Title: Plantation Stud Service
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: A woman is caught stealing from the plantation. The  owner makes
her pay him back by getting her and her twin daughters serviced by the 
biggest black men from the field. A night of non-stop sex, with the three
women getting their cunts and ass filled repeatedly by the black men. But, 
is it real? You'll have to read it to the end.
Keywords: Group, M/F, virgin, anal, inter

A door opens, and an older, heavy set white male enters, pulling a young black female by her hand. Not roughly, just hard enough to show he was boss. He gave out an order to her, saying "Go ahead Mollie. Get the boards set up for Isaac."

She went scurrying to the wall, saying "Yes Mistah Tucker."

He watched, as he admired her body, heavy with child, possibly his, as she first lit a kerosene lamp, illuminating the dark room. A low fire was burning in the fireplace, as he walked across the dusty floor, saying "Best if I get this built up some, as our guests may not be use to such a cool evening without coverings."

He piled some logs on the fire, as Mollie removed boards that were hanging on the wall. She set the first one up on some legs, and smiled, as she ran her hand across the top. It was covered with a sheep skin, soft to the touch of her hand, and she very well knew, to the bare flesh of a woman's body. She then set up the other two boards, as the door opened, and in walked five black men. Tucker turned his head, saying "Okay Ike, go ahead and take a seat. Your doe's will be here shortly."

The massive black man grinned, saying "Doe's sah?"

Tucker stood and turned, as he grinned, seeing the bright toothy smile of the big buck, "Yes, doe's. You've three for this evening. Thatís why Iíve rested you the last week."

Isaac chuckled, as he went to a bench along the wall, and took a seat. His four companions did likewise. They were about his age, but no where near his size. He stood well over six foot in height. And he pushed the scales to the breaking point. And he was all muscle. Something that all breeders of slaves looked for in a stud Negro.

The door opened again, and four figures came in. The last three were obviously female, what with the dresses they wore. A man in his early forties, slightly balding with brown hair, was pulling the women along with a rope, as he greeted Tucker with "Hey there Tuck. It looks like you're ready."

Tucker reached out with his right hand, and the two shook, as he greeted his client with "Sure am, Mister Matthew. I've rested my boys ever since you sent me your request." He looked past him at the three women, and let out a low, long whistle, adding "Well I'll be. White women."

Matthew snickered, as he pulled the women into the center of the room, for a better look over by the stud master. He said "Yes, they're white." Reaching out with his hand, he roughly grabbed the lead woman's chin, raising it, saying "This here is Margaret. She's my housekeeper. I caught her stealing from me. And, I found she had been doing it for years. These are her twin daughters, Hannah and Abigail. They're here to pay me back my producing me some good slave babies."

Tucker walked around them, admiring their long, blond curly hair. Each woman's hair hung down past their shoulders, as he ran his fingers through Margaret's. He glanced over to Isaac, and said "Hey Ike. It's probably been a while since you've had a white woman, huh?"

Ike chuckled, the sound of which reverberated off the walls of the cabin. All three women looked at him, with fright in their eyes, and Margaret looked at Matthew, her eyes pleading with him, without saying any words. Matthew laughed, saying "You agreed to this, bitch. Now you're going to go through with it."

Tucker, still not believing that these were the women asked Matthew, "Sir, are you sure about this."

Matthew roared with laughter, "Hell yeah man! I'm more than sure." He pulled Margaret towards the sitting Isaac, and with one swift jerk, he grabbed the front of her dress, ripping it down off her chest, revealing her round, soft breasts, as he said to Isaac, "You like this bitch, Ike?"

Isaac stood, towering over the white woman, smiling wickedly as he looked at her pale, bare breasts. As he reached up and cupped them with his hands, he said "Oh yeah, mastah Matthew. I like dis bitch."

Tucker laughed somewhat nervously, as he said "Master Matthew. Let Ike and his boys take care of them. We can have a seat and watch from over here."

Matthew stepped back, as he watched Isaac tear the dress off of Margaret, the big negro buck eyeing her naked flesh with lust in his eyes. He undid his belt, and dropped his trousers, his naked manhood hanging down, firm and rigid. Margaret eyes it, her mouth hanging open in shock, as she heard her two eighteen year-old daughters gasp as well.

With a roar of laughter Tucker exclaimed, "Look at that buck's cock. Already hard, it senses that their ripe belly's are ready to take his seed."

Matthew was in shock as well, upon seeing the giant black man's phallus, saying "My god! How big is that thing?"

Tucker said proudly "Twelve and a half inches long, and a good seven inches around. That shaft has gotten more of my niger girls pregnant than any other."

Isaac pushed Margaret backwards towards one of the boards that Mollie had set up, and with his strong arms, he pushed her onto her back. He worked a thick, black finger into her slit, and said "You dry, woman. That won't be no good." He looked over his shoulder, looking at Mollie, saying "Come here, Mollie. This white woman needs some licking."

Mollie hurried over, and got between the lily white legs of the laying woman. The bench was just high enough, that as Margaret laid on her back, her feet were on the floor, as Mollie knelt down, and proceeded to run her tongue up and down her slit. Margaret whimpered at the sensation, somewhat surprised at how her body responded, as the black womanís tongue felt so darn good on her sex. Isaac went to her head, and roughly slapped her face with his hard meat, saying "Get me cock wet, bitch. It'll feel better, once it's time." As he smiled, watching the woman's pale pink lips open to allow access for the head of his cock, he gave orders to the other black men, "Simon, you and the others get the girls ready."

The four other black men sprung to their feet, rushing the two twin sisters. The girls were trembling in fear, as they watched their mother sucking the long shaft of Isaac, while their clothes were roughly pulled off their young bodies. Soon they were as naked as their mother, and the Negroes were pawing their flesh, squeezing their firm, ripe melons, fingers wedging themselves into their birthing holes. As the two lone white men watched, Matthew asked "Will he be able to deposit his seed into each one?"

"Most definitely, Master Matthew." responded Tucker, "Why, I've seen him make as many as three deposits in an hour. And keep going for all night." Then, he raised his hand, and exclaimed, "And each deposit is huge, as you will see. If these ladies belly's are ripe, his seed will put a baby in them, I guarantee it."

Matthew, with a note of observation, stated, "And I'm sure the other four will be spilling their seed as well."

With a grin, Tucker confirmed his observation, saying "Oh yes sir. But not after each doe has been filled once by my Ike." He shook his head, "He's surely something to watch, Yes siree!"

Suddenly, the room was filled with the muffled cry of Margaret, as Mollie had done a very superb job of getting her cunt well lubricated. Mollie stood, her face wet with the juices of Margaret, as she grinned, saying "She ready, Ike."

Ike smiled, pulling his cock from between Margaret's lips, and he quickly was between her legs. He picked them up in his hands, and said to Mollie, "Put it in."

Mollie didn't say a word, as she grabbed his massive dong, and rubbed the head along the slit of her sex. The pubes of Margaret were shiny with wetness, as the lips guarding her hole parted. She groaned as Mollie worked the head inside her vagina, causing Ike to smile. He didn't waste any more time, as he lunged forward, burying his cock into the white woman, making her upper body lift up off the board, as she cried out loudly. She felt as if her whole body was on fire, as her vagina burned with the sudden expansion of it's walls. She could feel the head of his cock bust through her cervix, the air being forced out of her lungs.

Ike didn't waste any time letting her get use to his massive cock, as he started pumping her with fast, hard strokes, his eyes closed, a smile on his face, as he enjoyed the feeling of this white woman's body underneath him. Margaret's grunts and moans were soon muffled by one of the other Negroís as he unceremoniously shoved his hard cock into her open mouth. His shaft wasn't nearly as long as Isaac's, but it was enough to make her gag, as it slipped down her throat.

Mollie moved on to the next board, to Abigail, who had fear in her eyes as the young, black woman lowered her face to her sex, inhaling it and smiling, she said "You smell ready. But I'sa work you as good as ah did you momma." Mollie was in seventh heaven, enjoying taking part in the blackening of these women. And Abigail soon found she was bucking her hips on the board, her body enjoying what the black teen was doing to her. Ten minutes of fucking, and Margaret's body was responding. Isaac's big, fat cock was forcing her clit to ride his bone, sending flickers of sparks throughout her body. Sparks that were building to an explosion of lustfull enjoyment. And Isaac, he was grinning, feeling her hole respond to his non-stop pounding of her body. It was a short quiver at first, then, constant rippling along his shaft, her walls tensing up, then rippling again and again. She now had her legs wrapped about his waist, her hips meeting his thrusts with a bucking motion of her own.

His hands were on her tits, pawing them roughly, pulling the extended nipples hard, twisting them as well, when her body suddenly stiffened, and a loud, muffled wail could be heard coming from within her body, muffled by the black cock now spewing it's load down her throat. Isaac roared, as he thrust into her hard, his cock feeling like it was in a vise, as he pumped his healthy and virile load into her womb.

The cock in her mouth pulled out, and her body went limp, her legs, arms and hair hanging off the sides of the board, as Isaac pulled out, and moved to the next board. Mollie raised up, with Abigail still in the throes of an orgasm, not even seeing the hulking black man get between her legs, ready to take her virginity. As with Margaret, he held her legs up and out, with Mollie guiding the head of his massive fuck stick to her waiting, wet hole.

He showed no mercy, as he leaned into the young lady, her body tensing up at the sudden feeling of pain, as he busted through her hymen, making her cry out loudly at her deflowering. But soon, as with her mother, her body was responding with lust, while he grabbed her breasts roughly, bending down to suckle the hard, pink nipples as he thrust into her repeatedly. Matthew was watching, still in awe at the black man, rutting away like a bull, done with one, working on a second, and joyfully anticipating the third. And the third, Hannah, she was watching with trepidation. Amazed at what she was witnessing. The taking of her mother and twin, both fearful at first, but joining in the mating like passionate long time lovers.And soon, she had to contend with Mollie, as the black girl took to licking Hannah's sweet sex.

And Abigail, her response was amazing, as she locked her legs around the buck, and reached up and grabbed his broad shoulders, raising herself up, making her body's own weight fuck his cock . She was delirious with desire, feeling his cock busting the walls of her fired up cunt, the fertile egg inside of her desiring some potent black sperm. And when she came, her loud scream was deafening to all, but all the inspiring to Isaac, as he grunted, blasting her womb with his seed.

By now, Mollie had done her job with the last woman, Hannah, who was writhing in ecstasy on her own board, her body waiting for her turn to accept this big black man's large tool. And Isaac, he didn't wait for the shuddering Abigail to settle down, pulling his cock from her hole with an obscene sounding popping noise, as he moved over to the prone body of Hannah.

Matthew had a better view with this one, directly behind Isaac, he watched as Mollie's little hands gripped his meat, guiding the ebony shaft to the white pussy of Hannah. As with the other two, he shoved his log in, but was surprised at the reaction of Hannah, who jumped at first, but moaned with delight. Tucker chuckled, saying "Damn, she's more than receptive, isn't she?"

With Isaac starting to fuck away, Matthew replied "Yes, she sure did seem to accept it easily."

And all were in shock, as Hannah raised her legs, placing her ankles on Ike's shoulders, ordering him "Oh god, harder!"

Ike laughed, asking "Harder?"

She raised her head, screaming through clenched teeth "Yes, you nigger! HARDER!"

And so he did, and the harder he pounded her hole with his cock, the louder her grunts and moans became. Matthew looked at the other two women, both now stuffed with cock from the other black men. And both moving their hips as if they were enjoying it, which they very much were. The air in the small cabin was filled with the smell of wood smoke, sweat and sex, as the air temperature rose fast.

Tucker called over to Mollie, saying "Come her, you little bitch."

Mollie went to his feet, but he grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her dress up over her head. As he played with her round, milk filled breasts, he said to Matthew, "You want some of this, sir?"

Matthew smiled, as he reached over and grabbed Mollie by the arm, making her giggle as he pulled her to in front of him. "It's always nice to fuck a good, young negro woman, Tucker. Especially one that's pregnant." He rose just enough to get his pants undone and pushed down his legs, his hard cock sticking straight up in the air. Mollie smiled, as she grabbed his white cock, and turned around. She sighed as she sat down on his lap, her cunt swallowing his meat, making him groan. "Damn Tucker, she sure is tight for being with child."

Tucker laughed, saying "Well, after you do her, you should try her ass. It's really good, and she loves it."

Matthew looked over at the three white women, Isaac was almost done, as Hannah thrashed about underneath him. His body was now on top of hers, pinning her to the board, his hips moving rapidly up and down as he pummeled her birthing tube with his log. A devilish grin came to his face, as he checked out the other two, now with different males fucking them hard. "Hay Tucker," Matthew said, as his hands reached around and groped Mollie's dark brown boobies, "Maybe those niggah's would like to do these whore's ass's too?"

Tucker laughed, "Hell yeah, they'll enjoy it. But let's give them a few go rounds with them. We want to make sure there's enough black man's seed in 'em first."

Matthew chuckled, as Mollie worked his cock with her cunt. A few seconds later, he closed his eyes, and groaned, as he sprayed her inside with his cum. Once she felt his cock was done spurting, she stood and turned around, keeping her legs closed as she bent her body at the waist and cleaned his spent cock with her mouth. She was about done, when Tucker said "Hey Mollie, go give those white bitch's a taste of your sloppy brown sugar."

She grinned, and stood and walked over to the head of Margaret. Ike was back inside of her, fucking long and slow. She was grunting with each thrust, her mind and body enjoying what the big black cock was doing to her. The other two black men that had emptied their balls in her were okay, but this one, she was lost in continuous orgasms, not even noticing, or caring when Mollie straddled her head, lowering her freshly fucked black cunt to her lips. Margaret smelled it first, the pungent odor of another female pussy, one that had just been fucked as well. Her lips opened as she felt the wiry pubes rubbing her face, and globs of Matthew's cum dripped into her open mouth. She stuck her tongue out, finding the black girls hole, wiggling it up inside the pregnant girl.

A broad smile came to Mollie's face, as she said softly "Oh, shoot. You do good, white lady."

Isaac leaned forward, and started suckling on Mollie's left, hard nipple. She put her hands on the back of her head, pulling his face tightly to her breast, enjoying the feeling of his black lips and her white ones as they worked her body to a heightened arousal. Abigail was laying on her back next to her mother on the other board, her face tuned towards her mother, watching as the black couple enjoyed her body. And she licked her lips, wondering if she could enjoy the same. The four other black men were standing over the other two, pulling the nipples of each, waiting for their cocks to get hard once more so they could dip into these hot, white females.

And Hannah, she was passed out cold, her body already over fucked, thanks to Ike's big pecker. Ike was still smarting, and the teeth marks on his right shoulder showed where she bit down on him, as she had the biggest orgasm of her young life, just as he emptied his balls into her womb. Ike was looking forward to taking that one again, she showed so much passion, wanting it harder and harder, as he screwed her tight body. Finally, Ike groaned, just as Mollie cried out, signaling both were satisfied with what Margaret had to offer.

Pulling his massive black pole from Margaret's abused cunt, he shafted his uncircumcised cock, knowing it was going to get to taste the pussy's of these white sluts some more. But he was thirsty, as he took a seat, picking up a jug and taking a hard swig.

Matthew asked "Them corn squeezin's?"

Tucker replied "Help you self sah."

He stood and walked over to Isaac, who handed him the jug. He raised it to his lips and took a big gulp, feeling the burn of the alcohol as it slid down his throat. He then went to each of the women, pouring some down their throat, making them all gag when the fluid went into their mouths. And after Hannah, who was now sort of awake, swallowed, he pulled his crusty cock out, and stuck it into her mouth, letting her suck his tool. One of the black men came over, hard cock in hand, and easily slid into her warm fucked up cunt. Matthew could feel the young lady grunt, each time the negro bottomed out, his balls slapping her ass.

With his cock rejuvenated, Matthew went to Mollie, and he sat down in the chair. He leaned back, guiding his tool to her anus, as she lowered her body down on to him, a smile on her face. He looked over to Tucker, and winked, asking him, "Can she take two?"

He didn't bother answering him, as Tucker laughed, stood up and came over to the couple, dropped his trousers, and shoved his cock into her cunt. She grunted, and smiled, enjoying the feeling of two hard cocks inside her preggie body. Over her shoulder, Matthew could see that all three women were now once again stuffed with cock, and from the slow action of the negro's, it was going to be a while. For thirty minutes, each colored boy fucked away, before they were through, and were replaced by another, moving around and taking turns shoving a cock into a warm, and by now very willing pussy.

Underneath each of the boards, a large puddle of sticky white cum was forming, dripping out of the women as the cocks forced the sperm out. Each thrust in, cum would bubble out around their ebony shaft, a white foam, as it splattered at times. All three had their pubic hair mated down with cum, and they were covered with sweat, not to mention red marks, where the men would slap their skin, or pinch the women, especially the breasts, which had welts on them from being abused so much.

Two hours later, the men had taken two more rounds, each filling the white pussies twice each. And Matthew even got to dump a second load deep inside Mollie's bowels, his cock inspired by the erotic debauchery in front of him. It was break time, as Mollie took buckets of water, and dousing the women's sex with them, washing the spent cum off their bodies. Matthew looked at Tucker, a questioning look on his face, and Tucker explained, "The bitchís get too loose That cold water will tighten those holes right back up, making the boys fuck better."

Matthew grinned, as he reached over and pulled Mollie back to his lap, letting her get her cunt wrapped around his shaft, as he mentioned "Don't you think they might want to try their butt's now?"

Tucker roared with laughter, saying "Ike, you get onto a board, and get one of those tramps on top of you, let the others fuck their poop shoots."

Chuckling, Ike went to Margaret, and lifted her effortlessly, He then sat on the board, and pulled her to above his cock. She wasn't all there, unsure where she was, and had no idea what was about to happen. The men had been giving them all more of the alcohol, and her mind was in a fog, as she felt the big, black cock going up inside her. She smiled, enjoying the feeling. The cold water, she somewhat remembered it, but like her daughters, she barely even jumped. Not like what her body did, as Isaac pulled the cheeks of her ass apart, and a hard cockhead was forced into her anus. She cried out involuntarily, a pain shooting through her, as well as pleasure. She was panting heavily, as more and more cock was thrust into her ass, riding over the one in her cunt.

She buried her face into Isaac's muscular black shoulder, as she felt the cock in her ass withdraw half way, then slam back inside, making her grunt and groan. Soon, the black guy in her ass was pumping away, as Isaac sucked on her tits, and she could feel a warm and wonderful sensation run through her body. It wasn't long before she was wailing, as a huge orgasm ripped through her body, her anus and cunt clamping down on the invading cocks, causing both to dump a load inside of her.

Isaac wasted no time, as he made the guy pull out of her ass, and he dumped her onto the dirty floor. One of the other black guys came over, and as she laid on her belly, he pulled her hips up, and thrusted his cock into her cunt, and proceeded to fuck her on the floor. Ike had by now had moved on to Abigail, who was whimpering away. She had seen what had just happened to her mother, as she closed her eyes once her cunt had settled down with Ike's big cock stuck up inside of her. Another negro male was behind her, and her loud shriek was deafening, as he impaled her, shoving his meat in all the way on one, hard stroke.

But like her mother, her body responded to the double penetration, as she was moving her hips, enjoying the ride these two ebony shafts were having with her body. It was a longer time for Isaac this time, as the one in her ass came, drenching her bowels. He pulled out of her ass, and another took his place. And twenty minutes later, both he and Isaac groaned, spraying Abigail's pooper and cunt with their cream.

Just like he had done with Margaret, he did with her, as he pushed her off, she landing on the floor on her back. A rejuvenated buck was soon on top of her, shoving his meat into her hungry hole, as she moaned underneath. Ike didn't have to worry about Hannah. She was looking forward to this. She watched as first her mother, then her twin, had their ass's busted by black cock, and now it was her turn. She was on her unsteady feet, waiting impatiently for Isaac to lay down on the board. He was smiling as she jumped onto his pole, and looked behind her, wiggling her ass to invite the next buck to plug her butt.

But there was no one available at the moment, as a sad frown came to her face. But Matthew, he burst out laughing at the scene, as he rose to his feet, hard cock in hand, as he said "Well by heck, I might as well fuck your ass, Hannah. Seeing that you want it so badly. She smiled, and turned her attention back to Isaac, lowering her face to his, and kissed his black lips. Isaac easily darted his tongue inside the young ladies mouth, where she sucked on it, a she felt Matthew's hands on her hips, and the hard head of his cock probing her ass. She grunted when she felt it enter her. Just the head, and it felt wonderful to her. It felt like fire to her, and she moved her hips back, forcing more of him inside of her. He was surprised at this action, but he smiled, and lunged forward, burying his cock inside her ass. His white balls slapped against Isaac's black cock, and that started the long, slow double screw of Hannah.

Her orgasms were plenty during the next thirty minutes, as the two men drilling her fucked her at their leisure. And when they finally came, it was with a roar from both their mouths, as she too wailed, enjoying the feeling of two spurting cocks in her body. As Matthew pulled out, he exclaimed, "As your belly grows bitch, I'm goina plug your butt as often as I can."

She looked over her shoulder, grinning as she replied "I sure hope so, sir."

He turned to Tucker, as he pulled his soiled cock from her ass, saying "Hey Tucker, come over here and try her out."

With a big grin on his face, Tucker stood and walked over. Isaac stood, and dropped the girl in the floor, making her moan at the sudden loss of his big cock in her hole. But Tucker soon had his pecker between the cheeks of her small round ass, and she grunted happily as he started corn holing her with swift short strokes.

The men didn't stop fucking until well after sunrise the next morning, plugging the white cunts and bung holes, overfilling them with their black seed. When even Isaac couldn't get it up no more, Matthew finally decided that it was time to go, Matthew pulled out a wad of money, handing it to Tucker, saying "This ought to cover it."

Tucker smiled, as the negro men and Mollie wrapped blankets around the over fucked white women, saying "Thanks Master Matthew."

A car pulls into the long drive. A hundred feet and he stops in a wide area in front of a large, rural mansion. The driver door opens and a man get out. He stands almost six-four in height, and is well built for his early forty years of age. Slightly balding, with brown hair, after closing the door, he smiles, as he carries a brief case, while he walks up to the front door in the massive entrance way. A swipe of a card, and he hears the bolts unlock the door, and he enters the place. He takes off his coat and tosses it on a hook, and taking the briefcase, he walks out of an alcove, into a large, spacious entry hall. A left turn, and he casually strolls into a room filled with couches, with a large, sixty-inch plasma television on the far wall. A scene was on it, causing him to stop and smile. A large black man was pounding his equally large manhood in and out of a small, delicate looking blonde haired lady. She had breasts that were to die for, as they jiggled with each stroke the black man was thrusting into her.

He smiled, as he went on out of that room, and into the next. It too was filled with couches and over stuffed chairs, one which was occupied by a lady. Her long, blonde hair flowed down over her shoulders, full of curls, as she lifted her head, and smiled. She looked a lot like the lady in the movie in the other room, only a generation older, as she spoke, asking "How was your trip, Matthew?"

He grinned, "Fine, I have something here for you, Margaret."

Opening up the briefcase, he pulled out a VCR tape, and she gleefully said "Oh good, it's done."

He chuckled, "Yes, the distributor already has it on the internet. It has had record sales the first day." A slight pause, as he asked "I see your girls are enjoying their sexual freedom."

With a devilish grin, she spoke, saying "Yes, that's a live feed from their bedroom. We hired a new gardener while you were away."

Matthew laughed loudly, "And I'm sure they're enjoying how he plants his seed."

She grinned, "Your step-daughters are so very much pleased with him." She stood, the blanket falling off her body, revealing her healthy breasts, and her slender waist. She added as they hugged, "And pleased with this tape, as well. I'm so glad that they enjoyed doing this for me."

He laughed, "Well, it was your fantasy."

She kissed his lips, "Yes, it was. But for them to go along with it. Why, I was very much surprised at how well they took to all that sex. And I am glad we are on birth control, considering the amount of cum those men pumped into us."

"Good thing, or the fantasy would have had a unique consequence." As he chuckled, he said "I guess they have their mothers perversions as well as her great looks, huh?" He took her hand, and they walked toward an archway. leading into the next room, as he said "Oh, and Isaac and the boys say hello. They thoroughly enjoyed the viewing of the film, as well as the partaking of the actual event."

A delightfully sexual laugh escaped her lips, "Yes, and it sure felt like they did. My pussy is still sore from them, and it's been two weeks." Another chuckle from him, as they entered another room, with her saying "Now, about our next fantasy."

"Our?" he asked.

She smiled, "Yes, my twin daughters and I. We were wondering if you would be interested in one with a medieval flair."

"You want it as a chivalry event, or maybe some barbarian invaders?"

"Will you be a barbarian?" she asked, smiling wistfully.

He nodded, "Of course, if you wish."

She squeezed his hand as they walked, saying "I can hardly wait."

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