trying to think what to do next.

After about five minutes of Michelle riding his cock, sending her into another orgasm, he reached up and grabbed her breasts, giving them a good squeeze. Michele, who had her eyes closed, said "Oh Candy, that feels so good how you squeeze them."

Candy looked down at Keithís face, to see his eyes open. "Um...Michelle honey, those aren't my hands."

Michelle opened her eyes and looked down at Keithís smiling face, his eyes half-open. She didn't care, she was enjoying the ride. And now she was happy to know that a great ride lived a few doors down. She closed her eyes and went back to riding. Candy giggled, put her face over Keith's, and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Well, I don't know how long you been awake, but now that you are," She swung her leg over his head, and gently lowered her sweet cunt to his face, "You might as well do some work."

He moaned in appreciation, as his tongue darted around her pussy. This was the first pussy he ever ate, and she helped him along by moving her cunt to where she wanted him to lick. The two girls hugged each other, kissing and massaging their breasts. Candy started squirming more, as she soon had an orgasm, flooding Keith's face with her juices. Michelle was also in the throes of another powerful come, as she was moaning loudly, too. Keith felt his pecker throb, and the rush of his sperm up his shaft. He felt her cunt grip his cock and milk his second load deep up her cunt, sending her into another orgasm.

Both girls rolled off of him, and he propped himself up on his elbow, his cock deflating a bit from this round. He wanted to taste Michelle's red snatch, so he crawled over between her thighs and started licking away. Michelle moaned, and opened her thighs more, as he worked a finger, then two, up her tight snatch. He could feel his gobs of come, as they were being pushed put by her muscle spasms.

Candy moved down and took his deflated cock in her mouth. He was still about five inches, she thought that he was bigger soft than most guys hard. After about twenty minutes of slurping, Candy got Keith hard, and Michelle got a few more orgasms. Candy released his prick, and crawled up his body, whispering in his ear, "Do me doggie style, while I sixty-nine with Michelle."

Keith about died. He couldn't believe his ears. He sat up, and Candy replaced his lips on Michelleís sweet snatch with her own tongue. He went up Michelle's body, kissing and massaging her small, full breasts. His hands stayed on her lovely young tits, as she placed his lips on hers, and forced his tongue into her mouth. She tasted her own juices on his lips and tongue, and then realized that someone else was taking care of her cunt. She moaned though, not wanting her friend to stop what she was doing.

He broke the kiss, as Candy pushed his head away form Michelle's face. Without removing her mouth from her slit, she swung around, and had her sopping wet bush over her friends waiting mouth. Michelle opened her eyes, seen what was above her, and grabbed her friends hips and lowered her down to her waiting mouth.

Keith sat back in awe. Here were two girls going lesbo, and he was hard as a rock. Both girls were making moaning sounds, as he got up behind Candy's upturned ass, and with one hand on her ass, he used the other to guide his pole up into the friendly confines of her tight hot box. He started fucking her gently and slowly, but even that was causing her to grunt, as his meat stretched her out again. But she wasn't arguing, as she loved the feeling of it plowing her cunt as her friend licked her twat.

Keith liked the feeling of Michelle's tongue as it licked his dick while he fucked. Both girls were primed for another gut wrenching orgasm, and soon Keith felt Candy and heard Michelle, as both came at the same time. Keith picked up the pace, sending her tits bouncing wildly under her. Michelle reached for them and started squeezing them hard, and pinching her nipples.

He could feel a load forming in his balls, as he increased the speed. Candy was crying out, saying "Fuck me hard, damn you, fill me with your jisz." He didn't need anymore encouragement, as he grunted and made one final thrust, sending his load deep inside of her and her off into another orgasm. Both of them collapsed, on top of poor Michelle, who just had an orgasm by watching the action inches from her face.

Michelle was the first to speak, all worn out, she said "Why don't we go to my room, the bed is big enough for the three of us." They all smiled, as they helped each other up, and then up the stairs they went, piling into her bedroom and crawling under the covers, a girl on each side. Soon, all three were asleep, exhausted from the evenings activities, with Keith hoping for some more in the morning.

The sun rose early in the Smokies, but there wasn't a creature stirring in the chalet the two couples were sharing until late in the morning. The view of the bed wasn't much, an arm sticking out there, a foot over there, but it was obvious that there was more than two people under those blankets. The TV never was shut off. Another porno was on, but the sound was off.

Abbie was the first to wake, and the sight she saw! Her face was about a foot from Dave's cock, and being a man and it was morning, it was at full attention. She looked at it for a bit, getting up the nerve to touch another mans prick. With a smile, she slowly reached for it, grasping the head in her hands. She tugged gently, and it throbbed in her hands. She wasn't too sure what to do next, Dave let out a low moan, as she massaged it.

She softly crawled over to it, as she felt her husband, his head down by her feet, roll away in his sleep. She took the head into her mouth, getting a taste of his meat with the juices of her friend still on it. Last night was a haze, she remembers drinking lots, and her and George making love next to Dave and Crystal while they did the same. She didn't think it went beyond that, but wasn't sure. Dave, who was on his side, moaned and rolled onto his back, pulling her with him. She felt his hand come to the back of her head, as she started sucking away on his long shaft.

George and Crystal both woke up when Dave rolled over, and looked at each other, their faces about two feet away. They heard the slurping noise, and they lifted the covers to see the back of Abbie's head, buried in Dave's crotch. George was stunned, here his wife was sucking on a cock that wasn't his. But he was stunned even more when Crystal leaned over and gave him a kiss. They exchanged tongues, as their hands worked over each others bodies. George found her big breasts, kneading them gently. Her hand was on his thick cock, jerking him at a slow pace. They broke their kiss, and soon were in a sixty-nine, with George on top. He was giving her clit a good licking, as she was to his dick.

Dave was finally awake, and he looked at the two in a heated sixty-nine. He then noticed that the woman had big breasts, just like his wife. Then it dawned on him, but who was sucking his schlong so damn good? He raised the covers, and seen the red hair. Oh shit, Abbie. She lifted her face up, and smiled as best she could with a mouth full of his cock. She released it from her mouth, and said "Shhh, you might wake them." She went back to sucking him, as he dropped his head and chuckled. She hadn't noticed the other two were going at it, yet. He reached down and started playing with one of her small breasts, finding the feel of them rather nice.

She knew something was up, when she heard Crystal moaning, pretty loud with a dick in her mouth. She turned her head, and saw Crystals body, with another body on top of her. Didn't take her long to figure out what was up. She felt the cock in her mouth throb hard, and soon she was greeted with a mouth full of come. She heard the familiar grunting of her husband, signaling he was filling Crystals mouth with his load. Abbie swallowed, keeping up with his spurts. Once she got the last drop, she pulled his dick from her mouth. She then crawled up on to of him, reached down between her legs and guided his meat into her hungry cunt. He reached up and kissed her on the lips, as he grabbed her small breasts, twisting her hard nipples.

She moaned softly, as he started thrusting up into her with his long shaft, and as she moved her hips. She looked over at her husband and Crystal. He was up and had her legs pushed up, her knees at the side of her breasts, as he plunged his thick member deep into her waiting hot pussy.

The sounds of sex was making them all even hotter, as they were riding each other hard and fast. All were breaking a sweat, as they approached their respective climax. Both women went first, crying out in passion at the same time. Their pussy's clamping down on their vaginal invaders, sending the men into orgasms, as they grunted loudly as they came, sending spurt after spurt into the pussy's they were servicing.

All four were exhausted after the morning sexual antics. Abbie raised her head, and looked at Crystal, and said "Good morning, have a good ride?"

Crystal smiled back, and said "Oh yes, it was a pleasant journey." She stretched her arms above her head, as George took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently.

Dave did the same to Abbie, causing a slight moan to escape from her lips. She said "I don't know why, but I seen that prick of his right there when I woke up, and I just had to have a taste."

The other three chuckled, as George said "Thatís okay dear, we all had to try a bit of tasting this morning." They all laughed, and started rolling around in the big bed. Eventually, the girls were between the two men, with Dave next to Abbie and George next to Crystal. The guys playfully rubbed the girls bodies with their hands, exploring each set of tits and cunts, as the girls took turns fondling the genitals of the guys.

Dave looked over to his wife, and asked "You get jealous?"

She blushed, "At first, but then George and I started in, and well...."

George said "Same here...it was nice, but I still prefer my wife."

"Thank you, dear," replied Abbie, a smile coming to her face, "Although I enjoyed trying a new cock on, I much prefer the one I'm more use too."

Crystal thought for a moment, and said "I think it's best that we remember who we're married to, that this is okay, but not to hurt our relationship with our spouse."

"I agree" said Dave, as he worked two fingers into Abbie's sopping wet cunt, "Even though we're having sex with another person other than our spouse, it's not like we're making love. It's more for the pleasure."

George lifted Crystal's leg, and squeezed his cock back into her hot box again, saying "Yeah, and I'm ready for some more pleasure." The wives laughed, as Dave did the same with Abbie. Soon, the guys were pounding away again, as they each were sucking on the nipple closest to them, with they're other hand across to their respective wife, grabbing the free breast. Each wife had their fingers in their crotch, fingering their clit, as they were all working to another orgasm. Abbie came first, her cunt clasping on Dave's tool, followed by George, who again flooded Crystal's cunt. The feeling of his spurting monster sent her over the edge, just as her husband drained another load deep in Abbie.

They all rested for awhile, before Abbie decided it was time to get up. She said "You know, I think we should go shopping, Crystal." She sat up, Dave's spent cock plopping out of her well oiled cunt. She grabbed his dick, and added, "Besides, we can leave the guys here, maybe they'll get rested up for some more fun this evening." Crystal and Abbie jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving Dave and George alone in the sack, finally noticing the porno on TV.

Dave reached for the remote, and said "Guess we won't need that for awhile." Both laughed, as they climbed out of bed, heading for the spa. They stepped down in, as they heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. Both women climbed in together, the shower being so big and all. They helped clean each other off, then once done, dried off together. Exiting the bathroom, they looked at the guys, who were relaxing in the spa.

Crystal asked "You guys going to come with us? You'll need to get something to eat eventually."

Dave started to say something, but Abbie seen the look on his face, and cut him short, saying "Besides pussy."

The guys looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Each knew they couldn't complain, not after this morning and how well the ladies took care of them. They got out of the spa, and got dressed, and soon, all four were heading down the mountain and towards town.

Up the road a bit in Cincinnati, it was late morning. Keith was having a dream about how he was having sex with two girls. But it wasn't a dream, as he thought of that as he woke up, in between Candy, on his left, and Michelle on his right. All three were as naked as the day they were born. His dick was rock hard, making a tent in the covers, as both girls were snuggled up against him, their firm young breasts pressed up against his bare flesh. He happened to look up at the clock, and when he seen the time, he said "Oh shit."

He sat up quick, waking up both girls, who cried out "What is it?"

"I'm going to be late for practice, it starts in thirty minutes, and I don't even have a car."

Candy said "Get dressed, I'll drive you," She jumped out of bed, looked around and looked at Michelle, asking "Where are my clothes?" Michelle had a blank look on her face, as she watched the swinging manhood of Keith as he rushed out of the room.

"Um, I don't know, why don't you see if he would like to work out here instead?"

Candy smiled, and exited the room. Five minutes later, Candy returned, pulling Keith by his saliva-coated rock hard cock. "It took some doing, but I convinced him that we could give him a better workout than any wrestling coach can give." Keith jumped back in bed, followed by Candy, as they pulled the covers over their heads, and the fun began again.

Candy got on his monster cock first, as Michelle sat her wet and horny cunt on his face. He found that he enjoyed eating pussy, and soon had his tongue exploring every inch of her wonderful box. She really moaned when he tongued her asshole. Candy was bobbing up and down on his meat, enjoying every inch of it, as she was panting and sweating up a storm, while her fingers were playing with the hooded man. It didn't take long for all three to crash into orgasmic bliss, as the two teenage beauties came on top of him, followed by him thrusting a huge load deep inside of Candy. When she climbed off his tool, globs of come were draining out of her slit. Michelle crawled over and stared cleaning her friends cunt with her tongue, sucking the sperm out of her hole.

Keith was still hard, and seeing Michelle's sweet upturned bum, he got up behind her and shoved his massive pussy-splitter all the way in, driving Michelle forward into the snatch of Candy. He reached around to play with a breast, as his other hand rested on her ass cheek. As he was plugging away, he gently inserted his thumb into her anus. She raised her head and squealed, saying "Oh god...um...damn you, Keith...oh fuck..." Candy, her eyes glazed from the tonguing she was receiving, was curious to know what brought that on. Michelle buried her head back into Candy's snatch, and continued her carpet munching. Michelle responded to the cock in her cunt and the thumb up her ass by having the biggest orgasm in her thus far short sex life. She came so hard, that she passed out from the intense pleasure. The feeling of this orgasm caused Keith to blow another load, sending a torrent of come deep into his neighbors tight womb.

He fell off to the side, temporarily spent. Candy pulled the limp body of her friend up into her arms, and kissed her lovingly, saying to Keith "God you're good, I should have tried you a long time ago."

Keith just smiled and laid his head back, this sure beats wrestling practice. He must have nodded off, as the next thing he knew, both girls were taking turns trying to suck new life back into his ailing pecker. After about ten minutes of sucking, the girls couldn't decide who's turn it was to ride him. He solved the problem, by saying "Why don't you two just share it." They smiled, and Michelle went to sucking his head, as Candy nibbled at his shaft and balls. Watching these two working on him got him off in about ten minutes, as he filled Michelle's warm mouth to overflowing. Candy stepped in, by taking the final two blasts, after one hit Michelle on her cheek after she pulled off of his dick. The girls giggled, as they wiped up the excess come, and licked each others fingers. Then they kissed, a hot passion ant French kiss.

Keith was definitaly spent. He leaned back, and soon he was in never-never land, snoring away. The girls realized they fucked him ragged, but knew he would be back one-hundred percent after a good rest.

They got up, took a shower together, and left a note for Keith, telling him that they were going shopping. That they would be back about five, in time to make supper. Keith was sound asleep, resting his tired pecker. About noon, the phone next to the bed rang, he picked it up and said "Hello." He thought "Oh shit, this is her own line. A male voice on the other end asked "Um...is Michelle there?" He answered "No, she went shopping with Candy." There was a click, as the caller hung up.

Great, he knew that that was her boyfriend, Mark. He's probably wondering why he answered her phone. Oh well, at least he got her cherry. He crawled out of bed, and looked around, trying to find his clothes. No where in sight, he headed out the bedroom door and down the stairs. He went into the kitchen, still nude, opened the fridge and grabbed some leftover pizza. He found Michelle's note and read it, good, he can go back to bed. He had a feeling he may need his energy for tonight.

After scarfing down the pizza and a coke, he suddenly realized his head was pounding, too much beer last night. He scrounged around in the bathroom and found some aspirin, and downed three. Soon, he was back in her bed, and sound asleep, as he thoughtlessly stroked his cock to the thought of doing the girls some more.

Out at the mall, the girls were shopping for hours. It was their third mall, and they already bought some new outfits. Candy looked at her watch, and said "It's four-thirty Michelle, we better hurry up in here." The mall they were in was the one closest to their home, and naturally they ran into some friends. They heard a female voice shout out "Hey Michelle, Candy, what you guys doing?"

They turned and found Cindy Mathers, and Jenny Smith approaching. Michelle was thinking great, the two biggest mouths this side of the Ohio. Would like for Keith to stuff his sausage in them to shut them up. They greeted each other politely, and then Cindy smiled and asked "So tell me Michelle, who answered your phone sleepily this morning."

Michelle about died, then, keeping a straight face, said "Why, who was calling?"

Jenny answered, "Seems your boyfriend Mark called, and that Keith kid answered it, he was a bit pissed that he was in your room, wondering what he was doing in there."

"I would say he was answering the phone, since we weren't there, you dumbass." Candy retorted.

"If that dumbass is pissed because a houseguest answered my phone, then he ain't my boyfriend anymore." Said Michelle, thinking this will make breaking up easier. The two set of girls split up, with Michelle fuming. "Thatís all I need, this to get around the school."

"Well, maybe we can play with it." said Candy

"How?" she thought for a moment, adding "Wait a minute, I'm not too keen on your ideas right now, I'm still a bit sore from that cock."

"They walked down the mall, talking, "Yeah, but what if we weren't the only ones that tried him on for size tonight.?"

Michelle said "No fucking way am I going to share, besides with you of course. And I don't want him worn out. We've all tomorrow and Monday to screw ourselves silly before our parents get home."

"Come on, whatís another girl or two." she started walking "And I know just a few things to make sure ol' Keith will keep going and going."

Michelle stared at her friend, and asked "What you got in mind?"

Candy turned to her as they picked up their pace, "You just leave that to me, we don't have much time." They entered a novelty store, "There's something I need to buy here, and then we need to stop by my house on the way home, you got your cell phone?"

"Sure, hold on." Michelle dug through her purse, pulling out her phone. Candy went to the adult section and soon said "Aha, here we go, this will help." Michelle looked at the little box, on it was a picture of a ring.

"My god, Candy, won't that hurt him?" She said, after she realized what the ring was for.

"Not sure, thatís why we need to stop by my house." They went and paid for the item, and exited the store, Candy asked for the phone and dialed up a number, and soon she was in conversation, "Amy? Hi there, this is Candy....What?...yes, I know, she's with me now, guess the whole school knows, huh?....well, maybe because he has the biggest cock you have ever seen....what you mean I'm full of shit?....tell you what, you want to see for yourself, or are you just full of shit yourself....yeah, tonight...hey, why don't you call some of the other girls, maybe they might want to see it, too...no, I don't want the whole school to know, keep it with people we can trust....okay, you will?....great" they exited the mall an were heading towards the car, "Yeah, be at Michelle's about eight....see ya there! Oh! Call before you come over, let me know who all is going to be there...bye."

She turned to Michelle, "There, wasn't that easy?"

Michelle shook her head, "You're crazy", she then asked "But what we need at your place?"

An evil smile came on her face, "Something from my dad's medicine chest. Oh, and do you have any rope at home?"

Another look of bewilderment, "Why yes, somewhere I'm sure."

"Good" They pulled out of the mall, two women on a mission.

Dave and George were walking down the main drag of Gatlinburg. Their wives were in some store somewhere, they just didn't know which one. They were to meet them at four in front of the Ferris wheel. That was when Dave seen the flyer. It wasn't any flyer, this one had a word that caught his eye. He picked it up, and read it, and smiled. He handed it to George, who read it, and smiled, saying "You must be joking."

"Why not?" replied Dave.

"Well, this morning was one thing, I'm not too sure about this."

"Come on, we'll give it to our wives, and if they go for it, we'll try it, okay?"

"Yeah, if Abbie doesn't kill me first."

They found the girls, or should say, the girls found them. Neither said a word about the flyer, as they went into a restaurant and sat down for dinner. The girls were telling their husband all the neat things they've found, and that maybe they would go back to buy them later. Then Abbie asked George "What did you guys find?"

George about choked on his food, and Dave burst out laughing. The girls looked at the men and then at each other, Crystal said "Okay dumbass, what's the joke."

Dave said "No joke, just something we found while walking." He pulled out the flyer and handed it to Crystal. She read it, and her face went blank. Abbie looked over her shoulder, and turned to the guys "You can't be serious, George."

George turned to Dave, "I told you, now we went and ruined a good thing here, you dumbass."

"Come on George, it was worth a shot, and besides, it's not like they're going to cut us off."

The rest of the dinner was silence. Neither wife would even look at the guys. Finally, the men paid the bill, and escorted the women outside, "Well, what you wanting to go back to buy?" George asked his wife, as he took her hand in his.

She squeezed his hand tightly, and said "You two go on over to the bar there, we'll be along shortly." They smiled as the two men walked over towards the bar.

As they turned, Crystal said "They haven't a clue, do they?"

Abbie broke up giggling, saying "No, they're scared big time, when should we let them in on it?"

They entered a gift shop, and Crystal answered, "Hold on, lets get those things first, then we'll talk out in the van."

Crystal got the things she wanted, as did Abbie, and they soon were talking and laughing on their way to their vehicle. They opened the hatch, put the things they bought away, then climbed into the side door. Once inside, Crystal said "Okay, read it again."

Abbie pulled a flyer out of her purse, just like the one that the guys had found earlier. She read it to her friend "The Smokey Mountain Swing and Social Club, Gatlinburg & Sevierville's top adult entertainment for Couples, Couples with open minds(and bodies) always welcome. Meets every Saturday night for fun and games at a private location, for information, call xxx-xxxx."

Crystal pulls out her cell phone, "Let me see that number." Abbie put it in front of her face, and she entered it into her phone, she put it up to her ear and waited briefly, "Hello?...Yes, I'm calling because we found one of your fliers here in town.....actually, there are four of us, two couples....no, we've never swung before, but my friend and I are interested in doing it for our husbands....what?...okay, our names are Dave & Crystal and Abbie & George, we're staying in one of the chalet's.....at eight pm....twenty-five dollars per couple...and condoms are provided, I take it they're mandatory...no, no problem, I'm happy they are, this being our first time and all, makes this a bit easier....I understand...okay, let me write that down..." She pulled a pen out of her purse, and started writing down directions. After five minutes, she was done. "What was that...um, not sure, let me ask my friend," she turned to Abbie, "You have any questions for them?"

Abbie thought briefly, then said "Yeah, how many couples will be there, and how many single's?"

Crystal spoke into the phone "Did you hear that?....uh-huh, okay, she said probably about thirty couples, and about ten to twenty singles, most of them being male."

"Wow, thatís a lot of people." replied Abbie, she added "Will there be snacks and drinks?"

Crystal smiled and said "Full service bar, and a small buffet of finger food."

"Good, lets do it."

"We'll be there sometime this evening...huh?...okay, thanks for telling us. See you later."


"Her name is Donna, and she said that they generally close up about midnight."

"Okay, then lets do it."

They got out of the van, and headed for the bar they sent their husbands to. Crystal asked "How we going to tell our husbands?"

"Lets not, I'll drive us, we'll say they've had too much to drink. Besides, after reading the directions, it's in the same area as our chalet." Crystal said, as they made their way into the bar. They found their husbands, both with an empty beer in front of them, and another one in their hands. They sided up to the bar, each next to their mate. Crystal said "You guys ready?

Dave answered her, "Just about, let us finish this round." The bartender came by, and both women shook their heads no. No one spoke, and once the guys were done with their beer, they started to get off of their respective stool. Crystal played it perfectly, sort of tripping her husband, "Whoooh there Dave....how much have you had to drink?"

"Aw, just three or four." Replied her husband.

"Well, looks like I'm driving then, we don't need any dui's down here in briar land." He started to protest, but she shut him up when she said "Watch it, bub, you're already in hot water, or have you forgotten that."

Dave mumbled something, as they strolled out the door, heading to the parking lot. The guys piled recklessly into the back of the minivan, as Abbie got in the front and Crystal behind the wheel. There was silence as they drove out of the lot, heading up the main drag of Gatlinburg. They made the first three turns as if they were going to their chalet, then Crystal made a left, instead of going straight. Dave didn't say anything, thinking that he'll show that bitch, let her get lost. George started to say something, but Dave stopped him, putting his finger to his lip. George smiled, thinking the same thing as Dave.

Then she made another turn, and another. George and Dave were smiling, but for all the wrong reasons, two more turns, going up a steep incline, they came up to the top of the ridge, and at the third driveway, they turned into it. When they did, the guys smiles turned to faces of bewilderment. Both were thinking, where the fuck they taking us?

After parking in a small lot with about thirty other cars, Crystal turned off the ignition, and both girls turned around and said "We're here?"

George and Dave looked at each other, and George asked "Thatís nice, but where exactly the fuck are we?"

"Yeah, I don't think they moved the chalet we were staying in." added Dave.

Abbie smiled, saying "We've a confession to make."

Crystal continued, "Yeah, seems we found a similar flier before you guys did, we didn't think you would find one too."

Both guys started cracking up, the girls asked "Whatís so funny?"

"Aw shit, we thought you two were going to cut our marbles off." Replied Dave.

"Better hope not," said Crystal, as she opened her door, "You'll need them tonight." She looked at her watch, "It's eight-ten, the party already started, lets go."

They all piled out, and headed towards the building. It was huge from the outside, both guys were wondering what was inside. As the approached, they found signs directing them towards a door on the side of the garage, to a side door. Entering, they found it empty, save for a table with a scantly clad blonde with very big breasts. George let out a low whistle. She seen them when they came in, and said "Like what you see, big boy?"

He blushed, and Abbie nudged him in the ribs. Crystal spoke, "Hi, we're Dave, Crystal, George and Abbie, I called earlier about tonight's get together."

The blonde smiled and stood up, "Oh yes, I'm Donna, you talked to me, welcome to our bit of paradise." She picked up four sheets of paper, and handed one to each, saying "These are the rules, and when you're done reading, you may sign here, and I will need to see some ID." The two couples read the paper, and both guys were ready to sign right away.

They took out their wallets, showing their drivers license, Donna looked at them, saying "Oh, Cincinnati, I grew up in Dayton."

Really?" said Dave, "Crystal is from there as well, where did you go to school?"

She said "Alter, class of 83." Crystal stuck out her hand, saying "West Carrollton, '84."

They shook, and Donna said "Okay, lets get going, this is really all the intro we give. The next room is a changing room. Just strip down in there. There are lockers for storing valuables, the pay type, only a quarter. Any questions?" No one said anything, "Okay, make yourself right at home. The food and bar are in the room after you leave the changing room. There is a table with towels as you enter the next room, please grab one and sit on it at all times. You all have fun, and remember, no means no, although I don't think you'll have to worry about that."

They went through the next door, finding a twelve by ten room, with lockers on one wall, and a long bench. There was a bathroom on the other side, and both girls decided they needed to pee. The guys stripped right away, and were bare-ass by the time the girls came back out. The girls started removing their clothing, handing it to their husbands so they could put it into the locker.

Dave looked at his wife, who looked a bit nervous, "Ready?"

She inhaled a deep breath, and said "Lets go for it, we came this far."

They exited through the door, entering a large room with couches all over. A table had towels on it, and each took one as they went by. There were about a dozen people sitting on the couches, some talking, some making out. Dave pointed out a sign that said the place closed at midnight. George said "Looks like we better get in as much fun as we can."

Crystal answered, "Or take back to our place some entertainment." Abbie giggled, as she eyed a young man, about twenty-four, sitting on the couch, stroking a nice size piece of meat. She thought, what the hell, I'm here, as she walked over, picked up a condom and handed it to him. He rolled it over and down his cock, and she straddled him, taking him up her tight cunt.

Dave felt a hand on his shoulder and turned, finding a brunette smiling, with nice tits, pulling him down onto the couch. Soon the were making out on the couch, their hands exploring each others bodies. George and Crystal looked at each other, and she shrugged her shoulders, as she dropped to her knees and swallowed George's hard cock, making loud slurping noises as she sucked. He pulled her over to another couch and sat, enjoying the view. Dave now had the brunette on all fours, and a rubber on, drilling her cunt from behind while reaching under her and playing with her hanging tits. A thin guy came up behind Crystal and asked to screw her, she just nodded, as he tehn puled on a condom and entered her upturned ass. George grabbed her head in his hands and started fucking her face in time with the one in her twat.

They all were getting into it, and the room was full of the sound of sex. Probably about ten other pairings and threesomes, and they all came about the same time. When they extricated themselves from each other, they all just sat around, waiting for it to start over again.

Crystal joined Abbie on a couch, both girls cunts wet from their own juices, and the two husbands on another. George said "Well, lets go look around, if anyone sees something they want to get into...."

The girls smiled, as Abbie retorted "Or let get into us!" They all laughed, as George and Dave got up and headed for the stairs, to check the rooms up there. Abbie looked at the door, and said "Oh my." Crystal turned and looked a that she was looking at. In walked about a dozen young men, all well built, and all with very nice equipment. They were soon followed by another dozen, as well as about four college coeds, each rather good looking.

Crystal said "Looks like fresh meat." As she stood and approached a few of them that had moved closer towards them. In seconds, her and Abbie were on the floor, each with a cock in their cunt and one in their mouth. When the men emptied their loads in their rubbers, Abbie suggested they find a room, and they went on upstairs, followed by about six of the guys.

They found George and Dave in one room, double-fucking a blonde, George on bottom and Dave on top, his cock in the blondes ass. Abbie said "There's our husbands, lets try the next room, and that looked like fun."

They all piled into the next room, and soon the two wives had a cock in each hole, having one orgasm after another. George and Dave meanwhile, had finished with the blonde, and moved on to another room, where they took in a young red-head who was taking one cock after another in her well-oiled twat. They just smiled and got inline, ready for their turn.

Back in Cincinnati, Keith was waking up again. He couldn't move his hands or feet. Shit, he thought, what happened? Did he fuck himself to death. As his senses came back, he remembered the girls having a dinner ready for him, and making sure he drank his beer. He looked over at the clock, it read nine-pm. Damn, he's been asleep for four hours at least, and whatís that strange feeling on his cock? He couldn't see under the covers to tell, but he knew he had the mother of all woodies, yet something felt strange. Why would the girls tie him up? Are they into something kinky? Hell, if only they would have asked!

Downstairs, Michelle and Candy were talking to a group of girls. There were six of them. Amy was a short brunette with a small waist and small tits. Sally was rather tall, thin and about a b-cup. Cheryl was a bit heavy, probably about thirty pounds over weight, but her breasts were huge. She was also a first cousin to Candy, and a year younger. Mary was a well built redhead, hair redder than Michelle's, and breasts a bit bigger too. She was as tall as Sally, and just a bit heavier, with muscular legs. Bobbie was the shortest and the youngest, only fifth teen and not weighing in much over seventy-pounds. She hardly had a chest, and she had long blonde hair. The last girl was Pam, a racially mixed girl with ample breasts and a butt that was a bit on the big side, but a very thin waist, which made it look bigger.

Candy looked at them and said "Okay, what have you guys heard so far?"

Sally spoke, saying "Well, we heard that Michelle got lucky with that geek neighbor of hers, whatís his name? Keith Andrews?"

This pissed Michelle off, which was surprising, considering she thought the same thing before last night. "Hey, he may be a geek, but he's got the biggest damn prick you bitches have ever had." The six girls dropped their jaws, so it was true. Michelle realized what she said, thought oh well, and added "A better cock on any guys you go with."

Amy responded "Just how big is it? And does he know how to use it?"

"Oh, he can use it all right, he used it all night last night on both of us. "Candy replied, shocking the girls even more.

Pam said "Well my Joe is seven inches, and there's no way that that geek could be any bigger than that."

"What you say we put you on the spot?" Said Candy.

"What you mean?" she replied.

"If he's bigger than seven inches, you all have to ride him at least once." was Candy's answer. This shocked the girls again. She added "His dick is good enough to get you off, which is more than you can say about the inept abilities of your boyfriends. Hell, I should know, I've fucked most of them."

The girls were even more shocked when Amy said "You're on, but aren't you forgetting one thing?"

Candy smiled, and said "Before we go any further, is this a deal?"

The girls looked at each other, and Pam said "It has to be at least nine inches to win."

Candy whispered into Michelle's ear, saying nothing, just getting the girls going, "Okay," she said "Nine inches it is."

Cheryl shouted out, "Wait a minute, cousin, how are we going to find out?"

Michelle stood up, and said "Easy, follow us up the stairs."

"He's upstairs? Right now?" a few said .

Candy smiled and said "Come on, or are you girls chicken shit."

They hesitantly got up, and followed the girls up the steps towards the bedroom of Michelle. Her room was the second door on the left, across the hall was her parents room. She stood in her parents doorway, and said "Okay girls, enter my room."

Keith watched the girls enter the room, and his cock twitched under the covers. It hurt a bit as well, he was wondering what was going on, his wrists and ankles were handcuffed to the bed. He noticed a pill bottle next to the bed, and wondered what that was. Once the girls were in side the room, all standing at the side of the bed, Candy and Michelle went to the foot of the bed.

Michelle asked "You girls ready to pay up?"

Pam smirked, and then her face went white as Michelle quickly pulled the blanket off of Keith. His meat was laying on his stomach, and it had to be at least ten inches long. Amy said "Oh myyyyy goooood" real softly, and a few of the other girls uttered similar responses.

Michelle climbed onto the bed, grabbed his meat, and swallowed his cock, as Candy asked "Okay, who's first?"

Keith looked at his favorite cocksucker, and saw what was causing him the discomfort. The girls placed a cockring around the base of his shaft, it was pressing into his skin.

Pam asked "What is that for?"

"Thatís to keep him from coming, sort of protection." replied Candy, as she added "Come on, who's paying up first. Pam? You've a big mouth, why don't you go first."

Pam glared at Candy, as the others said "Yeah, you made the bet and got us into this. She shrugged her shoulders, stripped off her clothes, and climbed onto the bed, straddling her hips over his groin. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, letting Michelle guide his cock to her opening. She slowly lowered down, taking the large purple head past her cunt lips. She moaned as it stretched her out, as she said "Oh god, he's so fucking big!"

She got use to his size, and Keith held still. Watching the girl's dark skin come down and engulf his meat was a dream come true. After about ten minutes, she was down all the way, and she took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Keith could feel her pussy walls rippling, and knew she was excited. He could see her moisture dripping out her cunt, as she rested.

Cheryl asked "Are you all right, Pam?"

She turned and smiled, saying "Oh god, yeah." She started moving her hips back and forth, and a slight up and down motion. Keith started thrusting his hips as well. As she was riding his meat, Candy asked "Anyone want to try his tongue?"

Cheryl quickly said "I do." As she quickly stripped and climbed onto the bed. She mounted her fat pussy on his lips, before he could say anything. Not that he had a choice, he decided already to just lay there and enjoy what they do to him. Soon she was squirming on his tongue, as he was licking her real good. Pam was about there, and announced her orgasm with a loud scream. Michelle was hoping her snoopy neighbor doesn't call the cops on that one.

As Pam relaxed, Candy said "Okay Cheryl, as soon as Pam vacates his monster meat, it's your turn. You others get naked, and get in line, his face is available."

The other four girls stripped down, and Pam slowly pulled off his cock, rolling off to the edge. Her pussy never felt this good before. She looked at his meat and took it in her hands, giving the head a kiss. Keith twitched it, making her smile.

Cheryl straddled his cock, as Bobbie got on Keithís face. He was in heaven now, what a sweet tasting pussy, not that Cherylís wasn't bad either. Cheryl felt a mini-orgasm hit, but she was in anticipation of his meat. Michelle wondered why she was so nervous, until she lowered down on his cock. She sank about two inches, then stopped. She sucked in her breath, and dropped down, forcing his meat up her virgin pussy.

When Michelle seen the blood, her face went blank, as she pointed it out to Candy. Candy said "Oh Cheryl, I'm so sorry cousin." Cheryl was sitting there, her pussy filled to bursting. Candy came up from behind and reached her arms around her, kneading her cousins breasts. "I didn't know you were a virgin, honey. If I did, I wouldn't have let you taken such a big cock."

Michelle added "Don't worry Cheryl, I was a virgin until last night, as well."

Cheryl and the others looked at her, as she blushed. She added, "Here," She placed her fingers in Cherylís slit, rubbing her clit. "This will help." Cheryl closed her eyes, as the two girls rubbed the parts that needed rubbed. Soon she was bucking her hips, and shortly after that, she had her first major orgasm in her young life. Bobbie was coming at the same time, and the sound in the room was getting the girls all excited.

Cheryl climbed off, sniffling. Candy took her in her arms and they left the room. Bobbie was next to ride, and it was a sight watching her tiny body taking such a big cock. She somehow managed to do it, getting all the way down, as Amy was riding his more than eager face.

In Michelleís parents room, Candy comforted her cousin, saying "It's okay, if you want to go home now, you can."

Cheryl looked in her eyes, and replied "I wanted to be like you, cousin."

Candy smiled, saying "You are, you enjoyed it. But since this is your first time, maybe you should go on home, then come back tomorrow, that way you only have to share him with me and Michelle."

Cheryl sniffled back a tear, and smiled, "Will he let me?"

Candy laughed, "Well, he won't be tied up at the time, but I'm sure he will."

The two kissed, and Cheryl said "Thank you for helping." As she squeezed her cousins ass as they got up and went back into the other room.

Candy said "Cheryl's going on home for a bit, she might be back later." As she squeezed her cousin's shoulder. Bobbie and Amy didn't hear a word they were saying, as they both came hard. Cheryl put her clothes on, and turned and left, just as Amy took the cock in one fast drop, and Mary went for a tongue ride.

Lisa Summers was sitting on the couch when her daughter Cheryl, her only child, came walking through the door of their house. They lived four blocks from Michelle, not far from where Candy lives. Candy is her brothers daughter. She considered her a wild girl, and was sort of surprised she asked her cousin to come over tonight. Lisa asked, "You're home early, you okay."

Cheryl smiled, leaned over the couch and kissed her mother on the cheek, saying, "Yes mom, just got tired, going to take a shower, I might go back over later."

Lisa's mind clicked. That ain't right. She usually doesn't get along with her cousin, or her friends. The only reason she went tonight was because Cheryl ran into them at the mall, as they were leaving. She always worries about her only child. Her father, the drunken fat ass, left years ago, and it had been rough raising her without a father. Although Lisa is about a size four, poor Cheryl inherited her fathers looks. He was good looking for a big man, but big woman on the other hand.

The smell, Cheryl had an odor about her, can't quite place it, she thought. It wasn't alcohol, or pot, thank god on both counts. She sure wish she would make some friends. Then it hit her, sex. She smelled like sex! It's been a long time since she had anything between her own thighs, so it took a while to recognize the scent. But, she wanted to be sure.

She stood up, having an idea. She walked to the bathroom, and heard her daughter in the shower. She entered, saying, "I'm going to do a load of laundry, so I'll take your dirty clothes." She said.

Cheryl responded "Okay mom." as she washed her body, her now non-virgin body. Her fingers went to her pussy, feeling her pussy lips. She was surprised they didn't feel sore. As her fingers found her clit, a funny feeling swept through her. God, she thought, that did feel so fucking good, maybe I will go back in an hour. She was wondering if he would do her again, and eat her pussy once more. That would be so nice.

Lisa took the clothes down the basement, and searched through them for her panties. She held them up in the light, and her suspicions were confirmed, as she seen the blood stains and a big wet spot. Now what, she thought. She was thankful that a year ago she started secretly giving her daughter birth control pills, telling her they were vitamins. That damn Candy, she bet she was behind this.

She put the clothes in the wash, and went on back upstairs. She sat on the couch, waiting for Cheryl to come out of the shower, wondering how to approach her about this. It sure was taking her a long time in there, then she chuckled, knowing damn well what was getting squeaky clean. Shit, she does it herself, the shower is the best place for playing with the man in the boat.

After about ten more minutes, and a great orgasm for Cheryl, the water turned off. Cheryl grabbed a towel and dried herself off, then wrapped it around herself. She exited the bathroom, and heard her mother call her name.

"Coming" she said chuckling at the inside joke.

She came in and saw the serious expression on her mothers face. Her own smile disappeared, and she knew that something was wrong. "Sit down, dear." She instructed, "Next to me." Cheryl, only clad in a towel, did as she was told.

"Yes mother?"

"Honey, I think we need to talk." her mother said.

Cheryl was getting white, "Okay mom, about what?"

"Oh, a few things, maybe about the weather, your social life, how you lost your virginity tonight."

She got teary eyed, and buried her face in her moms shoulder, saying "I'm sorry mom, but I was just trying to fit in."

Now this puzzled Lisa, fit in? Fit in how? "Thatís okay dear, every woman goes through this eventually. I'm just making sure that you're okay." She pushed her daughter away, and said "Now, who was it, and how did it happen."

"Um, well," she stammered, "It was Keith, a neighbor of Michelle, and um...it just sort of happened." She started crying again, Lisa was wondering what to do, and the more she thought about it, the madder she got. She was pissed that someone would take advantage of her daughter, a girl with not much self-esteem, even though she had been trying to get her to do better.

Finally, she stood up and said "Get dressed." Cheryl looked up at her, and Lisa repeated it again, "Go on, hurry up and get dressed." Cheryl got up and went running to her room, wondering what her mother was going to do. She grabbed some clothes and put them on and came back out in the living room. Lisa had her jacket on, and had hers in her hands, she tossed it the Cheryl, and said "Come on, I'm going to kick some ass for causing you harm."

Cheryl was shocked, and scared. As they went out the door, Lisa grabbed her hand, half pulling her the four blocks to Michelle's house, as Cheryl pointed it out. There were a few cars in the drive, one being Candy's, which Lisa recognized, and two others. They were at the front door, and Lisa found it unlocked, just as a van pulled up to the curb. Lisa glared at them, and asked her daughter, "Who's that?"

Cheryl turned and looked, and said "I think thatís Michelle's boyfriend, or use to be." she giggled when she said the last part. Lisa wondered, what she mean by use to be? She reached in her purse, and said "Here's the cell phone, if they come up towards you, dial 911. I'm going on inside."

Cheryl wanted to stop her mother, but it was too late. She quietly and quickly went on inside, locking the door behind her, leaving her daughter alone on the front step. The front room was empty, and she was wondering where everyone was. Surely someone should be down here, she thought. She heard laughter and a commotion coming up the stairs, and she sneaked on up. The house was dark, as the sun had already set, as she got to the top of the stairs, she heard a girls voice shout out, "Come on Amy, you're almost out of time." More giggling. They must be playing some sort of game. When she stuck her head around the corner, she about gasped out loud. There was Amy Jones, riding the biggest cock she had ever seen, and six girls were sitting on the floor watching the action, all nude and all with their backs to the door. She also saw the handcuffs on the young boys wrists and ankles, as he said "Come on girls, let me loose so I can show you how I can really screw you."

She saw one of the girls, damn, it was Candy her niece, lean onto the bed, kissing him on the lips, saying "No way Keith, we like a captive audience." The other girls cheered, as Lisa backed away from the door. She heard another say, "Come on Keith, hang in there, you took all seven of us while tied down so far, and we have more games to play, if Amy will ever get her fuckin rocks off." Another voice, "Yeah Amy, the key to this game is for the fastest come, not the longest, we all want a turn."

A loud scream of pleasure came from the bedroom, Lisa giggled, thinking it looked like Amy finally got there. She snuck back down the stairs, making sure she wasn't seen. At the front door, she exited the house, Cheryl was standing there. Lisa had a big smile on her face.

She looked at her daughter, and asked "Cheryl dear, was he tied down when he took your cherry?"

Cheryl looked at her feet, and barley muttered "Yes mommy."

Lisa chuckled, and brought her hands to her face, thinking, damn, my daughter lost her virginity by helping gang rape some young stud with what must be the biggest cock in the county. She looked up towards the curb, and noticed the van still there, but empty. She turned to her daughter, and asked "Where's the boys at from the van?"

"Um, they went around back."

Just then, a police car came to a stop at the curb. Oh shit, more trouble, she thought. She turned to her daughter, saying "I'm not mad at you, go inside and tell the others that some boys are around back, and the cops are at the front door, I want everyone in the living room fully dressed in five minutes." She opened the door, and said "Now go!"

The officer exited the squad car and approached the house. She recognized him, Barry Smith, knew him for years, lucky day, she hoped. "Hi Barry, glad you're here."

Barry looked shocked, seeing who it was, and said "We got a call from a neighbor of someone around back, know anything about it?"

The boys from the van, she thought, "Well, the girls are having a sleepover, including my daughter, I suspect some of the boyfriends are trying to get inside. It would help matters if you escort them off the property."

He smiled, and went around back. She heard some shouting to "Stop, police!" Some more shouting, and two boys came flying around the corner, heading for the van. But no Barry. The boys climbed in, and it was rather comical, when they realized the driver wasn't with them. Lisa ran to the door and said "I know you Pete, you stay right there, don't you dare move." She recognized him, and his face went white.

Soon, Barry was coming from around back, with Mark Lanier, he had Marks arm twisted behind him, as they made their way to the squad car. He had him up against it, and said "You know, you smell like beer, son, how much you had to drink."

Mark said "Fuck you, asshole, my dad's going to have your badge."

Barry laughed, and said "Yeah, right after he bails you out for voyeurism and underage drinking, is that your vehicle? I'm sure that nice lady there witnessed you driving it in your condition."

"I'll sue your ass, man." Mark shouted.

Barry chuckled, and said as he was placing him in the squad car, "Say that again, young man, I want to make sure that the video camera got it." He pointed to the camera mounted on the dash. He then went to the van, and opened the door, saying "Okay, you two, you want to come with me?"

The two boys sheepishly exited the van, just as a big Cadillac pulled up. A man stepped out and approached the officer, and Lisa heard Mark shout out "Give him hell, dad." After Barry placed the other two in the back of the squad car, the boys father and Barry went to the front of the vehicle. There was some pointing and talking, all by Barry. The man asked a few questions, and got some answers, then shook the officers hand. Lisa could see Mark in the squad car, his mouth hanging open, as his father walked back to his car and drove off.

Barry approached Lisa and Lisa asked "Any trouble?" Barry laughed, "No, luckily I know his father, helped him out of a jam a while back. We'll be leaving now, he said he'll have someone come and tow the van back to his place." He turned and started walking, then turned his head, and said "Hey, come here and watch this." She caught up to him, as he opened his door and peered into the backseat, looking at Mark, he said "Your dad said for you to have a nice night downtown, young man." Mark started kicking the back of the front seat, as Barry closed the door.

He smiled and said "Seems he told me that the girls inside were being bothered by some weirdo, and he was afraid for the well being of his girlfriend."

She started laughing, and he looked puzzled, she said "Barry, I would tell you, but you wouldn't believe me." Just then the front door opened, and Cheryl came running out. She whispered into her mothers ear something, and Lisa said to Barry "Officer, there seems to be a problem, I hope you are professional enough to keep this quiet, though."

Now he was really puzzled. He asked "Will this take long?"

She stopped, looked at the house, and said "It might."

He replied "Hold on, I have to get these three to the station." He radioed in for back-up, and as they waited, she sent Cheryl into the house. She also explained to him about what had happened tonight, before he arrived. He had a hell of a time keeping a straight face, and now the kicker is, is what Cheryl whispered in her mothers ear. Candy lost the key to the handcuffs.

Once finished with the story, he said "Well, no use telling the boys in the squad car what happened." As two more squad cars pull up. Barry talked briefly, saying he wants to interview some of the girls inside with the assistance of Lisa, and took the boys out of his car and sent them downtown in the other two cars. As they pulled away, he turned to Lisa, and said "Well, lets go see what we can do."

They entered the house, finding all eight girls fully dressed and sitting silently, not even looking up at them. Lisa said "I don't even know where to start, girls. No one leaves until I say so, is that understood?" They all mumbled in the affirmative, as they walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

Keith couldn't believe his eyes when the older woman and a cop entered the room. He thought he was dead meat, until the officer started snickering. He stopped snickering when Lisa yanked the blanket off of him, exposing his large swollen member. Lisa saw the cock ring, and said "SHIT!" She turned around, yelling "CANDY, Michelle, get your fuckin cunts up here right now!"

She heard running, and in a flash, Candy & Michelle were by her side. She also noticed the pill bottle on the nightstand. She turned to the two of them, and said "Alright, the poor guy is in misery, remove the cock ring before we take off the cuffs."

She had a feeling what was going to happen, and when the girls sheepishly climbed onto the bed, they slowly removed the ring. Keithís cock, free at last, exploded, sending a geyser of come, nailing both girls in the face, Michelle got some in her eyes, and complained, ďOwww! That stings!" Lisa had a hard time to keep from laughing, while Barry was snickering a bit louder.

Keith said "Hey come on, this is embarrassing."

Barry comforted him by saying, "Shit son, you should be proud. Not often you get to nail a bunch of teen pussy. And you're not even going to get in trouble for it." Barry moved towards the headboard, taking out a tool off his belt. "Damn, they'll never believe me at the station, even if I did tell them." He undid the wrist cuffs, and Keith started rubbing them, as they were quite sore for spending hours in one position. He then did the ankle cuffs.

Lisa turned to Cady again, and asked "What's in the pill bottle?" as she pointed to the night stand.

She looked to her feet, and said "My dads viagra."

More snickering from Barry, "And how many did you give him?"

"Um, the bottle said one for two hours, so we gave him two."

"At once?" When she nodded yes, she said "Oh my god." Barry let out a whistle.

Michelle asked "Is that bad?"

"He'll be hard for a week." replied Barry.

"I'll talk more about that later." she said to the girls.

Lisa said "Thank you Barry, I really appreciate this."

He smiled, saying "It's nothing, glad to be of some help."

Lisa said to Keith, "Go on and shower up, I have to have a talk with the girls." She turned to Michelle and Candy, "You two, get downstairs, now." They moved quickly.

Lisa smiled at Barry, and he smiled back, as they slowly followed after them. "I'm sure I can handle things now, just a quick talk, then I'll be going home."

At the bottom of the stairs, in front of the girls, he said "Well, if you need anymore help, feel free to call."

She said "Sure, maybe Iíll see you around, and tell you how this all finished."

He grinned, and shook his head, as he exited the home. She waved as he got in his car, and drove off. She was smiling when she closed the door, but it soon disappeared when she was facing eight young ladies.

"Okay you little sluts, I don't even want to know who started this, or why. Do you realize how much trouble you girls can get into by doing this? What will your parents say about this when they find out. Damn it Candy, your father will kick your ass to tomorrow for pulling another stupid stunt."

Candy looked at her feet, and said "I'm sorry Aunt Lisa, we were just having some fun."

"Yeah," said Michelle, "We all wanted to try out his big cock."

Lisa thought, and so would I, but she said "Thatís no reason to tie a guy down, what if one of you get pregnant? Are you all on the pill?"

There were a few shocked expressions, from Pam, Mary and Amy. Lisa looked at them, seeing their shock, "I didn't think so. You dumb asses could even be charged with rape, do you realize this? The poor guy is embarrassed out of his mind, and not to mention three of your boyfriends are now on their way to jail."

"Ex-boyfriends." Said Michelle.

Lisa glared at her. "Come on Aunt Lisa, give us a break. I mean, wouldn't you like to try it?"

Little bitch, knows how to push my buttons. She sat down, and thought for a moment. "I want all but Michelle, Candy and Cheryl to leave this house this instant."

Silently, the other five girls got up and grabbed their things and left the house. Once they left the property, Lisa looked around the living room, seeing it was a hell of a mess. She turned to the remaining three girls, and said "I want this house spotless, and I want it done now." The girls sat there until she raised her voice and said "MOVE IT, LADIES!!"

They jumped up, each picking up the empty soda and beer cans, and straightening things up. Lisa decided to go check on Keith. She found him, back in Michelle's bedroom, laying on the bed. He was still a mess. She came over and said "Hey honey, are you okay?"

Keith opened his eyes. God, what a woman. Lisa was a doll for her age, he muttered "I'm a bit weak, couldn't stand in the shower."

She went to the door, and hollered down, "Michelle, I want a large pan of hot water, a washcloth, and some soap." Michelle appeared at the bottom of the stairs." She continued, "Make it anti-biotic. And get moving."

She turned to Keith and went back to his side. He had the blanket covering him, but the monster cock of his was making a tent. She sort of giggled, since she's a nurse, she's use to seeing male private parts, but it's been a long time since she seen one like this. It has also been a long time since she gave a sponge bath, since she was in training about eighteen years ago to be precise, registered nurses don't give sponge baths.

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and Michelle entered, bringing what she asked for. Lisa pointed to the nightstand and said "Set it there, and go get a towel." As Michelle left, she took the blanket and removed it, leaving Keith totally uncovered. Michelle returned, and stood in the doorway, staring at his still hard meat. Lisa said "Give me the towel and close the door. I want this house spotless in less than two hours. I'll be giving him a sponge bath, as he's too weak to take a shower, thanks to you fucking little cunts."

Michelle closed the door and went downstairs, trying not to cry. She was upset that she caused any harm to her new toy. Shit, she thought, she really is in love with him isn't she. The girls went back to cleaning, after she told them what Lisa was doing, each wishing they were doing the sponge bath.

Back in the room, Lisa placed the towel over his exposed crotch, saying, "Here, we'll work on that last." She noticed his cock twitch. She started by doing his feet and legs, working towards his groin. He was having a hell of a time, watching her small body as she bathed his, it was almost too much for his young mind to take.

Once done with his legs, she had him sit up and she did his back, then worked on his chest, face and neck. Lisa was also amazed, Keith had a nice body, well-built and very muscular, how could he be considered a geek? And his prick, well hell, that there is a prize. She felt a twinge in her pussy. Damn! Her inside is giving her some distress. She started washing his belly, gently pushing the towel down to his pubic hair. Of course, she didn't have to push to far to expose the purple head of his large cock.

My god, she said to herself, that would stretch the shit out of me. She gently removed the towel and had him roll onto his side, washing his ass. He wasn't too sure about this, but he tried to relax. It did feel good though, having this woman washing his body, sort of erotic in a way. Done with his ass, he rolled back over, his meat slapping his belly. She had a smile on her face, which he seen. This made him happy, at least she liked the view.

She washed his groin, and gently rubbed his testicles, causing him to moan involuntarily. She chuckled, knowing that he probably really enjoyed that. Done with his balls, she grabbed his meat and pointed it at the ceiling, and started to gently wash his shaft. She was amazed how big it was, her hand couldn't even wrap around it. As she gripped the shaft just below the head, he groaned, and his ass tightened, as he shot a load of thick come up into the air. It was followed by three more bursts, as he bucked his hips, all landing on his belly.

Lisa was amazed, she didn't mean to get him off, but she was smiling inside. I guess he likes me, she thought. She released his meat from her grip, and took the washcloth and wiped up the fresh load, looking into his eyes and smiling.

He said "Thank you, Mrs. Summers." as he smiled.

She reached back to his prick, and leaned up and gave him a kiss, saying "Oh Keith, if you were only about twenty years older."

She suddenly realized her pussy was on fire, and she had the urge to quench it. This is stupid, she thought, she's definitely old enough to be his mother, but here she was stroking his cock, even after she cleaned it, something she shouldn't be doing. It's been ten years since that loser of a husband left her and Cheryl, and a year before that since the bastard even fucked her, and even then it wasn't all that good.

Her mind was racing, as he leaned up and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately. She returned the kiss with fervor, as they rolled onto the bed embracing each other. She broke their embrace and stood up at the edge of the bed. Keith was heartbroken, until she grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it off over her head, revealing a nice set of breasts, as large as her daughters. She reached behind her and unhooked the clasp of her bra, and pulled it off, letting her big boobs fall free. She then took the top of her sweatpants and lowered them, along with her panties, and stepped out of them.

Keith about came again right there, here's a older, good looking woman, bare ass naked, ready to have sex with him. She got on the bed, and faced his feet, her ass on his chest. She took his cock in her hands and stuffed it in her mouth. She could only get a few inches in, he was so fucking thick. Keith grabbed her well-rounded ass and started squeezing it, and reached around her hips and found her button, rubbing it between her fingers. She was so fucking hot and wet, she thought she was going to explode, and she did, with her mouth on his dick, she had one of the most intense orgasm she had in her life.

Once it subsided, she turned her head and said "I need some of this cock of yours, boy." As she crawled on down, facing his feet, and rose her body up. She reached between her legs and grabbed his meat, taking it to her cunt lips. She moaned as she sank her cunt down slowly on it. It was so filling, as she leaned back, telling him to "Hold me up, Keith, I need my hands."

He did, bracing her up, his hands placed on her back, as she leaned back, slowly riding his cock. He was first startled by the feeling, her cunt was milking his meat as if it were a hand. The other girls didn't feel like this, unless they were coming, and Mrs. Summers wasn't coming, yet. At least not from what he could tell.

Lisa had a hand on a breast, and the other on her clit, just rubbing away, she was about to explode again, and when she did, she had a hell of a time to keep from screaming out. Now she knew why that other girl screamed, it felt so fucking good, thatís why. She was bouncing up and down on his cock at a fast pace, not noticing how much noise they were making.

That was too bad, because down stairs, Candy just got down with the vacuum. She was wrapping the cord, when she heard it, a rather low sounding squeaking sound. She looked over to Michelle, who was putting things away in the dining room, and they smiled at each other. They knew where that sound was coming from. Hell, they've been making that sound since last night. Cheryl was oblivious, standing in the kitchen, doing dishes.

Michele said out loud "Sounds like we've mice."

Candy giggled, saying "Yeah one big one, but I think a older experienced pussy is taking care of it."

Cheryl looked at them, puzzled, and said "But your cat is in here on the..." her face showed she figured out what they were talking about. She wasn't totally stupid,"..oh shit, moms getting it on."

The other two started laughing, and soon so was Cheryl. Michelle put her fingers to her lips and motioned for them to follow her, as she headed for the stairs. She then stopped, went back to the sweeper and plugged it back in, turning it on, she returned to the foot of the stairs. The other two smiled, spying with the cover of sound, how thoughtful. At her bedroom, Michelle gently opened the door, hoping Cherylís mother wasn't looking. They knew Keith wouldn't care. All three girls gasped, as they saw Lisa, facing the foot of the bed, her head thrown back, as she was riding his cock like a rodeo rider. Cheryl thought all she needed were a set of spurs, even though she was facing the wrong way. The girls giggled, as they heard Keith starting to grunt, and fill a load into her waiting pussy. The feeling of his pulsing pecker was too much, and Lisa was sent into another orgasm, as she moaned and writhed on his meat, her big boobies bouncing all over the place.

She leaned forward, and opened her eyes. Well shit, she's got company. The three girls were smiling, and Candy started clapping, with Cheryl and Michelle joining in. She looked at them and smiled, she's been caught, red-handed. Her hair was a mess, but her pussy did feel a lot better. She said to the girls "Is the house clean?"

Michelle smiled and said "Cleaner than this bedroom is now."

Ohhh, she deserved that. She rose up, letting his meat fall from her cunt. She looked and was amazed to see he was still hard, all ten plus inches of him. His sperm was slowly draining out of her cunt and down her thigh, as she grabbed a towel and wiped herself. She said to the girls, "These bed clothes are dirty, the bed needs stripped. Why don't you three girls take Keith into your parents room, Michelle, I think you all will be more comfortable there."

The three girls smiled, and she added "I don't want a word of this to be spoken, I also don't want anyone else over until your parents get back...when are they getting back and where are they."

Michelle smiled, saying "They're coming home Monday, they're with his parents in Gatlinburg."

"Okay," said Lisa, "No visitors, and let this poor kid rest for a few hours before you start fucking his brains out again. I'll bring over some clothes for you tomorrow, Cheryl. And I'll get some for you two, Candy."

"Thank you, mom," replied her daughter, as she eyed Keithís waiting meat, as she couldn't wait to ride it again.

"Yeah, thanks Aunt Lisa." replied her niece.

Lisa looked at the clock, almost eleven-thirty. She sighed, and she grabbed her clothes, putting them on. Keith was remaining silent, but he did thank her for the best fuck he's had so far this weekend.

She was dressed and ready to go, as she went downstairs with the girls following. Before she left, she turned and said "Remember, silence is the best thing. You also should be treating him a bit better. I think making sure he is well fed as well as well fucked should do the trick." She kissed her daughter, and started to leave, then asked "Who called the police?"

The girls were shocked, obviously none of them. "Well", said Michelle, "If it wasn't us or you, it was probably that nosy neighbor, old Mrs. Stuart."

Yes, she remembered seeing her looking around the curtains. "Probably so, I'll go over and thank her, she'll also be good in making sure no more shenanigans happen."

She walked out the door and down the walk. Yep, sure enough, the lady next door was peaking around the drapes. She smiled and went to her house, when she seen Lisa approach, she went away from the curtains. Lisa approached the door and knocked, when no on answered, she said out loud "Ms Stuart? It's me, Mrs. Summers."

The door opened, and a lady of about sixty answered the door. Lisa noticed she was in pretty good looking for her age, as she said "Hi, my daughter and niece are staying next door with Michelle and Keith? And I want to thank you for calling the police, that was a big help."

The older lady smiled, she was afraid that she would be screaming at her. ďNo problem, I seen them going around to the back of the house, and I wasn't sure what they were doing back there."

Lisa didn't want to go into details, as she said "Yeah, they wanted to party, but thanks again for helping." She took a piece of paper from her purse, and wrote down her number, handing it to her, "Here, here's my number, call me if you see anybody try to visit, they'll be here until Monday."

They shook hands and Lisa left, heading on back to her place in the dark. Luckily her part of town wasn't too bad, she felt safe. About a block from her house, a car pulled up, and she suddenly got cold. Shit, not some weird asshole, she hoped.

Instead, a familiar voice, "Hello Lisa, you need a ride?"

She turned and saw Barry, driving his own car. "Why yes, I'll feel safer." She went around and got in, and before he pulled away from the curb, she asked "What are you doing back here?"

He smiled at her, saying "Oh, I'm off duty, but I wanted to swing by and make sure no one else joined in the party."

She smiled as they drove off, she giving him directions to her house. She found out he wasn't married, been divorced for awhile. That feeling came back to her twat. Damn, she wondered if he would. Of course he would! He's a man! They pulled into the driveway, and he put in in park, she started to get out, then turned to him, and asked "You've probably had a rough day, you want a beer?"

He smiled, turning off the engine, saying "Can't put down an offer like that."

George found Dave at the bar. The clock read eleven-thirty. He took a seat next to his friend, and said "Well, having fun yet?"

Dave smiled, and said "Oh yeah, my cock is resting for a minute though, find anything good?"

George was in heaven. He just got done fucking a very young college coed. He told his friend about it, and soon they were off together hunting for her. Both men talked as the went from room to room, seems they've each had about eight women in the last three hours. They found their wives, still going strong with some young college boys.

Dave said "They're still going strong, think they'll want to take them back with us?'

"Possibly, we'll ask after we find that blonde." replied George.

It didn't take them long, as they found her, just as she got two older guys off, one in her mouth and one in her twat. As they entered the room, she looked up and smiled at George, and said "Oh, you brought a friend."

They laughed, as they watched the two older guys get up and leave. Soon they had her on her back, Dave screwing her tight, young twat, and George filling her mouth with their sheathed cocks. Both were thinking that they would like to do her with out protection, and as they were drilling her, George asked Dave, "Well, what you think?"

He laughed, and said "Oh well, I wouldn't mind taking her along, but would she like to go?" He looked down to her face, mouth full of cock, as he asked her, "How would you like to go with us and our wives?" She nodded her head yes, as she went on sucking George's cock vigorously. Both guys high-fived each other, as they continued their assault. George was the first to come, filling his rubber with his spunk. Then Dave, as his pulsating big dick drove her over the brink, her wonderful young hard body writhing in heat.

They pulled out, no one else had come into the room, so they helped her to her feet and said "Come with us, oh yeah, whatís your name?"

She giggled, saying it was April. The two men told her theirs, as they went down the hall, going into the room where they last seen their wives. Both were covered with sweat, as they were again getting both lower holes filled. Crystal looked up, recognized her husband, his arm around a young blonde, cupping her big breast. She smiled, and said "Hi lover, find something you like?"

Dave replied "Yeah babe, George and I thought we would take this one back with us, if that's okay with you girls."

"Yeah, and you girls can bring along some of your friends." he added. Abbie looked up, smiling, "Okay, we want all of these guys to come along, I want them all again at least once more tonight."

Crystal looked at her, smiling "Damn girl, you going to wear it off."

The others laughed, just as the cocks in the two girls exploded. George looked round, there were eight young men in the room, he recognized them from the group that came in after them. The girls got up, limp cocks falling out of their well-used holes, as they made their way downstairs and into the shower area. Washing up was a chore, as a lot of touching and feeling was taking place. It was also quite crowded, as a lot of others were starting to leave, since it was about closing time.

As they were leaving, George asked the blonde if she knew of places to do this in Cincinnati. She smiled as she opened a desk drawer and handed him a pamphlet, which had a listing of all clubs in the mid-west, as she explained they belong to a national swing organization. He thanked her, taking the literature with him. He wasn't sure if his wife would go for it once they got home, but it was worth a try.

The two couples, and the blonde, piled into Dave's mini-van, and the other eight boys in another van. They followed them to their chalet, and all rushed in. Soon, the place was filled with the sound of fucking and sucking. George and Dave took the blonde upstairs in the loft, and proceeded to fuck her ass and cunt, not bothering with rubbers. Hell, they didn't bring any anyway.

Abbie had four guys in the hot tub, sucking on two, as the other two had a dick in her ass and cunt. Crystal was on all fours on the king size bed, on top of one cock, another behind her drilling her ass, and another in front of her fucking her face. The fourth was standing by, feeling her hanging breasts and ready for the next available hole.

The thirteen horny people fucked and sucked literally all night, with the boys all leaving about five-thirty, all eight staggering out the door towards the van. Crystal and Abbie sprawled out on the king-size bed, covered with sweat and come. George, April and Dave were there as well, with April sandwiched between them. They slept until eleven, when Abbie felt her pussy getting cleaned. She was surprised to see a blonde head between her thighs, as she saw Dave and George snoring away on either side of her, and Crystal on the other side of George. She grabbed the blondes head, and sighed. She sure wasn't going to stop. April, now knowing she was awake, swung her body around, and lowered her well-fucked cunt to Abbie's lips. Abbie wasn't too sure about this, but she soon was licking twat like a pro, and soon both were thrashing on the bed, coming hard and waking the others.

George woke, saw what was going on, and instinctively reached for his cock, finding it was rock hard. He got up behind April and shoved his meat into her ass, as he looked down at his smiling wife. She winked and continued licking the young girls clit. Dave crawled over and mounted his wife's body, shoving his cock into her waiting cunt. He noticed that even though she had lots of sex last night, she was still rather tight, amazing, he thought. They all came together, rested for a bit, until the girls decided to lick each others gooey pussies, getting the two men hard again. They repeated their performance, this time Dave drilling April, as Crystal licked her twat, and George doing his sweet wife.

They went on for three hours, until the phone rang. Dave didn't want to answer it, but George said "Go ahead, we need a break, and besides, I'm getting hungry for something other than fur-burger."

The others laughed, as Dave picked up the phone.

"Hello," he answered." Yes....what?...but we had it until tomorrow..." the hearts of the others sank..." You can't be fucking serious...yeah, I know it was free, but....oh, all right, you got us, we're checking out."

The others looked at him, as he said what they already guessed, "They said they need the chalet tonight for a paying guest, we have to be out in an hour."

Crystal got up, saying "Damn bastards, wait until I get home and talk to that guy that ran this fucking contest," as she trotted off to the bathroom, followed by both Abbie and April. The guys heard the shower turn on, and they went around picking up their clothes, getting things ready to be packed up.

The girls didn't take long, and soon the guys went in, taking a shower together. It was a bit awkward, but they though, hell, they already fucked each others wives as well as a bunch of other women, whatís the problem?

Once done, the exited and found the girls dressed and packing, with April sitting on the couch. George asked her "Well, looks like we need to take you somewhere, where are you staying?"

She looked up, and replied "I'm a student at Eastern Kentucky, I came with five other girls, but I don't know where they are at. I suspect that they're at the motel in town."

Dave heard the conversation, as did Abbie, and both came over, with Abbie saying "No problem, we'll take you into town, and if they're gone, we'll drop you off in Richmond, isn't that where the university is?"

The young girl smiled, saying "Why yes it is, and thank you, although I hope they hadn't left yet."

They packed up the van, and soon were heading to the office. Dave and George went in, gave them grief, and then they left. In town, they found the motel that April was staying at, but no girls, they had checked out thirty minutes ago, they waited for her, and were worried about her, but they left without her. Crystal comforted her, and said "Don't worry, we're going right by there, and besides, the trip could be fun."

The others laughed, knowing what that meant. Since they didn't have to be home before tomorrow night, they took the old US highway, and as Dave drove, the other four had fun in the back. Good thing the mini van had blinds, as the first thing was George was fucking April on her lap, with her facing away, and his wife licking her quim. After he dumped his load in her, Crystal and Abbie took turns sucking it out as she sat there. For the next six hours, and a few driver changes, they fucked and sucked all the way to Richmond, Kentucky. When they finally got there, about nine at night, she invited them into her apartment to spend the night, but they declined. They did give her their phone number and address, as they wanted her to join them again. All four were well worn and happy as they pulled onto the interstate, heading for home. Not a word was spoken the rest of the trip.

Much earlier, Lisa was waking up herself, surprised to find a warm body in bed beside her. She smiled, remembering that who it was, Barry, and who she had earlier. Although his cock was much smaller, only about seven compared to Keithís' monster, he knew how to use it, as well as his tongue and fingers. He got her off countless times, and she took at least three loads of his spunk in her cunt, adding to what Keith deposited, and she sucked him off just before they crashed. She told him about riding the boys cock, that seemed to excite him greatly.

She turned to read her clock, shit. it's past noon. She rolled over, reached down and found his hard cock, she smiled as she swung a leg over his body, and inserted it into her snatch. He murmured his contentment, and slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't believe his luck, getting such a fine piece of ass. He lifted his head up, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking gently.

This sent shivers down her spine, god he's good, she thought. She gently rolled her hips, milking his cock, as she said "It's after noon, do you have to work today?"

He stopped his nipple assault to reply "No, not until tomorrow."

She smiled, as he latched back onto her nipple, "Good, nor do I." She felt her pussy buzzing with the approaching orgasm, as she said "And Cheryl won't be back until after school tomorrow....ohhhhhhh shiiiit."

She was slamming her cunt down hard, as he grabbed her hips and started thrusting up into her twat. He stiffened, as he shot a load into her waiting pussy, as she screamed out from the pleasure of another orgasm.

After they recovered, she got up and went out the door, pulling his shirt over her head, just barely covering her ass, she said "I'll make breakfast, Barry. I'm sure you're hungry as I am." She went out the door smiling. In the kitchen, she put on some bacon and coffee, as she got some eggs out. When they were about done, she hollered, "Breakfast is ready." And she sat down to eat her share, just as he came in, wearing nothing but a smile, and sporting a hardon. She looked up and smiled, saying "I'll take care of that when we're done eating."

He smiled at her, a big smile, knowing she'll back those word up with action. They ate quickly, with her beating him. She looked up, and ducked under the table, crawling over to him, and taking his cock in her mouth as he ate his breakfast. He moaned as his dick was gingerly sucked on by the horny woman under the table. She was swirling her tongue around his meat, and nibbling at his balls as well, she could see them shrink as she knew she would soon get a mouthful of come. She put her mouth back over his cockhead, and jerked his shaft, and was rewarded with a mouthful of come, as he grunted, spewing four or five blasts into the back of her hungry mouth.

He leaned back, and looked down at her face, her lips stilled glued to his cock, as she sucked the last strands out of his hole. He smiled, and said "I'm done with breakfast, why don't you sit your ass up here, and I'll have dessert, now that you had a blast of protein."

He pushed his chair away from the table, and the plates away, as she climbed up onto his lap, kissing him. She then stood and sat on the edge of the table, and lifted her thin lovely legs, resting them on his shoulders. He buried his face in her twat, and was licking away, sending a shudder through her body. God, she was loving this, was wishing it wouldn't end. She felt the orgasm coming, building in tempo, until she squeezed her thighs together against his head, glazing his face with her come.

As her delight subsided, he took her legs off his shoulders and stood up, still holding onto her knees. He pushed them forward to her breasts, and entered her cunt with his throbbing manhood. She moaned at the penetration, as he started fucking her with long powerful strokes. They both could feel her pussy spasms, as she had minor flashes of orgasm. The heat in her twat was building, and she was dying for him to drench it with another load. He pulled her legs to his side, and reached down with his arms and picked her up, impaled on his rod. She felt like it was going through her in this position, with all her weight on her cunt, supported by his cock. She started bucking her hips as he carried her towards the living room, she was wanting a come, but just wasn't there yet.

In the living room, he sat on the couch, his hands working up under his shirt that she was wearing, massaging her breasts. She had her feet on the couch, squatting on his lap, rising and falling in quick motion on his dick. Soon, her wish came true, as they both came together, her nails digging into his flesh on his shoulders, as he emptied a load up inside her, sending each into orgasmic bliss.

He fell back against the back of the couch, and she collapsed into him, both breathing heavily, and both very much spent. They found each others mouths, and kissed heatedly for awhile, until he stood up, her still impaled on his pecker, and carried her back to the bedroom, where it all started. He laid down with her on top of him, and soon they were both asleep again, planning to wake up shortly and do it again. She looked at the clock, one-thirty, sheíll have to take Cheryl some clothes, eventually.

Over at Michelle's, the three girls were just waking up, even though it was one-thirty in the afternoon, they had a rough night, and so had Keith. Poor Keith, he was able to keep up, but it really took a lot out of him. All four were in Michelleís parents bed, and Keith was still sound asleep. Cheryl laid there thinking, what a fucking night. She took his cock three times from two until about five. Michelle and Candy did it twice each. Every time, it was a long, slow fuck. And the girls helped each other out, using their fingers and tongues on each other as they were getting royally screwed by Keith's monster cock.

She sat up, still bare-ass naked, as was the others. Michelle was next to her, on her left, then it was Keith, then Candy on the edge on the other side. Michelle smiled at her, and said "Good morning, feel a bit horny?"

Cheryl smiled, saying "Yeah, a bit." She raised the covers, looking at Keith's limp cock. It was about five inches long when limp, bigger than Michelle's ex-boyfriend, according to Michelle. "But I think we better let him rest for awhile. And besides, I'm hungry."

Candy was awake, listening to them, and she rolled over and said "Yeah, me too, lets get up and eat, let him sleep."

The three girls bounced out of bed, not even bothering to put any clothes on. Keith heard them, but feigned sleep. His pecker was sore, and Cheryl was right, it needed rest, for at least a while anyway. He was thinking about the three of them. All three were great so far, considering Michelle and Cheryl were both virgins. He loved the feeling of their young tight pussies. He chuckled, as he thought of the taste of them, too. Each one tasted different, none were bad, even Cheryl, for how big she is, that surprised him. As he was thinking about eating her again, his cock twitched. Oops, he thought, I better get some rest, better think about something else. He slowly drifted off to sleep.

Downstairs, the girls were making breakfast, for them as well as Keith. Lisa was right, they better treat him well. As they got things ready, Cheryl said "God, I wish I wasn't so fat, I would love to have a man like him take care of my needs in bed."

Candy laughed, "Come on cousin, I didn't see him slow down any when he was taking care of your needs earlier this morning."

"Yeah," chimed Michelle, "Considering he ate you twice and fucked your cunt three times, one more in each category than he did us."

They all laughed, but Cheryl said "I guess, men will fuck anything, won't they." More laughter from all three, as the joked around. Cheryl spoke again, "Well, I could stand to loose some pounds, thatís the truth. I'm about fifty pounds overweight."

The girls looked at her funny, as she said "Okay, maybe sixty, but sixty-five at the most."

Candy hugged her cousin, saying "Thatís okay, honey." She kissed her on the cheek, "Look at me, I could stand to loose a few pounds myself." She picked up some toast with some jelly on it, saying "Too much stuff like this, and no exercise."

Michelle's face brightened, saying "Hey Cheryl, I got an idea...or a suggestion, rather."

Cheryl perked up, and said "Okay, what, and don't say just cut off my leg."

They chuckled, and Michelle said "No, not that, but what about setting a goal with rewards?"

Candy looked at her, "What do you mean?"

"Simple, here's my plan." The girls listened as she said, "What you need is a plan to loose the weight. Now, my mother, who is always dieting, says the main problem is no reward factor. But I think we have one, here in the house." She pointed upstairs, and Candy caught on quickly, it took a bit longer for Cheryl.

"Ohhh," said Cheryl, "Use Keith as my reward...not a bad thought."

"Yeah," Candy spoke up, "Loose a few pounds a week, and every two weeks you do, you get Keith for a night."

She thought about it, "But how will I tell my mother?"

"Remember last night?" answered her cousin, "I don't think Aunt Lisa will bitch too much."

"More like getting bitchy if you don't let her sample him as well." said Michelle.

The three of them laughed, just as breakfast was ready. They ate theirs, and discussed the idea. Cheryl liked it, but was worried that Keith wouldn't. The problem was solved, when they took him his breakfast and told him about it. He smiled and agreed to it. Of course, he was thinking maybe he could get into Mrs. Summers pants again.

After feeding Keith, they went back to the living room and watched TV until four, when the phone rang, it being Lisa. She was on her way over with some clothes for Cheryl. Twenty minutes later, Lisa showed up, with Barry driving her. The girls were surprised to see her get out of a strange car, carrying a duffle bag, and come to the door. When she knocked, Cheryl went and answered it, asking "Who is that?"

Her mother smiled, kissing her on the cheek, "Oh, thatís Barry, the policeman from last night. He picked me up and drove me home after seeing me walking home after I left here." She was smiling a radiant smile, and all three girls knew she got fucked, and good. She went on, "Here are some clothes, I'll be going now, is Keith sleeping?"

Michelle chuckled, "Yeah, why, ainít the policeman enough?"

Lisa smiled and stuck out her tongue. And then said "Yes he is, there's something to say about experience. I just wanted to make sure you didn't fuck him to death." She turned back to her daughter, and said "Um, if you come home, you might want to call first."

"Mother!" she replied. All got a kick out of that. "Oh mom, I've something to tell you."

Lisa wanted to get out of there and back to Barry, but she wanted to show concern for her daughter, as she said "Okay, what is it, Hon?"

Cheryl and the other two told her about her plan to loose weight, and Lisa smiled, maybe this is good, giving her something to shoot for. She agreed with them, telling them they'll have to make arrangements on their own. She kissed and hugged all three, and exited the house, getting back in the car with her new lover. They drove on back to her house, where they spent the next four hours, fucking and sucking each other silly.

Dave was crossing the Ohio River when he looked at the clock, ten-thirty, they made good time, considering they ate at Georgetown. George was awake, but the girls were asleep in the back. In twenty minutes, they were home, as they pulled into the driveway of Dave & Crystal. They could see the light on in the living room of George & Abbie's house, as the two men woke up the girls. With tomorrow being a school holiday, they weren't concerned about the kids being up late, besides, both are seniors this year.

Dave said to George, "Lets just leave the bags in the car, we'll unpack tomorrow. I'm sure we all could use some sleep."

Crystal, rubbing her eyes and trying to wake herself up, said "You got that fucking right." She looked down towards her friends house, and said "What are we going to tell the kids?"

"Not a thing, we can still do it and not let on. There are motels around, you know." She looked down to her driveway, seeing a car in it.

George seen it, too, and said "She better not have that Mark what's-his-name over!"

"Relax, honey," Said Abbie, "Thatís Candy's car. Not surprised really, she probably got bored with just Keith there. You know how girls are?"

She took his hand and started walking down the sidewalk. Crystal said "Wait for us, we might as well round up Keith." she laughed.

The two coupled walked down the sidewalk, and up the drive. George seen their neighbor peeking out from behind the blinds. He chuckled, saying "Looks like our neighborhood watch leader, Mrs. Stuart is on the ball." Abbie elbowed him in the ribs, as they came to the door. It was locked, and instead of knocking, they couldn't see anyone in the living room through the curtains, George took out his key and unlocked the door.

Entering the house, George sensed something was up. The lights were on, but music was coming from upstairs. He wasn't sure what the feeling was, but he motioned to the others to keep quiet. They went up the stairs, George in the lead. The music, soft music, not heavy rock, which her daughter loves, was coming from their master bedroom. Michelle's door was open, but lights out. Their bedroom door was mostly closed, and a soft light emanated from underneath it. All four gathered at the door, and the unmistakable sound of sex was coming from the other side. George was turning three shades of red, and Dave whispered in his ear, "If it's my son, you have my permission to kill him."

This made him chuckle, even though he was quite pissed, as was Abbie and Crystal. Dave grabbed his arm, and pulled him to Michelle's room. The two women followed. Inside, they whispered amongst themselves, Dave first, "Okay, they're fucking, we just better handle this calmly."

George said "Calmly?! My daughter is getting fucked in there." Just then, they heard laughter, and a girls voice said "Good job Cheryl, you kept it all in your mouth." George had a puzzled look on his face, and looked at his wife. She knew the voice, that was Candy, but Cheryl? She thinks that is a cousin to Candy, lives a few blocks away.

Another voice, it was Michelle's, "Come on Keith, give Candy all eleven inches up her cunt, she wants it again, then I'm next."

All four of them died, as then they heard Michelle say, "Gee Cheryl, he sure likes to eat your pussy."

An unfamiliar voice, obviously Cheryl, spoke, "Oh god, and he's gotten good too, even better than last night."

Dave smiled, and said "Well, I'm proud."

Crystal pinched him, as George chuckled, saying "God I wish I had a son instead of a girl."

Abbie said "Um dear, if our daughter was a boy, you wouldn't want him having sex with Keith, now would you?"

"Good point." He thought for a minutes, then heard the door from their bedroom open. They ducked into the shadow of their daughters room, and watched the well-shaped ass of Michelle trot down stairs, and then come running back, with a can of whipped cream. Abbie went, "Oh no, not on my bed, that'll make a hell of a mess."

Before she could be stopped, she went barging into the master bedroom, with the other three close behind. The looks on the teens were priceless, sort of like the deer in the headlights look. Cheryl was facing the foot of the bed, sitting on Keithís face, while Candy was facing the other way, rubbing her cousins tits and riding the biggest damn cock any of them had ever seen. It definitely made Dave proud. Michelle was licking whipped cream off of Keithís chest, her face covered with it, as Abbie said "What the fuck is going on here."

It only took a second for all four young lovers to be off the bed and the girls hiding behind Keith, his massive dong hanging down between his legs. Abbie looked at Candy and Cheryl, saying "You two, get dressed and wait downstairs, I'll be calling your parents once I'm done with these two, if they're still alive."

Candy & her cousin ran out of the room and towards Michelle's, where their clothes are. Abbie turned to her husband, saying "Go keep an eye on them."

Crystal said to Dave, "You go too." Abbie was impressed with the meat on her friends son, but she just caught him with her daughter. Too bad he wasn't along on the trip this weekend. "Sit down, you two. Now!"

Keith grabbed a blanket, wrapped himself and Michelle in it, and sat on the edge of the bed. Nice touch, thought Abbie, showing concern, at least he ain't stupid. "Obviously, I have figured out what is going on here, a regular fuck-fest."

"I'm sorry mom." said her daughter, Keith didn't say a word, Crystal noticed this, her son always was quiet and shy, and wondered how he got into their pants in the first place. And she was sure that Michelle had a boyfriend, as did Candy.

Abbie sat on the bed, Crystal joining them, and calmly said "You two want to tell me how this all started?"

In forty minutes, Michelle spilled her guts, sobbing and telling everything, including the handcuffs, police call, Mrs. Summers, the first night how they took advantage of Keith. Crystal and Abbie were both amazed, and rather amused. Abbie knew Mrs. Lisa Summers, her ex-husband George liked checking her out every chance he had. This might work out well. Crystal didn't know her, but from the smile on her friends face, she was sure she soon would. When she was done, she got up and hugged her mother, saying she was sorry, Keith did the same thing to his mother, his cock now shriveled up to only four inches.

Abbie said "Okay, you two stay here, we'll be right back."

The two adult women went downstairs, and approached Candy and Cheryl. George and Dave were watching television, there had been no spoken words, and definitely no eye contact between them and the girls. Both decided it would be best to let the wives handle this, and then if needed, they would be there.

Crystal spoke to both of them first, "Okay ladies, seems Michelle and Keith had a hell of a story to tell us, all about seduction, bondage, a police call with arrests," this perked up the guys ears ",and other stuff too numerous to mention."

Abbie continued, as she picked up the portable phone, "I'm calling your mother Cheryl, you and Candy will be going over there for the night." The girls heads dropped. Although Candy was sort of happy, at least she wasn't calling her drunken father and mother. "Hello? Mrs. Summers?...Yes, I'm sorry to bother you this late at night, but this is Abbie, I'm Michelle's mom....Well, we're home, now...yes arrived about twenty minutes ago....oh yes, it was quite a surprise.....hah-hah, no, no problem, kids will be kids, but I am sending Cheryl and Candy over to your home, is that a problem?.....oh good, say, would you like to come over for lunch tomorrow?...oh, about two would be fine....okay, very well, they'll be leaving in a few minutes." She hung up the phone. Turned to the girls, and said "Okay you two, go on to Lisa's house for the night." As they stood up, she added, "And come on back tomorrow when she comes over for lunch." They had surprised looks on their faces. So did George and Dave. Crystal didn't, she suddenly knew how Abbie thinks.

The two young girls left, and once they were out the door, Abbie & Crystal told them the story of the weekend. Once done, Dave went "Whew, and I thought we were rather hedonistic this weekend."

George said with a laugh "And if we weren't kicked out of the chalet, we would still be doing it."

The others laughed, agreeing. "But they're too young," Said Crystal, "They don't know whatís right, they're only eighteen, for Christís sake."

"April is nineteen." replied Abbie.

There was silence for awhile, and then Dave asked "Now what?"

"Lets tell them the truth about our weekend." said George.

Crystal and Abbie were shocked, and Crystal said "Are you out of your fucking mind, George?"

Abbie added "Maybe not, they're both eighteen."

More silence, and Abbie said "And it is our daughter after all."

Dave looked at his wife, he knows his son has been classified as a nerd, that always sort of bothered him. But if his son turns out to be the class stud....well. He said "Lets do it."

Abbie smiled, saying "Okay, tomorrow at lunch. Lisa Summers will be here, along with the girls Candy and Cheryl, we might as well involve them as well."

Crystal then asked "What about Keith & Michelle?"

Abbie said "Oh shit, we left them wrapped in a blanket, bare ass naked," she looked at her watch, it was about midnight. She sighed, and said "Let them have at it, our bed is a mess anyway and I'm too fuckin tired to clean it up." George and Dave smiled.

"You two can sleep in Keithís room at our house." said Crystal.

Abbie smiled, and she said "Okay, let me go tell the two of them." She went on upstairs, followed by Crystal.

They entered the master bedroom, and found Keith & Michelle just as they left them, wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the bed. Michelle had a worried look on her face, like she was expecting the death penalty. Crystal and Abbie looked at their two children, and smiled, as Abbie said "We've been thinking, we've been unfair to both of you."

Crystal picked up on that, "Yeah, Michelle, your mom & dad are going to sleep over at our place tonight, so you two can have some time to yourself and think about the situation."

"You two can also clean my fucking bed up, since it's a mess. I don't even want to see what your bed looks like, young lady." Abbie said.

Michelle blushed, trying to hide her face in Keithís shoulder. He was relieved too, but why the go ahead to literally keep on screwing Michelle? Both mothers came over and kissed their respective children on the forehead, before leaving the room. They heard them go down the stairs, and saw the lights go out, and then the sound of the front door open and then close.

Each were afraid to move, Keith wondered out loud "I wonder what the catch is?"

Michelle giggled, and said "I think it's me, you big dummy." She kissed him on the lips, and grabbed his meat, thinking that this was great, as she didn't have to share this prize meat. Keith still wasn't sure, as he got up and checked the house out. From the dark living room, he peaked out the bay window down the street. He saw his parents and Michelle's enter his home. Damn, they weren't kidding. He ran back upstairs and was on top of Michelle in a second, trying to bury his tool in her waiting pussy.

She giggled, saying "I take it the coast is clear, huh?"

He smiled, as he got into a nice pace, screwing the girl's tight, young pussy. They went at it for two hours, before both finally crashed.

Over at his house, Crystal showed them to Keithís room, and as they entered, she gave each a kiss. George and Abbie looked at each other, then at Crystal, and at Dave as he was coming down the hall. Dave looked at them, and asked "What's up?"

Crystal & Abbie smiled at each other, as Abbie gave her husbands hand to Crystal, kissed her husband on the cheek, and went over to Dave, taking his hand and pulling him into his bedroom, closing the door behind them. George and Crystal went into her sons room, and in seconds, they were fucking hard and fast. They all could hear each other, and Dave & Abbie were making like rabbits as well. Abbie was glad she tried this, she's starting to like it. It only took one round to get all four exhausted sex-nuts asleep, as it had been a hard day.

The next morning, Michelle woke up early, very early. The sun was just coming up. The clock on her parents dresser said seven-forty. She rolled over onto Keith, and whispered "Keith, hey Keith."

He responded by grabbing her ass, pulling her against his hard cock. She giggled, pushing his hands away, as they moved up her body to her breasts, "No big boy, come on, we've work to do."

He moaned, but she was persistent, as she said "Come on, they let us do it last night, I'm sure they'll let us do it again sometime."

That made him smile, as he opened his eyes, to see her stripping the pillow cases off. She pulled the blankets off, leaving him cold and bare. He rolled over, and stepped out of bed, rubbing his eyes. She wasn't waiting for him, as she was taking the sheets off as well. She said to him, "Go get the bedclothes off my bed, I'll do them as well." He mumbled something about how fuckin early it was, as he stumbled out the room and over to hers.

She carried the soiled linens down to the basement, and placed them in the washer. Soon he was down too, and she placed them in there as well. As she was bending over, he came up from behind and reached around her, giving her a hug, his hard cock pressed firmly against her bare ass. She gave in, as she turned around.

"Okay big boy, you won't lay off until you get some, won't you." She jumped up onto the washer, reached behind her and turned it on, as he grabbed her hips and gently entered her cunt. She wrapped her arms about his neck, and enjoyed the ride. She felt an orgasm building, and it got there just as the first spin cycle hit. He responded by pumping what seemed like a gallon of come into her tight twat.

She pushed him away, and his meat fell from her cunt, a drip of come leaking out, down her right thigh. She smiled, saying "That should take care of you for awhile, now lets go make the beds." She headed for the stairs, as she said over her shoulder, "And no more sex until at least this afternoon?"

He protested, as they went up the stairs, "But what if they say we can't anymore?" As they walked through the living room, she said to him, "We're both eighteen, Keith, we can pretty do what we want as long as it's not under their roof."

"Oh, like we can do it at other places?" he answered.

She smiled, thinking he isn't as dumb as he seems, after all. "Come on," she opened a linen closet, and handed him some sheets, "These are for my bed, go make it. I'll make my parents. Then we'll go to your house and see whatís up."

They were done in minutes, and they took a shower together before dressing. Keith wanted to fuck her in the shower, but she resisted. After drying and dressing, they went out the front door and two doors down to his house. It didn't look like anyone was up yet, so he unlocked his door with his keys, and they entered the home. They walked down the hall and he said "My room is there, you wake your parents, and I'll wake mine."

Now this would have been a good idea, if the parents wouldn't have switched spouses when they went to bed. There was shocked looks in each room after they shook who they thought was their mother, and each kid made a hasty retreat from the bedrooms they had entered. They looked at each other with surprised looks on their faces, as they heard their parents mumbling and rummaging around, getting their clothes on. Keith & Michelle burst out laughing, as they rushed into each others arms, laughing so hard they fell to the floor.

George came out first from Keithís room, followed by his mother, as he said "God damn it, don't you two believe in knocking?"

Dave & Abbie soon followed from the other room, as Michelle said "Um, remember last night? I guess it runs in the family." She continued laughing, as did Keith. Soon the four parents were laughing too, as they realized explaining things just got easier. For the next hour, the four adults told their two children about the weekend. Both children were shocked and yet excited about what they said. Keith had a hell of a woody from thinking about a scene like they described at the swing party. He was hoping Michelle would let him do that. Thinking about it, she should, she already allows him to screw her friends.

At noon, Crystal said "Well, we all better get over to your house, guys, Lisa should be arriving in an hour."

They filed out of the house, and went down the two doors to the other one. Passing Mrs. Stuarts, Abbie said "Oh, hold on, I want to thank her." Crystal joined her, as the two men and the young couple went on inside their home.

After about twenty minutes, the two women returned, smiling. George looked at them, and said "Whatís up with the crazy neighbor?"

Crystal smiled, saying "Oh, she's okay. I think she is lonely, may need some companionship."

Dave responded "Well all right!"

Abbie smiled, saying "Not yours big boy, or George's either."

The two men looked at each other, and said "Oh, alright, we think we know what you mean."

Dave said "Does this mean an all-girl review?"

"Guess so, big boy." replied his wife.

They all got a kick out of that. The six of them chatted, and some jokes were made, some making Keith & Michelle blush. The three women went on into the kitchen, figuring out what to present for lunch. It didn't take long for them to tell Dave & George to get the grill going.

Over at the Summers house, Lisa was getting ready to go. The girls were busy dressing, as Lisa thought about the happenings of this weekend. First, her daughter lost her cherry, Lisa had to "rescue" her daughter and her friends from a police call, resulting in the arrest of Michelle's now ex-boyfriend. She was wondering what repercussions were going to come out of that. Then there was the policeman, what a man. He finally left this morning, over thirty hours of wonderfully pure unadulterated sex. She was smiling to herself over that, her pussy felt sore from it all, but she felt satisfied for now, or until he gets back tomorrow.

When he told her this morning about the apartment he lived in in Sharonville, she told him to pack his things and move in with her. When he said he has a son thatís eighteen also, she just shrugged, saying that will keep Cheryl busy, and Candy too, no doubt. Oh yes, Cheryl and Candy. They came home late last night, after Michelle's & Keithís' parents arrived back a day early. Quite unexpectedly, too. The phone call from Abbie was brief, and yet rather interesting. They all are to go over for lunch at one, ninety-minutes from now.

She sighed, hoping they wouldn't be mad at her, seems that Michelle spilled the beans, so to speak. She could get into a lot of trouble, and so could Barry. She was kind of worried, but if there was a mad parent, she thought she would know by now, and why would they invite us over?

She got dressed, and exited her room. Candy and Cheryl were on the couch, sitting watching the TV. She said to Candy "Have you called your parents, yet?"

"Yeah," she sighed, her fuckin parents, "They were too hung over to talk for long."

Thatís another problem, though Lisa. Her brother has a good job, decent, anyway. Makes enough money, yet they blow it on booze. Her father is still pissed about that situation. Won't even talk to Joe, hasn't for about a year now. And to make matters worse, they totally ignore their only child. Lisa has been keeping an eye on her for how long? Six years? Seven? Dad bought her the car, god knows Joe wouldn't. She doesn't even think he knows she has one. She asked her dad last week if he thought she should have Cheryl move in with her, dad couldn't handle her, thatís for sure. She would be ruling the roost in short order. At least here she can be somewhat controlled.

The more she though about it, the more it pissed her off. She went into the kitchen, and grabbed a soda, taking a sip. Both girls noticed her nervousness, and Candy said to her aunt, "Come on Aunt Lisa, I'm sure everything will be all right."

Lisa smiled, so young, and so naive. She definitely needed more guidance. Maybe Barry moving in will help. And now an interest in Keith, at least she's learned to share. That caused her to giggle.

The two girls looked at her puzzled, and she smiled at them, then went to the phone. She picked it up and dialed a number, and waited for it to answer. The girls got real attentive, when she said "Hello Joe, this is Lisa....huh? Well I'm sorry for calling so early brother, but I need to ask you something....well, I was thinking, Candy spends most of her time over here, and her and Cheryl have become like sisters, they were wondering if she can move in with us....no, no rent, she don't have to pay for rent, and she can get a part time job, so she can help pay for groceries....well, tonight would be fine, we're going to meet some friends for lunch....okay, see you later this evening."

Candy & Cheryl looked at each other and hugged, and then stood up, hugging Lisa. Candy was crying, saying "Oh Aunt Lisa, I don't know what to say."

She brushed the tears away, and said "Don't say anything, you've been a great help around here. Now come on and lets get going over to Michelle's."

They all headed out the door, as she also told them that Barry was moving in, with his son. Both girls thought that this could only get better. They found out this morning that they liked Barry, and if his son is anything like him, they would have a blast. And hopefully, they still had access to Keith, if Michelle's dad hasn't killed him yet.

The drive over was silent, and as well as the walk up the drive to the front door, after Lisa parked it on the street. Lisa was very nervous, afraid they would call her all sort of names for letting the girls have sex with Keith. As she was getting ready to knock, the door opened, and it was Michelle. She smiled and said "Welcome, you all come on in, we're just about ready for lunch."

The three of them entered, and Lisa and the girls were shown to the couch, as Michelle said "Dad and Keith's dad Dave are out back cooking burgers on the grill, mom and Crystal are in the kitchen getting a salad done, if you want to join them Mrs. Summers?" She was looking at Lisa.

"Oh, Okay," Lisa said, as she got up, "I'll go see if I can give a hand." She walked towards the kitchen, and the three young girls watched as she went.

Then Candy turned to her friend, and said "Well, are you grounded for life?"

Michelle laughed, saying "Not hardly, as a matter of fact, my parents went over and slept at Keithís, and Keith & I stayed in my parents room." Candy & Cherylís jaws dropped in astonishment.

"You mean they let you guys sleep together?" said Cheryl.

"Well, we got some sleep, yes." She chuckled, and her friends giggled, too. And then she said "And thatís not all."

The two cousins asked "What? There's more?"

"Shh," she looked towards the kitchen, "Keep your voice down, and don't go blabbing." She definitely got the girls attention. She looked at both of them, as she said "When Keith & I got up this morning, we cleaned up the two bedrooms, and since we were up so early, we went on over to his house to wake up our parents."

"So, big deal." said Candy.

Michelle laughed, and continued, "It is a big deal when we found our parents weren't sleeping with they're own spouses."

Candy said "So, maybe they were mad at each other and they wanted to sleep apart."

"Um, Candy honey," said her cousin, "I don't think her parents, or Keithís, were sleeping alone."

"Well," said Candy, "She just said that her..." it hit her, "ohmygod, you don't mean..." Michelle burst out laughing, nodding her head, "they swapped mates?" Candy sat back in the couch, "Wow, I would never have thought..."

Michelle said "And thatís not all, they went to a swing club in Gatlinburg, said they had a great time."

Candy let out a low whistle, and asked "How many people were there?"

Michelle blushed, and said "I asked mom, she doesn't know, only said she had so many men she lost count after about two dozen." She smiled, "And get this, lot of them were college guys!"

This got their interest, and Cheryl asked "Did she give you more details?"

She shook her head no, and said "She only said that she might tell me at another time, but..." she looked towards the kitchen again, Candy noticed her nervousness, "Dad got some info on clubs here in the Cincinnati area, seems they may check them out, and if they like them, they'll take Keith and I along."

Candy turned to her cousin Cheryl, and asked "What you think, sis? Would you like to go swinging?"

The thought had Cheryl excited. She already found she liked sex, and even more sex...wow, the possibilities were endless. She smiled, saying, "Hell, I would give it a shot, but what about my mother?"

Michelle replied "Thatís being brought up right now, why you think I sent her into the kitchen with my mother and Keithís mom?"

The three girls giggled. In the kitchen, though, Lisa was in shock. Abbie and Crystal told them about their activities, and Lisa just couldn't believe it. She first thought that they were worse than perverts, as they just came out and said that they swing. Then they told her all about their weekend, and it shocked her that she liked the sound of it. They also told her about what they heard about her and Keith, as well as the policeman. She was thanked for covering for the girls, and pitching in as she saw fit. They weren't mad that she let the girls have sex with Keith.

"Well," said Abbie, "What you think? Are we too weird?"

Lisa sat down on a chair, and said "Wow!" she looked up at the two women, and said "I would have never thought, that you all..."

Crystal giggled, and said "We told you, it was all spur of the moment." She giggled, "Sort of like Saturday night when you climbed on top of my son."

She smiled, yeah, they had her there, and oh did it feel good. She wouldn't even mind taking it again, if the chance presents itself, which she is sure it will. Hell, she told Barry about Cheryl's new diet plan, and he said to go for it! She looked at them and asked "Okay, I can accept this, no big deal, but why you telling me all this?"

Abbie looked at her friend Crystal, and smiled, and turned to Lisa, "A few reasons, Lisa. First, you already are involved. After all, you allowed the three girls to have wanton sex with Keith, which I'm sure all parties are appreciative of you for." Some giggling from both Crystal and Lisa. "Another, we want to be open to you about it, so you don't hear it second hand, god forbid it even gets out, and don't want your daughter to associate with Michelle and Keith."

Lisa held up her hand to stop her, and said "Thatís not a problem, after all, I'm using Keithís meat to help my daughter to loose weight, as you well know."

There was more giggling, and Abbie said "There is one more thing," she paused, and her face got sort of serious, "We would like you to become involved."

Wow, she thought, this really floored her. They want her to join them for sexual hi-jinks! Her mouth was open, letting in flies, just as the back door opened, George and Dave were bringing in the hamburgers.

George yelled out "Meat's ready!" and continued on into the dining room, where things were sitting, ready to be eaten. Keith soon came through the door, and followed the men, and Lisa followed him with her eyes.

Crystal said "Um, Lisa, that's not the meat thatís ready."

They all laughed, and Lisa said "I'll think about it, give me a few days."

They hugged and went on into the dining room, grabbing buns and meat and salad. Dave went to the fridge and pulled out beer and soda for all. They talked about many things, including the weekend, causing some to blush when their names were mentioned. It was brought up about Barry moving in with Lisa and Cheryl, then that Candy was moving in as well.

About five, the get together was winding down, and Lisa said her good-bye, and hugged both Abbie and Crystal, whispering to them, "Let me talk to Barry." She left the girls there, after telling them to be home by nine. Who knows what they will be getting into, she thought, as she drove the four blocks home.

Barry arrived at Lisa's house late the next day, with his son in tow. He looked like a much younger version of Barry, with the same strong build. Candy & Cheryl escorted him to his new bedroom, and he was definitely checking out the breasts on both girls, which Lisa noticed, causing her to smile. Barry said "Maybe this isn't a good idea, there might be some hormones racing around."

She reached down, and squeezed his package, saying "I got some hormones racing as well, big boy."

They kissed, and broke apart, as the three teens returned into the living room. Lisa looked at Cheryl & Candy, and said "Well girls, help him unpack, and then we'll eat." She pulled Barry towards the kitchen, and finished up the pot roast. She put it in the crackpot before heading to work this morning, so it was about ready. All she had to do was get some veggies ready. She asked Barry what ones he and his son, named Joe, liked best. He told her corn or any bean is fine. She smiled and got a can of each out, saying he's a growing boy, he could probably eat both.

As she was stirring at the stove, he came up behind her and reached around her and hugged her, cupping her tits in his hands. She sighed, as he kissed her neck. He then asked "How did the lunch go yesterday?"

She smiled, saying, "Well, it was interesting."

"They weren't pissed at you, then!?" he asked.

"No, not hardly," she giggled in response.

He pulled his head back, in puzzlement, and said "Whatís so funny?"

She stopped stirring, and turned around, facing him, putting her arms up on his broad shoulders, and on her tip-toes, kissed him on the chin. She then said "They're swingers." And she turned around.

Talk about coming out of nowhere! His turn to be shocked. "Oh my." was his only words, as he went back to hugging her and nibbling on her neck. He did this as she stirred the food, then said "So, I take it they're going to let Keith take care of Candy & Cheryl's itch."

She smiled, and said "Yes, unless they find they're new house guest to be entertaining." He about lost it, not in anger, but in laughter. She added, "But knowing those two, they'll do both."

He laughed a bit more, and said "As long as they don't use handcuffs, don't think Joe would go for that."

She smiled, and asked "You don't mind?"

"Nah," he thought for a second, and said "At least I'll know where he's getting it from."

"Thatís good, because he's probably getting that right now." She felt his hands sliding down her waist to her crotch, rubbing her pubic mound through her jeans.

The thought of his son getting it right now was getting him hot, and then she said something else, "Oh yeah, there is one more thing."

He was astonished, "There's more?"

She turned around and faced him, saying, "Well, yes, there is. The parents of Keith & Michelle want to know if we're interested in playing."

"Playing? Playing what?" He looked at her, as she gave him a rather strange look, one that looked as if he was rather dense, then it hit him, "Oh, playing...shit, I've never thought I would ever get the chance..."

She smiled, and replied "I take that as a yes."

He leaned down and kissed her on her lips. "Yes, it's a yes, as long as I have your hot tight box, I'm happy."

She giggled, feeling like a school girl again, a very horny school girl. She smiled, as she said "Come on, help me get dinner on the table." They kissed again, and she showed him where the plates were, and the silver ware, as she got the food and set it on the kitchen table. She called out to the teens, "Cheryl, Candy, Joe, dinner!"

As the adults sat, and dished out some food for themselves, the teens took awhile to make an appearance. Cheryl and Candy appeared first, with big old grins on their faces, followed by Joe, who looked rather sheepish. Lisa passed him the meat, and asked "Did the girls show you all the comforts of the house?"

His face blushed, and the girls giggled, and he stammered out "Um, yes Mrs. Summers." He took some food and passed it on, as the girls were snickering.

"Don't call me Mrs. Summers, Joe, my name is Lisa. We go by first name basis around here, okay?" she told him.

He smiled, and looked at his father. He winked at him, and he started eating. Lisa wasn't sure what the two girls had done, but she could only imagine. They ate and talked, seems Joe was a senior at another school, but he had a car. Their driveway wasn't that big for four cars, this may be a problem. Good thing Cheryl doesn't drive.

The evening was spent with the two cousins cleaning the table, with help from Joe, as Lisa and Barry settled onto the couch, watching the television. They heard laughter and carrying on from the kitchen, and smiled, happy to see they're makeshift family was starting to work out.

Barry pulled her closer to him, and they snuggled in each others arms. Some Eastwood movie was on, and they watched it, with the teenagers eventually joining them, laying next to each other on the floor, off to the side of the couch. Lisa could see some touching and feeling, mutually done, she might add, as the five of them watched the movie. About ten, she told them to get to bed, since they have classes tomorrow. She got up to follow the girls into their room, and after asking them, she discovered she was right, they did make an advance. The two of them combined to give him a welcome blowjob. She laughed, and told them to don't do anything tonight, to wait until the weekend.

She returned to her new lover, and they turned the television off and made their way to bed, where they fucked like rabbits for two solid hours. He got her off a few times, with tongue and prick, making her a happy camper. After the last round, as they drifted off to sleep, he asked if the girls did his son. She replied it was a welcome blowjob, and he chuckled, and wondered out loud when he would get his. She kissed him, telling him to hold on, the weekend was fastly approaching.

The weekend did come, and there was already fun planned for it. It also happened to be the first cold weekend of the fall season, as the temps dropped into the thirties, a bit cold for this time of year. But on Thursday evening, Abbie and Crystal got together with Lisa, and made plans for a get together at the home of Abbie and George. All of the children were to party at the home of Dave & Crystal. This way, they could keep an eye on them. The party was to start on Friday evening, and end Sunday. Plenty of liquid refreshments were to be had, as well as good food.

Friday night opened with Lisa and Barry arriving at about seven, Dave and Crystal were already there. A drink was in everyoneís hands in short order, as they talked for a bit. After an hour, and another round of alcohol, Abbie made a big container of margarita's for the girls, George brought out a board game that he picked up at an adult novelty store. It was sort of like truth or dare, and within an hour, all bodies were bare, and the action was heating up. The couples paired off, Lisa with George, Abbie with Dave, and Crystal with Barry, and soon the living room was filled with the sounds of sex.

After everyone had reached orgasm, and were resting for the next round, Abbie popped a porno into the vcr to help the guys recover a bit faster. It worked, and soon the guys had the girls on all fours. But instead of just staying with one wife, they alternated, trying each girl for a few strokes, debating which was the tightest, or the wettest, or the pinkest, or anything else they could come up with.

The women were enjoying this as well, getting to feel each cock as it entered and re-entered their slippery cunts. They even started getting into it, debating which cock felt the best, and which performed well, and so on. There were no announced winners, obviously. For the guys weren't stupid, they weren't about to make one woman above the rest. After that, it was a free-for all, as they moved to the master bedroom, all six people on the bed, touching, sucking, licking, fucking and squeezing each other until the early morning hours.

Two doors down, the parents offspring were going at it as well. No alcohol, but plenty of good old fashion sex. Joe was broken in right away, as all three girls jumped him and fucked him silly as Keith watched. After they were done with him, they let him rest as they turned their attention to Keith. Joe was impressed with his size, it dwarfed his seven inch pecker, but the girls told him not to let it bother him, he had the right tool for what they wanted. The young men had plenty of stamina and drive, and they both came in each girl twice before they all crashed on the living room floor at about five in the morning.

On Saturday, morning found that the couples had migrated with their spouses to separate bedrooms. No one woke before noon, and when they did, there was a round of morning sex, with Dave & Crystal doing it first, making enough noise to wake the others in the house, and the other two couples joining in.

Once everyone was up and out of bed, it was decided the dress code was casual, meaning no clothing. This led to impromptu sexcapades, as when a man would get a hardon, the closest woman would ride it, and it wasn't necessarily his significant other. About six, the kids came over, and as soon as they entered and seen the adults nude, they stripped down.

It was decided that the parents couldn't do their own children, but they could do the others. In other words, a full scale orgy broke out after dinner. This made the night before look like a Sunday church gathering. The older men got a kick out of watching the older women doing Joe and Keith. Especially while they had their cocks buried in the younger pussy. Crystal was kind of disappointed, as she only had one young cock to fulfill her, but Abbie told her that maybe they can get more for another time.

Needless to say, it was a bang-up good time. By Sunday afternoon, people were literally having to limp out of the house to go home. They all crashed when they got to their own beds. The next week, Cheryl started working out with Keith at the gym, and by Wednesday, Michelle and Candy had joined her, and Joe too, even though he went to a different school. They were the talk of the campus, but no one wanted to mess with them. Michelle's ex boyfriend confronted Keith, and Keith took him on in the gym, pounding the shit out of him. The wrestling coach watched the match with glee.

Another thing happened that week, Abbie and Crystal went and visited their neighbor, Mrs. Stuart. They took over a freshly made pie, and knocked on the door. Mrs. Stuart answered it suspiciously, but let them in. She really didn't say much, but both women were impressed when they found she was fifty-nine, she hardly looked fifty. Although her hair was gray, her body was firm, thin waist, and a nice bust, a bit smaller than Crystal, and strong legs. She mentioned she seen a lot of activity over at their houses lately, causing the two women to snicker like schoolgirls. She told them to call her Linda, and that she had an idea what they were doing, and that she didn't mind. As they were leaving, Crystal noticed the lights flickering. She asked and Linda said that she's been having problems with the wiring. Crystal told her that she would send Dave over one night this week, as he's a master electrician. Abbie said she would send George as well, since Dave might need a hand in case it's a big job. Linda smiled, and thanked them.

When Dave got home that night, Crystal told him about Linda and the problem with the lights. Dave groaned, saying that her house is older than theirs, it probably needed rewired, since he had already had to redo their own. He told his wife to go back over tomorrow, and tell Linda that it would take at least three weekends with him and Keith, and possibly George, to get it done. The cost would be about three-thousand in labor, and another grand in material.

The next day, Crystal and Abbie went back over, and Linda welcomed them both in. Crystal told her what Dave said, and Linda said fine, and wanted to know how much to pay him. Crystal told her about two grand, and she readily agreed. They went on talking, found out that Linda was once married, and widowed. Her husband had been dead for twenty-two years, when she was thirty-seven. That he was forty years older than her, and they were married for ten years before he died. Turns out he was a lawyer, and was a widow at the time they got married. He had five kids, and except for the oldest one, a son, and also a lawyer, none of the others would accept her into the family. She didn't say, but she may have lived a rather shady life before marrying Mr. Stuart.

He left her plenty of money, she hadn't the need to work since his death. As a matter of fact, she was thinking of getting ready to move, buy a place in Florida, maybe. Abbie asked how she stayed in such great shape. Linda smiled and showed the two of them a room set up with exercise equipment. She told them that she worked out every day here in her own home. There were free weights, a riding bike, stair-master, a bow flex, and a small universal weight machine. The two of them were impressed, and Linda told them that if they wanted to work out, to come on over.

Before the girls left, Linda, with a wicked smile, she asked if there were other ways to pay them. Abbie snickered, and Crystal answered that yes, if she wanted to pay in other forms, she can. But she wasn't sure if the materials and all the labor would be covered that way.

They told her that it couldn't be started until the first weekend in December, so she agreed to it. Neither Crystal and Abbie told their hubbies about the sex part. There wasn't much action the next three weeks, as the boys had wrestling practice every Saturday, and pretty much worn out by the time they got through. Plus George had accounts to get done before the holidays, and Dave had a few big projects he wanted to finish before he tackles Mrs. Stuart's.

On the Wednesday after thanksgiving, he finally was caught up, as was George, and he told Crystal to tell Linda that he would start the job that weekend. Keith was getting use to practice, and he could help after the meets, which was usually done by two. All through these last four weeks, Abbie and Crystal had been going over to their neighbor and working out, with Lisa joining them when her schedule allowed. They were really opening up, at it didn't take long for them to spill the beans about all the activities they had been doing. Linda made it a point to mention that she wouldn't mind joining, as she had been lonely long enough. Crystal told her to go ahead and join in the fun, as the guys wouldn't mind. The girls decided to keep this from their husbands, so they were in for a surprise when they went over the first weekend.

George came over to Dave's house that Saturday morning, early. He was to help carry the tools and material needed over to Linda's. When they were ready, they walked next door and knocked.

Linda answered the door, and the guys mouths dropped to the floor. She was standing there with a cut-off top, just barely covering her firm hard breasts, and a pair of bikini shorts, so tight her pussy lips were bulging out. She asked them to come on in, and to get started, as she was working out in the other room.

The guys went into the utility room, and as Dave looked over his shoulder, to make sure she was out of earshot, he softly told his friend "Man, did you see those tits?"

George whistled, as Dave took the electric panel door off, "Yeah, and that pussy, it's just dying to be fucked."

Both men giggled, as Dave accessed the electrical situation. It was an old fuse box, good thing he bought a 200-amp breaker box. He started to work, and gave George some tools, and told him to go start pulling outlets in the living room, dining room and the kitchen. Both men worked non-stop. It took Dave an hour to get the new panel in and the main line rewired. He kept the power off at a minimum, about ten minutes, as he installed the new box. George got all the plates off, and the outlets and switches pulled out, as well as the overhead lights.

By noon, Dave was in the attic, running wire down to George, who was pulling it down. Things were going real smooth, and Dave was happy. Luckily this house was built well for re-wiring purposes, no hang-ups in the walls to make it a bitch. They had the kitchen and dining room done, and started working on the living room, when Linda came into it, and asked "You guys ready for lunch?"

Without looking up, George hollered up to Dave, "She wants to know if you're ready for lunch?"

He hollered down yes, and when George turned around, he about died. She was wearing a bathrobe, and nothing else, as she just got out of the shower. She sauntered into the kitchen, and pulled out some meat and got the bread out, and made sandwiches, as George waited for Dave to come down from the attic. When he got there, George motioned towards Linda, and this caused Dave to smile. Both men took a seat at the table, and she brought the sandwiches over to them, along with a beer for each, on a tray.

She said "Here's your lunch, guys."

They each took a sandwich, as she took a seat across from them. They ate them quickly, had another, and washed it down with the beer. Once done, they both leaned back in their chairs, and George asked "That was good, what's for dessert?" He was just joking, but she got up, untied her robe with a smile, and let it fall to the floor.

George went, "Oh man, look at that."

Dave responded "Yeah, I think I'll like dessert."

She came around the table, and in-between the two men, their hands quickly went to her body, feeling her nice round tits and her ass and bald pussy. George took a nipple in his mouth, as Dave fingered her slit. She moaned as he penetrated her pussy, something that hasn't been done by another man in quite a long time. She sat her ass on the edge of the table in front of Dave and said "Oh god, eat me, please eat me." As she laid back on the table, propping her legs on his shoulders. His face went right into her twat, suckling on her clit, and shoving two fingers up her love-hole.

George got up and dropped his trousers, and went to her head, which was on the other side of the table. He rubbed his rapidly growing meat on her lips, and she opened them, her eyes still closed. He was surprised when she swallowed his whole schlong, as he felt it slide down her throat. She obviously knew how to suck cock, and she hadn't forgot how, either. A climax shook her body, as Dave was working her clit with his tongue, her moans and cries of passion muffled by the meat in her mouth. As her orgasm subsided, she whimpered as Dave left her cunt and stood up. His dick wanted a taste of this old cunt, and he had a feeling it would feel very tight.

He dropped his pants to his knees, grabbed his dick and guided it to her slit, rubbing it up and down. She whimpered some more at this, and tried pushing her hips into him, wanting her cunt filled with his meat.

He grabbed a hip, and pushed forward, entering her slick and very tight, hot cunt. He was right, it was very tight. He grabbed the back of her thighs and lifted her legs, driving his meat into her so that his balls banged on the edge of the table. George was watching Dave's cock disappear and reappear in and out of her tight box, her inner pussy walls being pulled out as he pulled out. Her hips were bucking, and soon Dave felt her pussy constrict around his shaft, as she had another orgasm. This put George over the edge, as he sent a load down her throat and into her tummy. Dave was soon to follow, as he sent one in from the opposite direction.

Both guys pulled out, still hard, and stood there, looking at her older well-built body. Dave said "They sure don't build them like this anymore!" with a laugh.

George chuckled, saying "Yep, very good condition at this end, how was yours?"

"Oh, pretty damn good, real smooth and very nice texture," Dave laughed, as he finished with "It fit like a glove."

Both men laughed, as Linda sat up, her face flushed, as she said "Well, you guys want to help me down, we can take this into my bedroom where it would be more comfortable."

With dicks still pointing towards the ceiling, they followed the gray-haired beauty down the hall towards her bedroom. She had a large bed, and as they entered, she jumped on it, on all fours, wiggling her cute little ass in the air as an invitation.

George smiled, saying "My turn." As he climbed onto the bed and behind her upturned ass. He guided his meat to her cunt and shoved it in, making her moan in pleasure, as she felt the whole length glide on in.

The guys were not surprised when she purred and said "Oh yeah, your wives said you two had nice cocks, glad they allowed me the opportunity to sample them."

The two men smiled at each other, as Dave went to her head and offered his dick for a suck. She hungrily sucked it in, taking him to the balls, his shaft easily going down her throat.

They fucked her for about ninety minutes, before Dave said they had better get some more things done. They left her laying on her bed, temporarily sated, as they went and found their clothes and went back to work. She didn't come out while they finished the living room and started on the bathroom.

They got one bedroom done when Keith showed up. He knocked, and his father let him in. Keith could tell from the smile on the faces on his dad and George that they had a good time. Dave just pointed to the bedroom where Linda was still laying, and told him to have fun for an hour.

Keith went down the hall, and stood in the doorway, as Dave and George watched from the other room. She must have seen him, as she said "Oh, hello there, you must be Keith"

He smiled and waved, and said "Hello there. "He entered the room, and after a few seconds, they heard a "Oh my goooood.....I've never seen..." followed by silence. As they worked, they soon heard the bedsprings bouncing, and Linda moaning, as Keith was fucking her tight cunt, reaching areas that never had been touched before. It wasn't long before she was crying out in joy, as one orgasm after another raked through her body. George & Dave just chuckled, as they pulled wire and worked on the job.

Keith finally came out an hour later, with a big smile on his face. He soon joined the two older men in work, and in no time, they had half the house done, way ahead of schedule. Dave decided they had done enough work, so he sent Keith on home, and him and George walked on back to the master bedroom, where they found Linda on her belly, with just a sheet over her. She raised her head, and turned and looked at them, a big smile on her face.

"Oh boys, you guys have done a wonderful job so far, do you want a check for the days work?" She rolled over and stretched, the sheet ending up being pulled down below her breasts. Both guys felt their dicks twitch, as their eyes took in her nude upper body.

Dave answered her, "Um, well Linda, you can wait until we're through. Seems it's going faster than I thought, so we'll probably take a good chunk out of it. We'll be back tomorrow to finish the bedrooms and the utility room."

She smiled, and said "Well, why don't you two come on over here and join me. I'm sure you could both use something for the long walk home."

Both men chuckled, as they undid their pants and took them off, then joined her in the bed. Dave laid down next to her, and she swung a leg over his body and quickly mounted his cock. Dave reached behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart, revealing her little brown hole.

"Come on George, I think she might like it." He said while nodding towards her back door. Linda wasn't sure what he meant, until she felt a finger of George exploring her asshole.

"Ohhh, George, that feels good...ugh...yes...please fuck my ass, baby..." she begged, as she was rocking on both Georgeís finger and Dave's cock.

George removed his finger and placed his dick at her anus, and pressed in gently, she gasped at first at the sudden pain, but then the pain went away, and she started pushing back against him, causing more of his meat to sink into her ass. Once he was all the way in, the two men started drilling her two holes, causing her to shake and shudder, as one orgasm after another swept through her body.

After about ten minutes, they somehow managed to roll over, with Linda sitting on George's cock, up her ass, his hands on the middle of her back holding her up, and Dave between her thighs, his hands holding her by the ankles, as he fucked her twat. She was lost in her own little world, and she blacked out once from the joy of it all. The guys didn't stop, as Dave continued to pound away. Finally, George grunted, as his cock filled her bowels, followed by Dave, who with one final plunge, emptied his load deep inside of her. They all collapsed in a heap, just as they heard clapping coming from the hall.

There was their two wives, Abbie and Crystal, with not a stitch on, and when the guys seen them, they rushed the bed, pushing Dave off and his dick out of Linda's cunt. She moaned at the loss of it, and again as she was rolled off of George, his meat falling out of her asshole with a plopping noise.

The two wives got Linda on her side, and started cleaning her cunt and asshole with their tongues, making Linda squirm with delight. The husbands softening cocks got hard, and soon they were in each others wives, plowing their cunts as the girls licked Linda clean.

The guys grunted and buried their cocks into the wives, as they emptied their sperm deep inside. They pulled out and collapsed, a bit worn. Linda was having another orgasm ,as the girls finished her off. As she recovered, the girls crawled up and started exchanging kisses with each other and Linda.

Linda smiled at her new lovers, and asked Crystal "Where's that boy of yours? God he's got a monster cock!"

Abbie laughed, and Crystal smiled, saying, "Yea, he does, even bigger than his dad, wish he wasn't my son, I would love to try it." They laughed and kissed, and she said "Oh, he's with Cheryl, she lost some more weight, believe she's lost thirty-seven pounds in the last five weeks, Keith is her bi-weekly reward."

Linda smiled, "Some reward." Abbie sucked on her stiff nipple, causing her to moan, "And where's your daughter at?"

George answered for his wife, "Over at Lisa Summers place, Lisa and Barry are both working this weekend, so Michelle and Candy are entertaining Joe, Barry's son."

Linda whistled softly, "You guys are a real set of hedonists, aren't you?"

"You complaining?" asked Abbie, as she lifted her mouth off of the older womenís tit.

"Hell no, I think I've found something I like." she replied. They all laughed, and started in again, with the guys soon joining in. They fucked and sucked until about midnight, by then both George and Dave were about shot. Sunday they slept in and rested. The following week, they repeated the performance, as they finished off Linda's wiring, and had Keith help again once he was done with practice. He eventually left, leaving the three older people to their own desires, with Abbie and Crystal joining them again.

On the following week, while seated in his office, George was looking at his practice. He was given a list by Nancy of those that wanted his services. He hated to turn down the extra work, but with just him doing the work, and Nancy being his secretary, he just couldn't handle it all.

That was on Tuesday. When he got home that night, he was met at the door by Crystal, she had a big smile on her face. He looked at her, and said "Okay, whatís up?"

"Well, Crystal & I got a phone call today." said Abbie.

He sat on the couch, grabbing the evening newspaper, and saying "And?"

"It was April." He had to think, then he remembered the girl from Gatlinburg, he lowered the paper, and smiled. "She and a bunch of her friends want to come up this weekend to visit."

George said "Okay, how many? And I take it will be an interesting visit?"

"Yes it should," she smiled, and continued, "It seems she told a few of her swinging friends about us, and they expressed interest in coming up for a visit. About twenty, only April and one other will be female."

"Whew, nice odds. Are you sure about this?" said her husband.

"Crystal, Linda & Lisa and I already agreed. The two college girls can be entertained by you, Dave, Barry, Joe and Keith, while us seven girls will take on the eighteen guys." Abbie was smiling, and George laughed.

"Okay, sounds like fun to me. If Barry and Dave go for it, I will too. I'm sure Keith and Joe will." He returned to his paper, "Eighteen of them, thatís almost three to one."

She knelt down in front of him, and undid his zipper, and fished out his meat, finding it almost hard. "Looks like you like the idea of a couple of coeds, yourself." He chuckled, as she started sucking away, she took her mouth off his meat to ask, "How was your day? And Nancy? How's she doing?"

George dropped the paper, watching his wife suck on his knob. She had gotten better the last few months of doing this, probably from watching Crystal, he thought. "Well, I've been thinking, maybe I need to hire another accountant, I have lots of potential clients, but only one of me."

She raised her head, removing his meat, as she slowly jerked his cock, and asked "You think I could help in the office?"

He thought about it, and said "Oh, probably as a clerk, Nancy would need some help as well." He moaned as her warm mouth soon engulfed his cock again. "I could even use two. At least during tax time, and keep one full-time."

He grunted as she finished him off, his blast of come hitting the back of his throat. Michelle and Candy came in, smiled at the two of them, and went on up to Michelleís room, carrying their school books. Something caught George's eye as they went by. Abbie looked at him, and said "What?"

"Oh, just thinking," he turned to his wife, looking at her face, "Just saw Candy carrying up some school books on mathematics, and business, I was wondering if she would like a job."

Abbie looked at him, smiled and said "Let me call Lisa, but what you want her for?"

George chuckled, "I've a few ideas, really," Abbie slapped his bare thigh, mockingly, "But I wouldn't mind using her as sort of a trainee, I guess Michelle could work too. They are both seniors."

Abbie got up and went to the phone. She picked it up and headed for the back bathroom, dialing a number. George sat there and couldn't hear what his wife was saying, but knew it might be of some help.

A few minutes later, she returned, and said "Just talked to Lisa, she said that she is taking Accounting classes this semester and next. Been doing pretty good. Currently she's working at a fast food place, not getting paid that much."

George mulled it over, asked "What is not much?"

"Six-fifty an hour." replied Abbie. She smiled, and said "You know, having those two might help in getting even more clients."

George smiled, and said "Let me talk to them."

He got up and headed up the stairs. The bedroom door was only partially open, and he knocked, he heard Michelle say come on in, and he did. Both girls were sitting on the bed, topless, reading some English class books. "Hi girls, can I talk for you two for a moment?"

They looked at each other, and Michelle said "Sure dad, whatís up?" Michelle was afraid she had done something wrong, her dad normally doesn't come into her room, unless she screwed up. And with them now all having a open relationship, she couldn't think what the problem could be. Abbie appeared in the doorway behind him, as he took a seat at her desk.

"Well, how are you girls grades?" asked George.

They looked at each other, as Michelle answered "Oh, I've been keeping about a B+ average, my math and social studies scores have kept me up." She looked at Candy.

Candy replied, "I've got a low A in most of my classes, having a bit of a problem in English."

"Good," said George, "I'm glad to hear it." He cleared his throat, "Um, well, you see, I'm going to do some changing at work." Both girls looked at him funny, wondering why the fuck he's telling them this. "The thing is, I need a full-time accountant at least, I'm not sure where I'll get one, yet. But, I could use some part-time help, sort of a training position." Neither girl had a clue, and it showed on their faces. He blurted it out, "After the first of the year, I would like both of you to work a few evenings per week, and possibly Saturday mornings, how many hours you get at where you work, Candy?"

Candy was stunned, a new job, and in accounting, a field she is interested in, "Um, about twenty."

He made some calculations quickly in his head "Okay, I'll tell you what, I'll pay you each a salary of two-hundred a week, for a maximum of twenty-five hours. How's that sound?"

Candy did some calculating of her own, and a smile came across her face, "Sure thing George, I would love that."

Michelle piped in, "Oh daddy, that would be great."

Both girls got up and came over and gave him a hug and a kiss. He got up smiling, as Abbie added, "Okay you two, there is one condition," they both sat back down on the bed, as Abbie said "You two better not neglect on your schooling, and no goofing off at work. I will be there, too. I'll be helping Nancy in her office duties." Both girls said they promised to do a good job, and the couple left the room.

Once back downstairs, George said "Now I'll have to tell Nancy, but I still need a full-time accountant!"

"Don't worry, you'll find one, after all, there are always college graduates wanting entry-level jobs."

He smiled, and went back to his paper. He stopped and asked "What about Cheryl? She won't feel put out, will she?"

"Cheryl is only a junior, no, no worry there. I'm sure Lisa will take care of that. Speaking of which, Iíll call her back."

The next day, instead of George telling Nancy, Abbie did it, by taking her out to lunch. She told him not to tell her a thing, she wanted to do it. They left at noon, and George expected them back at one. At four he suddenly broke away from work, and realized they hadn't gotten back yet. By five he was really getting worried, and was about to go looking for them, when they entered his two-room office, both laughing and smiling. They said their good-byes, and Abbie kissed her husband on the lips, as she left.

Once she was out of the office, George said "I guess I can't get mad, since you were with my wife."

Nancy smiled, and said "Yeah, I wasnít worried."

He chuckled, and went back into his office, with her following on his heels. He asked her, "Well, what do you think of the plans?"

She took a seat on the other side of the desk, and said "I like them, I've been thinking for awhile we could use the help, at least for me for filing. I'll love having Abbie around." George thought so would he, and he smiled a big smile, "I just hope you don't get worn out," he looked at her rather puzzled, as she got up and came around the desk, sitting on the edge of it between him and the desk, and raising her legs, "I mean, you might have your hands full here taking care of two women, not to mention all those at home." His face showed his shock, not only from what she said, but also from his view up her skirt, and her lack of panties. Sounds to him that Abbie literally told her everything.

She leaned forward, and kissed him on the lips, their tongues exploring each others mouths. She broke it, and leaned back, her hands on the desk behind her, as she said "Yeah, Abbie said you got a great tongue, she suggested I find out how good it is before this weekend."

George didn't need anymore encouragement. He buried his face in her bush, a sweet smelling cunt, and started lapping at her already flowing juices. She started telling him that Abbie told her all about what's been going on at the home front, and she was more or less asked to join in, along with her two nineteen year-old twin sons. She soon stopped talking, as George shoved a finger up her hot cunt, as she moaned in passion. Her hips started bucking on the desk, meeting his tongue and his probing fingers. She finally screamed out, wailing that she was coming. George was thinking, what a screamer.

As her orgasm subsided, he stood up and unbuckled his pants, pushed them to his knees with his shorts, letting her see his meat, as it pointed toward the ceiling. She licked her red lips, and he grabbed her knees, parting her thighs a bit more. She took his throbbing cock into her left hand and guided it to her waiting hole. He pushed in and couldn't believe how tight it was. His hands worked up under her blouse, pushed her bra up off her breasts, and started massaging them, as he pumped her twat. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands on his shoulders, and was fucking him back. Soon she was stiffening up, as another round of joy swept her body, just as he gave a final thrust, burying his cock inside of her, and blasting load after load of his hot jism into her.

He hugged her tight to his body, and pulled her with him as he sat down in his chair, she still impaled on his throbbing monster, her legs spread out over the arm rests. They kissed hotly, and soon her hips were bucking once again. His cock was still hard, and he was thrusting up into her, as she came like a rocket. She settled down, climbed off his lap, and removed the skirt, he turned her around and bent her over his desk, and plowed into her sopping wet cunt from behind. He pushed her blouse up to her armpits, and snacked a hand underneath, massaging her engorged clit. He could feel another load boiling in his balls, as she was pushing back into him.

As she came again, he blasted another load into her, god was she hot. But this one seemed to do the trick, as she finally calmed down, her face resting on the desk. He picked her up around the waist, and pulled her back onto his lap in the chair. He nibbled on her neck, and said "Looks like you'll fit right in."

She laughed, "Yes, I think so."

They got up, put their clothes back on and went back to work. George told her his plans, and asked her to get in touch with those on the contact list, seeing who still wants their services. They hugged and kissed, before they went back to work, sexually satisfied.

When George got home, Abbie met him at the door, with a smile on her face. She looked at George, who looked a bit sheepish, as she asked "Was she good?"

He chuckled, not knowing where to take this, he kissed her and said "Not nearly as good as you, babe."

As he went by towards the stairs, she swatted his ass, telling him, "It'll be interesting when I start work there, you'll have three women there to screw."

As he was going up the steps, he asked over his shoulder, "Three? Oh yeah, I forgot about Candy."

They went into their bedroom, where they screwed each other silly, Abbie especially liking the taste of his cock after it was in a new pussy. George noticed some cum leaking out of her cunt first thing once she got undressed, and after they had a good fuck, he asked her, "Whose cum was in your pussy this afternoon?"

She smiled, as she propped up on an elbow, "Oh, thatís Keith's, he was over doing Michelle, I hopped on for a quick ride." She leaned over and kissed him, asking "You don't mind, do you?"

"Heh-heh, hell no, you girls are going to wear that boy out, though."

Friday night arrived, and everyone was at George & Abbie's house, waiting for April and her friends. Nancy and her two twin boys, Matt and Mark were there, and the two boys were already upstairs getting to know Candy, Michelle and Cheryl. Keith & Joe were up there with them, as well.

At eight, two vans pulled up, and a large group got out, heading up the steps. George opened the door and welcomed them all in. April hugged them, as George counted heads, nineteen males, and April was the lone female. She seen him counting, and the puzzled look on her face, and she explained, "My girlfriend couldn't make it, sorry, she had to go to a funeral in Atlanta."

Abbie said "Thatís too bad, I'm sure we can still have a blast with out her."

Everyone piled into the living room, all thirty-five people, twenty-six males and nine females. After they were all seated on the floor, and such, George and Dave got up and got their attention. George spoke first, "Welcome everyone, um, we're sort of new at this, throwing a swing party and all. Just for starters, to help you all get to know each other, our wives, Abbie, Crystal and Lisa have set up a table with food in this house and the one next door. Lots of cold cuts, salads, crackers, cheese and other fine eats, plus soft drinks. Sorry, but no alcohol."

A groan from the groups of college kids, causing Dave to say "For you guys from Kentucky, I would like it to be known that one of our men here in attendance," He pointed to Barry, "Is an off-duty policeman, he's here for pleasure, but he won't think twice about knocking some heads, nor will I or George." A few murmurs, but no complaints.

Dave said "Okay, now, we've figured on our wives, Linda and our daughters to go to the house next door, with Barry, and seventeen of you college guys. April and Nancy will stay here with the rest of us guys. We'll draw straws to see who goes and who stays, unless we have some volunteers." He looked around, and four hands shot up, he pointed at two of them, saying, "Very well, only need two of you, why don't you and you plan on staying." He pointed at two guys, and they said "Yes sir."

"Okay," Said George, "Lets start by all the guys standing up, and getting out of their clothes," A bit of hesitation at first, but as soon as George, Barry and Dave started stripping, the other men did likewise. The girls were hooting and hollering. Abbie was checking things out, as the pants were coming off. She saw mainly cocks of the average six inch length, and a few above average. One of the three black guys was sporting a nice size one, and he was acting a bit cocky, but he wasn't near as big as Keith. As a matter of fact, when he seen Keithís' meat, his jaw dropped, probably upset that some white boy was bigger.

Once the men were nude, George said "Okay guys, take a seat, it's the ladies turn." The men were rather vocal, as the nine females stripped out of their clothes. The girls turned around, showing off their assets, and the guys cheered even more. George stood up, and said "Okay, now we all know what we all look like, please help yourself to the food at the table, and enjoy the evening. After we're done eating, Abbie and Crystal will take their group next door. Remember, condoms are mandatory. We will all meet back here in the morning, if you or any one is still able to stand." Laughter, and everyone hit the food tables at once.

There was much conversation, and the music was put on softly. A few of the guys were rubbing the younger girls bodies, but no sex yet. April came up to George, and said "Thank you for letting me stay here, it'll be different getting boned by you guys."

George and Dave smiled, reminiscing about the last time they had her. Dave said "You've seen my son?" He pointed at Keith, and she smiled.

"Yes I did, he's even bigger than the old man. As a matter of fact, the biggest pecker I've seen, and I've seen hundreds." she said with a smile.

They continued their conversation, talking about other things as well. Seems one of the guys thatís staying with George & Dave's group is graduating this semester and is an accountant major. George had him pointed out, and his mind started racing. Damn, this might be easier than he thought.

About thirty minutes went by, and Abbie hollered out, "Okay, all those going with us next door, put on your clothes, we'll be going out the back door in groups of four, we don't want the neighbors talking, now, do we?"

Dave thought, we sure don't. Instead of waiting to see them all off, George, Dave, Keith and Joe, along with the two college guys, named Steve and Simon, literally carried the naked April and Nancy up the stairs to the master bedroom. They deposited both women on the bed, and jumped on. George and Steve were each feasting on one of April's breasts, as Joe was between her thighs, licking her twat clean, making her writhe in pleasure. While Nancy was sitting on Keithís face, and Dave and Simon were sucking her breasts and rubbing her body all over, her head thrown back, surrendering to their whims.

As they were beginning their fun, George announced "Lets see who can come in each hole first." The other five men laughed and said it was a great idea, but the girls weren't too sure, when they stared down at Keithís big bone. For the next five hours, the guys did just that, taking turns at each hole. Both girls usually had at least one cock stuck in an orifice, if not more than one. They lost count how many times they came, as the guys would get aroused whenever they heard the girls scream out in another orgasm.

Joe was the first to hit all six holes, at about two-am. Followed closely by George and Steve. Dave got into April's well-used ass at about two-thirty, to finish off his double-hat trick. And Simon filled Nancy's mouth to make his complete tour. Keith finally got his cock up Nancy's tight ass at three, pumping his load deep into her bowels. She knew she would have problems walking after that big cock got done with her ass. But she still managed to have a nice come as he did it, much to her delight.

After that, the guys would get hard and do whatever was available, sometimes a guy or two would nod off on the floor, and both girls did too, not that it stopped the guys. As the sun was rising, the action was about dead, as both women were laying on come covered sheets, April with Keithís cock stuck up her cunt, and Nancy on top of George, his pole stuck snuggly in her twat. Everyone was out like a light.

Next door at Linda's, the girls decided to play a game of their own, who could get the most cocks to unload in them before three. With nineteen young and virile males in the house, they figured they would all have a good chance of getting plenty. Each woman took a wastebasket, and set it down where they were having sex, and dumped the used condoms into it, as they knew that would be the easiest way to keep track.

Things were hot and fast for about three hours. No problems, except for that cocky black kid. Crystal and Abbie were getting pissed off at his attitude, and finally, when he made a nasty comment about Cheryl, that did it. Crystal took four guys aside, including the two other black guys, and had them grab him and tie him down to a chair. They then tipped it backwards, his head about crotch high, and the girls now had a pussy cleaner. Each one went over and squatted on his face, making him either eat or suffocate. He was screaming out obscenities, and calling his friends names. His friends were tired of his shit, and about midnight, they untied him, handed him his clothes, and kicked him out the door, telling him to walk back to Kentucky. Turns out he didn't get far, as he was soon picked up by Cincinnati's finest, and hauled downtown.

At three, the girls, all tired from taking so many cocks, started counting the used rubbers. After the count was in, Candy was the winner with forty-three, followed by Abbie's forty-one, Linda at thirty-seven and Cheryl at thirty-six, while Michelle, Linda and Crystal had thirty-four, thirty-three and thirty-one respectively.

After that, they had a short break, and started again, fucking the guys to sleep. By sun-up, only Linda and Crystal were still awake, each riding the twins of Nancy. After that, all were sound asleep.

Saturday was the same, as was the evening and all night, except all the action was moved to the home of George and Abbie. There was fucking and sucking going on the whole time, somebody somewhere was having sex in the house from about noon on. George did talk to the college accounting major, named Steve, and hired him on the spot. The young kid had a few other offers, but as he was doing his new boss's wife, he knew this was going to be a better deal.

By Sunday afternoon, when it was time for the college kids to leave, all those in attendance could honestly say they were thoroughly fucked. Everyone took showers before they left, to wash off the two days of come and sweat. The three couples and Linda decided this was a good weekend, and were hoping for more similar adventures. But then, that will be more stories at another time.

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