Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. At a Japanese Hot Spring By Asuna (translated by Emi Tsuruta) Hi. It's Emi again. I finally found proof that I'm not as strange as everyone seems to think. In Japan, I belong to this internet forum where women talk about their experiences getting naked outdoors or stuff like that. A lot of different women write in, but lately, I've been chatting with this one girl, Asuna. She's a student in Tokyo, not too far from where I'm from, and although she doesn't have a boyfriend, she's been kind of experimenting with the same kind of things I have. I asked her if I could tell people about the stuff she's been doing, and she said sure, so I've tried to translate one of her posts from the bulletin board. The main thing I guess I want to show you is that I'm not the only one like this. Anyway, here's what she wrote: I first found out about this forum last August. When I read other people's postings, I was shocked by the things people do. I don't think I could ever do some of those things, but to tell you the truth, I am a bit interested in doing stuff outdoors, so I've been trying it a bit lately. Last January, this girl I know and I went on a trip to a place called the Shin Hodaka hot spring. We go to the same college, and she's become one of my best friends. She's a bit wild, but I guess that's why we get along so well. Anyway, off we went. The hot spring we were going to has this huge outdoor bath which is so big 50 people can go in at once. When we arrived at our inn, we went straight to the bath, but at first I was kind of nervous about it being co-ed, so we made sure that no one else was there before going in. It was so big. We could see the Japan Alps mountain range all around. I felt so free and alive. It was only 3 in the afternoon, so it was still bright out, so at first we covered up with our towels, but eventually we just took our towels off, and bathed naked. We stayed there about an hour, but my friend began to feel faint because the water was so hot, so she ended up going back to our room. I was feeling kind of lightheaded too, but I've almost never had a chance to have an outdoor bath all to myself. I got up onto one of the large rocks at the edge, and lay out there to relax. Looking around, I realized the bath was in the middle of a large garden, which was covered in snow. I made sure no one was around, and then I took a dive right into one of the snow banks. It was exhilarating, but I felt cold, so I hurried back into the bath. As I warmed up, I began to feel in a naughty mood, so I put on a pair of sandals, and decided to take a walk around the garden. A path had been cleared through the snow, so I followed it around the garden. Even though I was inside the wall, I still felt pretty anxious about walking around in the nude. Right on the edge of the garden, there was a door in the wall leading outside. I thought about it for a while, but because we hadn't seen many people since arriving there, I took a chance, and opened the door. It led out into the parking lot, so I decided to step out just for a moment, and see what was there. It was cold out that day, but the hot spring had warmed me up. I was so excited at being naked outside I barely felt the cold. As I walked around the parking lot, I suddenly heard the sound of a car heading this way. I quickly ducked down behind a station wagon, and squatted there to hide. If they come this way, what should I do? I never should have come out here. I don't know why I did such a silly thing. The car pulled up just on the other side of the station wagon I was hiding behind. Luckily, they went right inside, but when I ran back to the bath, I couldn't get the door to open. It must lock from the inside. Because there was no one in the bath, I had supposed that there was no way it would lock behind me like this. If I can't get it to open, I'll have to walk all the way round to the front of the inn! My whole body was shivering. I squatted back down, and covered my breasts with my arms. I was stark naked in only my slippers in this parking lot. If I waited for dark, I would probably freeze. I was nearly panicking, but I pulled on the door as hard as I could, and suddenly it came open! I was so happy I almost cried. I quickly hurried back into the bath to warm up. I'd been outside for a while, but luckily, there was still no one there. It felt so good to sink deep into the warm water. When I thought I was locked out, I'd seriously regretted ever doing such a stupid thing, but now that I was safe again thinking about it, I couldn't help feeling excited. Just as I was about to leave, and go back to my room, three men in their thirties came in to the bath. When they caught sight of me, they immediately cried out "Wow!" and started grinning. I guess they thought I was cute. They didn't come right over though, but got into the bath a little ways off. At first, I thought I'd wait till they left, but I was still a bit excited from my adventure in the parking lot, so I decided to get out even if it meant they would see me. Unfortunately, I'd left my towel in the change room, so I had nothing to cover myself with. I wondered what to do, but riding on the momentum of my earlier nude walk, I got out of the bath in full view of these three guys. At first, they looked surprised that I'd be willing to show them my naked body. One man gave out a wolf whistle as they all stared right at me. I covered up at first, but then thought 'this is a co-ed bath.' I wasn't doing anything wrong, so I bravely walked right by them. As I went by, one of them reached out, and patted me on the bottom. I couldn't believe it. I was so shocked I couldn't think of what to say, so I quickly ran off to the changing room. My heart was beating a mile a minute from the thrill of being seen naked by these three complete strangers. The changing room was co-ed too, but luckily, there wasn't anybody there. While I was drying my body off with a towel, a boy appeared at the door. "Oh, sorry," he said. He went to go back outside, but I said, "That's OK. I'm just leaving." I could hardly believe what I was saying. "OK, thanks," he said. He walked to the far side of the room, and didn't look this way. I thought about teasing him somehow, but I couldn't get up the nerve. As soon as he went into the bath, I put on my clothes, went back to our room, and told my friend what I'd done. At first, she looked a little surprised, but then she started laughing, and suggested that once the sun went down, we play some kind of game. At supper, we ate in the dining hall, and I saw the three men and the boy from the bath. I felt kind of embarrassed, so I just looked away. After supper, my friend and I went back to our room, and sat there drinking a bit and talking about all kinds of things. We were having a great time, but then we ran out of drinks. I suggested, "How about we play paper, scissors, stone three times, and the loser has to go buy some drinks in their underwear?" My friend has a bit of a naughty streak, so she agreed right away. Our room was at the back on the third floor, while the vending machine was in the cafeteria on the first floor. We'd have to take the elevator. I lost the first round, but then won the next two, so my friend had to go. When she took off her yukata (=robe), she didn't have a bra on underneath. "Can I put my bra on?" she asked, but when I said, "No way!" she looked like she was going to cry. She was staring daggers at me. I gave her some money, chased her out of the room, and locked the door. About ten minutes later, I heard her knock. She had got the drinks, and luckily hadn't met anyone. She looked all excited from the thrill of running around the inn in just her panties. Next, she said, "Let's have a race to see who can finish her drink first. The loser has to walk all the way to the outdoor bath in the nude." Whoever lost would have to go past the front desk and out the front door. There was a much greater chance of bumping into someone there than by the vending machine. I didn't want to chicken out though, so we opened our drinks, and got ready. "Ready, set, go!" My friend was in too much of a rush, and started coughing in the middle, so I won. Then she tried to back out, "Please. I was just joking," she said, but she was still smiling. I didn't think it was fair to back out, so I grabbed her panties, and wrestled them off of her. "Off they go." Still it would be too dangerous to send her alone, so I agreed to go with her, wearing my yukata, of course. She opened the door a crack, and peeked out into the hall. There was no one there, but she looked terrified as she stepped out naked into the hall. She made it to the elevator, but I told her I didn't think it would be fair if we both went down together, so I told her to let me go first. The elevator stopped at the second floor, and one of the men I'd seen in the bath earlier got in. My friend was so lucky. If she'd been with me, he would have seen her. I just stared shyly down at the floor. I waited outside the elevator on the first floor, but by the time my friend came down, the man had gone. Unfortunately (?), the elevator hadn't stopped at the second floor this time. There was no one at the front desk either, so we put on some clogs, and went out. Maybe because she was a bit drunk, she walked straight out as if there was nothing unusual about her wandering around naked. I was clothed, but actually, I was getting all excited just watching her. We managed to make it to the bath without bumping into anyone. In the change room, there was a woman there, and she looked shocked to see my friend come in naked. There was no one in the bath, so we both got in. My friend looked so excited I thought she was going to orgasm, and that got me excited too. In a little while, she said, "OK, last bet! Paper scissors stone, and the loser will go out into the parking lot, and the winner locks the gate." It was already quite dark, and there wasn't likely to be anyone around, but anyway, it sounded pretty scary, so I said, "No, we'd better stop." "If you don't play, I win by default, and you'll be the one who has to go back naked... all by your lonesome." There was no way that I wanted to try that, so I reluctantly agreed to another match. I lost twice straight, and begged her to let me off, but she grabbed my hand, and pulled me to the gate that I'd gone out earlier. She opened the door wide, and said smiling, "It'll be OK. There's no one there. Just go around to the front, and come back in through the change room. I'll wait here. Go on now. Try!" I was scared, but part of me wanted to try, so I finally gave in. She was right. It was getting lately, so probably no one was around. It wasn't that far from the inn entrance to the change room. I slowly stepped out, and she said, "Take care now," and shut the door. I heard the lock click shut. I was stark naked outside. Just thinking about it sent this wave of excitement rushing over me. I was also half terrified that someone would come along, and see me. I walked along the road that leads to the main entrance. It didn't look like there was anyone around, so I thought that it might be alright. Still, just inside the entrance, there was a little gift shop, and that might be a problem. When I made it to the corner, I peeked around, but there was no one there. I bravely stepped out, and walked along the side of the building. As I got near the front, I suddenly heard a car. There was nowhere for me to hide. I went into a panic, and almost started to cry, as I heard the car coming closer and closer. It was coming right this way! "Oh no!" I thought as I saw the lights coming round the corner. I squatted down behind this little bank of snow. I was sure they would see me, but they drove straight past without stopping. I was so terrified I just crouched there unable to move for a while, but I was shivering from the cold, so I finally stood up, and headed for the front. The gift shop I had been worrying about turned out to be closed. I kept looking around for people, but ultimately, I made it back to the change room without seeing anyone. I was half frozen by then, so I went straight to the bath where my friend was waiting. "How was it?" she asked, so I told her the whole story. "That's it? That's no fun," she complained, disappointed. "I'm heading back," she said, and left. I wanted to go with her, but I was still cold, so I soaked in the bath a bit more. I was still pretty excited from what I'd done, but I just lay back, and enjoyed the warm water. When I finally got up, and went to the change room, my yukata was gone. Oh! That's right. My friend had come all this way in the nude, so she must have taken my yukata to go back. Even my underwear was gone. What am I going to do now? I had no choice, but to go back to the room in my birthday suit. As I stepped out of the change room, and walked towards the lobby, this man in his forties suddenly appeared coming the other way. I was so surprised I gave out a squeal, and then ran right past him. He looked too shocked to speak. I ran straight to the elevator, and watching to see if the man would follow, I backed in just as the doors were closing. I went to press the third floor button, but the second floor button was already lit. Turning around, I found the boy I had met in the change room earlier. He looked absolutely amazed, and kept stuttering, "Wha-wha-what are you doing naked?" I was so embarrassed. I covered my breasts with my hands, and squatted down to hide. We were probably only in the elevator for a minute, but it felt like 20. As soon as the door opened, I dashed out, and ran down the hall to where our room was. I knocked, and knocked, but no one answered. A few doors down, the boy was standing outside his door just staring at me. At first I wondered why my friend wasn't answering, but then I suddenly realized I'd gotten off on the second floor. My room was the next floor up. Covering my pussy with one hand and my breasts with the other, I ran past the boy back to the elevator, and squatted down waiting for it to come back. He said, "Wow! I've never met a girl who was so into being naked. Stand up, and let me see." I was so terrified I just squatted there till the elevator came. As soon as it arrived, I got in, pressed the close button, and went straight back to my room. The boy didn't come after me. My friend said, "Welcome back. How was it?" I was so relieved I started crying. I kept worrying the boy might come up looking for me, but in the end, we never saw him. I'm so lucky that I didn't get raped or something. I realized that I'd really gone overboard. I promised myself to stop, but my friend is saying she wants to do this again. It was pretty scary to walk outside in the nude, but I can't help wondering if I'm going to get to do it again. Asuna Emi Tsuruta's stories: