Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Swim Team By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, please drop by my home page at: When I was in high school in Japan, I was a member of the girls swim team, but I also was a 'manager' for the boys swim team. In English, 'manager' sounds like an important job, but actually, what we did mostly was lifeguard, cheer the boys on, clean the pool, organize training camps and stuff like that. Maybe that part of it didn't help my swimming that much, but it did give me a chance to get to know all the guy swimmers in our school. There was one other female 'manager,' Miyuki, and the guys on the team used to tease us, and flirt with us. Some of the guys were kind of cute, but I didn't go out with any of them at that time. I do have a lot of fond memories though of all those nights after school joking around with them at the pool. After high school, we all went our separate ways, but one guy, Yoshi, kept in touch. Yoshi is kind of good-looking I guess, and was a leader among the boys, but if he was interested in me, he hadn't really showed it while we were in school. Some of the other boys would tease Miyuki or me about our bodies, but Yoshi was more of a gentleman, just watching, or gently nudging the others to behave. I liked him. He is the kind of guy I think you can trust. The swimmers who were still in Kamakura swam together at the coastal park pool, and the best ones were connected with the varsity team at the local college. Anyway, one day, Yoshi emailed me that this team was looking for a place to hold a training camp. I kind of jokingly suggested they come to Oceanview, the town in California where I live. Before I knew it, he was hatching all these plans to come over for a week in the summer bringing the whole team with him. It would be nice to see them all again, but the problem was finding a place where they could practice, and stay. I asked at the Oceanview University fitness center, but they were saying these guys would all have to become members, so I looked around for another idea. Down at the beach near my house, there is a surf center, and they have an outdoor pool. I phoned up their office, and the guy said that they could stay there, but they'd have to sleep on the concrete floor. I told Yoshi, and he said that'd be fine. They'd all bring sleeping bags with them, and just camp out on the floor while they were here. I was still a bit worried, but Yoshi was all excited now, and I heard from a few more old friends who were going to be tagging along. It would be nice to see them all again. I dug out my old school competition swimsuit, and decided I'd better go buy some new clothes, and get some kind of makeover, so I'd look my best when they arrived. Here they all were coming to see little ol' me. Miyuki would be so jealous. For shopping, I decided to go all the way up to Santa Monica on the north side of L.A. I'd kind of exhausted Oceanview, and was looking for something a little more stylish to show off. Santa Monica is kind of an interesting place. They have malls too I'm sure, but the main shopping district I go to has stores kind of spread out all across this whole area. I went to Bloomingdale's, the surf shop and lululemon. In a store called Bare Necessities, I found a thick white 'buttery soft' cotton tee with the words Body Glove in small print over one of my breasts. It did feel nice, and apparently had bamboo in the fabric to keep you feeling fresh and breezy, so I picked it up. While I was strolling around though, I came upon this one shop, Plush I think it's called. They sell handmade bath and shower gel in tropical scents. They are a British chain I think, and even have stores in Japan, so I knew of them. The thing that I remembered the most was their advertising campaign. The staff would all dress up in just an apron, and hand out these brochures, "ask me why I'm naked." The answer is that they don't believe in packaging, but seriously, it's obvious that it's just an excuse to give their staff a chance to run around naked outside. Anyway, I went into the shop, and looked around. There were a couple of sales girls working, but they were wearing normal long-sleeved uniforms not aprons. I guess they just do the apron thing during their promotional campaigns. I wondered though if they might be hiring, so I asked if the manager was around, but apparently, he only comes in on weekdays. The sales girls seemed nice enough, although they didn't really look the type to parade around naked I thought. I made a mental note to come back on a weekday, and bring a resume with me. My other find that trip was Island Oasis Spa. It's right on the corner of the main street in this modern-looking building all made of glass and steel. They offer Shiatsu (acupressure), Korean-style body scrubs, massage, hair removal and other things like that. I wondered if anyone Japanese was working there, but the receptionist was a blonde Anglo girl, and the therapists seemed to be East European. I liked the atmosphere though, so I asked the receptionist a bit more about it, and booked an appointment. That'll help me look my best for when my friends show up. Soon enough, the day of my spa appointment arrived. I printed out a copy of my resume, and took it along to Santa Monica, stopping by at the bath shop first. The manager was there, but when I told him I could work in just an apron if they needed me to, he just looked at me strange. I guess you're not supposed to say things like that. I tried to impress on him what a good employee I'd be, but soon he started staring at my bare legs, wondering if I was a nymphomaniac or something. I tried to convince him that I was sincere about wanting a job, but I'd missed my chance. Ah well. Maybe I could try some other stores in the chain, and maybe take a more delicate approach next time. Anyway, I window-shopped a bit more, killing time until my spa appointment. I actually found a Hooters just around the corner from the spa and a lululemon right next door. Hooters is this hamburger shop where the waitresses wear tight form-fitting tank tops that show off their... well their hooters I guess. Lululemon sells skintight yoga pants and athletic wear for women. It kind of struck me as a strange mix for such a trendy neighborhood Luckily, the estheticians in the spa were a lot more laid-back than the bath shop manager guy. I asked if I could have my scrub and wax done while I was naked, and the girl said 'of course.' She led me back into this little cubicle, and pulled a curtain over the front, so I could get undressed without being seen from the huge glass windows running across the front of the shop. I felt a bit strange getting naked so close to the street, but the esthetician girl didn't even blink when she came in, and quickly got to work applying lemon-scented oil all over my body to prepare me for the scrub. We talked over how the wax was going to go, and she actually complimented me on how hairless and creamy my skin looked. She took a closer look at my pubic region, and explained the different options: bikini line, narrow bikini, playboy and Brazilian. I didn't want to do anything too drastic, so I went for the regular bikini line. She offered to apply numbing cream, so I went for that. Unfortunately, after they apply the numbing cream, you have to wait for it to take effect, so she ended up going away to deal with their other customers. So here I am lying there naked on this cot behind a curtain not far from the main street of Santa Monica, this bustling suburb of L.A. "Your skin is so soft and creamy," she had said, almost as if she were flirting with me. I was trying so hard to be a good girl, but I was restless and starting to get excited. I could hear the receptionist greet a new customer, but they took her off to a cubicle on the other side of the spa. Unable to contain my curiosity, I got up off the cot, and went over to the curtain to peek out. They had all kinds of health and beauty products on display out in the shop. Just beyond that, there were these huge show-windows looking out onto the street. The glass appeared tinted, and it was so shiny that it was probably reflecting the street scene for those walking by outside. There didn't seem to be anyone out there on the street - apart from the cars on the main drive. I looked down at my naked body, but that just got me even more excited. The massage oil was making my skin glisten in the light. Oh god. I knew I should lie back down, but honestly I couldn't resist the temptation to take a peek outside. Peering around the corner to see if the receptionist was there, I slowly opened the curtain exposing my naked body to the street. The thought jumped into my mind of me walking all the way back to that bath goods shop, and applying for a job in the nude. That would show the manager how serious I was. My heart beating in my chest, I cautiously tiptoed forward to get a better look at the reception desk. There was no sign of the receptionist. She must have taken the lady who just arrived to a cubicle on the other side. I'm all alone out here - me and their shelves of shampoos... oh and a few cars outside. I'm pretty sure that the drivers out on the street couldn't see me through the glare. None of them were stopping or honking their horns anyway. Tempting fate, I continued to walk over - naked - right to the front door of the spa itself. My whole body was tingling with excitement. There wasn't really anyone outside on the side street, just a couple of trees and beautiful sunshine. I was so nervous that my whole body was shaking. I wanted so much to go outside, and bask in the sun, but I was worried that the receptionist might come back. I wonder if their other customers ever walk around the spa naked. I thought I heard the receptionist coming though, so I dashed back into my cubicle, and closed the curtain. I lay back down, but when I put my hand between my breasts, I could feel my heart beating away a mile a minute. I really shouldn't take chances like that. The esthetician eventually came back, and applied the wax. What with the numbing cream, I couldn't feel a thing. I also really liked the way the esthetician was so relaxed about the whole nudity thing, so I'll probably go back there some day. Anyway, the day finally rolled around for my friends to arrive from Japan. I took the train up to L.A. to pick them up at the airport. Yoshi had grown into a handsome young man, tanned and beaming, and Mori and most of the others look good too. Mori is even more uptight than Yoshi, but he's a good guy too I think. In high school, they were all a bit awkward perhaps, but now they all seemed more confident in their manliness. It was great to see them, and this tall younger one, Shoji even came up, and gave me a hug. We grabbed the train back to Oceanview, and then I took them straight to the surf center, because they were all pretty tired from the flight. It was still daytime, so people were tramping in and out of the surf center, but we got the staff guy to open up one of the back rooms, so they could lay out their sleeping bags, and get some sleep. I was worried whether it would be quiet enough, but they all seemed happy just to have a place to stay. I said good night, and told them to call if they needed anything. On weekdays, I was working at the university until late, but I'd always drop by at the surf center to see them on my way home. I don't know if Yoshi and them spoke English that much, but they seemed to be getting along okay with food and stuff. I felt a bit guilty because they'd come all this way to see me, but I wasn't able to spend that much time with them. Another problem was that I'd show up after 9 or whatever, and they'd all be zonked out from the jet lag or whatever, so we'd only talk a short while before they went to sleep. The second or third night I brought my swimsuit with me, and after they all came back to the centre to get ready for bed, I slipped in for a late night dip in the ocean. By the time I came back to the center, all the lights were out, so I had to carefully tiptoe my way through their sleeping forms to get to the girls shower. They all seemed to be sleeping in their shorts, so I could see their abs and pecks in the moonlight. I felt this vague twinge of excitement as I closed the door to the bath, and stripped out of my bikini. Even though it was dark, it was more than a little arousing getting naked knowing that all these fit tanned guys were just outside. I soaped up my body, lovingly rubbing the suds around my bouncy breasts and between my legs. What with the darkness, the moonlight, the sound of waves lapping on the shore, the whole atmosphere was pretty romantic. It was only when I finished my shower that I realized that I must have left my bag outside. I'd been so excited that I hadn't thought things through. I fingered my bikini trying to shake out the sand. Now what do I do? I couldn't just stand here naked all night. I had to find my towel and clothes, and get dried off. I gently pushed the door open, peering out at Yoshi and all his friends sprawled out on the floor. As far as I could see, they were asleep. I knew that it wasn't such a good idea to go out there. Even if they were asleep now, if I accidentally ran into one, and he woke up, and found me naked, that would be embarrassing. Still, the idea did have its appeal. I don't think I've ever been naked in a room full of guys before. I knew them all pretty well from high school. If I want to do something like this, now may be my only chance. My mind made up, I finally set my bikini down on the sink, and pushed the door open again. My pussy was tingling away like anything. I carefully stepped out into the room straining my eyes in the darkness to see where their bodies lay. There was a faint light streaming in through the blinds from the street lights outside. I made my way around the first couple of boys, scanning the floor for my bag. Normally, I'd be terrified, but at least the darkness would make it hard for them to see me. Suddenly though, a car drove by outside, flashing its headlights in through the window. My whole body was lit up for a split second, bush, breasts, everything. Worrying that the driver might have seen me, I felt my neck looking for my lucky necklace, but it wasn't there. Oh no! I must have forgotten it at home. This is not good at all. As long as I had on my necklace, I was usually safe, but this time I had nothing at all to protect me. I debated going back to the bath to fetch my bikini, but it had gone dark again, and it was hard to see where the boys were lying. Shivering from the fear, I continued to scan the floor for my bag, but it was nowhere in sight. Had I left it outside in the foyer maybe? At my feet, I could make out two boys - one Yoshi perhaps, but the pathway between them was narrow, and I almost lost my balance trying not to touch them. Every time a car drove by, it lit up my body, but slowly but surely I made my way towards the door. I'd almost made it when suddenly I heard a car again. I stood stock still, but this time the car didn't drive by. It pulled into the parking lot, its headlights shining right in at me. I think the driver must have seen me, and came back to get a better look. With the whole room lit up, it was easier to see the boys on the floor. Unfortunately, the bright light was causing some of the boys to wake up. I dashed to the door, and ran out into the main foyer. I had made it to safety, but the lights were on out here, and there was still no sign of my bag. I was cursing myself for coming out here without clothes when Yoshi himself appeared at the door. He was rubbing his eyes, stunned I guess to see me stark naked. I covered my pussy and breasts, but I was panicking, so embarrassed to get caught. I bravely tried to smile. "Oh, Yoshi, can you help me? I can't find my bag. Could you lend me a shirt or something to cover up with?" Yoshi just stood there, too stunned to react, as he looked me up and down. I cupped my pussy, at least trying to hide my bush, but he circled round, trying to get a better look. "What's going on? Where are your clothes?" "I don't know. I think I left my bag out here. Have you seen it?" I said trembling under his gaze. Yoshi glanced around, but my bag wasn't out here. "Oh, stop staring, and help!" I hissed, trying not to wake the others. He broke out into a smile, amused by my panic. I turned away to hide my embarrassment, but he seemed even more excited by my ass. He was obviously going to be no help at all, so I tiptoed back over to the doorway to the room the boys were sleeping, and scanned around for my bag. Some of them were shielding their eyes from the light, and cursing at the car for waking them up, but they hadn't noticed me yet. I finally spotted my bag way over on the far side of the room back near the showers. I grabbed Yoshi's arm. "There's my bag over there. Can you go get it?" I pleaded, pointing it out. He was too distracted by my body to be much help. A tent had formed in the front of his shorts. I didn't want to admit it, but I was getting pretty horny too I guess. The other boys were all starting to sit up, so I hid around the corner. Yoshi finally took pity, and went in to fetch my bag. I could hear them all whispering. I strained to hear what they were saying. It sounded like they were asking why the car had pulled up. I was worried that Yoshi might tell them I was out here naked, but luckily, he didn't. Soon Yoshi reappeared at the door with my bag. "Emi, you're one crazy girl. Do you know that?" he laughed. I gave him a meek smile, grateful he hadn't told the others. I set the bag down on the floor, and squatted down to dig out my clothes. Yoshi continued to eye me lustfully. I kind of wanted to have sex, not with Yoshi exactly, but with someone. That might be a bit much though. I finally found a towel in my bag, and stood back. I didn't hide my body. Yoshi had seen me now, and as I said, I was pretty excited by then. I kept glancing at the door making sure that Shoji or the others weren't coming. Honestly though, I got a real kick out of teasing Yoshi. He'd always been one of my favorites, buff and handsome, yet modest and sincere. He must like me too. I mean, otherwise, why would he drag all of them here? I dried off, and dug out a t-shirt. Yoshi came up behind me, making me nervous. I didn't think he would try anything, but we were both pretty excited. I nodded toward the door warning him about the others. Once I got my t-shirt on, I felt a bit safer. You could still see my buns peeking out from under the hem. I squatted down to fish out my skirt next, but I could hear someone coming, so I had to hurry. I stepped into my mini-skirt, and zipped it up, with Yoshi still hovering over me like a wolf. I was at last decent and not a second too soon, as Shoji popped his head out the door, asking what was going on. I just smiled innocently, while tucking my t-shirt in. Yoshi tried to hide his hard-on. I still felt pretty randy, but with Shoji here, Yoshi tried to settle down, and rein in his baser instincts. I could tell he was conflicted. I gathered up my bag, and bid them both good night. I wasn't exactly sure what I should do about the boys after that. I still wanted to see them, but I was a little bit worried that Yoshi might have gotten the wrong idea (or even worse the right one!) about me. I did have a day off from work coming up, and I figured it would be pretty strange if I stayed away, so I phoned up Mori. He said they had training planned for that day, and asked if I'd come down to the pool, and act as a lifeguard like I used to do. I figured that'd be safe enough, so I agreed. That morning, I packed my whistle, my old school swimsuit and the body glove t-shirt into my bag, and set out for the surf center. The boys were all up early, bright and chipper, swimming up a storm. I went into the girls change room to change into my old swimsuit, but wouldn't you know it? It was too tight. I guess it had been a few years since I last wore it. My hips and breasts had filled out a bit since I was in high school. It was uncomfortable wearing this suit, so I ended taking it off, wondering what to do. I guess I could go back home, and get one of my bikinis, but that would take a long time. I looked down at my body glove t-shirt when this naughty thought popped into my mind. I wonder if I could get away with going out there in just the t-shirt. The material was a fairly heavy cotton, so they probably wouldn't be able to see through it. I pulled it on, and it was more or less long enough to cover my family jewels. If I'd been thinking straight, I probably would have worn some undies at least, but I was still thinking about that night. Maybe I'll just go out there for a little while like this, and see if anyone notices. Pulling the whistle on around my neck, I left my bag there, and padded over to the door to see what the boys were up to. They were all standing at attention facing away from me on the deck while Yoshi was giving them a pep talk. I pushed my t-shirt hem down to make sure my pussy was covered, and then quietly, slipped out, and came up behind them, getting a little thrill at coming out here commando. I felt for the hem at the back, but it wasn't quite long enough to cover my bare backside. There was a diamond wire mesh fence behind me, but luckily no one nearby. Hopefully, it would look like I was wearing a thong, but the feeling of the air on my pussy was getting me all heated up. My face felt warm, and I'm pretty sure I must have been blushing. The boys were all focused on Yoshi, so no one had noticed me yet. I playfully raised my arms flashing my bare bottom at the street. If any of them had turned around, they would have been able to see my muff, but that was what made the whole thing so exciting! Yoshi soon wrapped up his talk though, so I lowered my arms back down, nervously pushing down the hem to make sure I was covered. Mori finally noticed me, and announced, "Oh by the way, Emi has the day off today, so she came down here to lifeguard!" They all turned to look at me. I was terrified that they would notice. Most of them just smiled, and said hi, so I guess they couldn't tell. Yoshi though looked down at my hem, curious, especially after our run-in the other night. I walked away, trying to keep my distance, but he came after me. "You should climb up on the lifeguard chair," he whispered, pointing up at it. I couldn't very well climb up dressed like this. I glared at Yoshi, annoyed. Had he guessed my secret already? After that, he was gentleman enough to back off, but I kept wondering if I should go back inside, and pull on some shorts. I didn't climb up the chair, but I went around to the fence on the beach side, and leaned up against it trying to hide my butt cheeks from the boys. There were a lot more people just outside the fence, but luckily, no one seemed to be paying attention to me. I continued to keep my distance from Yoshi, and kept the hem pushed down over my pussy. Mori swam up to the edge of the pool to ask me something. I was so busy trying to keep away from Yoshi that I hadn't noticed Shoji. He had come around behind me, peering down curiously at my bare bottom. I felt for the hem with my fingertips, but it no longer seemed long enough to cover my behind. I think in my panic, I'd tensed up my shoulders, pulling up the hem, till you could see practically my whole rear. "That's quite some swimsuit you have!" Shoji beamed. I looked back at him, blinking nervously, wondering if he actually thought I was wearing a thong or something. "Thanks," I bowed my head. I wanted to pull my t-shirt down at the back, but Mori was peering up at my pussy, so I had to keep that covered. At least Shoji seemed to think I was wearing a suit. Trying to get away, I eventually backed up, and pressed my bare backside against the fence. Unfortunately, some of the beachgoers outside noticed, and were kind of gawking at my rear. I was surrounded. Eventually, Yoshi called Mori and Shoji to come back, and swim some more. I hurried back to the entrance, hoping to hide in the shade away from all these prying eyes. I think Yoshi and them had realized I was nervous, because they let me be for a while. I still felt all excited, but without them staring, I began to feel a little more at ease. I was still commando, but I don't think they knew. After he'd finished some laps, Shoji got up out of the pool, and came to talk to me. I backed away, afraid at first, but then Shoji started showing me this break-dance routine that Kimutaku did on TV. It was pretty funny! I told him how people in the States were listening more to Beyonce or Rihanna. He asked me to show him, so I started singing Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)," and imitating her dance, undulating my hips, and smacking my own behind. I guess I knew I shouldn't be dancing in this too short tee, but like I said, I was a bit overexcited by then. I kind of got carried away. Shoji started clapping, delighted, but I soon realized the other boys were looking over at me, wondering what I was doing. "Something like that," I mumbled blushing. I wasn't sure if any of them had caught a glimpse of my pussy, but I didn't stick around to find out. I apologized to Shoji, and hotfooted it back to the girls' change room to hide. Once inside, I leaned up against the door, catching my breath. Did I just flash them? I really should be more careful. At first, I was too excited to get back dressed. I need something to drink. There was no fountain in the washrooms, so I ended up going all the way out to the entrance. There is a little fountain just outside the door to the girls' side. I felt nervous, wondering if the people who'd seen me earlier were still out there, but I took a chance, and nipped out to get a quick drink. I swear there were hundreds of people on the beach that day, and here I was prancing around with no bottoms on. I felt like having sex, but I realized it was too dangerous, and eventually, came back in. Wow! That was something! After I'd settled down, I pulled my shorts back on. I waited until the hubbub had calmed down, and then went back out to watch the boys. Some of them were staring, but actually, no one complained or said anything about my little indiscretion. If anything, I think they enjoyed seeing me prance around half naked. After they finished their practice, we all went to lunch. Shoji started talking about nude beaches, nude surfing contests he'd heard about in the States. I almost told them about the nude beach in Oceanview, but stopped myself, before I really go too far. After lunch, I bid them farewell, and headed out. The day of their flight, I went down to the surf center to say goodbye. They were all scurrying around packing up their things, but Yoshi came over to thank me for all my help. "Back when we were in high school, we all thought of you as our little sister, but now you've grown up into a beautiful - and sexy - young woman," he smiled. I had enjoyed their visit, and was sorry to see them go. I went with them to the station, and Shoji even came over to give me a hug again. I waved goodbye, kind of looking forward to seeing them again. Emi Tsuruta