Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. No Pants Train Ride By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: I went up to San Francisco to visit Crystal again. She's the Anglo-American girl, brown hair, went to UC Berkeley, who Graeme and I saw strip naked at a dance party at Orientation. She was still denying it, so I didn't push, but we were getting along. She told me about a guy friend who runs a night club, and also this athletic club that used to be for women-only. Before coming back to Oceanview, I picked up an alternative newspaper. In it, there was an article about the 'no pants subway ride.' In Japanese, 'pantsu' is the word for panties, so at first, I thought it was about riding the subway with no underwear on. As I read further, it turned out that the people who do it wear underwear, but just take off their trousers or skirt or whatever. Some guy in New York took off his pants in the subway to see how people would react. He got a friend to make a video of it, and posted it to YouTube, and the video went viral. Eventually, he started organizing bigger events with a whole bunch of people taking their pants off. Now they do it in cities all over the world, and it's like a regular thing. A couple of weeks later, my boyfriend Ryosuke took me to this party at someone's house. There were a whole bunch of artsy types there, and I got talking to this one guy, Trevor. Trevor had black hair, and wore glasses, but he seemed pretty cool. Maybe his background was Hispanic, but he acted Anglo. He told me that he worked in the film industry. Trevor said that in order to become known in Hollywood, he needed some kind of gimmick, something that people would remember him for. That reminded me of the no pants subway ride guy, so I told him that story. At first, Trevor was like people in Oceanview would never ride around with no pants on, but I said I'd do it, and thought that my friends Minori and Nao might as well. He seemed kind of stunned by that. "Wow! Like really? That would be amazing!" he cried out, all excited now. I said 'sure,' and before I knew it, he was hatching this plan to publicize it, and get a whole bunch of people to come. We exchanged phone numbers, and he promised to keep me posted. "What were you talking about with that guy?" Ryosuke asked as we left the party. "Um... the no pants subway ride?" I told him truthfully. Ryosuke claimed he'd never heard of it, so I had to explain it all to him, but I'm pretty sure he just wanted to hear me say it. I didn't hear from Trevor for a little while, but then one day, I noticed a poster for the ride on a power pole on campus. Trevor finally called, and asked if my friends and I could come. I hadn't talked with Minori and Nao yet, but I told him I'd ask, and get back to him. When I did tell Minori about a 'no pants' train ride, she laughed, imagining that you go without your underwear. Nao thought I was crazy, but I kept at her, and eventually, both of them agreed to come. I thought it would be fun, wandering around watching people's reactions. I love events like this, going out, meeting new people. They weren't quite so keen, but promised to tag along to humor me. I debated whether I should tell Ryosuke, but he noticed the poster too, and asked me if I was going. Fortunately, he had to work, but said he might try to get off early, so he could come welcome me home, when we came back. Anyway, the day of the event, Minori, Nao and I met downtown in Oceanview's main train station at around 3 in the afternoon. I think there was like 16 of us or so total. There were a couple of blonde girls, another Asian girl, this weird bride of Frankenstein girl, a couple of cute American guys, a cool black guy, and a couple of Asian guys. I didn't really know any of them, but Trevor pointed me out, explaining that the whole thing was kind of my idea. They were all pretty friendly. The guys took their pants off right away, but it wasn't as weird as you'd think. I mean everyone was pretty happy to be here doing this zany stunt. Minori and Nao were willing to try, but they'd cheated a bit by wearing these longer coats. I will admit it did feel strange taking off my pants outside in the sun in the middle of this crowd. The jeans I was wearing that day were kind of tight, so I had to wiggle my fanny to get out of them. Once I had, it felt weird - breezy I guess - standing there in my undies in the middle of this train station. I did have on an aquamarine hoodie and a black jacket, but they were both shorter than Minori's coat which went down to her thighs, and Nao's which almost reached her knees. Nao was laughing though, so I was glad about that. Minori took a picture of me shedding my jeans, but didn't want me to take a picture of her. There were other guys with cameras around, so we had to be careful. We did end up taking one big group photo of most of us. Even without their jeans, Minori and Nao looked normal enough. More than anything, I think it was the naughtiness of knowing that you were pantsless. When guys walked by, and looked, I'd get goose bumps. Trevor called us together to explain the plan, and then we headed for the platform to board the train. We hung with the other no pantsers, this blackish guy in a cowboy hat and his buxom blonde girlfriend and another young Hispanic guy. Everyone kept wanting to take a picture with us. Nao kind of hung back, but Minori and I stood with them for some shots. The train was a double-decker bound for San Diego. It was kind of an interesting design with an opening in the ceiling between the two levels, and single balcony seats above looking down on the main floor. Nao had to go to the washroom, so we headed out to look for one. All the way down at the back of the train, we found these small compartments with toilets or a sink. Nao and Minori went in, leaving me outside, alone in the empty hallway. I kept mulling over the 'no pantsu' part of it. Wouldn't that be cool if I really did take off my underwear? I peeked through the window back into the car we'd just left. There were people there, but no one really was watching us. I have to admit I was in a pretty giddy mood that day. Roaming around this sleek hyper-modern train in my undies was getting me all turned on. Minori and Nao seemed to be taking their time, so I found one of the sink compartments with a mirror, and tried to judge whether people would be able to tell if I took off my panties. I wasn't 100% sure - my hoodie was awfully short - but I had to decide. Just acting on impulse now, I yanked down my panties, stepped out of them, and tucked them away in my bag. I'd felt nervous before, but now with my panties off, I couldn't settle down for the life of me. I have to be careful, or I'll give myself away. I peered out through the curtain, dabbing at my hello kitty trying to get it to behave. I must have been blushing horribly when I came out, but Minori and Nao didn't twig at first. Still, the air was tickling my pussy. I was worried that you could see my butt cheeks peeking out from under the hem of my hoodie. The two of them looked nervous too, but they were better covered in their long coats. Minori and Nao looked to me wondering what to do next. I wasn't sure if it would be safe to go into the passenger car, but I was curious to find out how people would react. I finally turned, and led the way back towards the other car. As soon as I turned away though, Minori noticed. "Emi. What the...? Where are your panties?" she laughed. Oh oh. I'd hoped that it wouldn't be that obvious. I just ignored her at first, and continued walking. I reached down to feel my buttocks confirming that she could see. I pulled the hem down a bit, trying to act like it was no big deal. "I told you this is supposed to be a no pantsu ride," I joked. Nao caught up, and peered over Minori's shoulder at my bare behind. "Emi!" Nao squealed in horror. "Shhh! If we keep it quiet, I don't think anyone will notice," I told them. Unfortunately, my hello kitty was on fire by then. I simply could not calm down. "You should see yourself. You can see your whole behind." I tried to look, but I couldn't really see. The hem of my hoodie was floating awfully high. I walk around bottomless at home sometimes, but this was different. I felt so charged up to be out here dressed like this. "Come on. Let's just see what happens." I gathered my nerve, and opened the door to the next car. Luckily, people didn't seem to clue in at first. I found a booth with seats, and sat down next to an older American lady. Minori sat facing us, next to a young Hispanic-looking guy. Nao sat across the aisle in a booth with a heavy set man. The lady next to me seemed quite amused by our bare thighs. "It's a no pants train ride. They're doing it all over the world now," I told her. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until it was too late, but there was a photographer right there, taking pictures of the ride for the newspaper. While I was distracted talking to Minori and this lady, he got a picture of me sitting there smiling with my pussy on display. I guess I was vaguely aware of him, but I had my bag on one arm, and my cell phone in the other hand. Just on instinct, I tried to unravel the hem of my hoodie, but he got a few more pictures before I'd straightened it out. I was completely busted. Even the Hispanic boy was peering over at my bush, wondering what was going on. Minori was kind of talking to the lady, but I told her that we had to go. When I stood up, I think even more people saw my pussy, but I straightened the hem as quick as I could. I couldn't get the hem to cover my bare behind though, so I was kind of a sitting duck out here in the open. The photographer looked like he was going to say something, but I rushed right past him looking for a safer place to be. "What happened?" Minori asked, as she raced to catch up. I pointed out the photographer. It looked like he might come after me, but he had stopped to check out Nao as she got up, and came after us. "You'd better get back dressed before anyone else notices," Minori warned. I knew she was right, but we were going the wrong way. The photographer was between us and the washrooms, and I didn't want him taking any pictures of me. "Here. Let's go down to the next car," I suggested. Everyone looked up as I came barreling down the aisle. I wasn't sure if they could see my pussy, but I felt horribly exposed. I paused when we got to the door, letting Minori go through to check if the coast was clear in the next car. I looked back, and all these guys were staring at my bare ass. I smiled sweetly pretending like nothing was wrong, but my pussy was tingling like crazy. I didn't dare stay here long though, so as soon as Minori gave the all clear signal, I headed into the next car. There were even more people in this car, including the Asian no pants woman and a tall guy in boxer shorts. This one guy in a cap gave me a big grin, and a middle-aged woman looked concerned. I stopped thinking to explain about the event, but the cap guy was killing himself laughing, so we moved on. I couldn't tell if the photographer guy was following us. Maybe I should have gone back, and talked to him, asked him not to use those pictures, but perhaps it was a bit late for that now. This guy with a beard asked what we were doing, but before I could explain, the photographer came in. We kept moving down the train, trying to get away from him. Once we were through the next set of doors, I found a stairwell, and zipped up to the second level, wondering if we could circle back to the washrooms somehow. Up here, there were fewer people, just a few balcony seats around the edges, but there was this huge opening running down the centre of the floor. I could see the people below, and worse they could see me. The guy with the beard peered up in shock at my pussy. The red-haired student sitting next to him was craning his neck trying to get a look at me too. Embarrassed, I turned away, but they kept on staring at my bare bottom. Minori and Nao looked pretty shocked too, worried about me. I was so excited my pussy was absolutely on fire. My breasts were swelling up pulling the hem of my hoodie even higher. Here I was flashing all these people, and there didn't seem to be any way out. I needed to figure out where the photographer was, but I couldn't see him, so I ended up turning around again. Pretty well everyone could see my pussy now. I was seriously starting to lose it. I ignored the stares, but continued to look for the photographer. To get a better view of the floor below, I leaned forward until I finally caught a glimpse of what appeared to be the photographer's feet. "He's down there," I whispered pointing him out to Minori. Trying to hide my pussy with my bag, I made a beeline straight down the car passing directly above the photographer's head. The people on the balcony looked up when I passed. I'm not sure if the photographer saw me or not. Once we got to the far end of the car, we came back down to the first floor. He seemed to be still in the next car probably looking for us over there. "Hurry! Before he realizes," Minori squealed, pushing me to run. My pussy was so wet it wasn't even funny, but luckily we were safe for now in the space between the two car doors. Soon, the train pulled into a station. We got off, away from the photographer and all those other people who'd seen me. It was a country stop, so not many people got off with us, just Trevor, the African guy and blonde girl no pantsers. I was actually a little surprised that Trevor got off. I thought that those other people were his friends, but I guess he felt a connection to me, since I had been the one to suggest all this. Unfortunately, out here on this open air platform, there weren't many places to hide. The blonde girl was wearing shocking pink scanties, but both her boyfriend and Trevor kept peering over at me. For modesty's sake, I kept my pussy covered, but they seemed fascinated by my bare thighs and behind. Nao and Minori nodded for me to be careful, but I was way too excited to think straight. It felt good to be naked out here in the open among all these people. I turned away to muffle a cough, but the guys just took the opportunity to look at my bare bottom. All embarrassed now, I was getting all wet. I continued to stand there with my back to them, letting them look. Minori gave me a funny look, but I think she was still nervous too. I was kind of hoping that Trevor would come over, and talk to us, but he kept hovering behind me, more interested in my bottom than chat I guess. Eventually, the train came, and we got on. I kind of wanted to go find a seat, so I could hide, but Trevor noted that we were almost home, so it would just be a few stops. He was still getting his jollies ogling my behind, so that was probably the real reason he wanted me to stand. In any case, it would have been dangerous for me to go into the main part of the car, dressed like this. At least here in the space between the doors, Trevor and Cowboy were the only two checking me out. They had no pants on either, so at least they know how it feels. None of the other passengers came down this way, so I began to feel a little safer. I asked Minori if she'd ever been pantsless on a train before. Minori is quite the flirt, and a terribly cute girl, but I think the only reason she came along today was just to humor me, to make sure I didn't do anything foolish! Good luck with that I thought. I began telling her about the time my boyfriend Ryosuke and I caught a boat from Shimizu to Toi on the Izu Peninsula west of Tokyo. We were the only passengers on the boat, just us and the captain. He was off on bridge navigating, so we had the hull to ourselves. There was tatami for a floor, so Ryosuke started kissing me, and trying to take off my clothes. I was so worried that the captain would come, but he never did. That was plenty dangerous though. As I told Minori this story, I kept raising my hands, tracing our route on an imaginary map, or trying to explain the layout of the boat. She looked like she wanted to say something, but I was getting so excited telling her all this that I didn't really give her a chance. Finally, just as I was wrapping up, she pointed out that raising my arms like that pulled up the hem of my hoodie. When I looked back, Trevor, Cowboy and Girlfriend were all staring down in wonder at my bare bottom, aware now that I was naked. "Oh. Oops!" I blushed. Darn. I hadn't really meant to flash them. I wanted to explain, to tell them this wasn't on purpose, but when I glanced out the window, I suddenly realized we were pulling into Oceanview. I'd wanted to go to the washroom, and pull on my panties before we got off the train, but there wasn't time for that now. Even worse, Ryosuke was probably off work by now, and might even be at the station looking for me. I probably should have pulled on my panties in front of Trevor and them, but I was too much in shock over getting caught. I peered out the window, as the train rocketed along, bringing me ever closer to a very dangerous situation. Trevor and Cowboy seemed quite happy to confirm that I was indeed naked, but Minori was urging me to do something. This was getting near rush hour, so there were all these people on the platform, commuters heading up San Francisco way I guess. If I had any sense, I would have listened to her, but I just stood there looking on in horror as we pulled in. I did try to pull the hem down over my pussy, but my shoulders were all tensed up, so it was hard to get the hem to stay. I even looked back to Trevor wondering if he had some idea on how to protect me. The train stopped, and we bundled out. My main plan at this point was to try to lose myself in the crowd, and hope that no one noticed. Trevor and Cowboy followed close behind Minori and me, trying to protect us I guess. Some guys did notice of course, and turned to watch as we scampered away. I was getting all excited, but with Minori's help, we made it through the crowd, and finally found a washroom. Trevor looked sad to see me go, but it's not like I could stay out there forever. Lord only knows how many people got to see my delicate bare buns. Once we'd all pulled our pants back on, we went, and found the other no pantsers. Everyone was back dressed by then. Trevor said he wanted to do it again next year. I was kind of keen, but Minori and Nao weren't even sure if they'd be here, so we had to leave it up in the air. It was a bit nerve wracking, but I enjoyed it. I hope more people will get up the nerve to try something like this. Emi Tsuruta