Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Slumber Party By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: A while back, I started to tell you about my plans for a slumber party. My actual plan was that I'd invite my two closest friends, Satomi and Asuna, over to my house, some time when my host mom Loretta and her kids weren't around, and the three of us would get naked. No funny business, just lounge around in our birthday suits, chatting and watching movies, relaxing and enjoying the feeling... like nudists do I suppose. Of course at first, neither Satomi nor Asuna were terribly keen on the idea. I guess they thought it would be strange or whatever. Even so, I kept at them, and eventually, managed to talk them into at least giving it a try. Satomi has actually gone along with quite a few of my crazy ideas, like trips to the nude beach or strip poker. Most of the time, she's a bit of a prude, always trying to get me to behave. She's quite shy, but I guess I'm one of her closest friends, so sometimes I've been able to talk her into joining me for some of these loony ideas of mine. Asuna's a bit younger and more impressionable. I don't think she's an exhibitionist really, but she looks up to me, and pretty much goes along with just about anything. I haven't involved her in a lot of things - she's my ex-boyfriend's cousin, so I felt I should protect her - but it is nice that she trusts me. Anyway, I'd somehow managed to convince the two of them to come to my house for this sleepover one Saturday. It was just going to be the three of us, and honestly, I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. When the day came though, I began to feel nervous - last minute jitters I guess. I went grocery shopping, and picked out some interesting looking movies to watch. Satomi and Asuna showed up at Loretta's house around six, a bit earlier than I'd been expecting. It wasn't like they were keen on getting naked. They just wanted to be on time. At first, we kept our clothes on, chatting while I mixed some pink lemonade for us to drink. Satomi wasn't crushing on anyone, but I asked her about her dorm mates. In Asuna's case, there's this insanely hot guy Craig virtually living in her condo, but actually, he's the boyfriend of Sandra, one of Asuna's roommates. Once I was ready, we all sat down to watch the movies. The whole point of our get-together was to get naked, but for some reason, I was having trouble bringing it up. I started up one of the movies, and went off to make some popcorn, trying to calm down, so I could do this. One thing that was bothering me I guess was that it was still daylight out. Outside our front window, I could see two local boys, Carter and Gordie, playing street hockey just in front of our house. They seemed to be focused on their game, but they had seen Satomi and Asuna come in. They would no doubt be curious. On the plus side though, I was dressed pretty lightly by then, just a soft cotton t-shirt and stretchy light blue cotton shorts - no undies. I was feeling kind of antsy actually... almost like I wanted to have sex. This had nothing to do with Satomi nor Asuna, but I get like that sometimes. Maybe you know the feeling. Satomi and Asuna were dressed light too, both in shorts and short-sleeved tops. Hopefully that means they are ready for this. When I came back with the popcorn, Satomi had settled in on the sofa, and was fooling with the remote trying to get the movie to play. Asuna asked me if I had a futon for her to lie on. That sounded like a good idea - getting comfortable - so I ran upstairs to fetch futons and towelkets for each of us to snuggle up under. Satomi took one towelket from me, and wrapped it around her before settling back in on the sofa. Asuna spread her shikibuton (like a mattress) out on the carpet in the middle of the floor, and then lay down on it pulling a towelket over her. I sat down in the arm chair looking over at the two of them, still wondering how I should bring up the idea of getting naked. "Is this the one with Brad Pitt?" Asuna asked, talking about the movie. "Hey! Aren't we supposed to get naked?" I finally blurted out. The two of them just stared at me, a bit taken aback by my indelicacy. I'd already told them! Grudgingly, they started undressing... under the cover of their towelkets. This isn't quite what I had in mind, but anyway, it was a start. Soon the two of them were naked (although it was hard to tell for sure with their blankets in the way). I finally stripped myself. It felt good to be out of my clothes. Free at last. Our next problem was what to do for supper. I'd actually bought ingredients for ramen noodles, but I mentioned pizza, and Asuna seemed interested in that. "We could order from Pacini Pizza. They make a nice thin crust like in Italy," I enthused. I actually had a history with the two Chinese boys who work there, Kennedy and Clint. Their pizzeria was just on the edge of campus, and Satomi and I had wandered in there the night of the toga party. I wasn't wearing any undies that day, and they have a picture of me in my toga on their wall. If you look closely, you can kind of tell I'm naked under the toga. I got up, and dug out their brochure. Satomi and Asuna were a bit unnerved as I wandered around the room naked. The drapes were wide open, but I supposed that Carter and them must have gone in for supper by then. Once I was up though, I noticed them out on the street, but luckily, they hadn't spotted me. I finally crouched down beside the sofa to hide. "Do you wanna get something simple, like just tomatoes and cheese...," I whispered. Asuna was all excited now though, and insisted we get green pepper, mushrooms and pineapple. I sat my bare behind down on the cold wood floor in our dining room, and called up Kennedy on my cell. Kennedy sounded busy, but he said they'd come as soon as they could. I could tell he was excited. Like I said, we have this history. Now that we were all set, I pulled my towelket back around me, and sat down in the armchair to watch the movie. Satomi was obviously wondering what I was planning to do when the pizza arrived. I was kind of debating that myself. It would be kind of funny to answer the door naked. I'm sure Kennedy and Clint would get a kick out of it, but I didn't want to freak out Satomi and Asuna. Maybe I can just run upstairs, and grab a hoodie or whatever when they come. Quite some time passed. We thought we heard their car pull up, but after that, it went quiet again. Asuna looked at me, cocking her ear, listening for footsteps, but we couldn't hear anything. Had they gotten lost, or gone to the wrong house? I got up to look - leaving my towelket on the chair. Satomi waved at me, worried that someone outside might spot me. I couldn't see anyone out front anymore. Maybe Carter had finally gone inside. Satomi kept grimacing, but I cautiously tiptoed over to the front door, peering out. I thought it was funny Satomi getting all worked up about me when she was naked herself. Asuna was killing herself laughing. It was pretty funny. I just quickly took a peek out, but I couldn't see them. Carefully, I undid the lock, opened the door, and peeked out through the crack, but I still couldn't see Kennedy's car. Where on earth had they parked? I guess I knew this was dangerous, but my curiosity piqued, I opened the door even further, and pushed open the screen door to look out. I was trying so hard to be careful, but I was so nervous standing here naked in the doorway that I placed a foot wrong, and stumbled outside onto the porch. When I finally regained my balance, I suddenly realized they were all out there - Carter, Gordie, Kennedy and Clint - staring up at me, wondering what on earth I was doing out here in the buff! I froze, so shocked to see them. Eventually, I regained my senses, and grabbed at the handle of the screen door, but the lock was stuck. Kennedy rushed up to help. Even he seemed embarrassed for me. We finally got the door open, and I rushed back inside. Satomi and Asuna looked stunned, but I motioned that the pizza was here, and then ran upstairs to get something to wear. If I had any sense, I would have pulled on some shorts or something, but instead all I grabbed was a hoodie. I zipped up the front, and came back out, but you could still see my pussy. Kennedy and Clint were outside worrying about Carter and Gordie I guess, but they turned when I came down. "Hello!" I called out to them, cautiously. "Damn!" Kennedy exclaimed, marvelling at my outfit. "Kennedy, Clint. You remember Satomi... and this is my friend Asuna," I smiled, introducing them. Satomi nodded, but when Asuna swivelled this way to face us, we got a peek at her breasts. They aren't that big, but her nipples are this adorable shade of cherry blossom pink. Kennedy and Clint seem quite excited by her tits as well, but Asuna herself didn't realize they were showing. "Is that the pizza?" I asked, really nervous. "Oh yeah, here you go," Kennedy said handing it to me. I turned away, but I could feel their eyes on my bare behind. There was such electricity in the air. I mean Kennedy and Clint were trying to be gentlemen, but you could tell they were excited. "What are you girls doing here anyway?" Clint asked. "Oh we're just having a sleepover," I explained. In my purse, all I had was twenties, but I wanted to give them a tip. "Um, Asuna, do you have any change?" Asuna pulled her towelket across covering her breasts, but when she rose to her knees, it fell open at the side, flashing us her pussy. She immediately tried to cover up, but was having a horrible time keeping covered as she rose to her feet. Kennedy and Clint looked on in wonder. Asuna struggled unsuccessfully to keep covered as she fiddled with her purse. She seemed so nervous, clearly not used to being naked in front of strange guys. "It's okay. Don't worry," I cooed, pointing out that Kennedy and Clint were keeping their distance. She peered over at them, and finally informed us, "I don't have any change either." I looked over at Satomi, but before she could respond, Kennedy piped up. "That's okay, girls. It's on the house. That's the least we can do." "No, no, no. We can pay you. We were just looking for some extra for the tip," I countered. "Don't worry about it. Whatever's fine," Kennedy smiled. Asuna smiled, and even Satomi raised her head impressed by Kennedy's kindness. I strode over, and handed Kennedy my twenty. Clint fumbled through his bag for change while Kennedy continued to look us over. "Oh I know," I said. Loretta left some theatre tickets on the ledge by the door. "Do you guys want these?" When I turned, they both stared down at my bare bottom. "Any takers? Going, going, going, gone," I teased. Asuna had finally gotten her towelket under control, but still looked a bit teary-eyed. Soon I noticed Carter and Gordie heads bobbing up and down out the front window. Shoot! I should have been more careful. "Here, guys! You'd better go. It seems we have some unwanted visitors," I pointed out. Kennedy went out, and chased them off our lawn. Clint seemed reluctant to leave, but once I started waving goodbye, he took the hint, and left. "See. I told you they were nice guys," I smiled. Satomi was more worried about Carter now. Pulling her towelket around her, she got up to peer out the window. "Who saw you?" she asked. "Just two neighbor boys. Kennedy chased them away." Satomi looked horrified, upset that we'd been caught. "Maybe we should close the curtains, or get dressed, or something," she deadpanned. Satomi is always like this, but Carter or no, I didn't want to just give up. I'd moved heaven and earth to get the two of them to agree to this in the first place. "Don't worry about it. I don't even think they saw me really," I lied. Stumbling outside had been an accident, but doubtless Carter would be curious now. Asuna seemed unsure, but in any case, the pizza was here, and they both were hungry. Satomi and Asuna clung to their towelkets as we divvied up the pizza, but I just stood there naked, keeping an eye on the front window for signs of Carter. I was nervous too, but having too much fun to stop. It was great being naked, especially with the two of them here to keep me company. Anyway, we all sat back down to eat our pizza, and rewinded the video. Slowly, we all started to relax, and focus on the movie. The sun went down, and the living room darkened till there was only the flicker of the TV screen. I hadn't really given too much thought to where we all would sleep, but Satomi seemed happy on the sofa. I brought down a second futon, and spread it out next to Asuna's on the carpet for me. At the start of the evening, Asuna had kept her towelket wrapped around her, but as she relaxed, she kept shifting, uncovering more and more of her body. Eventually, she was just lying there naked. She's fairly slender, but she has this pert little behind that she had stuck up in the air. I began wondering how lesbians make love, but wait! That's not why I invited them here. Satomi fell asleep, so we stretched her out on the sofa, and covered her up. Asuna was wide awake now, excited at being naked I guess. Her cat-like eyes glowed in the dark. The movie finished, and she asked, "What do you want to do now?" almost as if she'd been thinking bi-curious thoughts herself. I guess the thing I never understood about lesbian sex is what you are supposed to do. I mean when you're with a guy, he puts it in, but with another girl, there's nothing to put if you know what I mean. Not that I was seriously thinking about making love to Asuna. It was just the whole situation, being naked and horny in the soft moonlight. We lay there, and talked, opening up to each other, sharing secrets. I did feel close, connected to Asuna more than usual. Unfortunately, I soon heard a rustling noise coming from outside. It must be Carter or Gordie. Since we were on the floor, I don't think they could see us. Asuna opened her eyes, a bit spooked I guess, but soon, we broke out laughing, finding this whole spying business pretty funny. Loretta's front yard has a hedge and bushes all around, so whoever it was would probably hurt himself if he tried to climb up to the window. When I went to get up, Asuna grabbed hold of arm at first, and held me, worried I guess. "I just want to take a quick peek," I whispered. She didn't think this was such a good idea, but she finally let go. It was pretty dark inside, but unfortunately, the light from the TV and the streetlights lit up my body as I moved closer to the window. I could see something moving outside, but I wasn't sure if it was Carter or just the branches blowing in the wind. Asuna got up on her knees, and peered out as well, the streetlights making box patterns on her naked skin. She has quite a luscious body. If it was Carter, he could probably see us now, but I couldn't tell if he was there. Part of me wanted to open the door, and check, but that's how I'd gotten in trouble earlier. I stayed standing in the window as long as I dared, but eventually, I gave up, and came back to lie down next to Asuna. "It's okay. I don't think he's there." We chatted a bit more, but soon drifted off to sleep. The next morning was a bit weird. Satomi was already dressed, and apparently angry at Asuna and me for sleeping naked in view of the front window. I felt a bit embarrassed myself, hoping no one had seen us. Asuna wiped the sleep out of her eyes, but she didn't seem too concerned. She headed off - still naked - to the kitchen to make some tea. I needed a shower, so I gathered up my hoodie, and headed upstairs. After my shower, I pulled some clothes on, although I guess I didn't need to. When I came back down, Asuna had wrapped her towelket around her, and asked if she could use the shower too. I chatted with Satomi over breakfast, but it didn't seem like she'd softened at all. Another of my crazy ideas that she had to endure. Well, anyway, at least Asuna and I had fun. Emi Tsuruta