Title: Campground Sluts
Summary: A woman and her daughter find happiness one summer when the daughter finds two young
studs to take care of their horny needs.
Keywords: MM/FF, inter

Another hot day, as I sat in the lounge chair outside my trailer, watching the world go by. The temps were in the upper eighties, if not low nineties, as I watched people boarding the tram at the pick-up point, not more than maybe a hundred yards from our trailer. The tram was taking the vacationers to the combination water and amusement park on this particular Sunday afternoon. I heard the trailer door open behind me, and turning, I saw my daughter stepping out, a smile on her face, and not much else. I cleared my throat, saying "That bikini's a bit small for you, don't you think?"

She giggled, responding with "Oh momma, not for what I'm hunting for.", as she walked on by me, heading for the tram to get on. I just grinned, and went back to reading the Sunday morning Indy Star. Since I didn't like crowds, I wasn't about to head off to the park today. I would wait until tomorrow, after most of the weekenders have left. My daughter and I have had a permanent campsite here since she was a baby, long before I kicked her daddy out, so this is like a second home to her. A second place where she can meet boys.

And get fucked by them.

Yeah, she's easy. I've made sure of that. I decided years ago, after I dumped my hubby, that she would experience all she can out of sex. I put her on birth control at age thirteen. She lost her cherry not more than three months later, to a neighbor boy of the same age. I would hate to guess how many boys, and grown men, have spent time between her pale white thighs. Yes, she's the darling of her high school, giving it freely, and enjoying it. Of course, it's best for the boy if he makes sure she enjoys it. More than once she's ridiculed a boy in school for being a lousy lover. And yes, she's told me about darn near every male she's had.

As for me, I seldom hop into the sack anymore. Although the few times I have of late, I had found I had enjoyed it more than I ever thought possible. It was the latest time that was most interesting. That was a week before we headed up to the campground, and Kelly brought home a young man. Well, for some inexplicable reason, she shared him with me. This was the first time that I had sex in front of another person. Also the first time I watched my daughter in action. Of course, I've heard her enough over the years. For my only rule was for her to fuck guys in our home. At lunch time, I went in and made myself a sandwich, and returned to the hot outside, to bake my body some more in the hot Indiana sun. Our lot, although small, we had a nice sunning area off the back on the south side of the trailer. What made it good was that it was secluded enough that I could sunbathe topless. And during the week when the neighbors weren't there, who for the most part were never there, Kelly and I could go totally nude.

So since it wasn't a weekday just yet, I went on back, and laid down on the deck and pulled my top down, letting my healthy thirty-eight c's get some much needed sun. And as I laid there, I though about the above mentioned three-some. The thought of which was getting my pussy warm. Naturally, it didn't take long for me to put a hand down my suit, and frig my big clit to a fine orgasm, my body quacking in the hot sun. I sighed, content but still longing somewhat, as I drifted off to sleep. Hours later, I awoke, finding the sun had moved behind the tree, and putting me in the shade. I looked at my watch, seeing it was almost four, and my tummy was growling. I sat up, pulling my top up over my tits, and stood and walked on to the door and into the trailer.

The trailer is an older model, forty feet long and ten feet wide. It has two very small bedrooms in back, with a bathroom in-between, a living room, and a dining area with a small kitchen in front. I was in the kitchen, enjoying the air conditioning as I looked through the fridge to see what to make for Kelly and I for dinner. I was pulling out some lasagna from last night, when the door opened, and in walked Kelly, as I asked "Oh good, you're back. Would last night's lasagna be okay for tonight?"

She grinned, and announced "I would prefer cock."

I laughed, as I carried the pan to the microwave, responding with "Well, so would I!"

"I'm glad you said that." she stated, causing me to stop in my tracks and turn around.

"What you mean, Kelly?" I asked.

With a big grin, she announced, "I found two guys, thought I would let you have one of them." I looked at her, with a stern look on my face, and she said "Well, they seemed to come as a pair. And I didn't want to leave one left out. Besides," she giggled, "You seemed to enjoy the last boy I brought home."

I shook my head, a smile on my face, as I asked "When you bringing them over?"

She cheerfully said "Oh goody, you'll do it." And in the same breath, she said "I thought I would bring them over for dinner."

I frowned, looked at the lasagna, and said "Well then, this won't do then."

Laughing, she said "How about hamburgers and chips? That'll be easy."

I said "Well, okay." as I went to the fridge with the pan, before asking "What time?"

"I'll go get them now." she replied as she went to the door. She was gone, the door closing quickly behind her. I shrugged, went to the refrigerator, put the pan away and pulled out some hamburger. I made patties, and went out and fired up the gas grill. I had them on when I saw my daughter done the lane, getting off the tram. With two males.

Two heavy-set, black males.

Oh my.

I went back to cooking, as they slowly walked my way, each having a hand of my daughter in theirs. I smiled as they came up the steps of the deck, as I greeted them with "Hey Kelly, who are your friends?"

She gleefully announced "Joe and Paul, mom."

She gestured to identify Joe as the one on her right. A bit under six feet in height, and some weight to him. And Paul, taller, stockier, and both boys looked to be in great condition. Athletic even. I smiled, stuck out my hand, and said "Well, I'm Jane." I shook their hands, and once I finished that, I said "Why don't you show them into the trailer, Kelly, then help me with getting dinner ready."

My daughter, with a big smile on her face, said okay, as she ushered the two young, black men into our trailer. I finally breathed. God those two were hunks! And my pussy was telling me so! A minute went buy, and Kelly came back out, a big grin on her face, as she asked softly, "Well, what you think?"

I smiled, "They seem to be nice boys."

She picked up the platter, holding it as I scooped the six burgers off the grill and onto the platter, as she stated "Wait until you see how big their cocks are."

I shot her a look, asking "You've seen them?"

She giggled, shaking her head no as I placed the last burger onto the platter, "No, but I felt them while we were in the pool." She turned and walked to the door, leaving me to turn off the grill hurriedly, and thinking about what this may all end up as. Hell, I knew what it would end up as. Two women, a mother and daughter, getting fucked tonight by two big black cocks! This is most definitely going to be a first for me. For I've never been with a black guy. Kelly has had a few, but she's never said if theyíre any better or not.

Inside, Kelly was at the table, and the guys on the couch, and I looked at them, saying "Well come on, get your burgers." They jumped to their feet, while I went to the fridge, pulling out ketchup, mustard and relish, while Kelly got the bread and the chips. I put the condiments on the tale, and turned back to the fridge, asking "You boys want a beer?"

Joe muttered out something, what, I couldn't say for sure, as I bent over at the waist, my firm round as pointing their way. Paul stammered out "Yeah, sure Jane, we'll have a beer."

I pulled out four, and place them on the table, as we got our burgers ready, we all sitting down to eat right there. Not much talking. But a sure lot of looking. Both boys were checking out both Kelly and I. And I kept my smile to myself, enjoying their eyes as they looked at my cleavage. Once we were all done eating, I said "Why don't you two grab another beer each and have a seat in the living room while Kelly and I clean up."

They both stood, and they both politely thanked me for dinner, before moving on into the living room after each getting a fresh beer. I heard them whispering between themselves, as they took seats on the couch. Kelly and I looked at each other, and giggled, with her saying softy, "I think they both want to fuck you, mom."

I said "Shhh, girl. And I want them to do it, as well." We moved to the sink, and I said "But let's go slowly, I want to find out more about them."

She grinned, nodding her head and saying "Okay mom."

After getting things cleaned up, we went into the living room to join the two guys. Kelly plopped her skinny ass between them both, and I sat easily into the recliner. I smiled, asking them "So, where you boys from?"

Joe responded "Gary."

"Both of you graduated yet?" I asked.

Paul he seemed more sure of himself, as he stated "Yeah, last year. We're students at Calumet."

"I see." I responded, seeing my daughters hands reach to each of their thighs, making them both seem to jump.

"So what are you studying?" I asked, wanting desperately to add 'besides my tits'.

"I'm studying law enforcement." said Paul.

"And I'm into business management." added Joe.

We talked for some more, and all the while, my daughter was massaging their thighs. And what else may lay underneath the fabric of their baggy swim trunks. An hour flew by, as did another round of beer. I decided that the fun should begin at any time now, so what better way then to allow my daughter to get things started alone. I rose to my feet, and announced "Well, I need to go potty and to shower. I'll be back out shortly."

I walked down the hall and into the bathroom, and stripped out of my bathing suit. I squatted down on the toilet, and let loose with my urine, before rising up, and flushing. I then stepped into the shower, and turned it on, and enjoyed the hot water as it drenched my body, wondering how my daughter was doing so far. As I finished my shower, and turned off the water, I heard a knock at the bathroom door, and Paul's voice, saying "Jane? I need to go pee."

I smiled, responding with "The door's unlocked." I had the shower curtain closed, and there was a pause before I heard the bathroom door open and shut. I saw his silhouette through the shower curtain, and the turning of his head to see mine, as he approached the stool. I was drying myself off, and was about done, when I heard him start to go.

That's when I pulled the curtain open, his head jerking around, as he stuttered out, "Shit."

I smiled, as I stepped out of the tub, the towel just covering the front of me, as he looked back down at his cock. And so did I. I almost fainted. Not even hard, and it hung down a good seven inches, and was a good two inches thick. I was rubbing myself dry with the towel, watching him finish. He gave his cock a good shake, then he leaned over and flushed. He turned to me, and I smiled, and he smiled in return, although the nervousness showed on his face. I stepped back and to the side, and he started to pull up his trunks. I reached out, and took a hold of his hands, and he looked at me, stunned.

With a grin, I sat on the edge of the tub, the towel falling to the floor, as I pulled him by the hips to stand in front of me. I pulled his trunks all the way down, and he stepped out of them. I smiled up at him, my hand grabbing his hanging meat, and I asked "You need a mouth to suck on this for you?"

He grunted out "Uh-huh."

I said "Good!" as I pulled that wide head of his to my lips, and began to suck the guy off. He muttered out something, as I swallowed his meat, feeling it grown rapidly in my mouth. That cock of his was huge! It was making me gag when I realized it was at full length. Pulling it from my mouth, I licked along the underside of it, admiring the whole eleven inches of it. And god was it thick! My mouth covered the head once again, and tilting my head just right, I felt him slide his meat down my throat, making us both groan. His hands fell to my head as he began to face fuck me, my nostrils getting tickled by his wiry pubes. I had my right hand in my crotch, playing with my kitty, with the smell of his nuts making me even more horny.

Not surprisingly, Paul didn't last long as he suddenly went stiffed, while his cock exploded. I pulled back so just his head was inside my mouth, swallowing his thick seed as it flooded my mouth burst after burst. I kept sucking his prick, making sure he was spent. I then released his meat from my mouth, and stood and turned around, sitting my ass up on the vanity. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to me, and we kissed, before I pushed down on his shoulders, saying "Come on, stud. let's see what that tongue can do."

He chuckled as he lowered himself down to one knee, and I pulled my knees out while placing my feet on his broad, black shoulders. His large hands cupped the cheeks of my ass as he dove face first into my wet sex.

I moaned, feeling the way his tongue was sliding around my clit, causing my hips to buck. I arched my body, forcing my snatch into his face while I reached back and put my hands down on the vanity behind me. I was soon gasping for a breath, feeling my orgasm rapidly approaching while he pushed on the back of my thighs with his hands, opening my sex up for his face and tongue. I heard myself shriek, as my body felt as if it was being torn apart by what had to be the biggest orgasm in my life. I kept on wailing, with one orgasm after another ripping through me, my hands having come forwar4d and grabbing his hair, pulling his face tight into my sex. My breathing was labored, I was having trouble catching my breath, as I felt his face leave my cunt, making me whimper. Opening my eyes, I saw him stand up, a hand on his massive dong, and a smile on his face as he looked at my wet cunt. His face was slick and shiny with my cream, as he stepped forward, putting his cock at my entrance, I groaned out "Come on, fuck me." I grunted as he sank his meat into my hot cunt, the walls of my pussy were tingling, sending me mixed messages of pain and pleasure, while I watched through squinted yes as he buried that log all the way in. He placed his hands on the side of my thighs and pressed down, spreading my legs out, my feet up in the air as I leaned my back against the mirror of the vanity. He started slowly at first, pumping that cock of his in and out of me, and I was grunting each time he bottomed out, moaning as he withdrew. I heard my daughter Kelly cry out, a cry of pure passion, which only seemed to drive me deeper into lust.

He was thrusting harder and harder into me, and I felt my body start to have another orgasm, my arms reaching out and around his neck, pulling myself against him, my hips meeting his hard, pounding thrusts. I was crying out, hearing our skin slapping against each other at a fast clip, looking down between us, my tits shaking wildly about, seeing his black cock plunging in and out of my cunt. And then, he groaned and stiffened, his cock flooding me womb as I screamed, bucking rapidly, my cunt milking his cock for all it was worth, as my mind went numb with sheer delight. we were hugging each other tightly, him grunting as his cock was still throbbing inside of me, my ass now off the vanity while his hands were underneath my butt, holding me up.

I whispered "Oh god, that was fucking great." and I kissed his cheek.

He chuckled, saying "Thanks Jane."

I hoarsely said "Come on, let's go see how Kelly's taking your friends cock."

"You want me to let you down?" he asked.

"For god sakes no!" I declared, "I want to feel you inside of me as you carry me."

Laughing, he turned around and he reached out with one hand and opened the door of the bathroom. We came out into the hall, heading for the living room, and there was Joe, sitting on the couch, more like spread out on the couch, one leg up on it, his left leg spread out off of it, with his left foot on the floor. And there was Kelly, on her knees on the floor between his legs, sucking his bog, black cock. Her tanned ass was tuck up in the air, legs parted just enough for me to see a strand of cum hanging down from her freshly fucked cunt.

Paul sat on the recliner, and I lifted my legs up, rotating my body around with his long, fat cock still up inside of me. I leaned back, and his hands came up to grab my tits, kneading them and pulling on my stiff nipples as we watched Kelly nursing Joe's hard meat. I was worn out. My mind was telling me this, but my cunt wasn't listening. I gently rocked my hips, feeling his shaft glide along my clit, sending sparks through my body. Yeah, this was what the doctor ordered. A well hung stud to service my neglected cunt.

Again and again.

God, this boy ain't going soft!

I raised my legs up, putting my feet up on the arms of the recliner. I reached back and down with my hands, and pushed myself up. I then started rising and lowering my hips, riding his hard cock, squeezing my cunt, massaging his cock with my pussy. His hands left my tits and he grabbed my waist, guiding me along, while I rode him. I was working up a good sweat, and also watching as my daughter crawled up onto Joe's cock, watching her pink pussy accept his giant black staff. She moaned, her cunt accepting all nine inches of his thick meat, and it was a sight to see their cream from their earlier fuck ooze out her fuck hole from around his shaft. That inspired me, and Paul as well, for we both were moving into a good rhythm. My arms were getting tired, so I dropped my feet off the armrest and onto the floor, moved my hands to the front of the arm rest, and started using my legs to fuck his black post. I still was riding him, ten minutes later, my body worked up to a sweat, my brunette hair hanging down on my head, stringy and wet. And I was pretty sure we were far from being through here.

I groaned out "On the floor.", and he moved with me, still fucking me as I ended up on my belly, my ass raised up, with him pulling my hips up with his hands as he straddled my ass and continued to plug my cunt. My body convulsed again, as I screamed out, another orgasm racing through my body. My right cheek was on the carpet, and I could see Kelly bucking out of control on Joe, her titties shaking underneath her with his black hands on her waist, holding her up as their mouths were locked together. Joe was thrusting his cock wildly up into her hot twat, and they finally both groaned as I was sure he was filling her up with another load as she had another satisfying orgasm.

I wanted this boy to cum. I pushed my self up onto my forearms, and started shoving my ass back into him, tightening my cunt down as he speared it with his fuck stick. That did it. Not twenty strokes, and he grunted, filling me up once more.

As he pulled his dick out of my body, I whimpered at the sudden unwanted emptiness of my cunt. I sighed, rolled onto my right side, seeing that Kelly was collapsed onto Joe, both lightly kissing each other, reflecting in the glow of a good round of sex. Kelly turned her face to me, and asked softly, "How was that, momma?"

I grinned, and giggled, said "Just fucking great. And how was Joe?"

She purred, "Fucking fantastic." She pushed herself up, and as she climbed off his log, she groaned. I watched as he moved to allow her to sit down next to him, seeing her pink cunt lips red and swollen. And a substantial amount of his cum leaking out of her cunt.

I giggled, saying as I pointed at her twat, "You're leaking on the couch, dear."

She giggled as she pulled her legs far apart and looked between them, saying "Yeah, he pumped a lot in me." She looked at my freshly fucked cunt, and said in a weak voice, "You're leaking as well, momma."

I rolled onto my back, seeing Paul sitting on the floor, his back against the recliner, stroking his shaft. I smiled at him, my hands feeling my sex, and the copies amount of his jizz that had leaked out so far. I raised my head, bringing my fingers to my mouth, covered with his cream, and licking them clean, then saying "God, yeah. It does taste as good as it felt."

They all laughed, as I worked myself up to my feet, and walked into the kitchen, asking "Who wants a beer?"

Paul said "Well, we really shouldn't, as we need to head on home."

I looked around the corner, saying "Nonsense, you're spending the night. You both have had way too much to drink as it is." I pulled a round of beer out, and came back around into the living room, feeling the cum slowly slide down the inside of my legs as I walked, and as I passed the beers around, I added "And besides, I'm sure my daughter would be just as happy as I if we change partners now."

Kelly giggled, as she crawled off the couch and then while on her hands and knees over to Paul. Once between his legs, which he spread wide, she lowered her face in his couch. He smiled, leaned his head back, as her head started rising and falling on his cock. I sat down next to Joe, and he brought a hand up to grab my right tit, while our lips met and we kissed. My right hand fell to his semi-hard shaft, and I slowly stroked it, feeling the crustiness left from his and Kelly's cream from their earlier copulation. He broke the kiss, and his mouth moved down my neck slowly, before reaching my breast. His hand squeezed it hard, forcing the nipple out, and he then took it between his lips, and sucked hard. I groaned, finding the feeling wonderful, as he sucked my nipple. His cock was expanding nicely in the palm of my hand, and with my eyes closed, I felt him gently push on my body, causing me to fall onto my side. The back of my head was on the armrest of the couch as he slowly moved down my body towards my very messy pussy.

I was quite surprised, but extremely pleased that this young, black male would go down on me, just moments after his friend had dumped load after heft load into my swollen cunt. I sighed when his tongued snaked around my clit, making my hips move as I had one hand on the back of his head, guiding him to where I wanted licked, and my left hand was pulling on my own sensitive nipple of my right breast. God this boy was good with his tongue, and I came soon thereafter when he stuck his long, thick tongue up my fuck hole and wiggled it, sending a wave of euphoria through my hot body.

I was panting, my eyes opened only partially, as he came up between my legs. He lifted my left leg up, as I pulled my right knee up to my chest. I watched as his left hand took his own long, thick black shaft and I came again when he rubbed it against my clit, sending me into mind numbing joy. And when he sank his meat into me, it happened again. I was in fucking heaven, as he settled into a nice fucking motion, not taking short strokes, but burying his meat inside of me all the way each damn thrust. My sloppy cunt was making sounds from Paul's cream being forced out, and I watched with a happy smile as it was splattering out against my thighs and onto the cushions of the couch. I giggled inside, wishing that I had remembered to place a towel down first, all the while Joe was porking me good.

Looking at my daughter and Paul, they were still on the floor, she had mounted him, facing him, and as she rode his cock, he was sucking her gorgeously firm young tits. God what a sight! His black lips on my daughters bright pink nipples. And his coal black cock disappearing in and out of her very pink cunt. With a smile, I laid the right side of my face back down on the arm rest and closed my eyes, feeling some good cums welling up inside of me, just waiting to explode and make me feel good. And Joe, he wasn't showing any signs of slowing down or letting up, as he put the palm of his hand on my lower abdomen and pressed onto my clit with his thumb, making me moan with delight. For the next hour, that boy fucked me raw, and he still managed to get me off a good five or six times.

By then, I was still on my side, but he was on his as well behind me, with my left leg propped up on the back of the couch, and his dark meat kept on sliding in and out of me. My daughter and Paul had moved up onto the recliner, with them in the same position as before. My daughters tanned ass looked pale compared to Paul's black legs and cock. I saw her little brown hole winking at me, and a thought came to my head. I've done anal in the past, but I wasn't sure about Kelly. And now was as a good a time as any for her to experience it. I turned my head, and Joe kissed my cheek. I said softly "Look there, Joe. A white ass that could use a nice cock like yours in it." He stopped thrusting, looking at me with a surprised look on his face. I giggled, kissed his chin, and said "Go on, pull out of me and I'll go get some lube."

HE did, and boy did my cunt feel empty. I waddled down the hall to the bathroom, and entered it. I smirked at seeing Paul's clothes on the floor, remembering how this all had started, as I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed the tube of KY-jelly. Returning, I heard Kelly moan loudly, saying "Oh my, don't stop doing that."

Coming around the corner, there was Joe, on his knees behind Kelly, his hands on her tight round ass, pulling her cheeks apart, licking her bung home. I giggled, saying "He's getting you ready, dear."

She turned her head, asking "Ready for what?" I raised the tube up and showed her, and ere eyes bulged out, as she said "OH mother!"

I laughed, "Don't worry dear, we'll go nice and slow." as I got on my knees next to Joe. I grabbed his fingers, and pushed out some gel onto his fingertips. HE moved back from her as, making her whimper, her hips bucking a bit harder on Paul's shaft. Joe took his forefinger and gently rubbed some gel on the entrance to her shitter, then he pressed that finger into her butt. She groaned, but she didnít protest, as he worked his finger in up to his knuckle.

I asked "How's that feel, Kelly?"

She grunted out "Different."

I replied "Just you wait until he gets that cock of his in there." My words made her groan again, causing Joe to smirk. I turned to him, saying "Go ahead, work a second finger inside her ass." He did as he was told, and after a few minutes of him working a pair of fingers in and out of her anus, he eased a third in, getting all three in up to the second knuckle. She was grunting each time he shoved his fingers into her, but it wasn't a grunt from pain, thankfully. I nodded for him to proceed, and with his fingers still in her ass, he stood up, and straddled her hips. He pulled his fingers out of her ass, and placed the head of his cock at her butt hole. She yelped at first, when he sank just the head in, opening her asshole wide for the rest of his cock. And then slowly, he sank his cock into her bowels, making her hiss out between clenched teeth. When he was balls deep, I asked her "There. how's that feel?"

She rocked her hips, feeling both cocks wedged up inside of her, and she giggled, exclaiming "Not bad, mom."

I smiled, "Yeah, a good double fuck does feel great." I looked up at Joe, and said "Go ahead, fuck that ass."

It was poetry in motion, as I sat back and watched those two big, black cocks fuck my daughters hungry holes. And my daughter, when she wasn't grunting like a stuck slut, she was having very loud orgasms, as the boys played with her clit and tits. It took an hour for both boys to finally dump their loads into their respective holes. Joe pulled his cock out of her butt hole, covered with slime from her bowels. I chuckled, as he looked at it with disgust, saying "Go on, and get into the bathroom with that thing. Ain't no one here that's going to touch it until it's washed clean."

Kelly, even though she was quite exhausted, started laughing, as did Paul. I then came over to Paul and Kelly. Kelly lifted her body up and off of Paul's long, black shank, and I instantly grabbed it, pulling it into my mouth to lick it clean. Kelly, with a laugh, exclaimed, "God mom, you still want more?"

I stopped sucking, just long enough to declare, "Hell yeah! These are two fine young studs. Let's see if we can wear their black ass's off by morning!"

They all laughed, as I licked his meat clean of their cream. And just as I had hoped, that boy didn't loose a bit of rigidity, as I soon had him taking me from behind, his hands reaching up underneath me balling my hanging tits as he pounded my cunt with hard, long strokes. Joe came back into the room, and soon Kelly was sucking on his pecker, getting him back to a good, faceable condition. It soon became apparent that my daughter decided it was my turn to get a good ass fuck, for I found myself sitting on Paul's cock, up my ass mind you, as he sat on the couch, and Joe fucking my messy cunt. And in-between my many orgasms, I was trying to find a way in my mind of keeping these two excellent cunt busters around. By the time that we finally went to bed, me with Joe in mine, and Kelly taking Paul to hers, I had an idea. I drained Joe's last load at about four in the morning, before he finally fell to sleep, exhausted at what my body, and Kelly's did to him.

In the late morning, I went to see a friend. I've been visiting this park since I was a kid, so I knew a lot of people in the management of it. It didn't take much talking to get what I wanted. returning to my trailer, I fixed breakfast, and made an offer to the two. I told them who I visited this morning, and that they were to go for an interview for jobs, if they're interested. Paul was to get a job in security, and Joe in bookkeeping. I told them they could stay with us, for our own mutual pleasure of course, and that I would only charge them a bit for groceries. Kelly and I were pleased as punch when they accepted, and went and had their interviews. Of course they were hired right on the spot, and so we celebrated by having another night-long fuck session, not stopping until the crack of dawn.

The rest of the summer, they did an excellent job at the resort, and were asked to return next year. I'm sure they will, for they transferred to college in Indianapolis, and moved in with us, taking care of our needs on a full time basis. They even invited their friends down for a special party on a weekend in October, but we'll save that for another story.

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