Title: Cathy, Daughter, And Friends - MF, MFF, FF, group, nudist
Summary: A college student picks up what he thought was a co-ed. He discovers that older
women are great lovers, and sometimes, they even share.
Keywords: MF, MFF, FF, group, nudist, virgin

It was a typical loud, college bar scene. Lots of drunk college kids moving about, hanging onto one another, and I was not enjoying myself. I had just broke up with a girl, and feeling sorry for myself. Well, sort of. I was on the prowl at the moment, seeing what might be available. Yes, plenty of drunk coeds, but I was wanting a little more than just that. Then, I saw her. She was in a group of maybe six or eight girls. She seemed cute in the dim light, her hair looked to be either a dark brunette, or possibly black, as I checked her out. I couldn't see below her shoulders, which seemed to be slender in built. Of course, my thought at the time was, how do I cut her off from the crowd?

I watched, and waited. All the while wondering if the wait would be worth it. Then, three of the girls headed off towards the bathroom, whittling the group down close to half. I saw a guy ask one of them to dance, and away they went. I saw the girl I was eyeing make a face, as the girl left her side. I found that interesting, but not sure why. Was she gay? That thought popped into my mind, as something inside said for me to move in. Now, I'm not much of a lady's man, as I finally reached her side, and touched her shoulder. She turned, somewhat startled, as I tried shouting over the loud music, "You want to dance?"

The look on her face, first shock, then, I thought she was going to start laughing. And she did, and I was thinking, 'Great, I'm getting laughed at!' Wrong! She reached her hand out, and offered it to me. I took it, and we made our way to the dance floor. Well, it was a tight dance floor. Hardly any room, except with us squeezed up against each other. But she started moving her body up against mine, and I was enjoying the contact of our body's, as we moved together. I put my arms about her, and we continued to grind away. Hell, we couldn't really dance, as it was so damn crowded. I saw her friend, about ten feet away, and her friend saw us, her eyes got real big, her mouth hanging open. Okay, I'm thinking that this is interesting.

But I turned my attention to my dance partner, as my hands fell down to her side, then to the round cheeks of her ass. She did likewise, grinding her belly against my hard tool. She looked up at me, a big grin on her face, looking as if there was a joke, and I had not a clue. As I said, it's rather dark in there, what with the low light and the flashing lights on stage, I really couldn't tell what she looked like in the face, but my hands were doing some exploring of their own. Her back felt flat, and her body thin. Hips wide, and her breasts felt not large, but not small so that I couldn't feel them as they pressed into me.

The song ended, and she grasped my hands, and pulled me to where her friends stood, including the one that had been dancing, her dance partner long gone. Well, her and the other girl were talking to each other, all the while she was holding onto my hand. That's when I noticed the similarity between the two. Same facial features, hair color, same shape even. I smiled, assuming that they were sisters. Well, I should never assume. I was wondering if this young lady would be more than willing to accompany me to my place. And of course, I was wondering what the best plan of attack would be now. Yeah, proper planning, done by the thing between my thighs.

Hell, what I had to loose? After all, she already did a remarkable bump and grind with me out there on the dance floor. She was still clutching my hand, and trying to talk to her friend/sister. They stopped talking, just looking at each other, a frown on the other girlís face. Uh-oh, this didn't look good, and I was thinking that the resemblance was just coincidence, that maybe they're into girl-girl things. Well, what the hell, I was thinking that it would be best to cut my losses now, and move on and find a better target. I leaned down, and said into her ear, "You want to go outside and get out of this noise?" She jerked her face around, smiled at me, then turned around, looked at her friend, and then back at me. She turned her body, lifting her arms up and putting her hands on the sides of my face, and pulled my face down. Whereupon we kissed. Oh yeah! A long, hot kiss. And she's shoving her tongue in between my lips. Okay, if this doesn't work out, it seems one night would be good. Actually, it would be great!

She broke the kiss, reached for my hand with hers, and soon she was pulling me away from her friends, waving at them as we walked towards the exit. I could hear some of them hooting and hollering, and I was laughing, thinking that this was pretty wild. I saw her friend, the one that looked like her, frowning, and one of the girls was slapping her on the back. Well, in seconds we had pushed our way through the crowd, and were outside the building. My ears were ringing, now in what seemed like silence, as we breathed in the fresh, evening air. I turned to her, still too damn dark to see her face, as I said "Well, you want to walk a bit?"

She laughed, saying "Sure, but what's your name first."

I turned to face her, saying "Adam. Adam Kline."

She took a deep breath, and as she shook my hand, she said "Well Adam Kline, I'm Cathy Burns. Pleased to meet you."

We started walking towards campus, as I asked "Nice of you to come outside with me, Cathy."

She giggled, "Oh, it was too loud in there anyway. I wasn't too keen in going in the first place."

"Not much of a partier, huh?" I asked.

"No, how about you?"

I shrugged, as we turned onto a side street. "No, not at all. As a matter of fact, this was the first time that I had been in a bar in a long time."

"You a senior?" she asked.

I replied "Yes I am, I'll be graduating next spring." I noticed the coolness of the night. I was super hot inside, but after walking just a few blocks, I was getting chilled. And she seemed to be as well. I asked "You cold?"

She nodded her head yes, saying "Yeah, I guess I should have dressed warmer before going out." Then she laughed, saying "Of course, I wasn't expecting to be walking out after dark, either." I let go of her hand, and put my arm across her back, and pulled her closer to my side, and she said "Oh, now that's better."

Oh god, yes it was. And this was moving along rather nicely, if I do have to say so myself. I said "Well, if you get too cold, my place is close by."

Now, I was thinking, she could say that that was nice, but she was not interested. Or she could just say that that was okay. I was all smiles, when she said "Oh good, I would like to see it."

I was dying inside, as I said "Well then, let's turn right here, and down to the next street, okay?"

She giggled, "No problem, Adam." As we walked, she asked "So, what's your degree going to be in?"

We rounded the corner, as I said "Chemical engineering." She laughed, and I asked "What?"

She giggled some more, and said "Oh, nothing."

I was a bit confused, as I chased it out of my mind, I asked her, "So you a Junior?"

She replied "No, guess you could say that I'm a Senior."

I couldn't help but notice the way she giggled as she said that. We were on my street, a few houses away, and I was thinking, what does she mean 'guess you could say?'. We were at my place, as I said "Here we are." as we walked up the steps. I pulled out my keys, and opened the main door. The building is actually a small four-unit apartment building. Two units downstairs, two up. Single bedrooms, all four, and mine was on the second floor. The light was on, but very dim, as we walked up the stairs, with her right behind me. At the top, I turned right, and unlocked my door, and stepped aside, letting her pass me and step inside. Yes, the hard part is done. I've a female in my place, and willingly. I closed the door, and she didn't even wait for me to turn on the light, as she wrapped her arms about me, and we were locked in a very tight embrace. She dropped to her knees, and I smiled as I leaned my head back, as she fished my cock from my slacks. She gasped, saying "Oh god, it's so big."

Yeah, I was in heaven. She was slurping away on my meat, and I was running my fingers through her hair, admiring what her mouth, tongue and hand were doing to my most prized possession. I was about ready to blow, but she stopped, got to her feet, and said "Where's the bedroom, stud."

I laughed, taking her by the hand, and walked her to it. She said "No lights.", as she started stripping her clothes off. I did the same, and soon she was on her back, moaning, as I went face first into her beaver. And what a tasty little beaver it was. This girl is small! I didn't think she had much more than a hundred and ten pounds on her bones, as my hands easily covered her round ass, while I licked and sucked away at her clit, tasting her wonderful juices as they flowed from her hole.

She moaned out "Oh shit Adam, god, you're good." She was bucking her hips, slamming her wet cunt into my face, and giving me many words of encouragement. And when she came, it was as if a siren went off, her wails were as deafening as the music was at the club we were in not twenty minutes before. Her long nails were digging into the back of my head, as she pulled me up her body. I stopped to allow my lips admire her wonderful, perky breasts, and then as I kissed her lips, my cock slipped into her tight, hot box. She groaned, as I sank all nine inches in, and I was happy that this girl was experienced. She wrapped her legs about my waist, and soon she was fucking me from below, as I fucked her from above. And with all the stimuli, it didn't take me five minutes to groan and feel my cock throb as it blasted deep inside of her.

This woman was hot, and she didn't want to stop, as she said "Let me roll over." She didn't even bother to disengage form my cock, as she pulled her right leg up and rolled. It felt incredible, my hard cock still throbbing, as I grabbed her hips and started to pump her body with anew vigor. But she surprised me, as she looked over her shoulder, and hissed it "Slow down, boy." I stopped, and she lowered her head, and I felt her push back gently against me. She sighed, and I heard her say softly, "Take it easy, I want it long and slow this time."

I was all for that, as I slowly pulled my cock out, and then just as slow sank it back. She was moving her hips, rocking them actually, as my tool went in and out of her fantastic cunt. Yes, this was much better, as I reached underneath her body with both hands, my left holding onto her left breast, admiring the spongy texture, while my fingers of my right were on her clit. She groaned out "Oh god, Adam. A little bit of directions and you do just fine."

Thatís when it hit me. No, I'm not dumb. Nor am I the smartest person around, it's just that with us guys, our cocks tend to give us some moments of bad judgment. But now, as I had time to think while slowly riding this hot blonde, it was all starting to make sense. This lady has a maturity about her, something that I noticed right from the start. Oh yes, she's very experienced. Not just in the sack, but years of experience as well. I was thinking that I could easily have made a wager on my deduction. And won! She was moving her hips a little faster now, and I did the opposite, slowing down. She sensed this, and she let out a hiss, as my finger worked her clit, "Dam, you learn fast."

I chuckled, and said "Yes, I do at times."

Panting, she said "Come on, I'm almost there."

I teased her, asking "You sure?"

She started slamming back against me, and screamed out "Yes, damn you." And then, another wail from her open mouth, as she buried her face into the pillow. I felt her cunt tighten even more on my shaft, her cunt walls rippling, and I groaned, as I felt my own orgasm take hold. God it was good, as I felt my throbbing cock pump ropes of cum into her womb once more. I collapsed forward, my arms still about her, and I rolled us to our left side, my left hand still clutching her soft breast, as my fingers slowly traced small circles around her hard, large clit. I snuggled my face against her neck, kissing it, and she purred. We laid still, coupled together, enjoying the moment. I was wanting to find if I was right. But, I didn't want to ruin the mood. No, not hardly, for I was sure this lady was wanting more. We did some necking, as she turned her face, offering her lips to mine, and then, she pushed herself away. She spun around slowly, and crawled over my large frame. She pulled her right leg over my head, and I grabbed her hips, pulling her crotch to my face. Well, this lady knows what she wants, and I was happy to stick my tongue out, and lick her sloppy cunt. Yes, I had packed a bit of cream inside her hole, but it was my cream. I swirled my tongue at her opening, as she grabbed my cock and started bathing it with her tongue, before taking it all the way into her mouth. I had softened up some, but I was more than sure she could get it to a useable condition in no time. And I had no problem at the other end, as I used my hands to pull her small ass cheeks apart, and licked her crack, from her asshole to her clit. Back and forth I worked, as she groaned and moaned at my talented tongue.

Her orgasm took a long time to get there, but when it hit, her quivering body was shaking the bed, as my cock muffled her passionate cries. With my face glazed, and cock hard, she quickly spun around, and lowered herself onto my meat. A moan escaped her lips as she bottomed out, and I reached up and pawed her breasts. Yes, they felt fine in my hands, soft, sagging somewhat, but then, considering her age. No, I had not a clue at the time when I first saw her. But now, I had a guess. Take eighteen or maybe nineteen years, and add what? Maybe twenty? Possibly five to ten more? She sighed, lowered her chest down onto mine, and I reached and grabbed the blanket, which had been knocked off to the side, and pulled it over us. My cock felt mighty fine, stuck up her hole, as we just laid there. How long, I had no idea, just her rocking from time to time when she must have thought I was going soft. We would kiss as well. Our tongues exploring each others mouth, helping keep the passion going.

Finally, after another sigh, she said "Thank you Adam."

I chuckled, saying "I believe I should be thanking you, Cathy." I laughed a bit more, and added "If I had known older women were like this, I wouldn't even mess with college girls."

She froze, not moving. Then she pushed herself up with her hands. Her right hand moved to my cheek, and grazed it, and she said "You took a while to figure it out."

I smirked, "It was while I was behind you. I finally figured out why you were acting so, I don't know, mature?"

She laughed, lowered herself down again, and said "Mature. That's a good word."

"Better than Senior?" I asked.

She laughed, causing her cunt to spasm, making my cock feel very happy, "Yes, most definitely better than Senior."

"So that was your daughter then?" I asked.

"Uh-huh. Pamela wasn't too happy that her momma was getting hit on."

"I think momma was more than appreciative."

She moaned, flexing her tight cunt, and said "Yes, and the poor girl doesn't know what she's missing."

It hit me, "Hey, you're not married, are you?"

She kissed my lips as she giggled, "No, not anymore. The divorce was final a month ago."

I quipped "Looks like you're rebounding nicely."

"Yes, I guess I am at that." she replied with a laugh. I was about to ask something, when we heard it. And she cried out "Oh shit!" as she pulled herself off my hard cock, and went looking for the source of the noise. I reached over and flipped on the light by the bed, and saw her as she looked down and picked up her jeans. She dug into it and pulled out a cell phone, and opened it up, saying "Hello?" Yes, in the light, she does look older. Her face had lines of age. And her ass and breasts didn't look as firm as they had felt in my hands. She had a bit of a paunch, but not much. She was naturally thin, and I was admiring her very nice breasts. Yes, there was sag. But I didn't seem to mind the whole time we were doing it. As a matter of fact, I didn't seem to mind one bit.

I wasn't paying any attention to the phone conversation, as she soon hung up, and looked at me, a bit of sadness on her face. I smiled, saying "You're beautiful."

She smirked, a cute, mischievous smile came on her face, and she climbed back onto the bed. She was on all fours, over me, as she reached over and placed her cell phone on the nightstand, then turned out the light. The last thing I saw before the room went dark, was her hanging breasts, as I reached up and grabbed them. She giggled, as she lowered herself down, my cock somewhat shriveled, but enjoying the feeling of her damp twat as it pressed down onto it. I asked "Everything all right?"

She laughed, as she laid the right side of her face down on my left shoulder. "Oh, eventually, they will be."

She reached over, and with my help, we were covered up. I asked "You don't have to go now, do you?"

She snorted, "No, seems the damage has already been done."

"Pamela isn't taking this well."

"No, she is not."

"I guess she doesn't realize how hot a mom she has."

"Yes, that seems to be part of it."


"The girl lacks confidence. Of course, I guess that comes with experience."

I laughed "Yes, I've discovered that I enjoy experience." Then I asked "So, can I see you again?"

She raised her head, looked at my face in the dark, and laughed. I was a bit hurt, as she said "Oh Adam, Adam, Adam."

"What?" I protested.

She sighed, as she laid her head back down, "You're the type of man that once he gets a piece, he's happy and will follow the provider around like a love-sick puppy."

"Only with the good ones." I said, defending myself.

A heavy intake of air, and she sighed, saying with a bit of exasperation in her voice, "Where were you twenty-five years ago?"

"Twenty-five years ago? Hell, I wasn't even a gleam in my daddy's eye yet!"

That comment got her to laughing, and soon so was I. We rolled around a bit, before we ended up on our right side, her up against my chest, as we finally dozed off to sleep. It was a good sleep. Me, well-fucked and happy, with a warm body laying up agaist me. And, when her cell phone rang by my head, I instinctively grabbed it, and answered it, saying "Hello."

A voice on the other end asked "Mom?" as Cathy grabbed the phone from me, as she climbed over my body. Oh yeah, those breasts were now in view.

Cathy said "Good morning, dear." as I cupped a tit, and sat up, making her roll onto her back. "No, we just woke up." She stopped a moan, saying "Oh, that was nothing." as she glared at me, as I lowered my face down, and sucked on her hard, pink nipple. A soft sigh, and her body quivered, as she said "Yes, I'll be back for breakfast. I'll need a shower anyway." She pushed me away from her breast, giving me a look that she wanted to stop. I laid back, and she rolled off the bed, and she leaned over to grab her clothes. She then turned my way, and smiled saying "Tell you what, I'll shower here, and then I'll be over, can you wait that long? Besides, I'm hungry as well."

I chuckled as she said good-bye, and hung up the phone. She came over to the side of the bed, leaned over me, and kissed my lips, saying "Come on, let's get cleaned up." She stood, pulling on my arm to get me out of my feet, she looked down at between my legs, eyeing my dangling, hard cock, and said "Damn, you are hung." She looked up, "I'm surprised you don't have a girlfriend."

I laughed, as I guided her to the bathroom, saying "I did, up until three weeks ago."

She went to the toilet, and started to pee, as I leaned over the tub, and turned on the water, "What happened? If you don't mind me asking."

I laughed, as I adjusted the water, "Oh, well, difference in lifestyles."

I saw her face, questioning that comment. She stood, and I pulled the lever to turn the shower on, as I stood. I embraced her, and she giggled, saying "Come on Adam. Let's get washed up." She pulled back the shower curtain, and stepped inside, and I did the same. We had five minutes of washing, and ten minutes of soapy fun, as we played with each others slick, wet bodies. I really didn't want to end this, but I knew better than to push it. After drying off, and taking longer than two people doing so normally would, we went back to the bedroom, where I went to my dresser, and opened up, pulling out clothes to wear. As she stepped into her panties, she asked "What you doing?"

I replied "Getting dressed."

"You can't go with me!" she gasped, as she stood and picked her bra up, putting her glorious snuggle pups away.

"No, but I can drive you." I retorted, going on to say "I would feel terrible if someone attacked you and had their way with you."

She sat on the bed to pull on her socks, giggling. She looked damn cute wearing just a bra and panties. "Okay Adam, you can drive me there. I would appreciate that." Socks on, and as she reached for her top, she asked "Was it hers or yours?"

I was stepping into my jeans, as I asked back "Hers or mine what?"

She frowned, rolling her eyes in her cute face, "Lifestyle."

I said "Oh!" and chuckled, answering "Mine."

She stood, pulling her blouse on, and was buttoning it as I pulled a shirt over my head. "You didn't seem to be the type to party." She looked around, and added "As a matter of fact, you're rather neat."

Yes, I do keep my place clean. I chuckled, as I went up to her. She was done buttoning, and I grabbed her shoulders, and lowered my lips to hers, and I kissed those lips. Damn, we have tongue again. My cock was throbbing once more. She pushed me away, and I said "No, I don't party. And nor did she." I took her hand, picked up my wallet off the floor, where it had fallen last night, and then we walked out into the living room. I grabbed my keys, and we went out the door, with me locking it behind us.

"So, what kind of lifestyle?" she asked. Persistent, I'll give her that.

Well, what the fuck, I blurted out "Naturist."

We were almost to my truck, as she exclaimed, "Well, what's wrong with being out in nature?" She stopped, "Oh." I was grinning as I unlocked the truck door, and opened it for her. She was giggling, as she climbed in, shaking her head. I went around, unlocked my door, and climbed on in. She didn't say anything at first, as I pulled away from the curb, before she finally asked "What's it like?"

I cleared my throat, "Quite boring. Our campus group usually sits around and just drink beer."

"Only without clothes." was her response. We both laughed, and she then said "Well, it sounds interesting."

I added "But not interesting enough to try."

She turned and faced me, saying "I didn't say that." Well, now this is interesting. But, I really wasn't expecting a convert.

I then asked "Where we going?"

"Oh, Shipley Hall. She's in a dorm." I turned on the main drag and headed for the campus. "So, you enjoy being a naturist?"

"When it's warm. Winter kind of sucks." I replied. She giggled, as I turned onto the campus road. As we rounded a bend, there stood the dorm. I pulled up to the curb, and put in park. I asked "You going to be okay?"

She laughed, leaned over, and we kissed. Then she opened her door, saying "I'm a mature girl, I'll be okay."

She opened the door, and I asked "Can I call you?"

She smiled, and said "Sure. I would like that. You got a pen?"

I reached up, and pulled out a pen out from behind the visor, and said "Okay." as I picked up a piece of scrap paper. She gave me a number, and I wrote it down. She then smiled, stepped out of my truck, and waved as she turned and walked towards the dorm.

And I sighed, as I felt a bit sad. I figured this was a one-night stand, even if she did give me her number. I went on back home, pulled my clothes off, and climbed back into bed. I was beat. It was a Saturday, and I needed some sleep in the worse way. After all, the lady rode me pretty darn good last night, and I was exhausted. I got under the covers, grabbed my hard cock in my hands, and with a smile on my face, drifted off to sleep. I woke hours later, refreshed but hungry. I got out of bed, and staggered into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich and grabbed a bag of chips and went to the couch, where I sat and turned it on. I found a football game, and was relaxed. Yeah, a night of good sex, now food and football. What could be better? Oh yeah, some more sex. I frowned at that, thinking that I would never get her again. Yeah, she gave me her number, but I was thinking that if I called, I most probably would be turned down. Especially after she stops and thinks what she did last night. I mean, I never did ask her age (I'm not stupid!), but I guessed her to be at least in her late forties. Hell, she could be over fifty! Damn. And I was still hard.

So there I was, feeling sorry for myself, when I thought I heard something. I looked around, thinking 'What the fuck is that?' I listened, but it stopped, and I shrugged, as I went back to watching the television. Twenty minutes later, I heard it again. I stood, and turned off the television. It seemed to be coming from my bedroom, and as I walked towards it, the sound grew louder. I smiled, now knowing what it was. Going into my bedroom, I saw it there, ringing and vibrating on the nightstand. Cathy had left her cell phone here. I grinned, as I rushed to it, and picked it up, but it was too late. I went into the message mode, and found calls missed, and I hit 'send' on the most recent one. A female voice answered it, saying "Hello."

It wasn't Cathy, and I asked "Yeah, hi, who is this?"

No answer, just some muffled voices. Then, I heard Cathy's familiar voice, saying "Good afternoon Adam."

I was all smiles, and my cock throbbed, as I said "Good afternoon, Cathy."

"Why don't you open your door and let us in?" she said.

I about shit, "I'll be right down, as soon as I pull some clothes on." I quickly pulled my jeans back on, and then a shirt, and went to the door. Both my apartment door and the door at the bottom of the stairs are locked all the times, as I went down and opened it up. I laughed, seeing her grinning face, and her daughter and two more girls standing there. I smiled, saying "Come on in." They filed past me. Cathy was still smiling, as were the two other girls. But the daughter was wearing a frown. I followed them all up the stairs, and into my room. Once inside, I closed the door behind me, and said "I'll get your phone, Cathy. Take a seat if you guys would like."

I went into the bedroom, picked up Cathy's phone and returned. I handed it to her, as she was sitting on my couch. Her daughter and one of the other girls were on it with her, and the third one was in my recliner. I took a seat on the floor, as Cathy said "Thanks Adam." I smiled, as she looked at her daughter, saying "This is Adam, Pamela." She motioned to her daughter. I smiled, noticing the resemblance. If it wasn't for the obvious signs of age on Cathy, I would have guessed they were sisters. Actually, I already had guessed that. The other two, she introduced as "Amber," the girl on the other side of her daughter, and then "Holly.", who was sitting in my recliner. Amber is a cute redhead, and Holly a black haired beauty. Damn, if the mother decided enough is enough, I want Holly! Of course, I realize that this is probably in my dreams.

Well, Cathy started talking with me. Simple stuff, asking where I was from, and more about my major and all. The other three sat around, like bumps on the proverbial log. I was really hoping the other three would take a hike, so I could sample my aged beauty, but it was not to be. At about six, with finally Amber and Holly getting into the conversation, and me wondering if any of them would ever leave, Cathy suggested "Why don't we get some pizza?"

Holly chirped in, "And I'll run down and get some things to drink." She looked at me, "You've any beer or liquor, Adam?"

I frowned, "Some, but not enough to go around."

Holly jumped to her feet, and said "Well, I'll go get the booze, and you order the pizza." She grabbed Pamela's hand, and pulled her unwillingly to the door. That caused my brow to raise, wondering what was up with that.

I looked at Cathy, asking "What all should we get on them? And will a large be enough?"

She smiled, "Why not two mediums, get everything on one, and maybe just cheese and pepperoni on the other."

I smiled, went to the kitchen and grabbed the phone. I called up the pizzeria around the corner, and made my order. I returned, and took a seat on the floor. Amber giggled, saying "You can get on the couch now."

I blushed, as I replied "No, better let Pamela have it when she gets back." then I looked at Cathy, and asked "She didn't take it well, did she?"

Amber broke out in a laugh, as Cathy rolled her eyes to the ceiling. Amber exclaimed "You should have heard her last night on the way home. Bitching the whole way that her mother was getting laid, and she was not."

I said "Well hell, a guy asked her to dance, why didn't she go further with him?"

Cathy shook her head, and said "Because she doesn't know what a good time is, Adam."

Amber smirked, and said "Miss mighty virgin is afraid of losing her cherry."

I laughed, "And you don't have that worry?" She frowned, and stuck her tongue out at me, making Cathy laugh.

I asked her, "So you and Pamela are roommates then?"

"And Holly. We're Sophomores." She responded.

I was surprised, "And still all three in the same dorm room."

She shrugged, "We kind of got use to each other, I guess. None of us wanted to move out with just one, so I guess we're a small group."

"I see." I said.

"You're doing well, Adam." piped in Cathy.

I looked at her funny, asking "What do you mean?"

She blushed, "You haven't asked when you and I are going to get it on again."

I shrugged, "The thought has crossed my mind." That caused Amber to giggle, as I added "I decided all in good time."

Amber said "Yes, I'm sure you have."

Now what the fuck she mean by that? I said "I take it leaving the cell phone was no accident."

She blushed, "You're a lot smarter than you look, young man."

I smiled, "Thank you." Then I said "But you didn't need that as an excuse to come back."

"But she needed an excuse to get Pam to meet you." chimed in Amber.

I leaned back, looked at Amber, then to Cathy, who was glaring at the smirking Amber. Cathy opened her mouth, and said to the girl, "You know, if you were my daughter..."

She giggled, "If I was your daughter, I would have slept with Adam last night, and not you."

I chuckled, and said "No you wouldn't! Last night you and the girls were being just that, girls. Besides, you didn't sleep with anyone last night, so that counts you out."

She frowned at me, and as she stuck her tongue out at me, Cathy laughed, saying "Very well put, Adam." She turned to Amber, and said "I told you and the others that he's a special guy. One that doesn't waste his time with childish games." Well, I wasn't too sure about that, but I'll let it go. I heard the door bell from downstairs, and I said to Amber, "Why don't you get that?"

She mockingly asked "Why? So you two can talk in private?"

Cathy said coldly, "Yes!"

Amber grumbled, and got up and went out the door. I looked at Cathy, and asked "Well?"

She cleared her throat, winked at me, and replied "Just play along. It should be an evening that you'll never forget." Then she quickly asked in a low voice, "Oh by the way, you've any condoms?"

I snorted hard, and had a difficult time keeping from laughing, as the others made it up the stairs and entered the apartment. Amber was first, carrying the beer, and I asked "Who had the fake ID?"

Holly, carrying a bag with bottles, quickly said "No one. I just flashed my titties and they let me take what I wanted."

Cathy sighed, "Oh to be young again."

I wanted to say something, but she turned, and must have read my mind, as she gave me a harsh look. I was surprised that no one else said anything, as Amber came out with a beer, handing it to me. I opened it, and took a sip, wondering what else was in store for the evening. Another doorbell, and I said "Pizza." Holly sighed, turned and went back out the door. Damn, she sure does have a nice ass. I turned, and Cathy was giving me that look again. I looked back at her, raised my hands, and asked "What?"

She didn't say anything, as she yelled towards the kitchen, "Amber, I'll have whatever mixed drink you're making."

"Okay Mrs. Burns." was her cheerful reply.

Holly soon returned up from the front door, carrying two boxes of pizza's, and I asked "Did you tip him?"

"Hope to hell she didn't flash him too?" Amber said, as she came back into the living room, handing Cathy a drink. It looked like rum and cock, but I wasnít sure.

"It wouldn't have worked, the pizza guy was a girl." stated Holly. I noticed a bit of sadness in her voice. Well, pizza was eaten, beer was drank, as were the mixed drinks, and all seemed to be happy. An hour went by. Another hour. Soon it was pushing ten, and no sign of them leaving. Of course, by then, I wasn't caring what happened. I was only on my third beer, drinking each one slowly. As for the females, Cathy was doing likewise, maybe her third drink. Holly and Amber, they were smashed. Probably five beers for Holly, and the same amount of mixed drinks for Amber. Pam was somewhere in-between those two. All were happy, but none were slurring speech. And I noticed that the more they drank, the more they talked. And, the more bolder the talk. Sometimes it seemed they forgot I was even there.

Yes, I talked from time to time, giving my input on different things they were talking about. None of the topics were of much significance. But then we were chattering away, and the girls had to go potty. Nothing unusual there, as they've been using my bathroom all night at one time or another. The subject was porn. Well, they must have thought I was an expert, as they asked me about the subject. I said I've purchased some from time to time, and jokingly said "I bought it for the articles." Cathy was the only one that snorted in a fit of laughter. I went on to say "I don't have any right now, I don't think.

Holly stood, and said "Don't think? Well, I bet you got some in your bedroom." She quickly got to her feet and marched right off to my bedroom, and I saw her look left, then right, and went towards my dresser. I just laughed, and shook my head, knowing that she was on a wild goose chase. The others were laughing, as was I. Cathy asked me something, I wasn't sure what, when Holly came back out, holding up a magazine, saying "Look, I found something."

I looked, and I broke out laughing, saying "That ain't porn."

She held it up, the cover showing a couple standing in a field, bare ass naked, as she said "Sure it is, theyíre naked."

Cathy came to my defense, saying "That's a nudist magazine, Holly. Adam is a nudist."

The place went silent. And all three younger females were looking at me, disbelief in their eyes. Amber, with slightly slurred speech, asked "Like, you mean you run around without clothes?"

I laughed, "I don't run."

Holly sat down in the recliner, and opened up the magazine, and started looking through it, and said "Well, none look all that hot looking." Amber went over to her, and was standing behind her, looking at it over her shoulder, and was soon joined by Pamela.

Pamela stated, "No, they look rather, well, plain looking."

Amber reached down, and tried turning the pages, as she asked "Any picís of people having sex?"

I roared with laughter, saying "It's not about sex, Amber. It's about enjoying life without clothes."

Holly brushed Amber's hands away, and said "Stop it Amber, I'm trying to read." She looked at me, and asked "So, you would go outside right now, and walk around naked if you could?"

I rolled my eyes, "Not hardly, it's only about forty degrees out, I would freeze my ass off."

Amber smirked, and being a smarts, said "And not to mention suffer from major shrinkage."

"Shit, even shrunk down he's be still well hung!" Cathy blurted out.

I sighed, this is not going well. Pamela asked "What you mean, mom?"

Holly looked at Cathy, and asked "How big is he?"

"Never mind." Cathy said, as giggles took a hold of her.

Amber grinned, and looked at me, and asked "So, would you sit around naked in front of us?"

I laughed, answering with a firm "No."

Holly asked "Why not?"

I asked her "Would all of you?"

Cathy said "Balls in your court, girl."

She looked back at the other two, and asked "You guys want too?"

Pamela blurted out "No fucking way!"

"Watch your mouth, young lady. I'm still your mother!" Stated Cathy.

"I'll do it!" Chimed in Amber."

"So will I." added Holly.

They looked at Cathy, and she waved her hands in the air, saying "Hell, I don't care. Adam's already seen me naked."

I chuckled, as they turned their attention to Pamela. She scowled at them, and said "There's no way that I'll do it." Amber whispered something into her ear, and Pamela snorted, and said to her roomie "You're sick."

"Go have another drink, maybe that will get you to do it." stated Holly.

I laughed, saying "It's okay, Pam. If you donít want to, we all won't do it."

"What? You stay out of this." Amber said.

Well, I was in a bit of shock. Hell, I was standing up for Pam. Cathy was laughing, and said "Amber homey. Please remember that this is Adam's apartment."

Holly then asked "Well, if we donít get naked, you going to tell us how big he is?"

Cathy firmly said "I guess you'll never know."

Amber laughed "The hell she won't."

Interesting comment. Holly gave Amber a mean look. then she said to Pamela, "Come on Pam." Then she smiled, saying "Would it be okay if you just wear your bra and panties?" Holly looked back at me, and asked "What you think? Would that be okay? The rest of us naked and her in bra and panties?"

I laughed, as Cathy said "Why should he care. He's not the one wanting to get naked."

Pamela laughed at that one, and Holly was a bit miffed. She looked at Pamela, and then she smiled, and with a pleading voice, said "Come on, Pam, do it for us."

Pam sighed, and said "Oh all right." then she said defensively, "But just my bra and panties."

Amber and Holly were saying "Albright, let's do it!" They looked at me, and Amber said "Okay you, get your clothes off."

I laughed saying "Ladies first."

Cathy laughed, I thought she was going to fall off the couch. The girls were shouting something, not sure what, as it was rather confusing. Cathy stood, and hollered out "Quiet!" They settled down, and she walked over to them, and said "Okay, I've an idea. Girls, take off your shoes, you too Adam."

We all did, and I stood up. She said to the girls, "Come on and stand in front of the couch, Adam, you stand opposite." The four females moved to in front of the couch, and I was about eight feet away. "Now, since he's wearing just a shirt, pants and undies, and we're wearing one more item of clothes, us girls will take our tops off first." She grabbed her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. She turned to the others, saying "Come on ladies. Get those tops off."

I tried not to smile too hard, as the four of them did just that. Cathy had on a blouse, which she unbuttoned, as did Holly. The other two had on sweatshirts, which they pulled off over their heads. I inhaled long and hard at the sight. Of course, Cathy's bra was holding a pair of snuggle pups that I had already had the pleasure to know. Her daughter Pam was standing next to her, wearing a white lace little number, which was holding a pair that seemed to be a bit smaller than her mothers. I was sure they were a lot firmer. Holly was next in line, wearing a bright blue bra, which I saw unclasped in the front. Her chest was by far the biggest. And then there was Amber. Her bra was black lace, and I could see her areola's through the fabric. Nice size hooters as well.

Cathy obviously had taken charge by now, as she said "Well, now everyone out of their pants." I undid my jeans, and pushed them down, revealing my boxers to the girls, as I watched them all take their jeans off. Cathy had her white granny panty's, while the other three were wearing French cut type. And I was finding I was having a hard time keeping from smiling. Yes, I've been around naked women before as a nudist. But this was more a mutual striptease. Cathy looked at her daughter, and said "Okay Pam, you can take a seat now."

Pam sat down and crossed her legs. I tried hard not to smirk. The other two were giggling, and Cathy said "Well, bras are next, I suppose."

Cathy reached behind her back, as I took my shirt off. I tossed it onto the floor behind me, and turned. Cathy was smiling away, her arms crossed in front of her, but below her cute but sagging breasts. Amber had her hands down by her side, and she was smiling rather nervously. I admired her healthy c-cup boobies, then looked at Holly. Holly was most definitely the most brazen of the group, as she had her hands behind her back, her healthy double-d's jutting out high and proud. Talk about torpedoes! And the large detonating caps at the end could take a guys eye out.

I didn't have time to marvel long on them, as Cathy cleared her throat. I looked at her, and she was giving me a sly smile. I chuckled, as she asked me, "Ready?"

"I sure am." I replied.

I put my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers, and started to push them down, as Cathy said "Get those panties off, ladies."

I heard Holly giggling, as I lowered my boxers. I was looking at my feet, as I stepped out of them, and I heard a gasp. I looked up, seeing that Amber had a shocked look on her face, as did Holly. Both were standing there, totally nude, and I glanced quickly at each of their twats. Both had nicely trimmed bush's, as I smiled, and said "Well, how about another round of drinks, ladies."

I walked out of the living room, and went into the kitchen, followed by Cathy. We grabbed some beer and the rum and a few cokes, and came back out, passing out the beverages. The moment was a bit awkward at the time, as Cathy took a seat, a large smirking grin on her face. The other three watched me as I sat down on the floor, my legs stretched out and my limp manhood laying across my right thigh. Both Holly and Amber had taken their seats as well, and Cathy finally broke the silence, by saying "Well girls, what do you think?"

Holly said a soft "Damn!"

Pamela said something, and her mother asked "What?"

her daughter cleared her throat, and asked "Is that big?"

Holly snorted, and said "Honey, it's still soft, and soft it's bigger than any guy I've been with."

Amber looked at Cathy, asking "What's it feel like, Mrs. Burns?"

Cathy blushed, and said "Nice, very nice. But that is not a very polite question to ask, young lady."

Amber looked a bit hurt, and apologized, saying "Sorry."

I looked at Pamela, and asked her "Are you okay?"

She smiled, somewhat nervously, and looked at Cathy first, then back at me. "It's different."

"I like it." stated Holly. I turned to see her sitting on my recliner, legs out, hands behind her head, and being a little tease. Oh that smile. A smile which could get me into trouble. I smiled back at her, and said "Well, you should go to the campus naturist club meetings."

Amber asked "How many go?"

"About twenty." I said, adding "But most are guys."

Pamela said harshly, "Probably all wanting to see naked girls."

The others snickered, but I said "Actually, more than half of the guys are there to see other guys naked."

Pam said "Huh? Why?"

All three of the other females looked at her, and then they broke out laughing. Pam had a confused look on her adorable face, and her mother said "He means to say that more than half are probably gay."

She turned red from embarrassment, and covered her face with her hands, saying "Oh shit."

I was doing a good job of not laughing at her as well, as I asked Cathy, "You kept her locked up in a closet, didn't you?"

She started to defend herself, but Pam said "Mom and Dad never let me date boys. Heck, you're the first one that I've seen naked in the flesh."

I said "Well, they were just looking after your well being." I turned to Holly, saying "I'm sure that these two have been a great influence on you the past year."

More giggling, and I saw Pam turn a bit more red. "We've been trying to get her to date." said Amber.

"She's just too shy." Holly quickly added.

Pam protested, "Hey, I did dance with a boy last night."

"Only because your momma made you!" shouted back Holly. Damn, do Holly's big boobies ever jiggle when she moves!

"That's enough girls. I have to defend my baby here." Said Cathy.

I chuckled at that. "Well, with all you guys have told me about boys, I'm not sure if I want anything to do with them." Pamela stated.

Amber laughed, "Well, there's one there, get down on the floor, and try him out."

I sternly said "Amber, that's enough." I then looked at Pam, and said "You can ignore her ignorant comments, okay?"

A half-smile came to her face, as she sipped her rum-n-coke. Amber was sputtering something out, not sure what. And Holly was giggling away. I looked up at the clock, seeing it was pushing midnight. I got the subject changed, and we talked for a while more. Actually, it was Pam and I that did the talking. The alcohol finally did the trick, as she started chatting away with me, much to the joy of her mom. As for the other two, an hour went by, and they were toast. Holly was laying in the recliner, passed out. And Amber was leaning against Pam, her eyes barely open, looking like she was almost dead to the world. And Pam was oblivious to her leaning friend, as she kept chattering away. Cathy was just sitting there, taking it all in.

Finally, Cathy said "Well, we've a problem here, Adam."

Yeah, my cock wants to feel her warm pussy. I didn't say that, I looked at what she was looking at, a slightly comatose Holly. "I take it she drove."

Pamela giggled, "Yeah, she did."

I sighed, "Well, I've enough blankets. Let's cover these two up where they are." I stood and walked a bit rubbery legged to the bedroom. I had the blankets on my bed, plus three more in the closet and my sleeping bag. I pulled out two blankets, and carried them out into the living room, and Cathy and Pamela got to their feet. Amber slid down the length of the couch, mumbling something, and was obviously out of it. I covered her up, and then took the other blanket and covered up Holly. And yes, I admired those booby's of hers as I tucked her in. Standing, I looked at Cathy, who was holding her daughter up, and I asked "She going to be okay?"

She giggled, "Yeah, I think getting up did the trick. Sort of going limp on me." Pamela's feet shuffled, and then she started to fall. I stepped forward, and caught her around the chest, as her mom caught her by the hips. We both laughed, as I said "Here, let me." I got her straight up, with my left arm behind her shoulders. I reached down with my right arm, and scooped up her legs just above the knees. I said "You might as well turn out the light on your way." as I carried Pamela into my bedroom. I stood her up by the bed, and reached down and pulled the blankets back. I heard Cathy turn out the lights, then enter the bathroom. I eased her daughter down onto her back, and she giggled, her eyes opening up, giving me a puzzled stare. Then she rolled over, and curled up. I chuckled, and went and grabbed my sleeping bag, and unrolled it on the floor next to the bed.

Cathy looked at me on the floor, and asked "What are you doing?"

I smiled, "Well, I thought I should sleep on the floor here. Unless you want me out there?"

She walked to the other side of the bed, and said "Nonsense, get over here and get under the covers. You've a queen, all three of us can fit." I started to protest, as she lifted the covers, and she said "You didn't take her underwear off!"

I jumped to my feet, "Well I, uh!"

She sighed, "Oh never mind." She came around to my side, lifted the covers, and reaching down, she said softly into Pamelaís ear, "Honey, you have to take your bra and panties off."

Pamela grumbled, but I watched, amused as the girl first reached behind her, and undid the clasp, pulled off her bra as she laid there, and tossed it off the bed. Then she scooted her ass around just enough to get her panties off as well, tossing them in the same direction as her bra. I observantly said "Well, if I knew it would be that easy...."

Cathy giggled, saying "Shut up and get in bed."

I asked "In the middle? Next to your daughter?"

She pushed me around to the other side of the bed, saying "Yes, in the middle next to Pamela. Don't worry, she won't bite." I crawled underneath the covers, with Cathy doing the same, as she added "But I might." She reached over, and turned out the light.

I had found her last comment rather cute. And her next action rather pleasant. For soon she was down at my crotch, sucking on my tool. I sighed, as I enjoyed her giving me a great blowjob. After I groaned and nailed the back of her throat with my salty load, she came up for air, and I whispered "You need me to do the same to you?"

She giggled, snuggled up against me, and said "No, another time, perhaps." I grinned, and soon I was out like the others.

Not sure what woke me. At first, I thought it was the smell of the brewing coffee. I took a deep breath, inhaling the aroma. Then I remembered the previous night. And something was holding my cock, and it wasn't either of my hands. At first, I thought it must be Cathy. But reaching to my right, the bed was empty. I turned my head to my left, and opened up my eyes. There was Pamela, looking at me, a scared look on her face. I smiled, and rolled onto my side, facing her. Her hand had let go of my meat, and I said "Good morning."

She sort of smiled, sort of frowned, as she peeked under the blanket for a second, and then at me, asking "Good morning. Um, what happened to my bra and panties?"

I kept a straight face, saying "You took them off."

She said "Bullshit."

I chuckled, "No really. Your momma told you too. And you did." I looked towards the open door, and asked "Has she been up long?"

"Yeah, maybe an hour. I watched her as she got out of..." She covered her mouth, in surprise.

I smiled, and asked "You want me to get up first?" I really wanted to stay long enough for her to check out my cock with her little hands. She shyly nodded her head yes, as she clutched the blanket and pulled it up under her chin tightly. I laughed slightly, as I rolled over to the other side, and swinging my legs out of bed. I needed to pee real bad, but this hard cock wasn't helping the situation. I stood up and walked towards the door, seeing in the mirror on the dresser that her eyes were glued on my waving cock. I entered the living room, and there was Holly, in the recliner, facing my way.

She looked at my face, then my cock, and said "Oh my god."

I stepped into the bathroom, as I heard Amber say in a groggy, hung over voice "What? What is it?"

I closed the door, and I didn't hear what Holly said, but I did Amber exclaim "Oh man! I want to see it!" I reached over and locked the door, as I stood in front of the toilet. I heard her try opening it, and she cussed, causing me to snicker. She knocked on it, saying "I need to go potty."

I laughed, sure she does, as I replied, "I'llbe out in a second." Well, it was going to take longer, as my cock was hard, and it is very hard to urinate when you're this fucking hard.

She repeated herself, "Come on, Adam. Let me in."

"Amber, let that poor boy alone. He has to go potty, and heís got morning wood." I heard Cathy shout out. I was laughing hard. Something good about laughter, it makes your cock go soft. I sighed, as I let loose with a torrent of piss into the bowl. I sighed, enjoying the feeling of relief. I flushed, stepped back, and opened the door. There stood Amber, still very much naked, a smile on her face as she looked down at my cock. She frowned, turned and said "It ain't hard anymore."

Holly started laughing, and I heard Cathy laugh as well, as I exited the bathroom and entered my bedroom. Oops, there's Pamela. Standing there, not a thing on, as she was trying to step into her panties. Her head jerked up, and I said "Shit, sorry." as I spun around and left my bedroom, closing the door behind me. Damn, I'm still naked. And two sets of eyes were watching me rather intently. I saw my clothes from last night on the floor on the other side of the room. I sighed, and walked on over, and started to get dressed.

Amber asked "Why you getting dressed?"

I smirked, "Because, I need to get to library and study for a test for tomorrow." I looked up as I finished pulling my boxers up, "And I can't very well walk around campus in forty degree weather bare ass naked."

Holly giggled, saying "I don't know. I would like to see it done."

I looked at her, and said "You going to get dressed?"

"You want me too.", she asked.

I felt like being a smartass, as I said "Yeah, I want to watch."

Cathy shouted out "Adam!"

I smirked, and walked to the kitchen, as Holly flipped me the bird. I just laughed as I walked in and asked "What?"

She turned to me, a smile on her face, as she said "You can leave them alone as well."

I grinned, as she put the fork down at the stove, leaving the sausage cook as she came to me and out her arms about my waist, hugging me tightly. Amber came in, saw us, and said "Cool, they're going to do it."

Cathy sneered out a firm "Out!", and Amber laughed as she went back into the living room. I couldn't help but notice that she was still not dressed. But nor was Cathy.

I grinned, kissed the top of her head, and said softly, "You know, if I nail them, maybe they'll leave me alone."

She chuckled at that, and let go of me walked to the living room. Well, she didn't say no. I poured myself a cup of brew, and heard Cathy telling the two of them to get dressed. I then came out into the living room, and saw the three ladies pulling clothes on. Yes, a good start to the day. Pamela was out as well, pulling her sweatshirt on over her head.

Amber, as she tucked her cute breasts inside her bra, asked me "Did you sleep well on the floor?"

I started to open my mouth, but Pamela blurted out "He didn't sleep on the floor, he slept between mom and I."

Oh the look on the faces of the other two, totally priceless. I sipped my cup of coffee, and took a seat on the couch, as I watched them finish dressing. Amber came over, and sat down between Pamela and I, and asked her roommate, "So did you see it?"

"See what?" answered Pamela.

"His erection!" exclaimed Amber.

"Amber, haven't you seen enough cocks in your life already?" I asked.

Cathy snorted with laughter, as she, now fully dressed, went back to the kitchen to finish cooking breakfast. I made a mental note to go to grocery today and get more food. "I've seen plenty of cocks before." She said defensively.

"Uh-huh. All three of them.", snorted Holly. Pamela was laughing, and Amber was glaring at Holly. I was chucking over it as well.

"Actually, I felt it.", revealed Pamela, with a note of amazement in her voice.

"Well, that's a step in the right direction." piped in Holly, who looked at me and gave me a wink.

"Damn, what did it feel like?" asked Amber.

"That's enough Amber!", Cathy shouted from the kitchen. I heard her mumbling something else. Whatever it was caused Holly to burst out laughing. Then Cathy said loudly, "Come get your sausage."

Holly smirked, and then snorted, as I stood and went to the kitchen. I stuck my tongue out at her as I walked by, as Amber and Pamela asked in unison "What you laughing about?"

I took a plate out of the cabinet, and said softly to Cathy "Poor choice of words."

She sighed, a beautiful smile on her face, as she replied "Yeah, I realized it after I said it."

Well, we all got our fill on sausage and eggs, and I was happy that I didn't have to cook for a change. Amber, Pamela and Holly cleaned up the kitchen as well as the living room from last night's fun, before Cathy said it was time to go. But not before Holly said "Hold on a second." She reached to the stand by the recliner and picked up my naturist magazine, and then asked "Okay if I take this?"

I said "Be my guest." She smiled, and leaned into me, giving me a hug and kiss. Amber did the same, and then it was Pamela. She had that unsure look on her face, before I reached out with my hand, and took hers in mine. I pulled her close, and gave her a peck on the top of her head. She went on out the door, and then it was Cathy. The others were standing out on the landing, waiting and watching. She grinned, and reached over and closed the door, causing them to protest. We hugged, and our lips locked together, out tongues running around each others teeth. Breaking away, she said "I copied your phone number down from your phone. I'll call you during the week." then she said "No, better yet, I'll be over Wednesday evening for dinner."

I smiled, and we kissed again, before she opened the door to leave. All three girls were there, looks of impatience on their faces, as Cathy left my apartment. I lied, I wasn't about to go to the library. Instead, I needed to think. I got back out of my clothes, and let the thoughts of what happened yesterday run through my mind.

Exhibit A: Cathy. Forty-something, and has a sex drive as if she was nineteen. Not bashful, that's for sure. A figure that's great for her age, and I really don't mind that her breasts are not as firm as what they probably once were. She wants me to get to know her daughter more. Yet, she also seems to want me to keep bonking her. As long as she's wanting it, I'll be happy to oblige.

Exhibit B: Holly. Walking wet-dream. Breasts to die for. And, she's interested in the naturist aspect of my lifestyle. Of course, she seemed to be the girl that would do just about enjoy anything, and if she liked it, she would try it again and again! I'm almost positive that if she had the chance, she would jump into the sack with me. The way she eyes my cock as we were all naked, yes, she was wanting it. But from the sounds of it, she gets it a lot from others. Nothing wrong there, in my mind. After all, she sounds like a guy, only she has a pussy.

Exhibit C: Amber. Obviously all talk, and very little action. The way the girls talked, she does a lot of teasing. But, she's no virgin either. Or so I first thought. She's pretty, but not a knock-out like Holly. A bit of weight to her, and I probably wouldn't mind holding that ass of hers as I take her from behind. Still, she dose seem to talk a lot. I guess you could say she's not that mature. But then, thinking about it, Holly really isn't either.

Exhibit D: Pamela. Mystery girl. Yes, the shy one. As cute as her mother, but most definitely she suffers from low self-esteem. Something that Holly isn't lacking. And nor Amber. Seems to be rather curious as well. Probably more so than Amber, but not as vocal about it. At least, I noticed that as I slowly woke to her holding my hard morning wood and checking it out. Of the four, I really would like to do her the most. Yes, that's including her mother.

I know, that sort of over simplifies my situation. I'm doing Cathy. One girl, that being Holly, would probably fuck me at a moments notice. Another, that being Amber, does a lot of talking, but I bet if push comes to shove, she would take the push. Hard. Then the final one. Yes, I would enjoy her. And I would most definitely enjoy teaching her how to be loved and how to love. But, there's her mother. And the circle is complete.

I thought about this for two days, when Cathy finally called me Tuesday evening, informing me that she would like to meet me at a motel half-way between Athens and Columbus. Not a bad idea, actually. As it seems the other three, including Pamela, are spying on me. I noticed it on Monday. They suddenly appeared wherever I was going on campus. Not all together, just one here, another there. And I saw Holly drive by my apartment twice on Tuesday after I returned from campus.

The rendezvous with Cathy was great. We had a very nice dinner, followed by a very nice time in each others arms in a motel room. We made love five times by the crack of dawn, when we finally showed and returned to our regular worlds. Of course, her and I talked about the other three girls, with me telling her about them watching me. She laughed, saying she knew they were, as both Monday night and Tuesday night, Pamela called and gave her 'movement' reports on me. Now thinking about it, I was really surprised that Pam would be involved. And I wondered why she would be. Now I was getting even more confused. Pussy will do that to a guy.

I called Cathy Thursday night, and she told me that she was coming down Friday after work, and spending the weekend in my apartment. I asked "You sure about that? I mean, won't Pamela be a bit upset that you aren't spending the weekend with her."

She said "Oh, well, I thought she could sleep on your couch both nights."

Okay. This could prove interesting. Or, it could lead to nothing.

Friday evening, and I took both mother and daughter to dinner, and then to my place where we sat in front of the television and watched the tube. Nothing wrong there. And yes, we had our clothes on. I sat between both of them, Cathy on my right, her leaning up against me the whole time. And Pamela on my left, keeping her distance for the most part. And then, bedtime. I retrieved a couple of blankets for Pamela, and then I joined Cathy in my bed. Now, I thought that if we did anything, she would be rather discreet.

Didn't work that way. She was bent on letting the whole damn city know that I was banging her hard and she was wanting it harder. It was three hours of us going at it, with her getting off on my fingers, tongue and cock probably six or seven times, as I drained my balls probably three times in her warm snatch. And as the sun began to rise, she rode my morning wood, grunting loudly every time her round ass slapped onto the top of my thighs. When we finally came together, as we gasped for air, I asked her "You think it's wise we make so much noise."

She giggled, "That was my intent." I looked at her funny, as she kissed my lips, saying "I want Pamela to know what she's missing."

I chuckled, saying "You really want her to go have sex with someone?"

She rolled her hips, her slick cunt puling on my shaft, as she said "No, I want her to have sex with you."

Shit, she is serious. "Why?"

"Because young man. I see in you a very intelligent man. You probably already have a job lined up after graduation."

I interrupted, "I've three choices, actually."

She smiled, kissing my lips, as she went on, "That pays well to start."

Again, I cut in, "Forty grand for the top one."

"And with plenty of room for advancement." She sighed, and asked "Where's the job's?"

"The one that pays the most is in Muskingum. The other two are in Columbus." I replied. She smiled, and laid the side of her face down on my chest, and I just held her. I had to ask one question though. "What about the other two?"

She giggled, and said "Do them, if you want to."

"You serious? But won't you get mad? And what about Pam? What will she think about that?"

She giggled, as she laid her face back down, and softly, "Don't you worry about it. If you want to screw them, you can." She sighed, "Just make sure that eventually you do my little girl."

Okay, interesting. Very bizarre. But interesting none the less. Sure, this clears things up. She's sleeping, my cock swollen hard and buried to the balls inside her warm tight cunt, and she said it's all right for me to bang Holly and Amber, as long as I eventually do her daughter. Five minutes later, she murmured some nonsense, as she rolled off of me. I sighed, and feeling a bit hungry, I got out of bed. I didn't bother pulling any clothes on, as I opened the bedroom door, and went into the kitchen and started up the coffee pot. I then walked out into the living room, and looked at Pamela on the couch as I walked by the end. Her head was at the other end, and she had her eyes open, looking at me. I smiled, and walked into the bathroom, and took a much deserved leak. My back was to the door, the sink, and mirror were to my right and behind me, the bath to my left. I didn't hear anything, just the sound of my urine hitting the water in the toilet rather forcefully.

I shook my heavy cock when I was done, then I turned, and was a bit shocked to see Pamela standing there. I turned to face the sink and mirror, saying "Good morning."

Opening the cabinet, I pulled out my toothbrush, and I heard her say "Good morning."

I stopped what I was doing, and asked "You need to use the toilet?"

She didn't say anything for a second. Then she walked by behind me, and put the lid down on the toilet. Then turning around, she pushed her panties down, and sat down to do her business. I shrugged, and resumed what I was doing. I could hear her go, then she stood, turned and flushed as she pulled her panties back up. I really couldn't see them, as she was wearing a heavy sweatshirt. I finished brushing my teeth, and turned off the water. I started to go get dressed, but thought, why bother? I mean, she's already seen my tool, crusty with her mom's cum, I might add. So why should I get my clothes on yet?

I exited the bathroom, and went back into the kitchen, and waited for the coffee to finish brewing. That took maybe ten more minutes. I pulled a cup out, and was pouring it, when I heard Pamela say softly, "A cup for me too, please?"

I chuckled, and pulled out another cup, asking "Cream and sugar?"


I dropped in a sugar cube in hers, and came out. She was laying the length of the couch, and as I came in, she pulled her legs up. I offered her the cup of coffee, then I sat down at the end, sat my coffee down, and lifted the covers up, asking "You mind? I don't want to disturb your momma."

She giggled, as she took a sip. After covering my legs and crotch, I took my coffee, and took a sip, and asked her "Did you sleep well?"

She said "Hard to sleep when you two were so damn loud."

I snickered, "I tried to keep her quiet."

She smiled, "Yeah, I'm sure you did." Her toes edged up underneath my bare ass, and she added "She's just doing it to bother me."

Okay, interesting. "What makes you think that?"

She flatly came out and said "Because she told me she would."

I said "Oh." I took another sip, trying to think this out. "So, does it bother you?"

She shrugged, and said "Mom's just trying to do the best for me."

"And what you think about what she's doing?" I asked.

She smiled, "We'll see."

I wanted to ask more. Mainly to see what all I can find out from her. But the doorbell rang, and I looked perplexed, saying "Who the hell could that be?"

Pamela giggled, saying "Probably Holly and Amber.", as she sat her coffee down and went or the door. She opened it up and went down the stairs to let them in. I heard talking, then them walking up my stairs. Well, I was covered with a blanket, so I didn't worry about a thing. In walked Pamela, followed by Amber and Holly. I smiled, and as Holly closed the door, I said "Good morning."

Both said good morning, and Holly then announced, "We've come to see if you guys wanted to have breakfast with us."

Now why didn't they just eat at the dorm? I said "Well, Cathy is still asleep, and I need a shower. Pam came over and got back under the blanket, only sitting up along side of me. Holly came over and sat on the chair, and Amber on the other side of Pam. I said "If Pam wants to go with you guys, that's up to her."

I looked at her, and she said "No, I'll wait for mom to wake up."

Amber asked "Where did you sleep?"

Pamela said "I was on the couch all night. But with all the noise mom was making while Adam was fucking her, I never did get much sleep."

I turned red from embarrassment, and the other two started to laugh, as we heard Cathy yell from behind the closed bedroom door, "I heard that, Pamela Burns." This caused even me to laugh harder, only not as loud as Holly and Amber. My bedroom door opened, and out walked my naked lover. Trails of dried cum visible along her thighs, and she went on into the bathroom, saying as she closed the door, "Let me shower first. Then Adam can, then we can go eat."

I said "Well, that solves that issue."

Amber was her normal pesky self, "How loud were they?" she asked Pamela. "And did you get to watch?"

I was about to say 'mind your own business', but Pamela opened her mouth, saying "Very loud. And I tried to, but it was too dark in the bedroom."

I looked at her, a shocked look on my face. She just grinned at me as the others laughed. I listened to them talk before I decided tog et up to take my shower. I tossed the blanket off my lap and as I stood, I heard a gasp from Amber, and a giggle from Holly. My pecker was semi-hard, as I walked towards the bathroom, saying over my shoulder, "I'm going to go take my shower." I heard them chuckle as I opened the shower door and stepped inside.

Cathy said "Is that you, Adam?"

I answered "Uh-huh." as I pulled back the curtain and stepped into the tub. She was rinsing off, as she said "I'm about through here, then it's all yours big boy." She looked at my cock, and with a smirk, asked "Those girls giving you grief?"

I laughed, "Is that what you call it?"

She laughed, turned around and rinsed of her front. Then she stepped aside, and I took her place under the shower. She got out, saying "Give me time to do my hair. I washed it and I need to let it dry."

"There's a hair dryer in the cupboard by the door there." I said

I heard her open the cabinet, and pull it out, saying "Thanks, I'll go dry my hair in the bedroom." I heard her drying herself off as I first rinsed my body. The as I started to wash my hair, I head the door open, and she must have left. A few seconds later, as I was using a soapy washcloth to cleanse my whole body, I heard the door open. I was figuring on it being Cathy. I didn't figure on the curtain being pulled back, and in stepped Holly.

I smirked, saying "You could have asked permission first."

She laughed, as he reached out and grabbed my cock, saying "I did, Cathy said to go for it."

I just laughed, as she continued to pull on my cock, which was showing her right away that it was enjoying it. I croaked out "Did you lock the door?" She nodded her head yes. I said "Turn around, get your foot up on the side of the tub." She did, and with her left foot up, her right hand against the opposite wall, and her left hand ahead against the far wall, I crouched down, aimed my soap covered cock into her warm, tight hole. She grunted as I sank it all in, her head flaying back as she then let out a hiss. I wrapped my hands around her, my left clutching a breast, while my right hand went to her bush. I started pumping her tight hot box, as my fingers rubbed her clit. I had leaned forward, holding her tightly with my left arm, as I whispered into her ear, "You like this?"

She croaked out "Yes. Damn, you're, ugh, so fucking big."

I chuckled, as I felt her body tighten up, as I said "Go ahead Holly, cum for me baby. Cum on my big hard cock." That did it, as she turned her head just far enough so we could kiss, as she cried out into my mouth, her pussy tightening down on my cock. I groaned, as I felt my balls boil, as I shuddered myself, my toes curling as I emptied a healthy load into her womb. I pulled out and let her body go, as I went back to cleaning myself of. She had slid down to her knees on the floor of the tub, panting heavily. Once I was done rinsing off, I reached down and picked her up, and took her under the warm water. With the soapy rag, I washed her cunt up, saying softly, "Feel better."

She turned, and embraced me, and said "Oh god yes. A lot better.

I laughed, as I reached around her and turned the shower off. I pulled back the curtain, and said "Well, let's get dried off and go eat."

She giggled, saying "God, was that intense."

I laughed, saying "Glad I can be of some service." I then wrapped the towel around my waist, my still somewhat hard cock pushing it out some, and I unlocked the door and left the bathroom and went into my bedroom. Cathy was sitting there, wearing just her panties, brushing her long blonde hair. She smiled, as I closed the door. I dropped my towel, and went to the dresser. She asked softly, "Did you nail her?"

I pulled out a part of underwear, and laughed, saying softly, "Yes."

I pulled out a shirt, jeans and socks and went and sat next to her, as she looked up at me, saying with a smile on her face, "Good. One down, two to go." She then laughed, "I heard her groan when you first shoved it into her."

I protested, "I tried to keep her quiet."

She laughed, and she reached onto my lap and patted my pecker, saying "Honey, with a cock like that, its hard for us girls to be quiet."

I exhaled, and said "You weren't kidding."

She laughed, "No, I'm more than serious." She stood, and I watched as I started to pull my jeans on, admiring her panty clad ass. She reached into her suitcase that was sitting on the chair, and said softly, "By tomorrow morning, hopefully if you do things right, you'll have done the other two."

I stood, pulling my jeans up, and then closing the fly, before snapping the snap, as I asked "Then what? We all live happily ever after?"

I looked up, seeing she had pulled on her bra. She walked over to me, wrapped her arms about my midsection, and said "You don't get it, do you?"

I shrugged, "Get what?"

"You've four ladies to entertain your sexual desires. For as long as you, and the ladies involved, want to be entertained." I lowered my lips to her waiting face, and we kissed. Well, that simplifies it even more.

"I don't know, Cathy. That does sound like a lot of work." I said.

She laughed, and pushed herself away from me, heading back to her suitcase. I pulled my shirt on, and sat back down on the edge of the bed. She pulled out a pair of jeans, and said "You're built to handle it, Adam."

Well, she seems to be an expert on that, so far anyway. I pulled on my socks, as she put on a sweatshirt. Then we both put on our shoes and went out into the living room. Holly was sitting in the middle of the couch, now dressed. Pamela was on the near side, dressed as well, and Amber was on the far end. It looked like the other two were asking Holly a bunch of questions, as she was smiling broadly. Neither of the other two girls looked too happy. Amber for not getting any answers, and Pamela for knowing what they are. Cathy asked "You all ready to go eat?" as I went into the kitchen and turned the coffee pot off.

Amber and Holly and Pamela rode in one car, and I drove Cathy, as we went onto campus where we ate breakfast. It was already pushing nine in the morning, as we arrived and sat and ate. I was amused as none of the girls talked much. As we were leaving, Cathy suggested that we go visit Hocking Hills State Park, so after dropping my truck off, and me driving Holly's car, we went there. The three girls in back of the Buick, and Cathy in the front passenger seat. We spent the better part of two hours there, exploring the two different falls area. We then headed back to Athens. As we entered town, Cathy said "Stop at the grocery, and we'll get something to cook for dinner."

I pulled into the first grocery I saw, and parked and waited as all four went on inside. It took about twenty minutes, and they returned. As we headed towards my place, Cathy had me stop at a liquor store, where she went inside to get a case of beer, and two bottles of wine. Then, we were at my place. As we got out and headed up to the front door, Cathy said "Why don't you girls go get some clothes for tomorrow."

With that, the three girls got back into Holly's car, as Cathy and I went on inside. AS we climbed the stairs, I said "Good call. That way we don't have to answer the door."

She laughed, saying "Be nice."

Well, it was worth a try. I mean, yeah, the idea of four hot females to play with was nice. But what headaches are involved? I mean, first you got to deal with four different personalities. There's probably a lot of psychological problems just waiting underneath the surface. Do I really want to deal with that? And then there's financial. Hell, I don't even know what Cathy does for a living? Well, why don't you ask her, you big dumbass?

We were sitting on the couch, and I had turned a game on. She had already put things away, and was snuggled up next to me, each of us a beer at hand. I thought now was as good as any, as I asked "What do you do for a living, anyway?"

She giggled, as she pushed her body up against me a bit harder, saying "I work for the state. Department of Revenue."

I raised an eyebrow, and looked down at her smiling face, "Oh, you're one of them. An auditor."

She laughed, playfully swatting my arm, "No silly. I don't do the audits. I'm the one that goes over the audits."

I then said "So, I take it you and the girls discussed all of this."

She smiled, squeezing my thigh with her hand, and said "Yes."


She sighed, "We didn't discuss this until last Saturday morning, after I arrived back at the girls dorm room. Of course, the girls were a bit livid, especially my daughter, that I managed to get some action, and they were shut out."

"So big deal. They weren't actually helping their own cause by standing around and shooting guys down left and right."

She laughed, "I told them about the same thing. I said that you were an excellent lover, and a very nice guy. Of course, they were still a bit upset."

I chuckled, "Women, who can understand them?" she slapped my thigh and I recoiled in mock pain "Owww."

"Anyway," she went on, "While we were doing it last Friday night, I had decided that you would be a great match for Pamela. And well, I told her that, sort of."

"Sort of?"

She snorted, Okay, I actually told her that you would be the best fuck of her life, better than that loser that fathered her. And that if she didn't do you, then I will keep fucking you, and that Holly and Amber can as well."

"Wow!" was all I could say.

She giggled, "Well, I talked the other two into coming over and trying to get something going with Pamela and you. But as the night wore on, I soon saw that Holly was more than just interested in you. And Amber, I saw her curiosity and mouth would both eventually get her into trouble."


She sighed, "So, on Sunday, we returned to their dorm room, and I talked to them. I suggested that they all try you. Those that enjoy you, can still do it. Those that don't, can leave." A long sigh came from her mouth, as she added, "I was surprised that Pamela went along with it."

"But I thought you said you wanted her to?"

She laughed, and kissed my cheek, saying "I did. I mean, I still do." The doorbell rang, and she jumped off the couch, saying "I'll get it.", and away she went.

So the plot thickens. Now, all I have to do, is get into the pants of Amber and Pamela. For some reason, I was thinking it was going to be easier than it sounds. I was standing as Cathy led them into the apartment. Pamela first, then Amber and Holly. The door was closed, and each girl was carrying a small knapsack. They were chattering away, as they tossed their bags on the floor, and Holly was the first one to come over and wrap her arms about me, and I lowered my lips to her mouth and we kissed. Amber protested, saying "Hey, none of that."

"Go get in the shower if you want to do that again." Chimed Pamela. I broke my kiss at that, and looked at her. She was grinning, and I was rather surprised that she would say that. Hell, maybe it will be easy.

I started to sit down, but Holly stopped me, as she took her jacket off, saying, "Hey, I read you magazine. And I like the idea of walking around naked. Will you join me?"

I laughed, looked at the others, and then at her, and said "Only if the otherís do as well."

Cathy sighed, and shook her head, and she started pulling her top off, as she said "Come on girls, get naked."

"I ain't taking my panties off!" protested Pamela.

I was heading to the bedroom to put my clothes in there this time, instead of leaving them on the floor like last week, when Holly said to her "Well, leave them on."

Wait a minute. It registered with me, she only said panties! I quickly was stripping down in my bedroom, and so was Cathy. Completely naked, I came out and went to the couch and took a seat at the end away from the kitchen. I picked up the remote, and switched to a football game. Amber took a seat on the chair, and Pamela at the other end of the couch, while Cathy sat between us. All the girls had a beer in hand, as Holly came out of the bathroom, looked at the seating arrangements, and sighed.

Amber snorted, and said "Looks like you get the floor, kid."

Holly grinned, and came over and plopped her nice round ass on my lap, sticking her tongue out at her frowning roommate. Cathy and Pamela laughed, and I just smiled, as I wrapped an arm about her, just underneath those wonderful breasts. Breasts that were causing my cock to wake from it's peaceful slumber. She felt it right away, wiggled her ass on it, and looked at me and smiled. I playfully swatted her ass, saying "Knock it off."

She giggled, and leaned her side up against my chest as we watched the game. Well, I was watching. The girls for the most part were talking between themselves. Cathy and Amber did eventually get up to make some sandwiches, but Holly remained on my lap. My cock's interest had subsided by then, anyway. I guess it knew that I was not going to take her again right there on the couch. Cathy was grinning when she came back out with sandwiches for Holly and I. She sat down, and said "You going to let anyone else use that lap?"

Holly giggled, as she took a bite to eat, saying "Not if I can help it."

Cathy glared at her, and Holly rolled her eyes, and said "Oh all right." as he stood up off my very happy pecker. Amber wasnít in the room, and I figured that Cathy would either wait for her, or get on my lap herself. I was as surprised as she when Pamela jumped up quickly and sat down on my leg.

Amber had just came back from the kitchen, took a look, and said "Hey, it's my turn."

Pamela giggled, saying "You didnít call for it."

I laughed, as I leaned back, and so did she. I now had a chance to admire her breasts. Cute pointy little things. No where near as big as Holly's, but a lot cuter. And those stiff nipples. I felt her body tremble, and I asked "You cold?" She nodded her head that she was, so I reached over to the floor by the end of the couch, and picked up the blanket she had used last night, and covered her and I up with it. I heard Amber grumble something, but I feigned interest, as I went back to watching the game, eating the rest of my sandwich, drinking my beer, and feeling Pamela reach between her legs and start petting my cock.

I didnít move a bit, as she gently stroked my hardening shaft. All the while, she was talking away with the others, about classes mainly. And also gossiping about the other girls on their floor. She suddenly moved a bit on my lap, and my non-beer hand, my left, went under the blankets. Her body was up against my right side, making it difficult to drink my brew, as I had to really move to do it. And then, an idea. I moved my arm, and my hand was on her flat tummy. She didn't even flinch, as she told Holly about some class she was having trouble in. I let my hand slowly drift down to her panties, and then along the inside of her thighs. She didn't move, as I worked my fingers under the fabric. Of course, my hard cock was sticking up straight between her legs, and she still had a hand on it, her tiny fingers wrapped around the shaft, squeezing and tugging. I was sure she was afraid to do anything, as if she protested, her hand on my hard cock would be a good defense.

My finger found her slit, and I noticed wetness. I also noticed there was no hair. Interesting. I slowly pressed into her slit, and her lips parted. Then, I moved my finger up, and found her clit. She froze, as I started to rub it. And yet, she kept on talking. As if nothing was going on underneath the blankets. And I kept staring at the screen of the television. I felt movement to my left, and turned to look at Cathy. She winked at me, before saying something to one of the other two. It wasn't about Pamela and I. She said "Amber, can you get me a beer?"

Amber replied "Sure, but I need to go to the bathroom first."

As soon as Amber was up and had her back turned to us, Pamela exhaled hard, a short gasp coming from her open mouth. Her face and neck were a bright red, and then, as we heard Amber pee, she turned her face to me, and we kissed, just as her whole body shook violently. I felt her cum, as it leaked out of her fuck hole, through the fabric of her panties and onto my leg. She fell against me, and I brought my fingers out of her twat, and up along her front, gently holding her right breast. Her head was on my shoulder, and my right arm squeezed her to me, as I kissed her cheek, and asked softly in her ear, "Was that okay?"

She nodded her head yes, as I heard Holly smirk. I heard Amber come out of the bathroom, and go into the kitchen, open the fridge, and get a beer for her and Cathy. Coming out, she was bending over to hand Cathy a beer, her large boobies hanging down, and she looked at Pamela and asked "What's wrong with her?"

Cathy laughed, as Holly said "Adam just got her off with his fingers, I suppose."

Amber shouted out "What? And I missed it?"

Cathy laughed , saying "You were sitting there when he started doing it. You and Holly just didn't know it."

Holly added "I didn't know what was going on either, Honey. Not until Pamela had her orgasm."

Amber was sulking as she said "Well, I feel like I'm being left out."

Pamela was nuzzling her face in the side of my neck, and my hand was gently playing with the very hard nipple on her right breast. I whispered to her, "You mind if I take care of Amber?" She groaned her disapproval. I softly caressed her cheek with my right hand, adding "I'll have you all night."

She giggled, and after a sigh, she said "Okay." She scooted her bare ass up onto the armrest of the couch, and I lifted the blanket off of me and stood up. I heard her slide down, and I turned to see her mother wrap an arm around her. Amber looked at me, her mouth hanging open. Yeah, my cock was rock hard, and I walked on past, towards the bathroom. Holly said something softly, but I didn't catch it. I grabbed a towel, and came on back into the living room and by the recliner. I reached with my right hand for Amber, and she grabbed it and I helped her up. I then laid the towel down on the recliner, and sat her back down on it.

I heard Holly snicker, and say "Oh my."

Amber had a confused look on her face, as I gently pushed her onto her bare butt on the towel, and I got on my knees between her legs. She protested, "Here? In front of everyone?"

I pushed her legs up, and took in the sight. A very nice beaver. With lots of red curls, matching her hair color. I leaned forward, and ran my tongue up her slit, and she moaned "Oh god." I heard Holly get up and come over, and was kneeling next to the chair. Looking up, she had her arm behind Amber, and was whispering words into the redheads ear. I went to work, as my tongue started to attack her clit. I was thinking, lets get over the preliminaries, as I eased a pair of fingers into her love tunnel. She jumped at that, crying out, as I felt her body quiver. Damn, she couldn't have cum already? My tongue lapped at her clitty, my fingers frigging her hole, and then, her hips started bucking. Hard. Real hard! And her pussy, it felt like it was going to squeeze the blood out of my fingers. I heard some more movement, as I kept on eating this burning bush. And then, her scream of passion, cut short and muffled, as I looked up and saw Holly's mouth over Amber's. Holly had a hand on Amber's left breast, holding it tightly, as they kissed, and as Amber grounded her wet snatch into my face.

I stood up, and Holly let go of the lip block. Amber had a surprised look on her face, and she looked down at my hanging meat, a look of being scared. Real scared. I started to crouch down, but hands grabbed my hips. I stopped, and looked over my shoulder. Cathy was smiling, as she handed me a small packet. I looked at it, and I chuckled, as I tore the packet open, and unrolled the condom onto my fat, long cock. Then, as Amber looked on, I knelt down, and guided my cock to her pleasure palace. She cried out when I just quickly slammed all nine inches into her twat, and Holly was there quickly, massaging her breasts, as she kissed Amber on the mouth. Hey, I was going to do that, eventually. I pulled out, and slipped in again, and she grunted, as I knocked the air out of her lungs. I started to pump her body with my long fuck tool, and she looked rather glassy eyed, moaning when I withdrew, grunting as I jammed in. I leaned forward on top of her in the chair, and Holly let go of her breasts. I whispered into her ear, "Is it better now?"

She mumbled out "Uh-huh."

"There was no need to get jealous, was there?" I asked firmly.

She sniffled, "No Adam."

"I'll make love to you whenever you want, but don't get possessive, all right?" I asked again, a bit of a loving tone in my voice.

I felt her hips start to buck up against me, as she said "Okay."

I then whispered, "Now, let's enjoy your first fuck."

She gasped, saying softly, "You knew?"

I chuckled, "Yeah, I knew."

I saw out of the corner of my eye the other three, all now sitting on the couch, watching as I drilled Amberís red snapper. My legs were cramping up, and I knew I was about ready to blow, so wrapping my arms about her, I easily picked her up, her body impaled on my cock. She put her arms about my neck, her legs around my waist, as my hands slid down her back to her ass. I then started thrusting, as she used her legs and arms to fuck me back. She had determined look on her face, her clit grinding into my pubic bone, and then, as I pulled her to me, she came hard, her nails digging into my flesh, as I gave one last thrust and groaned, my cock blasting it's payload into the condom.

I looked down, and saw the traces of blood on the towel. Looking over at Cathy and Holly, they had seen it as well. I slowly turned us around, and sat down on the recliner, as she sighed, and rested on top of me. I saw the clock, it read five-ten. Damn, two down, one to go. And plenty of time left in the day. I rally was not concerned about it. Looking over at the others, it was an interesting lot. Holly was smiling broadly, as she obviously enjoyed the show. I also think she enjoyed participating as well. Cathy looked on with a happy smile, as if she saw something beautiful. Pamela was rather stone faced, a slight smile, making me wonder if she was thinking about how it was going to feel for her.

As I looked over at the others, I asked "Is it the same score?"

Holly snorted, and Cathy laughed at that. And Pamela asked "You want your beer?"

Now that's an interesting response. I said "Yes please." She picked it up, and dropped the blanket and came over to us. I took it from her, and took a sip. I set it down on the stand to my left, and I was surprise when Pamela climbed onto the arm rest, her knees pulled up to her chin, as she reached out and ran her hand through Amber's red locks. Amber turned her face her way, and Pamela smiled. Pam stretched her legs out, and put an arm across Amber's back, and gave her a hug, and then a quick kiss on the cheek. Well now, this is interesting.

Cathy asked "Well, what do you think, Adam?"

I chuckled, "I think I died and went to heaven."

"Hmmm, we'll see if you're still humming that tune as time passes." stated Holly. Yes, Holly. The one that will fuck at the drop of a hat, but is also the most realistic. I wouldn't be surprised if Holly finds another lover. And still use me as well. Okay, maybe I was thinking too much, as I sat there, with my cock slowly losing it's comfortable feeling of being inside Amber's snug pussy. And there was Pamela, trying her best to join us on the chair, her arm about Amber, as I put my arm about Pam, and pulled her tight.

I asked Pam, "You okay?"

She nodded her head yes, and asked softly, "What you did with your mouth to Amber, can you do that to me?"

I did a good job keeping from laughing, as I said, "Sure, in a little while if you like."

"Looks like we'll have to set up an appointment book." snorted Holly.

Cathy started giggling, which led me to chuckle. Soon we all were laughing, as Amber buried her face in my left shoulder, and Pamela laid her head down on my right. I then asked Amber "You want to share my lap with Pam?"

She sighed, and lifted her face, and gave me a kiss on my lips. Then she lifted her ass up and moved to my left, turning to face the others. Her neck and chest were still pinkish in color. Damn, she's still aroused!

Holly asked "How was it, honey?"

She grinned, as she leaned into me on her side, "Fantastic." My cock still some what hard, still had the condom on it, and Cathy stood, came over and bent over us and gently pulled it of my cock.

I said "Thanks babe."

She laughed, "No problem." She looked at Pamela, saying "Wipe his cock off for him, will you please?" as she took the filled condom and walked toward the kitchen to dispose of it.

I was looking at my cock, as Pam reached down and wiped it dry. And I noticed something different. "Where are your panties?"

She giggled, "I left them over there." She pointed towards the couch. I reached around her, and pulled her leg away, and looked, "Damn, you did shave it off!"

She giggled, and slammed her legs shut, saying playfully, "Adam."

"What?!" I asked, acting like what I had done was perfectly normal.

Amber was giggling, and she said "Get use to it, Pamela. He'll be doing a lot of looking at it from now on."

Cathy came back out, and said "I'm going to start dinner, can you four behave yourselves?"

Holly replied, "Looks like those two girls are in capable hands."

"Well don't wear him out." Cathy said, "As we each have to use him."

I saw Holly get up and approach us, and she said "I don't think that we'll ever wear this cock out." She was on her knees, right where I was not more than twenty minutes ago. And now she took my cock in her hands, and wrapped her lips around it. I sighed, and leaned my head back, enjoying Holly's hot mouth as she began a very nice blowjob. Of course, I was wondering, was she going to suck me off to completion? Or just until I was hard enough so she could have a ride? I was also wondering if I was going to survive until morning. But if not, at least I'll die happy. Very fucking happy. Of course, I was thinking that maybe I should be slowing this down some. Then again Cathy doesn't seem to care. And for some reason, that's the one I'm more concerned about.

As I felt Amber and Pamela snuggle against me, as they watched Holly expertly suck my cock, I thought some more. Yes, Cathy is most definitely the key. Keep her satisfied, and the other three will stay in line. Anything happens to Cathy, and I'll probably lose at least one of the others as well, if not all three. For Cathy is the leader of them. A mother figure? Damn right! Not just naturally for Pamela, but for Amber and Holly as well. She keeps them in line. No, when the girls were spying on me earlier in the week, it wasn't for their benefit. It was for Cathy. She was having them check up on me. See what I was up to.

My cock left Holly's warm mouth, and I opened my eyes. She grinned, turned around, and planted my cock inside her tight cunt. I groaned, as she leaned back into my body. Amber and Pamela giggled, as they hugged both Holly and I. We laid there for a spell, and I felt movement. I had closed my eyes, feeling the soft movement of Holly's hips, as she worked her cunt on my shaft. But then I felt it again. A finger touched my cock, right where we were joined. I opened an eye, and saw Pamela, looking down, her arm extended in the direction of my crotch. Holly sighed, and I felt her body shudder. Yes, Pamela is frigging Holly's clit for her.

I spoke, saying "Ladies, don't go and trying everything in one night now."

Holly moaned, and reached back behind her head, and caressed my face with her hands. And then, her hips stopped bucking, and she cried out into Amber's mouth, as her vaginal walls rippled against my hard shaft. She was panting, as she exclaimed, "I've had his cock twice, and each time my orgasm has been the best ever." She sighed, "He's the best fucker I've ever had."

Amber added "He's the only one that I've ever had."

Pamela looked at her, and said "I thought you've had guys before?"

She shook her redhead, and said "No, I lied. Whenever I was with a guy, I would suck him off, as I was always too scared to go all the way." She leaned over, and kissed my lips, and added "But I'm glad I did it with Adam."

I said "Thank you, ladies." I then said "You know, I do need to go take care of Cathy." They giggled, as I asked "Can you guys finish cooking supper?"

Pamela said "Sure, as she climbed off the rocker. Holly groaned as she leaned forward off of me, and Amber jumped to her feet and helped her off my cock.

Turning, Holly looked at my cock, and said "You didn't cum yet?"

I stood, saying "Not yet." as I turned and went into the kitchen.

Pamela was standing there, next to her mother, trying to get Cathy to stop what she was doing so Pamela could take over. I came up behind her, and wrapped my arms about her and kissed the nape of her neck. My long, hard cock was pressing into her flat back, and she sighed. My hands cupped her titties, as I pulled her willingly away from the stove. When my butt hit the table, I turned, found the kitchen chair, and sat on it, brining her down with me, and guiding her onto my post. She moaned, as my fingers found her sex. She had her feet on the floor, and her hands on my shoulders, she started riding my cock. We smiled at each other, as she asked "I thought you were doing Holly?"

"I was, but she came, and I didn't. And since I was still hard, I thought I would come in here and take care of your needs."

She smiled, and gave me a kiss, and said "Ah, that's so sweet." I was surprised when she rose up off my shaft, and my cock fell from her hole. She leaned over and gave me a kiss, saying "But let's save some of this." she said as she grabbed my hard cock, and gave it a good, playful shake, "And make sure you have enough for the last one."

I looked around her, seeing Pamela looking back over her shoulder, a bit of wonderment on her face as she looked at my cock. Well, at least it wasn't one of disgust. Cathy went and grabbed me a beer out of the fridge, and called out to the other two, "Holly? Amber? You two want to give Pamela a hand?"

I heard them giggle, and then their footsteps as they came into the kitchen. I sat there a bit shocked, seeing that each looked like their faces were a bit wet. I also saw Cathy smirk, and said as she offered me her hand, saying "Come on Adam. Let's go have a seat and wait for them to get dinner finished."

I rose to my feet, and as we walked out into the living room I asked her quietly "You smell fish?"

She giggled, and as we sat on the couch, I saw a large wet spot on the floor. "Well, they sure were quiet about it." stated Cathy.

Damn! My cock just throbbed as the thought of the redheaded Amber and black headed Holly went down on each other. "Wish the hell I could have watched."

"I'm sure you'll get your chance." she stated, as she grabbed the blanket, and as she snuggled up against me, she covered us up with the blanket. I sighed, wrapping my right arm about her, sipping my beer and enjoying her naked body next to me.

Yeah, I started thinking again. And this sudden revelation that at least two of the girls enjoy girl on girl action, well, it sorts of clouds the picture somewhat. I mulled that over, as I watched the football game. God it feels great, the feeling of her left breast against my side. And of course, I was thinking of Pamela. The main concern, was introducing Mister Happy to her in a pleasant way. She's already taken the opportunity to feel it, and she's very receptive to my touch. I smiled, thinking that taking her slow would be the best way.

Well, Holly came out and announced dinner was ready. Cathy and I rose to our feet and went on into the kitchen, grabbed some food, and we all ate in the living room. Holly in the recliner, Pamela at the end of the couch, Cathy next to me, and Amber on my lap. Afterwards, all four ladies went into the kitchen to clean up. I relaxed, sitting there on the couch, a beer close at hand, a smile on my face, wondering how this can get any better. Oh yeah, thereís still Pamela. I heard them talking, not paying any attention, and not surprisingly, I drifted off to sleep. I guess all the fun finally got to me. Not to mention the food and the beer. I normally don't drink more than maybe four in one week. I was on my sixth of the day when I dozed off.

So, I was very surprised to wake up in bed, and feel two warm bodies laying along side of me. I glanced over at the clock, seeing it read a bit after four in the morning. I had no idea who was who, as I eased up over the person on my right and got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I took a leak, and coming out into the living room, I could see two people laying on the floor, with blankets covering them. I heard a mumble from one of them, and I thought it sounded like Cathy. I went into the kitchen, had a glass of water, and went back to my bedroom. Not a soul was stirring, as I entered my bedroom, lifted the covers on the right side, and crawled over the prone figure of one of the girls. It being dark, I had no idea who it was, but she woke and kissed my chin as I went on over.

As I laid down on my side, she turned, and I leaned over, kissing her lips. She giggled, and I recognized it as being Pamela. I said softly, "Who else is in here?"

She sighed, "Amber."

I felt her small fingers wrap around my shaft, as I asked "You okay?"

She said "Yes."

"Anything you want?"

"How about what you did to Amber earlier?"

I chuckled, as I kissed her soft lips, and moved down the bed. She rolled onto her back, and I grabbed her legs and pushed them up. Her scent was intoxicating, as I took a deep breath of he snatch. I pressed my tongue into her slit, and her lips easily parted, and I finally got a taste. She moaned softly when my tongue slipped inside her hole, giving me a better taste yet. Then, I went to work, going from hole to clit, back to hole, attacking both with tongue and fingers. In no time she was bucking her hips, grinding her beaver into my face. And when she came, she cried out loudly, causing me to wonder what the other three would do.

I rose to my knees, and I felt her put something into my hand, as she gasped for breath, saying "Come on, get it on and put it in me, Adam."

I tore the packet open, and quickly I had my cock sheathed in rubber, and soon it and my cock were buried into her moist cunt. It felt great, feeling every inch being accepted greedily by her hot fucking pussy. And she was pushing her box up against me, telling me "Fuck me!" in a hoarse whisper. Shit, I was aroused and wanting do just that, as I started pumping her hard and fast. I felt movement, and the body of Amber was up along side of us. Soon Amber was showering both of our faces with kisses, on our cheeks, lips and neck. And I reached out and found her crotch, slipping a pair of fingers into her paradise. Amber's hips started to move, keeping time with mine and Pamela's slow fucking motion. Yeah, I was enjoying hits. Two college coeds, one underneath me with my cock buried inside of her balls deep. And another laying along side both of us, my fingers exploring the inside of her wet, tight, hot box. What could be finer!"

It wasn't long before I felt my nuts tightening up, and the euphoric feeling of my cock blasting it's seed into the condom, all the while as Pamela squirmed underneath me as she cried out in a hard, much deserved cum. Amber had help in that, as she had her hand between us, playing with Pamela's clit. Amber moved over, and I pulled my cock out of Pamela's cunt, and laid down on my back between them. Soon they were at my crotch, in a cock-feeding frenzy, as they licked and sucked on my shaft and balls after Amber pulled the used condom off of my pecker. By the time the bedroom was bathed by morning light, I had dipped my cock into Amber's tight cunt twice, and another time inside of luscious Pamela. And with great delight, I enjoyed listening to both girls, as they sucked each others cunts.

We were finally interrupted by Cathy and Holly, as they came into the bedroom, with Cathy announcing "Come on you three, get showered up, I'm going to start breakfast!"

We groaned, and my two little beauties rolled out of bed, heading to the bathroom. I smiled, watching Holly follow them. Cathy came to me, and I stood and we wrapped our arms about them. Kissing her lips, I tasted the girl juice of Holly on them. I smiled, saying "Looks like I've become a very lucky guy."

She laughed, saying as she took my hand and pulled me to the bed, "Yes, and from now on, a very busy one."

I laid down next to her, and she rolled on top of me, lowering her face to my crotch, and jerking my meat. "Looks like it. Just hope it don't kill me."

She laughed, as he said "Don't worry, from now on, for the most part it will be only one of us a night here in your bed. If you think you can handle it."

I chuckled, saying "I'll give it a good shot, but shouldnít we be getting breakfast ready?"

She snorted, saying "Theyíll be busy in the bathroom for a while. We have time." I felt her warm mouth suck my cock in, and I groaned, while pulling those luscious cunt lips to my tongue. Yeah, we've got time. And I was looking forward to all that my four ladies can offer.

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