Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Sleep in the Raw By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: After my boyfriend Ryosuke and I had been going out for a while, he finally started inviting me over to his host family's house here in Oceanview. I'd met his family a few times of course, but it took a long time before I began to feel comfortable there. They live in a kind of rich part of town, so I felt a bit intimidated, as if I had to be on my best behavior. Mr. Francis was friendly enough, but the way he looks me straight in the eye makes me nervous. He's always on about something too. I guess Ryosuke must have told him a bit about my family, because Mr. Francis says he wants to meet my father. They work in the same field. The Francis' house is so big. In Japan, almost no one lives in a house like that, unless you go way out in the countryside. It looks like something from a movie, like a murder mystery or something. Mrs. Francis is pretty self-confident too. She's involved in the PTA, and works part-time for some kind of consumer magazine. When I first met their son, Daniel, he was young, just a few years older than Brandon, the son in the host family I live with. Daniel is kind of handsome, almost too good-looking, but he was always very polite to me. Whenever I went over, they all tried to be nice, but for some reason, I didn't really feel comfortable at first. I guess part of it was that when Ryosuke and I started fooling around in their house, I felt guilty, and was a bit worried that they might find out. Maybe I was over-reacting, but for the first little while, I worried about that a lot. For instance, one afternoon, Ryosuke and I ended up making out in Ryosuke's room when the three of them were out. Afterwards, I went across the hall to the shower in the Francis' bedroom to get cleaned up when I heard someone come in. "Mom, where's my jacket?" It was Daniel. I heard the bathroom door open. "Mom?" "Um. She's not here," I said meekly, trying to hide my wet naked body behind the shower curtain. "Who's that?" He was hovering there surprised to find this strange girl naked in his parents' bath. "It's Emi. Emi Tsuruta. Ryosuke's girlfriend," I sputtered out, quite nervous myself. "Oh sorry. I thought Mom was up here." I heard the door close, but peeked out to be sure he'd left. I felt so strange showering naked with them all home now. What did they make of it? Also, I was a bit annoyed that Ryosuke hadn't stopped Daniel. Wasn't he worried about what his host family thinks? The next time we tried something, it was at night, maybe one of the first times I slept over. We waited until it sounded like everyone had gone to sleep, and then we got undressed, and made love in Ryosuke's bed. I was really nervous, because we had to keep quiet, so as not to wake them up. I might have let out a yelp or two. It was exciting. Anyway, it sounded like we'd managed to get away with it. When we finished, the house was silent, and Ryosuke started drifting off to sleep. I wanted to wash up before bed, so I pulled on my white t-shirt and cotton panties, and got out a big white towel. You could only get to the bathroom upstairs through Mr. and Mrs. Francis' bedroom, so I couldn't use that one. I softly tiptoed out into the hall and then downstairs. At the back of the house, there was a rec room with a bathroom off it, but as I got closer, I could hear the TV. Oh oh. Their son, Daniel must still be up. I hope he didn't hear us fooling around. Hopefully, the TV was louder than we were. I looked down at my panties, worried about what he'd think. As if it wasn't bad enough me wandering around in my undies, I probably smelled like sex. Anyway, I have to get cleaned up. Daniel looked up at me when I went in. He did seem surprised to see me in my undies. I pointed at the bathroom, gesturing that I wanted to use it. He waved for me to go ahead. Once inside, I breathed a sigh of relief, but still felt a bit nervous getting undressed with him right outside. I eventually got up the nerve, and stripped out of my t-shirt and panties, and climbed into the shower. When I looked though, the shower handle was different from what I was used to. There was a round dial with red and blue bands marked on it for hot and cold, but then there was this lever. I could rotate the lever easily enough, but only a trickle of water was coming out. How do you get this to work? I tried a whole bunch of different things, pressing on the lever, or trying to rotate the dial, but nothing seemed to help. Shoot! I guess I have to ask Daniel. That might be awkward. I got out of the shower, and wrapped the towel around me, tying a knot in it. I didn't exactly look decent. I guess the towel was long enough to cover up my bush at the front, but when I turned to the side, in the mirror, I could kind of see the cheeks of my buttocks peeking out from underneath. Ah well. Maybe he won't notice, I told myself. Daniel was usually quite polite. Nervous, I opened the bathroom door just a bit, and stuck my head out. "Um, Daniel... How does this shower work?" He glanced at me for a second, even more surprised to see me in just a towel, but then turned back to the TV. Finally, he got up. "Um, you have to... uh...," he started to explain. Realizing it would be easier to show me, he sauntered over, and came right into the bathroom. Worried, I tried to smooth the towel down over my behind, but I think you could still see. He got into the shower, and showed me how to work it. You had to pull on the lever, and rotate it to get the right temperature. "Here, you try." Clutching the top of my towel with my left hand, I reached out with my right hand, and finally got the water to come out. I was a bit worried that he could see my pussy between the flaps of my towel, but he was a gentleman, and didn't peek. That went well, I thought as I closed the door behind him. I was glad. He seemed like someone I could trust. Anyway, I finally got to have a shower. Afterwards, I dried myself off as quickly as I could, tied the towel back on, and gathered up my t-shirt and undies, intending to head back upstairs. Coming out, I thanked Daniel again, but just before I left, I heard the word "Escondido" on the TV. I'd heard that name before. It took me a moment to remember where, but looking at the program, I soon realized it was a place I'd been thinking of traveling to. Oh that's it. I remember now - hot springs. It was a resort town in California with hot springs. I peered over at Daniel, wondering why he was watching this travel program. I guess it was late, and there wasn't much else on. My curiosity was piqued though. I wanted to see if they would talk about the hot spring inns. I sat down in this big easy chair across from where Daniel was sitting on the couch. He blinked, quite conscious of the fact that I was almost naked in this short towel, but he didn't say anything. He fixed his eyes on the screen, trying not to look at me. When I sat down, my towel fell open, exposing my hip quite some ways up. Exposing so much skin gave me butterflies, but I didn't want to make a fuss, and just let the towel be, trying to focus on the TV program. Escondido is near San Diego in a shallow valley surrounded by rocky hills, the announcer said. They talked about the culture and nightlife, but were taking their time getting to the hot springs. Maybe it's no big deal here in the States, but in Japan, everyone loves to go to hot springs. They are so warm and inviting, a chance to get naked, be free, and relax. I glanced over at Daniel again, wondering why he wasn't looking at me. I guess he was nervous. I vaguely wondered if I should turn, and 'accidentally' show him my bare behind, but I couldn't get up the nerve. I didn't really know him that well, and was worried about how he might react. I ended up giving up on the TV program. I carefully stood up, holding my towel in place, and headed back upstairs. Ryosuke was still more or less awake, and asked me what had taken so long. I told him I'd had a shower, but didn't mention that Daniel was there. Ryosuke looked at me suspiciously, perhaps suspecting, but he didn't say so. Soon we both went to sleep. The next morning, I saw Daniel at breakfast. He avoided looking at me. I wasn't sure if he felt guilty, or was just keeping what happened a secret, but anyway, I was glad. No sense in making a big deal over nothing. For the next little while after that, maybe once or twice a month I would go to Ryosuke's house to sleep over. If the Francis' were out, there was no problem, but even if they were home, we'd still make love, keeping really quiet. Remembering what had happened with Daniel, I started bringing a nighty or p.j.'s with me to wear when I went down to shower. Then, one night, Ryosuke and I did it in his room, but even after we finished, I was still feeling... um... a bit horny if you know what I mean. I wanted to fool around some more, but Ryosuke was sleepy, and drifted off. I'd packed a nighty in my bag, so I pulled it on over my head getting ready to go downstairs. The nighty came with a pair of frilly white panties, but I was kind of sticky down there, and didn't want to get the panties dirty. I wanted them to be fresh for after my shower. I stuffed them into my night bag, and got up to examine myself in the mirror. The hem of my nighty wasn't nearly long enough to cover my muff let alone my backside, but maybe I could hold my towel in front of me to cover up. I folded the towel a couple of times making it into a little square, and then held it in front of my pussy modeling it in the mirror. Yeah, that doesn't look too suspicious, I told myself. Of course I knew this would be taking a chance, but I really didn't want to get dressed just yet. I was getting excited just thinking about leaving the room pantiless. With bag in one hand and towel in the other, I tiptoed out into the hall, being careful not to wake the Francis' when I closed the door. I could vaguely hear the TV even from up here, but slowly, I tiptoed down the stairs, and around towards the back of the house. Sure enough Daniel was there in the rec room, watching some bad horror movie on TV. He straightened up when he saw me, already on his guard even though I hadn't done anything yet. Maybe it was the nervous look on my face or the sight of my naked thighs that had set him off, but whatever it was, he seemed to sense that I wasn't fully dressed. Had I been so obvious the last time I came down here? I really thought I'd hid my... um... urges from him. For whatever reason, there was this real tension in the air. Deciding not to press matters, I nodded towards the bathroom, and then backed in, not letting him see my fanny. I quickly closed the door, and breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. The other night he seemed so cool with everything, but maybe I had just misread him somehow. I'd better be more careful, or else he really will tell his parents. After that close call, I was really careful for the next few months, dressing in full p.j.'s whenever I wandered around their house at night. Daniel seemed to settle back down, and I felt relieved, but unfortunately, Ryosuke had somehow twigged that something had happened between me and Daniel. I told Ryosuke that it was all in his imagination, but I guess he could tell I was holding something back from him, and it was making him jealous. This was good for our love life in some ways, but I was also a little worried that Ryosuke might try something to get back at me. He didn't seem to be hitting on the girls at work or anything, but I couldn't shake the feeling that he was up to something. Over Christmas, I went home to Japan to see my family. Ryosuke had to work though, so he was stuck in Oceanview. To make it up to him, I fudged the day I was supposed to come back, so I could sleep over at Ryosuke's house without Loretta or my parents catching on. Ryosuke came all the way to Los Angeles to pick me up at the airport. We were both so happy to see each other. I held him close on the train ride back to Oceanview. I fell asleep on the train, my head resting on his shoulder. When we got to his house, all the lights were out, and there was no car in the driveway. "I guess they all must have gone out somewhere," Ryosuke smiled. He went to the kitchen to get me something to drink, but unfortunately, I was still really zonked from the flight. We sat down on the sofa in the living room, but already I was starting to drift off. "Here. We'd better get you out of those clothes," Ryosuke grinned. I opened my eyes, realizing he wanted to make love while his family was still out. He helped me undress out of my thick winter clothes, and I started to wake up from the excitement of being naked in their living room. We started fooling around on the couch, but it was too narrow for the two of us to lie there comfortably. He lifted me up, and carried me upstairs to his bedroom. It was nice to be able to make some noise without worrying that someone might hear. He stripped out of his clothes, and got up on top of me. It felt so good to be with him again. He was doing everything right too, teasing me, paying special attention to my hello kitty, getting me all hot and bothered. I kind of lost it, and I started squealing until he put his hand over my mouth. He didn't stop thrusting though, and before long, I gave in, and just let the orgasm wash over me. It just felt so good to finally do it again. I drifted off to sleep soon after. A few hours later, I woke up, and realized I was still naked. My clothes and suitcase were all downstairs. I wanted to have a shower too, but how was I going to do this? I got up, and put my ear to the door. I thought I could vaguely hear some noise coming from downstairs, but it was hard to tell for sure. Cautiously, I opened the door, and peeked out. The Francis' door was closed, and it sounded like they were asleep. This other noise whatever it was was coming from downstairs. I softly tiptoed out into the hall, going over to the top of the stairs, acutely aware of my own nakedness. The noise was muffled though. Maybe it was coming from the neighbor's house. Anyway, I had to get my clothes. I tiptoed down the stairs, but as I did, I heard the TV. It must be Daniel again in the rec room. The rec room door was clearly open. If I step out into the living room to get my clothes he might see. I wondered if I should risk it anyway, but before I could get up the nerve, I heard rustling coming from upstairs. Mrs. Francis or someone was up and shuffling around. I completely froze. Here I was standing without a stitch of clothing in their front hall. There wasn't any place I could hide. I couldn't go out into the living room, and I couldn't go back upstairs either. I just stood there, stock still, my heart pounding in my chest, for the longest time. Eventually, though, upstairs went quiet again. Mrs. Francis must have gone back to bed. Thank goodness. I was terrified that she was going to come down here, and find me. I was so shaken that I decided to leave my things, and go back upstairs to bed before anyone else came out. Sheesh. That was close. The next morning, I vaguely recall hearing Ryosuke's voice. "Emi, you've got to get up, and get dressed. Miguel will be here soon." I heard him alright, but I was still zonked out from jet lag. For some reason, I thought I was back in my own bed at home. What's Ryosuke doing here? Miguel? Oh, that's that Mexican friend of Ryosuke's. But what's he doing in my house? Maybe I'm just dreaming. I was too tired to worry about it, and drifted back off to sleep. Some time later, I awoke to hear voices again. "Madre de dios!" "Emi just flew in from Japan yesterday, so she's still kind of flaked out." "Ryosuke?" I murmured. I realized it must be morning, and rubbed my eyes. What time is it? The Spanish voice said, "Maybe I should..." I slowly opened my eyes, but it was so bright. There was definitely someone else in the room. "She has such a beautiful body really. I wish I had a girlfriend like this." Miguel was one of Ryosuke's classmates, and the two of them did computer stuff sometimes, but what's he doing here? And where am I anyway? My eyes slowly began adjusting to the light. The two of them were standing there looking down at me, as the computer hummed to life. Miguel looked shocked. I looked down, and suddenly realized I was still naked from the night before. "What the...?" "Rise, and shine, sleepy head," Ryosuke smirked. Shoot! I tossed a pillow at him in anger, but he just laughed as Miguel continued to gawk at me in wonder. "I told you to get dressed just a few minutes ago. It's too late now. He's already seen you. Doesn't she have the most gorgeous ass?" Ryosuke enthused, slapping me on my bare behind. I couldn't believe he'd brought Miguel up here with me naked like this. Can you imagine? Miguel looked pretty shocked too. I felt so embarrassed. It was obvious we'd been having sex. I looked around for a sheet or a blanket to cover myself with, but Ryosuke must have pulled all the bedding off the bed. "Where are my clothes?" I asked. "Downstairs, right where you left them." Miguel was still standing there all choked up at the sight of my naked body. I tried to cover myself with my hands, but this just seemed to excite him even more. I was a bit aroused myself. "Can you go get them?" I begged. Ryosuke was still laughing, but eventually he got a towel out of his dresser, and tossed it over at me. "Here, go shower off first. I'll bring your clothes up." It took me a couple of tries to get the towel wrapped around me, but I finally got it right. Miguel was still standing there dumbfounded, but I finally got up, stuck out my tongue at Ryosuke, and ran across to the bathroom in the Francis' bedroom. Luckily, they weren't there. Cheez! The nerve of that guy sometimes. I got into the shower, and slowly managed to settle back down. So maybe it was true that I had flirted with Daniel a little bit, but Ryosuke didn't know that for sure, and in any case, that was no reason to let Miguel in while I was naked. Soon though, I heard noises coming from outside. Someone was in the Francis' bedroom. "Hello?" I called out, feeling vulnerable. I still had no clothes. "Emi, is that you?" It was Mrs. Francis. Thank heavens. At first, I thought it might be Daniel. "There are some pancakes downstairs if you want them." "Uh, OK. Thank you," I called out, glad he wasn't coming in. I finished up my shower, but it was hard to tell if Mrs. Francis was still out there or not. It was fairly quiet, but I thought I heard someone puttering around. A quiet knock at the door made me jump, but luckily, it was Ryosuke. "Here. I brought you these." He handed me a white t-shirt and a blue mini-skirt from my luggage. "What about my undies?" I asked. "Oh. Sorry. They must still be downstairs," he whispered, heading back out into the hall. I wanted to call after him, but Miguel was probably nearby. Grrr! I quickly pulled on the t-shirt and skirt, and straightened them out as best I could. Ryosuke had somehow managed to find one of my shortest skirts. Darn! I need my undies. Out in the hall, there was no sign of Miguel - no sign of anyone. They must all be downstairs. I quietly padded down the stairs, but Mr. Francis was sitting in the living room apparently waiting for me. "Good morning, Emi! Did you sleep well?" he smiled. I pushed my skirt down as best I could, but it was a 'flirt skirt,' shorter in the back than the front. I could really feel the air on my bare behind. "Uh, yeah, I did. Thanks." I eyed my luggage, but Mr. Francis seemed to be waiting for me to join them in the dining room. "You go on ahead. I'll be there in a sec." He seemed hesitant, intrigued by my bare thighs, but eventually, he took pity on me, and headed to eat. I found my suitcase. I quickly squatted down, and opened it up. The dining room door swung open though, and there was Ryosuke peering over at me. "Hurry up, Emi! Everyone is waiting." I pulled the hem of my skirt down trying to cover my fanny, but it was so short! Miguel was behind Ryosuke peering over at my bare bottom. I was so worried that the rest of them would notice too. I gestured for Ryosuke to close the door, but he was deliberately holding it open, enjoying watching me squirm. Perhaps this was his revenge for my teasing Daniel. Eventually, I managed to dig out a spare pair of panties. I ran upstairs, to hide as I pulled them on. Daniel and Mr. Francis... they were all staring at me when I came back down. I think they must have seen my bottom too. Anyway, after that, I was much more careful at their house. I did end up doing one last stupid thing. It's almost too embarrassing to talk about, but I guess I might as well tell you. I think it was the summer after that. It was hot out, and the Francis' had been out earlier, so Ryosuke and I managed to slip in a little bit of merrymaking before they got home. Afterwards, we just lay there, and cuddled for a while, and I guess I must have drifted off to sleep. When I woke back up, it was dark out, and the house seemed quiet. Without thinking too deeply about it, I quickly pulled on a t-shirt, and snuck downstairs to grab a quick shower. As I approached the rec room though, I could hear the TV again, a bit softer than usual. Naturally, I assumed it was Daniel. I hadn't brought a towel with me. I'd thought that everyone else was asleep, so I'd just intended to whip in for a quick shower, and then head back up to bed. In the dim light of the living room, I looked down at my t-shirt, wondering if I could get away with letting Daniel see me like this. It wasn't really long enough to wear like a dress, but maybe if I pull the hem down a bit, I can cover my pussy, I told myself. I couldn't really get the hem to stay in place, but I was getting more and more excited standing in the hallway like that. Still it's so quiet in there maybe Daniel has fallen asleep in front of the TV set. The lights were off, and all you could see was the flicker of the TV. Slowly, I tiptoed forward, not even bothering to push down my hem anymore. I really don't know what I was thinking, but as I rounded the corner, I came face to face with not Daniel, but his father Mr. Francis! I quickly darted my hand down to cover my bush, but even in the dim light, it must have been pretty obvious I was naked from the waist down. "Woops! Sorry! I- I- I didn't realize anyone was still up," I stuttered, shocked to find him there. He looked even more surprised than I was. He tried to meet my gaze, but his eyes kept glancing down at the hand I had covering my pussy. Oh god. Now what do I do? Deciding that I'd better get out of there, I bowed an apology, and then turned tail, and ran. I heard him get up, and come to the door. I think he got a pretty good look at my bare behind. Even after I made it back to Ryosuke's room, my heart was pounding in my chest. Wow! I couldn't get over what a silly thing I'd just done. What must he think of me now? This little tart gallivanting around his house in the altogether. The worst part was that I still hadn't had my shower, so I had to go back down there, and face him again. What should I say? How could I explain? Maybe the best tack is for me to just pretend like it was no big deal - an honest mistake. Hopefully, he'll be able to laugh it off too. My other problem was I was too excited now to just get back dressed. I hadn't really meant to show Mr. Francis, but I had sort of intended to flash Daniel if only he'd been there. Even so, I can't just go back down there, and flash him again. Can I? Fortunately, before I could do anything even more foolish, Ryosuke woke up, and noticed me sitting bare-assed on the edge of the bed. "What are you doin', sweetie?" he asked. I lay down, and snuggled up next to him trying to get him in the mood again. He put his arm around me, and gave me a kiss, but he was already drifting back off. Oh well. At least he stopped me from going back down there, and making a fool out of myself again. Emi Tsuruta