Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Drum Show By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: I was down on campus one day, when I bumped into Mark, the Japanese American boy I know from Oceanview U.'s Japanese Student Union. I only ever see him at JSU functions, but he seems like a nice enough guy. He did get into a scuffle with my boyfriend Ryosuke once at the barbecue last fall, but that was all in the past. Mark seemed happy to see me. "Do you remember that Taiko show we did a while back?" he smiled. "They say we're on to do it again at the next football game." Five of us had done a Taiko (Japanese drum) performance for Orientation the year before. "Oh yeah. I remember Kazuo saying we might," I replied. Kazuo was the president of the JSU, our leader. I know him even less well than Mark, but he's quite the go-getter, always organizing things. "Are you going to join?" Mark asked. "Umm, yeah, sure. I guess." I'm not that good at drumming, but people must have enjoyed it if they were asking us back. The thing I remember most about that day was misplacing my fundoshi (loincloth), while I was getting changed behind the tents. Luckily, I don't think Mark had seen me, but it was kind of embarrassing. "Come on, Emi. It'll be fun!" "Yeah, I guess," I agreed, still a bit unsure. I didn't mind working with Mark. He'd always been nice to me, but in order to pull off a full Taiko show, we'd need to practice up again. Later, Kazuo gave me a call, and invited me to come in, so we could draw up a plan. We met in the club room in Haldiman Hall. Mark, Kazuo, Tetsu and Ayumi were all there, the same members as last time. Kazuo was brimming with ideas. He'd found some Taiko songs on American TV (Pirates of the Caribbean, Battleship America?), and wanted to see if we could do those for our show. Kazuo himself is a good drummer, but the rest of us were just kind of learning. Kazuo gave Ayumi and me the bass drum parts which were a bit slower, but even so, it was hard to focus on my part with the others playing a different pattern. After we'd practiced a bit, it started to come back. Tetsu can be a bit of goofball sometimes, but he is a good drummer. Ayumi was still trying to piece things together, but she slowly got the hang of it. When we finally got it going, it did sound pretty cool. When we finished our first session, Kazuo said we could take our drums home to practice more. Mark is kind of funny. He takes Japanese stuff so seriously. He's trying to get in touch with his heritage I guess. Anyway, each night after class, we'd gather at the club room, and go through the whole routine. Anyway, one night after supper, I was at home, rushing around getting ready to head to practice. My drum was a bit big to carry, but my host mom Loretta had offered to give me a ride. I had a shower, pulled on a t-shirt and miniskirt, trying to think what else I needed. Drum, drum sticks, sheet music... hmm... As I rushed down the stairs, I suddenly remembered. A pair of undies! I had some in my purse, but I guess I should pull them on. Loretta was still cooking when I came down, but she said her boyfriend Hank could drive me. I looked out, and sure enough there he was, muscular as ever. His shirt was clinging to his biceps, so you could really see how fit he is. He was clearing his stuff out of the back of his SUV to make room for the drum. I looked down at my skirt, wondering if I had time to pull on my panties, but we had to get going, or else I'd be late. Still rushing, I picked up the huge drum, and carried it outside and down the driveway to Hank's van. Now I know what you are thinking. I probably shouldn't have gone outside dressed like that. It was quite windy actually. I lugged the drum around to the back of the van, but when I leaned forward to put it in, a gust of wind caught my skirt, blowing it up all over the place. Hank was inside, so I don't think he saw, but, by the time I'd put the drum down, there was another man coming this way down the street! He had a red beard. Ah! It must be Mr. Holden, the father of Carter, a boy who plays street hockey in front of our house. I knew Carter, but I hadn't really talked with his father. When Carter was out playing, sometimes I'd see him on their porch watching. It was nice that he watched over his son. Mr. Holden seemed to be heading out, on his way to the store perhaps. Thinking little of it, I ran back up the driveway to get my bag from the house. When I came back though, he'd stopped, a little ways off, rifling through his pockets looking for something. Had he caught sight of my bare bottom when my skirt blew up? Maybe that's why he'd stopped. I pretended not to see him, but I could definitely feel his eyes on me. I don't have time for this. We have to get going, or I'll be late. I slowly walked back to the van, my heart beating in my chest, wondering what to do. Turning my back to him, I opened the side door of the van, and slung my bag into the back seat. Before I could do anything, the wind caught my skirt, making it billow up again. It took me a minute to free my hands, and by then it was too late. Even if he hadn't seen my bare bottom before, he definitely had now. Be still, my beating heart. Now what do I do? I know I should have pushed down my skirt, but I didn't want to let on that I knew he was watching. I didn't want him to think I'd flashed him on purpose. I was curious though. Was he angry, freaked out, excited? I climbed into the van, and kneeled down on the seat peeking back at him while trying not to let him know. Sure enough, he was staring right at my fanny! Oh no! Now what have I done? I shouldn't have gotten dressed before coming out here. All confused now, I climbed back out of the car, and straightened up. The wind died down a bit, but it continued to toy with my skirt, giving him peek-a-boo glimpses of my tush. I needed to do something, but I was so excited I couldn't think straight. I scampered back toward the house, but I was worried that if I went up onto the porch, Hank might spot me. I came back to the van, mulling over what to do. I shouldn't just stand here flashing Mr. Holden. Hurry up, Hank! We have to go. The wind picked up again. I turned away, hiding my pussy at least, but my skirt billowed way up, leaving me completely uncovered. I let it go, but eventually, I couldn't take the embarrassment anymore. I let out a little squeal, "Kya!" I immediately covered my mouth, but Hank must have heard me. He stuck his head around the corner of the van, as I struggled to push my skirt back down. "Don't worry. Almost done," Hank smiled. Hank peered down at my hips, but I don't think he saw. Phew! That was close! Mr. Holden had such a strange look on his face. He seemed so shocked that I'd come out here dressed like this. I guess it was kind of a silly thing to do. Despite myself, I was beginning to enjoy it though. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Too bad Ryosuke isn't here. I should check my messages to see if he called. I climbed into the back seat, getting up on all fours, looking for my smartphone. I knew that Mr. Holden could see my upturned ass, but I didn't even try to cover up. It was kind of fun teasing him. I began to feel embarrassed though, so I backed out of the van, and stood up again. I called up my messages, checking Mr. Holden's reaction out of the corner of my eye. He seemed a bit worried. About me catching him? Or about Hank? Or maybe he was just in shock. Anyway, he didn't seem angry. Eventually, Hank called out that he was ready to go. He came around to this side of the van, so I had to fluff my skirt back down. It was too bad really. I almost didn't want to leave. I continued to stand there while Hank climbed into the driver's seat. I didn't look at Mr. Holden, still trying to make out as if I didn't know he was watching, but finally, climbed into the back seat. The vinyl seat felt so weird on my bare ass cheeks. Mr. Holden continued to stare as we drove away. Once I'd settled down, I did finally pull on my panties. I don't think Hank noticed me changing. Our practice session was a bit of a blur though. I was too worked up thinking about what I'd done. I didn't see Carter or his father for a while. Eventually, the day of our big taiko show rolled around. Loretta gave me a ride. Kazuo and Mark met us out back behind the stadium, so they could carry in my drum. Once they'd got it out, Loretta wished me luck and headed back. Kazuo said Ayumi and Tetsu were already inside getting set up. He gave me a wrist band to prove I was with the show. We were all so excited. This was our chance to shine, to show everyone what we could do. I was a bit in awe myself. I'd never been inside the football facilities before. They'd rebuilt the whole thing recently. Behind the stadium itself, there was a two-storey sports pavilion with offices and training rooms and such. It was all glass on the stadium side, so you got a panoramic view of the whole football field from inside. We could see thousands of people in the stands, screaming and cheering, and these big beefcakey football players running around on the field. You could feel the excitement in the air. This was it - the big game! "Wow! That's a lot of people!" I exclaimed, a bit intimidated. "It'll be fine," Kazuo assured me. "I think we've got it down now. You'd better hurry, and get changed. It won't be long before we're up." Kazuo and Mark rushed off with my drum, leaving me alone in the pavilion. 'Where are the change rooms?' I wondered. I found locker rooms marked 'home' and 'away,' but they were obviously for the players. I couldn't find a ladies room, so I left the pavilion, to check under the stands. A guard stopped me at the door, but I showed him my wrist band, and he let me through. There was a ladies room there, but that was for the spectators. There was a huge line up to get in, so I went back to the pavilion. Where is the cheerleaders' dressing room? They must have one, but I couldn't find it. I checked a bunch of locked doors, but ended up coming back to the big picture window looking out at the field. There was a small area near the doors where there was a bit of a wall blocking the view. Anxious to get going, I set down my bag, and fished out my white taiko tabi (split toe boots), red happi (jacket) and white fundoshi (loincloth). I wonder if I can change here. It was right by the window, but it was kind of tucked away a bit. There didn't seem to be anyone in the pavilion. Most everyone was in the stadium getting ready to watch the game. Hurrying, I unbuttoned my blouse, and took it off, pulling on my happi over my frilly white bra. The happi was a lot shorter than I remembered, hanging just a little below my waist. Happis have no buttons, so I needed an obi (belt) to tie it shut. My obi was still in my bag, so I just left the happi open for now, enjoying the feeling of the air on my bare tummy. I was already getting excited. I kicked off my shoes, unbuttoned my jeans, and took them off. I couldn't wear my underwear with this outfit. I looked around the foyer again, but since it seemed like no one was around, I took off my bra, panties and socks. I was taking a terrible chance. I was now more or less naked now except for the flimsy little happi. I stood there trembling, a bit in awe at being naked in such a public place. Soon, my daydreaming was interrupted by a male voice from behind. "Miss. Miss! Excuse me. What are you doing here?" A shiver ran up my spine. Here I was naked, and someone had found me! Keeping my back to him, I turned my head to see who it was. It was a middle-aged man, quite fit - maybe one of the football coaches. "Oh sorry. I'm in the halftime show. I was just getting ready," I blushed. I covered my pussy with my hands, and pressed my legs together, but he peered down curiously at my bare bottom. "Is there a cheerleaders' change room here somewhere?" I asked. "Um, yeah. There're multipurpose change rooms just over this way," he explained. He didn't seem upset at all. He had this funny little grin on his lips, seemingly enjoying my embarrassment. "Didn't you get a key?" he asked, fishing out his own key chain. I was too nervous to reply, but he gestured not to worry. He motioned for me to follow, but I pointed out at the crowd. I couldn't very well walk naked across the main foyer in full view of the thousands of spectators outside. "I have to get changed. We're on in a few minutes." He just stood there, trying not to smile. "Can you help me?" I pleaded. He came back, and picked up my bag. I was actually a bit afraid as he came closer, but he motioned that he would shield me from the window. If I had any sense, I should have pulled my clothes back on, but I decided to trust him. As we stepped out into the sun, I stared out in wonder at the massive throng of people that had gathered there for the game. People could probably see me, but the bleachers were far enough away that I hoped they wouldn't be able to tell I was naked. Where are Mark and them? I scanned the crowd, but I had to be careful not to step out from behind this man. I hope they're not watching. Anyway, we made it part way across the foyer, when the coach startled me by reaching over and grabbing my collar. I wondered what on earth he was doing - this flimsy little jacket was all I had on - but then he showed me that my collar had gotten folded up in a strange way. I lifted my arms to fix it myself, but there was this awkward silence while he stared down at my pussy. My hello kitty was tingling like crazy, but what could I do? Anyway, we eventually made it across to the door. He moved to open the door, so I had to come out from behind him. I kept my back to the window, but I was starting to lose it. The whole stadium could see me now. I pressed my hands up against the wall trying to stay calm as all these emotions coursed through my body. God, I hope my classmates aren't watching - Brad, Luke, Roger, Ryan. They are probably here at the game. Anyway, soon, the coach got the door open. I scampered inside, but when I went to close the door, the coach stopped me. "Just a sec." I wasn't sure what he was up to at first. I tried to hide my pussy behind the door, but I was freaking. Finally he pulled a key off his chain, and held it out. "You can borrow this one." I reached out to take it from him, blushing as he looked down at my pussy again. I was so relieved when he finally let me close the door. I was glad to be inside, away from prying eyes, but I couldn't calm down for the life of me. I had to get dressed though. I pulled out my fundoshi, and threaded it between my legs. I was kind of wet down there, so it felt funny. I did it up wrong at first, so I had to keep undoing it, and try again. Eventually, I got it tied on tight, but the belt was hanging awfully low on my hips. I pulled it up trying to hide my pubic hair at least. I took out the obi, wrapped it around my waist, and tied the two sides of the happi front shut. The happi did hang down long enough to cover my pubic hair, so I was happy about that. Last, I pulled on my taiko-tabi (shoes). I came back out to find Mark and them. The coach was still standing there. "Hey! Nice outfit!" he called after me. I smiled meekly, and rushed away. Without a bra though, my bare breasts kept bouncing all around. I tried to pull the sides of happi together to cover up, but the guard at the door peered down at my cleavage. This outfit is so embarrassing, but at least it's better than running around naked. When I came out into the bleachers, I found Kazuo and crew in the front row, drums all ready, waiting for the second quarter to end. Mark and Tetsu shared some secret joke when they saw me. Ayumi was there too, in the same outfit, looking nervous. I was pretty worked up myself. I vaguely tried to pull the happi shut to cover my breasts, but it wasn't working. The guys seemed to like it though. Eventually, the quarter ended, and the two teams came off the field. A lot of the audience left, but some guys perked right up when they saw Ayumi and me walk out onto the field. Anyway, we started playing - the first part of the Pirates tune, 'Dinner is served.' I had my stance right, legs apart, arms above my head banging the drum, but this number is one of the harder ones. I have to hit the drum really hard to get the thundering sound, but as I swung my arms out, my tits kept swinging back and forth popping out of my top. I don't think people could see so well because I was facing this big drum, but it was kind of embarrassing. When the song was done, I quickly fixed my happi. We did get some applause. Next, we went into the rumble stop Battleship riff. This one is a bit easier because it's just a regular rhythm repeated over and over, so I didn't have to move as much. My fundoshi felt like it was coming undone though, so I stopped drumming to check it. Kazuo looked at me, but he wasn't upset. These things happen. Our last song was blipvert I think it's called also from Battleship. It's also a constant repetitive beat, and we finally managed to get it going at a lively clip. A hush fell over the audience, and people started coming back into the stadium to watch. Right at the end, we got a big round of applause. Mark, Kazuo, Tetsu, Ayumi and I gathered in a line, and held hands as we made our bows. When I leaned forward though, my breasts popped out again. I couldn't even fix my top because Kazuo and Mark were holding my hands. It was then that I noticed Ernie, my comp lit TA, down in the front row. Oh shoot! I was hoping not to run into anyone I know. Anyway, the second half was about to start, so we had to roll our drums off the field. Ernie found me though, and was all excited. "Wow, Emi! You were great!" I was glad he'd enjoyed the show, but felt so embarrassed. "No, we kind of muffed the second song," I complained. Without thinking, I shook my head to get my hair out of my eyes, but this just made my breasts jiggle, and come out even more. Ernie wasn't the only guy who was staring at me. A whole bunch of guys had stopped to watch. "No. It was spectacular. I loved it," Ernie gushed, his eyes gleaming. Ayumi came up behind me, whispering that my yoohoo was showing. I don't think it was really. I had tied the belt a bit low, but I think it was still covering my pubic hair at least. It was true that a lot of the guys were staring at my crotch. Ayumi tried to pull my belt up, but this just attracted more attention to us. I motioned for her to stop, so she finally let go. Ernie kind of gulped trying to hide his horniness. Kazuo and Mark eventually came, and helped us get away. I led Ayumi back to the pavilion. The security guard grinned when he saw us, and let us through. I was expecting there to be more privacy in the pavilion, but the players were here now getting ready to go back out. I walked right through the middle of them, a bit intimidated by their size. They turned to stare at our asses as we walked on past. I was so glad when I finally made it back to the dressing room, and got inside. "Emi! Sorry about fooling with your fundoshi back there," Ayumi apologized. "That's okay. I knew it might be on wrong," I reassured her. "I was just so flustered, with all those guys crowding around." "Don't worry. It's fine. Some of those football players are kind of hunky though, aren't they?" I grinned. She just blushed, not really answering. It was a weird night. Emi Tsuruta