Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My Host Family by Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, please drop by my home page at: One morning I was getting ready for school when I made an interesting discovery. I'd just gotten out of the shower, toweled off, and pulled a t-shirt on. Jennifer, the teenage daughter in the house I'm staying in knocked on the bathroom door, saying she needed to get something. My t-shirt was a bit short, so I could see my own pussy in the mirror, but I figured since it was just us girls, Jennifer wouldn't mind. I went over, opened the door, and let her in, but she left the door wide open. Her brother, Brandon was outside in the hall, but for some reason, Jennifer didn't seem to twig to the fact that I was naked from the waist down. Also, she was taking her time finding her moisturizer or whatever, and I kept wondering if I should go over, and close the door before Brandon saw me. Jenn finally found what she was looking for, said, "Thanks, Emi," and scampered back to her room, leaving the door open! Worried that Brandon might see, I went over to the doorway, and leaned out to grab the doorknob. I could hear Brandon and his mother Loretta putzing around in their rooms. I felt embarrassed, and more than a little excited, standing in the hallway with the air nipping at my pussy. I finally shut the door, and went back to the mirror, but the whole thing stuck in my mind. Not long after, I went out to lunch with my friend Minori, and told her what had happened. "Is Jennifer nearsighted?" Minori giggled. "No," I laughed. "Maybe her mind was on something else." "Could be. But actually, I have a theory," I went on. "Jennifer and them all know me, right? So maybe they have this picture in their mind of what I'm like. They don't think I'm the kind of girl who would lounge around with no panties on." Minori made another one of her funny faces, making me laugh. "Yeah, maybe. You should test them," she joked. "Ooo! That's a good idea!" I shot back. "I'm not going to be there much longer, so I guess it won't matter." My school was finishing up, and my mother wanted me to move back to Japan. I had mixed feelings about this, but anyway, I was probably going to have to leave Oceanview before too long. Minori looked a bit sad, but I could see her again in Tokyo. The next morning, I decided to give Minori's 'test' idea a try. I got a long t-shirt dress out of my closet, and took it with me over to the shower. I didn't bring any undies, but that particular dress was long enough that I didn't think my host family would be able to tell. Let's see what they make of this. I went downstairs like that - commando I mean - and sure enough none of them - not Loretta, Brandon nor Jennifer - batted an eyelash. I guess they'd seen me in these t-shirt dresses before, so it didn't seem that strange. The next time I saw Minori, I mentioned that I'd taken her up on her advice. "What advice is that?" she asked. "I mean about the testing thing. I wore a t-shirt dress, no undies, and they didn't even notice." "No undies? Where was this?" "In the kitchen," I smiled, proud of my daring. "You little minx you!" she chided. "I'm going to try again tomorrow, maybe with a shorter t-shirt, and see what they do." Minori seemed a bit worried, but she did sound curious about how they would react. Anyway, over the next few mornings, I kept on with my plan, wearing shorter and shorter t-shirts to see what would happen. Brandon of course was the first to notice. He is a boy after all. He peered down curiously at my butt cheeks, but I just smiled back at him sweetly. He didn't seem upset, just puzzled I guess why I was dressed this way. As the days went by, I wore shorter and shorter shirts. It got to the point where I had to really stretch out the material to keep my pussy covered. I worried that this might look unnatural, but I don't think Loretta and Jenn noticed, and Brandon wasn't complaining. I was actually enjoying teasing Brandon, watching his reactions. He looks kind of cute when he blushes. Anyway, when I told Minori about all this, she seemed amazed that I had taken it this far. Her take was that it had something to do with Loretta being American. In the States, she says, people treat how you dress as a personal thing, and you can wear whatever you want. I guess that's true, but what was breaking us both up was there has to be a limit somewhere. I wasn't sure how far I could push things, but anyway, Minori and I were both curious, so I promised to carry on. The next morning though, I looked at the t-shirts I hadn't used yet, getting second thoughts. I mean, seriously, the next t-shirt barely went down past my waist. I can't just walk around naked, can I? That would be a bit much, wouldn't it? Hesitantly, I took the t-shirt off the hanger, and walked to the door, but all these alarm bells were going off in my head. I came back. Soon, I talked myself into it again, but when I got to the door, I got all nervous, and came back having trouble going through with it. Oh this is silly. If I'm going to do this, I just have to bear down, and do it. Clenching my fist, I strode defiantly across the hall, determined to see this through. I had a shower, pulled on the t-shirt, and looked at myself in the mirror. I could still more or less keep my pussy covered by stretching the hem down, but I couldn't get it to cover my bottom at all. You could see my round butt cheeks almost all the way up. Hmm. Now what do I do? Holding down the t-shirt as best I could, I quietly stepped out into the hall. I felt so nervous. I could hear Brandon and Jennifer rooting around in their rooms. I felt guilty, worried that I'd 'corrupt' them, but I tried not to think about that. I took a deep breath, and snuck past Brandon's room to the top of the stairs. Brandon's door was open, but I don't think he saw me. All these sensations were surging through my body, but I couldn't just stand here. Brandon and Jennifer would come out soon, so to get away, I trotted on down the stairs to the first floor. I gazed out the front window to see if anyone was outside. It looked like the coast was clear, so I scurried back to the kitchen, stopping in the doorway to see what Loretta would make of my outfit. She looked up at me for a moment, but just said, "There's cereal in the cupboards. Are Brandon and Jennifer ready? We have to leave soon." So here I was, almost naked from the waist down, and Loretta didn't even blink. I couldn't understand how she could be so calm. My whole body was shaking like crazy. If anyone walked by out front, they'd see me. Trying to hide from the window at least, I went into the kitchen, pulling the door shut behind me. I was starting to think I should just show Loretta my bare bottom, and get this over with. She'd probably yell at me, and send me back upstairs, but at least then, I'd have an excuse to get dressed. In a way though, that might be cheating. I'd kind of promised Minori I'd see this through. With all these butterflies in my tummy, I trotted over to the cupboard, and reached up with both hands to pull down the big cereal box. The hem of my t-shirt jumped way up, leaving my pussy showing, but Loretta didn't see. She was fixing her kids lunch. I felt so weird standing here flashing Loretta like this. I heard someone coming down the stairs, Brandon probably. Trying to hide, I grabbed a bowl, and plopped by bare behind down on a chair. The vinyl of the chair seat felt cool on my naked buttocks. Brandon came in, whistling some Disney tune, and glanced down at my bottom. I froze blinking nervously under his gaze. There was this tense moment, when I thought the whole world would cave in on me, but when I finally got up the nerve to look back at him, he avoided my gaze, and walked past talking to his mom instead. "We've got a big game tonight." Brandon plays baseball with a little league team. I guess he was just trying to play it cool, but I felt offended. Didn't he like my sweet patootie? Most guys seem to. Before we could sort that out, Jennifer finally appeared at the door. I looked back at her, calling out, "G'morning!" in an unnaturally loud voice. Jennifer answered, "Good morning," but she didn't really look at me. I was bewildered. Here I was naked, but none of them seem to care. What on earth does a girl have to do...? Brandon fetched a cereal bowl, and then came around behind me to sit in the other chair. I expected him to ogle me some more, but instead he started tapping out something on his smartphone. "Brandon, not at the table," his mother warned. "I have to tell Dylan something," he explained. I was mystified at how they could all be so calm. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I wanted to touch myself, to relieve myself from the mounting tension. I could feel an orgasm coming on, and didn't know if I could stop it. I fought to keep control, but I was so wet by then it wasn't even funny. I eventually realized I didn't have a spoon to eat with. I just sat there, in no rush to stand up with all of them here now. Still, I needed a spoon. Pushing the hem down over my pussy, trying to retain at least some shred of decency, I teetered to my feet, and scrambled over to the counter to get a spoon. I guess I was hoping I'd get away with it, but when I turned back though, all three of them were standing there, mouths open, shocked to see my bare bottom! Oh oh! "Can you give Dylan and Scott a ride to the game?" Brandon asked his mom. "I don't know if their dads are coming." "Um yeah, sure," Loretta answered slowly. I braced myself, expecting her to yell, but Brandon kept asking about this game, trying to distract her I guess. She looked at me, as if she were going to say something, but then answered Brandon instead. It was so weird. Jennifer was staring down, playing with her cereal. Is she angry at me for coming out here dressed like this? I hadn't meant to upset her. I actually never thought I'd get this far. Loretta turned away without saying anything, so I went back to my seat, still kind of waiting for the hammer to fall. I was trying to be good, but the milk was on the other side of the table. I quietly stood up, and reached for it. With my ass in the air inches from Brandon's face, he could no longer ignore my nudity. He turned to gape at it, clearly quite amazed I was flashing him in front of his mom and sister. "Brandon! Emi! Cut that out!" Loretta barked. I looked at her, feigning innocence. 'Don't stand up? Don't reach for the milk? Don't flash your ass at my son?' I stayed poised like that, waiting for her to clarify, but before she could, the doorbell rang, giving me a start. "Who's that?" I squealed, straightening up. Jennifer went out to see who it was. I suddenly felt my modesty returning, worried that whoever would see me like this. "It's Dylan and Scott. Should I let them in?" Jennifer asked her mom, nodding towards my bare ass. All three of them were staring at me now, finally acknowledging that my nudity could be a problem. "Um, Emi. You'd better run upstairs, and get dressed," Loretta nodded, worried now too. My face flushed hot. I felt a lot more embarrassed, now that they'd admitted they could see that I was naked. I wanted to explain why I was dressed like this, but I was drawing a blank. I just stood there, blinking nervously under their shocked gaze. We could hear Dylan and Scott knocking. I walked over to the kitchen door to see. Brandon was getting really excited, and even Loretta was staring at my bottom now. I'd been dressed like this all along, so why was she just noticing now? I'd tensed up so much that I'd pulled my t-shirt up, exposing my pussy even. Loretta was all frantic now, and gestured for me to scoot before I caused even more damage. I finally scampered over to the front door, thanking Jenn for not letting the boys in. Dylan and Scott were peering in through the lace curtain on the oblong window next to the door. I guess Brandon must have told them I was naked, because they seemed quite desparate to get a look at me. I pulled the hem down over my pussy at least, but when I turned to run up the stairs, I think they probably saw my tush. This was even more embarrassing. I hadn't really meant to show them at all. Once I was safe in my room, Jenn let them in. It seems that Brandon had texted them that I "was at it again," so they'd come over to see for themselves. Brandon had been bugging me to strip for his friends, but I told him straight out no, figuring that would be crazy. Now, he'd probably be on me to flash for them again. Sigh. On the bright side, I'd managed to make it through. I'd better lay low though. Loretta is probably upset. Later that day, I saw Minori, and told her what had happened. She was pretty amazed, both at me for doing it and at Loretta for letting me. Minori kept asking if they could tell that I was naked. Definitely, they did this time. That's what made the whole thing so strange. Why didn't Loretta say anything when she first saw me? Anyway, I had to stop fooling around at home, but maybe play elsewhere. I was glad that Minori seemed so cool with all this. I am lucky to have found such a good friend. When I got home that afternoon, Brandon was waiting for me. "Geez, Emi. You are something else." I walked upstairs, ignoring him, regretting a bit flashing them all. I went to my room intending to have a shower, but Brandon actually followed me right in. "That was amazing, Emi! You've got such a great body." "Um, do you mind...? I want to take a shower." I grabbed a change of clothes and a towel, and pushed past him heading to the bathroom. "Can I watch?" he asked, following me into the bathroom. "No, of course not. Get out!" Downstairs, we heard the door open. It was still early, so it had to be Jennifer. I didn't want her to hear, so I lowered my voice, trying to get Brandon to leave, but he just closed the door behind him. He seemed pretty excited, still worked up about seeing me naked. We heard Jennifer coming upstairs. "Emi? Is that you?" she asked. I didn't want Jennifer to know that Brandon was in the bathroom with me, so I motioned for him to shush. "Yeah, I was just going to take a shower," I called out to her through the door. Suddenly, Jenn was right there, knocking. Brandon panicked, and jumped in the shower to hide. "Can I talk to you for a sec?" Jennifer went on. I was going to say no, but before I could, she opened the door! "It's about this morning. I just wanted you to know that I didn't tell mom about that time in the summer in the middle of the night..." Jennifer had caught me naked once before. "No, that's okay. I didn't think you did," I assured her. "You know mom. Her heart is in the right place, but sometimes she can be a bit old-fashioned." I just kind of nodded, worried that she'd spot Brandon hiding in the shower. He'd gone completely quiet. Neither of us was keen on trying to explain to Jenn what he was doing in the bathroom with me, especially after what happened that morning. "Oh, if you're having a shower, you'd better run the water then. It takes a while to heat up." Jenn reached into the shower, and turned the hot water tap on, making water come out of the lower spout. Luckily, she didn't see Brandon. "So anyway, I just wanted to let you know that if there's a showdown tonight when mom gets home, I'm on your side..." "Um, yeah, thanks." It was nice to hear that, but at the moment, I was worried more about Brandon. He seemed a bit overheated when he stormed in here. Quietly, as a joke, I reached into the shower myself, and turned the switch that makes the water come out of the shower head at the top. The blast of water must have hit him in the face, but he somehow managed to keep quiet. I stifled a giggle. Brandon had been fully dressed when he came in, but now we could see steam coming from the shower. "Oh, that looks ready now," Jenn informed me calmly. I moved to get into the shower myself, but Jenn pointed to my clothes. "You're still dressed! Oh, here, don't worry. I won't look," she assured me turning to the side as she continued to talk. She obviously wanted me to strip down before getting in. Now what do I do? I had to take off my clothes, or else Jenn would get suspicious. I teetered awkwardly as I removed first my sweatshirt and tank top and then my yoga pants and panties. I stepped into the shower, and suddenly, there I was face to face with Brandon - him, fully dressed, soaking wet, and me, stark naked. He didn't look pleased though. The water was still hitting him in the back of the head, and running down in his eyes, but he was obviously afraid that if he moved, he'd give himself away. Instead of being happy to see me naked, he just look frustrated. I felt embarrassed at first, but seeing him there, dowsed with water like that, he looked so funny. I covered my mouth to keep from laughing. I was standing really close to him. I felt kind of excited. He shielded his eyes, partly from the water, but also perhaps struggling to keep his feelings under control. "So anyway, mom might say some harsh things tonight," Jenn went on, "but she means well, so don't take it personally. I'm sure it'll be okay." "Um, yeah, thanks, Jenn," I smirked, still trying to keep from laughing. Eventually, Jenn left. I reached past Brandon, turned off the shower, and got him a towel. He was angry though. He grabbed the towel from me, and turned away as he dried himself off. I must have hurt his pride somehow. I guess he wanted me to see him as an adult man, a potential lover, not the target of my silly pranks. I felt kind of bad. I hadn't really meant to hurt him. He was sweet in his own way. Anyway, soon, he left me to my shower. He stayed in his room when I came out, and I didn't bother him. Sorry, Brandon. Later that night, Loretta came home. She came up to my room, and knocked on my door. I sat on my bed, staring up at her, feeling more than a little guilty for all the things I'd done. "You know, Emi, I'm glad in a way that you feel so comfortable here - and we've really enjoyed having you - but I have to say that I think you should dress a little bit more... conservatively around the house..." Well, that didn't sound so bad. I thought she'd be more angry. Still, I have to be careful here. I thought over what to say, before answering. I was wondering if I could make it into a joke somehow, but Loretta looked pretty serious. "Um, yeah, I'm really sorry about this morning. I... um... was in such a hurry getting ready... but when you guys pointed it out, I realized my mistake..." Loretta tilted her head way back on hearing this, stunned I guess. "Oops!" I giggled, putting my hand over my mouth. There was this long awkward silence, and then finally, Loretta laughed. "You forgot? I mean I wondered what was going on. I took one look at you, and I was like 'What on earth...?'" "Yeah, I know! I was like that too when I realized! 'Where are my bottoms?'" I gushed, replaying my shocked reaction for her. We both laughed a bit more. I assured her that it wouldn't happen again, and she seemed okay with that. The thing that really surprised me was how willing she was to accept all this. I mean my aunt's that way - Sachi. Whenever Sachi catches me naked, she laughs like anything. I'd always thought that Loretta was different though, more like my mom, stern, unforgiving. It was actually great though to find out that Loretta is so open-minded. Maybe other people are like that too. Anyway, food for thought. More next time. Emi Tsuruta