Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Rekindling the Flame By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: One day a while back there, I was sitting in the dorm's dining hall on campus with my (ex?)boyfriend Ryosuke. He and I were still officially on a 'break,' but even so, we still hung out. I was vaguely trying to convince him to come with me to a 'hot yoga' class. That wasn't about the yoga though. It was just that I thought if we started going out, maybe we'd end up getting back together. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite there yet. "Hot yoga? Yeah, I don't know. That doesn't sound like my kind of thing," he balked. He was gazing over at something behind me. I looked back, and it was this guy I knew, Derek, looking this way. "That guy has the hots for you. You know that, don't you?" "Who? Derek? No, he doesn't," I denied. Actually, though, it was almost certainly true. I knew Derek from around campus, and I used to talk to him a fair bit back in my freshman year, before Ryosuke and I started going out. I'd almost forgotten about him, but then one day recently, he stumbled on me out lying in the field on campus, sunbathing and vaguely trying to study. I wasn't wearing a whole lot at the time - just a poncho with nothing on underneath - and it seems that this had sparked off his interest again. Now I keep seeing him everywhere I go. The thought had crossed my mind that he might be stalking me, but perhaps not. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. "I betcha anything he does," Ryosuke sneered. "What do I get if I win the bet?" I retorted. "I'll go to hot yoga with you." "Sweet!" I smiled, cheering up. "But if you lose, you have to streak across the quad!" "In broad daylight? No way!" I squealed. I was happy though that Ryosuke was still interested in me. We hadn't had sex since we broke up, but I was secretly hoping to move things in that direction again. "We can work out the details after you lose," he guffawed. I was pretty sure Ryosuke was just joking about this bet, and in any case, it would be hard to prove that Derek wasn't into me. Ryosuke had to go to work, so I walked him out. It was true that Derek kept gazing at me as we walked across the hall. "See! I told you," Ryosuke smirked. Later, I met up with my friends Minori and Nao in Antonio's Cafe, next to the dorm. It seems that Derek must have spotted us there, because he came in, and was like, "Emi! Wow! Fancy meeting you here! What a coincidence!" Ah well. This is one bet I might lose. I introduced Derek to Minori and Nao, hoping I guess that he'd find them cute, and forget about me. However, it seems our recent run-in had made quite the impression on him. Derek kept laughing at my jokes, and seemed completely immune to Minori and Nao's charms. I guess they were still struggling with their English, but a lot of guys seem to find them cute. Anyway, the conversation turned to things we could do in the summer. I told Minori and Nao about San Francisco. I'd been there a few times to see my new American friend Crystal. They seemed interested. "There's Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge..." Derek saw this as an invitation, and he was all like, "Great! When are we going?" Minori and Nao seemed okay with inviting him along, but I was more wondering how on earth I was going to win this bet with Ryosuke. Anyway, after we'd been talking for a while, I told Derek we needed to do some 'girl things,' and left him there while the three of us headed out. One morning not long after that, I was down on campus. Class had just finished, so I gave my friend Satomi a call on my cell. She was in the library working on an essay. "Could I stop by at your place?" I asked. "I want to get cleaned up, and maybe get something to eat." Satomi is one of my closest friends. She'd even given me a key, so I can use her dorm room even when she isn't around. "Yeah, go ahead. I might come back around supper time, but I have to work on this assignment now. The deadline's next week." I was a little disappointed that she wasn't going to join me for lunch, but anyway, it's good that she's studying. She's such a hard worker. When I got to Satomi's room, I used the key to let myself in. It was hot that day, and I was in a bit of a strange mood, mildly frustrated by this whole 'break' with Ryosuke. At the moment, I just wanted to take a shower, and get cleaned up. I looked through Satomi's closet to see if she had a spare towel. I found a medium-size white one, and wrapped it around me to see if it was big enough to cover my... well you know, cover me up. It looked a decent size, so I quickly stripped out of my clothes. Once I was naked, the breeze from Satomi's window was making me all tingly. I looked in the mirror, and the towel was just barely long enough to cover my pussy. I turned, and at the back, you could kind of see the cheeks of my bare bottom. Ah well. I'll just dash across quickly to the bath room, and hopefully, I won't run into anyone. As far as I knew, Derek never comes around the dorm this early in the day, and in any case, I was pretty sure he didn't know I was here. I stepped into my sandals, and tiptoed across, checking to make sure I had my key, bath kit and change purse before shutting the door. Luckily, there was no one in the hall. It was usually pretty quiet in the dorm in the daytime because most everyone is off at class. I got into the shower, but the bath room window was open, so the breeze was tickling my skin in here too, getting me excited. Aahh, it feels so good to be naked! After I was done showering, I dried off, tied my hair back in a pony-tail, and wrapped the towel around me. I was getting hungry. I wonder if I can just dash over to the cafeteria, and grab something. I knew of course that I should probably get dressed first, but maybe I can chance it, and go over like this, dressed in a towel. There didn't seem to be anyone around that day. It was a bit of a risk, but maybe it'll be alright. I opened the door to the hallway, and looked both ways, listening to see if anyone was rattling around in their room. It sounded safe, so I cautiously tiptoed down the hall, ears pricked up for any sign of people. Before I knew it, I had gone all the way down to the door to the porter's office, still clutching my towel tightly to my breast. I couldn't very well go through his office dressed like this. I ducked into the stairwell, and headed down to the basement. At least down here, I wasn't likely to meet anyone. I scurried along the corridor, quite nervous actually, not really sure if this was such a good idea, running around the dorm in just a towel in the daytime. I rounded the bend past the vending machines, the dance hall, and then peered through the glass door at the end. It was still like only 11 o'clock, so I didn't think there would be that many people in the cafeteria. I trudged up the stairs, my flip-flops clacking on each step. Luckily, there was no one in the foyer or in line in the cafeteria, so I scurried right in. I paused in front of the glass cooler trying to decide what drink to get when these two freshman boys appeared at the door. The boys stopped short as soon as they saw me, obviously quite surprised to find me in a towel. I took a deep breath, aware of how strange it must seem. I froze, trying not to look at them, scared out of my wits. They seemed a bit skittish too, keeping their distance, wondering what on earth I was doing I guess. The towel hung open on their side, so they could probably see the bare flesh of my hip up past my waist, giving away the fact that I was naked. I tensed, bracing for the worst. They didn't say anything though. I rubbed my forehead trying to remember what I came here for. Oh that's right. Something to eat! It was so hard to think of food with them watching though. My pussy was tingling like crazy. I didn't know these guys, but they were good-looking enough. It was kind of cute the way they were gazing at me in wonder. I slowly focused back on the juice fridge in front of me. The drink I wanted, a berry blend smoothie, was up on the top shelf jammed in with a dozen other drinks. I reached up for it, but as I did, I could feel the hem of my towel rising, exposing my bare booty to view. I panicked, and accidentally brushed against the bottles causing a couple to teeter, and fall. The bottles looked to be glass, so rather than let them shatter, I reached out with both hands to catch them, letting go of my towel. I caught the bottles alright, but without me holding it, my towel came undone, and fell to the floor. Suddenly, I was naked! I turned to the two boys, but they were just gawking at me now. "Oops!" was all I could think to say. I felt so embarrassed. I mean, can you imagine? Me being out there in the middle of this bustling cafe, naked as the day I was born. It was mortifying. A few of the other bottles teetered, and fell. They mostly landed on my towel, and none of them broke. I needed to get back dressed of course before anyone else saw me, but I couldn't with all these bottles on my towel. Giggling in embarrassment, I actually stepped away from the mess I made, staring down in shock at my own naked body. I couldn't just stand here though, so I gestured for them to help pick up the fallen bottles. They didn't respond at first. The boys seemed even more shocked than I was. I kept gesturing though for them to help me, and eventually, they snapped out of it, and came over to help. Honestly, I didn't know what to do. It was so weird standing here naked with these young strangers crouching at my feet. I actually even went closer, putting back the drink I didn't want, putting my pussy a few inches from the one guy's face. He gulped, absolutely dumbfounded at my brazen behavior. I felt so naughty, so excited. I wanted to have sex. "I swear I'm so clumsy sometimes. I'm always dropping things," I babbled away, nervous. "Thanks for helping me pick up the bottles." A bit embarrassed by the way they were staring at my pussy, I turned away, showing them my backside instead. This must have struck them as strange though, lounging around naked I mean, because the one guy picked up my towel, and held it out for me to take. "Um, miss. You dropped this," he noted. He looked so worked up, turned on I guess by my nudity. I took the towel from him, and used it to hide my pussy, but actually, I was starting to enjoy all this, their reaction, lounging around naked in the cafeteria. It isn't every day I get to roam around in the buff! I was worried though. I glanced around looking for the staff. Only once I was fairly sure that they weren't coming did I set the towel and drink down on the counter, and reach up to straighten the elastic band in my hair. I was definitely flaunting my body now, just to see what they would do. They were both blinking their eyes, stunned at my daring. I knew I was pressing my luck though, so I finally wrapped the towel back around me, thanked them, and hotfooted it off to the cashier. I didn't know what to do about my lingering horniness, but I had better get out of here before I do something really crazy. The cashier was a woman, actually someone I'd seen before, so I paid her as quickly as I could, and dashed out. Luckily, there was no sign of Derek. In the foyer, I briefly considered going outside, but opted to go back to the basement, trying to stay away from people. I think I saw those same two boys on campus a few times after that, but they just stared at me from a distance. I'm not sure if they told anyone, but I haven't heard anything about it, so maybe not. My luck seems to be holding out. I still had this silly bet with Ryosuke. One night I was on campus, studying in the library when I discovered Ryosuke's sunglasses in my bag. I guess he must have given them to me to hold, and we'd both forgotten about them until now. I decided to drop by the restaurant where he works, and return them. When I got there though, suddenly, Derek wandered in! Ryosuke gave me a dirty look, tired of seeing Derek everywhere. "See?" he said pointing at Derek. It was clear by then that Derek was indeed stalking me. Ryosuke had won the bet. He was good about it though. He didn't say I told you so, or rub it in. Reluctantly, I agreed to hold up my end. "Alright. Alright. Drop by at Satomi's dorm after you get off work." Derek looked like a little lost puppy dog when I left, but there was nothing I could do. I still had this thing with Ryosuke, so I couldn't start a new relationship even if I wanted to. Anyway, I went to Satomi's. We chatted for a bit, but it was getting late, so she offered to let me stay over. Satomi went to sleep. I changed into my p.j.'s too, long-sleeved boy style brown ones in soft brushed cotton, and then went out to the common room to wait for Ryosuke. There was no sign of my friend Lori and nothing much on TV, so the time passed slowly. By the time Ryosuke finally showed up, I was really glad to see him. "Thanks," I smiled. "What for?" "For coming." I beckoned for him to follow me. "Here. There's something I want to show you." I led him down into the basement, and then to the dining hall. The cafeteria was closed for the night, but the dining hall was open and completely empty. I led him all the way down to the far end, and checked the big wooden doors. Sure enough they were open. They led out to a little reception room they use when important guests come to visit. "Hmph. I didn't know this was here," he said. "Yeah, me neither until recently." I opened the doors on the far wall showing him that they led outside to the footpaths that run behind the dorms. "Neat. But what are you...? I mean what are we doing here?" he asked, still not sure what I was getting at. "You said you wanted me to streak..." I answered shyly, hoping he'd be pleased. "You're joking! Really?" he replied, obviously a bit excited by the idea. I wondered if he'd been teasing me about this bet, but anyway, I knew he liked this sort of thing. Taking a deep breath, I slowly pulled down my p.j. bottoms showing him my pussy. He seemed awfully excited. Like I said, it had been a while since we'd had sex, so it all felt fresh. Encouraged by his reaction, I stepped out of my sandals, pulled off my bottoms, and then stripped out of my top. I felt embarrassed getting naked out in this swanky reception area, but happy that Ryosuke seemed so pleased. All the old feelings were flooding back. He came over, and kissed me grabbing my rear end, and pulling me into him. I kissed him back, but told him, "Wait. Let me streak first." It was kind of fun teasing him when he so obviously wanted me. I opened the door, and peeked out. At the bottom of the stairs, there was a footpath running in front of this soccer field and a university building to the right. I didn't see anyone around, so cautiously, I went out, and stood on the step. I could hear sirens in the distance. I looked back at Ryosuke a bit afraid. I wondered if someone had called the police on me, but they seemed to be going the other way. The cool night air felt so strange on my naked body. Before I lost my nerve, I trundled down the steps, my sandals clacking on the concrete. I sprinted along the path, away from Satomi's dorm, but closer to the next dorm along. There didn't seem to be anyone on the back soccer field, but people were probably still up in the other dorm, and there was a street a little further along. I felt so naughty being out here naked like this. Ryosuke came out to watch. I kind of ran away making him chase me, but the two of us were laughing so much I worried that people might hear, and come looking for us. I circled back round to the door we'd come out of, my breasts bouncing as I skipped, hiding my bare behind with my hands. I felt so excited, so alive. Once we were both back inside, Ryosuke grabbed me again, pulling me closer. He kissed me, much more passionate than usual, excited by my little streaking escapade. There were a couple of armchairs that I guess we could have used, but I didn't want to get them dirty. I finally lay down on the carpet using my p.j.'s to lie on. Ryosuke got on top of me looking deep into my eyes the way he used to. I guess he had missed being with me too. He pulled down his pants, pulled on a condom, and soon we were making sweet passionate love there on the carpet. I came in no time, and then drifted off into a daze. Soon, though, we heard someone come into the dining hall next door. We both panicked, and tried to hide while we frantically pulled our clothes back on. It turned out to be the porter come to check the doors. He was a younger student working the night shift, and he seemed quite surprised to find us here. I more or less managed to pull my clothes on, but I guess it was kind of obvious what we had been doing. Before the porter could ask too many questions, I made some excuse, and then led Ryosuke back through the dining hall and into the basement. Ryosuke had to go home to get some sleep, so I kissed him good night. We were both a bit happy that we'd managed to connect again. Emi Tsuruta