The Substitute in Biology(MF, fF, anal, humil, mild ds)

The following work of fiction allegedly takes place in Karen Wagner's
universe ( and freely borrows or
embellishes characters and situations invented by Karen Wagner. If it
departs from Karen's vision, that's my fault. The perspective in this
story is that of an adult. Like many, I find the "Naked in School"
universe intriguing. My own personal interest (as if you care) is in
the adults in that community.

Reading the fine stories that take place in the NIS universe, I
couldn't help but wonder whether some of the mothers that chose to
shop naked in the mall would succumb to feelings of arousal and enjoy
liaisons with each other or with some of the men in town. I wondered
whether Mr. Dilford's last, naked day of teaching would have any
interesting consequences for him. And I especially wondered whether
Miss Hooker would find a way to take her rather obvious interest in
submission and anal play to the next level.

This story is "free as in speech."


The substitute stepped out of the teacher's lounge and headed towards
the Biology classroom. His assignment that afternoon was to shadow a
few of the full-time teachers and get a feel for how they handled
integrating the curriculum with The Program.

The ridiculousness of the situation assaulted him: here he was, naked
except for his polished but well-worn brown brogues and speckled beige
socks. As he padded down the hall, his cock flopped against his
thighs, thickening and lengthening involuntarily.

Damn! He swore to himself softly. This was too embarrassing: he was
getting an erection in the hallway! At any moment, students might
spill into the halls, pointing and giggling. He was only too familiar
with the delight students had teasing teachers, especially substitute
teachers. A naked substitute would seem like a gift from heaven,
especially a naked substitute teacher with a large, pulsing cock.

He knew that the rules of The Program only required naked students to
accede to "reasonable requests," as a teacher he was not vulnerable to
the groping, fondling, and outright sexual assaults that took place
daily in these very halls. Nevertheless, his mind couldn't help
drifting to thoughts of... but stop that! He felt himself twitching and
he couldn't resist reaching down and running his fingers lightly along
his shaft.

The response was immediate and dramatic. In a series of pulsing jerks,
his cock rose. The helmet peered shyly through his foreskin, then
emerged proudly, glistening with pre-cum. He castigated himself: he
was betrayed by his own imagination. He paused, gripped with
indecision. There were only a few minutes to go before the bell rang
for the next class. The hallway was deserted now, but in moments there
would be hordes of students rushing towards him, and he would be
caught with a massive erection.

On the other hand, he dared not escape into the classroom. If he went
in like this, just as class was wrapping up, the entire class would
stop, transfixed by his raging hard-on. He imagined the pandemonium,
his fellow teacher staring at him, the shouts of laughter, the looks,
and he felt his testes twitch. What to do?

He wavered, and then hurried on. If he made it to the classroom door,
he could stand behind it and hopefully his erection would subside
before he had to enter.

He turned the corner, furiously willing his hardness away, and almost
bumped into someone just outside of the Biology classroom door. In a
moment, he had forgotten his nakedness, his erection, and even his own

"I'm so sorry," he stammered, embarrassed. "I wasn't watching where I
was going."

He realized he had bumped into an attractive young lady. She had
shoulder-length blonde hair and stood a few inches shorter than he did
even though her tasteful shoes added a few inches to her height.

She laughed; showing even, white teeth and he swore there was an
actual twinkle in her eyes as she looked him up and down. "No harm, no
foul" she grinned, then smoothed down her mid-thigh skirt and adjusted
her blouse. As she touched her clothes, the absurdity of his situation
hit him: he was stark naked and still quite hard.

And sure enough, as he thought of his erection, it twitched, calling
attention to itself.

"I'm Karen Wagner," she introduced herself; "you must be one of the
seniors in The Program." He shook his head.

"Actually, I'm a substitute teacher." She looked a little surprised at
the news, but before he could explain the door opened and there was a
rush of students past them. He heard quite a few laughs and comments,
and he swore that several of the people jostling against him
deliberately grabbed his member, but just as the bedlam seemed to peak
he felt Karen take his arm and he was led into the classroom.

He shook his head, marvelling. She seemed to take everything in
stride! He looked up and saw Miss Hooker, the Biology teacher. Once
again he felt a deep humiliation: his very first meeting with a
colleague, and he was naked except for socks and shoes, with his
erection waving in the air.

She smiled at him, extending a hand in welcome. Her eyes took him in,
but she didn't seem to be shocked by his arousal. He felt himself
calming down. Her professional demeanour was putting him at ease. They
shook hands, and then Miss Hooker turned back to him and gestured to a
seat on a raised platform beside her desk.

"Normally, I ask one of the students in The Program to sit here as a
model for our Human Sexuality discussion. Why don't you sit here for
the moment?" He paused, wondering what she might have in mind, and
then sat in the chair. He was, after all, a fellow teacher. She
wouldn't ask him to do anything embarrassing.

In moments, the students started to take their seats for the next
class. They openly pointed to him and giggled, making jokes about him
and his now partially flaccid cock. He crossed his legs, and then
uncrossed them as he realized that the gesture made his embarrassment
obvious. He knew that the law of the jungle applied to the
relationship between teachers and students: if you show fear, you
would be eaten alive.

As they took their seats, his eye roamed over them professionally,
noting which of the boys were the nerds, which the bullies. He gauged
the behaviour of the girls, singling out the obvious clique leaders
and followers. He knew that when the time came to teach this classroom
on his own, controlling the ringleaders would give him authority over
the entire class.

A few of the students were also naked, and he was gratified to find
that although he was curious about the naked, nubile bodies of the two
naked girls in the class, he felt no particular attraction for them.

He had never felt any inappropriate attraction for young women before,
but he had worried that this would change when he encountered naked,
attractive students, especially in sexually compromised circumstances
such as being forced to strip in his presence. He felt a momentary
pang of sympathy for the three naked boys as he watched their fellow
students tease them: he certainly shared their embarrassment.

One boy had a particularly red and swollen hard-on. As he sat in his
chair, red-faced, a girl stroked his chest with one hand, her other
reaching down between his thighs, her fingers handling his testes
gently. Miss Hooker was also aware of the activity and stopped it with
a meaningful cough.

"Class, please take your seats. We normally allow five minutes for
members of The Program to obtain relief before class starts. Today is
a little special: we have a substitute teacher observing us, and we
have a guest speaker: Karen Wagner, one of the very first students in
The Program."

There was polite applause at Karen's name. The substitute had another
look at her. He should have recognised her: her picture was in the
newest Program brochures.

Miss Hooker continued her opening remarks. "Also as usual in Biology
class, members of the class are welcome to join The Program at any
time by removing their clothing. Depending on the circumstances, they
may be allowed to regain their clothes after they leave the class.

"Today, all those seeking relief will be assisted by our substitute

There was a murmur of concern at this news. He knew that The Program
specifically allowed sexual interaction between students and teachers
within The Program, but he understood that actual physical sexuality
between teachers and students was rare.

One of the boys raised his hand to ask a question. "Miss Hooker, does
that go for the guys as well?"

"Yes, Don, that goes for the guys as well." Miss Hooker quieted that
groans and catcalls. "Being masturbated to relief by another male does
not make you gay unless you already have homosexual inclinations. Even
if you experience physical pleasure with another man, homosexuality is
determined by personal attraction and emotional bonding.

"The same goes for girls who experiment with other girls. It's quite
normal to try different experiences: the point of The Program is to
expose you to these experiences so you can learn for yourself rather
than having somebody else tell you what you ought to feel or not

"So," a buxom brunette in the front row asked, "does that mean Karen
will assist girls who desire relief?" As the whistles rang around the
room, she high five-d her friends, shouting that if that was the case
she'd join The Program right away.

Miss Hooker shook her head. "Sorry, Karen has already been through The
Program and any participation in Program activities is strictly
voluntary for her. I do like your suggestion, however, and as of right
now, you are in The Program."

The class laughed and jeered as the brunette was forced to strip. The
substitute couldn't help but admire her figure. She had wide, heavy
hips but her belly had only the slightest feminine curve and her ample
breasts sat wide and high on her chest. She retook her seat, declining
Miss Hooker's offer for her to take relief.

There were no further jokes, and it seemed everyone was satisfied
without relief, even the red-faced boy. The substitute empathised with
his discomfort, but certainly understood the embarrassment involved in
being milked by a strange man in front of your classmates.

Miss Hooker turned to the class and explained that Karen was there to
relate her experiences in The Program and answer questions. As she
talked, the substitute took in her figure, idly imagining the curves
hidden by Miss Hooker's pale blue pinpoint oxford button-down, pleated
plaid skirt, and grey argyle knee-high socks.

Seated where he was, he had a good look at her profile. Her breasts
seemed to be a fine size for her figure, tenting her blouse
attractively. Her ass seemed high and firm. And as she spoke, she
moved back and forth at t he front of the class, turning to face
different parts of the room. Her ass rolled pneumatically with each

The substitute found he was hardening again. He forced himself to
listen carefully. Karen had started to relate her experiences to the
class. As she described her transformation over the course of a week,
the substitute was awed by the depth and breadth of her experiences.
Humiliation, exhibitionism, S&M, gang rape, it seemed that Karen had
experienced everything, mostly as a submissive.

The substitute's cock thumped fully erect. As Karen continued, facing
the class, Miss Hooker caught his eye and smiled. Her gaze dropped
meaningfully to his cock. He blushed, embarrassed to be so obviously
aroused by the story of the teenager. He looked away. When he glanced
back at Miss Hooker, she was staring, bright-eyed at Karen.

Karen was now taking questions from the class. She answered them with
poise and confidence.

The brunette in the front row licked her lips as Karen gave extra
details about her feelings. The brunette raised one hand, the other
drifting across her own thighs towards her mons. "Karen, you said you
experienced many humiliating things, even to the point of having a
boy's cock inside your ass." At this, cries of "ewww, gross" went
about the room, along with more than a few rude comments from some of
the boys.

"Anyways," continued the brunette, her free hand brushing her pubes
lightly, "what I want to know is, do these experiences ruin ordinary
sex for you? Are you only able to live life as a sex slave now?"

Karen nodded vigorously. "That's a great question. I don't understand
the full reasons behind it, but that isn't the way it works. When
subjected to an unusual situation like The Program, people adapt to
it. When the situation returns to normal, so do the people.

"The Program helped me realize that some part of my personality enjoys
it when my partner takes control in sex. And I now understand that a
little attention is a turn-on. But I don't need to be a slave, and I
am very comfortable both in and out of my clothes now.

"That brings me to a point. When people experiment with control in a
sexual situation, usually it's the submissive, the person giving up
control that experiences growth and insight. The `master' or
`dominant' players are, in effect, secondary to the submissive,
working to help him or her grow as a sexual being.

"Almost everybody has some inner desire, a need that they cannot
express without help. Sexual submission can provide an opportunity to
fulfill that desire, especially if the dominant is sensitive to the
needs to the submissive and can provide insight and direction.

"The Program really turned the whole school into dominants helping me
grow and develop. And in turn, I've been waiting for an opportunity to
repay the favour by helping someone else realize her own submissive

The class grew quiet. Karen reached into her handbag and withdrew a
leather collar. She turned back to the desk.

"Miss Hooker? This is for you, if you feel ready."

The substitute's mouth went dry. His eyes darted between Karen and
Miss Hooker. Karen's face held an expectant look. Miss Hooker
trembled, apparently unsure of what to do. In her eyes, the substitute
saw fear, fear mixed with... curiosity? Longing?

"Miss Hooker!" Karen's voice took on a firmer tone. "Are you ready?"
Miss Hooker glanced at Karen, then lowered her eyes, unable to speak.

"I'll take that as a yes." Miss Hooker's eyes remained downcast as
Karen advanced purposefully towards her. Karen placed the collar
around Miss Hooker's neck. To no-one's surprise, it was a perfect fit.
With a click, it locked into place.

Miss Hooker suddenly fumbled at the collar. "No, Karen, no..." she
pleaded. Karen took her teacher's hands in her own and whispered quiet
words of encouragement to her. "Miss Hooker, be brave, I know you can
do this. I know you want to do this. I know you need to do this." Miss
Hooker continued to tremble.

"What do you want?" She asked in a quite, girlish voice. The
substitute was shocked at the transformation wrought by the collar.
Karen led Miss Hooker firmly to a spot in front of her desk. The
substitute could see Miss Hooker's legs wobble slightly.

"I want to help you experience your deepest desire, to face your inner
self." With those words, Karen hugged Miss Hooker. "Please try for me.
I'll help you as much as I can."

Karen turned to the class. "The Program isn't really about nakedness
or sex per se. I learned that The Program is about discovering your
own true sexual identity and learning to be comfortable with who you
really are."

Karen turned to Miss Hooker and ordered her to strip for the class.
Mechanically, Miss Hooker unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the
desk, the removed her brassiere. Her breasts were beautiful, perfect
hanging peaches with a dark aureoles and large, visibly stiff nipples.

Miss Hooker unclasped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She as
wearing high, tee back panties and her firm, rounded ass cheeks looked
like smooth hills with a faint hint of down escaping from behind the
panties. She slipped her hands under the waistband of the panties and
drew them over her ass, then bent to lower them down her legs.

The substitute's mouth again went dry with desire, with need. He felt
a sudden wet trail run down his thigh as he leaked pre-cum over
himself. As Miss Hooker bent to remove her panties, her cheeks flexed,
and then parted to reveal her darkened rosebud.

The substitute wanted to bury his head in between those magnificent
cheeks, to run his tongue across them, lathing her. He wanted to smell
her arousal and feel her twitch as he delicately touched her most
secret place with the tip of his tongue.

Miss Hooker turned and placed her skirt and panties on the desk with
her other clothes. She wore only a pair of penny loafers, knee-high
socks, and the leather collar. The class whistled, admiring her body.

Karen looked at her, desire obvious in her eyes. Karen's hands
fluttered over Miss Hooker, running over her shoulders, down her arms,
along her sides, even tracing the outline of her hips.

"Miss Hooker, you have been naked in front of your class, but you were
always the teacher, you were always in control. Now you are not in
control. I hadn't planned this, but it's even better than that: you
are naked and submissive in front of a fellow teacher."

Miss Hooker's shoulder's shook. Karen hugged her, stroking her hair.
"Be strong, Miss Hooker! I know you can do this." Miss Hooker buried
her head in Karen's shoulders. After a moment, Karen disengaged
herself from the embrace.

The class continued to watch in silence. A few of the boys openly
lowered their pants and stroked themselves. The brunette in the front
row had her eyes locked on Karen, her legs parted and both hands
squeezing and stroking her labia. A pair of girls reached across to
each other, hands entwined.

"We're not finished yet. First, you must be fully aware of your own
sexual organs. As you yourself taught me, there are devices to
increase your sensitivity and draw attention to your arousal."

Karen turned to the class. "When I was in The Program, Miss Hooker
demonstrated these devices on me in front of the class. Now, Miss
Hooker will model them for us."

Karen reached into her bag and withdrew a silver chain with weighted
clips at either end. As she explained the use of nipple clamps to the
class, Karen placed the clamps on Miss Hooker's breasts. As she did
so, her eyes made contact with the substitute. She smiled at him.

Karen's eyes dropped to his painfully engorged member, and then she
returned to the task of clamping Miss Hooker's nipples. Miss Hooker
let out a soft moan. Karen pulled gently at the clamps, eliciting
further groans.

One of the boys stood up and raised his hand. "Karen, does it turn you
on to hurt Miss Hooker?"

Karen turned back to the class and considered the question for a
moment before answering. "First, although there is a small amount of
physical discomfort, these nipple clamps do not hurt very much at all.
They certainly do not hurt as much as being spanked or whipped."

"Second, taking pleasure in someone else's pain is called Sadism. As
far as I know, this is usually something that people feel when they
have been abused in their own lives. They view relationships between
people as power struggles, with the power to inflict suffering as the
truest test of their own worth."

  "I'm certainly not a sadist and although I'm certainly aroused by
Miss Hooker's situation at this moment, it has nothing to do with any
discomfort she is experiencing from the clamps."

The boy sat down, somewhat perplexed. His khakis were tented and he
adjusted himself with his hands.

Karen noticed this and called on him: "you're obviously aroused. Are
you turned on by her pain? Or something else?"

There was a chorus of catcalls at these words, with many of his
classmates calling for him to strip naked and show his arousal for all
to see. Karen continued her answer.

"Perhaps it's her helplessness. Or perhaps the clamps draw your
attention to her attractive breasts." With these words, Karen's
fingers traced the outline of Miss Hooker's aureoles and drifted along
the chain attached to the clamps. "Whatever the reason, it isn't
always about pain."

Miss Hooker sighed at these words, and the substitute saw her
shoulders lift slightly, thrusting her breasts forwards to the class.
Karen's hands drifted down her arms to Miss Hooker's hips, and she
steered the pretty teacher back to the desk, making her sit on the
edge facing the class.

Karen placed her hands inside Miss Hooker's hips and she spread her
legs possessively, opening her vulva for the class to see. Miss
Hooker's eyes were downcast; she was unable to meet the gaze of her

Karen reached into her bag and removed another object, a gold wire
clamp. She bent and spread Miss Hooker's outer labia, revealing the
orchid-like inner lips. Miss Hooker's belly fluttered at the intimate
touch. Karen bent forward and kissed Miss Hooker's forehead, then she
slipped the clamp down over Miss Hooker's clit to pin the inner lips
together lightly. She pulled at the lips to bring them through the
clamp, then stepped back to admire Miss Hooker's appearance.

The clamp was barely visible with the outer lips around it, but gold
teardrops dangled from it, attached by thin gold chains. Every
movement Miss Hooker made would tug and pinch at her most sensitive
flesh, enhancing her arousal.

Karen turned back to the class. "I knew that Miss Hooker wanted this,
needed this. I suspected as much when she introduced me to these types
of restraints and clamps. I knew, intuitively, that she was enjoying
her submissiveness vicariously though my own arousal."

The substitute's cock twitched, involuntarily thinking of this self
assured young woman in Miss Hooker's place: stripped, collared, and
adorned with nipple clamps and a clit clip.

Karen continued. "But in that first Biology class in The Program, Miss
Hooker took things further." Karen reached into her handbag and
rummaged for a moment, and then her hand emerged holding a small
bottle of skin lotion. She helped Miss Hooker to her feet, then turned
her so that her back was to the class and bent her over so that her
hands rested on the desk.

Karen squeezed some of the lotion onto one of her hands. The other
held Miss Hooker firmly around the waist. Miss Hooker's breasts
depended from her chest, jiggling slightly with every movement. The
chain hung from the nipple clamps in a catenary curve. The
substitute's eyes dropped down to her thighs. Between them, the golden
teardrops hung, proclaiming her surrender of her vagina as well as her

Karen's free hand dropped between Miss Hooker's ass cheeks. The
substitute saw the class lean forward and collectively hold their
breath as Karen's fingers swirled around Miss Hooker's anus. Miss
Hooker's mouth opened slightly, then clamped shut as the tip of
Karen's finger entered her, opening her.

The substitute leaned forward, fascinated, to get a better view.

Karen's fingers lay against Miss Hooker's puckered anus, the tip of
her middle finger just barely opening her. She swivelled her wrist,
stroking Miss Hooker and urging her to open, to admit the intrusion of
her finger.

Karen leaned forward and spoke softly. "Come on, Miss Hooker, you can
do this. You accepted much, much more when I was in The Program." Miss
Hooker's breath rasped. She nodded.

Karen's finger pushed insistently and glided into the second knuckle.
Miss Hooker arched her back, thrusting her hips backwards onto Karen's
hand. The movement caused the nipple clamps to sway, and the
substitute saw a flush bloom across her chest.

The class was now fully agog. The substitute saw one of the boys drop
his pants entirely, stroking his hard cock and fondling his testes
with his free hand. Another girl, wearing a miniskirt, wriggled out of
her panties and was frigging herself with legs spread.

The substitute looked at the naked brunette in the front row. She was
watching Karen with fascination, her hand stroking the full length of
her labia. Then, even more aroused, she lifted one leg onto her chair
and leaned over to expose her perineum. Her fingers swirled her juices
down and around the bottom of her vagina. The substitute's eyes
narrowed and he leaned forward as her fingers languidly began to
stroke her own ass.

The substitute tore his eyes away from the brunette. Karen now hand
several fingers reaming Miss Hooker out, and there was no doubt of the
authenticity of Miss Hooker's arousal: secretions glistened in her
pubic hair and she was thrusting back in time with Karen's swivelling

Karen leaned forward again, one arm around Miss Hooker's waist, and
whispered into her ear. Miss Hooker stopped moving and shook her head.
Karen hooked her fingers inside Miss Hooker's ass and stroked her
gently, then whispered again. Miss Hooker moaned, responding to the
caress with a swivel of her hips, then shook her head again, this time
with less certainty.

Karen's free hand trailed up from Miss Hooker's waist, along her side,
lightly feathering the sensitive side of her breasts, then up across
her shoulder to the collar. She grasped the ring set at her throat and
stood Miss Hooker up, pulling her back into an embrace. Her fingers
slipped from Miss Hooker's ass and she swirled them around the
sensitive rosette before grasping an ass cheek firmly.

Karen turned to the substitute. "Miss Hooker would like to ask you for
your help" she said firmly. She tugged at the ring and turned Miss
Hooker to face the substitute.

Miss Hooker looked at him and opened her mouth. Then she closed it,
then opened it again and tried to speak. He looked back at her. "What
do you want?" he asked, hard on thrusting at her, greasy with his own
secretions. Her eyes caught a twitch of movement and fell to his
member. She clenched her hands, then reached back to hold Karen,
seeking support.

"Please," she asked the substitute, "please may I take you in my ass.
Please may I feel your hardness opening my ass, probing me, sliding
into me, plumbing my depths. Please may I feel you take your pleasure
from me." She dropped her eyes and trembled, the enormity of
confessing her desire hanging over her.

The substitute nodded, swallowing. He started to get up, but Karen
stepped over and pushed him back into his chair. While Miss Hooker
stood, trembling, Karen handed the substitute the lotion. He took it
and generously applied it to his cock.

Karen led Miss Hooker to his chair, and then turned her around so she
faced the class. The substitute reached out and palmed her magnificent
ass, spreading the cheeks and marvelling at her beautiful pink
sphincter. His fantasy of minutes ago spread itself before him.

Miss Hooker leaned forward slightly, and the substitute buried his
face in her ass. Her slightly acrid odour mixed with the pungent musk
of her arousal, washing over him. He tongued her ass crack, lapping at
her sphincter as she squirmed. He leaned back then, and pulled her
towards him. She shuffled backwards, spreading her legs to either side
of his own until her ass was poised over his lap.

Karen moved around to the side, ensuring that the class could see Miss
Hooker's nudity. She reached down between Miss Hooker's legs, taking
the substitute's cock in one hand and guiding Miss Hooker towards it
with the other. Miss Hooker supported herself with her hands on the
substitute's thighs as she felt his hardness nudging against her anus.
She swallowed nervously.

Karen whispered words of encouragement as the substitute's glistening,
oily cock probed her opening, seeking to thrust inside her. The class
could clearly see his hard shaft rising up and disappearing between
her cheeks. The brunette in the front row was open mouthed, gasping,
as her hand worked her own secretions in and out of her ass.

Suddenly, the substitute felt his cock push against Miss Hooker's
opening. He felt the sphincter relax slightly then suddenly clench,
resisting him. Miss Hooker's arms froze and she made to rise out of
his lap. Karen's grip on her waist tightened and she spoke with

"No! Miss Hooker, you passed this test before, you can do this, you
need to do this. Accept him into your body. Take his whole length!"
Miss Hooker threw her head back and the substitute felt her arms relax
as she allowed her weight to settle onto his cock again.

Her anus twitched, then relaxed and dilated slightly. His hands
gripped her ass cheeks and spread them wider as the ring expanded. His
blunt and greasy head pushed into her, and they both moaned as she
stretched and his entire head popped into her.

The substitute felt a sudden sharp grip on his penis just below the
head as Miss Hooker clenched around his shaft. Then, millimetre by
slow millimetre, he felt her sliding down his shaft, her stretched
ring pulsing and clenching as she slid towards his lap.

There were audible gasps from the class as they saw his cock
disappearing into her bottom. Karen had released her hold on his cock
and was hugging Miss Hooker, laying a trail of kisses across her neck.

The substitute remained still as he felt Miss Hooker's ass cheeks make
contact with her thighs. And then, as her weight settled onto his lap,
he felt the golden teardrops of her clit clip teasing his scrotum. He
marvelled: she had taken him, all of him, and now he felt her clench
him with a force he thought would squeeze his cock into a pencil if he
wasn't so painfully hard.

Miss Hooker's hands moved up his thighs and he felt her take his own
hands from her ass and move them to her belly. At once he began to
stroke her, one hand running down to tease her inner lips, stroking
them along their length where they poked through the clip, and the
other running up to her breasts, running along their undersides and
tugging gently at the clamps.

Miss Hooker began to gyrate on his lap, and in moments he felt a
trembling in her belly and she cried out in orgasm.

Despite the eroticism of the situation, the substitute felt painfully
unfulfilled. Yes, he could see naked, nubile women masturbating in
open abandon. Indeed, the brunette in the front row now appeared to
have one hand buried in her vagina while the other reamed her own ass.
And yes he sat there with a beautiful woman impaled on his cock
moaning and shaking with her own pleasure. But nevertheless the
physical stimulation did not match his metal excitement.

Groaning, he used his hands to rise from the chair. As Karen stepped
back, unsure, the substitute help Miss Hooker onto his cock with one
hand and manoeuvred her around so that her hands were on the chair's
seat and he stood behind her. Without further foreplay he began to
thrust, pulling out until only the helmet remained inside her and then
driving the length of his shaft until his hips ground into her ass.

With every thrust he felt himself banging against her fleshy,
pneumatic ass. He felt his testes thwacking against her vulva and felt
the sharp caresses of the teardrops attached to her clit clip.

At once she began to call out, urging him on, begging him to fuck her,
to empty himself into her. He increased his tempo, feeling her ring
stretch and glide along his shaft. And then, as his pleasure
increased, he held her firmly and paused dramatically with only his
head inside her ass.

Carefully, he pulled back, increasing the pressure until her ass
released his glans. Then, as the sphincter squeezed him out of her
like toothpaste, he pushed forward again, opening her for him. She
called out and reached backwards, grabbing his ass and pulling him
forward until he was buried inside her again.

The exquisite moment was too much for him. The feeling and sight of
his cock opening her and thrusting into her, combined with her
arousal, brought him to the brink. He pulled back and out of her to
repeat the movement, and this time as he popped out of her ass he felt
her hand take his shaft and guide it back to her rosette. The touch of
her hand against his shaft and the kiss of her rosette pushed him over
the edge.

As she relaxed, admitting him into her ass, he felt a well of cum
rising through his loins. He felt the rush though his loins and as he
opened her ass with his cock he spurted onto her anus, the cream
oozing around her ring. He continued to shoot as she opened and took
his entire length. He cried out, shaking as he continued to spurt
inside her.

Finally, the throbs subsided, his cock twitching as his body vainly
tried to empty the last dregs of cum into her bowels. . Miss Hooker's
ass rested against his thighs, and her distended sphincter clutched at
him. He felt like he was awakening, as his focus widened and he became
intensely aware of his surroundings. Droplets of sweat trickled down
his torso and into his matted public hair

He was standing on the platform in front of a classroom full of
teenaged students, leaning over Miss Hooker's quivering body. Clad
only in her penny loafers and argyle socks, she was leaning against
the chair, mouth open, moaning softly. Coming to her senses, she
pulled away from him suddenly. With a plop, her ass expelled his spent

Miss Hooker stood up, removing her collar and then the nipple clamps
with a wince. She appeared to have forgotten the clit clip, which
remained attached to her inner lips. It seemed like the entire room
took a breath together, and then an excited babble began. Hands shot
up and the more excited students all began to ask questions without
waiting to be called.

Miss Hooker waved the substitute back to his seat and turned to Karen.
"Thank you, Karen, for this excellent demonstration. I'm sure the
class is very grateful for your time and for sharing your experiences.
And, umm, I also want to thank our new substitute teacher," she waved
vaguely in his direction, "for being generous enough to participate in
today's class."

The substitute leaned back in his chair, amazed at Miss Hooker's
sudden return to professionalism. How did she do that? How could she
transform herself from the proper and professional teacher into a
willing and wonton woman with a man in her behind, and then back into
the professional teacher? And how did she control the class in her
naked state?

For a moment the substitute was completely stumped, but then the great
lesson of The Program came to him in a blinding moment of
enlightenment. Just as crossing his legs actually increased his
vulnerability by highlighting his fear to the class, putting her
clothes back on would have signalled the class that without clothes
she was vulnerable.

By resuming the teaching with her clothes off and strategically
choosing to retain the clit clip, Miss Hooker was showing that her
authority rested in her, not in her clothes or choice of adornment or
even whether she was taking the substitute's cock deep into her ass.

The substitute looked at her rounded, feminine bottom with new
respect. He could see her wetness and a small trail of his semen
gleaming against her inner thighs. He was not at all surprised to hear
her closing words to the class as the bell rang for the next period.

"I'll be teaching nude for the rest of the day. Those of you who are
fully or partially naked or who have touched themselves to obtain
relief during this class will remove all of their clothing for the
remainder of the day for all school activities. You may return naked,
tomorrow morning before classes begin to retrieve your clothes.

"Everyone has a three page essay due next week. The subject will be
`Compare and contrast the role of the dominant and the submissive in
adult sexual activities.' Use Karen's story, what you have observed
today, and your own first-hand experience to justify your findings. Do
not rely on pornography, erotica, or second-hand sources: pair up with
classmates and conduct research first-hand, like any good scientist.

"That's all! Have a good day."

As the class filed out, excitedly, the substitute slumped in
exhaustion, his cock still tingling as it reposed against his thigh.
He barely heard Karen's words of farewell and answered perfunctorily.
He had so much to learn if he was going to teach here. He was almost
looking forward to it.