Adoption Of My Daughters and I Into the Tribe

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Title: The Tribal Adoption of My Daughters and I- M/F M+/Ffff, gangbang, Interracial
Summary: My husband and I moved to Africa with our three daughters to run a corporate farm. But when he died, I decided to have the tribe adopt us as their women. The celebration was a wonderful time.
Keywords:  M/F M+/F, voyeur, gangbang, Interracial

I had been watching for a month now. The curiosity of my three daughters, the lustful glares of my farm hands. And I knew it was bound to happen. We were miles from other white people, fifty-seven actually, and I've heard that once it starts, thereís no going back. It wouldn't have been bad if Jack wouldn't have gotten himself killed four months before, leaving me to run the ranch. We've only been here for two years, here being a distant African country, where Jack answered an add for a family to run and operate fifty thousand acres of farm, consisting of crops and livestock. Luckily, I was the one that took care of the financial operations of the place, while Jack did the normal day to day routine of running the place. We've sixteen employees, all African, and all male.

I really didn't want to go back to Canada, I mean, this place is paradise. No frigid winters to speak of, and the scenery is beautiful. Sure, there are wild animals to worry about, but that's why we all carry weapons, even my girls. My fully blossomed girls. All have reached their mature figures, all with healthy breasts, and with bodies that make the males drool. Just like momma did when she was their age. I've matured a bit now, what with having birthed three children, I've a butt on me that's a bit bigger than I want, which have my hips a bit big as well. But I've not much of a belly, and my waist line looks great!

I do have one friend amongst my workers, that being Josef. He towers over my five-six frame, his body wide, muscled and black, a few years younger than I. He, right from the start, runs things. He even knew more than Jack, but he doesn't have the planning skills that I have. That's why once Jack died, the corporation asked me to stay, and see if I still could operate the place. I agreed, although I knew it would come to this. But then, my plans called for it. It only took me a short while to devise it, after all, with no man, I too was longing for the touch of one. Any one!

It was a normal Monday morning, as Josef and I had our normal weekly meeting with our staff. After assignments were handed out, and they all left, I turned to Josef, and said "Josef, I need to see you in my office."

He said "Yes, Ms Elli." as I turned to walked inside the main house, with him following me. The girls were cleaning up in the kitchen, and as I passed them, I said "Ladies, when you're done with the kitchen, please go change the bed linens in the boys house."

My oldest replied without any emotion, "Yes Momma.", for this was a normal routine for every Monday. One of their assignments on the first day of the week, was once the boys were sent to the fields, they were to clean their house up, starting with the bed linens. Then they were to work on our house, all seven bedrooms, taking time out for preparing lunch and dinner for us and our employees. Once in my office, I brought up some things that needed attended to, glancing out the window from time to time, dragging this meeting on until I saw my girls head across the compound towards the men's house.

I saw Josef's face, one of slight bewilderment, wondering why the sudden closed door meeting, when we really didn't discuss anything of importance. I finally said "Josef, what do you think of this situation?"

"Pardon, Miss Elli?" He asked, "What you mean?"

I smiled, and after I chuckled, I sad "I mean Josef, you, and your co-workers. working in such close proximity to four white females."

He grinned, saying "It's pleasing to the eye, Miss Elli."

"Yes, I'm sure it is." I said wryly, "But, I've an offer for you."

"An offer, Ma'm?"

I cleared my throat, "Yes, my daughters and I, to you and the men."

He looked puzzled at first, then his eyes got big, and he laughed with a perverted laugh, saying "You mean, we like to get to..."

He didn't finish, as I said "With strings attached, of course."

"What kind of strings?" he asked.

I smiled, and stood up, coming around my desk slowly, saying "Why do you think they've kept me here at the ranch?"

He laughed, "Because, you know how to manage it, Miss Ella."

"Exactly!" I stated, "And if I somehow mismanage it, what do you think might happen?"

Snorting, he replied, "We would all probably loose our jobs."

"That is probably correct, Josef. That's why we need to work together." I stated. "And, that's why I'm offering up us to you and the men. To maintain a normal work environment, to get rid of the lust. And what better way to get rid of the lust, than to have normal sexual relations between us females and the male workforce."

He swallowed hard, a nervous look on his face, probably wondering if I was for real or not, and he asked "So, how we going to do this?"

"There are sixteen of you, each night, Monday through Thursday, four of you will be spending the night with one of us. On Saturday's, we're available for all. Friday and Sunday's, we're off limits." I then picked up a sheet of paper, and handed it to him, saying "And this, is my plan on what we require, in regards to work and pay functions." He started reading it, and let out a low whistle, and I chuckled, "Yes, a bit demanding, but I'm sure you can convince the guys to go along."

"When do we start?" he asked.

I smiled, as I walked to him, unbuttoning my blouse, saying "For me, right now." He stood up, and put his big black hands on my waist, as I pulled the blouse off my shoulders, a big toothy grin on his face as he looked at my tits, still hiding behind my flimsy white lace bra. "You like what you see, Josef?"

He chuckled, moving his hands up, covering my boobs and giving them a hard squeeze, saying "Yes, I do at that."

I reached up and pulled his face to mine, and I kissed his lips, they opened and I stuck my tongue into his mouth, doing a tango with his tongue as his hands found the front clasp of the bra and I felt the warm morning air meeting my bare, white skin. As we kissed, I moved my hands down to his jeans, and deftly undid them, pulling them down as I started to drop down to my knees. I smiled when I saw it, his long, ebony shaft, as it was filling with blood while I gazed upon it, before taking my hands and wrapping my fingers around the shaft, my mouth opening up and I took the musky head between my lips. He groaned as I swirled my tongue around his velvety head, savoring the first droplets of pre-cum as soon as they hit my tongue, making me hot with desire. I was quickly taken by surprise at how big he grew too, his pecker was almost too big for my mouth, as I bathed it with my tongue and mouth, making it shiny as I jerked on it with my hands. And those balls of his, were even almost too big for my little white palms, as I wondered how much cream he would be pumping into me each time he would have his way with me.

His massive dong was throbbing, and I knew he was having trouble controlling his urge to dump his seed into my mouth. I wanted to taste it, so I wasn't about to allow him the privilege of taking my cunt just yet, as I sucked voraciously on his cock, until I was finally rewarded with the sound of his animistic grunts as his cock spewed it's tasty treat into my mouth. The volume of it was almost overwhelming, as I tried to swallow it all, but could not, as some dribbled out of the corners of my mouth and onto my bare white breasts. His cock was settling down, as was he, when I let his meat drop from my mouth. I stood up, lifted my skirt up and pushed my panties down below my knees, letting them fall to the floor where I stepped out of them. I then held my skirt up at my waist, leaned back absent the desk and asked Josef, "Well Josef, you ever seen white woman's cunt before?"

He was breathing heavily, catching his breath from just pumping my mouth with his cream. Reaching out with his big black hand, he pushed the left pussy lip back, saying "No, I hadn't." He nodded and smiled a big smile, as he stroked his meat with his free hand, adding "And it's a pleasant site to see."

"Do you think I'm wet enough for you're cock, Josef?"

He slipped a finger into my hole, and I felt a wonderful tingling sensation, and while he wiggled his digit up inside of my wet cunt, he replied, "I'll get it wet enough, Elli.", as he went down to one knee, and put his face into my crotch. I moaned as I let my head fall back, feeling his long thick tongue work over my sex. This buck's done this before, as he expertly licked away on my clit, driving me insane with passion. And just before I was about to cum, he stopped, stood and shoved his mighty cock up inside my willing cunt, and my mind exploded, with his mouth on mine he muffled my wail, as my cunt felt like it was being happily torn apart.

Josef fucked me good, for thirty minutes, before he finally made one final lunge, his hard throbbing cock emptying inside of my womb, as I moaned in sheer ecstasy. Yes, he's a talented lover. I'm hoping his co-workers are just as good with me and my daughters. I finished the morning activities by cleaning his cock with my hungry mouth, before I sent him on his way. I immediately went to my room, where I showered, trying in vain to get all of his black seed out of my cunt.

For the rest of the day, I had a smile on my face, my loins temporarily sated at having been pleasured by Josef's big black shaft. I said temporarily, for now that it had a taste, it was wanting more. I've always been like that, really. Ever since I first lost my virginity, I enjoyed it then, and enjoyed it every time after that. There's nothing like a good fucking to make me happy. And, I now had sixteen men to do it with. Did the thought scare me? Not in the least. I was wanting it, and I was wanting it for my girls as well. None of the three had experienced sex yet, for I've kept them sheltered some what. Why? I don't know. Motherly protection, I suppose. But now, it was time. And, I was wanting to do it in a grand way. All three of my daughters are shapely things, with heavy breasts, and wide hips. Their flat tummy's won't be flat for long, though. Not with all that black meat pumping their seed into their fertile white cunts. Yes, there was more than a chance of them getting knocked up. It was inevitable, actually. In reality, that was part of my plan. My babies and I were to be knocked up, and knocked up good.

With a smile, and thinking of how our white bellies would grow from being black seeded, I resumed my daily chores. I was walking back to my office after lunch, when Josef asked me, "Miss Elli, may I talk to you." He looked around, "In private."

I was a bit miffed at first, as I said in a rather disgusted voice, "Yes, Josef. In my office." I was expecting him to want to have his way with me once again, as we entered with him behind me, and I turned as he closed the door. I leaned back against my desk, asking dryly, "What is it, Josef? Once isn't enough to convince you?"

He had a stunned look on his face, then he broke out in a smile, as he said "Oh no, Miss Elli. I'm not here to have sex."

I was stunned, as I said "Oh, sorry." I cleared my throat, and asked in a more hospitable voice, "So then, is there something wrong?"

He sighed, "Well, yes and no, Miss Elli. I mean, this morning, it was good. And I enjoy the idea of doing it often, with you and your beautiful daughters."

I didn't let him finish, for I thought he was trying to tell me he wasn't wanting to go through with it, as I said "But you decided this idea of mine is not good."

He shook his head, "No, I love the idea, but, Iíve been thinking. I, and I'm sure most of the men, Miss Elli, that we do this in a way to make it more, well, meaningful."

Okay, I was puzzled, as I asked curiously "Meaningful? How?"

"Well Miss Elli, you want us to become your men, right?"

"Yes, of course." I replied.

"Well, I think it would work best if us men make you ladies our women, part of our tribe." he said, with a nervous smile on his face.

Okay, my interest was piqued here, as I asked "What do you have in mind, Josef?"

"A ceremonial event. We have many customs, Miss Elli. I'm sure if I talk to some of the elders of my tribe that we can find the appropriate way to do this.", he stated.

All I could say was "Interesting." I had my arms crossed across my chest, and I let them drop to my side, putting my hands on the desk behind me, as I asked "And what would this celebration feature? There won't be any more men other than the ones here, I hope."

He laughed, "No, just us sixteen men. I'm sure that will be plenty to keep your appetite filled."

I smiled slightly, saying "Perhaps.", in response, causing him to smile broader.

He cheerfully said "Let me plan this out, Miss Elli. And I'll let you know what we can do."

I moved to him, put my arms about his waist, and said "You do that, Josef. I believe I'll be enjoying this celebration immensely." He just laughed, and we kissed, before he turned and left my office.

I had no idea what was in store, other than maybe a lot of sex, as a few days went by. Josef did leave for two days, with my permission, and I didn't ask him how his day off went. Another week, and he was gone again for two days, arriving late in the day, just before dinner time. As we ate, I asked him how his trip went, and he replied it went well, and he'd tell me in my office after we were through. No one caught on to this, thinking that I had sent him on a business trip, which I have in the past.

I was in my office when he knocked and I smiled, signaling him to come inside. He shut the door and took a seat on the other side of my desk, as I asked in an excited voice, "Well, Josef, what did you find out?"

the big black man was beaming, as he said "We will have a ceremony to bring you and your girls into our tribe."

I said "Great! And then what?"

He asked in a rather subdued voice, "What would you think of us men taking you women as part of the ceremony?"

With a big and happy smile, I announced, "I'd love it!"

"Will you tell them before hand?" he asked.

"That their virginity will be taken? No." I thought for a second, and asked "However, how will we do this that will make my girls, well, willing?"

He laughed, "We've a drink, a local drink, that we can give you and the girls. It's sweet to the tongue, and numbing to the mind, but makes a woman want to have sex. After we start, you and the girls will be wishing that we will never stop."

"Good, Josef." I said, "Now, when?"

"When would you like?" he asked.

I picked up a desk calendar, and looked at it. "Josef, I'll have to get back to you, for I need to know when all four of us are available at the same time for this event."

"Understandable, Miss Elli." he said.

"Anything else, Josef?"

"Oh, a few things more. There will be a tribal elder, sort of like a medicine man, and a few drummers. Plus, I'll have a group of our tribal women here to get you and your daughters ready."

I was a bit confused, as I asked "Get us ready? How?"

"To wear our traditional attire, Miss Elli."

"I see.....does this mean we'll be wearing next to nothing?"

Laughing, he replied "But of course."

"This should be fun, Josef."

"I'll need to set things up a few days ahead of time, for you and the girls, for the feast and then the ceremony."

"Just let me know what you need, Josef.", was all I said, as he then stood and left my office. Okay, I need to get some information. No problem, as I went around and asked my girls the history of their last three periods. I told them it was for the medical records. Once I had the results, I looked it over. Della is a good week before me, Kate starts a few days before mine begins, and Betty, hers starts a few days after mine ends. My last one ended ten days ago, just before I had sex with Josef. So, Della should be starting in a few days, meaning that we couldn't do anything for at least three weeks. So, the first weekend after the three weeks are up, that would be the best time. And looking at the calendar, if my calculations are correct, Della and Kate will be around their peak reproductive time. This could be a very fruitful ceremony, in the end.

I informed Josef of when, and also to not tell the men until the morning of the event. However, he gave me the suggestion of the ladies of his tribe coming over the night before to get us ready, and that the men would know something was up, as they would be preparing the grounds for the event. I hadn't a clue as to what he meant by that, but told him to go ahead and inform them when he deems it appropriate. He also informed me that the men would be taking their meals away from the women, as part of the ceremony. And, for the next three weeks, I did a good job of hiding what was to become of my daughters and I on the special weekend. Normally on a weekend, the men would do minimal work, and Josef made sure that none were to work on this day, save for some morning chores, and some later in the evening. On Wednesday before the event, the men were absent from our dining room, and of course the girls asked why. I cheerfully told them that this weekend, we were to be adapted into their tribe. And this was part of the upcoming celebration, where the men ate separate and were not allowed to be near us for more than forty-eight hours. On Thursday, right after lunch, Josef left for his village, returning by dinner time with two other vehicles behind him carrying four men, with drums, and six women. They set about the place early on Friday. The women setting up what looked to be chairs in the courtyard, four of them, lined up side by side, covered with animal skins of Zebra and Lion. My girls, every chance they got, they were taking a look to see what was being done.

It was after dinner that Friday night that the women came into our home. All were naked from the waist up, wearing very fancy head dress's, with necklaces of bone and ivory. Each were wearing loin clothes which covered their crotches. Their dark skin seemed to glow, as the oldest one looked at me, saying "We're here to get you and your daughters ready." I didn't realize it, but the women, they took charge, deciding that the ceremony should begin this evening.

I smiled, turned to my girls, saying "Okay, do whatever the woman says. Do not disobey. Understand?"

They nodded their heads in understanding, and four of the women came forward, each holding a wooden cup. A fifth lady came along and poured a liquid into the cups, one by one, as the priestess, I guess that's what she was, started chanting in her native tongue. My girls were fidgeting somewhat, as I led by example, taking the cup when it was offered and drinking it. It was a sweet drink, I couldn't place it, but it had a kick to it as it went down my throat. She kept on chanting, as each of us finished our cups, and were offered a second round as well. We were still standing, but I was beginning to feel weak in the knees, and it was about then that the priestess smiled, and guided me to a sitting position on the floor. My girls were also guided down onto their bare behinds, all four of us crossing our legs, our hands on our laps. A woman came to each of us, and they each held a bag. They reached into it and pulled their hand out, and began to coat our pale white skin with some sort of lubricant.

I couldn't describe the smell, as although it was sweet, it was overpoweringly strong. It sure did open my nasal passages, and I was quite happy to see my girls did not try to prevent the women from doing our arms. Another cup of drink, and we were then put on our backs. Some sort of large leaf was placed over my eyes, as the woman's hands worked my flesh, starting at my toes, and working up to my hips. My genitalia was ignored, as my stomach was soon covered, and then my breasts. I heard myself moan as she kneaded my tit flesh, a moan of actually enjoying her feminine touch.

A soft voice whispered into my ear, in her native language, in a soothing tone, as she had her palms on my shoulders, pinning me down. Another pair of hands were now at my groin, and I felt the lotion now being worked around the inside of my thighs, then along the outside of my pussy lips. Fingers parted those, and I gasped, as I felt my lips being massaged. I heard myself whimper when they left that sensitive area, and then hands were all over me, gently caressing my naked flesh. My legs were parted a bit, and I felt a hard object at the entrance to my vagina. It was being inserted inside of me, and I groaned as my body accepted it. It was some sort of dildo, for there was no weight on top of me, and one it was all the way in, I felt the hand of whoever was holding it inside of me, pumping and turning it at a slow pace, driving me close to an orgasm. I heard Betty first, then Della, as both cried out, a long wail announcing their first orgasm, I soon followed, hearing my oldest girl Kate joining in with the chorus.

My body was shuddering, and I felt some liquid, not much, being dropped onto my lips, as I opened them and allowed some more to enter. Same liquid as before, and I felt sort of numb, not sensing that I could move...or want too. I felt something being covered over me, and realized that the object that was put into my cunt was still there. I could hear the girls moaning, and I guess so was I. It seemed only my upper body was covered, and I felt hands working on my lower body. No, not massaging, more like something was being put on me. A rope? I wasn't sure, but something was placed directly over my clitoris, and as whatever was wrapped around my waist and between my legs was tightened up, I moaned a very happy moan, as it rubbed my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body. My body was soon covered completely, and I could hear above the chanting from the women the sound of a lot of footsteps. Strong, masculine hands worked underneath me, and I felt myself being lifted up. I felt as if I was floating, and the sound of my daughters moans slowly drifted away, but I was sure I was being carried, and the feel of the warm African night air could be felt on my bare backside.

I could only hear one woman chanting now, more like singing, and I felt myself being lowered down. My body felt the warm sensation of a thick padding, as I was in some sort of sitting position. I knew I was in those chairs I saw that were set up, and now that I was in one, it felt like no other chair I'd ever been in. My back was at an angle to the ground, and my knees were up, spread wide, very wide. There was just the singing from the lone woman, as I could also hear my daughters being carried out, one by one. I could sense a fire by the smell of it's smoke, and the heat could be felt on my skin, informing me that it was nearby, behind me actually, and a smaller one in front of me, for my feet felt warm.

The drumming, it had fallen silent, but I had no idea when. But now, it began again, and the woman, she was joined in her singing by more women. But, they would sing for a bit, and I could hear the men, dancing all around, from the sound of their ragged footsteps, sing in response. It was a calling, it seemed, the women calling for each other. One woman was singing next to me, and I felt her get close, and then the feeling of her hands on my cheeks, before she removed the leaf from my face. The women, one in each in from of my daughters and I, were holding cups, which I was correct in assuming were of the same liquid from before. I was surprised, yet very happy, to see we were seated in a circle, at the four points of a compass, Kate across from me, Betty to my right, and Della to my left. I could watch all three of my girls as they were taken.

The drumming, every beat, made the stone on top of my clit to vibrate, filling me with desire, as the walls of my cunt worked that object that was still stuck inside of me. I looked at my girls, all covered still from he neck down, leaning back in their seats, and like I, knees elevated and legs spread wide. I could see the men, dancing around us, outside the circle, while the women, they danced in position, within arms reach of us, save for the priestess, she danced around, calling out in long chanting song. After a while, the priestess came around, and tied pendants around each of our necks. I couldn't move, as whatever they gave us had caused me to not be able to. Objects were put in our hands, and tied into them. I saw an animal horn of a gazelle in my right, and the claw of a big cat in my left.

The animal skin was taken off our bodies next, and I took the sight in of my girls, their white bodies glistening from the coating o whatever was rubbed into our bodies, their young, firm breasts pushed up, and held there, by a string that was wrapped about their chest. Looking down, I could see mine were tied up as well. I don't remember it being down, but it had been. The pendant, it hung down between my breasts, as did the ones on my girls. It sparkled in the fire light, and I realized it was a diamond, making me shiver.

It wasn't long, and men, not more than four at a time, would come dance in the circle. I watched mesmerized, as one took a sip from the cup, came to me, and put his mouth on mine, passing the intoxicating liquid into my mouth, which I swallowed eagerly. He stepped back, and I looked down, seeing his swaying cock, primed and ready to enter one of us women. Looking around, all the men were erect, showing their arousal. Other men would do the same, passing the liquid from their mouth to the mouths of my daughters and I.

I heard whimpering from my left, and looked to see Della, her head arched back, her hips bucking on the object in her tight cunt. The priestess walked over to her, calling out to the sky. One of the men came in front of my youngest, and I recognized him as William. His long, thick meat was bobbing up and down as he moved his black body in between Della's uplifted spread legs. The priestess took the object out of Della's cunt, and put it between the lips of Della's gasping mouth. My daughter moaned as she sucked her own juices off of it, as William lined the head of his cock at her virginal cunt.

He eased his meat inside her tight body, and I saw her body react, as her back arched,, signaling her passage into womanhood, as her muffled cry of loosing her virginity could be heard over the drumming and singing. William put his hands over her tits, and started pumping her with long strokes, keeping in time with the beat of the drums. It was then Betty's turn to whimper for it, and this time, Henry replied to the call of the priestess, and soon my middle daughter was deflowered. I could hear myself whimper, taking in the sight of my girls getting filled with black cock, and the priestess showed up quickly to my side, pulling out the object and puting it into my mouth. I moaned, tasting my cum on it, as I watched Quinn step in front of me. I groaned as I accepted his shaft, enjoying the feeling of it, as I listened to my daughters have their first orgasm on the cocks inside their bodies.

As Quinn was mauling my chest with his hands, I saw Cyrus enter the circle, and go towards Kate, my view of her defloweration obstructed by the wide, black body of Quinn. But I did hear her scream as her body accepted his shaft. I was feeling the heat in my cunt, my hips rolling with each of his thrusts, wanting him to fuck me good. I closed my eyes as I had an orgasm that tore through my body. I was biting down on the ivory dildo, as waves of pleasure swept rough me. Quinn, his body stiffened, and he drained his cock in me. I watched as he stepped away, and he left the circle. I could feel my hips bucking, wanting my cunt to be refilled, and looking, I saw that Karl was now embedded inside Della, her body grunting as he pumped her body, and Stanly had Betty impaled on his cock. As Adam stepped up between my legs, I saw across from me Bart step up to take his place in Kate.

Another dick, another extraordinarily hard cum by me, as he sank his log into my hungry cunt. My girls, they were whimpering and cumming, enjoying the feeling of their body's being taken by the black men. I saw Della and Betty both milked their second cock dry, and their men pull put and leave the circle as Adam sprayed my womb with his seed. I heard Kate howl as she had her orgasm, and the grunting of Bart, he slamming her cunt hard with each thrust. Adam stepped away, and my cunt felt extremely empty, as I watched the ass of Bart slam forward one last time as he roared, letting all know he just filled her with his spunk. Josef was now entering my Betty's pussy, and I saw the loads of the earlier men bubbling up out around his shaft, a frothy substance, as the cum was forced out of her body.

Another man stepped in front of me, and I looked to see Andrew, waving and pointing his foot long dong at my opening. I sighed happily as he slid on in, as I looked to my left to see Della take Robert for his turn to feel one of my daughters white body accept his meat. I saw Peter head to Kate, and I closed my eyes, feeling another orgasm build, as Andrew, as like the others, pumped me with his cock in tune with the drumming.

He pulled out, and the priestess came around to each one of us, taking the ivory dido from our mouths and instating it into out worn cants. I sighed, enjoying the feeling of the smoothness of it, my cunt tightening up on it, trying to milk it as if it was a real dick. The men returned to dancing outside the circle, as the women came around, offering food to our lips, followed by more of the drink. Then, maybe fifteen minutes later, the sexing of us four started anew. But it was a different group for each woman. The four that had done me first were now taking their turns with Betty, while those that had done Della last time, were now doing me, one at a time.

I've no idea of the time when the last group took their turn with us. My limbs ached, from being in the same position for so long of a time. But after the last group, we were once again fed and given the drink, and I still wanted more. The priestess came around, and had us stand. Something was done to the chairs, and I saw that now they were just narrow tables. I crawled onto mine on my belly, the padded board going up the middle of my front, from about mid-way up my belly to my neck, parting my breasts, as they hung down in the cool night air. The boards for my legs were now hanging down at an angle, and I placed my knees on them, and soon the men started taking turns, no groups like before, and the drumming was erratic, just like the motion they were doing as they pumped my cunt, as well as my daughters. And just like before, I was having terrific orgasms the whole time, But with no ivory in our mouths, I was wailing, letting all know that I was enjoying what I was getting.

My girls, they were in the same way, showing their enjoyment of the gangbang. I remember a few times looking back underneath me, past my swaying tits as they bounced with each thrust of an African spear, seeing the strands of cum hanging down from my cunt, a large wet spot in the dirt where a lot had fallen out of me. I've no idea when it all ended. I do remember being lifted and carried away, but not a thing after that point.

I woke, and looked at the clock, seeing it read almost two in the afternoon. I stretched out with a moan, feeling the muscles in my groin groan in protest, still aching from a night of getting totally gang banged by sixteen men. Lifting the covers, I saw I was nude, when I heard someone walk into my room, as my fingers clutched the diamond pendant that was resting between my breasts. Looking up, I saw it was one of the women from last night, and she asked "You feeling good this morning, Miss Elli?"

I giggled, saying "Yes, mighty good."

"You hungry?" she asked. I nodded, and she left the room, watching her bare black ass as it disappeared around the corner. I sighed, quite content, for the time being, and then realizing that I was clean. It was amusing to think, wondering when they had bathed me, and how. She came back in in short time, carrying a platter with some crepes and toast, and two glasses. One contained orange juice, the other an amber liquid.

I started to eat, and took a sip from the orange juice, as I asked "Are my girls awake?"

"They're just starting to come out of their sleep, Miss Elli. My girls are attending to them." I smiled, and started to think that this lifestyle will only get better, as I then took a sip of the sweet amber liquid, then I smiled as a very naked Josepf entered my room.

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Created on ... June 08, 2012