Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Playing Doctor By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, please drop by my home page at: It was getting down to my last week in the States before I had to go back home to Japan. I was feeling a bit conflicted about the whole thing. On the one hand, it would be good to be home, and see my family and friends again. I was going to miss all the people I'd met here in the States though. I had so many good memories from my time here. I ended up going downtown to Oceanview U. to try to find people I hadn't seen for a while. One person I really wanted to see was Todd, this boy who'd graduated the year before. I didn't know him all that well, but the few times that we met had been pretty intense. He looks deep into my eyes, and listens carefully to everything I say. I felt like we had a connection. Lori, this Korean American girl, had told me she'd seen Todd on campus recently, so I was hoping I might bump into him. I asked my friend Satomi if I could sleep over in her room in the dorm, in case Todd came by at night. I guess I knew it was unlikely, but anyway, I had to try. This might be my last chance to see him. Around that time, exams were wrapping up, and people had started moving out of the dorm for the summer. That night, I sat in the common room, watching TV, waiting to see if Todd would show up. It got quite late, so eventually I gave up, and went to have a shower. The weather was much warmer by then, so when I got back to Satomi's room, I ended up stripping off my yukata, and sleeping in the nude. Satomi doesn't really like it when I do this, but she was already asleep. Then, in the middle of the night, I awoke with a start. Someone had pulled the fire alarm, and this bell kept ringing. Satomi was up, all in a tizzy, worried that it might be a real fire. I was pretty sure it was a false alarm, but with all the noise, it was hard to sleep. I pulled my pillow over my ears, but it was hopeless. Satomi tugged at my towelket. "Emi! Get up! It's a fire!" I guess it's no use trying to sleep. I moved to get up, but feeling the towelket against my bare skin, I remembered I was naked. Where did I leave my clothes? "Hurry! Hurry! We have to go!" Satomi squealed. I sat up, draping the towelket across my bare breasts. Satomi was in such a panic she hadn't realized that I was naked. Folding the towelket over, holding it against my breasts, I unsteadily rose to my feet. Satomi was already out the door motioning for me to hurry up. Just as a joke, I slid my bare feet into my sandals, and stumbled over to the door to see what was going on out in the hall. Many of Satomi's dorm mates were up too, rushing for the exits. In all the commotion though, they didn't seem to notice me come out, my bare backside showing. I was a bit surprised actually that no one caught on. I pulled the towelket away from my body, confirming that I was indeed naked. Worried, I rushed to go back into Satomi's room, but the door had auto-locked. Oh oh. Satomi no doubt had her key, but she'd disappeared around the corner. "Satomi," I called out softly. I still couldn't see her, so I reluctantly headed down the hall after her, shivering in shock at my own nakedness. Luckily, there was no one in the stairwell, but Satomi had already gone outside. I scooted over to the doorway, peering out nervously. For some reason, I thought that there used to be a wall there blocking the view from the street, but actually it was just metal bars, so I could see the cars going by. Not so keen on going outside naked, I stood there wavering, not sure what to do. Satomi had scurried all the way along the front to the archway. Her dorm mates were gathering there. I called out trying to get her to come back, but with the alarm blaring so loudly, she didn't hear me. I was still not so keen on going outside, but seeing no other choice, I stepped out onto the path, reeling at the sensation of the breeze on my bare skin. This door had an auto-lock too, so I held it open, trying to decide if I should risk it. I had to get the key from Satomi though, so I eventually let the door go, and scurried along the front after her. My towelket was still hanging open at the back, so the people driving by could see my bare bottom. My body was starting to warm up from the embarrassment. It was quite a thrill, walking around outside naked, and for once I had an excuse - the alarm. I quietly sidled up next to Satomi. I didn't want to set off the other students. "Can I borrow your key?" I asked Satomi, trying to pull my towelket around to cover my bare backside. "You can't go back inside! The building is on fire!" Satomi insisted. Trying to get her to understand, I turned to the side, showing her my bottom, but some of the other students noticed. Two freshman boys came closer to get a better look. I was so nervous I was losing my grip on my towelket. Satomi had finally figured out I was naked, and stepped in between the boys and me, trying to shield me from view. I didn't know these boys, but they seemed all excited now, fascinated by my bare booty. Luckily, Anton happened to be there as well. Anton is this big tall blonde medical student who I kind of knew. "Here! Leave her alone! Scoot!" Anton yelled at the boys, coming over to shoo them away. They peered up at him, but eventually backed off. "Kind of an inconvenient time for a fire alarm," Anton smiled, nodding towards my bottom. I felt embarrassed, but he seemed cooler with it than most people. I think Anton's family is from Eastern Europe, so maybe he's more used to nudity. "How's your rash?" Anton asked. A few days before, Satomi and I had been lying out in the courtyard, and Satomi had told him about this redness I had on my behind. It was nothing really, just some poison ivy or whatever. I'd almost forgotten about it, but Anton obviously hadn't. "Um, it's fine," I blushed. "Do you mind?" Anton asked nodding towards my behind. I didn't really want him checking me out, but he was a future doctor, and had just helped scare away those boys. I nodded, and he went round behind me, taking out his glasses. It felt so weird, letting him examine my bare bottom out in public like this. My heart was pounding away in my chest. He finally took his glasses off, and returned to my side. "Well?" I asked, curious. It seemed though that the real reason he had stopped was his girlfriend, Nena, had come out, and was staring daggers at us. "It's a bit hard to see in this light. If you want though, come see me some time, and I'll fix you up," he whispered, before heading over to talk to Nena. I couldn't help feeling jealous. Nena was a thin girl, probably Jewish, with a mop top hairdo. It was kind of obvious that she and Anton were pretty serious. She was in her nightgown. Had the two of them been sleeping together when the alarm went off? Anyway, before I could figure that out, the fire truck finally arrived. All these big tall firemen bundled out of the truck to see if there actually was a fire. As they streamed past, one of the younger firemen stopped to look at me, a bit surprised I guess to see me naked. I smiled wanly. Eventually, the fire chief gave the all clear sign, and we were allowed to go back inside. Anton and Nena went in, but a lot of the other boys hung outside perhaps hoping to see my tush again. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to go past them with my fanny showing though. There were still a lot of cars, so I couldn't stay out here either. Unfortunately, there was this one Asian American boy, maybe 17, standing just behind me. He was so scandalized by my bare buns he was averting his eyes. I guess it might have been an Asian thing. He thought good Asian girls don't parade around naked. I did feel guilty, but it was hard not to feel excited too. Anyway, Satomi started clearing a path through the crowd for me to follow her. As I made my way through the crowd, all the boys would check me out. I probably should have covered up, but I was so nervous I wasn't thinking straight. The line stopped moving, so I glanced back at the Asian boy. He still looked embarrassed for me, but the other boys all looked pretty happy. Eventually, the line started moving forward again. When I made it in to the porter's office, he looked down, disapproving of my get up. I don't think I'd met him before, but he looked so surprised to see me naked. To get away, I dashed up the metal stairs, out into the relative safety of the hallway. The boys rushed to follow, but they all got jammed up in the door way. I giggled, and pulled the towelket away from my body teasing them. They started falling all over themselves in the scramble to see. Once I'd made it all the way down to Satomi's door, I turned to look at them all piled up in a heap. I'd lowered my towelket to my side, and was standing there completely naked now, but Satomi grabbed me, and pulled me into her room before I could do anything else. She gave me her frowny face, but it was partly her fault for running out on me in the first place. After that, I probably should have stayed away from the dorm, but there wasn't much time, and I still had to find Todd. Satomi reluctantly agreed to let me stay another night, but she insisted I bring a nighty this time. I went home to get my baby doll. It's pretty sexy, all white frills and lace, but I guess it's more decent than parading around naked. I hung in the common room again that night, but no one came in at all, not even Lori. I was pretty disappointed especially after all the excitement of the night before. Feeling a bit sad, I went to have a shower, and change into my nighty. Where had Todd got to? Was I wrong about him being interested in me? It was all very discouraging. Lying on my futon on Satomi's floor, I pushed down my baby doll's panties, playing with my pussy as I thought all this over. One time when Todd and I'd been sitting in the common room, I'd given him the key to Satomi's room, just to show him I trusted him. He'd taken it from me, and I guess that's part of the reason I felt this bond with him. If he didn't like me, why had he taken the key? I pushed my panties off completely, feeling more than a little frustrated. Unable to get to sleep, I got back up, and opened the door peering down at the entrance to the common room. Is Todd down there now? Maybe I should just take one last look before going to bed. I glanced back at my panties lying there on the futon, but I didn't really feel like putting them back on. I decided to chance it, and nipped out into the hallway bottomless. I could feel the air on my pussy, as I hurried down the hall. There was no one in the common room though, no sign of life at all, save a deck of cards on the coffee table. I kneeled down on the carpet, and picked them up. Maybe I'll just play one quick game of solitaire, and then head to bed. Before I finished though, Anton appeared at the door. "Oh. Woops! You're up," I blurted out, surprised to see him. Worried, I glanced down at the hem of my tiny nighty. It was covering my pussy, barely, but there was nothing covering my backside. Anton seemed to notice this, and peered down at the creamy white flesh of my buttocks, as he came in. "Yeah, I... uh... couldn't sleep... What are you doing?" he asked, maybe referring to my indecent outfit. "Oh I was just playing cards...," I explained, my face all hot. I honestly hadn't expected to see him. He didn't usually come into the common room this late at night. He sat down in one of the low armchairs right across from me. "What game?" he asked looking straight at me. My mind was racing, all in a panic now. "Um, what?" I asked, having trouble focusing. "What game are you playing?" "Oh. Uh... I don't know. Spider Solitaire? Is that a thing?" "Yeah, I guess. Can you show me?" "What?" "How to play I mean." "Oh. I thought you were talking about my rash...," I stammered, putting my hand on my bare behind. My hello kitty was buzzing away like crazy, so I guess I was acting even ditzier than usual. "Oh, yeah. If you want, I can take a look at it." His voice sounded pretty calm, considering. I looked at him, trying to guess how he'd react if I showed him. He was training to be a doctor after all... "Um, yeah, I guess..." "Oh OK. Come over here into the light." I took a deep breath, and slowly stood up trying to hide my pussy with the hem of my nighty. I wobbled over in front of him, and turned to show him my bare behind, letting out a nervous laugh. "Um, Emi, where are your...?" he couldn't bring himself to say 'panties.' "Oh sorry. I was just on my way to bed," I giggled, knowing full well this didn't explain why I was out here half naked. He cleared his throat, a bit shocked I guess. He finally reached forward, and lifted up the hem of my nighty, staring in amazement at my bare bottom. "How did you get this?" he asked, referring to the rash. "I was out in the woods. I think it's just poison ivy..." He placed his fingers on the soft flesh of my buttocks, pulling my cheeks apart. "Yeah, um, what's it called? Toxicodendron dermatitis...," he told me. "Might be poison oak. Did you wash it right after?" "Yeah, as soon as I got home." I reached down to check my pussy. I was terribly wet. It wasn't just him touching me, but the whole situation. Involuntarily, I glanced back at his crotch, wondering if he was getting as excited as I was. "That's probably why the swelling isn't so bad," he went on. "Is it itchy?" "A little bit," I blushed. "I can get you some hydrocortisone. That'll keep the swelling down." I was having trouble figuring out what exactly was going on. On the surface, it was just doctor examining patient, but surely, he must see how naughty this was. Caught up in the moment, I nodded OK. "Wait here. I'll be right back." He rushed off, leaving me standing here, my goodies still on display. Why had I shown him? He already has a girlfriend. Soon Anton was back with a tube of cream. "Here, bend over," he instructed sitting back down behind me. "What?" "So I can put it on," he went on calmly. I was a bit worried about where this might be heading, but I did as he asked, bending forward, sticking my ass in his face. He looked intent, professional, but next he said, "Put your hands on the table." Even more nervous now, I obeyed. Anton was touching me again, spreading the cream onto my buttocks. He could probably see my pussy too, and the thought was getting me even more excited. He started rubbing the cream on, tentatively at first, but soon really kneading it in, playing with my butt cheeks. "Here, raise your tailbone a little higher?" I looked back at him blushing, but did as he said, sticking my behind way up in the air. I felt so embarrassed. I wonder if he can tell how turned on I'm getting. He tickled my anus with one finger, making me squirm, and then started dabbing at my pussy lips, getting me even hornier still. "Here, pull your cheeks apart." I wasn't quite sure what he meant, so he guided my hands to grip each butt cheek, and then pull them apart, so he could see my pussy better. He soon found my hello kitty, and started collecting my juices from my pussy, and swabbing them downward onto my pleasure zone. Up until then, it had all seemed fairly innocent - just a doctor treating his patient- but more and more this was turning into sex. He kept skirting around the edge of my pussy, teasing me, as if he was going to put his finger in, but then pulling away at the last second. "Here I just want to check something. Brace yourself." He inserted his finger inside of me. He seemed to be probing around looking for my g-spot. He hadn't quite found it when suddenly, we heard a loud bang. I straightened up, panicking, worried it might be Todd I guess. The door lock rattled, so it was obviously someone coming in. I motioned for Anton to pull his finger out of me, but as he did, I shuddered from the sensation. It was kind of frustrating having him stop in the middle, but what else could we do? Whoever it was was coming in pretty fast, so I finally dashed around to the far side of the coffee table, and plonked my bare bottom down on the carpet again. And not a moment too soon. "Hey, guys. What's up?" It was Rob, one of the guys who lived in the dorm. He has long hair, and looks a bit like a stoner. I didn't really know him that well, but his eyes flashed when he saw me. "Oh, uh, we were... uh..." Anton was surprisingly out of it, still somewhat in shock. "We were just about to head to bed," I blurted out. It was Rob's turn to look shocked now. "Separate beds I mean. Anton in his bed... and me in mine," I blabbered on, probably making things worse. "Oh," Rob finally said. "Nothing on TV?" he asked, coming right in! I leaned in his direction trying to get my baby doll to cover up my pussy at least. In no condition to deal with him, I stood up, probably flashing him my pussy as I did. "What were you two doing?" Rob demanded, even more shocked now. "Nothing!" I insisted. Nervous, I giggled, but then strode past him towards the door, while he gaped at my bare backside now. Shaking from the excitement, I went out the door, and dashed down the hall to Satomi's room. Rob came out into the hall to watch me, but I got the door open soon enough, and scooted back inside - safe at last. "Emi?" Satomi mumbled blearily. "Yeah, it's me. Go back to sleep." I had a horrible time calming back down, but the one good thing was I was leaving soon, so I probably wouldn't see Anton or Rob again. That was so weird with Anton though. Does he like me? It was hard to tell, but there was definitely something there. Anyway, I can't worry about that now. Next stop Japan. Emi Tsuruta